One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 20, 2002 on OLTL

Rex accepted Jessica's offer to move into the mansion. Blair trashed Todd's belongings. Max learned that it wouldn't be easy getting out of his marriage to Roxy. Antonio and Keri had a romantic evening.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 20, 2002 on OLTL
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MONday, May 20

Viki races out of the bathroom looking for Ben to warn him about Niki Smith. Bo is talking to Ben about his anger problem. Ben does not appreciate Bo butting into his life and angrily walks off to find Viki. Viki rushes up to Bo gives him a hug with immense relief and says, "Bo, it's Niki Smith." Ben comes charging in just as Viki is trying to explain about Niki. Ben and Bo start bickering and will not let Viki get a word in edgewise as Niki re-emerges. The three concur they are glad Allison Perkins is out of their lives for good.

Jessica informs Rex that she is his sister, not Natalie. Jess brings Rex up to date on the DNA testing as well as how she found him. A "surprised" Rex tells Jess it is a lot for him to take in, to go looking for one sister and to find another. Jess wonders why he all of a sudden went looking for Natalie. Aunt Corrine started talking about family Rex explains, and he realized he missed Natalie. Rex got on the internet and he found Natalie Balsam registered at the university. Rex hints around and Jessica invites him to stay at Llanfair.

Todd begs Blair for another chance. Blair tells Todd it's over. Todd, speechless for a moment, accuses Blair of being a bad parent. Blair cannot do this to Starr. Starr wants both of her parents together and Starr always gets what she wants, especially if it is important. Blair assures Todd that she would like a quick, clean break. Todd admits he should have told Blair the truth. He does not want a divorce. Blair did not want to think her son was dead either, but you don't always get what you want. Blair wants Todd out of their lives for good. A shellshocked Todd cannot believe Blair would take the kids away from him. He refuses to let her have Jack and Starr. What court in the world would let her keep the kids away from their father? Blair knows that no court would force a mother to take her children to visit a convict. Todd wonders what Blair meant by that. Blair explains that Todd broke many laws in his lies. The doorbell rings, Hank and the gang arrive at the house with an arrest warrant for Todd. As Todd disputes the charges, Bo informs him that the decision is not his, it's Blair's. Bo then asks Blair if she would like to press charges against Todd.

Roxy and Maxie go to pick up the wedding video tape. Roxy says she cannot wait to watch it, so they view the tape there. It appears as though Max was very drunk and hurt about Al during the wedding. Max isn't even sure whose ring is whose during their ceremony. After watching the video, Max looks ill. A visibly upset Max tells Roxy he only has one thing to say. He wants a divorce.

Allison and Lindsay (new cellmates) agree on how misunderstood they are. The Have's versus the Have-nots, that is the way it will always be. They compare the men in their lives. Allison and Lindsay decide they hate men. After Lindsay tells Allison how grateful she is that she got her instead of Tilly, Allison tells her that she is in prison for trying to kill a few people. Lindsay's look of relief vanishes.

After they arrive home, Niki demands to know what Bo and Ben were arguing about. Ben tells Viki about Bo thinking Ben has an anger problem. Ben wonders how Bo could have gotten that idea. Ben steps out and Niki rejoices. Everything is going her way, now if she could only get everyone out of the house so she could be free to be Niki instead of pretending to be Viki. Just then Jessica arrives home with Rex. Rex is busy oohing and aahing over the house, he cannot believe people really live like this. She thought that was funny, it was the same thing that Natalie had said. The pair go into the living room and Jessica introduces Viki to her brother. Jessica explains that Rex lives Michigan so she invited him to stay for a few days, to which Viki promptly relplied, "absolutely not!"

TUESday, May 21

Jess has brought Rex her newly found brother home to ask Viki (who is Niki again) if Rex can stay there and Niki tells Jess he cant say there. Ben comes in and Niki changes her mind and tells Rex he can stay after all. Rex and Jess talk about getting to know each other; Rex asks about Nat and Jess tells him she is not easy to get along with. Rex mentions that Nat got Jess's money and Jess is surprised. She asks Rex how he knew about the money. He didn't tell Jess he had read about it in the newpaper. Rex has an agenda since he knows Jess and Nat have money

Max got drunk and Roxy arranged for them to be married. When Max found out he told her he wanted a divorce. Roxy then produced a pre nuptial agreement that. Max tells her it is not legal; that he was drunk and calls Nora to help him out. He leaves to back to Llianview. At the airport Max finds Al; Al explains that he worked everything out with Jen and Cris; Roxy comes in and tells Al and Nat that she and Max are married. Al and Nat are shocked.

Cris and Jen are at the airport in Vegas; Jen leaves Cris to call her Dad and Al shows up. He tells Jen he needs to talk to her and Cris. In the meantime Nat shows up at airport and tells Cris she is on same flight back to Llianview that he and Jen are on. Nat and Cris talk about their friendship and are in an embrace with Jen and Al come back into the room. Al tells Jen and Cris that he came to Vegas to tell them that Cris and Nat were having an affair; that Max tried to stop him from interfering; he apologizes to them and tells Jen that he has gotten over her. Jen then thanks Al for saving Cris. After Cris and Jen leave to buy magazines - Nat tells Al she does not believe he is sincere.

Bo, Hank and the police have arrived to arrest Todd. They ask Blair if she wants to press charges; Star bursts into the house and tells Blair that if she has Todd arrested that she will never speak to her again. Blair tells them she is not going to press charges. She then tells Todd that she is going to sue him for custody of the children. Blair tells Hank she wants a restraining order to keep Todd away. Hank agrees to do this and also have a guard at her door until she can get new alarm system. After Hank, Bo and the police leave, Todd yells at Blair for doing this to him. Blair tells Todd he can see Star with supervision but that he will never see Jack again. Todd protests but Blair stands firm.

Asa has called Dr. Rae over to counsel him and Bo together. They arrive at Bo's place to find Gabrielle there; Asa insists that Rae include Gabrielle in their session and Gabrielle protests that she will not do it. Rae leaves when she sees Asa is trying to manipulate Bo into getting rid of Gabrielle. Bo tells Asa to leave that Gabrielle is staying at his house; that he wants her to.

WEDNESday, May 22

At the Sun Office as Gabrielle is packing up her things, Blair arrives and slaps her. Gaby admits to making a mistake but Blair tells her off, calling her a monster rather than a mother. She says that no other woman would do such a thing and wonders how Gabrielle would feel if she never saw Al again. Gaby agrees that she shouldn't have kept Todd's secret but wonders if Blair is actually happy now that she knows. When Blair says that she has her son back, Gaby retorts that she's now only full of pain and angry and desperate. Blair spits back that Gaby is actually the one who resembles that, especially since she can no longer blackmail Todd. Gaby is rather relieved by that, she says. Blair warns her that it's not over, that she wants her to suffer; she has plans for Gaby to go to jail. Gaby can't understand this as Blair is not pressing charges against Todd but Blair announces that she'll punish Todd in another way. It dawns on Gaby that Blair is probably afraid of Todd and that she probably still loves him. Of course, Blair denies all of this.

Niki as "Viki" knocks on Bo's apartment door and when he answers she cries that she needs him. She's grateful to him for speaking with Ben about his anger but she wants Bo to go to London with her to visit Clint. Surprisingly, Ben has no time to go, she states and is not happy that she'll be spending time with her ex-husband. Bo agrees to try to go if she'll check out counseling for herself and Ben. Niki doesn't think that Ben will agree to this but when she starts to whine that maybe she should do that instead of traveling to England, Bo gives in and goes off to check it out. Niki is ecstatic and day dreams about her and Bo having an affair. She's on cloud nine when Bo returns and advises her that he can go as Blair is not pressing charges against Todd. Just then a crying Gabrielle returns and tells Bo that Blair wants to have her arrested. Another obstacle out of her way, Niki smiles to herself. Bo tells Niki that an emergency has come up and he'll have to back out of the trip. She leaves and Gaby hysterically fills him in on her encounter with Blair. Out in the hallway, Niki is ticked off; she has to get rid of Gaby.

At the airport in Las Vegas, Roxy announces her marriage to Max to an astonished group, while Max quickly declares it to be a mistake. Al is pretty much in shock and calls Roxy a low-life, con-woman. When Roxy takes exception to this but learns that he's Max's son, she gives him a big hug and mentions being his new mother. Al pushes her away and asks to speak to his father alone, stating emphatically that she's not his mother. Al wants an explanation from Max who admits that he has no memory of the mistake. He tries to make a joke out of it by stating that he was trying to "demonstrate the perils of drinking" but Al fails to see the humor in this. He quickly apologizes to Max for being a jerk and saying mean things to him, then realizes it was probably his fault that his father started drinking. Max comforts him by telling him the things that he said were true but Al denies this and says that he didn't mean what he said. Nearby, Natalie tells Roxy that she's a joke and that Max doesn't really love her. Roxy takes off on Nat by retorting that not a soul loves Nat. Suddenly, she's interrupted by Cris who defends his friend and tells Roxy she'll have to deal with him. Jen strolls over to speak with Nat and surprises her by admitting that she knows that Nat and Cris are just friends. She thanks her for all of her help.

Roxy asks Max for their new address; she'll have a limo pick them up at the Llanview airport. Al and Max are both dismayed and Al advises his father that he won't live with them. Max smirks that he gave Roxy the wrong address.

Troy tries to leave Nora's house without success; they begin to kiss and wind up on the sofa, only to be caught by Sam and Matthew as the youngster barges inside to catch his favorite TV show. Sam promises to call next time and storms out though Nora runs after him to have a chat. She tells him the scene was not deliberate, that she didn't expect them to arrive back so soon. Sam advises her that it's really none of his business, they agree that they're great parents and will pretend to Matthew that they're good friends. Maybe it'll even be true one day, Sam sighs. Inside, Matthew chats with Troy and asks why he was kissing his mother. He reminds Troy that he always promised to tell the truth so Troy compares adults kissing to kids holding hands. Matthew thinks it's yucky but he accepts it. Later, as they play a round of "fish" Matthew asks Dr. Troy if he loves his mother. Troy has to admit that he does, as Nora returns and overhears him.

Back at her house, Blair is almost in a trance-like state as she walks up the stairs and tosses a drink on the family portrait. She's not afraid of him and she doesn't love him anymore, she keeps repeating as she cries. As Blair destroys her bedroom and runs around frantically pulling Todd's clothes out of the closets and throwing them around, she keeps repeating that she doesn't love him, he's mean and cruel. Someone has entered the house and walking upstairs, spots her-she looks up.

Everyone is ready to board the plane; Roxy rushes over to claim Max and Al takes off. Max orders her not to spread the news of their marriage as he'll be seeing a lawyer as soon as they get back to Llanview. Roxy is still happy; for her it's a win-win situation. If they divorce, she still plans on collecting half a million dollars.

Thursday, May 23

Antonio leads a blindfolded Kerri to a secluded Jacuzzi lit with candles. They relax and Kerri reveals to Antonio her suspicions of her father planting the phony credit card bill so Carlotta would find it. Kerri could tell that Antonio was uneasy over R.J. but thanks him for not taking it in his own hands. She decides that the birthday party she had been planning should be canceled. After a while, Kerri says she has to leave or she will never have enough time to grade papers. When she picks up a towel to dry off, she discovers a travel magazine.

Sam finds Blair tearing through Todd's clothes in the master bedroom. She has decided that she needs to get Todd completely out of her life, even his clothes. As she tosses the clothes into trash bags, Sam warns her of the legal battle ahead. Blair becomes upset and says that she doesn't want to have anything to do with Todd. She then takes off her wedding ring and throws it across the room in anger. Sam retrieves the ring saying that it might be evidence in the hearing. Blair must testify and prove that Todd is an unfit parent. Blair bitterly describes the ordeal in Mexico and asks if that's enough to satisfy the judge. Blair has another outburst of anger and throws a glass across the room, smashing it against the wall.

A very drunk Roxy plops down in a seat next to Natalie. Natalie and her "mother" exchange insults over supposedly drugging Max to marry and Natalie being a rotten kid. Natalie asks Roxy if she has even thought of Rex since he left. Natalie had to basically cloth and raise him on her own. Roxy says she did that to teach Natalie some responsibility. They continue spiting back insults and Cris appears from behind the curtain. Cris: "That's enough. The whole plane can hear you trashing Natalie." He tells Roxy to go back with her husband in first class and to leave Natalie alone. Roxy says that she has figured it out. Cris has the blonde beauty back in first class but he has come over for a little extra on the side with Natalie.

Rex searches around for a bathroom in the Llanfair mansion. In only a towel, he goes through several rooms and accidentally walks in to Jessica's room. Rex startles her and apologizes. He asks where the bathroom is and she points out that he has one in his room. He laughs saying he thought the doors lead to another closet rather than a bathroom. After he changes, he comes back into her room. He talks a little bit about his life in Detroit. He finally asks Jessica about Natalie.

At Statesville, the inmates fold more laundry. Lindsay spots Tille and points her out to Allison. Frightened, Lindsay asks Allison if she can work with her so Tille doesn't strike again. Allison walks away saying that she only works solo. Tille seizes the opportunity and pushes Lindsay into the large laundry hamper. The other inmates join in and pile layers of clothes onto Lindsay. Allison returns and pushes everyone aside and tells them to stop. Tille prepares to fight but recognizes Allison and looks afraid. Allison: "Do you recognize me?" Tille: "Yes." Allison: "Then I don't need to refresh your memory." Tille backs off and Allison helps Lindsay out of the laundry bin. The guard emerges and drags Tille away to solitary confinement. Lindsay wonders how Allison did it.

Matthew asks "Dr. Troy" if he loves his mommy. Nora overhears Troy's answer that he does love Nora. When she returns to the living room, Matthew asks if she loves Troy also. Nora avoids the question and says that she loves Matthew very much. Matthew persistently asks again and Nora answers that she and Dr. Troy are only friends. Matthew runs off to pack for a slumber party and leaves the two of them alone. Nora tells Troy that she's very glad that he answered Matthew's question. She explains that she told Matthew that they were only friends so he wouldn't have to deal with strange feelings. Troy and Nora kiss a little and Nora remembers that she has to meet with a client. They agree that they will have to meet up later. Before he leaves, Troy says, "I never thought I could be this happy again."

Kerri believes that someone left the magazine but she recognizes the cover. Antonio smiles with a knowing look and says that it is very beautiful. Kerri reveals that she has been to this beach before, in Mikanos. She went with her girlfriend and had a horrible time. She describes a filthy hotel and several other mishaps. Kerri says that she's glad that she will never see that place again. Antonio tries to hide the look of disappointment on his face but it's too late. Kerri realizes that he must have planned a trip. She says she's sorry and she would love to go back. The location itself is beautiful; they would just have to stay at a different hotel. Antonio assures her that they can find another paradise to spend time together.

Sam tries to comfort Blair but she obviously wants to be alone. She continues to pack the clothes and describes how she will imagine that the clothes are Todd. When she drags the clothes down the stairs, they will make a loud noise, and she will pretend that it is Todd's head. Sam offers his help but she asks him to leave her in peace. Once Sam leaves Blair assures herself that Todd will be gone and she will forget him. She suddenly hears a voice, "Forget me? Fat Chance Blair!" In her head, she hears Todd's voice and a malicious laugh.

Back at his loft, Troy takes off his shirt (surprise, surprise) and looks for a clean one. While he searches in his drawer, he finds his talisman. He tenderly picks it up and holds it to his chest. He lies on the bed and thinks, "I never thought I could be this happy again."

Lindsay sees the look in Allison's eyes and guesses that Tille must have known her. Allison has been here before. Allison says that she knows her way around. The guard makes every return to their cells but Lindsay stays alone contemplating what just happened. When she turns to leave, she bumps into Nora.

Cris and Natalie defend themselves and with some harsh coercion, make Roxy return to her seat. Cris expresses his concern for Natalie and the way Roxy continuously treats her. Natalie thanks him for being such a good friend. Natalie remembers Jen and worries what she'll do when she finds out Cris is talking to her. Cris assures Natalie that Jen is okay with them just being friends. The flight attendant asks Cris to return to his seat for landing and Natalie thanks him again for helping her with Roxy.

Jessica tells Rex that he will just have to meet Natalie, she a one of a kind. Rex turns to leave Jessica to her studying but bumps into Natalie. Rex perks up and says, "Natty!"

Blair looks around and realizes that it is only Todd's voice in her head. She yells at him and says that she will get him out of her life, house, and head. "You'll never be fine without me Blair. Face it." Blair rushes to the phone to call Kelly. She remembers Kelly's reaction to the news that she would remarry Todd. Kelly: "You ARE crazy." She hesitates and Todd voice echoes that no one can help her, not Dorian, Kelly or Cassie. They will only call her crazy and make her feel as though she were two inches tall. Blair panics and frantically yells at Todd to leave her alone. She gets an idea and runs to the closet. She pulls out a sleek evening dress and puts it on. Blair: " Where are you Todd? I don't hear you. Come on out. Come watch me walk out of here and have one hell of a time."

FRIday, May 24

In an attempt to forget about Todd, Blair shows up at Capricorn looking every inch a seductress and quickly garners the attention of all the guys in the place, especially Chad. She begins drinking and flirting contemporaneously. Asa tries to embarass his former wife in front of a couple of his cowboy buddies, who desperately want to meet the sexy ex-Mrs.Buchanan. They exchange insults, he suggesting that she's a tramp and she that he's too old to keep it going.

Nora runs into Lindsay at Statesville in the laundry area, where Lindsay loses it at the sight of her enemy. The guard is about to haul her off when Nora asks to be alone with Mrs. Rappaport for a few minutes. Lindsay, of course, is seething with jealousy, hurling accusations, blame and warnings at Nora that Troy is the same as Colin and he will leave her after they have sex. Nora then loses her cool and lets it be known that they have already made love.

Rex and Natalie are reunited. They reminisce about their time together with Roxy and how she was never there for either of them. Rex recalls that Nat was like a Mother to him and gives his "sister" Mrs. Grundy, a doll thought lost, that watched over both of them. Rex lied about having knowledge of the baby switch prior to leaving Michigan and hurt Natalie's feelings saying they weren't real brother and sister.

Niki totally blew it with Troy. He asked if she had been taking medication, drinking or both, to which she replied that she had too much caffeine. The purpose of her visit to his apartment was to tell him that Ben wanted to work more hours in the clinic. She also volunteered to fix him up with Gabrielle. He refused the odd offer saying he is already involved with Nora and thought she was behaving strangely. Niki babbled that Nora had many lovers.

Carlotta ripped into R.J. for planting the bogus collections notice in her package. She continued to wail on him, warning that he would lose his daughter just as he had Téa.

Back at Capricorn, Blair sings "What's Love Got To Do With It." Her performance aimed at Chad, segues into a non dialogue musical bridge sequence, with her flashing back on her anger at Todd's betrayal, Lindsay enraged, tearing apart the prison laundry, Troy in deep reflection squeezing the African talisman he holds so sacred in his hand, then Nora walks in and into his arms.

Before Chad has a chance to drive a blottoed Blair home, they're on top of one another, locked in a deep kiss outside the Bar.

Rex overhears Niki going off on a diatribe, lamenting that all of her plans had gone wrong. She spies him watching her and begins scolding him loudly. Just then Nat, Jess and Seth show up.

R.J.'s thoughts turn to Téa just as she answers a knock at the door to discover Todd on the other side.

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