One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 13, 2002 on OLTL

One Life to Live was broadcast live all week. A livid Blair ordered Todd out of the house after she learned the truth. Both Téa and Rex arrived in town. Al followed Jen and Cristian to Las Vegas. Max met Roxy and married her after some heavy drinking.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 13, 2002 on OLTL
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MONday, May 13

Congratulations to all the Cast and Crew of OLTL!! They pulled off today's episode without a hitch! Today was some of the best drama I have seen in a long time, and it was all LIVE!

Niki is talking to herself about "Benji." He is so hot, she is finding it harder and harder to resist him. The maid comes by and announces that Commisioner Buchanan would be dropping by in a few minutes. Ben comes in, as he is hugging her, she conviently knocks a vase over that smashed to the ground. Niki assures Ben that she will clean it up as he is needed at the hospital. Bo comes in to find "Viki" looking off into the distance holding pieces of the vase. While Bo is wondering what is going on with Viki, she calls herself a sentimental old fool. The vase was a gift for her and Clint on their wedding day. But, she asks, all men have tempers, don't they? Bo wants to know if Ben smashed the vase. Ben is very livid over Allison Perkins, explains Niki, he is very worried that she will not be punished for what she did to Jessica and Seth. It is turning Ben into Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Bo comforts Niki as she doesn't know what she is going to do. Bo decides to stay until Ben gets home. He informs her of what Todd has done to Blair, and Niki doesn't know what is worse, Todd's brand of insanity or Ben's anger. She is worried all the time. Bo embraces her as Ben looks on.

Cris and Jen arrive in Las Vegas. Guess What? Luna is alive and playing the slots in Vegas! She wins and Cris and Jen go over to play that machine. As Cris and Jen are discussing wedding chapels, Al gets caught spying on them by Roxy. Al tries to distract her by accusing her of running over Jess and Seth. Roxy doesn't take the bait and instead turns the tables back on Al. Roxy gets Al to give her $300 or she will tell Jen and Cristian he is there. As Roxy is gloating over winning the jackpot with Al, she runs into Natalie. Roxy asks Natalie if she came to Las Vegas with Al. The two then hide behind a slot machine to spy on Al. As Al finds out what room Jen and Cris are in, Natalie overhears and takes off to warn Cristian he is there. As Al turns to leave, Max grabs him by the shoulders and stops him.

Sam rushes in to Blair's house and urgently asks her what is going on. Blair, very hurt, tells him what is going on because he knows the truth and now so does she. Blair explains Todd had told her that Nellie wanted Jack back and they were all to meet at the airport when she ran into Alex. Blair then begs Sam to tell her that the things Alex said about bone marrow aren't true. She demands to know if Alex was the bone marrow donor for Jack. As Sam confirms her suspicions, Blair begins to become distraught as she knows Alex would have to be a perfect biological match to Jack and Starr, that would mean that Todd was the biological father and she the biological mother. Blair begins to cry as she realizes Todd lied to her about her baby dying in Mexico. A totally broken Blair cries to Sam that she cannot believe Todd told her that her baby was dead. Why would Todd do this to her, especially after she told him the truth about him being the father of the baby. Todd couldn't even tell her the truth when her own baby was sick. Blair asks Sam to leave.

Todd looks for Blair at the office, instead he finds Gabrielle packing her things. Very surprised, he asks her what she is doing. She hands him her resignation. Todd wads it into a ball and lets her know she cannot quit, he needs her. This surprises Gabrielle, she wants to know why Todd needs her. Gabrielle was very useful to Todd with Alex, he thinks she will be able to further help him. Gabrielle then tries to get Todd to tell the truth to Blair. As Gabrielle was explaining the benefits of telling the truth, she lets it slip she told Bo the truth. "How much truth?", Todd demands. "Everything.", replies Gabrielle. Gabrielle then warns Todd he better tell Blair the truth before someone else does. Todd finally reaches Blair. She is at home, and she tells Todd she will be waiting for him a little too calmly.

Antonio and Keri go to the diner after the big dinner at Chez Pierre. Carlotta asks Antonio if Keri has told him about the $50,000 debt. When he replies no, Carlotta lets him know in no uncertain terms that he wouldn't even know about the debt if it wasn't for her. If Keri was lying about this, what else could she be lying about? This starts a very heated discussion between mother and son. Keri comes up behind the two and demands to know if there is a problem. Antonio recovers nicely and lets a nervous Keri know that the problem is a mother and son agreeing to disagree. Antonio and Keri sit down and discuss their mothers.

Rae comes into the diner to pick up her take-out and advises Carlotta to tell her "friend" about her spending habits, unknowing that it was Keri that Carlotta was talking about. As Antonio and Keri are getting ready to leave, Antonio tries to pay the check, but Keri insists. Carlotta comes over and announces dessert is on her. When Keri tries to find out what Calotta's hang up is about money, Carlotta explodes that she cannot in good conscience let someone pay when they are $50,000 in debt to credit cards. This left Keri speechless and Antonio with his hands over his eyes, peeking through one eye at Keri.

Todd reaches home and calls out to Blair. When he finally finds her, he asks her what she is doing. Blair slowly turns and replies "Just thinking about our biological son, Todd."

We then see a little kid holding a flashlight to his face saying, "I see dead people." Then Luna does the closing credits.

TUESday, May 14

Keri and Antonio are about to leave the diner after having dessert when Carlotta confronts Keri about the $50,000 credit card debt. Keri tries to explain but Carlotta just keeps babbling and accusing while Antonio looks on speechless. Antonio and Carlotta get into a heated argument in Spanish about Keri's debt. Antonio asks Carlotta to leave them alone and he asks Keri about the debt. She tells him there is no debt. Antonio told Keri that Carlotta got the bill out of the envelope with the story Antonio wrote. Keri remembered she put the papers in the envelope, put it on her desk for Carlotta to pick up; left her office and remembers that R.J. was still there. She leaves to confront R.J. about putting the bill in the envelope. R.J. is stunned that Keri has confronted him with this information. Meantime Téa has arrived at the diner and back in Llianview.

R.J. calls Chad to come to the coffee shop at the mall; when Chad arrives he offers him a job as bartender; Chad tells him he will pass on the offer because he does not want to spy on Keri. Chad leaves and Nora has overhead the conversation; she approaches R.J. and asks why he is having Keri followed. R.J. denies he is having Keri followed. He and Nora talk about her life after Lindsay when Nora notices Troy walking away from the bar. Nora goes over to the bar and speaks to Troy; his attitude is chilly; he tells her she looks nice but that small talk is not his thing; he tells her to take care and walks out. After Troy leaves Nora calls Rae and tells her she needs help.

Meanwhile Max has arrived in Las Vegas to try to stop Al from making a fool of himself over following Jen and Cris there. Al is furious and tells Max he is not going anywhere with him. Max and Al get into an argument about Al following Jen and Cris. Al tells Max that Cris is going to ruin Jen's life. Max then asks Al if he does tell Jen; does he think she will return to him?

Nat goes to Jen and Cris's room in Las Vegas to warn them about Al; when Jen sees Nat she freaks out and tells her to leave; Nat shoves her way into the room and tells Jen she is going to listen to what she has to say. Nat finally gets Jen to shut up long enough to tell her that Al has followed them to Las Vegas. Jen does not believe Nat that Al is in Vegas. Jen calls Max on his cell phone and asks where Al is; Max lies and tells her Al is in Llianview with him. After the call Max gives Al his ticket to go back to Llanview. Al takes the ticket (but does not use it), blows up and tells Max to quit trying to run his life. Jen is waiting in the room for Cris in a scanty nighty; Al knocks at the door; Jen thinks it is Cris and opens the door practically naked and is surprised to see Al.

Todd has learned from Gabrielle that Blair knows the truth - that they are the biological parents of Jack. Todd rushes home and finds Blair sitting looking at the family picture. She is furious with Todd that he has told her so many lies about Jack. She actually found out the truth from Alex and Sam but also knows that Gabrielle knew as well and was the reason Todd gave her a job at the Sun. Blair does not tell Todd right away she knows the truth but finally tells him. Todd tries to convince Blair he did nothing wrong but Blair does not give in. Todd asks Blair to forgive him. Blair just stares into space and does not answer him.

Niki is trying to get rid of Ben and plans to seduce Bo; she tells Bo there is trouble between her and Ben. As they are embracing Ben enters the room and asks what is going on. Bo proceeds to tell him about the broken vase and Ben's fit that Niki told Bo he had. Niki covers up and tells Ben that she and Bo were talking about his anger with Alison; Ben leaves the room; Bo asks Niki why she stopped him from questioning Ben about his anger. Niki puts Bo off by convincing him she overreacted. Bo leaves and tells Niki that if she needs him to let him know. After Niki gets rid of Ben (he had to go to Crossroads because manager was sick); she gives the staff the night off. She then puts on a sexy dress, is drinking and dancing on the couch when Chad walks in on her. He is shocked and says "Mrs. Davidson?"

Roxy runs into Al and then Cris at the Casino; Al gives her money to not tell Cris he is there; Roxy then tells Cris if he will pay her she will give him some information (about Al following them to Vegas). Cris walks away from Roxy and plays the slot machine; hits the jackpot. Nat comes up to Cris and tells him that Al is in Vegas.

WEDNESday, May 15

Todd makes a last ditch plea for forgiveness, but Blair rejects him and throws him out. Blair crumples, but is comforted by the knowledge that Jack is her son. Todd goes to Viki for help, and is surprised by her strange advice.

Viki is stunned when Chad discovers her in full Niki mode. Viki manages to recover, and later decides she has to step up her plan to escape her marriage.

Keri lays it on the line with R.J. about his scheme to break her and Antonio up. Antonio and Carlotta reunite with Téa, who makes it clear she doesn't want to see Todd. After Téa leaves, Keri overhears Antonio cover for her with the collection agency, and they end up closer than ever.

Jen stays strong in the face of Al's assertion that Cristian is seeing Natalie behind her back. Jen tells Al that she believes in Cristian, and asks him to leave. After Natalie tells Cristian that Al is in town, he heads upstairs, but is stopped by an angry Elvis who thinks Cristian owes him money. When Cristian blows him off, he follows Cristian and hits him from behind. Elvis is about to stab Cristian when Al steps in and saves his life.

Max, upset and drinking over his rejection by Al, runs into Roxy in the casino. He tries to get rid of her, but in the end, she gets him to gamble.

Thursday, May 16

Max woke up in bed in a hotel room. He looks around and sees a black dress, shoes and underwear. He looks underneath the cover and Roxy's head pops out on the other end of the bed.

Niki runs to the coffee house and orders blueberry muffins for Bo. She asks to have them put them in a tin marked "The Best from Viki's Kitchen." While the muffins are selected, she has a daydream about Bo. (Smoky black and white, w/forties music) We find Bo sipping out of mug with "One of the Good Guys" printed on and fedora. In the voice over, he reminisces on how that "dame came in so quick like a hurricane off the Atlantic. And this dame was trouble." Viki arrives at the door and gives him her "home baked" muffins. In the mellow dramatic fashion, she thanks him for being there for her. Bo: "I want to be so much more. I want to be your everything." Niki: "Oh, Bo!" They come very close to kissing but he stops. He can't do this when Viki is married to his brother. Niki passionately reaches out to touch Bo, but pulls back and leaves. The daydream ends and Niki finds herself facing Rae.

Todd returns home and finds the house empty. He looks around further and finds Sam. Todd blames Sam for Blair leaving. Sam disclosed the information about Jack and it's his fault. Sam reminds Todd that all this was his own doing and Alex told Blair first. Todd gets frustrated and says that Sam has wrecked his life and now he wants to wreck the relationship between Todd and Blair. Todd: "And now you will get Blair to forgive me."

Troy glances through photos of him and Nora at the charity bike ride. The doorbell rings and Starr is at the door. She skipped school and came over to ask a favor. She wants to know is she can live with Troy rather than her parents. Starr explains how Blair moved her and Jack to a hotel room for the night and she fears that she will never see her Dad again. She's feels that if she leaves, and lives with Troy, her parents will realizes how stupid they are acting.

Bo returns to his apartment to find Gabrielle moving out. She packed her suitcase and intended on leaving before he kicked her out. She regrets that she lied to him and she thought that she had stopped pulling any schemes. Bo says he's sorry also and wishes that they could have been honest to each other. But, Bo realizes that he invited Gabrielle to live in his apartment for all the wrong reasons (getting back at Asa), much like Gabrielle accepting the Fashion editor job (black mailing Todd).

Kerri and Antonio take a jog in "North" Central Park. They separate and Antonio returns to the diner. He finds Carlotta and Téa discussing Todd. Apparently Téa spotted Todd at the coffee house, but didn't say anything. She froze but later left. She decides that she must leave Llanview immediately before she runs into him. Carlotta expresses her concern and reminds her how dangerous Todd is, a "Diablo," and how glad she is that Téa left immediately. Téa glances off and says, "but I didn't want to."

Roxy crawls up to next to Max and cuddled up. Disgusted, Max jumps out of bed and rushes to get ready. He apologizes for anything that might have happened. Roxy comments on how they made "beautiful music" and she didn't mind a bit. She tries to refresh his memory and flashes him from under the bed sheet. He guesses that he must have gotten very drunk and doesn't remember anything. Roxy emphasizes that it was a once and a lifetime experience and she will never forget it. Max rushes to the phone and finds a poker chip. He froze and asked Roxy if he gambled last night. Roxy assures him that she knew of his gambling problem and made sure he didn't.

Rae told Niki that she and Ben must have made up because she looked like she was on "Cloud Nine." Niki agrees and rushes off before Rae can ask any question. Nora enters the coffee shop and catches Rae's attention. Nora reveals her problem with Troy and how it interfered with their lovemaking. Colin was "in" the bed with them when they tried to make love. Rae discusses the situation and arrives at the conclusion that Nora is not running away from Colin but from Troy. Nora is simply afraid of a new relationship and she needs to make the plunge. This relationship is very different from the one with Sam, Bo or Hank. But first, Nora needs to realize that Troy is not the same as his brother. They might have the same face but they are two entirely different people. Rae: "Next time you see him. Look past the face and see the man that you know and love. Listen to your heart." Nora agrees and leaves for the park to clear her head.

Sam refuses to help Todd in any way possible. Sam: "You don't deserve my help, or Blair's love and I will do everything to keep you away from her." Sam leaves and Todd calls Blair cell phone. He leaves a message for her to just come home.

Troy comforts Starr and helps her understand what is happening to her parents. Even though they might love each other very much, they can't live together. Starr and Troy agree that they would have had a lot of fun, but she needs to go back. Starr realizes that she has to accept what's going on and needs to help her mother by taking care of Jack. Before they leave, Troy gives Starr a sheet of stamps featuring the same spider at the fun house.

Gabrielle decides that she must leave nevertheless and heads toward the door. The bell rings and she assumes it's her ride. She opens the door and finds Niki with the tin of muffins. Niki hands him the muffins and Gabrielle tries to leave. Bo stops her, "I'd like you to stay." Niki senses that there is something between the two and makes a lie that she has to leave. Once she is outside she fusses about the "freeloading bimbo" who always gets in the way of getting Bo. She makes a call: "Asa, I'm worried about Bo."

Carlotta rushes to Téa and says that Todd is a curse, an addiction. They want her to stay as far away from him as possible. Téa recalls how he looked horrible, like his life was in ruin and she felt sorry from him. Carlotta reminded Téa how this happened before and Téa almost died because of it. Sam and Matthew enter the diner and reunite with Téa. Carlotta and Antonio take Matthew into the kitchen and Sam welcomes Téa back. She notices his troubled appearance and asks what's wrong. He reveals that it has something to do with Todd, but he won't discuss it further to protect her from Todd.

Someone knocks at the door in the hotel room and Roxy rushes off because she isn't "decent." Max opens the door and finds room service complete with champagne. The porter pops the cork and congratulates the happy couple. Roxy emerges and holds out her hand furnished with a diamond wedding band. Max looks down at him hands and finds a wedding band also. He squeals and falls back after fainting.

After Niki left, Gabrielle asks if Bo meant what he said. Bo reveals that he got uses to having her around and hopes that she will stay. Gabrielle puts away her suitcase and returns to have a heart-to-heart with Bo. Bo talks about Melanie and a comment she made once: "You expect me to be perfect and to not make any mistakes." He realizes that he holds everyone to such high standards and they feel like they have to lie to him to not disappoint him. Bo promises to Gabrielle that he will not blame everyone for not being perfect.

Niki returns to the Coffee House and finds both Asa and Renee waiting for her. She expresses her concern over Gabrielle and how she has been working with Todd. Instead of kicking her out, he lets her remain at his apartment. Asa becomes very upset and says that he has a plan. He spots Rae nearby and tells her that he has a proposition for her.

Troy brings Starr to "North" Central Park to bring her back to Blair. A small distance away, Nora notices Troy. She walks closer just as Starr leaves. She calls his name but he turns to leave. She asks him to stop and they face each other. Nora stares into his eyes in pure adoration and they begin to kiss.

With nothing to do, Todd rehearses what he will say to Blair to make her forgive him. He begins with a sincere line but decides that it won't work. He creates another: "I'm a rat. A lousy stinking rat. And I can't live with out that tax exemption." The doorbell rings and he rushes expecting to find Blair. He opens the door and sees Téa.

FRIday, May 17

OLTL made T.V. history, wrapping up a week, of wildly entertaining, energized, cleverly written episodes!

The "I see dead people," Hitchkockian cameos by past lead characters was a demonstration of rapier wit at it's finest.

"Megan" previewed today's installment.........

Todd put on a facade for Téa, pretending his life was golden. Téa clues Todd in that Sam told her Blair left him. Flying into a rage he denegrates her, the woman who still cares for him, and she fires back, ostensibly saying he sabotages everything good in his life. Téa rushes out of the house, leaving Todd what else, but alone.

Viki disappears during Allison's sentencing hearing, leaving both Seth and Jessica in their separate ways to think something is very not right with her. Meanwhile, Allison blames everyone but herself for her actions. Having heard quite enough, Judge Fitzwater admonishes Miss Perkins to sit down and be quiet and sentences her to no less than eight and no more than 20 years in Statesville Prison.

On her way out of the courthouse, Allison has to use the Ladies Room. The male guard allows the cuffed prisoner to enter the facility alone, where she collides with an out of control "Viki", whom Allison recognizes as "Niki." Before she can get anyone to hear her cries that Niki Smith is in there, she is being strangled. When Niki hears someome coming towards their direction, she misleads Ben and Bo into believing that Allison is trying to choke her. Prior to being dragged off, Allison insists that Niki Smith is back.

Nora gets over her fears about seeing Colin in Troy. The pair make love with a combination of reckless abandon and tenderness. Afterward they confess their love for one another.

Rex arrives in Llanview and was immediately hit upon by Shawna and Molly in the Coffee Shop. A while later, Jessica spots him in the same place and asks what he is doing in Llanview.

Bo, being misled by Niki, confronts a puzzled Ben about his anger problems.

Niki, ecstatic about her accomplishments, nearly faints in the bathroom and utters "Oh thank God, Niki's gone"!

On her way to the airport, Téa bids Antonio good-bye.

The benevolent Corrections Officer at Statesville decides to take pity on Lindsay, and assigns the newly arrived prisoner (Allison) as her cell mate.

Blair returns home to a hopeful Todd.

Today's guest ghost was Colin, who flips the credits, then rips his shirt off to reveal the word LIVE written across his ABS.

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