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Niki poisoned Gabrielle's coffee, though Niki accidentally spilled it after Bo attempted to drink some of it. Cristian comforted Natalie again, and Jen was jealous again. Sam found Blair and took her home after she'd had too much to drink.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on OLTL
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MONday, May 27

Calling Nora for help, Max is astounded when Roxy shows up even though he gave her the wrong address. When Nora arrives, Roxy shows off her wedding ring and boasts that she and Max are married. Alone with Nora, Max asks for her legal help in ending his surprise marriage but she refuses. Stopping by the club, Hank finds R.J. with a photo of Téa and admits that she called him once she came back to Llanview. R.J. claims he's not upset that she hasn't called him and tosses out the photo only to retrieve it later. Sam seeks help finding Blair, unaware that she's coming on to Chad in the club's parking lot. Chad tries to cool down an amorous and drunk Blair and reminds her that she's a married woman. Blair boasts that her marriage is over and, after she strips his shirt off, she removes her dress. Sam interrupts them and spoils Blair's plans for sex. When Ben stops by with resumes for the opening at the clinic, Troy offers him some hours and leaks that it was Viki who claimed that he needs extra work. Ben insists that he is already overworked which causes Troy to reveal that Viki tried to set him up with Gabrielle. Meanwhile, Niki appeals to Jessica, Natalie and Rex about how stressed out she is lately. She's frustrated when Ben returns and assures her that there is nothing she can do to anger him. A mystery woman with Troy's address heads to Llanview.

TUESday, May 28

Gabrielle comes to Bo's Office to see if charges are going to be pressed against her for her involvement with Todd. Bo told her he talked to Hank and they are not going to press any charges against her. Gabrielle is thrilled and embraces Bo as Viki (Niki) looks on in disgust. She hopes to get Gabrielle out of Bo's life so she can move in on Bo and make Ben to jealous so he will want a divorce. Asa catches Viki spying on Bo and asks her why she is doing that. Viki tells him she is concerned about Bo's involvement with Gabrielle; Asa tells her he tried to get Gabrielle away from Bo and didn't succeed. Viki told Asa maybe what the situation needed is a woman's touch. Asa tells Viki the only way to get rid of Gabrielle is to kill her so Viki thinks about this. Viki finally gets an idea; a way to kill Gabrielle. Gabrielle comes to Bo's office for their lunch date and finds Viki there. Viki pretends that she wants to make peace with Gabrielle and offers her coffee that she has laced with rat poison.

Jen and Cris are discussing their classes and Jen tells Cris when school is out they can sleep late and go to quarry. Cris reminds her he has to work. Jen leaves to get coffee for them. Natalie is sitting alone and Cris goes over to talk to her. As Cris is telling Natalie that they are going to have a good time this summer; Jen walks up and questions who is going to have a good summer? Nat tells Jen maybe she does not want her and Rex tagging along with her and Cris; Jen reluctantly says it is okay. They start studying and Natalie helps Cris with questions; Jen is not pleased. She leaves to get coffee and runs into Al; she tells him she will be glad when summer starts so she and Cris can hang out with whom they want to.

Jessica asks Rex if he had a good night and Rex tells her he can't believe the way she lives; that Cook had made his breakfast.

Al comes over; he and Jessica discuss Roxy's and Max's marriage. Al meets Rex for the first time.

After Al and Jessica leave to go to the University for their final exams, Rex takes Max's address out of his pocket.

Max phones Nora that he is coming to see her so they can figure out a way for him to get out of his marriage to Roxy. He is about to leave and Roxy is at the door with a box of donuts for their breakfast. They argue about the marriage. Gabrielle comes over to check on Al; Max tells her Al decided not to move in; Gabrielle mistakes Roxy for the maid but Roxy set her straight and tells Gabrielle she and Max are married. Gabrielle starts making a fuss and Max tells her to leave. Max leaves to go see Nora about divorcing Roxy and Rex shows up at the door.

Blair's House

Blair wakes up with a hangover from the night before; Chad calls; she does not answer; he leaves a message that he is sorry about the night before and hopes they can go out sometime. Sam comes back and tells Blair he sent Starr off to school and that Jack is with the nanny. Sam makes Blair a drink for her hangover; Blair reluctantly sips on the foul tasting mix. She tells Sam she needs to take a shower, then go back to bed. Sam leaves. Chad has left her a message that Todd found out about the night before so maybe she should steer clear of him. Blair takes a shower; is back to bed when Todd arrives.

When Chad hangs up the phone and sees that Todd is sitting next to him and has heard the phone message Chad left for Blair. Todd questions Chad about the night before; Chad tells Todd that he and Blair did not do anything; but that she did take her dress off. Todd is furious; he tells Chad he would count to 10 so Chad leaves the bar.

WEDNESday, May 29

At the police station, Niki as "Viki" offers Gabrielle a cup of coffee (filled with rat poison) to "clear the air" but Gaby is suspicious because Viki has always been happy to be rude to her. Niki denies this while Gaby agrees that they just don't like each other. In the midst of their conversation Niki begins to daydream, imagining Gaby taking a gulp of the coffee, choking and falling over. She begins to laugh, provoking Gaby's curiosity and continues to urge her to take the cup. She pours herself a cup and goes on about how delicious it is and tells Gaby she is willing to forgive her for past deeds. Just as Gaby is about to drink Bo returns and Gaby offers the cup to him which he eagerly reaches for. Niki panics and pushes him and he in turn bumps into Gabrielle, spilling the coffee over both of them. Niki apologizes for tripping and offers to take them to lunch but they have previous plans. She's furious that she's been foiled in her attempt to get rid of Gaby and leaves. Once gone, Gaby informs Bo that the "trip" was no accident though he is sure it was. Viki doesn't like her, Gaby reminds Bo, though he in turn reminds her why. She agrees to go along with Bo's assessment but on her own, Gaby tells herself that the incident was intentional and Viki didn't fool her.

Todd pays Blair a visit; he got past the security guards quite easily. She denies his accusation of being drunk and staying out late until he replays her phone message from Chad, inquiring about how she was after the previous night. He accuses her of lying which Blair finds pretty comical after what he's done. She announces that he has no say in her life and when he tells her he forgives her, that he's not mad and they can call it all equal, Blair loses her temper. She will never forgive him and never wants to see him again, she yells at him. Todd utters a veiled threat, indicating how he'll distort facts of the previous evening and take custody of his kids. She'll press charges if he pulls anything, Blair promises and orders him out.

Cris and Jen arrive at the quarry, only to be spied upon by Shawna and Mollie. When they taunt Jen about her previous affair with Al in the same spot, she tells them off and informs them that she and Cris have forgiven each other for everything. They finally leave though afterwards Jen agrees with them, she was a fool for believing that Al was unable to walk and for leaving Cris. She should have done things differently, she tells him. They decide that nothing will happen again. Jen wants to have a picnic so they split up to get provisions and agree to meet there again soon.

Natalie runs into Jess as they both search Llanfair for Rex who had promised to stay put. Nat is angry that he was left alone; Jess spies a piece of paper with Max's address and they take off to get him.

Rex visits Roxy but she doesn't recognize him. He identifies himself and she looks at him in shock, then reaches out for a hug. Rex backs away and asks why she gave him away. Roxy places the blame on Corrine; she took him and couldn't be stopped. She changes the subject when he inquires as to why she didn't take Nat and shows off her wedding ring instead. She is jubilant over her new family until Nat and Jess arrive and convince Rex that he doesn't really want to see Roxy, that she's really a monster. The girls are successful and as Jess leads her new brother out, Nat stops to have words with Roxy but the older woman is much better at being able to hurt her first. She easily upsets Nat by throwing her new family in her face, how they don't love her or want her either and how she warned her. In fact, Rex is Jess' brother, not hers. She's a nobody and a nothing, she mocks. Natalie tears out and Roxy smirks over how much she has in common with Viki. She locates an old picture of Rex and tells herself she's not worried; he doesn't know. She's happy about her new, great marriage.

Max arrives at Nora's house, demanding to know if his divorce is done yet. Nora informs him that there were complications and plays the tape of his wedding that was given to her. Apparently, Roxy switched the tape but Nora is confident that she'll be able to interview witnesses who will be able to attest to Max's state. She may even get him an annulment instead but unfortunately this may take a few months. In the meantime, she warns her client, he will have to live under the terms of the pre-nup.

An agitated Niki returns home and rants about hating to be Viki and the fact that she couldn't get Gaby to drink the coffee. Suddenly, the real Viki responds and cries that she wants her life back if Niki doesn't want it. She can't believe that Niki would commit pre-meditated murder. Niki retorts that they've murdered before and she's done other things that Viki knows nothing about. Viki reassures her that Bo and Ben will figure out that she's not Viki but Niki highly doubts that. She will not go back in, she announces. Viki disappears but Niki figures she'd better do it Viki's way. Gaby arrives suddenly, in newly changed clothes. She's wondering if the coffee spill was intentional, she asks. Niki mutters to herself; she's got to have Bo.

Cris finds a crying Nat at the quarry as she recalls Roxy's hateful words. She starts to run off when she sees him but he stops her.

Max returns home and demands that the marriage end immediately.

Blair places a frantic call to Bo to let him know that Todd has violated the restraining order. As there were no witnesses, Bo can only have him picked up and warned. He advises Blair to hire better guards. She's scared.

Todd speaks to an unseen person and says that he can't let Blair do this.

Thursday, May 30

Niki shocks Gabrielle with a proposition. Niki realizes that Gabrielle doesn't have hoards of job applications coming in so...she will give her the Style section at the Banner. Also, she will pay double what Todd paid at the Sun. Gabrielle: "What's the catch?" The only condition is that Gabrielle must move out of Bo's apartment and have nothing to do with him. Gabrielle explains that they are only friends, nothing romantic. Niki tells Gabrielle to think it over and decide within 24 hrs. Gabrielle: "I will not even dignify that with an answer," and she storms out.

Bo and Antonio investigate a burglary at Rae's house. They find the house in shambles with papers littered about, furniture overturned, and a complete mess. Bo reveals that there has been a string of burglaries in this neighborhood. The only thing these kids take is alcohol, which turns out is the only thing missing at Rae's. Bo leaves to check out some information and leaves Antonio to help clean up. Kerri shows up and joins Antonio with cleaning up. Rae grabs some trash bags to clean up and starts to throw away everything. Kerri finds a camera and Rae lets her keep it for herself. Kerri: "This will come in handy for our trip." Later, Antonio and Kerri mess around with the camera and discover that a roll is still inside. They decide to develop it and surprise Rae with some of the lost photos. Inside, Rae picks up an old brochure for Hawaii. Rae lovingiy looks it over then says, "I don't want to remember," and tears it up.

At the Break Bar, Jen grabs some food for her picnic with Cris at the Quarry. She talks with Chad about the end of school and hanging out with Cris, alone, with out the third wheel. When she turns to leave, she bumps into Al. Jen: "Hey Al." Al: "Don't you mean T.W.-for third wheel." Jen explains that he isn't the third wheel she was referring to; it's Natalie. She's always hanging on Cris whenever she turns around. Al: "We'll just have to find something for her to do." Jen agrees and leaves for the Quarry. Al approaches the bar just as Chad receives a phone call. Apparently, Chad invited a girl to a double date with Cris and Jen to a concert. The girl can't make it and Chad hangs up. Al decides to solve his problem, he hands Chad Natalie's number. Al assures Chad that Natalie will say yes, and he noticed her flirting with him earlier. Chad decides to go for it

Cris comforts Natalie at the Quarry after her encounter with Roxy. Natalie repeats over and over again that she is a no one and a nobody. No one loves her and never will. Cris tries to convince her otherwise, but Natalie remains adamant. She recalls all the times her mother seemed to favor Rex over her and how much she hated Natalie. She was mistreated everyday of her childhood. All she wanted was to be loved by her mother, but she never was. Natalie asks why no one will love her, especially a guy. Cris makes a point in saying that Natalie is someone and she will find that guy who will love her. Natalie: "Where is he? Where are all the good guys?" Cris: "He'll come, Natalie." Natalie sighs and rests her head on Cris' shoulder. Jen comes back and sees the two together.

Max comes back from his meeting with Nora and decides to tell Roxy off. He wants out of this marriage now. Roxy can't take a hint and says that they are soul mates and they belong together. Max pulls out a checkbook and asks, "How much do you want-to buy my freedom?" With the prospect of money, Roxy practically drools over the checkbook. Max offers $10,000 and Roxy shoots back an offer for $15,000. Max agrees and begins to write the check but Roxy says $30,000. Roxy says that she has everything she wants here. If he were to make a real offer for money, he would have to include other things. Roxy looks at him very seductively and Max gets it. Max: "If we (whistle) then you'll let me get out?" Roxy: "If we (whistle) then you won't want to get out. Let me remind you." Roxy starts to unbutton his shirt and loosen his belt. Max stops her and reiterates that they are not soul mates and he doesn't love her. Roxy finally realizes what he's saying and gets very upset. Before she storms out, she says, "Well then, I'll start taking everything that's mine."

Gabrielle returns the apartment and thinks over what Niki said. Suddenly, Bo arrives early from work. He can tell that Gabrielle is upset and asks what's wrong. She tells him about Viki's offer and what Gabrielle must do in return. Bo can't believe what he's hearing and rushes off to go see Viki.

After Gabrielle leaves, Niki takes comfort with a beer and daydreams about Bo. In her daydream, she's prances down the Llanfair stairs in a frou-frou pink robe. The doorbell rings and its Bo. He reveals that he finally kicked Gabrielle out of his apartment for good. He also realized that's he's been wasting a lot of time with her, and Viki has been wasting a lot of time with Ben. "Viki, I want you." And they passionately kiss. Niki loves this idea and thinks that it just might work. Later, she gets into the same robe and the doorbell rings. She sees the resemblance with her dream and prepares to see Bo. She opens the door and it's Bo. Bo: "Viki, we've got a big problem."

Jen approaches Cris and Natalie and pretends as though she saw nothing. Natalie rushes off to leave but Cris offers her a place at the picnic. Natalie thanks him but says she has a lot to do. Before she leaves, Jen asks her if they can talk for a second. Once Cris is out of earshot, Jen orders Natalie to stay away from Cris.

Al pays a visit to Gabrielle and they talk about his new stepmother. Gabrielle also tells Al that she is very proud of him. He has gotten on with his life and over Jen.

After Roxy left, Max made a phone call to the locksmith. He's in the process of ordering the locks to be changed when he remembers Nora's words "You can't kick Roxy out unless you want to loose your shirt." Max cancels the locks and decides that he can handle Roxy for a few months. Max gets another phone call from the Break Bar. Chad tells Max to get down there immediately, it's his wife. Max rushes down there and see Roxy putting up a sign. "Roxy's, under new management."

FRIday, May 31

Bo confronts a rapidly unspooling Niki about the job offer to Gabrielle. After some tap dancing, Niki finally admits the strings attached to the Banner's Style Editor position, claiming that she is concerned about whatever he and his roommate are doing. Bo answers that he doesn't need anyone butting into his life and how uncharacteristic it is for Viki to meddle in the affairs of others. Niki then breaks into tears, plays up both how Gabrielle tried to kill her "daughter" (Megan), and the woes of her marriage to Ben.

Soon the phone rings, it's a wrong number. Never one to miss an opportunity, Niki seizes on it, pretending that it's Ben on the other end of the line giving her a hard time. Niki is delighted when Bo proposes a lunch date to discuss the "problems" she's been having with her husband and unwittingly agrees to let the job offer to Gabrielle stand, sans strings.

Starr overhears her Mom giving instructions to Ross. Blair shows the chief of her security team Todd's photo, telling him that he is to be kept away from the house at all costs. Starr serves up an ultimatum to her Mother, insisting that she wants to see her Dad, and that they skip over the arguing to the part where they become a Family again. Blair endeavors to explain how impossible that is, given what Todd has done. With that, the child launchs into a temper tantrum, tearing apart the living room. Mother and Daughter are wrestling on the floor when Sam walks in.

At the Quarry, Jennifer unleashes her anger at Natalie for running to Cris with her problems. Natalie tries to assuage Jen's fears to no avail. When Cris shows up asking if something is wrong, both girls lie to him, with Jen saying she was asking Nat to stay for the picnic, and Nat ostensibly insisting that she can't run to him with all of her problems. Cris knows something went down between the two. Jen lies and says she was telling Natalie how much she loves him.

Roxy literally wants her half of Break Bar. Max enters his place of business just as his Bride is hanging a new ownership banner. The two get into an often comic exchange of wills and wit. Natalie tells her "Mother" Max doesn't love her. Chad asks Natalie out to a concert, and she accepts.

Al talks to his Mom about her true feelings for Bo, but Gabrielle refuses to reveal them, instead she dwells on her catastrophic past with men.

Sam manages to calm Starr down. He draws a parallel between how some of her lizards can't co-habitate without fighting and that the same is true for Todd and Blair. She grasps his analogy as she imagines her parents tearing each other apart, limb for limb.

It is revealed that Ross is the mystery man on Todd's payroll, whom he met at the docks.

Niki is going bananas about Gabrielle and Bo when Rex once again walks in on her, and she decides she will rid herself of the intrusive boy permanently.

Roxy is cutting hers and Max's nuptials announcement out of the Sun when the doorbell rings and Al enters announcing he's moving in.

Bo tells Gabrielle she's the new Style Editor for the Banner, without having to move out of the apartment. Delighted by the news, she embraces Bo and the two engage in a long, deep passionate kiss.

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