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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 13, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, May 13, 2002

by Andy

At the cottage, Dahlia is drilling into the staircase when she hears a car drive up. She runs upstairs as Simon and Katie walk in. Katie hears a noise upstairs, which she thinks is a cat. Katie wants to bring the kitty a bowl of milk and she starts to walk up the staircase. Simon tries to stop her because he wants to make sure the house is secure first. They decide to go upstairs together and the banister gives way. Simon falls down the stairs right on top of Katie. They both agree they can't stay in the cottage any longer because of Dahlia. They start to get up, but Katie's wrist hurts too much. Simon thinks it's fractured. They take off to have it treated, and Dahlia waltzes down the stairs grinning from ear to ear.

Margo visits Hal at Memorial and tells him about Dr. Weston. He asks about Emily, but Margo doesn't have much to offer. Hal beats himself up for losing Emily in the first place. Margo tries to console him, but it's no good. Margo tells Hal that they have a report that James and Babs have entered Thailand. Hal says, "As long as there's breath in my body, I'm coming after him. He won't get away. I'm gonna get him."

Around the corner, Jack & Carly and Rose & Paul plead with Dr. Dixon to have him perform the surgery instead of Dr. Weston. Weston confidently walks in and smugly says, "Ahh, Carly and Rose. Two of my greatest creations. It's going to be a pleasure to work on you both again." Rose and Carly both gag at the sight of him. Weston looks at Carly and says, "All right kitten. You're up first." After he leaves the room, Rose demands to know the deal he made with Jack. Carly is unsure about letting Weston treat her again, but she sees that it's her only choice.

In a hotel room in Thailand, Barbara is looking out a window when James opens the door for a bellhop wheeling in a large trunk on a dolly. James tips him on the way out. He sees Babs staring into space and says, "Darling, I thought you'd be glued to a mirror, or shooting off fireworks." Barbara turns around revealing her fully restored face, "There's only one thing I feel like shooting." She's concerned that Jack will finds her, and she'll go straight to jail. James tells Barbara that Dr. Weston is in Oakdale right now fixing Rose and Carly's faces, so once they have their faces back, all will be forgotten. "But we do have one fish left to fry, before you are totally exonerated." He opens the trunk revealing an unconscious and gagged Emily. "What have you done with her?!" "After Rose ran off, I decided to put her in cold storage." Emily isn't aged like Rose and Carly. James says, "Let's throw away things we no longer need." He pulls Emily out of the trunk and sets her sedated body on a couch. Barbara wants to bring her to a hospital. James says, "I know that an Emily alive is a big problem. This is your party. You decide what to do with our groggy little friend." Barbara looks at Emily, torn because she doesn't know what to do, and says, "Send her home. Give her life back to her! This is your mess. YOU clean it up." Emily sobs as James starts to put her back into the trunk and tells Babs that he's going to dump her in the harbor. Barbara says that they should just drop her off at a hospital, then leave the country. James balks at that suggestion and says that he and Babs will just have to part ways unless they eliminate Emily. Barbara wonders why he would abandon both of them. James tells Barbara he will leave her, but not alive. "If I wouldn't leave one woman behind who can point a finger at me, why would I leave two?" Emily sobs and Barbara spits at her to, "Shut up! One more word out of you and I'll put you back in that trunk myself!"

In a hospital room, Carly and Jack watch Dr. Weston prepare for the treatment. Carly is happy that Jack is there for comfort. Jack says, "If it's one thing I've learned...I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If you'll have me." Carly coos, "Oh, Jack. Me too." Dr. Hughs then comes over and says they are ready to begin.

Outside the room Rose is worried about Carly, and Paul comforts her. Dr. Hughs walks out of the room followed by Dr. Weston. They say that Carly should be fine, but she's still sedated and bandaged. Dr. Weston walks over to Rose and asks if she's ready for her treatment. She grits her teeth and says she's ready. He reaches up, cradles her chin, and says, "Well, tough luck cookie. 'Cuz I'm not gonna raise a finger to help you." This freaks Paul out. "We had a deal!" "Her case bores me. I'd sooner smear her with honey and cover her with fire-ants." Jack comes out and Weston demands a new deal, "Or else Rose is doomed to...this." Paul offers Weston a new deal of his own. "How bout I break your neck?!" Jack restrains him. Weston says he wants to escape to Spain with a million dollars. Jack asks what happens if the Feds don't agree. Weston says, "Then Rosie can turn all the mirrors toward the wall."

Back in Thailand, James forces Barbara to choose between killing Emily herself, or James killing them both. Emily pleads with Babs for her life and Barbara slaps her so hard she falls to the ground. James says, "That was good. I almost believed you." Barbar says how grateful she is to James for restoring her face to its former glory. Methodically she says, "I owe you. I'll do anything for you." She walks over to a chest, opens it, and pulls out a knife. "Shall I slit her throat? Would that prove to you that I'm yours?" She says she'll need towels to help with the mess Emily will make. James goes out into the hallway, and Barbara's eyes fix on Emily as she points the knife directly at her.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Tom goes to visit Molly who is discussing Jake to Abigail. Abigail then discusses her relationship with Adam. She no longer wants to see him as a boy friend and then Tom walks in. He tells Abigail to be honest because he has raised Adam and knows he can handle anything as long as he gets the truth. Molly later tells Tom she doesn't want Donna and Marley at Jake's party, and she also tells Tom she wants to use some dirt to get the twins. Tom explains that he wanted to do the same thing when trying to get Daniel but when he realized how Danny misses his mom, he wouldn't do it. Molly reconsiders and discusses it with Jake's ghost.

Margo shows up at Katie and Simon's and says they were set up and wants Katie to stay with her and Tom, but Katie decides to stay with Simon at the cottage.

Emily shows up at Barbara and James's suite in a coffin. James wants to kill Emily and leaves Barbara to do it. Barbara can't do it and they attack James in order to get away. Emily wants to call Hal and Barbara tells her why she can't.

Carly freaks out while being bandaged from Weston's treatment; however Jack and the doctors comfort her. Weston decides he doesn't want to do Rose until they renegotiate, and Jack is less than receptive. Meanwhile, Bob tells Rose the treatment was videotaped and he thinks that with John's help and some research he can reproduce the procedure. Rose and Paul agree to go through with it, but John thinks Bob is out of his mind. Recap --->

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

In Scotland, Isaac convinces Bonnie to look at the ledger because he is sure that Ian and his uncle are bankrupt. Finally, Bonnie agrees and they discover that there is actually a lot of money. Isaac thought Ian was marrying Bonnie for her father's money. Bonnie says that Ian loves her. Isaac can't believe he was wrong about the money and suggests it is a fake book but Bonnie isn't convinced. She orders him to leave immediately. Isaac says he may have been wrong about the money but he is not wrong about Billy and he will prove to Bonnie that Billy is in the dungeon.

At the hospital, Carly is having a reaction to Dr. Weston's procedure. Her skin is "tingling" and she is very uncomfortable but she refuses to be sedated. Jack stays at her side and Craig, carrying a bouquet of flowers, stops at Carly's door and overhears Carly and Jack talking about their love. Depressed, Craig throws the flowers in the trash can. Carly convinces Jack to go to Jake's memorial service. She wants him to represent her since she can't be there. After Jack leaves, Rose comes to visit. Carly tells Rose she was so brave to stand up to Dr. Weston and she urges Rose to go through with Dr. Hughes' suggestion. He feels that he can perform the procedure with the help of Dr. Dixon because he watched Dr. Weston perform the procedure with Carly. Rose is afraid but with Carly and Paul's support, she decides to agree to it.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Jack talks to Dr. Weston because he wants to make sure Carly's symptoms are legitimate. Dr. Weston assures him they are and tries to again strike a deal to perform the procedure on Rose. Jack tells him that Dr. Hughes will be doing it. Rose walks into the station and tells Dr. Weston she doesn't need him. Dr. Weston says Dr. Hughes only thinks he knows how to do the procedure and that they are making a mistake. He says to Rose that he should have killed her when he had the chance. She slaps him and tells him he will rot in jail.

Rosanna finds Craig sitting alone and upset. He tells her that Carly's recovery is not going well. Rosanna asks Craig to go to Jake's memorial service with her. She says she wants to represent Carly and Parker. Craig laughs at her comments and tells her she has no business going there. He tells her she only wants revenge and has her own motives. Rosanna asks what she would want revenge on. Craig says she wants Carly's life, her family and her friends. Rosanna says they were her friends before they were Carly's. Craig says he wasn't Rosanna's friend first but now she is trying to be friends with him.

At Mabel's, everyone gathers for Jake's memorial service/party. Molly is still very upset and tries to hold it together. She talks to Jake's picture and tells him it is "so quiet" without him. Abigail says Molly can always lean on her. Then Kim walks in followed by Lily and Holden, and later Tom and Adam, Aaron and Ben. Ben tells Molly that he is representing Isaac who thought of Jake as a brother. Ben says that because of Jake, Ben and Isaac have become close. As the night goes on, people move outside but Molly feels as if she can't leave the room. She feels Jake there; it was their special place. Kim puts their favorite song on and along with Lily, they begin to dance together. Adam tells Abigail he needs to talk to her. He tells her that he got accepted to USC Film School and he is leaving for California in a few days. He asks her to join him when things settle down. Abigail says she will always love him and be grateful to him for all of his help during such a difficult time but she won't go to California. She says they will always be friends and they both agree they will never forget one another. In the meantime, Alison and Lucy show up and see Aaron, still thinking that Abigail is his girlfriend. No matter what Lucy says about him, Alison is still interested in him. Everyone seems to be settled and Molly more relaxed, until the entrance of two people. The two people Molly did not want there - Marley and Donna.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

by MJ

Weston makes Jack believe that he changed chemicals so that Carly's face would be destroyed by his treatment. Jack sends Weston back to his cell, and rushes to the hospital. The fact that Carly being overwhelmed with pain, results in Jack, Dr. Hughes and Dr. John Dixon deciding to prematurely remove her bandages.

In Scotland, Bonnie and Isaac discover empty shackles in the basement of the castle. No Billy. Ian discovers Bonnie in Isaac's arms. Bonnie assures Ian that it is just a goodbye between friends. Isaac accuses Ian of marrying Bonnie for her money and holding Billy.

Molly rocked by Donna and Marley's appearance at Jake's memorial service, becomes upset and asks them to leave. When Donna and Marley attempt to convince Molly that they should discuss the custody situation concerning the twins, Molly comes to the realization that Donna and Marley know she has evidence that could hinder their custody case. Molly insists they leave.

Margo informs Rose and Paul that James Stenbeck was in Singapore at the hospital with a stab wound, but escaped. Margo also tells them that there is still no sign of Barbara or Emily. Paul is certain that Barbara was the individual that stabbed James.

Aaron approaches Lucy about why she dislikes him. Still under the impression that he is Abigail's boyfriend, she insults his actions toward Abigail.

Craig attends Jakes memorial service with Rosanna. Craig observes Lucy with Aaron. When Lucy talks to Craig about Aaron, he informs her that Aaron is Abigail's half-brother. Feeling guilty about what she said to Aaron, Lucy thinks of a way to make it up to him. Lucy informs Alison that Aaron is single and where he is headed.

Friday, May 17, 2002

When the bandages are removed from Carly's face, she is handed a mirror. When she looks into the mirror, her face is back to the way she looked before. Jack tells her that she is beautiful. She thanks Bob and John for their help. Two packages are delivered to Carly and when she reads the card, she finds that they are from the designer in Paris. He tells her that he is looking forward to working with her in the future. She opens one of the boxes and it is a beautiful black dress. Jack tells her to put it on and they will go and cheer Molly up with her good news.

In Scotland, Bonnie and Isaac have a run in with Ian in the dungeon. Isaac accuses Ian of not being the real duke. He tells Bonnie about the legend of the castle and that Ian's ancestors had killed the duke and stolen his castle. Ian tells Bonnie that Scotland is full of folklore and the story is not true. Ian tells Isaac to leave the property. Isaac tells Bonnie that if she goes through with the wedding, she will be very foolish. Later, Isaac goes to Bonnie's room to look through Ian's financial papers and Bonnie walks in on him. As they are talking, Ian knocks at the door. Bonnie and Isaac go to the closet to hide. Ian comes into the room looking for something. He sees Bonnie hiding in the closet. He tells Bonnie to come out and quit playing games. She hesitates and Isaac starts to go. She pushes him back and she walks out of the closet with the lock box with Ian's financial papers inside. He tells her that he was looking for that. He says that he is glad that Isaac is gone and they won't have to put up with him anymore. Bonnie, once again, asks Ian why he wants to marry her. He tells her, once again, that he loves her and she is so beautiful. Ian kisses her and Isaac looks around the closet door at them. He sees them kissing and he closes the door and rolls his eyes. Bonnie tells Ian to stop. He doesn't want to stop. Bonnie says, "Ian, please." Ian stops and leaves Bonnie alone. When he is gone, she rushes to the closet to say something to Isaac, but Isaac isn't in the closet. Bonnie steps back and says, "How did you get out of there?"

Back in Oakdale, at Java, sparks are flying between Lucy and Aaron. Lucy tells Aaron that she is sorry that she thought that Abigail was his girlfriend and she had thought that he was cheating on her. Aaron tells her that he is glad that she was looking out for Abigail's best interest, but Abigail is only his half-sister. Alison sees what is going on between the two and she asks Aaron to take her for a ride on his bike. He tells her that his bike is in pieces at the farm. She asks him to take her there to see his bike. Barely taking his eyes off of Lucy he says that he will and he asks Lucy if she wants to go also. Alison flashes Lucy a look and Lucy says that she has homework to do. Aaron says that maybe they can do it some other time. Alison drags Aaron out of the coffee shop. When they are gone, Lucy gets on the phone and calls her Aunt Lily. She asks Lily if she can take the offer that she and Holden had extended to her. (The offer was to spend more time with them and go out to the farm and ride the horses.)

At Jake's memorial, Molly is still arguing with Marley and Donna about the twins. Rosanna walks in and Molly tells her to leave. She tells the women that she may have a solution to their dilemma. She proposes that the women join in a six-month joint custody agreement. That way Molly will have time to mourn Jake and get herself back on her feet. She looks at Molly and asks if she really wants to go to court and maybe lose everything. Molly says that she could agree to a six-month trial. Everyone is happy and they thank Rosanna for her help. Everyone goes outside the little café to have a time of saying nice things about Jake. Tom speaks first, then Lucinda, and then Abigail recites a poem. As they are talking, Molly looks across the lawn and sees Jake sitting at a table. When Rosanna starts to speak, someone walks up behind Molly and when Molly turns around, she sees Carly. Molly lets out a scream when she sees her beautiful cousin. Carly tells Rose that there is hope. Carly takes Molly's hand and tells her that there is hope for her too. People start to leave one by one. Rosanna walks up to Carly to congratulate her and Carly accepts what she has to say and then she says, "Now go back from where you came." Rosanna tells Jack that she needs to speak to him about the reward money that she had put up for Dr. Weston. Jack tells Carly that he will be right back and he walks away with Rosanna. When Carly is alone, Craig walks up to her and says, "Hi!" Carly replies, "Hello." Carly tells Craig that she is ashamed of herself for any feelings that she had had for him. She tells him that she is going to be happy for the rest of her life with the man that she loves and that doesn't include him. She tells him to go off and hit on the coat check girl. Craig says that he didn't deserve that and he leaves. Jack comes back and asks what Craig wanted and Carly says that it doesn't matter; he is out of her life now. When everyone is gone, Molly is left alone at the café. She goes around and turns off all the lights. Alone in the dark, she puts a quarter in the jukebox and plays a song. She goes to the bar and pours two glasses of booze. She says, "One for me and one for you." She hears Jakes voice say, "It isn't an Irish wake without a dance with the dearly departed." Molly looks up and sees Jake standing there. She gets a big smile on her face. She sets her glass down and starts toward him. As she gets closer and closer to him, he fades away. She wraps her arms around herself and starts to the dark.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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