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Passions Recaps: The week of May 13, 2002 on PS
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Monday, May 13, 2002

The zombie forces Tabitha to watch the deadly creatures she sent after Timmy try to destroy him. She stops Tabitha from closing her eyes because she wants her to suffer as much as Timmy will suffer.

Ethan tells Gwen he is glad that she is there for him. Gwen assures Ethan that she always will be.

Sheridan and Antonio begin to make love. Antonio asks Sheridan if she is sure of the big step they are taking. She says that she is sure. She has to move on with her life and this is the best way to start. She says she wants to move on with him. A phone call interrupts them. They plan on continuing where they left off after the fancy dinner Sheridan has planned. Antonio's stalker is watching and planning on intercepting Antonio and Sheridan at the restaurant. He calls his mysterious boss on the phone and tells him of the plan.

Theresa confesses to Julian's murder. Luis puts a stop the arrest proceedings. He asks Sam for some time as they try to question Theresa.

Ivy and Rebecca are still watching in delight outside the police station. They are thrilled with the progress of the plan. Once they see that Theresa has confessed and Sam seems to believe her they arrive back at the mansion in the mood to celebrate. They find out that they have even more to celebrate than they bargained for. They realize that Ethan and Gwen are in Ethan's room making love. Timmy manages to escape the deadly creatures. Tabitha taunts the zombie by telling her that it isn't enough to have powers but she must know how to use them.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Charity's birthday party/John's welcome to the family party is about to get underway. Grace gives John a gift for every year they have been apart. She tells John that both he and his father are part of their family now. Eve throws David a guilty look. Kay catches Miguel wrapping a sexy black nightie for Charity. She tells Miguel that they cannot make love. She tries to cover the urgency in her voice. Miguel cannot understand why Kay is so against he and Charity making love. Kay almost spills the beans to Simone of how the zombie will kill Miguel after they make love. Simone says that Kay will never stop Miguel and Charity from making love. She says that Kay has lost.

The zombie locks Tabitha in a closet as she sends evil garden tools after Timmy. Timmy has a lawn mower chasing him with deadly intent.

In their celebrating of Theresa's demise Rebecca lets it slip that Theresa has confessed to the murder of Julian Crane. Ethan and Gwen overhear. Neither one of them seem to believe that Theresa is capable of murder. Ethan says he has to hear it from Theresa herself. He heads to the police station. Ivy loses her mood to celebrate when she sees Ethan run to Theresa. Ethan is angry with Rebecca for being so happy over Theresa's confession.

Luis tries to get Theresa to recant her confession. He knows in his heart that Theresa did not kill Julian and is covering for someone else. Timmy escapes the lawnmower in time for the zombie to send a deadly snakelike garden hose after him. The hose tries to squeeze the life from his little body. Timmy's dog Toto tries to free Timmy. Toto himself is not strong enough. Timmy calls out to Tabby for help. Tabitha crashes out of the closet and attacks the zombie by knocking her over. Timmy gets free. The zombie is infuriated. She goes into a rage and tries to kill Tabitha. She trips Tabitha down the staircase. Miguel and Kay walk into Tabitha's house to find the zombie beating on her. Kay rushes to Tabitha's side and announces, "Tabitha is dead. Charity killed her!"

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Brian's stalker and his "boss" Nick spy on Brian and Diana as they celebrate Brian's birthday. Nick says that he finally caught up to Brian O'Leary and he plans on making him pay back the big money he owes one way or another.

Miguel and Kay walk in on Zombie Charity slapping Tabitha repeatedly. The zombie lies and says that she was trying to get Tabitha to come to since she passed out when she tripped down the stairs. Zombie girl says that Tabitha was running for the phone, slipped and passed out. Kay says that it looked like Charity was beating her. Kay also says that Tabitha was mumbling something about the zombie killing her. Zombie Charity explains it away by saying that when Tabitha was younger, she had someone slip her an alcoholic drink called a zombie and got really sick from it. Tabitha weakly agrees with the zombie's explanations. She is hoping to buy some time and maybe get the zombie to agree to stop trying to kill Timmy.

Luis confesses to Julian's murder to try to help Theresa. Sam won't hear of it. Luis gets angry and yells to Theresa that she is lying to protect someone. Ethan walks in and tries to get Theresa to recant her confession. Theresa insists that she did kill Julian. Sam has no choice but to book Theresa. She gets fingerprinted and has her mug shot taken.

Brian comes face to face with Nick.

The stalker walks over to an unprotected Diana and tells her he has a way she can make the money she wishes she had to buy her boyfriend a birthday gift.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

Zombie Charity tells Tabitha that she might reconsider and let Timmy live if Tabitha does what she wants at the party tonight.

Grace gets a frightening premonition. Father Lonigan shows up and tells everyone that he knows what Grace is feeling. He says she is feeling the fact that pure evil is among them.

Luis calls Whitney to come to the police station. He tells Whitney that Theresa needs her. Both Ethan and Luis keep after Theresa to tell the truth and to recant her confession. They say they both know she is covering for someone. Theresa sticks to her story.

Nick threatens both Brian and Diana. He tells Brian that his goons will leave Diana alone if he would give Nick a few minutes of his time. Brian agrees. Stan, the stalker tells Diana a plan to be able to get Brian a whole navigational system for his boat. She goes off with Stan. Stan takes her to a back room where people are gambling. He nods to the dealer and Diana begins to win.

Zombie Charity puts an end to Kay trying to tell Miguel the truth. Kay insists the she will save Miguel and damn what it costs her. The zombie says if Kay tries to go through with telling Miguel the truth, she'll kill Grace. The zombie has a voodoo doll of Grace and begins to torture her.

Whitney is horrified to hear that Theresa confessed to Julian's murder.

Friday, May 17, 2002

The zombie uses a voodoo doll of Grace to torture her and to get Kay to agree to not tell Miguel the truth. The zombie makes Kay choose between Miguel's life and her mother's. Father Lonigan tells Eve not to even try to help Grace because evil is here in Harmony. He says all they can do is pray. Everyone gets down on their knees and begins to pray for Grace. The zombie stops the torture. With a demonic voice, she orders Kay to get rid of the priest or she'll get rid of Kay's entire family.

Grace tells everyone she feels better now and does not want the party to stop. Chad thanks Grace for allowing him to DJ the party. TC gets angry when he sees Chad. TC once again says he knows Chad drugged Whitney. Eve and David flash back to the truth, that Ivy drugged Whitney. They both know that they can never tell TC the truth without all their secrets coming out.

The zombie orders Tabitha to read the tealeaves of the party guests. She is going to see pain, suffering and evil for everyone. She laughs with pleasure. Even Tabitha calls her truly evil.

Theresa tells Whitney she will explain why she confessed to Julian's murder. Whitney knows that Theresa is covering for someone. Theresa just says that it is her fault. She keeps saying that Julian would not be dead if it weren't for her. Whitney asks Theresa point blank "Who really killed Julian Crane? Who are you protecting and will to risk the rest of your life for?" Sam's men find the murder weapon on the Crane estate as Theresa said it would be. Both Luis and Ethan are puzzled.

Diana and Stan are still gambling. Diana won a pile of chips. She keeps winning until Stan gives the dealer the order to make her "lucky streak" come to an end. Nick is still playing pool with Brian. He keeps baiting Brian and says he is responsible for ruining a scam that could have made him millions. Brian said the scam was crooked and older people would have lost their life savings. He said he could not go through with it and he owes Nick nothing. Nick keeps tabs on Diana and Stan on a mini web TV. Nick plans on using Diana to get even with Brian.

The zombie gives Tabitha a small portion of her powers so she can have the power to read and show disaster in everyone's tealeaves. Tabitha starts with Eve. Eve sees her and Whitney locked in a fierce battle. They begin to beat on each other. Whitney ends up choking her mother. Then Eve sees Simone and Whitney at each other's throats. Simone is screaming to Whitney that she is nothing but a slut. TC kills strangles Chad and Eve sees Chad's lifeless body lying on the floor. Eve backs away from the teacup saying "NO! God no!"

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