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Monday, April 22, 2002

At the Lighthouse, as Kevin is calling around, looking for Livvie, Livvie suddenly arrives home. As Livvie and her Dad talk, Livvie told Kevin that she thinks other people feel that her situation looks like Alison is an innocent victim and Livvie is crazy. But Kevin told his daughter that HE also believes there is something strange about Alison's candles!

Frank suddenly arrives at Kevin's door and hastily told Kevin that he has had another 'episode' like the previous one - where he went off on Karen and called her all sorts of names.

Meanwhile, at Ricky's place, Ricky makes Karen comfortable with a home-brewed cup of tea and then asks her if she has any idea WHY Frank would go off on her like that and call her names like 'cheap tramp.' Karen then told Ricky that she used to be a stripper and begins to tell him some of the more shocking details of her life.

Meanwhile, at the Candle Shop/Barn, Alison is staring at the LOVE candle and can NOT figure out why Rafe does not come to her, the way he did before. At first, Ali thinks that maybe she needs to be asleep, the way she was before. But, she finds she can NOT go to sleep. So she decides the best thing would be to just concentrate on Rafe and ask him to concentrate on her at the same time.

As Alison is concentrating on Rafe, in the Here-After, Rafe is meeting with James, the Morley Family Servant. And, as James implies that he would be able to offer Rafe a lifetime with Alison, Rafe turns down James' offer. James taunts Rafe.

JAMES: "Don't beg those ingrates for a mere few minutes to be with the woman you love. Work with me. I can GUARANTEE you and Alison a lifetime together!'

Back at Ricky's place, Ricky is surprised to learn that Karen once worked as a stripper. She went on to tell him about some of her tragic history, including being molested by one of her mother's boyfriends and getting hooked on pills. But Ricky told her that he admires her for the way she has turned her life around and and has become a successful doctor when she could have just let all of those sordid events destroy her life forever.

As Kevin and Frank talk at the Light House, Livvie went into another room, supposedly so Kevin and Frank can speak privately - but Livvie stays close enough to be able to listen in on her father and Frank. Frank told Kevin about proposing to Karen and how happy they were - and then he lit the candle to set the mood and, out of the blue - began telling her what a cheap trashy tramp he thought she was.

In Heaven, Rafe can NOT believe that James really could give him a real lifetime with Alison. As James paints a picture of the possible life Rafe and Alison could have together - with children, grand-children and great-grandchildren - Rafe suddenly sees Alison, begging him to come be with her. But, when Rafe asks James what it will cost him to take James up on his offer, James told the angel that they would talk about that later - AFTER Rafe had made his decision. But Rafe quickly guesses that what James REALLY wants is his soul.

As Ricky and Karen talk at Ricky's place, Karen suddenly decides she should find a place to stay for the night - but Ricky insists that she can crash with him. Ricky then told Karen that he will go back to the Scanlon House to pick up some things for her. Karen told Ricky that she keeps a bag packed in the front hallway closet - in case she pulls a long shift and needs a change of clothes. Ricky rushes off to get her things for her and Karen relaxes on the couch.

At the Light House, Kevin told Frank that the candle he lit MIGHT be the cause of Frank's emotional response - Kevin told Frank that it COULD just be a chemical reaction to something that was in the candle - and that he needs to run some tests. Kevin told Frank that Frank should head for the hospital and Kevin will meet Frank there to run some tests, but Kevin needs to do something first. However, when Kevin leaves, Livvie comes out of hiding and told Frank that she heard everything and that she thinks Frank is dealing with witchcraft. Livvie went on to tell Frank about Rebecca's candles, that Rebecca practiced witchcraft and was hanged for murder. When Livvie points out that someone with an allergy would do things like itch, sneeze, break out in hives - NOT dump an emotional tirade on a loved one - Frank becomes convinced and sets out with Livvie to find the candle.

Meanwhile, Alison has gotten out a picture of Rafe and sits down near her candle to concentrate on the picture and begins telling Rafe about some of the things she has been doing lately - such as go to a movie alone and sit in back and wish that Rafe was there with her. But as Alison told Rafe how much she wants to be with him again - up in heaven, Rafe is finding it harder and harder to resist the sales pitch James is tossing at him.

JAMES: "What is a soul worth - when it is empty of love?'
RAFE: "I know who you are and I know who you work with. I will NOT do business with you!'

As James told Rafe how much Alison is aching and suffering because she can NOT be with him, and Alison sits beside her candle and calls out to Rafe, Rafe finds it harder and harder to resist the suggestions that James keeps making.

Meanwhile, Livvie and Frank return to the Scanlon House to look for the candle, but can't find it. Livvie suggests that the candle could be in the hands of someone who does NOT know what the candle can do. OR - worse yet - it is in the hands of someone who DOES know what the candle can do! Either way, Livvie told Frank, as long as that candle if out there, FRANK is in danger from it!

Karen has fallen asleep on the couch at Ricky's place by the time Ricky returns home with a bag of groceries and Karen's suitcase. AND the DESIRE candle! As Ricky quietly unpacks things, he lights the DESIRE candle and puts it beside the couch.

Meanwhile, in the Candle Shop/Barn - Alison is weaving back and forth in some sort of trance with dozens of candles now burning all around the shop. As Kevin enters, he blows out the candles, then touches Alison on the shoulder.

ALISON: "Kevin! What are you doing here?'
KEVIN: "What are YOU doing here - Alison?'

And, when Kevin's interruption breaks Alison's concentration, Rafe recovers and orders James to 'Stop! Now!' And went on to tell James that what James is really offering is misery.

RAFE: 'What you are - who you are - went against everything that I believe. Everything that I am.'
JAMES: "Everything you are now? Or everything you were before you discovered that earthly pleasure called love? Ah, Love. That can change the BEST of men!'

Rafe told James that James can NOT have his soul and that Rafe will fight James and his kind into eternity. James then implies that Rafe must not really LOVE Alison if Rafe is NOT willing to sacrifice all that he has and all that he is for Alison - and James strolls back into the darkness.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

As Gail visits Lucy and Christina at the Light House, Lucy urges Gail to try to talk to Livvie. And, as the two friends enter the living room, they hear Livvie telling Frank that the candle that triggered his psychotic episode was made by a witch and that he needs to find it. Livvie is shocked when she realizes that Lucy and Gail overheard her end of the conversation.

At the Candle Shop/Barn, Kevin told Alison that it looked like she was dancing alone with someone in a trance. Alison told Kevin that he has been listening too much to Livvie. When Kevin told Alison that her candles are more powerful than she thinks they are, Alison startles him by answering: "I know.' Alison explains that she puts so much love into each candle and that is why people love them so much. But Kevin shocks Alison when he told her that not all the candles make people happy - that one candle even made someone have hallucinations. Kevin then suggests that Alison should close down the candle shop.

At Ricky's place, Ricky brought a blanket to put over a sleeping Karen - but Karen suddenly wakes up and, as Ricky apologizes for waking her, Karen replies: 'Glad you did' and surprises him by pulling him into a steamy kiss.

Back at the Candle Shop, Alison is shocked that Kevin has asked her to close down her shop - since she just opened it. Kevin explains that he is only talking about a couple of days - so that the candles can be analyzed and to make sure they ARE all harmless. Alison hands Kevin her book of recipes and told him he can look in there and see that the only thing in the candles are herbs and oils.

Alison told Kevin that the same thing happened to Rebecca - that she thought she was doing good with her candles, but her efforts were misunderstood. The people of her day called her a witch and persecuted her and then they killed her. 'Is that what's going to happen to me?" Alison asks Kevin.

At the Light House, as Gail gently tries to ask Livvie about her comments about a witch and tries to draw Livvie out in talk about the new house she and Jack have down by the river, Gail suddenly asks about Livvie's AUNT Rachel, and asks if Livvie has been to see her aunt lately. Livvie admits that it has been a while since she saw Rachel but that she DOES plan to visit soon. When Gail asks some questions about how Livvie is recovering from her traumatic experience with Caleb, Livvie suddenly guesses that Lucy has invited Gail to the Light House to find out if Livvie is going crazy.

As Karen and Ricky are carried away by the romantic mood created by the DESIRE candle burning beside the couch, Karen suddenly calls Ricky - 'Frank!' And Ricky suddenly pulls away. Just then, Frank comes to the door, demanding to know if Ricky knows where Karen is - then Frank guesses that Karen is inside. As Ricky answers the door a crack, Karen told Ricky to let Frank in. Ricky slips away to the next room but watches by the door as Karen expresses her happiness at seeing Frank by trying to snuggle up to him. But, as Frank starts to tell Karen about the candle being the trigger for his episodes of rage, Frank suddenly begins to see Karen again in a harlot-red shorty nightgown and pushes Karen away.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Livvie gets angry that Gail and Lucy seem to BOTH be questioning her mental health, but agrees that perhaps she HAS been over-reacting. Then Livvie suddenly runs to the window, saying she sees little green men driving past in a sedan and wearing sun glasses. Gail gets the joke and told Livvie to feel free to call her if she just needs to talk.

When Gail leaves, Lucy admits to Livvie that she made a mistake. But Livvie is NOT impressed by Lucy's apology and told Lucy that LUCY would be in the looney bin HERSELF if she had to see a shrink every time Lucy had one of her premonitions or got a 'message' from the universe via tarot cards or crystals!

Meanwhile, back at Ricky's Place, Frank sees Karen in the harlot-red nightie and, the more Karen tries to reach out to him to help him, the more Frank backs away and pushes her away from him. When Frank gives Karen a violent shove, Ricky comes out to stop Frank and Frank hits Ricky and knocks him down. 'She may be a whore, but if I ever catch you with her again, I'll kill you!' Frank threatens Ricky!

Back at the Candle Shop, Kevin assures Alison that no one is persecuting her and that this is NOT a case of history repeating itself. Kevin explains that Livvie has just been on edge since the whole Caleb incident - indeed - the whole town is probably on edge following the incidents of the past months. Then Kevin told Alison that, when he came in, it looked like she was dancing with someone and asks Alison if she was trying to stay close to Rafe. 'Would the candle shop and clinging to all of Rebecca's things be a way for Alison to try to fill the void that Rafe left?' Kevin asks.

Alison admits to Kevin that she feels like Rebecca is all she has left now. Kevin points out that Rebecca is just a picture in a frame but Alison has flesh and blood friends who would be there for her to talk to and would love it if she reached out to them for support. Kevin is finally able to convince Alison that she SHOULD close the shop for a couple of days and let him run tests on the candles. And, Kevin suggests, Alison should think about what Alison wants to do with the rest of her life - get some perspective on the situation. Kevin points out that Rebecca's life wasn't happy and apparently did NOT have a happy ending. Kevin suggests that maybe Alison should let it all go.

Alison admits she HAS missed Rafe and the shop may be her way to stay close to him. Alison gives Kevin a supply of candles to have analyzed.

After Kevin leaves, Alison puts a closed sign out at the front door of the shop, and, as she returned into the shop, she apologizes to Rebecca.

Meanwhile, Ricky recovers from the punch that Frank threw and throws Frank out of the house. Karen told Ricky that she can't stay there and went in the other room. Ricky blows the candle out, wondering what would cause people to behave the way Frank has been behaving.

Back at the Light House, Kevin brought the candles home to be analyzed and Lucy told Kevin about Gail's visit and that Lucy's handling of the situation probably offended Livvie. Lucy suggests that this COULD be a repeat of other times when Livvie tried to warn them: "Last time we ignored Livvie's warnings - evil happened,' Lucy observes. But, Lucy went on to offer the opinion that Livvie IS going overboard in her reaction to Alison's candles. When Kevin and Lucy go into the kitchen to get some supper, Livvie slips into the living room and picks up a yellow candle and decides that, if the candles are being sent off to the lab to be analyzed - Livvie should make sure the candles are WORTH analyzing!

In the meantime, at the Candle Shop, as Alison apologizes to Rebecca for letting Kevin take the candles to be analyzed, Alison notices that there are tears flowing from Rebecca's eyes on the portrait. 'What have I done? I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry. What have I done? I'm so sorry!' Alison cries as she lovingly pats Rebecca's portrait.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Jack comes to apologize to Livvie. He now agrees with her that there is something not quite right about Alison's candles. Jack told Livvie how Jamal was affected by the candle Alison lit in his room and about seeing Rebecca through the antique camera. He apologizes for not believing Livvie and told her he loves her more than anything. Jack asks about the candles Livvie is boxing up. She told him Kevin is taking them to the lab to be tested. Livvie told Jack they should forget about the candles and concentrate on each other. While Livvie is changing her clothes, Jack picks up a candle labeled *Warmth*. He decides to light it because what harm can a little warmth do? Soon after, Jack grabs his head shouting, "What's happening?!" Livvie comes rushing in to find Jack freaking out, screaming that there are "bugs" all over him.

Jamal went to the barn and finds Alison staring at Rebecca's portrait. He is angry over her putting him to sleep with the magic candle. Alison once again went into her speech about how the candles are safe. In fact, she told him, Kevin is going to have them analyzed just to make sure. Alison told Jamal she must keep making the candles because Rebecca told her she had a gift for it. Jamal is taken aback. He asks with disbelief if Alison is having conversations with a painting. Alison told him he wouldn't understand. Jamal told her she is losing herself in a fantasy world and he is afraid for her. Alison says that if he can't believe in her and trust her, then he should leave. He does.

Alison asks herself if maybe she should stop making candles since all of her friends were against the idea. Rebecca appears and told Alison that if she stops, it proves the world hasn't changed at all. She asks what is in Alison's heart then told Alison that she will be able to bring the love in her heart to life again. She also has the gift to do that for others. Rebecca urges Alison to stand her ground and not give in to what others want. Rebecca disappears back in to the portrait while Alison hangs an Open sign on the candle shop door.

Rafe is tempted to go through the door marked Danger. He flashes back to a memory of him and Alison on the beach and how good it felt to be with her. Rafe prays for strength.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

At the hospital, Colleen is mystified when Karen asks her if many people have been admitted with allergic reactions to candles.

At the Recovery Room, as Frank flashes back to the perfect proposal he made to Karen that was disrupted when he came unglued, Ricky comes in and Frank remembers the fight he had with Ricky when Frank found Karen at Ricky's apartment. Frank demands to know what Ricky wants and Ricky told Frank that he wants to talk to Frank about the fight they had at Ricky's place. However, Frank belligerently told Ricky to leave. Ricky went outside, but gets out a votive candle holder with a little bit of the DESIRE candle in it and went back inside the Recovery Room.

Meanwhile, Officer Doree is at Alison's Candle Shop and buys another LUST candle. Doree confides in Alison that the candle has done wonders for her love life. When Doree leaves the shop, Alison turns to Rebecca, who has just appeared and Nana Becca applauds Alison for using her gifts to bring so much joy to so many people. But Alison told Rebecca that she feels bad because she reopened the candle shop without telling Kevin about it. However, as Rebecca and Alison talk, Alison becomes more convinced than ever before that there is NOTHING harmful about ANY of the candles!

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Jack is hallucinating that bugs are crawling all over him. As Livvie tries to calm Jack down, Lucy and Kevin rush in and decide to rush Jack to the hospital. Since Livvie had mentioned that Jack had just lit the candle, Kevin grabs the candle and takes it with them.

At the same time, Ricky went back to the Recovery Room, and, while Frank's back is turned, Ricky quietly sits down at one of the out-of-the-way tables, lights the DESIRE votive candle and hides it between the catsup and mustard. As Ricky sits munching pretzels, Frank sees him, comes over and asks Ricky what he is doing there. Ricky told Frank that he came to apologize - because Frank and Karen had been friends of Gabriela and Karen has been really nice to Ricky. Frank seizes on the phrase 'been nice to me' and asks Ricky what he means about Karen 'being nice' to him. Frank suddenly begins to accuse Ricky of being involved in hanky-panky with Karen - which Ricky immediately denies (sort of!)

Chris is in the Emergency Room when Lucy, Kevin and Livvie bring Jack in. As Chris works to get Jack calmed down, Chris is surprised when Lucy and Kevin tell him that Jack is having a reaction to a candle he lit. Kevin sends Lucy to the lab with the candle, urging her to ride herd on the lab technicians and get the lab work back to them in double-quick time.

In the hallway, Karen learns that Jack is having a bad reaction to a candle. Karen decides Frank was right when he told her his strange behavior was triggered by a candle, and Karen runs out to try to find Frank.

When Livvie learns it would help save Jack's life if Chris knew what was in the candle, Livvie is on the verge of telling Kevin that she doctored the candle, when Chris returns to tell Kevin and Livvie that whatever was in Jack's system is wearing off. Chris told Livvie she can sit with Jack if she wants to do that. Livvie told Kevin that they have to stop Alison, but Kevin assures her that Alison has ALREADY closed down the Candle Shop.

Livvie went in to see Jack. Believing that Jack is unconscious, Livvie admits she put something on the candle but never intended for JACK to get hurt by it.

As Lucy paces the floor, waiting for results to come back from the lab tests on the candle, she runs into Officer Doree, who is looking for Chris. Lucy sees Doree's candle and asks where she got it. Doree told Lucy that the candle came from the Pink Rose. When Lucy says that the Pink Rose is closed down, Doree told her that the Pink Rose is very much open.

The lab tech finally returns with the lab results and told Kevin that the WARMTH candle that Jack lit was laced with a powerful hallucinogen. When Kevin told Lucy he is just happy that Alison closed the shop down, Lucy told Kevin that she just met someone who just bought a candle from Alison - so Alison's Candle Shop is very much open. Kevin decides he needs to rush out to the candle shop, but he told Lucy to stay with Jack and Livvie.

At the Candle Shop, Alison tries to call Kevin to let him know her shop is open again. But Rebecca takes the phone away and urges Alison to wait until the tests are back before letting Kevin know she is still selling candles.

REBECCA: "You'll have to wait.'
ALISON: "Until he gets the tests back? Why?'
REBECCA: 'Until people have proof to the contrary, they will assume the worst. That's what happened to me. That's why I was hanged. Don't take any unnecessary chances, Alison. Only the truth will protect you.'

Meanwhile, back at the Recovery Room, as Ricky tries to reason with Frank, Frank suddenly grabs a steak knife from the table and holds it to Ricky's throat. A customer leaves and calls the police, just as Karen comes in to find Frank holding Ricky.

As Karen tries to reason with Frank, Frank again sees her in the harlot-red-shorty-nightgown and begins calling her names. Karen told Frank about Jack having hallucinations and told Frank she believes he was right - there WAS something in that candle that caused Frank to hallucinate as well. As Frank turns his attention to threatening Karen, Ricky suddenly grabs a tray and hits Frank on the head with it and knocks Frank unconscious. Ricky quickly grabs the votive candle, blows it out and slips it into his pocket. As Karen told Frank that it IS a candle causing Frank to go off the deep end, Ricky told Karen to look around at the tables - there are NO candles on any of the tables. As the sirens begin to sound, Ricky urges Karen to get out of the Recovery Room. One of the bartenders rushes to Frank's side and told him that someone called the cops. Frank staggers up and heads out the back door.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Colleen asks Chris about Jack's condition and he takes her interest in the wrong way, presuming that the hospital gossip mill is already talking about the way the FORMER Chief Resident's brother is hooked on some kind of drug. Colleen immediately sets Chris straight! As Chris is apologizing to Colleen, Doree slips up beside him and told him she has a 'gift' for him. Chris realizes it is a duplicate of 'their' candle, but told her that his brother has just been admitted with a bad reaction to a candle, so he is not sure if they should keep using 'their' candle. Doree told Chris that she does NOT need a candle to make love to him. But, so far, neither of them has had any bad reactions to the candle. Chris admits that the candle has seemed harmless enough when THEY use it. Hand in hand, Chris and Doree head around the nearest corner at a fast pace.

When Lucy comes in to check on Jack, Jack told Lucy that Livvie was the one who did something to the candle that caused Jack's severe reaction.

When Kevin arrives at Alison's Candle Shop, Alison begins to apologize for opening up again when she had promised him that she would stay closed for a couple of days - but Kevin told Alison that Jack is in the hospital, suffering from hallucinations - after he lit one of her candles. Kevin told Alison that he is putting a stop to it, then Alison quickly looks up and screams: "Kevin!'

Friday, April 26, 2002

In the Here After, Rafe tries to concentrate on his duties at the 'Conscience Desk,' but keeps getting distracted by thoughts of Alison and keeps looking at the door marked 'DANGER - Do Not Enter!' Ed suddenly arrives and Rafe complains about having been put in a room with only one thin door between him and Temptation.

In the Candle Shop/Barn, a pitchfork suddenly falls from the hayloft and nicks Kevin's hand and breaks his watch. Kevin and Alison rush to try to stop the bleeding. Kevin asks Alison WHY she opened the shop again and she told him that it was because people kept coming and telling her how much the candles had helped them. As the two of them work to get Kevin's bleeding to stop, Alison takes off Kevin's sweater and wraps her apron around his arm. Kevin told Alison that she should just tell the customers that the candles are dangerous, But Alison insists that HER candles are NOT dangerous! Kevin then told Alison that Jack is in the hospital, suffering from hallucinations that started when he lit one of the candles. But Alison insists to Kevin that she did NOT put any drugs in ANY of the candles. Kevin went outside to his car to get a bandage for his arm.

As Kevin leaves, Rebecca appears to Alison and comforts her.

At the Hospital, Jack told Lucy that Livvie was the one who laced the WARMTH candle with a dangerous drug - but Livvie told Lucy that she has NO idea what Jack is talking about. As Lucy implores Livvie to tell her the truth, Livvie insists that Jack must have dreamed what he thought he heard - since he HAS been on a powerful sedative. Lucy reminds Livvie that Alison COULD go to prison for putting drugs in the candles, but Livvie continues to insist that SHE did NOTHING to ANY of the candles. Lucy decides to wait for Kevin back home at the Light House, but Livvie stays to talk to Jack.

When Lucy leaves, Jack told Livvie that she has crossed the line - now she is lying to people who love her - like Jack and Lucy.

Meanwhile, in Heaven, Ed explains to Rafe that EVERYWHERE he could go - he WOULD be tempted!
ED: 'You can NOT hide from temptation. It IS behind EVERY door!'

Ed told Rafe that he KNOWS that Rafe is at a crossroads. But ONLY by facing his temptation head-on will Rafe EVER be able to move on to do what he was called to do. When Ed told Rafe that that pull to Alison will eventually fade away for BOTH of them - Rafe replies that the pull to Alison is ALL he has left of her and he does NOT want it to fade away! Ed then informs Rafe that he NEEDS to let Alison go - it is inevitable!

When Ed leaves, Rafe went into a melt-down, but the phone suddenly rings. When Rafe answers - it is James - letting Rafe know the deal James offered to Rafe is STILL on the table. Rafe angrily bursts through the Danger Door!

In the Candle Shop, Alison asks Rebecca HOW the candles could be hurting people and Rebecca assures Alison that HER candles are NOT at fault. Rebecca told Alison that she believes someone else is trying to stir up fear - as they did in Rebecca's day. Rebecca calls it 'Persecution,' and told Alison that, while Rebecca was all alone when she faced her Ordeal, Rebecca will make SURE that Alison is NOT alone! Alison told Rebecca that Kevin is going to close down the shop and Rebecca told Alison to 'do as he says and pack up the shop.'

REBECCA: "In the face of his fear, you will be strong. You will show them you are not afraid because you won't be. This time, they won't get away with it!' As Rebecca hugs Alison, she reaches over and touches the apron that Alison wrapped around Kevin's wound to stop it from bleeding.

At the Hospital, Jack urges Livvie to come clean about her part in doctoring Alison's candle. But, Livvie refuses and, as they argue, Livvie told Jack to shut up.

Kevin returns to the Candle Shop and told Alison that he is going to shut the shop down. And that if SHE does not shut down voluntarily, the POLICE will probably come and shut it down for her. Kevin then told Alison that Frank Scanlon is ALSO having bad reactions to the candles - but Alison told Kevin that she NEVER sold a candle to Frank, so she would NOT know WHAT candle Frank got hold of that made Frank hallucinate. Kevin told Alison that it is important that she make him a list of ALL the people who have bought candles so he can track them down and get the candles back before any harm is done. Kevin told Alison that he believes the candles will HAVE to be destroyed.

Alison makes an emotional plea to Kevin to understand that the Candle Shop/Barn is a special place to Rafe and to her and it is the place where they first celebrated their love.

ALISON: "Someday, you will see that you are wrong. ALL of you will find out that you're wrong!' Alison breaks down and cries on Kevin's shoulder. `

But Kevin told Alison that she MUST let Rafe AND this place go and quit clinging to and living ONLY for her memories.

Meanwhile, back in Heaven, Rafe went through the Danger Door and confronts James - demanding that James quit his little game of trying to lure Rafe into making some eternally wrong decisions. James responds to Rafe's accusations by informing Rafe that he can ONLY be tempted by something he TRULY wants - his 'father' SHOULD have told him that! When Rafe quizzes James about his oblique reference to Rafe's 'father,' James told Rafe that ED is RAFE'S father!

Back in the Hospital, Jack told Livvie to leave and NOT come back until she is ready to come clean. Livvie storms out of the room.

In the meantime, at the Light House, Lucy calls Ian in Ireland and begs him to come back to Port Charles and help her deal with the situation being created by Alison's candles.

As Livvie moves some things from the Candle Shop out to Kevin's car, Kevin returns alone to the Candle Shop and, as he looks at Rebecca's portrait, Rebecca suddenly appears. Kevin believes there must be a candle burning somewhere and he is having a hallucination. And Rebecca told Kevin to go ahead and think it is only the candle. She lights the candle she is holding and kneels down in front of Kevin. As Kevin watches the flickering flame of the candle, he slowly disappears!

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