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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 6, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, April 6, 2002

Molly is distraught when Bridget and Michelle want to go home. Trying to help them feel more secure, she agrees to let them return to Bay City for now. Confused about what is best, Molly seeks comfort in Jake's words that she will make the right decision. At Al's Diner, Susan runs into Lucy and asks her to make friends with Alison. Alison arrives and while Susan tries to casually leave, Alison confronts Lucy about what her mother told her. Abigail and Aaron arrive and Lucy and Alison assume that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Lucy offers Abigail her condolences and Alison seizes the moment to be alone with Aaron. Alison believes the encounter is a success, but Lucy, misunderstanding the situation, is disgusted that Aaron would flirt with someone else with his girlfriend around. Rosanna agrees to hand Parker over to Carly, but asks where he is going to stay while Carly is in the hospital. Furious that Rosanna is trying to control Carly's life with her money, Carly is forced to allow Parker to stay with his aunt, but Jack arrives with a different solution. He brings Parker and Carly home with him and has hired a private nurse to help Carly. In Scotland, Jessica tries to convince Bonnie that Ian's rush to marry is a little strange. Bonnie insists that the time is right for them, but continues to resist Ian's advances. Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Isaac and Billy learn that Ian may not be the real Duke and assume Ian wants to marry Bonnie for her money. Bonnie, shocked to see that Isaac is still around, balks at his suggestion that Ian is a after her money.

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Margo shows up at Jack's to give him the scoop on Weston. After Margo leaves, Jack decides to try to cook breakfast for himself and Carly and Carly asks Jack what happened to the bedroom. Jack tells Carly everything about the miss hap with Julia. Carly tells Jack how bad she feels about not being able to help Jack while he was held hostage with Julia and he tells her he feels the same way about Weston. Jack returns to work and Margo asks is Carly knows about Julia.

Simon calls Craig to find out where Katie is, meanwhile Katie and Henry wait outside after they have returned from hiding. Katie and Henry discuss what to do about Katie's suspicion over Simon, however, Simon later walks in. Simon asks Katie about her large back account since now she is sneaking around his back and he then tells her if she can't trust him then Dahlia has won and everything they had is over. Simon asks Katie point blank how she felt about him and she punched him. Katie admits to being stupid for running and said she lost her mind. Simon said she has lost faith in them and he doesn't know what to do

Tom shows up to give is condolences and to give Molly legal advice on gaining custody of the twins. He informs her Cass has already petitioned the court for Marley and Donna for joint custody, while Tom tries to inform Molly that they are her real family. However, Molly states how she wanted to file for adoption for the twins but she and Jake never got around to it yet and they wanted the twins to know that they were doing it for their own good, so they wanted them to be old enough to understand. Tom said in order for him to go forward of this he needed to know that she would go to the wall for them since her past will be brought up. Tom asks again if she is willing to fight for them and she says yes. Tom said he will file the papers today and they judge should award Molly temporary custody. After Tom left, Carly stopped by for a visit with Molly

Rosanna and Craig discuss the past. Rosanna talks about how Carly ruined her life and stole her men and now she wanted to get even. She tells Craig how Carly has it all.

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

At the cottage, Katie and Simon argue. Simon is upset that Katie left and then came back to "look for evidence." He tells her to go to the Lakeview. She doesn't want to go but Simon convinces her. He says that if anything were to happen to her, the cops would come after him first. He wants her to go away to protect her. Meanwhile, Simon sees Henry peeking through the window. Henry brings Katie to the Lakeview and tells her that she has lost her edge. Katie says it is because she is truly in love and feels so close to Simon. She wonders aloud what her life would be like if she had the diamond. Henry says, "Well you can't miss what you never had," and quickly ends the conversation. Katie goes inside the suite and as Henry is leaving, he bumps into Simon in the hallway. Simon tells Henry to be unavailable to Katie, literally twisting his arm. Simon leaves and Henry goes to the lobby and calls Katie to tell her what happened with Simon. Katie misses Simon and tells Henry that she has to find him and tell him that she does believe in him. Katie goes into the elevator - alone and it abruptly stops, the lights flicker, and sounds of a saw are heard from above.

In Scotland, Isaac tries to convince Bonnie not to marry the Duke. He finally tells her that Billy is locked up in the dungeon. While they are talking, Ian calls and then eventually knocks on her door. Isaac hides in a closet and Bonnie rushes Ian out of the room. Isaac is pleased that she didn't tell Ian he was there. Bonnie says she will get Ian out of the castle tomorrow night because she wants Isaac to take her to Billy in the dungeon. That is the only way she can be sure that Isaac is not lying. If he is lying, Bonnie says Isaac will never see her again.

At Al's Diner, Rose and Mitzi talk about the wedding. Paul comes over and overhears Rose talking about the specialist. Paul manages to cheer her up and Rose tells him that her dad is coming to visit. Paul wants to set a date for the wedding but Rose is still a little hesitant. Paul doesn't rush her and says whenever she's ready is fine.

At the police station, the FBI bring in Dr. Weston, who insists he is Dr. George Towns, Ph.D. Jack tells him to, "cut the act." Dr. Weston, a.k.a Dr. Towns continues with the act until Rose storms into the interrogation room. Margo had called Rose and asked her to identify the doctor. Rose says, "Look at me." Aren't you ashamed of your work? The doctor addresses Rose by name and says he could never be ashamed of his work. He has now confirmed that he is Dr. Weston. He says he was very close to discovering the aging process of the skin and that they are preventing him from winning a Nobel Peace Prize. He tells them he is really 72 years old, even though he looks 45-50 years old. Rose says he is not a doctor but a thief who has stolen people's lives. Dr. Weston says he gave her shallow life meaning. At this comment, Paul lunges toward him. Jack breaks it up and Rose and Paul leave the interrogation room. Dr. Weston says he can reverse the aging process of Rose and Carly but he wants to cut a deal first.

Thursday, May 9, 2002

by MJ

Jack terrorizes Dr. Weston so he will act upon his research and cure Rose and Carly. Weston concedes to Jack's demands.

A man in dark clothes and a mask ransacks Rose's house. The person is revealed to be Henry, in search of something.

Meanwhile at Emma's, Joe D'Angelo arrives to town receiving a warm welcome from Rose, Paul, Emma, Lily, Holden, Luke and Aaron. Rose discovers Joe is sporting a black eye; Joe explains that he walked in on a man ransacking his home and the man punched him when attempting to leave. Joe's explanation continues that although the man must have been there for a while he never took anything.

Rosanna brings some of Parkers belongings to Carly. Carly allows Rosanna to spend time with Parker upstairs.

At the Oakdale police station, Craig learns that Weston is in custody and is going to cure Carly and Rose. Craig rushes over to Jack's to profess his love and affection for Carly. Carly skeptical of Craig, refuses to believe his devotion. She tells Craig he left the hospital because he couldn't look at her. Craig denies this, and then Carly mentions to Craig that Rosanna thought he couldn't deal with seeing her, either. While Rosanna almost arrives at the bottom of the stairs, Craig states to Carly that Rosanna is the liar she has always been. He continues to tell Carly that she should not trust Rosanna. That Rosanna wants to hurt her. Rosanna then enters the room telling Craig how nice it is to see him.

Commotion at the Lakeview lands Katie right in the middle. The elevator experiences mechanical problems, with Katie and a hotel maintenance man being the only riders. When the elevator crashes to the ground floor, Katie is shaken but alright. Lucinda and Nancy Hughes are there to assist her. When Katie discovers Simon carrying a bag of tools, she suddenly feels she is no longer the object of his affection as much as the object of his next murder. When Katie tells Simon about the elevator event, he insists that they go to Margo, and tell her everything in an effort to keep Katie safe. Katie agrees to go, but wants Simon to meet her there.

Friday, May 10, 2002

As Henry tries to search Rose's place, he's bothered by a call from an associate searching Joe's place in New Jersey and then by Katie who fears for her life at Craig's hotel suite. When Aaron passes by and spots the door open, Henry runs off and Aaron calls the police. Simon runs to Margo with his fear that Dahlia was behind the stalled elevator that frightened Katie. Katie arrives and eventually reconciles with Simon who gloomily predicts that he will be out of town for a long time to deal with Dahlia. At the farm Rose asks Joe to come live with her in Oakdale but he turns down the offer. As they start to sit down and open presents at the engagement party for Rose and Paul, John calls and invites Rose to the hospital where Dr. Weston has agreed to try to reverse the aging procedure. In front of Rosanna, Jack argues with Craig about each other's true interest in Carly. After Craig leaves, Jack admits to Rosanna that it was her million dollar reward that brought Weston to Oakdale so quickly. Carly later advises Jack that she can't allow a man as evil as Weston to ever touch her again let alone allow him to experiment on her further. Jack convinces her to come with him to the hospital. John explains to Carly and Rose that the procedure involves an injection and then some wrapping. Rosanna returns to accuse Craig of lying about his desire for Carly and guesses that if Weston can't work his magic, he'll run from her aged sister.



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