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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 29, 2002 on GL
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Monday, April 29, 2002

For the sake of her children, Blake agrees to make a videotape from her cell in which she tells Ross that she never wants to see him again. She claims that she's going away to write a new romance novel and then says goodbye to her children which forces a deranged Tory to shut the camera off. Tory forces her to re-state her story and then delivers the tape to Ross. Watching it with Holly, a stunned Ross figures out a clue Blake has left for him. Olivia confronts Richard and Cassie with the news that Cassie only owns half of the old hotel Beacon property. She pleads with Cassie to be happy with her farm and accept her offer on the property but Cassie rejects it. Hearing this, Alan rejects Richard's loan application. Tony refuses Ray's demand that he not talk with the police any further. Gus quickly hands him some paper and he scribbles a confession. Cass warns Tony if he signs it, he can't be his attorney anymore. After Tony signs the scribbled document, Gus and Harley question his desire to confess to murder. Josh and Reva encourage Marah as she decides to move back home for the time being. Josh urges his daughter to stay away from the Santos family especially during Tony's trial but Reva knows that she won't obey. Marah is taken aback when her friend reveals that it wasn't Catalina who called but an older woman. Realizing it was Maria, Marah runs to the hospital and tries to question her only to be stopped by Romeo.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Josh and Reva anguish over Marah's faith in Tony as they break the news to her of his confession. Marah insists he is still innocent and vows to find the real killer! Reva and Josh plea but only in vain as Marah continues her quest to seek the truth. She goes to see Tony and demands he tell the truth about Catalina's murder. Tony was all to agitated to see Marah at the precinct again. Tony has words with Marah for all to hear that seem to cut her like a knife as he tells her she never meant anything to him but some little girl that he played with for a while. Tony vividly tells Marah how he took the angel stone and killed Catalina for lying to him and he would do it again. A distraught Marah leaves only to go back to her dorm to reminisce and mourn over love they once shared leaving Tony reflecting on his own decisions while he awaits to see the judge. Cass still wants to throw out the confession but Tony plans to plead guilty. Harley closes the investigation. And Cass asks Danny for some assistance with talking some sense into Tony.

Romeo and Danny face off over who's the boss! As expected Danny let's Romeo know where the door is. Carmen is quite pleased with her son being back where he belongs. A card game gone bad leads Danny to pinning down a player and forcing him to apologize to his "mother." Michelle is not impressed with any of the leadership that Danny has taken with his family. She grows more and more unsupportive of his decisions while reflecting on her own dreams of being a doctor. She really throws her negative attitude around the show, even with her own brother Rick. Michelle has a moment of resentment about her father abandoning her. But good 'OLE Rick is there to try to comfort her.

Mel and Rick came back from the Bauer cabin and discuss how very lucky they are to have each other Their conversations reveal that they made love for the first time while away on their surprise day off. Rick and Mel are both falling hard and Rick seems to be having an allergic reaction to being in love? Or could something be wrong as he experiences shortness of breath?

And last but not least, is the groundbreaking news for all you romance lovers out there of the next Springfield wedding. Reva proposes to Josh! After a few objections regarding Marah situation Josh and Reva set the date for June 7th!

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Blake in captivity

Ross enters and lets her out. He tells her the children are fine. He tells her he picked up the message on the videotape and he understood. Blake explains how terrible it has been. Then Tory interrupts her daydreaming. Tory brings Blake some Fritos for lunch and reassures her that the children are ok. Blake refuses the food. Tory reminds her that she is allowing her children to remain alive. Blake changes her mind and takes the bag of Fritos. Blake tells Tory that she will never get Ross. She feels Ross was meant to be with her. Blake wonders how Tory is going to get rid of her. But Tory says that Blake is going to do it by committing suicide. With eye-to-eye contact, Blake tells her she is really insane. Blake said she would not kill herself and Tory is back to square one. Tory then came up with the idea that the key to the whole thing would be for Blake to write a suicide note because she couldn't handle that Ross loves Tory. Tory said if she doesn't write there will be three other funerals. Blake tells her she isn't very bright. Tory said that is fine she can just disappear, but Blake wants to know what she is going to do with the body. Tory said if a fire broke out there would be no way she could escape. Tort exits to buy gasoline and matches. Tory enters with gasoline but Blake is gone.

At the Police station

Ross enters and asked for Detective Cooper, but Gus says she isn't there. Ross insists he will wait for Harley. Ross decides to tell Gus that Blake has disappeared. But Gus doesn't seem surprised. Ross tells Gus that at the end of the videotape Blake mentions about Jason eating too much chocolate. Ross mentions to Gus that this was a clue because Jason cannot eat chocolate. He wants the police to look into this. Gus feels there isn't anything worth investigating. Harley enters and informs Gus that is why he has a partner. Harley said if Blake wanted to get even she would do it face to face. Gus still persists that Blake has not disappeared. Harley tells Ross they will help find her. They listen to the videotape. Harley picked up on the signal regarding Jason eating chocolate. Harley tells Gus they are going to find her. Harley tells Ross she will call if she hears anything. Ross exits. Harley approaches Gus and wants too know why he treated Ross like a suspect. Gus feels that Ross cheated on Blake and that is unacceptable.

At the Spaulding Mansion

Phillip blindfolds Beth and takes her to a place where they are alone.

He asked her about Lorelei and where did she learn to do the things that Lorelei did. They decide to play strip poker and she will divulge Lorelei's tricks. Smiling, Phillip agreed. As they are playing poker Phillip is missing his shirt while Beth remains dressed. She said he would be buck-naked when she finished. He begins to kiss her and tells her to not bet on it. Phillip unbuttons her blouse and pulls it off. He picked her up and carried her to the couch. He takes off the remainder of her clothes and they passionately make love. Afterward Phillip wants to know where she learned to play cards like that. Beth said she would give Lorelei the credit. They embrace with a romantic kiss.

At the Beacon Hotel

Richard and Cassie are having a picnic in the hotel. Cassie comments that making this hotel a children's museum would be wonderful.

Cassie feels they cad do this even if they have to use their own money. He remembers finding out from Suzanne Porter that his credit application has been refused. Olivia enters and stays in the background. She hears Cassie's plans and quietly calls Alan. She wants his help and asked him to meet her at the Beacon Hotel and recommends that he pack a picnic basket. Cassie says she had a few ideas when she woke up this morning. Olivia and Alan enter. They are discussing about turning the Hotel into a nightclub. He wants to call it "Olivia's"! Of course, she thinks that has a nice ring to it. Cassie asked them to leave since she and Richard were there first. Ignoring her comment, Alan wants to know if he smells chicken salad and said it smells delicious. He said he would reciprocate with one of Richards's favorite dishes. Cassie said that they spoke with the zoning board and what Olivia wants to do would be in violation. But Olivia feels her idea of jazz would be a better idea. Cassie exits to check the dimensions for her exhibit. Olivia exits. Alan reminds Richard they have a lot in common by two strong willed women who both know what they want. Alan suggests they work together. Alan said if they work together he could almost guarantee it would work. Richard tells Alan that he was the one that cut off his access to funds. Alan wants Richard to convince Cassie to sell the Hotel and he will triple the price. Richard said the only reason he is doing this is because 'Miss Olivia' wants it. Richard refuses his offer because Cassie has grown fond of the Hotel, but mainly it is Cassie's decision. Outside of the Hotel, Olivia and Cassie are discussing what they want to do. Olivia reminds her that this should be a luxury hotel as it once was. But Cassie wants to give the children something magical. Cassie excuses herself to return to her picnic. Olivia enters and tells Cassie they are stuck with each other. Olivia reassured Alan that her and Cassie could work together. Olivia holds her hand out to Cassie. They shake hands and agree to deal.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

At the Lewis house

Marah is remembering Tony's words in his confession to the murder of Catalina. Reva enters. Marah tells Reva that she trusted Tony and didn't think he would be capable of something such as murder. In tears she tells Reva that she believed in him. Reva said this is something that Tony cannot rise above and someone has to pay for Catalina's murder. Reva exits to give Marah some time alone. Ben enters and said he needs to talk to her. He wants to know who else is in the house. He tells her to sit down because he wants to tell her the truth. He explains how he planned their relationship and how he made a bet with a bunch of guys in the fraternity that he could get her in bed. But he has since fallen in love with her and he called off the bet. He knows it was dishonest and wants her to forgive him. Marah turns to face him and wants to know why he tried to look cool by using her. Marah said it doesn't matter because it is over. She tells him she forgives him and wants him to leave. She pushes him out of the door and tells him she will call him. Marah hides a bottle of liquor in her pocketbook and tells Reva she will see her later. When Reva returns from being out of the room, she hears Marah drive away. Richard enters. Reva tells Richard that Cassie isn't there. She tells Richard that Marah is having it a little rough. Richard said they could move if they are in the way. But Reva said no and gets a drink. Richard said he would take a job if she has one. He tells her there has been some expense budget cuts. To live in Springfield will have to come up money that he doesn't have. Reva said to borrow from her or the local bank. But Richard tells her he was turned down at the bank. He doesn't want to move to Washington because of Cassie and he wants his family to have some stability.

At Towers

Cassie enters and goes to Edmund and Carmen's table. She wants to discuss business with Carmen. She tells Cassie to indulge her. Cassie explains that she wants to boat slip to rent the boat at the Lakeside property. But Carmen said she would not help her because Danny makes the decisions now. She calls him to the table and explains what Cassie wants. Danny said it should not be a problem with authorizing her to get the boat. She wants Danny to not underestimate Edmund. Danny wants to know if Carmen is losing her touch. Carmen gives him the present, a bear called Cubby, that his father gave him when he went to the first Cubs game. Carmen thought he might want to give it to Robbie. He thanks her and exits. She admits to Edmund that his idea of giving the toy to Danny was brilliant.

At Company

Harley runs in and hugs Buzz and wants to know if he missed her. Gus runs in and tells Harley that he figured out they both have a vacation coming. Gus said he would make plans and wanted to know where she wanted to go. Gus said if they don't get of the town they would never have sex. But Harley said she would not leave because of the case. She suggests they go somewhere for the weekend. Gus persists and wants to know where she would like to go. Harley replied Greece because it is her family's homeland. Gus wants her to describe her homeland. Harley goes in depth explaining the beach and how she can see herself dressed as a Greek goddess. She said in the evenings they could drink wine and then they would go back to their room overlooking the ocean. She agrees it is not a bad idea, but not practical. Gus exits to take care of it.

Ross and children are getting deciding what to order. Ross lets the boys go outside and he talks to Clarissa. Ross is trying to understand the people in the picture she drew. They talk about Tory and how she has been coming to the house to visit.

Blake in captivity

As Tory returns from purchasing gasoline, she notices that Blake is gone. Frantically she unlocks the door screaming for Blake. She continues to look through the cell but with no avail. Blake is up above holding onto bars in the ceiling. Tory is frantic and running back and forth trying to figure out what happened. Suddenly Blake drops down and grabs Tory by the neck. They wrestle to the bed and Tory pulls Blake down. But Blake gets up and hits Tory in the face. Blake locks Tory behind bars!!!!! Blake wants to know how she likes it in there. Tory wants to know what Blake is going to do. Blake said she wants her to suffer. Blake takes her credit cards and money to run an errand. Blake tells her to sit tight and she will be back with the police for a nice chat. As Blake exits, Tory screams her name.

Outside of Company

The children are concerned why their mother has not called hem. Ross tries to explain how busy she is with the writing offers. Harley tells Ross that she has feelers out everywhere. He still feels as if something bad has happened. Gus runs to Harley and says he has brochures and coupons. But Harley said she couldn't go right now. She doesn't want to leave her two children and she is worried about Blake. Gus said he understands. Gus throws the envelope with all the information about Greece over his shoulder. He wants to know if she would like to go to dinner tonight. He tells her to meet him at his place at 7:30pm and to not be late. He exits.


Carmen asked Danny to not be so judgmental about Edmund but he does make her laugh. Danny reminds her that everyone who gets close to Edmund gets stabbed in the back. Danny exits his office. Romeo enters office. Carmen wants him to do something for her. She wants him to check out the boat slip that Cassie was interested in. Romeo exits.


Marah looks around and then opens the bottle of liquor. She sits down and begins to drink. As she is drinking, she remembers the conversation she had with Tony at the jail. When she looked up Romeo is there. Romeo understands why she is there and that it is not any fun drinking alone. Romeo reminded her that Tony used him too and that Tony wants Danny to run the business. Even though he reminded Tony that Catalina was bad news, Tony wouldn't listen. He takes a drink out of the bottle. Romeo said he never would have treated her that way.

At Gus' apartment

Gus opens the door and tells Harley she took too long. When she enters the apartment, the table is set and Gus had decorated the apartment in scenery from Greece. He said he couldn't find clothes for a goddess but maybe they could improvise. With tears in her eyes, Harley cannot believe that he did that for her. Harley said he scared her just a little, and he admitted that he scares himself.

Friday, May 3, 2002

Ross tells an objective Holly that he suspects Tori is alive given the clue on the videotape and Clarissa's frequent mention of Tori. Holly isn't convinced. Frantic Tori waits for her fate in the dungeon that she once held Blake in. Meanwhile, Blake goes to the salon where her hunky hairdresser does her hair and nails. She goes back one last time to taunt Tori with her fate. Blake explains that she is going to the authorities. Tori then threatens to make up her own twisted story of how Blake is the real kidnapper! Blake is not concerned with Tori's delusions as she leaves to go to the police, promising that she won't be gone long.

Harley and Gus share dinner at Gus's apartment and Gus pours his heart out to Harley saying " he wants to be her white night." His charms soften her heart. They share a kiss and finally get to share a romantic scene in Gus's bed. Afterwards, Gus tries to smoke in bed but Harley isn't having it! He puts his smokes away and says he will quit. Harley complains Gus never talks about his past and of course Gus comically dances around the subject. They are not chatting long before Gus throws in a Macy Gray CD and feeds Harley plenty of food and romance.

Danny speaks to Tony reminding him that they reinstated the death penalty. Tony only advised that he is doing this for the family. Danny tells Tony that things can turn around but he has to cooperate. A stubborn Tony isn't changing his defense.

An intoxicated Marah goes to the graveyard to finish off her bottle of Vodka. Romeo shows up and they both start talking about how Tony used them. When the bottle runs out Marah insists Romeo take her to Inferno for drinks. Once there she dances and gets more inebriated. She goes into Tony's office to find music but finds a picture of Tony and Catalina on the desk. The sight infuriates her and she throws the picture to the floor breaking it only to find a picture of Tony and Marah underneath. She becomes angry and begins to have a pity party. Romeo is there to comfort her with his caresses. Marah begins to kiss Romeo and he explains, "He wants her." She asks him if he has protection then willingly lies down with him in Tony's office as they begin undressing.

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