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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on GL
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Monday, May 27, 2002

Harley questions Lizzie about her involvement in Marina's plot to crawl into Gus' bed, but Lizzie denies all knowledge of the event. Phillip defends Lizzie and Harley leaves. Meanwhile, Gus begins moving into Harley's apartment and finds himself face-to-face with Marina, who is babysitting Zach and Jude. Gus tries to find out why she hates him and is trying to destroy his life, but Marina doesn't answer. Gus waits outside for Harley. Later, Harley asks Marina flat out if the incident with Gus was a set up. Marina evades the subject and heads off to hang out with Lizzie, who has been asking her parents if it's okay to lie if it's for a good reason. Alan pulls Phillip aside to warn him about letting Gus to close to his children. Danny blackmails Olivia for the money that he needs to rescue Ed. Seeing that she has no choice, Olivia asks Alan for the money. Romeo takes Marah to the Santos Yacht and handcuffs her to the boat. At the carousel, Josh and Reva wait to meet Marah, but only find Tony, still woozy from being knocked on the head. They decide to work together and get in touch with Danny to help them with their plan. Danny calls Romeo to the house and lies that Tony has been killed. Romeo reports the news to Marah and sets off for the Santos Mansion, leaving Marah to mourn for Tony. Marah, determined to avenge Tony's death, frees herself from the cuffs. Romeo finds the family in mourning. Although he is wary that it is a setup, he is convinced that Tony is dead when he hears it being reported on the local news.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Danny puts a tracking device on Romeo so that he will lead them to Marah he then sends him on an errand. Josh and Reva want to call the police but Tony says no they will do this his way. Josh wants to go with Tony to help find Marah but the guards will not let him. Josh and Reva decide to go to the police.

Danny tells Michelle that he found her fathers location. He his flying to Africa tonight to try to bring him back.

Blake calls Holly from the docks and tells her to go to the house to sit with the children. Ross is having trouble believing Blake's story. They go to the police station where Ross explains the trap door and the details of the cell Tory made for Blake. Blake has a Tory vision where Tory says they are never going to believe you. Blake turns to Frank and Ross and begins to laugh stating she made up the whole story as part of her writing process. She tells them both that she believes Tory is dead and apologizes.

Cassie wants to rent the Beacon hotel out for Josh and Reva's wedding. Olivia agrees.

At the yacht, Marah waits for Romeo. When he returns, she turns the heat on and says that she wants him. They begin to kiss passionately.

Tony tracks Romeo to the yacht. While still on the dock, a policeman spots Tony and attempt to arrest him.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Boasting about Gus' hidden record as a juvenile, Frank doubts it when Harley claims that Gus will tell her everything about his past. She also asks him to consider why she got a call at just the right moment to send her to Gus' hotel room. Guilt ridden by the aftereffects of her trick on Gus, Marina considers confessing all to Buzz but is interrupted by Frank. Phillip looks like a deer caught in headlights when Gus reveals that he moved in with Harley and the kids. Phillip is quick to ask if he moved in before or after he was caught in bed with Marina. Gus denies having anything to do with any minor. When Harley returns home, Phillip hints that she'll lose custody of their son if Gus stays with her.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Harley presses Gus for the secret of his sealed juvenile record but he won't talk. Phillip announces to Beth that he's tired of taking his son back to Harley's every time and has decided he's keeping him until Gus is out of Harley's house. Beth doesn't like the idea and warns Phillip about what a custody battle could do to Zach. Olivia overhears Phillip ordering his operative to get Gus' file open and offers to help him. He reluctantly accepts her help, offering her a promise of his support if she's successful. Instead, she asks for an in with the top contract attorney. Lillian offers Rick a special gift: the news that he's been moved to near the top of the heart donor list. He quickly calls Mel with the great news.

Friday, May 31, 2002

The show starts with Romeo and Tony sharing a cell together. Neither are happy with being locked up together and want separate cells. Tony is furious with Romeo for lying about Catalina's murder and leaving him to take the fall. Romeo teases that he is not the disloyal one. Marah shows up and Romeo continues to tauntingly hint about being intimate with Marah. Before any secrets can be revealed Romeo is released as his bail was posted. Romeo advises Marah that the discussion is not over. Once Tony and Marah are alone she gives him take out from Little Havana and they discuss being together forever once the ordeal is over. Marah seemed to be ready to tell Tony the truth about being with Romeo but an officer had advised her that her visitation time was up.

In Rick's hospital room the wedding ceremony barely begins when Phillip stops the festivities. He claims that the hospital is way too depressing for his best friend's wedding. He develops a quick plan with Beth and clears the room. To buy time he throws a bachelor party for Rick with cigars and non-alcoholic beer. Phillip even ads female entertainment as Lillian, Beth, Harley, and Holly all dress is hospital gowns and caps and strip down to their normal attire. Rick is genuinely pleased but would really just like to get married and can the party. The groom is moved outside where they proceed to start the ceremony again, only this time Michelle stops the wedding to tell a little about Rick and Mel. Once finished with her warm thoughts and wishes, and just before the Reverend can start again, Gus breaks in to recite a love poem by e.e. cummings. Mel and Rick share their own wedding vowels. Mel's parents introduce an African American tradition called "jumping the broom." It is a ceremony ritual in which the broom sweeps away the past as both jump the broom together. Rick stands to perform the ritual and just as they are to be pronounced man and wife, Ed Bauer shows up and stops the wedding. Rick, Ed, and Michelle engage in an overdue family hug.

Romeo is brought to Carmen where we find she posted Romeo's bail. Carmen wants Romeo to make everything right and confess to Catalina's murder or die. Romeo states it is a mistake for him to confess as once Tony is free Marah will keep him away from the family. Carmen advises Romeo that she will take care of Marah in due time. Romeo threatens to take Maria down with him but Carmen says that Maria is more than willing to confess. Romeo agrees to confess and tells Carmen that he has a sure fire way to get rid of Marah. Romeo goes back to the station. Tony and Marah are surprised to see him there. He informs them that he is there to turn himself in.

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