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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, May 27, 2002

by Andy

At the hospital, Margo offers to get Tom to represent Simon in the matter of Dahlia's death. Katie and Simon can't believe that the DA would be interested in pressing charges against Simon. Margo says it's going to take awhile for this to get moving because they have to review all the evidence and the tapes. Simon and Katie leave and an officer brings Margo a tape recorder found in a shed near the cottage. Margo looks at Dahlia and says, "Dahlia Ventura. You may be more dangerous to us dead than alive." After Margo walks away, the camera zooms in on Dahlia's toe, sporting a lovely toe tag with her name on it, which twitches with life.

Holden finds Aaron at the Java café studying books to help him with his High School equivalency exam. Lucy and Craig stop in and run into them. Aaron admits he took Lucy for a ride on his bike, to Craig's disappointment. Lucy cringes. Aaron smoothes things over and then he and Lucy go study. Craig gets the story on Aaron from Holden while Aaron tells Lucy she inspired him to get his GED. Lucy offers to help him prepare for the test.

At the cop shop, the three nurses, Carly, Emily, and Rose, have Dr. Weston tied up and staring at a drink mixture looking similar to the blue tonic he fed the girls at the spa. He nervously asks, "What are you going to do?" Carly bends to Weston's ear and says, "You're going to pay for all the horrible things you put us through." He defiantly says, "You don't scare me. Do you want an apology? You won't get one. To hell with you—all three of you!" Carly slaps him. He turns the cheek and begs for another. They force some of the blue juice into his mouth, but he spits it out. Rose chuckles and tells him he's going to wish he drank some of that woo-woo juice. She walks over and picks up a small bottle full of carbonic acid. Weston's eyes bulge as she brings it near his face. Carly says, "It's show time." Weston preaches to them what it feels like to have this kind of power and the consequences they will have to live with for exacting this type of revenge. First Carly decides she can't go through with it, then Emily takes the bottle. He demands Emily to "Go for it!" She pauses, sobs and puts the stopper back on the bottle. Rose steps up and grabs the bottle. "Think I'm squeamish? I'm going to ENJOY this!" As she is inches away from his scalp, Carly and Emily plead for Weston. "He's not worth it! Let's just walk outta here knowing we're better than he is."

Back at the cottage, Katie is grateful that Simon found the bomb. Margo catches up with them and tells them to leave so she can secure the area as a crime scene. She also says she listened to the tape from the recorder found in the shed. The recorder taped Dahlia pleading with Katie to run from Simon because he has a bomb. Margo thinks the DA will conclude that Simon found the bomb so fast because he was the only one who knew where it was. Tom walks in and asks if Simon and Katie will take a lie detector test. They both agree.

Outside the interrogation room, a detective from Sacramento arrives looking for Margo in connection with Monique's homicide. Jack calls Margo and tells her that the investigator is on the way to the cottage.

Margo welcomes Detective Rubens to the cottage. The detective announces she's in town to arrest Monique's killer. Margo smiles after she reads the warrant because Detective Rubens is in town to arrest Dahlia. Margo asks what proof she has that Dahlia murdered her own sister. Det. Rubens says an eyewitness came forward.

At the hospital, Dahlia lurches up gasping for air. She reaches forward and grabs the toe tag. Hearing noises, she lies back down and waits. She looks over and sees a nurse, whom she gives a thumbs-up signal. An orderly wheels another body into the room placing it next to Dahlia, then leaves. Dahlia gets up and puts the tag on the other body and sneaks into a room. An orderly comes back and wheels the body to the hospital morgue.

Margo gets a call from the hospital. They lost Dahlia's body.

There's a knock on the interrogation room door and Jack tells the girls that he has to get Weston to the airport. Rose relents and Weston calls all three of them cowards. Jack walks in and the girls file out one by one leaving Jack and Weston alone. Weston says that the women chickened out on an opportunity to avenge themselves. "Looks like I won again." This pushes Jack near the edge. He looks over at the table, picks up a pair of scissors, and says, "I ain't through with you yet." He cuts through the tape and the rope binding Weston to the chair and walks him out of the room telling him now he knows what it feels like to be at the mercy of others. Weston scoffs.

Back at Hal's place, Rose is angry about not being able to follow through with their plans for revenge. Carly suggests, "There's always Barbara. She is the one who started this whole mess. Anybody game?" Emily doesn't want any part of that plan. "She saved my life. She deserves justice. Let's testify against her and then put this nightmare behind us." They all agree.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Henry visits the police station to be questioned by Margo for the break-ins at World Wide and Rose's place. Margo tells him he needs a lawyer when he decides he wants to make a phone call. She reminds him her husband Tom is an expensive lawyer who charges by the hour but that was ok since they have a son who is going to college. Henry said he can't afford him since Katie left him on an island so he needs a public defender. After Margo gets an officer to take Henry to a cell, he decides he may want to make a deal. When Margo asks what he wants from Rose he said he can't say, but if he doesn't find it Rose will be in danger.

At Hal's, Emily is going through some of Daniel's old clothes, making a "to-do" list and trying to get her life on track. Susan and Alison stop over only to have the visit cut short when tensions flare between Alison, Susan and Emily. Alison blames Emily for Susan being tough on her. Susan mentioned since Emily had no real direction, no one realized she had been missing for days. Hal decides to get everyone to leave and Emily admits her mistakes to Hal. She told Hal what a big mistake it was to take Tom away from his family and how much she regretted it, to which Hal agreed that wasn't good, but she is learning from her mistakes unlike most people. She also admits to Hal that Alison is her daughter not her sister and she needs to tell Alison thinking it may help things with her life.

Lily, Rose, Paul, Holden and Lucinda try to figure out why someone broke in to World Wide and Rose's, and Lucinda tells them it was Henry. Rose said the only thing Henry could want was the diamond which is at the bottom of the ocean, however Lily seems to think it may be in Oakdale.

Craig talks to Lucy about Aaron stating he thinks he is a nice guy and doesn't mind her hanging out with him, but the bike is off limits. Lucy is reluctant to agree to not riding it but eventually does. Lucy meets Aaron at Java to help him study for his GED, but not before becoming annoyed and trying to leave. Aaron runs after her to apologize and said she is weird but a nice weird, and when he figures out what that means he will tell her. In the mean time, Alison stops by Craig's to pick up Lucy. She learns that Lucy is out with Aaron. Meanwhile, Lucy returns and hears them talking.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Emily explains to Hal that technically Alison is her daughter not her sister. After Susan became sober and remarried, she wanted to have another child but had to do in-vitro fertilization so Emily was the one who donated the egg. Now, when Emily sees Alison, she feels like she is seeing herself. She too was "sneaky", "arrogant", and "mouthy." Emily thinks that her mother is making the same mistakes with Alison as she did with her and she wants to help Alison. She thinks it is time to tell Alison the truth about her birth. Hal convinces Emily to wait and first just get to know Alison a little better.

Aaron and Lucy meet at Java to study but Aaron wants to go to the farm, with his motorcycle. Knowing her father doesn't want her to ride on the motorcycle, Lucy tries to convince Aaron to stay where they are. Aaron realizes that Lucy is reluctant to ride, probably because of her father, so he starts to tease her. Alison sees them through the window and then walks in and sits next to Aaron. She continues to flirt with him but he just leaves. Alison is angry with Lucy and says she thought they were friends - why is Lucy trying to steal Aaron away? Lucy insists that her and Aaron are only friends. Alison apologizes and explains that her family situation is a little crazy right now. She tells Lucy that now Emily is back and her mother is preoccupied with her, so Alison feels as if she doesn't even exist. She says it feels the same way with Aaron - that because of Lucy, Alison feels as if she doesn't exist to him. Lucy feels terrible and tells her again that her and Aaron are just friends. She hugs Alison and then leaves to take her final exam. Meanwhile, Emily has overheard the whole conversation and goes over to Alison, asking her why she made Lucy feel sorry for her. Alison gets angry and tells Emily she doesn't need her advice.

Craig is upset because he was not invited to Paul and Rose's engagement party. He first tries to get an invitation by buying a baby gift for Lily. He asks Holden to come over, gives him the gift and says that Lucy wants her father to go to the party with her. Holden says Craig will be stopped at the door if he shows up with Lucy - only she is invited. Then, Craig calls Rosanna and she comes over to his suite. He tells her he wants to start over and be friends. A good way would be to go to the engagement party together. Rosanna says he just wants to make Carly jealous. He says he wants Carly to see she made a mistake and there is nothing wrong with it. Rosanna finally agrees to go with Craig but warns him not to come onto her. As she leaves, Rosanna says she will RSVP for the both of them. Craig has succeeded with his mission.

Margo questions Henry at the police station. Henry says he was looking for a letter but cannot give Margo any information other than telling her that Rose is in danger. Margo has Rose come down to the station to talk to Henry. After Paul "shakes" Henry's hand, or rather tightly grips and twists, Henry agrees to talk with Rose. He tells Rose that he has her diamond. Katie found it in the ocean but a bird took it. Then, when Henry was left on the island, that same bird dropped the diamond at his feet. Rose doesn't believe him but he says he has a witness - Cooley. Henry says that he and Cooley made a deal to split the profits from the diamond but it has been difficult to sell. Rose tells him it is her diamond, not his. Henry says that Rose has the key to make everybody happy.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

by MJ

Jack tells Carly that Barbara asked to speak with her. At first Carly declines to see Barbara, but then decides she will face her. Barbara offers Carly a position as head designer for BRO, telling Carly that she can set her own demands. Carly turns down the offer, and tells Barbara that she once dreamed of being all Barbara was, but now realizes she has advanced Barbara status.

Jessica, Ben and Lisa arrive at the McLauren Castle. When they express their concern for Isaac's whereabouts, Ian and his Uncle Garrick worry the guests will stumble onto something. Paddington shows concern for the truth and attempts to help Billy and Isaac. Meanwhile, in the cellar, Billy and Isaac discover the true heir to the McLauren Castle. The heir is none other than the "Griffin" family. As Isaac and Billy attempt to leave, Uncle Garrick stops them at the door.

Rose scoffs at Henry's suggestion to sell the diamond. Henry tries to explain that the diamond is bad luck and they need to sell it. But, Rose insists it is her birthright and she does not want to sell the diamond.

Friday, May 31, 2002

When Abigail can't find Molly, she calls Carly. Carly comes over to Molly's apartment and soon after Molly shows up. She sends Abigail to the engagement party for Rose and Paul. Abigail doesn't want to leave her mother, but she goes anyway. When she is gone, Molly tells Carly that she had been to Mabel's to look for Jake. Carly tells her that it is time to move on. She reminds her that this is what Jake would want. Carly asks Molly to come to the party with her. Molly says that she just wants to stay at home and grieve for her husband. Carly says that she understands, but asks her cousin not to grieve too long. Carly leaves and shortly after she is gone, Jake shows up. Jake tells Molly that he does not want her to stay in her apartment and grow old. He tells her to go to the party and have a good time. Jake fades away and leaves Molly crying.

At Simon and Katie's cottage, Simon is trying to work on the cottage and Katie wants to go out on the town. Simon tells her that he needs to get the cottage fixed up so that they have a place to live. Margo shows up and asks the two to attend the engagement party with her. Simon tells Katie to go with her sister to the party and he can work in peace. Katie decides to go with Margo.

At the police station, Jack brings Barbara a telegram from James that says that he holds no bad feelings for her stabbing him. The note also says that he is sending Barbara a present. Barbara tells Jack that she is finished with James. Jack gets a call that someone is outside that has some business with Barbara. Jack hangs up the phone and opens the blinds in the interrogation room. He asks Barbara if she knows the man standing outside the room. Barbara does not know who it is. Jack goes out and asks the man what business he has with Barbara. He informs Jack that he is there to set Barbara free. The man introduces himself as T. Marshall Travers, Attorney at Law. Barbara asks who hired him. Mr. Travers tells her if she is smart, she will hire him. Mr. Travers asks Jack to give them some privacy. Jack tells Barbara that he will be right outside if she needs him. After he is gone, Barbara asks Mr. Travers if James Stenbeck had sent him. Mr. Travers tells her to call him Marshall and then he informs her that no one "sends" him anywhere. He adds that he is no longer under retainer to Mr. Stenbeck and he owes him nothing. He asks Barbara if Jack is her friend. She says that Jack used to be her friend. Marshall tells her to have Jack check him out and he will be back later. Jack checks out Mr. Travers and gives Barbara all the information he finds. Barbara is impressed with him and hires him. Marshall tells her that he is not cheap and Barbara says, "Then it's a good thing that I am rich." Marshall leaves and soon returns with all of Barbara's things and tells her that she is free to go. She tells him that he is a miracle worker and says that she is going to go home and climb into bed and sleep for a week. Marshall tells her that she has some work to do. He informs her that she has a party to attend. She looks at him and he tells her that she needs to go to her son's engagement party. She tells Marshall that she can't add "Party Crasher" to her list of crimes. Marshall puts her coat over her shoulders and tells her that she wanted to be free and that she should go and be free. He adds that Barbara Ryan is back on stay.

At the engagement party, Adam shows up to say goodbye to everyone. He is off to college in California. As he is leaving, Molly comes in. Carly sees her and comes over to her and says that she is so glad that she decided to come to the party. Abigail comes over and is upset because Adam is leaving Oakdale. Molly tries to comfort her. Lucinda comes over and steals Abigail away. Molly is left standing alone. She sees all the happy couples, Rose and Paul, Carly and Jack, Emily and Hal, Lily and Holden, Margo and Tom. Paul gets up to make a toast to Rose and that puts Molly over the edge. She tells Abigail that she has to get out of there and she leaves. A polices offers enters the restaurant and finds Margo. He informs Margo that a Dahlia Ferrara has made plane reservations. Margo makes a call to the authorities to meet Dahlia at the plane and take her under arrest. Katie hears this and makes a call to Simon at the cottage. Simon is outside and enters just as Katie is leaving him a message about Dahlia. As Simon is listening to the message, Dahlia walks up behind him with a gun pointed at his back. She tells him not to turn around. At the end of the message, Katie says that she is on her way home to celebrate. Dahlia says that the message is sweet. Simon asks what it is that she wants. She tells him to take off his shirt. He asks if she should buy him a drink first. She tells him to shut up and she pats him down to make sure he doesn't have any weapons on him. She informs him that she is going to prove him to be a wife killer after all. She says that she is going to kill him and Katie and then commit suicide and make it look like he killed herself and Katie. Simon tells her that she is crazy and he lunges at her. He wrestles the gun away from her and it falls to the floor. Simon kicks the gun away. He pushes Dahlia down on the couch and is trying to get to settle her down when Katie comes in the door. Simon does not see Katie, but Dahlia does. She starts saying things to Simon to make it look like they are about to have sex. She says that she and Simon are together and Katie doesn't know anything. Katie sees the gun and picks it up. Simon starts to take off his belt to tie Dahlia up and Dahlia says that she knows he likes it rough. Katie says, "Simon!" Simon looks up and Dahlia continues to mouth off. She says that Katie was not supposed to find out that they have been in cahoots with each other. She adds that Simon loves her and not Katie. Katie says, "What?! You love her?" With her anxiety, she pulls the trigger on the gun and shoots the gun.

In Scotland, Jessica comes to her daughter and Ian and tells them that Duncan can't get away to attend their wedding. She asks her daughter to please wait for him to be there. Ian suggests that Duncan can be with them when they renew their vows later in the summer. Bonnie tells her mother that the wedding has to go on. When a problem comes up in the kitchen, Ian asks Jessica to accompany him to help solve the problem. When he and Jessica are gone, Ben and Lisa start asking Bonnie questions. She shushes them and tells them that the walls have ears. She leaves and Ben and Lisa decide to take the matter into their own hands. Lisa takes the upstairs and Ben goes to the dungeon to search for answers and Isaac and Billy.

Ian gets Bonnie alone and tells her that if she ever wants to see Isaac alive again, then she will marry him and consummate the marriage. She has nowhere to turn; she has to marry this man. Ian leaves and Jessica comes in and once again begs her daughter to wait to get married. Bonnie tells her mother to not ask any questions, but she has to go through with the wedding.

Down in the dungeon, Isaac and Billy are tied up and Ian's uncle has made off with the evidence that they had found that Ian is a fraud and Bonnie is the true heir to the McClearan fortune. The door opens and Ben is shoved in the room and the door closes. Isaac says, "I see they have met the family." Isaac tells his brother to get to work on getting them out of their chains and break them out of the dungeon. Ben says that breaking them out of the dungeon is a no-brainer, but getting them out of the chains is going to be a problem.

Back in the main room of the castle, everyone has gathered. Jessica walks in and over to Lisa. She asks Lisa if there has been any sign of Ben and Lisa says no. Lisa adds that all they can do now is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The music starts to play and Bonnie walks to the top of the stairs. She looks at her mother and takes a deep breath. She puts on a smile and starts down the steps. The wedding starts and as Ian puts the crown on Bonnie, Isaac comes running in and tells them to stop the wedding. Isaac shouts, "This man is a fraud!" Ian tells him that his too late and he adds, "Bonnie and I are man and wife."


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