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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 13, 2002 on GL
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Monday, May 13, 2002

Tony enters his former office at Infierno to find his right-hand man and his ex-girlfriend making out on the sofa. He calls Romeo a "two-faced punk" and approaches with fire in his eyes. He will not be played for a fool. Romeo moves to the desk and pretends to be happy Tony is out of jail; behind his back, he holds a long blade. Marah gets between them and explains to her ex that she is with Romeo now. Tony made it very clear that he wanted nothing to do with her, so she moved on. Tony doesn't understand why she's lying. When Marah insists it's over, Tony lunges at Romeo. Marah grabs him and says she now knows who he really is - and she knows what really happened the night when Catalina was killed. They are "over forever." Romeo puts an arm around his latest conquest and smiles at his boss, supporting Marah's independent words. Enraged, Tony warns Romeo not to touch her. As sirens wail in the distance, Marah pushes Tony toward the back door. He grabs her arm and insists she come with him. For a moment, Marah looks from one man to the other with uncertainty, but shakes it as Frank enters the building and tells his backup not to let anyone in or out. He calls for Tony to turn himself in. Marina, having just stolen $100 from the register, hides behind the bar, trapped. In the office, Marah shoes Tony out the back just as Frank busts the office door open. He sees Romeo with his arm around Marah, looking confused. Frank demands to know where Tony is. Marah plays dumb, guessing Tony's in the hospital. Frank doesn't believe her and begins searching the office. In the club, one of the cops stop Marina trying to sneak out. Frank enters and asks what she's doing there. Romeo accuses Marina of stealing from him so she can get out of town. Frank finds the money in his daughter's bag and frowns at her. She insists Romeo owed her that money for the night she worked there. Romeo screams, "I didn't ask you to work here!" Frank warned Romeo to stay away from his daughter, but Romeo insists Marina came on her own. Marina pleads with her father not to let Eleni take her back to California. Frank doesn't want her to go either. Carmen enters and breaks up the family squabble. She threatens to call her lawyer if Frank doesn't produce a search warrant. The cops remind him that Tony is not there, so they decide to leave. Marina says she'll meet him at Company, but Frank takes her by the arm - he'll deal with her now. He tosses the cash to Romeo and leads Marina out. Carmen spots Marah and asks, "You're getting to be quite the little fixture around here, aren't you?" Marah stares in defiance.
In the office, Romeo cleans up after Frank's tirade and tells Carmen he was able to get Tony out of there before the cops came. He guesses Tony came to Infierno for quick cash. A condescending Carmen insists she be the first to know where Tony is. As she starts to exit, Marah stops her, asking who she thinks she is talking to Romeo that way. He works hard and deserves to be treated with respect. Carmen turns around, insulted, "You have no idea who you're messing with." Marah says she isn't afraid of Carmen Santos and she shouldn't treat her boyfriend like hired help. Carmen is quick to remind her that Romeo IS hired help. She demands Marah leave and never come back. Marah goes, gladly. Carmen encourages Romeo to go after her, "but if you do, don't bother coming back." Outside, Marah fondles her necklace and smiles, satisfied.

Gus slaps the cuffs on his former archenemy. Danny had them all convinced he was out of the family business for good. Holding Robbie tight, Michelle begs Danny to tell them the truth - he had nothing to do with Tony's escape from prison. There'd be no point; Gus knows Danny was behind it and Harley even saw Danny drive away from the hospital with a disguised Tony in the car. Carmen arrives, shocked to see her son in police custody. Danny plays dumb and has no idea of Tony's whereabouts. Michelle is left dumbfounded as Gus leads his suspect out to the squad car. Harley follows after encouraging Michelle to go home. Carmen wants her to stay - she is a Santos woman, so she is welcome there. Michelle says she and Robbie have their own home. Carmen justifies Danny's actions - he was only trying to help his family. Family is all about loyalty, something Michelle might not understand. Michelle can't believe Danny would put his son's life in danger willingly. Carmen wonders who her daughter-in-law is kidding - Danny's been training for this his entire life. "Danny will always put his family first."
Michelle returns home to find Rick waiting for her. He tells her she didn't have to pretend to be sick if she just wanted to go see Danny. He would have gone with her and protected her. She knows, and is sorry, but Rick can see something is very wrong as Michelle starts to cry. She's loved Danny so much, she's been blind. She was wrong to think that she and Robbie were enough to keep him from his family. Danny put Robbie in danger in order to help Tony. There's no excuse for that. "I guess I was wrong about Danny."
Danny sits handcuffed in the interrogation room, threatening to charge Gus and Harley with False Arrest. Gus lists the facts: Tony was last seen at the hospital stealing a police uniform, Danny was seen driving from the hospital with an officer in his car. It's obvious what went down. Danny claims he was home with his family, and the cop in his car was a friend named "Harrison." He urges Gus to call him for verification, or... they can book him and deal with an angry D.A. and a lawsuit. A frustrated Gus insists Danny leave. Before he does, Danny warns that Springfield's finest better not get "trigger happy" on Tony. If anyone hurts him, "someone will have to pay." Harley slams the file down on the table.
Danny returns home to find Michelle sitting in the dark. She says she's been "in the dark for a long time... I'm getting used to it." Danny turns on the light and joins her on the couch. He apologizes and says this was out of his control. Michelle repeats Carmen's words - Danny planned the whole thing. He says it was Carmen who pulled the strings. He was surprised when Tony jumped into his car. He instinctively drove, thinking a cop would soon follow and start shooting. With Robbie in the car, it was instinct to get him away from there. Michelle doesn't understand why Danny lied to the police - was he trying to protect Carmen? Danny insists he was only trying to help Tony. The cops would kill him if they had the chance. Michelle accuses Danny of acting "on instincts about who you are... and that scares me." Danny professes his love for his wife and son, and would do anything to protect them. But, he couldn't turn his back on Tony either. Michelle isn't sure she can trust him "as long as you're involved with your family."

Having talked with "Harrison," Gus breaks the news to Harley - Danny's story checks out. Now they'll have more work to do (and less time to be alone.) As he moves in for a kiss, an officer enters asking for the Santos file. Harley insults Gus and pushes him away (for the benefit of the officer) and gives him the file. When he is gone, Gus is hurt that Harley dissed his clothes. She said she was just using their secret code - "say the opposite." What she really meant was that she wanted to rip his clothes off him. They exchange flirtatious insults when Frank enters with Marina. They are "working out a little misunderstanding." Frank leaves his daughter with Aunt Harley. Harley tells her partner with her eyes to leave them alone. Marina explains that she needed money (that Infierno owed her) so she went there and took it herself. Harley asks if Buzz pays her for working at Company. Marina says he does, but she needed a lot of cash all at once. She doesn't want to go back to California with her mom and thought she'd buy a ticket back to Springfield in case she needed it. Harley understands how hard it is to talk to her family, so she offers to do the talking for Marina - see if she can get them to let her stay. She warns her niece, however, to stop pulling these stunts. Marina promises to be good as long as she can stay. She hugs Harley, hopeful.

At the Beacon, Cassie laughs as she helps Richard out of his mud bath, hoping he and Alan learned their lesson - she and Olivia are not a cockfight for the them to bet on. Richard and Alan insist they were trying to be supportive. Cassie and Olivia lay it on thick (literally) and laugh at how ridiculous they all look. They decide they need to find another way to work together. The two women agree to restore the hotel to it's former glory and Olivia gives in - Lewis Construction can have the contract. Cassie gathers the cash from the mud and splits it with Olivia who offers to shove Alan into the sludge after his lost cell phone. He says it can be replaced, but she can't. They leave as Cassie apologizes for ruining Richard's suit. Strange outfit for the farm. Richard explains he had a last minute meeting, hence the clothes. They leave to get cleaned up.
Alan and Olivia, now mud-free, toast to Olivia's dream come true. Alan admires the way Olivia played Cassie like a violin. He likes her surprises. They kiss over champagne.
Cassie enters the shower and is surprised when Richard follows behind her. She hands him a sponge and passionately rid themselves of the mud.

Tony enters the empty hotel and dials his cell phone. He needs help ASAP. Ray meets him at the hotel and Tony confesses - he didn't kill Catalina. He's been lying to everyone in order to protect Marah. It was his fault she was involved, so he wanted to get her out of it. He thought she did it until Ray said she was asking questions - trying to clear Tony's name. Someone else was in the house that night, and if Marah is getting close to the killer, she may be risking her own life. Ray wants to go to the cops, but Tony can't - he confessed and now the cops think the case is closed. He tells Ray that he saw Marah with Romeo at Infierno but the police showed up. Ray suspects Romeo killed Catalina. Tony isn't sure, but he is scared Marah may try to trap him herself and end up in danger. He begs Ray for his help saving Marah. Ray is impressed and proud of his brother's willingness to sacrifice everything for love. He agrees to help by bringing Marah there. Tony tells him to hurry as the killer may not stop with just one murder. Ray leaves after suggesting Tony pray. Tony looks up, "God, please keep Marah safe."

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

While waiting for Marah at the Old Beacon Hotel, Tony is spotted by a security guard. The guard is carrying a newspaper with Tony's wanted face on the front page and immediately recognizes Tony. Tony knocks out the guard and ties him up before leaving.

Blake has a bad dream about Tory. In the dream she takes Ross to the dungeon where Tory is lying dead. There is nothing left of her but her clothes and bones. Blake wakes up exclaiming Tory's name. Ross tries to calm Blake. But Blake wants to fight evil with evil. She wonders if she is like her father, Roger Thorpe. Blake suddenly wants to leave New York to talk with Felicia Boudreau. She flies back and meets with her to ask about the feelings of malice she is having. She plays it off as if she researching for a character in her book. Felicia tells her that when a person is threatened in the manner in which described, they are capable of anything. Blake goes to Tory only to find her lying sick in her cage. Blake isn't buying it. Blake blames Tory for what she has become. Blake tells Toryshe must go for good.

Danny spent the night on the sofa by his own choice. Michelle missed Danny sleeping with her. She says she is more worried than angry that he'll get pulled back into the family business. Danny tries to explain that he is just trying to help out after all, "Tony took a bullet for him." He insists that he cannot turn his back on his family. She says he has to choose because the Santos family is a threat to his family with Robbie and herself. Danny replies, " A Santos is who I am. You should know that by now Michelle." In light of their current situation, they prepare the Bauer home to have an engagement party for Mel and Rick.

Mel meets with her mother and brother at company to invite them to her engagement party. This was their first time learning of the engagement and both gave her sincere congratulations.

A coughing Rick goes to the Spaulding mansion for some entertaining chat with his buddy Phillip. Rick tells Phillip of his engagement to Mel. Phillip is happy for Rick and asks if he can be his best man.

At Company, Father Ray is discussing Marah's involvement with Romeo. Romeo shows up and it is not just a coincidence. Romeo had been following Marah since she left home that morning. Romeo threateningly asks them both where Tony is. Romeo is growing suspicious of Marah because she was nowhere to be found after she helped Tony out the back door of Inferno. Marah plays it off. Ray leaves to get Danny involved with getting Marah away from Romeo. Danny calls Romeo at Company and invites him and Marah to the engagement party. Marah agrees to skip studying to go with him.

At the engagement party Ray tells Michelle to be patient. He reminds her that this is hard for Danny too. When Romeo arrives Danny immediately takes him away to talk business. Michelle is not pleased at all hearing this. Once Romeo is away from Marah, Ray sends Marah off to the Beacon to meet with Tony. Romeo comes back and cannot find Marah. Danny lies and tells Romeo she took some gifts upstairs. Michelle is getting more upset and wants to know what Danny is up to. He tries to explain that he will tell her later but she insists on knowing right now! Rick makes a very sentimental toast to his new bride. However, toward the end he experiences an extreme shortness of breath and ends his toast.

Once Marah arrives at the Beacon she cannot find Tony but unties the security guard. While looking for Tony, she finds a sign that says "Forever" and heads to the lighthouse where her and Tony finally meet.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Tory in captivity

Blake tells Tory she needs to get rid of her permanently. Tory keeps clutching her stomach. Bur Blake doesn't believe she is in pain. Blake exits.

At Company

Gus is on the phone trying to find out if anyone looking like Tony was seen at the airport. Harley says her day is over and she is clocking out. Gus wants to know if she wants to grab a bite. Harley tells him she is all dressed up to go to Rick's engagement party. Harley said he can go but he has to be on his best behavior. They exit Company.

At the Bauer house

Mel's parents congratulated her on the engagement. Reva and Josh enter. Michelle tells them they just missed Marah, but she left to study. She tells them that she was there with Romeo. Danny and Father Ray are talking about how they would like to teach Romeo a lesson. Romeo asked Danny if they are sure they saw Marah. Danny takes Romeo to make nice with some of the business people. Buzz, Holly, and Marina enter. Michelle wants to know why Danny invited Romeo. Danny said he couldn't talk to her right now. Lizzie runs to Marina. Phillip was concerned because Lizzie is so infatuated with Marina. Danny tells Gus and Harley if they are there to harass him they can leave.

Blake wants to talk to Felicia about the main character in her book. She wants to know what kind of sickness to give the main character. Felicia suggests acute stomach pain. Felicia said a muscle relaxer would help. Clayton, Mel's dad, does a toast. He tells Rick he always liked him and knew he would be a good husband to his daughter. Rick tries to speak, but gets dizzy and falls to the floor. Rick sits up, but Mel tells him to wait until the dizziness subsides. While nobody is watching, Blake sneaks medicine from Rick's medicine bag. Danny watches as Romeo is talking to Gus. He tells him he hopes he is far away because he is seeing Marah. Mel noticed that Rick's fingers are swollen. Mel tells Rick she is taking him to the hospital because his heart rate is through the roof. Rick and Mel exit. Harley tells Blake said that maybe Rick is dehydrated and that is why he passed out. Harley said they received a note from a friend of Tory's that said if something happened to her to blame Blake. Harley told Blake to be at the police station at 9am in the morning. When Harley returned to Gus, Buzz is asking Gus what he is doing with Harley. Gus and Harley exit. Blake and Holly decided to go out to dinner. Romeo tells Danny he needs to find Marah. Danny told Romeo that Maria is getting better and will soon tell them what happened the night Catalina was killed. Romeo quickly exits.

Marina tells Lizzie that she thinks she is staying in Springfield. Marina said she has to do nice things for people, so she is going to help Harley.

At the Lighthouse

As Tony is rubbing Marah's cheek, he tells her he was afraid she wasn't coming. He explained to her why he said the things he said. But Marah doesn't understand why he told her such terrible things instead of telling the truth to the police. Marah knows he wasn't acting like a guilty person. She wants to know the truth. Tony said he didn't kill Catalina. He said he signed a confession in order to protect her. Tony said the police needed a suspect, but Marah doesn't understand. Tony told her that when he saw her lying there beside of Catalina she had blood on her and the murder weapon was in her hand. Since Marah couldn't remember anything, Tony decided he would say he killed Catalina. Tony said it looked as if she had killed Catalina. Marah is stunned to believe that Tony thought she could kill someone. Now Marah realizes that Tony did all of this to protect her. Crying Marah tells Tony that he made an incredible sacrifice. Tony admits that he has always loved her. Marah remembered how she woke up next to Romeo. Tony said there was someone else in the house who killed Catalina. Tony told Marah that he is going to find out whom the killer is. Tony apologizes for lying to her and told her how he cannot sleep at night wondering if she is safe. Tony asked Marah who gave her the necklace, and she tells him that Romeo did. But Tony wants to know how he got the necklace. She knows that when she was unconscious she had the necklace in her hand. Marah tells Tony that she thinks it was Romeo who killed Catalina. Tony tells her if she doesn't give Romeo what he wants, Romeo will take it. He tells Marah that he will take care of it. Tony wants her to stay there with him as long as it takes.

Cedar's hospital

Michelle gives Mel the results of the blood work she did. They indicated a viral infection. Mel said she better listen to Rick's chest again. Mel asked Rick if he could consult on a case. He looks at a patient's chart and said that this person's heart doesn't look good. Mel tells he is the patient...

Thursday, May 16, 2002

At Cedars hospital

Mel is at Rick's bedside. He said that looking at her makes the old ticker feel better. Mel hopes they can get rid of the virus before it takes it toll on his heart. Michelle is silently standing at the door. Rick exits to get x-rays done. The look on Mel's face is worry. Michelle enters. Michelle wants Mel to know that it is ok to be afraid. They hug to comfort each other.

Phillip enters. Rick said he would do anything for a little attention. He told him that it is a virus. Mel enters. She told Phillip that he has a viral infection, but they are hoping for a quick recovery. Mel exits. Rick said for Phillip to not watch his words. Rick told Phillip that he is nervous.

Claire runs into Michelle. She told Michelle that Rick asked her to consult on his case. They discussed why Michelle applied for a Physician Assistant instead of pursuing the doctor career.

Harley enters Rick's room. Harley brought Rick a piece of Jude's clothing as a reminder that he misses him. Rick said he may be there for a while and he needs to face what is happening. She sits at his bedside, with their heads together.

Mel told Phillip and Michele that Rick has a viral infection. The virus has infiltrated the heart and is slowing down the heart. If not treated, it could kill him. The biopsy shows the damage has been done. Mel said it is far too advanced. Mel exits and goes to the supply room to breakdown in tears. Michelle felt that it was her fault. Michelle placed a call to Holley and asked for her to help locate her dad.

Mel enters. Rick wants to know about the test results. Mel lay on his shoulder and told him they will get through this. Rick wanted to know how much damage was done to the heart. Mel told Rick that her love would cure him.

At Company

Marina brings Harley some food and says it is on the house. Harley reminds her to make sure she doesn't screw up. Marina exits to go back to work. Richard enters. Marina wants to know what he did with the crown. Richard told her he left it with his brother. Marina thinks that is Edmund, but Richard told her that is Alonzo who is the true prince. Marina apologized because she had to brew a fresh pot. Richard sits at table with Reva. They discuss about Cassie and how Richard should tell her about his new job. He commented that he is going to tell her soon.

Harley told Buzz that she is not talking to him. He said that he may have gone over the edge, but Harley reminds him that she can look out after herself. Gus enters. Gus asked Buzz if he wants to castrate him. Without answering, Buzz returns to the kitchen. Harley told Gus that she is going to see Rick later. Gus wants to pretend the good/bad cop thing. After exchanging words, they laugh and he thanked Harley for sticking up for him. He told Harley that he has cops trying to locate Tony. Harley told Gus that Blake stood her up. She said she would handle it.

Alan gives Lizzie money for a chocolate donut. She goes to Marina and pays for the donut. Marina asked Lizzie if she wants to help her think of something to do for Harley.

Alan and Reva are laughing about the mud bath. Reva wishes she could have been there to witness it herself. Alan exits to buy something for Olivia. Cassie wants to talk about Reva's marriage to Josh. Cassie suggested they get married at the Beacon. But Reva is worried about the Olivia factor. Cassie wants this to be her wedding present to Reva. Cassie told Reva they are moving to the farm soon. Cassie says he is doing great and nothing to worry about.

Alan and Olivia enter. They told Cassie they saw Richard and hinted that Richard was buying her a car.

Harley enters. She is crying and told Gus that Rick is very sick. Marina told Lizzie that Gus makes her want to puke and how Harley allows Gus to be mean to her. Marina said she is going to fix it so that Harley can see what a jerk Gus is.

Richard enters. Richard said he has another meeting but wanted to stop for a quick hello. Reva wants to know if he saw anyone or had anything he wanted to talk about. While Cassie spoke on her cell phone, Reva told Richard that they ran into Alan and Olivia earlier. Reva insisted that he tell Cassie the truth. Richard said he could make a lot of money selling that type of cars.

Marler house

Aloud, Holley wants to know where Blake is. Blake enters. Holley wants to know where she was. Holly needs to leave to get some sleep. Holley said they talked about everything but what they needed to talk about. She apologized to Blake because she knew about Tory but didn't tell her. Blake said that probably hurt her more than Ross' betrayal. Holley thought she was protecting her, but she admitted that she was wrong. Holley wished she could change what she did, but she wants to get beyond this. Blake is unsure that can happen. Blake stops Holley from leaving to tell her that she always felt loved. She admitted that it is partly her fault too. They embrace and Blake said she wants to start again. Harley entered and wanted to know what is going on. Harley reminded Blake that she is concerned, and she knows that Blake is holding out on her. Harley exits to go to the hospital. Blake exits.

Tory in captivity

Blake enters and wants to know if Tory is faking her stomachache. Tory wants to see the doctor. Blake throws a bottle of muscle relaxers in the cell. Tory keeps insisting she is ill. Crying, Tory said she really doesn't feel good. Blake exits. Tory yells to not leave her. Blake enters and finds Tory passed out. Blake began to unlock the cell.

Car dealership

Richard talked to his boss, Pete Nevell, about some prospective buyers. Pete points to his new customers who are Alan and Olivia. Richard asked Alan if he is looking for a car. Richard told him he is there to surprise Cassie. Alan told Olivia that Richard ran into some financial problems and he offered to help. Richard offered to negotiate the deal since he is buying a car similar to the one Alan wants to purchase. Alan told him to send the necessary papers to his office. Olivia and Alan exit.

Friday, May 17, 2002

Marina expresses to Lizzie that Gus is bad news for Harley. She wants Lizzie to help her sabotage Gus. Lizzie hesitantly agrees. Marina pretends like she likes Gus when she is around Buzz and her father Frank. Buzz can't get over Harley being with Gus.

Michelle asks Holly if she has obtained any information on the whereabouts of her father but Holly still has no news for her. Michelle decides she will go to Africa to try to find her father.

Danny and Carmen plot to spy on Romeo when he comes to see Maria. Maria is home now in a wheel chair with oxygen tubes to help her breath. Romeo comes to visit her with flowers and Carmen leaves them alone. Romeo clamps Maria's oxygen tube and tells her when she can talk again, she better not talk about him. Because Romeo is talking low with his back to where Carmen and Danny are hiding around the corner, they cannot see him clamp the tube, nor can they hear what he is saying. The scene is cut short when Michelle calls Danny to tell him of her upcoming trip to Africa. Romeo tries to leave but Carmen has a job for him. She would like him to get in touch with their police contacts to find out what they know about Tony. Danny thinks this is a crazy idea that will lead Romeo to Tony. But, Carmen says she is doing this to protect her family. Danny leaves to go talk to Michelle about going to Africa.

Tony and Marah are still at the lighthouse where they spent the night together. Tony tells Marah that she is the most important thing in his life. Marah vows to help Tony beat his murder charges. Tony wants to be with Marah when all the mayhem is over and hopes that everyone will leave them alone. Marah suggests she keep using Romeo until he incriminates himself. Tony says, "No Way!" Marah remembers the night she gave her virginity to Romeo. The police arrive outside the lighthouse. Tony and Marah kiss passionately. Marah tells Tony that she never stopped loving him. Tony begins to put the moves on Marah but she says, "no." She explains that it is not the right time. Tony agrees and tells her that the first time should be perfect. Marah wishes that she would of made love to Tony first. Tony still does not know that Marah was with Romeo for her first time. Marah says she has the perfect hide out for Tony and they begin to leave the lighthouse.

At Company, Gus wants to take Harley to his place to help her through the pain she feels for Rick. They arrive to a very tidy apartment! He comforts her while she talks about Rick's misfortune. They make love. Gus offers to pick up the slack should anything terrible happen to Rick. Meanwhile, Marina is out in the hall hiding around the corner when Harley leaves for work. Gus stays behind to get some rest. Marina calls Lizzie and asks her to make a call. Lizzie calls the station and leaves a message for Harley. Marina sneaks into Gus's place, undresses, and crawls into bed with Gus.

Blake continues to try to wake Tory from outside the cage. Tory just lays motionless. Blake begins to hallucinate as she looks at the TV. She sees an evil Blake telling her to forget about Tory. She also sees a nice Blake telling her to give Tory the medicine. Evil Blake tells her she will be sorry. Blake goes into to the cage to give Tory the medicine. As she is bending over to pick up the bottle, Tory arises and grabs the back of her head.

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