All My Children Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on AMC

Hayley and Mateo learned that Enzo was suffering the early stages of liver failure. Adam grew suspicious of Liza. Trey drugged Kendall so that she would fail a polygraph test, but she asserted that the machine was broken. Edmund and Brooke set a wedding date. Leo planned to discover his father's identity.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, May 27, 2002

Greenlee is surprised to see her mother standing in her doorway, and invited her in. Mary immediately asked her where the "money-scamming gigolo" is. Greenlee tried to convince her that Leo loves her, but Mary responded that she shouldn't confuse love with passion, referring to her marriage to Roger. Greenlee told her that Roger really loves her, and he's trying hard to change. Mary said she didn't want to discuss Roger, she wants to plan her wedding. When Greenlee mentioned about the wedding party, Mary assumed that Greenlee didn't have a maid of honor, so she started to look through her address book. Greenlee finally managed to get out that Simone Torres is going to be her Maid of Honor. Mary said that "Torres" isn't someone in her social circle, and continued looking. Greenlee told her that she wants her friend to be the maid of honor, not a stranger. Mary became offended and got up to leave, but Greenlee told her that she still wants her help. Greenlee handed her a bridal magazine to look at, and told her that she was going to look for Leo.

Leo turned away quickly when he saw Roger and Simone together on the sofa. When Roger confronted him about knocking, Leo asked him what kind of a father he is. Leo turned to leave, but Roger stopped him. Leo ripped into both Simone and Roger, while Simone tried to defend herself. He couldn't believe that Simone ran back to her apartment just so she could be with Roger. Simone said that she can't listen anymore and left the room in tears. Roger told Leo that Greenlee doesn't have to know, but Leo said that he isn't keeping things from her anymore. Roger told him that this would wreck her life. Leo accused him of only caring about the check that Revlon was going to cut him for being the father of the bride. He told Roger to forget about the check, and Greenlee. Leo left and Roger shut the door after him as Simone walked back into the room. Simone told him that she's going to tell Greenlee that she's sorry, but Roger stopped her and said, "Like hell you are." Simone told him that she has to own up to what she did, but Roger asked her to wait until the situation is calm. He told her that Leo planned to tell Greenlee anyway, but Simone said she still had to face her. Roger tried to get her mind off it, by seducing her, but Simone told him that they can't do anything until they are open about their relationship. She told him again that she's going to see Greenlee, and asked him if he's coming with or not.

In the chapel, Tad received a phone call that J.R. just punched out David. Brooke offered to go with him, but he told her to stay and look for Edmund. They left the chapel together.

In the mausoleum, Edmund was talking to Maria. He said that he knows exactly what Tad is going through. Brooke walked in and listened to Edmund finish his thoughts. He said that getting over Dixie will be the hardest thing Tad's ever done. He said he'll get though it, "just like I did." He told Maria about Sam and Maddie, and how he wished they could have known her. He finally noticed Brooke, and she apologized for eavesdropping. He said it's okay, but she started crying and said that he's reliving the pain of losing his wife, "and it's all my fault." She said she forgot all about him, because of Tad and his grief. Edmund tried to comfort her, but she confessed that she felt responsible for Maria's death. She continued crying as she fell into Edmund's arms. He told her that he finally realized something, and he's glad he realized it before the wedding. She asked him to share what it is, but he told her that this wasn't a good place to talk about it, so they left.

After being punched by J.R., David told him to leave before he calls security. J.R. continued his rant, telling him he had no right to be at his mom's service. David turned to walk away, but Anna stopped him. David decided to stay, and J.R. continued yelling at him. He said he should have had the decency not to show up at her memorial service to talk about memories that nobody cares about. He said that his mom was strong, strong enough to know when to walk away from him. He told David that before he came along, their lives were great. Tad walked up behind him, and put his hand on his shoulder. With tears in his eyes, J.R. turned around and hugged him. Tad told him to come on, and they left. After they were gone, Anna was upset and she asked David to give her one reason why she should stay there with him. He asked her to speak privately, but she told him to say what he had to now. He started to apologize for attending the service, but she said that she doesn't care about that. She proceeded to rip into him for getting up in front of Dixie's family and friends and talking about his affair. He said that he had every right to attend, because he loved her. Anna became disgusted and got up to leave, but David stopped her. He said the real reason he went was because he didn't want to be alone. Anna returned silently to listen as David continued. He told her about his father's funeral, and about how he couldn't mourn the way he wanted to, because of Vanessa. He said that he didn't want to grieve alone again, and Anna restated his comments by saying that he wanted to grieve with Dixie's family, "whether they wanted him there or not." He became upset and said that he knew she wouldn't understand. He got up and said, "At least now I know where I stand," and he walked away. Anna tried to say she did understand, but he was already gone.

Leo found Greenlee outside the loft, and she told him that her mother was inside. She told him that Mary cut short a real important trip to help her plan the wedding. Leo thought that Mary was playing a number on her, and told her that she was doing a fine job planning the wedding. Greenlee told him to be grateful to Mary, but Leo wasn't buying it. She said that she's so happy that her mother is finally taking an interest in her life. When Leo asked her why she was outside then, she responded that she was looking for him. That reminded her to ask him how Simone was, and Leo told her there is something important to tell her. She stopped him, though, and said it could wait. She told him that it's important to make a good first impression on her mother, and she prepared to button his shirt and groom his hair. Opening the door, Greenlee introduced Leo to Mary. Mary told Greenlee that he's handsome, and doesn't look at all like a gigolo.

Back in the chapel, Edmund prepared to tell Brooke what he realized. He said that he's finally ready to let Maria go, for the first time since she died. Brooke was relieved and told him that she actually had fears that Maria might return, but he said they probably don't have to worry about that. He told her that he thought she might be growing closer to Tad, but realizes now that she was just helping him for Jamie's sake. She told him that it wasn't just about Jamie. She said Tad's been in her life for a long time, and he will always be in her life. Edmund told her that it's okay for her to be there for Tad, as long as he needs her. They began to reminisce about when they got back together, and how easy they thought it would be to put their two families together. Edmund told Brooke that, although they've had difficulties, nothing is going to keep them apart. She told him that he's right, as long as they're honest with each other. They professed their love again, before kissing at the altar.

Tad and J.R. walked into another part of hospital, with J.R. complaining that Tad let David talk at the service. He said Tad's love for Dixie couldn't have been that strong, and Tad responded by telling him not to ever question his love for Dixie. Tad sat J.R. down and told him that he wanted to punch Hayward, but he couldn't. He said that Dixie wanted him to drop his fascination with David, but he didn't, and that's partially why she isn't here today. He asked J.R. to honor his mother's memory by forgetting about David. J.R. softened, and finally agreed. He got up and told Tad that he has to get home. Tad told J.R. that he does, but he isn't going back to Adam's. He's going back to his real home, their home. Tad told him that he doesn't intend to walk through the door without him. After Tad told him that it's what he wants, J.R. agreed to move back home, and he left to get his stuff. After J.R. left, Anna walked up to Tad and asked him how J.R. was, but Tad changed the subject, and told her to get away from David. She said she was only concerned about J.R, but Tad said, before leaving, "If I were you, I'd get out of that marriage while you still can."

David walked to the nurses station, and screamed at someone for giving him the wrong file. When she walked away, another nurse on duty told him that Anna just left and he could still catch her. He ignored her, and screamed, "Am I the only one working today!?" The nurse left in a rush as David stood there irate.

Later, in the loft, Leo brought Mary and Greenlee some tea while they sat on the couch looking at magazines. He pulled Greenlee away and tried to explain about Simone, but she told him to wait. Mary asked him about what his mother was going to be wearing to the wedding, and he started to explain about Vanessa. Before he could get any words out, however, there was a knock on the door. Greenlee opened it, and saw Roger and Simone. Simone said, in a shaky voice, "Greenlee, I'm so sorry."

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

At Greenlee's loft, Simone and Roger are about to tell Greenlee the truth about their affair, thinking Leo has already spilled the beans. Simone tells Greenlee that she is so sorry. Roger thinks they should think about telling her everything. Simone insists on telling her pal everything and says that she hopes what she and Roger have done doesn't ruin her wedding. Just then, Mary yells "What now? What have you done to our little girl?" Roger peeks inside and spots his ex-wife inside. He greets her and says that he had no idea she would be in town. He says that she's as impulsive as ever. Mary says that she simply changed her plans so she could be at her daughter's first wedding and hopes that he and his friend haven't ruined it. Greenlee introduces Simone to Mary and insists that she's her friend, not Roger's. Leo chimes in that the ladies are best friends. The ladies shake hands. Mary teases about how she just mentioned earlier how hard it was for Greenlee to keep female friends when she was younger. Mary apologizes for changing the subject and asks Simone to go on with her confession. Roger says it doesn't matter. Greenlee disagrees and asks Simone how she could ruin her wedding.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam, Liza, Jake, and Mia gather together after Dixie's memorial service. Adam offers Liza some water and she accepts. Stuart pops in with appetizers and Mia asks how Marian's headache. Stuart assures her that his wife's doing better. He tells them that Lucretia has made refreshments for them. Mia asks if she would be offended if no one ate anything. Stuart admits that he's not hungry and all he can think about is saying goodbye to Dixie. He mentions that Hayley is upstairs with Lorenzo, who's fever has gone down. Stuart tells Jake that Adam is in one of his moods tonight and thinks that he would be a good referee. Stuart steps away and Jake comments to Mia that he thought she was supposed to be the family referee. So did she. Jake says that she needs a break from that job and offers to take a walk with her out to the rose garden outside. Mia agrees. Liza asks Adam what is wrong with him tonight and if it has anything to do with Dixie's memorial service. A sarcastic Adam says that he has no idea what could be wrong with him. He steps out of the room. Liza says to herself that he's impossible as Stuart walks in. Stuart suggests that she make up with Adam by telling him her big secret.

Meanwhile, Hayley rocks a fussing Lorenzo upstairs. Mateo comes up and urges Hayley to come back down because things have become tense. Hayley tells her husband that she's worried about Enzo and asks him to feel his head. Mateo agrees that their son's head is very warm. Hayley thinks the fact that he's been ill this long is abnormal and wants Jake to come up and look at Enzo. Mateo goes downstairs and gets Jake. When Dr. Martin arrives, Hayley explains to him that Enzo's been ill. Enzo cries as Jake begins to examine him and take his temperature. Hayley thinks he may have gotten sick from a girl at the park. Jake notices a bruise on Enzo and asks how long he has had it. Both Mateo and Hayley tell him that they hadn't noticed the bruise until now. Jake wants to take the baby to the hospital to be looked at. Mateo and Hayley agree to meet him there. After Jake leaves, Hayley begins to panic. Mat tells his wife that their son will be okay.

At the Pine Cone, Kendall tells Ryan that they have to trust Trey even though he is being secretive about what his plans are for her defense. Ryan knows that Trey is supposed to be a good lawyer, but isn't sure about his method of defense. Kendall says that they have no choice since Erica's slept with most of the male attorneys in Pine Valley. Ryan thinks they should be more involved in her defense. Just then, someone knocks at the door. Kendall mentions that she's happy that she has a clean cut lawyer like Trey on her side to take away the focus on her bad girl image. Ryan opens the door to Trey and Mr. Kenyon asks if Pine Valley's biggest fibber is ready to take a lie detector test. Ryan comments that he thought those tests weren't admissible in court. Trey says that he could try to ease it in as evidence. Since the jury won't be sequestered, they could hear about the results of the test and see that Kendall wasn't responsible for the fire. Ryan asks what would happen if she flunked. An outraged Ms. Hart jumps on Ryan and asks what he meant by his comment. Trey calms her down and says a client's loved ones normally begin to doubt their innocence, though usually not this early in the game. Ryan defends himself and states that he knows Kendall's innocent and that he wants them to be more involved in her defense. Trey says that she and Ryan discussing the trial might be a mistake and comments that they should have better things to discuss than that. Kendall says that if she flunks the polygraph test, she can just torch the polygraph office, and go on and torch the courthouse so she won't have to be trialed. Ryan tells her that he believes her 100%, but the tests look at her heart rate and her reactions and if she acts the way she is now during the test, she could easily fail it. Trey is confident that Kendall will keep her composure when the test is conducted. Kendall isn't as sure about that. Ryan thinks they shouldn't depend on a machine to determine whether or not she is lying. Kendall agrees and asks how can she control her emotions. Trey insists that he'll be there to help control her. Ryan suggests that they let the fire experts look around the house and see who else was at the house and the forensics people will find out who else was there. Trey flashes back to when he lit a cigarette and threw it on the gasoline he poured to set the fire in Bianca's bedroom. After his head comes back to reality, he listens to Ryan and Kendall agree that they should shelve the polygraph test. Trey asks everyone with a law degree to raise their hands. Ryan says that he's not trying to tell Kenyon how to do his job. Trey disagrees. Ryan thinks they should just let Jack do his job and find evidence pointing to someone else besides Kendall. Trey says Jack has a vendetta against Kendall and will break every rule in the book to have Ms. Hart convicted. Ryan says that Jack won't go after Kendall if he knows she didn't set the fire. Trey fakes a cough and claims that he needs some bottled water from outside. Ryan says he can take a hint and leave the two alone. Kendall says Ryan can say. Trey fakes a cough again and Ryan goes out to get the bottled water from the vending machine. Kendall says she has no secrets from Ryan. Trey reminds her that she hasn't told him that she was in Bianca's room before the fire. Kendall says that happened weeks before the fire. Trey asks if she thinks the experts will be able to determine that. He says that all they'll find is proof that she was there. Kendall just wants to make sure Ryan continues to believe in her. Trey says that they can't afford to hire their own experts and a polygraph test is their only way of proving her innocence. She asks what about Ryan. He suggests that she lie to Ryan about not taking the test. Kendall begins to realize that her lawyer isn't as clean cut as he seems.

Roger says that what Simone was about to spill was nothing big. Leo agrees and suggests they drop the subject. Greenlee asks Leo if he's in on the secret too. Mary comments that there's a conspiracy in the works. Greenlee reminds Roger that he promised her that there would be no more lies between them, shocking Mary. Roger lies and claims that he and Simone set up a surprise engagement party for her and gave the cateer her number instead of his. He wrongly assumed she found out about the "secret party." Mary is surprised this is the "big secret." Greenlee says that she didn't get a message and then looks at Leo and assumes he erased it. Leo plays along. Greenlee says that she's happy that her dad is making a big fuss over her and that Simone is the best maid of honor ever. A gleeful Greens says that all the people she loves are going to be at her wedding. Mary says that's the way it should be. The elder Mrs. Smythe then tells her daughter that she took down her towels because they looked rough and she wanted to put some different ones up that didn't clash with the rest of her bathroom. Greenlee insists that she has more towels. Mother and daughter go in the other room to discuss the towel arrangements. Alone with Leo and Simone, Roger comments to Du Pres that he talked all tough at Simone's, but he ended up not spilling the beans about he and Simone. Leo says that he only kept his mouth shut because Mary is here and says they are still toxic. Greenlee and Mary return and argue over Mary's suggestion to do a makeover for her whole apartment. Mary insists that the makeover can be her wedding present to her. Greenlee insists she doesn't need a gift from her. Mary says it can be Greenlee's gift to her. Leo and Roger both say they love the way the loft looks. Greenlee says that since Mary's a well-renowned artist, her opinion would probably be the best. She goes on by saying that Roger's always been supportive of Mary's career. An uncomfortable Simone tries to leave, but Greenlee stops her and says that she wants the ladies to get to know each other. Mary asks what Simone does for a living. Greenlee tells her mom that she and Simone have a lot in common. Mary finds this hard to believe. Greens says that they both majored in journalism in college. Mary says that her writing has been reduced to making lists. Mary suggests that they continue with the redecoration plans, but Roger suggests that for once they put Greenlee's feelings ahead of their own. Mary asks if this is his plan to show that he's "changed." Roger insists that he has new priorities. Mary asks what he's hiding. He just wants them to call a truce and make Greenlee happy. Greenlee goes to Simone and tells her that the way her parents are talking, they could get remarried. Just then, the phone rings. Mary, who gave a London designer Greenlee's phone number, asks if she can answer it. Greenlee gives her the go ahead. Mary answers the phone as "mother of the bride", and Vanessa, who's on the other end, says that she has waited a long time to finally talk to her because they have so much to discuss.

Stuart tells Liza that it's sad to see she and Adam arguing when all they want to do is hug each other. He says that she's acting just like Adam because she's lying and keeping secrets like he does. He asks her if she wants her secrets to blow up in her face like Adam's does. Liza asks Stuart what Marian told her. He tells her not to blame her mom. Liza says Marian couldn't keep a secret to save her life. Stuart says that secrets stink and that even though he shouldn't be butting into her life, she knows what he's talking about. Just then, Adam walks in asking for Winifred. Liza tells him that she's preparing dinner. Adam mentions that J.R. called from Tad's house asking for his leather jacket because he and Tad are going to take a walk on the beach. Liza thinks it might be good for them. Adam thinks the jacket is in his room and goes upstairs to find it. After the coast is clear, Stuart asks Liza why don't they just hug each other.

Vanessa, wearing two silver stars on her neck and holding her compact mirror, asks Mary if she's there for her daughter's wedding. She answers yes. Vanessa comments that she'll have to be careful not to overshadow the bride. Mary thanks her and asks how is speaking. Vanessa says she is Rosie Wells from M.G.M. Leo and Greens overhear Mary say M.G.M. and get suspicious over who's on the phone. When Mary mentions "Rosie", Greenlee asks who's on the phone. Mary says it's one of her friends. Vanessa asks if that's Greenlee talking. Mary says that it is. Vanessa says that she must be proud of her daughter finally getting married since she has been around the block a few times. She goes on by asking what color Greenlee's wedding dress will be. Mary tells "Rosie" that she doesn't like what she's saying about her daughter. Greenlee takes the phone away from her mother and asks who is it. After seeing that it's Vanessa, Greenlee tells her to hang up and leave her alone. Vanessa begins taunting Ms. Smythe and saying that she's on her way over. Greens knows that Proteus is still in the loony bin and can't hurt her. "Rosie" says that Vanessa says that she's disappointed that she couldn't finish the job of cutting her throat. Greenlee tells Vanessa that she's not afraid of her. Vanessa goes on by saying that she's planning on singing a song at her wedding. Greenlee says that she's not coming anywhere near her wedding. Vanessa says that she has to be there. Besides, she'll get great publicity if she appears at the wedding. Greenlee finally hangs up on future mother-in-law. She shoves Leo and tells him that it's all his fault that she called because he keeps on visiting her. He asks what did she say and she reveals that Vanessa plans to sing at their wedding. Mary asks who was on the phone. Greenlee reveals that it was Leo's psychotic mother calling from the loony bin. Leo makes a call as Mary comments that her daughter is marrying a gigolo who's mother is a nutty drug trafficker. Roger jokes that at least now she'll have a reason to hate her mother-in-law. Mary tells her ex to shut up. Greens insists that she's fine. What about me, Mary quips. Leo returns from his phone call and reveals that Trey got Vanessa phone privileges and that he called her and told her not to call them again. He ensures everyone that his mom's still at Oak Haven. Greenlee isn't sure Leo's words will convince Vanessa to leave them alone. Mary asks if they're sure Vanessa won't interrupt their wedding. Roger tells his ex that Vanessa's in a rubber room. Mary says that she's getting a migraine and needs to go to her room at the Valley Inn. Roger offers to drive her to the inn. Greenlee walks her parents out. Simone thanks Leo for keeping his mouth shut and apologizes for making him lie to Greenlee. She then promises to Leo that she and Roger are history. She says that today has been one of the worst days of her life and will not put herself in that situation again. Leo tells her to forget about it. Just then Greenlee returns and Simone says that she has to take off.

After giving Tad the jacket J.R. asked for, Adam returns to the living room and sits with Liza on the sofa. Liza tells Adam that Tad and J.R. will know what to say to one another. Just then, Mia returns to the house and Liza asks if they should be preparing for dinner. Mia says that Stuart's getting the wine from the cellar and Hayley and Mateo are still upstairs. Jake comes downstairs and reveals that Mat and Hayley had to leave, but doesn't mention why. Jake also has to leave due to an hospital emergency. Mia asks if he wants Lucretia to fix them two plates so they can eat together. Jake says he'll be there indefinitely. Besides, that's the last place she needs to be since she was just there with Liza earlier. Adam overhears Jake's comment. Jake leaves. Adam tells Liza that he thought they were past secrets and lies and asks her why she was at the hospital. Liza asks Mia to leave them alone. Adam comments that he can't trust Ms. Saunders either. Liza tells him not to blame Mia because it was her idea to keep her hospital visit a secret. Mia steps out and Adam asks for an explanation. Liza confesses to having a dizzy spell earlier. Adam asks if the tumor is coming back. She tells him that Dr. Greenburg says that she's fine. Adam says how he cannot believe her since she's been lying to him. She could be dying and he wouldn't even know it. Liza says there was a reason she didn't tell him. Adam thinks it has to do with trust. Liza says it was all her fault. Adam doesn't want to pass blame. He just doesn't want to end up like Tad and Dixie and fail to resolve their issues before saying goodbye. Liza says that she wants their marriage to work. She apologizes and says that she only wanted to prevent him from overreacting to the situation. They agree that they need to trust each other. Liza promises to keep no more secrets. Stuart walks in and says that at least one good thing has happened tonight. Liza goes upstairs to check on Colby.

Trey says that lying to Ryan wasn't a good idea. Kendall says that she wants to do whatever she can to prove her innocence, but she just doesn't want to lie to Ryan. On the other hand, she figures Ryan couldn't get mad with her if the test proves that she's innocent. Trey wants to make sure that whatever she decides, it's her decision. She promises to consider his suggestion. Trey gives her his business card, and she puts it in her pocket just as Ryan walks back in. Trey says they're finished and leaves with his water. Ryan asks if he coaxed her to take the polygraph test. Kendall lies and claims that she decided not to. Ryan says that she did the right thing and goes in the other room.

At the hospital, Hayley and Mateo await on word on Enzo. An intern comes out and Hayley asks if there is any word on her son's test results. The intern tells her that only the doctor examining him will be able to update her on his condition. Hayley tells Mat that she's scared about what may be wrong with their son. Mateo mentions that Maria once told him to think of the happiest time you spent with a loved one when they're in the hospital and that helps get your mind off of the bad things. Hayley says that every day with their son has been happy and joyous. Mat tries to assure her that their son will be okay. Just then, Jake comes out with word on Enzo. He advises them not to panic. Mat tells Jake to just spill it. Jake says that he gave Enzo something to reduce his fever, but wants to keep him overnight for observation. The parents ask what's wrong. Jake says that he's not sure what is wrong with the child and they need to see what they can rule out what's wrong with him. It could be anything from a virus to a reaction from something. He just wants to be cautious and find out what's really going on. They ask for a worst case scenario. Jake says that it's too soon to rule out and assume anything about why Lorenzo's sick. They ask to see their son and Jake gives them the go ahead.

Ryan admits that Trey made one good point--they can talk about something besides the trial. He wants to discuss their upcoming bike trip and suggests that they go southeast before heading west. Kendall suggests they go to Raccoon Junction, Tennessee. She recalls that the city is one of the few places in the country with no Enchantment outlet and no cable outlet. Therefore, no one there has even heard of Erica Kane. Ryan looks at his map and sees that there is a Raccoon Junction. He thinks he could by them a nice mobile home. The way things are going, Kendall thinks she'll more likely end up in a cell with a Erica Kane fan as her cellmate. Ryan tells her to have faith that they will find out who really started the fire. As Ryan looks away, Kendall stares at Trey's business card.

Trey visits Vanessa at Oak Haven and asks "Rosie" what she's done. She asks if it's a crime to use the phone. He warns her if she pulls a stunt like that again, they'll revoke her phone privileges. Vanessa promises to be good and asks him when can she get out so she can go on "location." Trey assures her that she'll be out soon. Vanessa vows to fire him as his "agent" if he doesn't get her out of Oak Haven by the time the Du Pres/Smythe wedding takes place. She says that it will be the social event of the year. And if it isn't, her presence there will make it the social event of the year.

Leo begs Greenlee not to blame him for Vanessa calling. Visiting Vanessa is just part of his plan. Greenlee doesn't give a damn about his plan. Leo tells her that he's only visiting his mother one more time so she can tell him where the drug money is. After that, she can rot in jail. He embraces Greenlee as he promises that nothing or no one will ever threaten their relationship again.

Liza and Mia go up to Liza's bedroom. Mia comments that Adam must've been furious after she told him about her secret visit to the hospital. Liza insists that she needs to start trusting Adam. Mia says that Adam really loves him and what they have is beautiful. Liza thanks Mia for not letting her move the money back to Chandler Enterprises. She says that if Adam knew she had a secret bank account, it would ruin their marriage.

Stuart tells Adam that he's glad the secret's out because he was afraid he would blab it out at the wrong time. Adam insists that he's okay with the secret. Stuart can't believe Adam's not upset over the secret. Adam says that the secret was no big deal. Stuart agrees and says that a bunch of bankbooks to a millionaire like him. "What bank books" asks a shocked and angry Adam.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Stuart slowly realized that when he told Adam about the bank books Liza was hiding he was telling Adam something he didn't know. Adam covered his surprise and told Stuart he did know about it but that it was best for Liza not to mention it again. He said that Liza feels guilty about some things she did while she was ill, including the bank book issue, so they aren't to remind her about it. Stuart thought Adam was trying to keep secrets again but Adam convinced him that it was for the best. Stuart left and Adam went straight to the computer, saying "Let's see if your career as an embezzler started before or after your tumor."

Upstairs Mia and Liza talked in Liza's bedroom. Liza said Adam can't know that she knows where the missing money is ever. She wanted to give that money to Mia. Mia was appalled and refused immediately but Liza insisted. She said that the money could mess things up with her and Adam and she wanted to get rid of it. Liza told Mia to take the money for her son's future. Mia tried to get out of accepting it but Liza wouldn't let her. Liza told her to call Trey tomorrow to set up an account. Liza said she was going to bed now and Mia sat with her until she fell asleep. As Mia shut the door Adam arrived. Mia told him Liza was asleep and then said she was such an incredible person. Adam agreed and went on in. He stood over Liza until she woke up. He smiled at her and said he ought to throttle her for sneaking off to the doctor without telling him. He said all he can think about is Liza and her big secret. She said there was no secret anymore. Adam said he was glad it was all out in the open. They discussed her health and Adam said he wants everything to go back to normal. Liza asked if he was ok because he was acting weird. Adam said he just felt like he was getting his old Liza back. Liza said they'd gone through hell and Adam promised that everything will be different from now on. He left her alone and Mia returned. Liza got on the phone and left a message for Trey to call her in the morning. Mia said she thought this was a bad idea but Liza said they can trust Trey, he won't breathe a word to Adam. Mia was extremely nervous.

At the hospital Jake told Hayley and Mateo that their son needed to spend the night there. Hayley and Mat said they'd stay with him and Hayley went on in to Enzo's room. Mat asked Jake to tell him the truth about Enzo's health. Jake said there was a trace of jaundice so they're running more tests. Mat said jaundice indicates a liver problem and Jake told him not to panic. Jake went to the lab and Mat went in to see Hayley and Enzo. He told Hayley what Jake had said and Hayley got very upset and Mat told her they just needed to wait for the test results. Hayley went into the hall to make a phone call. She called her friend Axel and asked him to say a prayer for Enzo. Adam walked up as she ended the call and asked what was going on. Mat came out into the hallway and they told Adam about the baby. As they spoke Dr. Greenberg showed up with Liza's medical files and handed them to Adam. Hayley was worried about Liza but Adam assured her that Liza was fine, he just wanted to ask a few questions. Adam and the doctor left and Hayley went back to Lorenzo's room. Adam asked Dr. Greenberg how long ago could Liza's erratic behavior be blamed on the tumor. He wanted to know if things she had done in October of 1999 could be blamed on the tumor but the doctor said no way, if she'd had the tumor then she'd be dead. Jake returned to Mateo and Hayley and told them the test results weren't what they'd hoped for and he'd called in a specialist. Hayley asked if something was really wrong with her baby and Jake just nodded.

Trey went to visit Vanessa, who was pretending to be Rosie. He told her she's not invited to Greenlee's wedding. She reached out her hand and introduced herself as Rosie's accountant. She told Trey that he wouldn't see one thin dime if Vanessa isn't sitting in the front pew of that wedding. He said he'd work on it and left.

Leo apologized to Greenlee for the phone call from Vanessa and how it upset her. Greenlee said she was fine, she was just excited about the wedding. She said she is having every girl's dream of a wedding and Leo looked a bit sad. He put his hand on her arm and asked if they could just elope instead. She got very upset at that idea and thought Leo wanted to back out of the wedding. Leo said he wants her to have her dream wedding as long as it was about them and not the society pages. He said he was afraid their families were going to screw things up for them. Greenlee realized Leo was serious and got even more upset. But she finally calmed down. Leo said he wants her to have everything she wants for the wedding as long as it makes her happy. She said that besides having him, she wants her parents to be at her wedding and for them to be proud of her. They hugged and Leo left the loft to "run an errand." A little while later Simone stood outside Greenlee's loft, practicing telling Greenlee she was leaving town. Greenlee opened the door and dragged Simone in, saying she was just about to come find her. Simone was nervous but Greenlee said Leo was freaking out on her. She told Simone about how her father screwed things up the last time she and Leo were planning their wedding by inviting Leo's first wife to the engagement party. Simone was appalled and very uncomfortable. She tried to leave but Greenlee wouldn't let her, and told her she had an amazing idea. She told Simone that she'd talked Leo into tracking down his father, Count DuPres. She said she was going to have Leo give Simone an "exclusive" on his finding his father, to make up for losing the Proteus book deal. Simone was touched and said she'd never had a friend like Greenlee. They talked about the wedding and Greenlee said she wants Leo to see that every wedding doesn't have to end in disaster. She told Simone she's counting on her to watch out for her.

Leo took flowers to Vanessa. She pretended he was an ex-beau and had silver stars stuck all over her hair and clothes. Leo sat down and said he needed to talk to her about money. "Rosie" said she knew that projects needed money and Leo said yes, they have some exciting projects to work on but he needed alot of money to get them started. She snapped back into Vanessa mode and barked at him, telling him he was pushing his mark too hard and hadn't she taught him better than that. She said he was still under the influence of "that slut" and Leo got up to leave. As he got to the door, he turned and asked his mother for Count DuPres' address. Vanessa flipped out and said he wouldn't get it until her body was dead and cold.

Kendall was asleep in Ryan's room as he watched over her. She woke up suddenly and said she knew who set the fire. She said it had to be Bianca. Ryan was astounded. Kendall said Bianca was a demon child and had set a fire when she was younger. Kendall went to her purse for her cigarettes and lighter and found the lighter missing. She said Bianca must have taken it when they were in the court room. Ryan couldn't believe that Bianca would do such a thing. Kendall admitted that Trey talked her into doing a polygraph test tomorrow and that she was sure it would prove she didn't set the fire. Ryan said no one will believe her theory because she lies all the time. He said he'd do anything to help her but he won't blame Bianca. Kendall insisted that Bianca started the fire and was sure she did it for revenge. She said who else would've thought to set her up as someone knocked on the door. She opened it to find Trey. He came in and Kendall told him she was sure Bianca set her up. Trey was unsure but Kendall said Bianca had motive and opportunity. Trey said it was possible and the polygraph would be helpful. Ryan said this was a stupid idea and was going to backfire on them. He told Trey that Kendall had spent time in jail for perjury and the whole town would back Erica and Bianca against Kendall. Trey told Ryan to leave so he can ask Kendall some questions. Ryan left and Trey told Kendall that Ryan can't be "in the loop", that she must leave him out. Kendall refused and said Ryan was her hero. Trey said Ryan was just trying to run her life and that Ryan was jealous of him because he has Kendall's future in his hands. Kendall said Trey doesn't understand Ryan. Trey said Ryan is going to try to undercut him but Kendall said he'd never do anything to hurt her. Trey told her to ignore Ryan and that either they do things his way or she can find another lawyer. He told her he'd pick her up in the morning as Ryan walked back in the room. Ryan asked where they were going and Kendall lied, saying they were going to the courthouse. As Trey left Ryan accidentally bumped into Trey's burned arm. Trey flinched in pain and Ryan asked if he was ok. Trey just left and Ryan looked intrigued.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

At the hospital, Hayley and Mateo wait for news on their baby's condition. Hayley tells Mateo that she blames herself and her drinking problem for Enzo's situation. Mateo assures her that is not the reason he is sick. Soon, the Doctor comes out to tell them that Enzo has a virus that is attacking his liver. Luckily they caught it early, but he is still approaching liver failure. They have two options at this point: a full liver transplant, or a partial transplant from a relative. Hayley and Mateo both immediately volunteer to be tested. Unfortunately, they have the wrong blood type.

Brooke surprises Edmund with a rendezvous in a cheap motel. She tells him they need some time alone with just each other. When Edmund asks what is going on, Brooke says she feels as though they are losing touch with each other because of everything that is going on in their lives. Pulling Brooke closer, Edmund asks what will make her feel better. After making love, they decide to play hooky from work for the rest of the day. Edmund pops the question and asks Brooke (again) to marry him. She says for him to "name the day."

On the phone, Adam orders Barry to do everything he can to protect Adam's assets from Liza. As Adam hangs up, the doorbell rings. Tad is there at Liza's invitation. She invited him over in order for her to ask him to come back to Chandler Enterprises. Adam disagrees. He believes Tad deserved to be fired. Adam goes on to make veiled accusations that perhaps Liza knows what happened to the missing money. Liza calmly tells Adam they will have to write the money off. Tad turns down the job offer saying it won't be the same without Liza there. At this point, Liza announces that she is going back to work: part time. Adam voices his concern about Colby, but Liza assures him that Mia will help out.

After Adam leaves, Tad tells Liza he will think about her offer. Adam maintains a calm exterior, but inside, he is seething with anger. He jealously watches from the shadows as Liza and Tad embrace. Adam retreats to his bedroom where Colby and Mia are playing dress-up. Colby wants Mia to try on one of Liza's expensive baubles and play Mommy. Mia says no, she could never take Liza's place. Adam smiles deviously as he encourages Mia to try on the necklace and see how it looks. Leading her to a mirror, Adam gushes that she was born to wear such finery. He urges her to keep it saying Liza has so many, she will never miss it.

Bianca looks around what remains of her home. She retrieves the remnants of her grandmother's picture as Ryan stops by. He asks Bianca if she remembers anything about the fire. Bianca tells him in no uncertain terms that the fire was started by Kendall's cigarette lighter. Suddenly, Bianca realizes that Ryan is probably not asking out of concern, but trying to fish for information to help Kendall's case. Ryan tries to convince Bianca of Kendall's innocence, but it is no use. Bianca has no doubts that her half-sister is behind it all. She informs Ryan that Kendall had motive as well as opportunity. Kendall had been in the house at some point because she could describe Bianca's room perfectly. After Ryan leaves, Bianca flashes back to a time when she was a child playing with Barbies. It was at the time when Erica and Jack were cheating on Travis. Bianca had set the Erica and Jack dolls on fire.

Kendall arrives at Jack's office to take a polygraph test. Before taking the test, Kendall wants to phone Ryan and explain to him why she decided to go ahead with it. Trey advises her not to call Ryan. He thinks Ryan could rattle her and alter the results. When Jack comes in, Kendall is ready and a little on the cocky side. She has no intention of failing and is ready to be pronounced innocent. As she and Jack argue, Trey slips something into Kendall's water. As the polygraph begins, Kendall is able to answer the easy questions like her name, place of employment, etc. As soon as she is asked about the fire, her answers send the machine all over the map. Kendall is in shock and believes there must be something wrong with the polygraph.

Friday, May 31, 2002

Kendall was being administered the lie detector test. She was stunned the machine indicated she was lying. Frustrated, she exclaimed the machine had to be broken. Over and over again she proclaimed her innocence as Trey picked up her glass of water and stepped away from the table. He poured the remaining water onto a green plant. He turned and smirked at Kendall.

Jackson, seeing the needle jump on the lie detector machine, commented that if Kendall were his client he would tell her to shut her mouth. Kendall took off some of the wires connecting her to the machine. She shouted at Trey that it was his fault and that he needed to prove something was wrong with the machine. "How am I supposed to do that," retorted Trey. Kendall demanded he take the test to prove the machine was broken. Trey tried to convince Kendall that was not a good idea but Jackson jumped in and agreed. Trey should take a lie detector test.

Trey was backed into a corner. Ryan reminded Trey it was Trey's idea Kendall took the test in the first place. Trey looked very worried as he agreed to take the test. As the blood pressure cuff was being placed on his right arm, Trey winched and withdrew his arm. Ryan commented that that was twice he showed pain in that arm and he wanted to know what was going on. Trey momentarily flashed back to his visit to the ER and the doctor commenting about the burn on his arm. Returning to reality, Trey made up an excuse for his injury. The cuff was placed on the other arm and the test began. At first the questions were easy ones. What was the weather, etc. Kendall wanted to speed things up and demanded they jump to the important question. Jackson asked Trey if he started the fire at Erica's house. Trey answered, "no," causing the needle on the detector to jump wildly. Kendall was jubilant. The machine had to be broken. Trey decided it would be in his favor if he proved the machine was indeed broken and asked to confirm his name. Yes, he replied. My name is James H. Kenyon, III. The needle jumped erratically again. Trey wanted to make sure the machine was out of order so when he stood up from the table, he caused the machine to fall to the floor, breaking it. Jackson stormed out of the room, disgusted with the proceedings.

Trey congratulated Kendall for getting out of the lie detector test. Ryan was angry. "No one should be congratulated," he said. Trey left the room, leaving Ryan to confront Kendall about her lying to him. Why didn't you tell me you had broken into Bianca's house?

At Pine Valley Hospital, Mateo called Trevor on the hospital phone. After his call was finished, Brooke and Edmund met him and offered their help. Mateo told them that Enzo needed a liver transplant and a donor with matching blood type. He wondered if Maddie could be a donor and if Edmund would agree. Edmund needed to find out more information about transplants and was hesitant to agree immediately.

Dr. Joe joined Edmund, Brooke and Mateo and told Mateo that Maddie is too young to be a donor. Donors must be 18. Isabella Santos rushed into the hospital looking for her son, Mateo. She brought with her the Santos family medical records. Dr. Joe agreed to look through them to find a blood match. Isabella offered to be a donor but Dr. Joe ruled it out as she previously had anemia. Edmund and Mateo talked about Julia as a possible match but she was ruled out as well when her medical records on file at the hospital showed the blood type didn't match. A medical assistant came to the nurse's station and placed Enzo's file nearby. Mateo grabbed the file despite her protests and opened it to find out who would be a blood match. He discovered Maria would have been a suitable donor.

Mary Smythe visited Greenlee and apologized for rushing from her condo the previous day. Her migraine had improved. She told Greenlee that she shortchanged her in the mother department and she wanted to make up for that. Greenlee was pleasantly surprised by her mother's offer to help her out. Mary continued to tell Greenlee she needed to get Greenlee out of her engagement and cancel the wedding. Greenlee was stunned. Mary tried to convince Greenlee that Leo was a loser. She told Greenlee she had kept her daughter at arms' length because she didn't like herself. She was unhappy in her marriage to Roger and she didn't want Greenlee to follow the same path. Greenlee declared her love for Leo but Mary was not convinced. She accused Greenlee of marrying Leo to shock everyone since Leo family was connected to drug money and his mother was in the insane asylum. Greenlee then realized her mother wasn't afraid she will be unhappy. She's afraid Greenlee will embarrass her by marrying Leo. Greenlee and her mother began to argue about Leo's integrity. Greenlee declared she is going to have her wedding without her mother.

Leo visited Vanessa at Oak Haven. He asked her if all her friends were locked up for the evening as he needed to talk to his mother. Vanessa replied, "Mother's here." Leo showed her a piece of paper with the address of Count du Pres. He was going to find the Count before the wedding and finally meet his father. Vanessa panicked and shouted at Leo he couldn't do that. Leo, desperate for his father's identity, reminded Vanessa about all the stories she told about the Count. So if he wasn't his father why did she say he was. "I liked the little d and the big P," she replied sarcastically. "Alright, he's not your real father," she proclaimed. She lied, she told him. Leo become confused and insisted on his father's identity. Vanessa hemmed and hawed. Finally she said Leo's father was Frank Sinatra, no, it's Fidel Castro, or maybe Librace. Leo was perplexed. He shouted at his mother that she was going to pay for this as he yelled for the guard to let him out of his mother's room.

Back at Greenlee's condo Mary told Greenlee she had arranged for security at the wedding. Greenlee wasn't sure it was needed as Leo was a mellow person. Leo suddenly entered the condo and turned to the now closed front door, banged on it in anger declaring Vanessa was going to tell him where the drug money was or he would kill her. He then turned around to see Mary's surprised reaction and tried to cover up his strange outburst. Greenlee's cell phone rang and she left the room to talk Revlon business. Mary looked at Leo and asked him why in the world he would think he deserved her daughter. Mary told Leo he should do the right thing and not marry Greenlee. As they talk, Greenlee returned from her phone call and overheard her mother's question to Leo. Livid, Greenlee shouted at her mother that she doesn't want her at her wedding unless she takes back what she said.

Hayley returned to the hospital from her AA meeting. She said the serenity prayer before she entered Enzo's room. As she opened the door, she was shocked. Arlene was holding Enzo.



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