All My Children Recaps: The week of May 13, 2002 on AMC

Ryan rescued Chris from Erica's burning mansion. Kendall was arrested for arson. Hayley was suspicious of Mia. Mateo helped JR cope with Dixie's death. Anna worried about living up to David's fantasies about Dixie. Jamie spoke, declaring that he loved Tad.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 13, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, May 13, 2002

At Brooke's, Edmund placed a call to Derek to have him look for Jamie. When he hung up, he noticed Opal visibly distraught, and he moved to comfort her. She began to feel useless and offered to go find Jamie until Edmund asked her to stay there and wait for Tad. She asked herself how she could tell her son. How could she find the right words?

On the plane, Tad became very nervous when Brooke asked him to speak with her in private. He didn't want to leave and instead asked her what's wrong. Brooke sat in the seat next to Tad and began to explain. She told him that Opal stopped by her house because Dixie's sister, Lanie, called from Paris. Tad made the assumption that she lost the baby, but Brooke continued. She told him that there was a car accident. Dixie lost control of the car and it went of an embankment. Tad looked stunned and said, "No!" Brooke told him that they have to get off the plane, but Tad said that he isn't going to leave her there. She tried to tell him there was nothing he could do, but he explained that he needs to be there for her now. The flight attendant walked up to Brooke and told her she had to deplane. Rather then deplane, though, she decided to go with him to Zurich.

Back at Brooke's, Opal told Edmund that she's not sure why these things happen. She was telling him how Dixie and Tad's dreams were about to come true when Jamie walked in and went up to his room. He was followed by Jake, who explained that he had given him a ride home. He noticed something was up by the expression on Edmund's face, and Edmund told him to brace himself.

In Greenlee's office, Leo admitted to her that he went to see Vanessa. Rather then let him explain, Greenlee gave him a choice, her or his mom. He told her about the deal he cut with the D.A. to find out where Vanessa's money is. Greenlee, however, accused him of being unable to break away from his mother. She told him that they'll never have a future with Vanessa around, and she walked out of her office. Later, Greenlee returned and noticed Leo gone. He soon showed up, though, and told her that he wasn't about to leave. She told him that she overreacted, and he said their love can pull them through anything. She explained that it's natural to have feelings for his mother, no matter how messed up she is. Greenlee told him that she wants to make him happy, and she knows exactly how to do it. She alluded to his missing father, and how wonderful it would be to know him. She told him that she loves having her father around, but Leo responded by asking her about her mother, Mary. He picked up the phone and told Greenlee to give her a call and see if she could make the wedding. She refused at first, but Leo eventually goaded her into taking the phone. She made the call and asked her mom if she could come for the wedding in July. Her mom said that she'll get back to her, and Greenlee hung up. She told him that his father's still out there, though, but he said that he doesn't know how to get in touch with him, so they left for dinner.

At her home, Liza tried to convince Mia that she has to give the money back, but Mia argued that she still can't trust Adam and she shouldn't give the money back. Mia told her that he will disappoint her again, or he could find out that she stole the money. She tried to explain that Adam will know she was plotting against him. They heard Adam calling for Liza, as Mia asked her to promise that she won't give the money back. Liza told Mia that she doesn't believe her, and she thinks she has something to hide. Liza asked her what's wrong, and told her to talk about it, but Mia responded by saying that she made a mistake even opening her mouth and she left.

While Adam called for Liza, the phone rang. He answered and it was Opal. She was about to tell him about the accident, when the doorbell rang. Carrying the phone to the door, he opened it and found J.R. listening to music on his headset. With J.R. standing only feet away, Opal told Adam that Dixie's car went out of control and she died. Adam hung up and J.R. asked him who was on the phone. Before he could answer, Liza followed Mia into the entryway, and they stopped, noticing the expression on Adam's face. Liza asked him, "What's wrong?" As J.R. walked into the other room, Adam whispered to Liza and Mia about the accident. They left him alone with J.R., and J.R. asked Adam what's wrong. Adam told him that Opal received a call from Zurich. J.R. realized that was where Dixie is, and Adam said, "I'm sorry, son." J.R. responded by breaking a bottle of Adam's wine. Adam told him that he would bring Dixie back if he could, but J.R. shouted that he never cared about her. He went on shouting at Adam about all the bad things he did to his mother, as Adam told him that he was right. He said that he would give up his life, but J.R. told him he didn't want his life, he wanted his mother. Adam tried to give him comfort by telling J.R. that his mother's in heaven, and she'll always be in his heart. J.R. began crying as Adam asked him for a hug. J.R. turned around, with tears in his eyes, and hugged his father.

On the plane, Brooke called home and told Edmund that Tad needs to see Dixie, and she plans to go with him. He told her that she didn't need to explain, and she said that she'll be home as soon as she can. After hanging up, Edmund told Jake and Opal what Brooke and Tad are doing.

Liza called Opal from the library and offered her condolence. Opal told her about their plan to get back together, and Dixie's baby. Liza was surprised as Opal began crying. Liza also began to tear up as she told Opal that she's sorry for Tad and she loves him. Later at Brooke's, Opal and Jake showed Edmund to the door. Standing on the porch, Edmund looked to the sky and said, "God be with you, Tad."

On the plane, Tad reminisced about Dixie. He remembered their first meeting, their proposal, and their wedding. Sitting in silence next to him, Brooke grabbed his hand. Later, as Brooke slept, Tad remembered his return to Pine Valley, and his second marriage to Dixie. He remembered giving her the chain with the star on it, and he then reached into his pocket and pulled it out. Looking up into the stars, he said, "Dixie." Brooke woke up, and asked Tad what he said. Tad told her about the Christmas ritual of wishing on a star, and the chain that he gave Dixie. He said that he gave it to Dixie, Dixie gave it to J.R, and he was taking it back to her. He said that there were all thinking the same thing: "Together Forever."

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

J.R. sleeps on the couch at Chandler Mansion. He hears Dixie call out his name. In the middle of his dream, a woman's hand strokes his face. "You came back", says a smiling J.R. He opens his eyes and is rattled by who he sees. It's Hayley, who apologizes for scaring him. He asks what she wants. She tells him that she felt he didn't want to be alone. When she tries to put her hand on his shoulders, he flinches and tells her that he doesn't need to be around anyone. Hayley insists that she will be there for him. J.R. feels that no one is around all the time and eventually everyone tires of him. Everyone except his mother. J.R. tells his sister that if it wasn't for him, Dixie would still be alive. Hayley insists that he was Dixie's greatest source of comfort. J.R. says that Dix was the only one that loves him. Hayley says that Adam loves him and even called her up early this morning to be with him so he wouldn't be alone. J.R. feels he did it because he's scared he might O.D. or hurt Colby. Hayley disagrees. J.R. says that he's scared of himself and wonders what he could do to calm himself down. Hayley has a suggestion--he could get high.

At the Valley Inn, Anna reads a note David left for a lunch date. Just then, the phone rings. Thinking it's David on the phone, she tells the person on the phone that she got his message, but she'll be a little late. It's actually Dixie's doctor in Zurich , Dr. Ludlow, asking to speak to David. When she tells him that he's not available, he tells her to have him call her immediately. Anna gets upset, tears up the note, and leaves the inn.

At the hospital, a nurse gives David a note to call Dr. Ludlow as soon as possible about Dixie. He bumps into Jake in the hallway and asks if Tad made it to Zurich okay. Jake walks past him in anger. David jokes that the two are probably celebrating by now. "You heartless son of a bitch," Jake spats. Seeing David's reaction, Jake realizes Hayward has no clue as to what has happened. David asks what is it that he doesn't know about. Jake says that it's ironic he doesn't know what happened since it's his fault that Dixie is gone. David disagrees and informs him that he got Dixie out of town and she's in her third trimester. Joe comes by and Jake collects himself around the corner. Joe tells Hayward that Dixie died last night. In denial, David insists that her health is good and her heart couldn't have given out. Joe tells him that she was in a car accident in Zurich. Just then, Leo comes off the elevator and tells him that he heard about Dixie and is sorry. A floored David drops the file he had and leaves the area. Leo follows his brother. Joe goes to Jake and comforts his son. After Joe steps away, Jake picks up the file, which is Dixie's, and has a nurse take it back to David's office. Soon, he sees Adam arriving at the hospital and asks if he left J.R. alone. Adam says that it's none of his damn business. Jake informs him that just because Dixie is gone doesn't mean J.R. isn't part of the Martin family. Just then, Mia arrives and tells Jake to back off Adam. Jake leaves. Adam tells Mia that he would never leave his son alone after last night. He tells her that he had Hayley go to watch him. Adam goes to a nurse and demands to see Dr. MacMillian immediately. Mia asks if Zeke is counseling J.R. Adam mentions that Dr. MacMillan can help keep J.R. from taking drugs and have a downward spiral. Mia asks Adam who's looking after him. Chandler insists that he's fine. Mia asks if that was why he was pacing all night. Adam admits that he was thinking about what kind of mother Dixie was and that he never got the chance to tell her how grateful he was to her that she was there for him when he wasn't being a good father to their son. He recalls the hateful things he did to her out of jealousy because Dixie was a better parent than he was. Adam admits that is why he's so worried about his son. Adam begins to cry and Mia hugs her brother-in-law. Jake walks in on the embrace and keeps moving afterward. Anna walks in the hospital to find David and sees the somber outlook inside. She overhears two nurses mention that Dixie's death hit David very hard. A shocked Anna heads out of the hospital to find her husband.

Erica yells at Jack on the phone at home because both Bianca and Kendall are having their arraignments on the same day. Erica hangs up the phone in disgust as Chris walks in. He has Ms. Kane promise to behave as long as Bianca sticks to the plan. Erica is just upset that they all have to be subject to being around Kendall again. Bianca walks in and insists that she doesn't have to and announces that her mother isn't coming to court. Erica says no way. Bianca asks if she wants a rematch of what happened with Kendall pulling a gun on her. She can handle Kendall. Bianca says that there's no telling what Ms. Hart may pull. All the more reason for her to go with her daughter, insists Erica. Chris plans on being there to protect both of them. Erica notices Bianca reading a piece of paper and realizes that she has written down what she wants to say to the judge. Ms. Kane boasts at how proud she is of Bianca for taking responsibility for what she did, even though Kendall started it. Bianca tells her that it was her own decision to drink and drive. The trio leaves for the courthouse.

At the courthouse, reporters and photographers harass Kendall and Ryan as they enter the empty courtroom. Ryan tells her to stay in neutral and clear the record when the proceeding begin. After that, they can hop on his bike and leave for good. Kendall insists that it won't happen because Erica won't let it. She might as well be dead as long as Erica is alive. Her mother has always hated her for not being like her sister. Ryan thinks it is of no concern of them anymore. She feels that Erica won't let Bianca go through any pain as long as she's around. Ryan says that Erica is not the judge, so what she says won't go. Kendall insists that Erica has the D.A. bewitched and probably has even more tricks up her sleeve. Ryan says that he has his own secret weapon that will blow even La Kane out of the water. The couple go back out in the hallway and Kendall asks where is his secret weapon is since it seems to be running late. When she pulls out a cigarette, Ryan tells her that there's no smoking in the building. So what, Kendall quips, since she's going up the river anyway. Just then, Trey comes over and introduces himself to Ms. Hart. She's shocked to see that Ryan has gotten Vanessa's lawyer to defend her. Trey says that the state has nothing on her. Kendall reminds him that they have her confession on tape and in writing. Trey says that as long as she lets him do all the talking, he will get her off scot-free. Moments later, Erica, Chris, and Bianca arrive and spot Trey with Kendall and Ryan. Chris suggests they go inside since the judge is waiting on them. Erica agrees and she goes in with Bianca. Chris holds the door for them and looks at Ryan. Lavery nods back at his father. Trey goes in the courtroom to give Ryan and Kendall some alone time. Ryan reminds her that once the case is settled, they're out of Pine Valley. Kendall thanks him for hiring Trey for her. The duo enter the courtroom.

As Bianca's arraignment begins, Chris tells the judge that Bianca pleads guilty for driving under the influence. The judge asks if she has anything to say. Bianca says that she knows it was wrong to drink and drive, especially since a friend of hers had a sister who died from a drunk driver. In the middle of her speech, Bianca notices Maggie walking in. Ms. Montgomery continues by saying that she is grateful that her accident only resulted in minor bruises and not a fatality. The judge asks the Commonwealth if they have anything to add. Jack's assistant D.A. says that the Commonwealth admires Bianca for her accountability and recommends leniency. The judge also admires Bianca for her honesty and accountability for the accident. However, she did endanger lives with her reckless actions. He sentences her to six months probation. During this time, her license is revoked, she has to attend highway safety classes, and remain in the care of Erica and abide by her rules. Erica hugs Bianca as a jealous Kendall looks on. Chris, Erica, and Bianca head out as Kendall's arraignment begins. Trey tells the judge that his client is pleading not guilty. Erica turns around and hisses, "Absolutely not! I won't have it!"

David comes to the park and recalls the last time that he saw Dixie alive. He begins to cry as Leo places his hand on his brother's shoulder. David tells Leo that there's nothing he can do. He goes on by saying that Jake was right about him being responsible for Dixie's death. Leo disagrees. David points out that he helped her leave Pine Valley and kept her pregnancy a secret. He admits to feeling like a hero for sending her off in a foreign country she knew nothing about. Hayward reveals that Dixie taught him the value of family and how to create one in spite of major drawbacks. David says that he admired and respected her. Leo asks if he also loved Ms. Cooney. Anna walks by as David admits that he did love her and always will. He'll never meet another woman like Dixie and wouldn't want to since she seemed so pure and perfect. On that note, Anna leaves the men alone. Dixie knew their relationship wouldn't last, but he didn't. He didn't get the picture until after he and Anna started getting serious. Leo mentions that he's noticed that the two of them seem more like a real married couple. David reveals that he mentioned to Anna his desire for them to have a child together. Leo's shocked over David's suggestion to his wife. David mentions that he hated Tad for being the father of Dixie's baby because he wanted what they had. But now, Tad's life has been destroyed. Leo thinks Dixie would be happy to know he wanted a family and would be psyched to know that she had a part in his decision to do so.

The judge informs Erica that her daughter's case has been settled and that she has no say in the current case. Erica disagrees and advises him to check Bianca's police records, where Kendall has confessed to giving her minor child alcohol. Trey says that confession was a gross misinterpretation of the facts. Erica insists that Kendall's denial is the only gross thing about the whole situation. Trey tells the judge that Kendall was covering for her sister. The judge is shocked to learn the ladies are siblings. Erica tells the judge that Bianca's the only child she has ever raised and that she would never do anything that would need covering up. "What about stealing," spats Kendall as Trey quietly tells her to shut up. Erica calls her a liar. Kendall tells the judge that Bianca stole the champagne from her room. Erica urges the judge not to listen to Kendall, considering her perjury record. Kendall says that Erica's not to good in that department either. Ms. Kane says Bianca is innocent of Ms. Hart's accusations. Kendall says that Bianca wouldn't do anything to shame her mother--except admit to the world that she's gay. Kendall insists that Bianca could do anything illegal and Erica wouldn't believe she did it. However, she would think Kendall would do anything she was accused of. Erica asks if she means like the gun she had last night that she held on her. Kendall's jaw drops as Trey has a furious look on his face learning of Kendall's recent stunt. Erica asks what the sentence is for attempted murder. The judge says that incident is not an issue in the case at hand. Erica goes on by saying that the gun incident shows Kendall's character and should be considered. The judge warns her to drop the subject. Ms. Kane insists that she has witnesses who are in the courtroom who can confirm that Kendall held her at gunpoint. Chris tells her to let it go. The judge tells her that she is out of order. When she tells the judge that he's shirking his responsibilities, he threatens to put her in contempt of court. Erica pleads with the judge to punish Ms. Hart for what she did at the Valley Inn. The judge suggests that if she wants to press additional charges against Kendall, take it up with the D.A. Erica says that he can count on it and walks out of the courtroom, followed by Chris and Bianca. Ryan is upset that Kendall lied about Bianca stealing the two bottles of champagne. Kendall asks if he's now defending her mother. Lavery says that he just feels that she shouldn't have lied about what happened. The judge sets a date for her trial on next week. The A.D.A. announces that the Commonwealth requests bail be set for Ms. Hart because the D.A. has expressed his concern that Ms. Hart is an endangerment to the citizens of Pine Valley. Trey insists that Kendall has been upset because of her mother's rejection. Nevertheless, the judge sets bail at 25 grand. Trey suggests that she listen to him next time and storms out.

Outside the courtroom, Bianca finds Maggie and thanks her for coming to the arraignment. Maggie reveals that she was subpoenaed as a witness for the prosecution. However, since she confessed to everything, the trial was nixed. Bianca is still glad that she's there because of how things ended with them the last time they saw each other. Maggie says that she didn't come to support her and leaves the courthouse. Erica goes to Bianca and tells her not to mind hateful people. Just then, Kendall storms out of the courtroom and tells Bianca that she's dead meat. Ryan tells her to back off. Kendall taunts Erica about how she has to protect Bianca from all the women and lesbians in the world. A disgusted Erica grabs Bianca and they head out. When Kendall continues to talk, Bianca turns around and tells her sister to grow up. She tells Kendall that everyone knows that she wishes it was her who was going home with Erica. She tells Ms. Hart that nobody gets love on demand. Kendall insists that most families give love. Bianca says that most families don't try to hurt each other or fake that they care about each other. Kendall says that she really did care about her. Is that why you lied about me stealing the champagne and called Donald Steele, asks Bianca. Ms. Montgomery goes on by saying that she's sorry Erica doesn't love her enough. Kendall insists that Erica doesn't love her at all. Bianca advises her to get over it and go back to her adoptive parents. Ms. Hart says that it's easy for the "chosen one" to say that. Bianca says that she didn't ask to be chosen and tells her not to take her jealousy out on her any longer. Kendall feels that she has played the role as the chosen one for all of her life. Bianca says that's a lie. Kendall says that she tries acting so holy to make her out to be evil. Bianca says that she is evil. Kendall tells her sister that she can run home to mommy all she wants after her girlfriends dump her. She can have the picture of she and her mother and the floral bedspread and wallpaper, but she's just living in a decorated prison. Erica asks if she wants is a prison because she'll be getting just that with all of her jealousy and hatred. As Erica, Chris, and Bianca leave, Kendall yells at them that they'll pay for what they've done to her.

J.R. asks Hayley if she's really going to help him get high. Hayley insists that's not what she meant. She tells him that she understands his urge to fall off the wagon, but insists that after it wears off, he'll be just as miserable as he was before. She advises him to just let out his anger and frustration over what has happened so the anger he feels will be a piece of him instead of all of him. J.R. reveals that he went off on Adam last night and it's probably the reason he left this morning. He thinks Adam may be scared that he'll have to move back in with him. Hayley asks what about Tad. J.R. says that Tad won't want to see him because he'll be a constant reminder of the family that he almost had. He once again says that the only person that wanted him around was Dixie. J.R. finds an old photo of he and Dixie when he was a toddler. Hayley tells him that Dixie loves him so much. J.R. responds that all mothers love their children. Hayley says that unfortunately, that is not always the case. J.R. asks if he's lucky. Hayley says he's just blessed. She hugs her little brother as he cries over his mother's death.

A nurse tells Adam that Dr. Macmillan's available to see him. Mia offers to wait for him and they can ride home together. After Adam leaves, Mia sees Jake walking by and stops him. He says that he's busy. Mia says that he wasn't the only one who cared about Dixie--so did Adam. Jake says that it's a wonder that his "caring" didn't kill his ex-sister-in-law sooner. Mia asks for details on what Adam did to Dixie. Jake reveals that he knocked up Dixie to get a son and later tried to lock her up in an institution. Mia can't believe Adam would have ever done something like that. Jake says that he'll pull the same thing on Liza if she gives him a chance and urges her to keep an eye out on her sister. Adam comes back and asks Mia if she's ready to go. A hesitant Mia says she's ready and they leave together.

Anna returns to the hospital and sees a woman with a baby in a carriage. She recalls hearing David telling Leo that he will always love Dixie. She goes to a nurse and tells her that she needs to pick up a prescription for birth control pills from Dr. Clader. After the nurse goes to get the prescription, she turns around to see her mourning husband. He apologizes for not meeting her at noon. She reveals that she heard about Dixie. He says that he was about to call her with the news. Anna says that she's sorry for all the drama that's been going on with them regarding Dixie. David admits that they haven't been taking good care of each other as of late and wants to change it. Anna agrees. Just then, the nurse comes back with Anna's prescription. A concerned David asks if she's sick. Anna lies and says that they're just vitamins she needs to keep up with him. She tells him that they do need to move on past the last few weeks. The newlyweds walk out together.

Erica, Chris, and Bianca return home and Erica asks Chris if he can now see who Kendall really is and why she has to be stopped. Stamp says that the attempted murder charges won't stick. Erica feels that they must do something after what she has done. Chris thinks that she's doing exactly what Kendall wants her to do by not paying attention. Erica feels that ignoring her doesn't work. Bianca agrees with Erica and feels that they go for the attempted murder charge before they all end up dead. She has realized that she described her bedroom in great detail back in the courthouse, but she hasn't been in the room since it was redecorated. Chris wonders how Kendall knew how Bianca's room looked.

Ryan returns to the courtroom to tell Kendall that he found someone to post her bail. He calls out for her and realizes she's gone. Ryan wonders what she's up to now.

In Bianca's room, a mysterious gloved person pours gasoline around her room. The person then grabs a cigarette and lights it up.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Leo sat on the living room floor in the loft, working on the laptop computer. Suddenly loud classical music began playing and Greenlee strolled in wearing a towel over her head and carrying a bunch of celery. Leo realized she was checking out processional music for their wedding and told her they weren't having any "fuddy duddy" music. He got up to look for music himself and on the computer screen read a search for "Count DuPres." A knock at the door brought Roger into the loft. Leo turned on very loud rock music and said he was looking for music to walk down the aisle by. Roger suggested they do it "mosh-pit" style and be handed across by the wedding guests. Then Roger told Greenlee he had news that will make her wedding day complete. He said he received a call from her mother and that she is very excited about Greenlee's wedding and is planning on attending. Roger then said that they talked about getting back together. Greenlee was thrilled but Leo was skeptical. Roger left.

Simone was all dressed up and went to answer a knock at her door. She was surprised to find her father there. He walked in and said he was there to give her rent money. Simone was a bit embarrassed to have to ask for money and her father did his best to make her feel unworthy. He asked if she had a job yet and she said she was helping a friend at Revlon while she looked for a job in her field. He was not impressed and said a job at Revlon was "too far off her career path." Simone said it was just temporary and then explained that she has a roommate to help with the rent. She went on to say the roommate is a lawyer and a male. Her father grilled her about Trey and then said he just wants what's best for her and wants her to live up to her potential. He handed her the rent check and left, leaving Simone feeling very down on herself. Another knock on her door brought Roger into the apartment. They kissed but Simone pulled back quickly. She said she was a bit upset that they couldn't go out tonight, that they had to spend another evening at her place. She said she hated being a "dirty little secret." Roger began to kiss her again and said she wasn't a dirty little secret. Greenlee banged on the door and demanded to be let in. Roger ran to hide as Simone opened the door. Greenlee said she came to pick up the rent and to have Simone pick out bridesmaid's dress fabric. Greenlee realized that Simone was upset and dragged her to the sofa to sit. She said she wasn't leaving until Simone told her what was wrong. Simone said her father was just there and made her feel useless. Roger listened as Greenlee sympathized with her friend. She told Simone to just wait it out and things would get better. Simone thanked her friend and Greenlee left. Roger came into the room and Simone said she hated lying to Greenlee and begged him to let her tell Greenlee about them. Roger said they couldn't do that, Greenlee would never speak to him again. Simone tried to convince him but he said it would ruin Greenlee's wedding if they told her. Roger made Simone promise to do things his way and she finally gave in. The doorbell rang and a delivery man handed Simone a large package. Roger told her it was from him and that she would look very sexy in it. Simone sat down to open a beautiful gift and found silver candlesticks inside. She was confused and Roger was very angry, saying those were supposed to go to Greenlee. Meanwhile Leo and Greenlee were kissing on the sofa when the doorbell rang. A delivery man handed her a package and they wondered who it was from. They worked on opening the box and the phone rang. Greenlee answered it and it was someone from Revlon needing some figures. She went to the bedroom to get them as Leo got the box open. He found a note and read it. It said "Looking forward to all the happy things to come, Love, Roger." Leo thought that was very weird. A knock on the door interrupted him and in walked Roger. He saw the box and told Leo there had been a mistake. He handed the candlesticks to Leo and tried to take the other package. Leo stopped him and opened the box to find a very sexy negligee.

Tad and Brooke arrived at Dixie's apartment. Brooke offered to pack Dixie's things. Tad said he was supposed to be bringing Dixie home, not just her books and clothes. He said he feels like she's still alive and is waiting for him. He told Brooke that Dixie's body wasn't found, maybe she's just hurt. He said he couldn't fathom that Dixie would never be with him again. Brooke sympathized with him and said Dixie would always be in his heart, just like Laura was in hers. Brooke opened the door and they stepped in the apartment. Tad could barely force himself to look around. He found an arrangement of photos Dixie had brought with her. He picked up one of their wedding pictures and asked Brooke why bad things happen to good people. Brooke said it didn't make sense and never would. Tad saw the dining table set up for his arrival and sat down. He picked up a bottle of wine Dixie had chosen and said she had the room all set up for tonight "for us." Brooke went to the kitchen to get some water and returned with a gift she had found. She said Dixie must have planned to give that to Tad that evening. Tad took the gift but hesitated to open it. He finally opened the note and read it out loud. Tears fell as he read Dixie's apology for leaving him but how she was so excited that they were going to be parents again, together. Tad opened the gift and almost broke down when he found a framed ultrasound picture of their daughter. Dixie had written underneath "The Newest Member of The Martin Clan - Kate Martin." Both Brooke and Tad were speechless. Tad finally said Dixie had picked out the perfect name and the perfect wine. He raised a glass in a toast, saying "To surviving." Amen said Brooke. Tad thanked Brooke for handling everything and she said she wouldn't let him do it alone. Tad said she was a wonderful person and that Dixie admired her. Brooke said she admired Dixie too. Brooke asked if he was ready to leave. He told her no and she asked if she should wait outside. Tad looked up at her and said he wasn't leaving.

In Bianca's room a gloved hand lit a cigarette, then flicked it onto a gas soaked curtain.

Erica, Bianca and Chris discussed Kendall while standing in Erica's living room. Erica thought Kendall had broken into the house since she knew exactly what Bianca's room looked like. Chirs said they need to confront her and find out how she got in so Chris and Erica left to find Kendall. Bianca said she was going to check her room and went upstairs. Flames were raging in her room. As she opened the door she was knocked back by the heat and smoke. A little later Chris and Erica returned and found smoke pouring from the house. As Erica opened the door Kendall burst out of the house. Chris went inside to find Bianca and Erica screamed at Kendall. Erica said if anything happened to Bianca or Chris she will kill Kendall. Kendall claimed that she saw flames and went inside to help Bianca but Erica said she was only trying to kill her. Erica ran back into the house while Kendall tried to stop her. Chris found Bianca in the hallway but she was barely conscious. He picked her up and carried her away as Erica came in the front door. Kendall tried to grab Erica and keep her from running upstairs. Kendall finally resorted to hitting Erica in the head with a bottle, knocking her out. Kendall dragged Erica outside where she woke up on the ground. Erica stood up and called out for Bianca as the house was engulfed with flames and began to fall apart.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

As the fire rages, Chris carries Bianca down the stairs. They make it to the living room when the ceiling collapses. Kendall tries to restrain Erica from running back into the house. They watch helplessly as the fire continues to grow. Ryan appears and a hysterical Erica explains to him that his father and Bianca may be dead because of Kendall. Firemen arrive on the scene, but have trouble getting inside the house because of the intensity of the fire.

Chris is trapped beneath the ceiling debris as Bianca tries desperately to free him. As the house threatens to collapse, Chris pleads with Bianca to save herself. He asks Bianca to tell Erica and Ryan that he loves them. She reluctantly leaves. A few minutes later, a fireman carries Bianca outside. She is suffering from smoke inhalation, but manages to give Erica Chris's message. At this point, they realize that Ryan has gone inside.

Ryan, dressed in fireman's gear, finds Chris and struggles to free him. Though Chris begs Ryan not to put himself in danger, Ryan doesn't listen. Finally, he is able to lift enough of the weight from Chris so that Chris can scramble out. As they try to leave, more debris begins to fall. Outside, Erica, Bianca, and Kendall watch in horror.

Tad can't find a way to let go of Dixie. He tells Brooke he isn't ready to leave Switzerland. Brooke tells him that JR and Jamie need him at home. Tad isn't sure what he can do to comfort them; he can't begin to make sense of what has happened. Brooke calls Edmund to tell him that she and Tad will be staying in Switzerland a while longer. Edmund understands, but tells Brooke that Jamie is having a hard time. Brooke asks Edmund to put Jamie on the phone so she can talk to him. As Brooke talks, Jamie just listens. Brooke hands the phone to Tad. Tad is able to put aside his own grief to tell his son everything will be ok. Before hanging up, Jamie speaks for the first time in weeks to tell Tad, "I love you, dad." At this moment, Tad realizes where his priorities lie. He and Brooke make plans to return to Pine Valley.

Leo finds the lingerie that Roger bought for Simone and demands to know who Roger is fooling around with. Leo is getting tired of the way that Roger continually deceives Greenlee. He is angry that Roger allowed Greenlee to get her hopes up that her parents were getting back together. Greenlee comes in and Roger invites the two of them to dinner. Greenlee agrees, but only if Simone is invited as well.

After Roger leaves, Greenlee receives a special delivery envelope. She opens it to find that it is a list of people her mother wants to be invited to the wedding. Greenlee sees this as a sign that her mother intends to be there. She wants to make sure everything is perfect. Leo doesn't share Greenlee's views. He takes the list and tears it into pieces saying that the wedding is supposed to be their day. He is afraid Greenlee will be hurt once again by her parents. She explains to him how important it is for her that both her parents attend. Leo is skeptical, but agrees to help make the day everything she wants it to be.

Roger goes to see Simone. He tells her he overheard the conversation she had with her father and now he understands her a little better. He sees that Simone depends on her father's approval no matter how hard that may be to attain. After they make love, Roger tells Simone that she could be a really terrific writer. He wants to help her write a book on Proteus. Simone hesitates. Roger convinces her that the book could be a best seller. Convinced, Simone whips out a tape recorder and begins interviewing Roger on the story behind Proteus.

At Brooke's house, Opal opens the door to find Palmer standing there. He just got back from Hong Kong and wants to know what Opal is doing staying at Brooke's. Opal breaks the news to Palmer of Dixie's tragic accident.

Friday, May 17, 2002

Hayley told JR at Chandler Mansion that she is there for him when Mateo entered the room and interrupted their conversation. Adam was talking to Mia outside the front door. He told her he couldn't face JR because he has trouble dealing with someone else's pain. Adam told Mia thanks for helping him with Liza and embraced her. Hayley, on her way to get the baby a blanket from the car, opened the front door and discovered Mia and Adam in an embrace. They awarkedly separated and Adam made excuses why he and Mia were holding each other. Adam asked how JR was doing. He believed JR was in shock. Hayley disagreed. He's shut down, she replied.

Liza entered the living room from upstairs. She asked JR how he was doing. JR angrily replied he was handling it. Liza tried to comfort JR. Mateo offered to talk with JR when Adam interrupted them and said he will talk to his son. Adam suggested JR talk to Dr. Zeke McMillan. JR promised he would talk to him later. Liza tried to convince JR to talk to Dr. McMillan soon by telling him she talked to a counselor when her father died and it helped her. JR didn't change his mind. They were interrupted by the front doorbell. When Mia opened the door, she was surprised to see Trey. He told her Adam wanted to see him. Trey commented to Mia she would be interested in hearing what he has to say to Adam. Mia glared at him as Adam approached Trey.

Trey explained to Adam he had stopped by to give Adam advice on declaring Liza in competent. Adam told Trey he didn't need his services after all. Trey insisted that he could be of service to Adam and to make an appointment later that week. Adam left the room to check his calendar. Liza, frustrated because she though JR hated her, became agitated. Mia quickly grabbed her hands and calmed her by walking her though a relaxation sequence. Hayley, intrigued, watched Mia's control over Liza. Liza commented to Mia, how do you manage it? Hayley muttered to herself, "that's what I'd like to know."

Adam returned to the living room and told Trey he will call him later to set up an appointment. Mia walked Trey to the front door. He turned to Mia and said he wondered what the Chandlers would think if they knew Mia was running a scam. Mia denied she was scamming them as Hayley joined them in the foyer. After Trey left, Hayley asked Mia what is Trey's fascination with the Chandler family. They are interrupted by a woman screaming.

Mateo decided JR needed to come with him and they left Chandler Mansion. Mateo took JR to the gym and told him to put on some gloves to hit the boxing bag. JR at first refused saying he didn't think beating up the bag would help. After Mateo told him that he would not be able to live with anger inside or run away from it. The only solution would be to get rid of it. JR finally began to hit the bag lightly at first and then the anger poured out as he pounded it furiously.

Erica accused Kendall of setting Linden House on fire. Kendall denied she did. Meanwhile Ryan, lying on the floor surrounded by the fire, regained consciousness and tried to wake up Chris, who was lying next to him. He implored Chris to wake up and that he needed him. Ryan shouted for help. Chris opened his eyes and was brought out of the fire. He thanked Ryan for saving his life. Relieved to see him, Erica rushed over to see if he was ok before he was taken to the hospital.

Erica gushed over Bianca. She was so glad Bianca was ok. Kendall watched from a distance, wishing it was she Erica was embracing instead of Bianca. A fireman told Erica the cause of the fire was an accelerant found in Bianca's bedroom.

Jackson, seeing the house fire, found Erica to see if she was ok. Erica blasted Kendall the fire was her fault. Ryan couldn't believe that Erica was accusing Kendall of setting the fire. He asked Kendall for her explanation but before she could respond, a fireman told them to clear the area.

Maggie talked to David Hayward at the hospital. She was angry with him because he signed her up for CPR lessons without telling her. Their conversation was interrupted by a nurse bringing David a letter from Dixie. It was mailed before her death. David stepped aside to privately read the letter. Dixie had written that Tad was coming to Paris to bring her home to Pine Valley. She thanked David for helping her. After reading Dixie's letter, David suddenly told Maggie she can fly solo if she wants to. You don't want me to butt into your life so I will leave you alone. David's attitude caught Maggie by surprise.

Anna called the drug store inquiring where was the delivery of her prescription for birth control pills. She was told it would be delivered immediately. David came into the hotel room and asked Anna if she had seen the real estate listings he had left for her. She had not. David seemed agitated so Anna asked him what was bothering him. He told her he had a run in with Maggie. Anna believed David's agitation was from Dixie's death and that he wanted to take care of everyone's problems. Her analysis set David off in a tirade of denial. He retorted back to Anna, "I'm not grieving for Dixie because you won't let me." They argued changing the subject from Dixie to having children. David tried to assure Anna he sincerely wanted children. She didn't seem to believe him. Their conversation was interrupted by the pharmacy delivery person bringing Anna her birth control pills. David argued further with Anna about her decision to continue taking the birth control pills without discussing it with him.

Bianca went to the hospital to be checked out from smoke inhalation. She was checking out to go home when Maggie saw her and asked how she was doing and wanted to apologize. Bianca retorted, "You don't want my friendship. Have a great life alone." Bianca walked away leaving Maggie stunned. In her mind, Maggie relives her conversation with David and hears again his words about letting her fly solo. She also flashes back to Bianca's remark about not wanting her friendship. She is brought back to reality when someone put a hand on her shoulder. She turned and looked at Trey. They embraced as he consoled her.

At the hospital Chris told Erica Ryan saved his life and he will be forever grateful. Erica thanked Chris for saving Bianca. Kendall talked to Ryan at the hospital. She told him she was glad he was ok and so she can now leave. Ryan stopped her and demanded to know why she was leaving. Did she hate him so much? Kendall told him that if he stayed with her, he could end up dead and she didn't want that because she loved him. Ryan couldn't believe what he had heard. He asked her to repeat what she had said. "I love you," replied Kendall. Ryan stepped closer to Kendall to kiss her. Jackson, accompanied by a police officer, quickly appears and pulled them apart telling Kendall she is under arrest for arson, attempted murder, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief. As the police officer read Kendall her rights, Erica and Chris enter the hallway. Erica shakes her head in amazement.

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