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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 20, 2002 on GL
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Monday, May 20, 2002

At Company, Frank asks Buzz if Marina is back with the groceries. Lizzie confesses that Gus asked Marina to his hotel room, but she wasn't supposed to say anything. Frank hustles out. Buzz follows.
Harley knocks on the door of Gus' hotel room, waking him. He looks confused as Harley reminds him she was called to come over - "there's trouble." He never called, but invites her in anyway. He sits on the bed and Harley sees he's not alone. She uncovers a scantily clad and guilty-looking Marina and gives Gus "three seconds" to explain before she shoots him. Harley covers Marina in a blanket while Gus claims he was asleep - Marina must have found his spare key in the hallway and snuck in. He screams for her to leave, saying the Coopers are all nuts and have only caused him trouble. Harley asks Marina what happened. Marina cringes, "We thought you'd be at work." Gus accuses her of lying and can't believe Harley believes her. Marina cries on Harley's shoulder and asks her not to be mad.
The Cooper men bust into the room, where Frank attacks Gus. Harley breaks it up and explains Gus' side of the story - he didn't know Marina was there til he woke up. Frank and Gus scream until Buzz silences them. He asks Marina to explain, but she is quiet. Frank, fuming, tells Marina to get dressed and asks Buzz to take her outside. Marina asks if Harley is coming too, but she stays behind to talk to Gus. Frank leaves after threatening a hearty punishment for the detective if he finds out he hurt his daughter.
Back at Company, Marina is reluctant to tell the truth. She just wants to go home, "it's over." Frank and Buzz remind her she's done nothing wrong, but they need to know what happened. "Did this guy touch you?" Marina asks them not to be mad, but Gus always flirts with her and says they have a "chemistry" together. She refuses to say any more so Frank gets up and orders her to the hospital for a doctor's exam. There is panic in Marina's eyes.

Harley reminds Gus that her niece is underage. Gus mentions that she is also very "screwed up," constantly vying for attention. She has a history of lying and causing trouble. Harley doesn't understand why Marina would sneak into Gus's bed, "What purpose would that serve?" Harley is scared because she sees herself in Marina - but there was a line even she'd never cross. She'd never accuse anyone of something like this. Gus urges Harley to think like the adult she is now, instead of the kid she used to be - to realize he wouldn't do this. He refuses to pay the price for the other men that hurt the woman he loves. "I am just ME!" Harley screams for the truth. She needs to believe he didn't do this. Gus calmly tells her he never invited Marina to his room, never touched her, etc. She must have stolen his spare key. He swears that is the truth. Harley tears up as Gus is obviously hurt by her lack of trust. It breaks his heart to know that after all they've been through, she still doesn't trust him. He says that if deep down she still has doubts, and thinks him capable of something this horrible, then she should just leave, "cause I want nothing to do with you." He goes into the adjoining room, leaving Harley, uncertain.

At the Santos house, Danny welcomes Edmund and asks for a favor - he needs to find Ed Bauer who was last seen in Kenya. Danny assumes that Edmund's international connections may help. He adds that Ed's son, Rick, is in the hospital and may not have long. He offers to pay the former prince generously for his services. Edmund makes a call and offers to pay double if Dr. Bauer is found within 24 hours. Danny leaves as Carmen enters, impressed with her new partner's philanthropy. Edmund reveals he just wants the money - he will find Ed Bauer.

At Cedars, Michelle asks Ross, the last person to have contact with Ed, to find her dad. Holly is looking too. When Mel joins them, Ross apologizes for missing the engagement party and congratulates her. In Rick's room, Mel reluctantly shows her fiancé his test results. He reads the charts and tells his sister and Ross that his heart is degenerating faster than they expected. Michelle is upset but a heart transplant, Mel says, is an option. Michelle leaves to page Lillian - she is head of the transplant program at Cedars. Outside Rick's room, Michelle panics, "Oh my God, Ross. Rick could be dying!" Michelle is determined to go to Africa herself to find Ed. Ross warns that it could take months. Michelle is worried, "What if Rick doesn't have that long?"
In the lobby, Ross calls Blake and leaves a message. They have to "talk." Mel sits with Rick and asks how he's feeling. She cries, reluctantly - she wants to be strong for him. Rick says as a married couple they will have to share things and pray for each other - to share hope. She hugs him as Lillian enters. She tells Rick that finding an available heart will be difficult. Not enough people fill out donor cards, and there is a long list of recipients. She promises to add Rick's name, but can't promise he'll be at the top. She tells him to be optimistic; miracles can happen. Rick eyes Mel, "I have way too much to live for."
Rick talks to Ross alone. He wants everyone he loves to be taken care of if he dies. Jude, Michelle, Mel, etc. Ross agrees to take care of things. In the lobby, Ross sees Michelle who asks him not to tell Rick she's looking for Ed. (In case her search is unsuccessful). Danny arrives with Jude and hugs Michelle. She takes Jude to see his dad as Danny answers a call. Edmund reports that Ed Bauer was last seen at an AIDS clinic in Kenya, but he was headed for the states. He assures Danny that he will find him.

Rick lights up with joy upon seeing his son. He tells Michelle that he's always wanted a son of his own - to play baseball with and see grow up and do well in school and become a doctor like him. But, the first time he held Jude, all that went out the window; he was just grateful he was healthy. He promises Jude that he'll get better and will be there to see him grow up. Michelle wipes away her tears.

Ross calls Felicia from the hospital payphone. He thought Blake had an appointment today, but was mistaken. He hangs up, worried, "Blake, where are you? Don't scare me like this."

Blake and Tory fight in their cell at the docks. Blake shoves Tory against the door, locking it closed. Blake should have known Tory was faking her sickness. She came prepared, however. She's hidden pepper spray somewhere. She warns Tory to stay away or lose her eyesight. She punches her rival and goes for the lock. Tory attacks, but Blake shakes her off, swallowing the key. Tory panics. Blake tells her not to worry, "the key will resurface." Blake is in charge now. She suggests they take this time to "get to know each other better." Blake guesses Tory grew up in a boring town with the perfect family. Tory corrects her, "my dad abused me and my mother committed suicide." Tory continues - she was in the chess club. the president, Susie, always told her she was stupid. One day after a loss, Tory pushed Susie into a well. No one ever knew she did itŠ except for Todd, her 8th grade boyfriend. When Todd wanted to tell the police, Tory killed him for betraying her. "Then there was Stewart..." Blake guesses she killed him too. Tory explains that Stewart was cheating on her. She found out and the next day Stewart has his "fateful car accident." "Goodbye Stewart, hello Ross... Onward and upward." She smiles, proud of herself. Blake doesn't believe her. She asks why Tory broke the trend and neglected to kill Ross too. Tory claims Ross loves her and it was Blake who got in the way. Tory finishes talking and lays on the cot. Blake cringes, "Sweet dreams, dear."

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Gus is relieved to find Harley still at his motel room. She admits that she believes he didn't sleep with Marina but both then wonder why Marina did what she did. After the teen refuses a medical examination, Frank and Buzz bring Marina to the station house and to question her about Gus. She assures them both that Gus didn't hurt her but Frank advises Buzz that he'll kill Gus if he did harm his daughter. When Gus and Harley return to work, the chief suspends Gus while they investigate what happened last night with Marina. Marina begins to waver in her answers as Harley presses her to tell the truth. Frank vows to investigate Gus' past.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

At the docks

Tory woke up and quietly got out of bed. She starts to hit Blake on the head, but Blake tells her not to even think about it. Tory wants to know why she swallowed the key, and asked Blake why she didn't let her die when she had the chance. Blake reminded her that she should be grateful. When Tory wasn't watching, Blake put bottle of pills in her pocket. Blake poured milk over a bowl of cereal and opens a bottle of juice. Tory wants her food because she figured Blake put something in it. She insisted Blake drink the other soda. Tory knows that there is something wrong with the soda, but Blake takes a drink. Blake pretends to choke and falls to the floor, but gets up laughing. Tory gets up but falls to the floor. She had no feeling in her legs. Blake helps Tory to lie down. Blake pulls a key out of her blouse. Tory was shocked since she thought Blake had swallowed the key. Tory begs her not to leave her there. Blake steps out of the cell. Blake exits.

At Cedar's Hospital

Michelle wheels Rick outside. Rick wants Michelle to help him to the park bench. Teasingly he tells her not to worry about him, that he will make it. He moved to the park bench and realized how weak he was because he has been lying in bed. He felt that it was going to be a good day. They both put on sunglasses and enjoyed the day. They talked about the long shifts that Rick and her dad used to work. They reminisced about their dad and the good memories. Michelle wishes her dad would be there. Rick reminds her that they are doing ok without him. Michelle gave him a piece of watermelon. They competed as to how far they could spit the seeds. Rick leaned forward in pain, but ignores it. He spits a seed on the nurse by mistake. He apologized to the nurse. The nurse told him he needed to get back inside. Rick exits. Danny enters. He apologized for the length of time he was gone. They embrace. While they are sitting on the bench, Danny confessed that he hated the wall that is between them. Michelle knows that Rick is scared, and she told Danny that she is it ready to be alone. Crying, Michelle wants her dad there because he could make everything ok. Danny convinced her that she is strong enough to face this.

At the Lighthouse

Marah aloud wants to know where Tony is. She turned on the radio. As she turned off the radio, she heard a voice calling Tony's name and realized it was Romeo. She quickly hid. Romeo walked around the lighthouse, while Marah quietly moved from place to place. Aloud Romeo said, "It is not a good idea to wear perfume when you are trying to hide." Marah tells Romeo that she isn't hiding. Romeo told Marah that she knows more than she is telling. He grabbed her by the arm and wanted to know what is going on. She slapped him because he called her a slut. She told him being with him was the worst mistake she has ever made in her life. Marah tells him she slept with him because he was there. Romeo screams for her to shut up. Marah told him that he killed Catalina. Romeo pins her up against the wall. Marah screams for him to get his hands off of her. Romeo told her that he came there to tell Tony to turn himself in, but he will tell the police that Tony tried to shoot him and also shot Marah. Romeo said he is not doing life in the cage. He grabbed her by the head and she yelled for Tony. Tony enters and saw the gun in Romeo's hand.

At the mausoleum

Tony asked Danny how much cash was in the briefcase. But Tony said he needed to get back to Marah. Danny wanted to now where Marah is, but Tony wouldn't tell him. Danny reminds him to not put Marah in danger. Tony told Danny that Romeo has been asking questions. Danny told Tony that once the cops find out, there will be a price on his head. Tony began to tell Danny that Catalina was wearing the necklace. But the necklace ended up around Romeo's neck. Danny wants to trap Romeo and prove he killed Catalina. He told Tony that he is working on something. Danny told Tony to go to the safe house and think about what he said. Tony exits.

Lewis house

Richard is talking to Reva on the phone and tells her don't worry

Cassie enters and wanted to know whom he was taking to. He told her he was talking to Reva, but she knew they were talking about something else. Shayne entered with a box and wants to know where to put the boxes. Richard exits to attend a meeting. Cassie told Shayne that Richard is buying her a car, but she doesn't think they can afford it. Shayne said that she should look at her options because once she gets the car she is stuck with it regardless of color. She decided to go to dealership by herself.

Tony approaches Shayne and tells him to keep his voice down. Tony told Shayne that Marah is ok. Tony told Shayne to have Josh and Reva pick her up.

At the Dealership

Pete, Richard's boss, tells him he may be salesman of the year. As Richard is sitting at his desk making a phone call, Cassie enters. Richard wants to know why she is there. Cassie told Richard that her cell phone went dead so she came in there to use the phone. Richard wants to take the opportunity to buy a car. The both get in the Jaguar, and she says it is a little fancy for the farm. Richard told Cassie they need to go. Olivia entered with Pete Nevell, but he told Olivia to wait for the salesman.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Attic in the Spaulding Mansion

Beth enters to see Phillip looking through photo albums in order to find something for the kids. He is trying to get rid of some if the junk in the attic. Beth talked about when Lizzie had leukemia and Rick was by their side. She tried to convince Phillip to not give up on Rick.

Phillip knows that Rick has always been there for him. He remembered when they were in school and how the kids were afraid of him. But Rick didn't care and they became friends. Beth said that now Rick needs him. Phillip doesn't know what to say to him. Phillip said he has all this money and he cannot buy a heart. Beth told him to go see Rick and take him food, laugh at his jokes, and let him know that nothing has changed between them. Phillip turns to Beth for comfort. Nodding, Phillip said that it isn't fair because Rick has everything now. But Beth thinks that he should get this stuff together and take to Rick so they can make fun of everything and get a few laughs. Beth gave Phillip a hug for comfort. Phillip agreed to do it. Beth opened a box to find Lorelei's diary.

At Cedar's Hospital

Mel takes Rick outside. Rick leans over in the wheel chair and told Mel that he hurts all over. He is worried about Michelle missing their dad. Rick admitted that he would like to see him too to ask him a few things. Mel said she is mad at his dad because he turned his back on Rick and Michelle. Lizzie enters. Rick introduced Mel to Lizzie. Lizzie gave Rick a present, but she wants him to promise not to laugh. He opens it and finds her white horse. Lizzie reminds Rick that Edmund gave her that to fight the cancer, and she wants him to have it to help him too. Rick told her it is the nicest gift that anyone ever gave him. She wants to return the favor and help him. She hugged Rick. Lizzie exits.

Phillip and Beth enter. Rick told them about Lizzie being there. Phillip gives Rick the box. Phillip gave Rick the yearbook. They begin to make fun of each their picture in the yearbook. They go down memory lane. Rick had a coughing spell. Mel suggested that Rick go inside. Beth wanted Phillip to go with Rick. Beth breaks down in tears.

At Company

Marina enters. Harley puts her arm around Marina and said they need to talk. Buzz told her that they couldn't drop this. Marina wants to know if she is there as a cop or her aunt. Harley took Marina to sit at the bar. Harley asked Marina about the message she got at the station to go to the hotel room, which means someone wanted her to catch Marina with Gus. She wants to know who would want her to do that. Marina said maybe it was a nosey neighbor. Buzz exits to stir something. Harley explains that when she was younger she had a crush on an older man. Harley told Marina that Gus wouldn't do this. Marina told Harley that she is like her mom. Harley and Marina talk about her mom's ex-boyfriend, Cain. Harley told Marina she doesn't need her protection. Harley can see where Marina is coming from, but she would ruin Gus' life. They continued to discuss the reasons Marina did what she did. Marina told Harley that she is like everyone else, because she doesn't trust her. Marina exits. Buzz said she flew the coop. Harley told Buzz that she is trying to protect her from Gus. They are trying to figure out who made the phone call. Harley wanted to know how Buzz and Frank knew to come to the room. Buzz said Lizzie told them. Harley calls Phillip and leaves a message.

Outside Company

Marina left message for Lizzie that she will be getting a visit from Detective Cooper and to not tell them anything. Gus ran into Marina. Gus apologized to Marina. Gus told her he had lied sometimes in his life because it made it easier to avoid situations. Gus suggested that he would help her. Buzz enters. Marina exits. Harley wants Gus to wait before he leaves. Buzz exits. She told him that she believed him. Harley said they need to convince everyone; therefore it would be a good idea if Gus would move in with her. Harley told him that her body could be his 24 hours a day. Gus agreed to move in.

Police station

Gus had trouble with anyone talking to him. Gus wants to talk to the chief. Frank enters. Frank told him to leave. Gus wants to try to deal with this. Gus told Frank that Marina has got trouble and he would never do something like that. Gus told Frank that he needed to face it that Marina is a liar. Frank told him that he is going to nail him to the wall. Frank tells Gus to leave. Gus exits. Buzz enters. Frank was still convinced that Marina is telling the truth. Frank told Buzz that he found out that Gus did juvenile time for two years and he is going to find out the details.

At the Lighthouse

Tony wants Romeo to let Marah go. Tony said it is between him and Romeo. Romeo points the gun at Tony. Tony continued screaming for Romeo to let Marah go. Tony told Romeo that Catalina didn't deserve this. Romeo said he killed her because that is what Tony wanted. Romeo remembered when Tony said he wanted out. Romeo kept backing up still pointing gun at Tony. Tony tried to convince Romeo that Catalina was desperate. Tony told Romeo that he took care of him and kept him. Tony offered to be the hostage. Romeo moved his hand to hold Marah by the neck. Romeo yelled for Tony to step back, and Marah hits Tony on the head. She told Romeo that he is going to have to take her.

Romeo points gun at Tony, but Marah screamed and begged him not to shot Tony. Romeo points gun at Marah, but told her they are leaving. Romeo and Marah exit.

Friday, May 24, 2002

Michelle is researching an emergency Visa. She wants to get to Kenya ASAP to find her father, Ed Bauer. She feels helpless with Rick's condition and believes that her father can help. She also misses her father. Mel stops by the Bauer residence to pick up Michelle so they can car pool to the office. Danny inquires as to Rick's chances. Mel informs him that with a heart, he has a shot and without one it is hard to predict. Danny urges Michelle to take the day off from school to be with him and Robbie and they make plans to go see Rick. Carmen and Edmund show up to talk to Danny about his request to find Ed Bauer. When Michelle asks why they are there, Danny lies and says that he needs to discuss Edmunds tab at the club. He puts off spending the day with her and offers her a lunch meeting. A frustrated Michelle leaves for class. Carmen questions why Danny is keeping secrets from his wife. Danny's excuse is that he does not want to get her hopes up. Edmund announces that Ed was kidnapped by a revolutionary group and is being help prisoner. Edmund says that a large amount of cash and medical training will be accepted as a trade for Ed. Carmen offers the money. Danny says that he does not need either one of them and he will handle it from here. Danny places a call to Elliot Spencer.

On a study break at Company, Michelle and Holly talk about Ed. Holly remembers Ed. She claims that she only wants him back for Michelle and Rick.

Gus goes to see Rick with a gift! Rick tells Gus that they are not friends. Gus explains that he has a problem because Harley cares about Rick, by default he cares about Rick because he cares about Harley. Rick seems warmed by the bowling ball gift. Gus lets Rick know that he is going to hold down the fort and pitch hit for Rick until he gets better. They even make plans to go bowling. Rick tells Gus he appreciates everything. Mel comes and wants to have a talk with Rick about the future. Gus leaves and Rick is not wanting to have a discussion. He is afraid. Mel is determined to take the next step with Rick and is ready for her wedding. Rick tells her that he will not marry her and leave her a widow. She explains that she needs this, needs him. She says that she could not stand never being his wife.

Ross is at the police station with Holly to file a missing persons report for Blake. Harley feels that they should not consider her missing but consider her a fugitive. Harley is very suspicious of Blake. She tells him of the dockworker that was paid to lie about Tory's suicide.

Blake is at the fairy dock and bums a quarter off a fisherman there. She calls Ross who is still at the station and requests that he come see her alone. Ross abruptly leaves Harley and Holly stating he has to meet with a client. Once with Blake, she confesses everything to him. She tells the whole story about her imprisonment and then Tory's imprisonment and then further how they were in the cage together. Blake takes Ross to Tory's cell only to find it empty!! Even the bars are gone and the room looks like an ordinary room. Blake is frantic and tells Ross she really was a hostage. She can't imagine how Tory got out or where she could be. Ross appears concerned about her state and wants to take her home to see the children where they can sort everything out.

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