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Passions Recaps: The week of May 20, 2002 on PS
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Monday, May 20, 2002

Diana signs a marker to borrow more money to gamble with. Stan and Nick seem to have Diana and Brian right where they want them. Brian goes back into the restaurant dining room looking for Diana. He then realizes Nick knows where she is and he attacks Nick. Stan gets Diana to make larger bets so she will lose more money.

Eve tells TC all the terrible things she saw in her tealeaves. TC assures Eve that he would never hurt Chad unless Chad hurt one of the girls. Kay accuses the zombie of scaring Eve on purpose. The zombie shows Kay her future with a lifeless Miguel laying dead in her arms.

Whitney tells Theresa she thinks she is covering for Ethan. Theresa denies it and tells Whitney to keep her voice down. Whitney gets almost hysterical begging Theresa to tell the truth. She tells Theresa that this is not a romance novel. This grand gesture will not win Ethan back, only get her executed. Whitney asks Ethan if Theresa is covering for him. Whitney knows that Theresa is lying to cover up for someone else. Ethan says he loves Theresa too much to have ever let her take the blame for something he did.

Ethan calls the Crane defense attorney, Mr. Davis. He asks Davis to defend Theresa since she is Mrs. Julian Crane. Davis says he will do his best and will try to get Theresa out on bail. Theresa tells Mr. Davis all about Julian, giving him reason for a motive. Davis says that he could use Theresa's sad story about how Julian used her to win jury sympathy. He assures Theresa she will never get the death penalty. Diana loses big at the blackjack table.

David questions Eve as to what she saw in her tealeaves. He makes Eve feel guilty about keeping quiet about Chad. He says he feels guilty too. They both agree they are trapped by their past lives and Ivy's blackmail.

Pilar has her tealeaves read and sees her son Miguel lying dead. The zombie taunts Kay that Pilar's vision will come true. Pilar also sees Theresa about to be executed.

The lab results come back showing gun powder residue on Theresa's gloves. Theresa flashes back to tripping on the Crane grounds the night Julian was killed and accidentally discharging the gun.

Mr. Davis reports to Alistair that he thinks he can get Theresa a light sentence. Davis is shocked to hear from Alistair himself that he wants Theresa to be put to death!

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Brian tells Diana that he wants to get off the island as soon as possible. He doesn't want to explain the situation to Diana. He only tells her that someone very bad from his past could hurt her in order to get even with him.

Nick vows to kill Brian and his girlfriend only after he torments them first.

Ethan tells Mr. Davis he is sure that Davis will help Theresa get off with a light sentence. Davis recalls his conversation with Alistair. He still cannot believe that Alistair wants Theresa dead. He says to himself. "Poor little girl. You are already dead you just don't know it yet." Alistair calls Davis one more time. He says that Theresa is to be sentenced to death and it is Davis' job to see that it happens.

Chad vows that someday TC will know the truth. He says he would never hurt Whitney since he loves her as much as TC does.

Eve tells TC she believes as Father Lonigan does. Evil is back in Harmony. David and Eve share another guilty moment when they witness John and Grace embrace.

Pilar sees Theresa's entire execution in her tealeaves. (Thanks to Tabitha's witchcraft and the zombie's evilness.) The zombie whispers one more evil plan into Tabitha's ear. Tabitha is appalled and tells the zombie that she is beyond evil.

Theresa goes to her bail hearing. Luis and Sam look in on the proceedings. Luis tells Sam that he still does not trust the Cranes. He tells Sam he could not bear to lose his sister after he has already lost so many people that he loved. Theresa believes that after she gets off for killing Julian her life will go just the way she wants.

Alistair is enjoying playing cat and mouse with Theresa's life as he watches her bail hearing on a close circuit television.

Pilar bursts into the courtroom screaming "Stop this! Stop this Theresa!" She slaps Theresa across the face for confessing to Julian's murder. She orders Theresa to tell the truth!

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Kay makes one last plea for Miguel's life. The zombie tells her no way. She says once she makes up her mind she never changes it. Miguel is going to die tonight after she makes love to him. Kay once again vows to stop her no matter what she has to do.

Nick tells Stan that Brian's girlfriend is going to pay with her life for Brian's past mistakes. He burns a picture of Diana and tells Stan he is going to take more than money away from Brian O'Leary.

Brian fearing for Diana's life calls Liz. He begs Liz to come and pick them up and take them back to St. Lisa's. Liz arrives in record time and they depart.

Stan finds out from one of his buddies that works in the hotel, that Brian and Diana checked out and they are headed to St. Lisa's. Stan asks Nick if they should stop them. Nick says it doesn't matter. He tells Stan that they can run but they cannot hide. He says they'll catch up with Brian on St. Lisa's.

The zombie is en route to her night of passion with Miguel. She has visions of his death and seems pleased with herself.

Grace sees Kay killing Charity in her tealeaves and gets upset.

Pilar tries to confess to Julian's murder in order to save her daughter. The judge and the D.A. tell her it is no use. They have too much evidence against Theresa. Theresa is sure that Alistair will help her out of the murder conviction.

Theresa makes bail. Alistair tells Davis once again that Theresa must be sentenced to death.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Brian and Diana arrive safely back to St. Lisa's thanks to Liz's piloting. Liz orders Brian to tell him the whole truth about the men that are after him. Brian spills the whole sordid story to Liz. They both are praying that Nick doesn't know where they live. Brian tells Liz how much closer he and Diana have gotten since their trip to Bermuda. He even tells her he ran into his brother.

Nick demands a charter to St. Lisa's tonight.

Diana tells Brian to stop by her room after he says goodnight to Liz. She is trying to salvage what is left of his birthday. She lights candles and plans a romantic night for him.

The zombie makes a shadow of herself to show in Charity's bedroom window. This makes Kay believes that the zombie is still at the party and not trying to yet sneak off with Miguel for her night of passion. Miguel and Zombie Charity arrive at their love nest hotel. The zombie is in a hurry to make love but Miguel wants to take it slow.

Grace sees Kay trying to strangle Charity in her tealeaves. She questions Kay about this and Kay is hurt but assures her mother she would never hurt her cousin. Reese tells everyone at the party that Tabitha is a witch. Tabitha turns the tables on "Ross" and says that she is tired of his accusations and name calling. She says she is hurt and wishes she was dead. Reese questions Tabitha as to what is in her special brew of tea. Tabitha names black tea and some herbs. Jessica looks up one of the herbs and finds that it is a hallucinogenic. This helps Tabitha's story. She explains that the herbs must have made everyone hallucinate. Tabitha then challenges "Ross" to try her tea. He looks into his tealeaves and sees a hand coming toward him with a pie. He gets a pie in the face. When he tells everyone, they laugh because only he can see the pie. This makes Reese look more foolish than ever.

Reese lets it slip that Miguel and Charity took off together. Kay gets upset and Reese is puzzled.

Reese checks the names of Tabitha's herbs on his pocket computer even further and sees that they are to bring out the demon within. He wishes Tabitha would drink her own tea. He looks at her suspiciously.

Miguel and Zombie Charity take a romantic bath. Miguel tells "Charity" that he put some herbs from Tabitha's garden in the bath water. The zombie's hand turns into her demon's claw.

Nick arrives and asks Liz for a room in her hotel.

Friday, May 24, 2002

Zombie Charity finds out that Miguel put some berries from Tabitha's garden (called Juniper shade) into their bath water. The zombie knows that these berries are said to bring out the demon within. Both of her hands turn into demon claws. Her eyes change and flames appear all around the tub. Before Miguel can witness any of this the zombie puts a warm rolled up towel over his eyes to help him "relax." Before long, Zombie Charity turns completely into a demon. She gets up out of the tub before Miguel can see her. She turns back into ''Charity" again and Miguel does not suspect anything.

Reese picks some of the berries in hopes of slipping them to Tabitha thus proving once and for all that she is a witch.

At the Book Cafe, Pilar confides to Luis that she is very worried about Theresa. She says she fears that all the horrible visions she saw in her tealeaves will come true. She tells Luis she saw Theresa being executed, Miguel dead and Luis and Antonio trying to kill each other. They both tell Beth that Theresa confessed to Julian's murder. Beth listens with a sympathetic ear. Beth secretly tells Luis to remember that Tabitha's other readings have come true. They both begin to worry about what Pilar saw.

Brian and Diana make love.

After Pilar leaves the Book Cafe, Luis and Beth talk. Beth invites Luis to spend the night at her place. Luis reminds her that she only has one bedroom. Beth says she doesn't mind sharing especially since their time together in Bermuda was cut short. They go home together to make love.

Kay tells Jessica and Reese to go get some coffee and she will meet up with them after she runs an errand. Kay races to find Miguel and the zombie before the zombie makes love to Miguel and kills him.

Kay gets pulled over for speeding. She asks the officer to give her a break since she is the chief of police's daughter. The strange officer turns into the zombie. She stalls Kay and laughs at her. She takes Kay's keys and sets up even more obstacles for Kay so she will never reach Miguel in time.

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