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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 22, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, April 22, 2002

As Abigail remembers everything that happened the night Nick was killed, Mary finally confirms that she killed Nick but laughs at the idea of the jury believing her testimony. Mary then tries to strangle Abigail but Aaron chases Mary off. Holden and Abigail rush to the hospital where Bob assures them that Abigail's x-rays revealed no injuries. Aaron explains what happened at the cemetery and claims that he heard Mary confess to killing Nick. Finding them together, Adam's relieved to hear Aaron is Abigail's brother. As Molly tells Tom and Margo the good news, Mary overhears that Aaron's now a witness to her confession. Holden embraces Aaron, calling him a hero. Rose shows off to Mitzi the engagement ring that Paul gave her. Later, Lily's concerned when she realizes that her sister is engaged. She suggests that Rose is making a mistake and urges her to get psychological help before she ties the knot. As Jack, Hal and Barbara enter the house of horrors at the fun house, Hal suddenly disappears only to find he's face-to-face with James who is now dressed in full clown makeup and outfit. He gets Hal's attention by showing him the king of spades playing card. James then confronts Jack and with Hal's help, unarms the cop and demands Barbara. Barbara tries to convince Hal to let Jack go. James rips up the playing card, freeing Hal but then runs off with Barbara. Later, Jack finds a closet containing Carly.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Jack, Hal a Barbara find Carly, while James takes Barbara away with him,. Jack and Carly are both surprised at her aged look. Meanwhile Hal is confused since James had to show him the King.

Paul, Bob and Kim have a visit. Kim and Bob offer to take Will and keep him at their house since everything seems to be in shambles at the Munson home. Paul was against it at first however after thinking about the thoughts of Will having a stable home environment, he decided to reconsider and goes home to ask Will how he would feel about it.

Abigail tells Jake how she remembered everything. He is happy for her. However, Molly is left in the courtroom alone. Mary knows this and takes advantage of it. She kidnaps Molly and lets her know she knows everything. She says that knows where the kids are. Mary decides to call Jake and tell him what is going on. She tells him she wants money in exchange for Molly. She lets Molly speak to Jake and Molly lets Jake know that Mary knows the kids are in Bay City> She then urges Jake to get to the kids and take them somewhere safe.

Adam and Abby are on the verge of a breakup since Adam loves Abby, and Abby only appears to like Adam.

Isaac shows up to see Bonnie and Ian is not happy. Ian thanks Billy for escorting her to his palace and then he professes his love for her.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

At the castle in Scotland, Ian surprises Bonnie with a beautiful rose. He wonders why she has not told her parents of their engagement and pushes her for an immediate wedding. Bonnie will not be persuaded, however, and neither she nor Ian realizes Billy is hidden and is listening.

The FBI arrives at the Fun House in Tennessee to pick up the clapping monkey toy that held the note to Hal from James. Jack leaves Carly in Hal's care while he goes to talk to the agent. Hal is shocked by Carly's appearance and keeps agonizing over the note that James left him. Even though the notes says "Emily is gone," Carly tries to reassure Hal that she thinks Emily escaped.

Craig finds Rosanna and Parker at his door quite late. Parker is requesting "jelly fries" with his "Uncle Craig." Rosanna is stumped until Craig explains those are chili fries and he orders them for Parker.

Mary has Molly hostage in the back seat of her car, and she calls Jake demanding a one million dollar ransom. After the call, Abigail and Jake argue over the best plan. Abigail wants to call Margo and involve the police, but Jake wants to take matters into his own hands. He wants to pay Mary the money and then says he will "handle her." This scares Abigail.

Molly tries to make a deal with Mary. She tells her off and screams that Mary is pathetic and how dare she belittle the wonderful life she and Jake have made with their girls. Mary is still calling the shots, however, and reminds Molly that she is in control and that they are all fools to think that Nick's landlady died because of a heart attack. Molly realizes that Mary is way out of control and capable of almost anything.

Back in the Fun House, Hal apologizes to Jack for holding a gun on him while he was under Stenbeck's influence. Suddenly Carly suffers some sort of attack and has difficulty breathing. Jack calls the paramedics and they prepare to transport Carly to a hospital. Jack tells Carly it will just be for overnight and that tomorrow she can be in Memorial under the care of Dr. Bob Hughes.

In the Lakeview, Rosanna tells Craig that she has given Parker a 50 million dollar trust fund. Craig is stunned. Rosanna and Parker return to her suite for the night.

Billy finds Bonnie in the castle and warns her not to tell Ian that Paddington, his manservant, is plotting something. They argue and Billy finds Paddington eavesdropping. Paddington won't talk about Bonnie and the duke, but someone is listening to their conversation on the stairway.

Ian says he has a plan that insures Bonnie will see things his way. He asks permission to give her something, and it turns out to be a beautiful family heirloom ring that belonged to his mother. He gives a persuasive speech to Bonnie about simple joys. Bonnie can't wait to show the ring to Billy, but Ian stuns her by telling her that Billy has packed up and left.

Jack calls Lucinda and requests her plane to come to Knoxville to pick them up tomorrow. He implores her not to tell anyone they are bringing Carly home, but Rose and Lucy are in the room with Lucinda and overhear her part of the conversation. Lucinda agrees to send her plane, and she and Rose agree to meet at Memorial the next day to see Carly. Lucy overhears all this and as soon as the other women are gone, she immediately calls her father to tell him that Carly has been found and will be arriving the next day in Oakdale. Craig is ecstatic.

Abigail tries to talk Jake out of taking matters unto himself, and he finally agrees to call Tom Hughes to act as an intermediary for him with Mary. He makes the call to Tom

Thursday, April 25, 2002

by MJ

Bonnie believes she is dreaming once again when she sees Isaac and begins kissing him, she suddenly realizes it is truly Isaac kissing her. Bonnie backs off and hits Isaac, denying feelings for him. As Bonnie points at Isaac, he discovers two things, first she is engaged to Ian and second she has avoided telling either of her parents about the engagement. Bonnie's excuses are spurious which delights Isaac. While Ian attempts to dismiss Isaac, Paddington warns him not to leave the castle without Bonnie.

Although Jake attempts to keep the police involvement at a minimum, he fears the worst for Molly when Mary deduces that his phone conversations were being traced. He eventually feels forced to lie to the police concerning the place Mary arranged for him to drop off the money for Molly's ransom. Abigail overhears Jake's lie and confronts him about it.

At Oakdale Memorial, Carly's arrival is anything but a secret. Lucinda, Rose, Lucy, Craig, Susan and Alison Stewart all turn up for Carly's homecoming. Alison comforts Susan when she learns that the police haven't a clue as to Emily's whereabouts. Concerned for Carly, Craig's endeavors to visit her are halted by Dr. Hughes and Jack. Rose explains to Craig that from her personal experience he should give Carly time, before visiting her. But Craig is aching to see Carly.

Back at the Oakdale police station, Margo questions Aaron concerning any information he might know that would help the police find Mary. Aaron offers information about the car Mary was driving. Margo delights to hear some helpful evidence. Caleb, Aaron's step dad enters the police station, jumping to the conclusion that Aaron is there because of his own wrongdoing. When the police inform Caleb that Aaron is there assisting in a police investigation, Caleb is apologetic. Nevertheless Aaron's ego is damaged when the teen experiences Caleb's wrongful accusations. Holden tries to make Caleb aware of Aaron's feelings. He attempts to persuade Caleb to hang in Oakdale for a few days with Aaron, the men disagree and Caleb insists on taking Aaron home the next day

Friday, April 26, 2002

Jack blocks Craig from seeing Carly. Jack tries to explain that Carly is at the lowest time of her life. After going around and around with Craig, Jack goes into Carly's room to see her. Carly is making herself comfortable in her room. She tells Jack how much she misses her son. He tells her that he will get Parker to the hospital as soon as possible to see her. He sits her down and comforts her. She says that he could always settle her down. Jack tells Carly that Craig is waiting outside to see her. He asks Carly if she would like to see Craig. Carly tells him her decision and he goes out to tell Craig. When Jack goes out into the hall, he sees Rosanna talking to Craig. He walks over and asks Rosanna what is she doing in Oakdale. She informs Jack that she has claimed custody of Parker until Carly or Hal could care for him again. Jack tells her flat out that she is not to tell Carly that bit of information until he says that she can. Jack informs Craig that Carly does not want to see him yet. When Jack walks away, Rosanna says, "Well, that's that." Craig tells her that Jack does not dictate what he does and he walks over towards Carly's door.

Paul rushes into the hospital and tells Bob and Kim that he told Will about them taking him for a short while. He thought Will understood and Will went upstairs to pack. Paul explains that after a while he went to check on him and the boy had run away. Paul tells Kim that he is worried that if social services finds out they could take Will away from them. Kim suggests the baseball park and she and Paul leave to go find Will. After they leave, Hal is brought in and the attendants sit him down. While Hal is sitting there, Will walks around the corner. He hugs his father and tells him that he is glad that he is back. He asks Hal if he will come home with him. Hal explains that it will be a little while before he can live with him again. After their father/son talk, Dr. Michaels walks in and asks Hal how is he feeling. Hal says, "Hopeful." Hal hugs his son close to his body.

Katie shows up at the old mill for her fake murder. She steps inside the building and yells for Simon. Simon jumps out and scares her. Katie is on her last nerve and she jumps sky high. She tells Simon to stop playing around. She tells him to get on with the pretend murder so they can get out of the building. Simon picks up a bag of supplies and takes out some rope. Katie asks what the rope would be for and Simon tells her that they need to make the picture as authentic as possible. Katie doesn't like the idea, but she goes along with it. Simon starts to tie her up and he gets a little rough. Katie tells him that he is making the rope too tight. Simon tells her to hold still. She pulls away from him. She is scared of what her husband is really planning. She notices that he has scratch marks on his chest. She asks where he got the marks from and he says that some bushes got in his way. Katie is not sure if she should believe him. She asks if he brought the camera. Simon looks in his bag of supplies and sees that the camera is missing. He tells her that he must have left it in the car. She tells him to go and get it so they can this get picture taken. When Simon leaves, Katie wiggles out of the rope. As she is looking around, she sees a pearl lying on the floor. She picks the pearl up and looks at it. Then she hears another pearl drop and then a bunch of pearls drop on the floor. She looks up at the ceiling. She sees something up above but can't make out what is there. She picks up a hoe and pokes at the ceiling. All the sudden a big sack falls down and when it lands, Katie can see that Dahlia's lawyer, Jill is stuffed into the sack and she is dead. Katie starts to scream and Simon runs back into the building. When Simon sees Jill, he goes over and checks her for a heartbeat. When he realizes that she is dead, he tells Katie that they need to get out of there. Outside, Katie gets sick and a little dizzy. Simon sits her down and says that Dahlia is trying to set him up again. Katie questions him that Dahlia would not go that far as to murder someone. Simon tells her that she is crazy and would do anything do set him up. Katie takes out her cell phone and says that she needs to call Margo. Simon takes the phone and says that she can't do that. Katie reminds her husband that there is a dead body inside the building. He tells her that they need to get their stories straight. Katie asks why they need to get their stories straight. Simon reminds her that he is being set up again. He comes up with a story and Katie says that she doesn't want to lie. Simon tells her that it will only be until they can get this mess with Dahlia cleared up. Katie says ok and she asks if Simon wants to make the call. Simon tells her to make the call while he gets all their stuff back into the car. After Simon leaves, Katie wonders if her husband is a killer. She shakes her head and says that he can't be. She makes the call to Margo. When Simon returns, he tells Katie that when the police get there, he will do all the talking. Katie tells Simon that she is worried about the fact that Jill's body was found in the same spot that he was supposed to stage her murder. He tells her that it was a bazaar coincidence. She asks if it isn't something else. Simon asks her what it could be. She says, "Maybe Dahlia didn't kill Jill, but you did?"

When Abigail figures out that Jake lied to the police about where Mary was holding Molly hostage, he makes her promise not to tell Margo the truth. Jake heads out to find Mary and Molly. On the rooftop of WOAK, Mary has Molly at gunpoint. Mary tells Molly how Nick had changed and they were going to have a good life together. Mary blames Molly and her daughter for messing up her life. Jake walks in and says, "Hello Mary." Mary twirls around and then she grabs Molly and holds the gun at her neck. Jake opens the briefcase and shows Mary the money. She asks if it is all there and Jake says, "One million dollars." She asks, "Where are the cops?" He tells her that he sent them on a wild goose chase so she can take the money and give him his wife. Mary tells him that the plans have changed. Jake tells Mary that he played it straight with her and now she needs to do her part. Mary informs him that this money is not enough to get her where she needs to go and she needs Molly as her hostage. When Mary tries to push Molly past Jake, he says, "You are not leaving here with my wife unless you want to die trying."

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