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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 20, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, May 20, 2002

by Andy

Paul is with Rose in a hospital room preparing for Dr. Hughes to try to repair her face. She says that she could live with the altered face if she had to, but she "really wants my old face back." Dr. Hughes performs the procedure and later Rose wakes up groggy with her face wrapped up in gauze and Paul at her side.

Molly dances alone in Mable's after the memorial for Jake. His ghost pops up again and Molly talks with him over her regrets for ultimately deciding to share custody of Bridget & Michelle with Donna & Marley. Molly asks Jake how she can go on without him. Jake tells her she has to get out and get on with her life. "You're gonna be strong enough." Molly pops a couple quarters in the jukebox and the two of them slow dance.

Back at Jack's place, Carly worries about Molly and how she's going to pull through. She's afraid that, "She'll shut herself off and mourn him until she's old and gray." Jack says they won't let that happen. This only makes Carly fall deeper in love with Jack. "Nothing is ever going to come between us again. Things that happened in the past, they're where they should be. Here we are, Jack and Carly." After they make love, Jack tells Carly about how much Craig was involved with her rescue effort. Carly softens her view of Craig and is somewhat remorseful, but her heart isn't swayed.

At the Lakeview, Rosanna and Craig are sulking together. He asks her, "Need your wounds licked?" "I haven't a single wound, and if you lick anything you're dead." Craig talks about how they are now both outsiders in Carly's life. Rosanna scoffs. "Speak for yourself. Pretty soon she's gonna find out how badly she needs me." Craig laughs now that Rosanna finally begins to reveal her plans. She grins as she talks about Carly's need to have a career and how "she can't have it without me." Craig doesn't think Carly will bite because he says he already tried giving her a career once before. After making a reference to Carly as Rosanna's 'trailer-trash' sister, she says, "You have a very nasty streak Montgomery." "You have no idea." He turns slightly, then Rosanna grabs his face and brings it to her own. Just in the middle of passion, Lucy knocks on the door. Rosanna scampers off into the bedroom wearing only her pants and a bra. Lucy forgot her key. There's another knock at the door. This time Craig opens up and finds a contrite Carly. Referring to their meeting earlier that night, Craig says, "You acted as if I never meant anything to you." Knowing now that Craig isn't going to make her apology easy, Carly has second thoughts about her late-night atonement session, "This was a BIG mistake." "You didn't come here to apologize. You came here with a bag of guilt you wanted to dump." She asks him what he wants her to admit. "Admit that I'm in your system...and I always will be." She says they're relationship is more like "a piece of chewed gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe that I can't get off." He tells her that aside from Lucy there is no one else in his heart. This is when Rosanna chimes in. She walks into the living room dressed only in Craig's bed sheets asking, "Are you coming to bed, or what?" Carly tilts her head to her sister, drinks this in, smiles and laughs, "Oh-that's nice. This is exquisite," and walks out.

After they're alone, Rosanna asks Craig if he wants to come to bed. He says it wouldn't be a good idea since Lucy is home. "Some other time." Rosanna pauses, then whispers, "Not likely."

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Jack's there when Carly suffers a nightmare about her face. She tells Jack what she was dreaming about the spa. She then starts to worry about Rosanna and Craig, and Jack admits it is better they do things with or too each other rather than to them. Carly agrees especially since Jack promises to protect her.

Rosanna offers an apology to Craig for the incident with the towel and her sister but Craig doesn't seem to want to forgive and forget Rosanna's stunt since he has feeling for Carly. Lucy then comes home and Rosanna offers to make it up to him. Lucy tells Craig her and Alison are not getting along tells her Craig she is going riding at Lily and Holden's since the told her she is more than welcome. While at the farm, Lucy runs into Aaron. They talk about Aaron's bike and then they discussed Alison however they later have a discussion about Lucy going to a good college which included Harvard and Aaron got sarcastic. He presumed Lucy was spoiled and mentioned how Lucy she is she gets mad and storms out only to admit she misses her brother Bryant. Lily and Holden stop by to see if Aaron wants to go with them to Mabel's for food and he turns them down. Holden decides he knows how to get through to Aaron and lily and he will talk to him after they eat about his future.

Katie and Simon decide it is about time they frame Dahlia and stage a fight at the cottage. After the heated argument Katie throws Simon out and tells him she is filing for divorce in the morning. However their fight didn't go as well as they hoped since Dahlia later knocks Simon out. Recap --->

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

In the barn, Holden talks to Aaron about his future. Aaron says he wants to fix motorcycles and open up his own business. Holden is supportive but realistic and tries to get Aaron to see the pitfalls of being a young business owner with little training. Aaron is optimistic. While they are talking, Alison walks into the barn. After Holden leaves, Alison asks Aaron for a ride on his motorcycle but he says it is not running. Disappointed, Alison continues to flirt with Aaron. Then, to Alison's dismay, Lucy walks in. Lucky for Lucy, Alison's mother calls on her cell and Alison has to leave. Lucy is left alone with Aaron in the barn. He asks her what she thinks he should do with his life? She suggests going back to school but he says he just wants to fix motorcycles. He then convinces Lucy to ride on the back of his motorcycle - he lied to Alison about it not running. Lucy is scared but very tempted and eventually gets on the back and holds onto Aaron's waist.

In Craig's suite, Rosanna goes over and tells Craig she spoke with Carly. Craig realizes that Carly was jealous when she saw Rosanna half-naked in Craig's suite. Craig decides to seduce Rosanna to get Carly jealous. Rosanna wants to know what's in it for her. Craig says they can work together, he can get Carly, and she can get Carly's life. Rosanna says he'll just sleep with her and then dump her for Carly and she doesn't want that. It happened already with Mike Kasanov.

At the hospital, Rose is experiencing a "needle-like" feeling and is in a lot of pain. Paul is at her side trying to comfort her. Rose calls Carly and asks if she felt the same thing. Carly tells Rose the pain was "hideous." Rose asks if Carly can come to see her. Carly wants to go to the hospital but Jack is hesitant since they just found out that Barbara is back in the United States and James has not been declared dead, even though he was stabbed. Carly assures Jack that she'll be safe and insists she must be there for Rose.

While at the hospital, Carly first goes to visit Hal who is just being released from the hospital. He tells Carly he can't wait to begin looking for Emily and to get back together with his children. Carly leaves Hal and goes to Rose's room. Dr. Dixon begins taking off her bandages. The surgery is a success! Her face is back to normal.

Jack sees Barbara at the hospital. She is looking for Hal. Jack is surprised to see Barbara without her scars. "You look good," he tells her. She explains that James arranged for her to have a special surgical procedure. She tells Jack that she left James in Singapore. Jack tells Barbara he is grateful for all of her help with James but that he still must read her rights to her. She asks if she can first see Hal.

Hal is just getting ready to leave the hospital when he turns around and sees Emily. Hal asks, "Are you real?" Emily runs to him and they embrace. At that moment, Barbara, followed by Jack, finds Hal and sees their embrace. Barbara says Hal use to look at her that way, that he once lover her. She asks how she could have thrown it all away.

At the cottage, Dahlia tries to convince Katie that Simon is going to kill Katie. Dahlia says she is only trying to protect her and that she took care of Simon. Katie at first thinks Simon is dead but then realizes he is only knocked out. Dahlia says they must leave and uses her cell to call the police, telling them that the owner of the cottage is trying to kill his wife. Katie lunges for Dahlia and hits her in the stomach. Dahlia pushes Katie and tells her she is in danger. She mentions the broken banister and the elevator accident and tells Katie she heard Simon placing an order for components to make a bomb. Simon walks in and Katie runs to him. Katie calls the police because she knows Dahlia never hit the "send" button when she called before. Dahlia screams that Simon has a bomb and runs over to Katie. They struggle and Simon pushes Dahlia who falls on the floor.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

by MJ

While Dahlia is taken to the hospital, Katie explains to Margo that Dahlia told her Simon put a bomb in the cottage. Margo alerted to the fact that a bomb might actually be in the home, calls for the bomb squad. Simon searches for the bomb, finds it and runs out of the cottage, to save everyone from the explosion. Katie, panic stricken that Simon was a casualty of the bomb tries to flee from Margo to look for Simon. Margo keeps Katie in the cottage; the police arrive with Simon who is shaken but ok. Margo explains to Katie and Simon that the scheming they have done the last few days makes them appear guiltier than Dahlia.

An ugly nurse enters Rose's hospital room and steals her key to Worldwide. The ugly nurse is Henry. Soon after Henry is caught by Lucinda, riffling through Roses files. Lucinda attempts to call the police and Henry runs away.

At the Oakdale police station, Barbara is charged for her actions. When Barbara asks Tom to represent her, Tom refuses telling Barbara that because he is Daniel's father it would be a conflict of interest. To add to Barbara's dismay, Paul tells Barbara that although he still loves her, he will find it hard to ever trust her again. Continuing to be honest with Barbara, Paul resigns from BRO.

While Hal gets ready to be released, Carly takes Emily to visit a recovered Rose. The three women reunite and are elated to all be home and ok. The three decide that they want to revenge Weston for his actions.

After the women visit each other, Emily receives another surprise when Tom arrives with Daniel and his overnight bag. Tom apologizes to Emily for past accusations, and tells Emily to take Daniel home and catch up with him. Hal enters and the three, Emily, Hal and Daniel leave to return to their home together.

Friday, May 24, 2002

In Scotland, Bonnie is sneaking around the castle trying to see if Isaac is hiding behind the walls. Ian catches her and asks, "Why are you talking to the walls, Lassie?" She says that she wasn't. She was just thinking about doing some redecorating. She walks over to a bunch of flowers and asks Ian why he has so many flowers in the castle. He tells her that they are for their wedding. She tells him that they won't stay fresh that long. He informs her that they are getting married tomorrow. Ian's uncle enters the room and tells Bonnie that he has sent notes to her mother and friends, informing them about the wedding. Bonnie gets upset and tells Ian that he can't just plan a wedding without informing her. Ian's uncle leaves the room and Ian and Bonnie have a discussion about the wedding. Finally, Ian sweet-talks Bonnie into the marriage and she agrees to the date. She leaves the room telling Ian that she has to go get ready for their big day tomorrow. When she is gone, Ian goes to the bookcase and lifts a sword. The bookcase opens and his uncle pushes Isaac to the opening. Isaac is tied up and gagged. Ian tells his uncle to take care of Mr. Jenkins so he never has to see him again. His uncle says that he will take care of the problem. He jerks Isaac back and Ian closes the secret passageway and turns around with a very satisfied smirk on his face.

Margo, Katie and Simon are at the cottage. Margo is informing Simon that he could have been in a lot of trouble if Dahlia would have died. Katie tells her sister that it isn't fair the way that Dahlia has been trying to set Simon up and now it could all come back on him. Margo gets a call and when she hangs up, she tells Katie and Simon that Dahlia had a seizure in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Margo starts to leave to go to the hospital and Katie says that she and Simon want to go with her. Margo tells them to stay there. Simon informs Margo that he did get a hit on the head and needs to be looked at. Margo tells them that they are like bugs. They just won't quit. She tells them to come with her, but they are to go to emergency and stay out of the way.

At the hospital, Margo goes to Dahlia's room and they have her stabilized. Of course, Katie and Simon do not listen to Margo and they linger outside Dahlia's room. Margo starts to question Dahlia. Dahlia tells Margo about hearing Simon order materials over the phone to make a bomb. Margo asks her if she knows what it takes to make a bomb. Dahlia replies, "What else would you do with that stuff." Dahlia tells Margo that she has to take action against Simon and he has to be stopped before he kills Katie. Margo informs Dahlia that she is more concerned about Dahlia's charges, breaking and entering, fraud, planting a listening device and the assault on Simon. Dahlia starts to get upset and asks Margo why she is protecting Simon. She asks if it is because she is his sister-in-law. She tells Margo that she used to be his sister-in-law, too. Dahlia's pulse starts to race. She goes on to say that all she has to show for it is a headstone. Dahlia begins to have another seizure. Margo yells for someone to help. A nurse runs in and Katie and Simon follow her. Another nurse comes in and makes Margo, Katie and Simon leave the room. As they are being pushed out of the room, Katie yells out, "Dear God, please don't let her die!" In the hall, Katie asks Margo what happened in the room. Margo says that she pretty much said what she has been saying all along that Simon is the killer. Katie tells Margo that she has to go back in the room and get Dahlia to crack. Margo says that she already cracked, she had a seizure. Margo says that they have to piece everything together. She tells Simon and Katie that somewhere along the way, Dahlia had to have slipped up. The nurse comes out and Margo goes over to her. She asks the nurse if she can go in and talk to Miss Ventura now. The nurse tells her no. Katie yells at the nurse and informs her that Margo is a cop and she has to let her go in. The nurse informs them that Miss Ventura has died.

Rose and Carly show up at the Police Station and Jack tells Rose that she looks great. Carly tells him that they are there to ask a favor of him. Jack says that he will do whatever he can. They tell him that they would like some time with Dr. Weston. Jack informs the women that Dr. Weston has been extradited back to Switzerland and he will be leaving in the morning. The women beg Jack to give them just a few hours with the Dr. so the can say "good-bye" to him. Jack says that he just can't. The women beg some more. Finally, Jack says that if Dr. Weston was brought into the interrogation room and some people just happen to be in there, there just isn't much he could do about it. He slips the women a key. They tell him to give them some time to get Emily. He tells them that he doesn't want to know any of their plans. Rose and Carly run out of the station like to schoolgirls.

At Hal's house, Emily has put Daniel down to sleep and she has taken a shower. She comes downstairs and into Hal's arms. Hal and Emily kiss each other and tell each other how much they have missed one another. As they are making out, there is knocking at the door. Emily tells Hal to ignore it. They start to kiss again and then they hear Rose and Carly calling Emily's name. Emily tells Hal to give her a few minutes to kill them and she will be right back. Emily goes to the door and when she opens the door, Rose and Carly see that Emily and Hal are in their bathrobes. They tell Emily that they know that they have interrupted, but they have something special for her. They tell her about Dr. Weston being extradited back to Switzerland and they have an "opportunity" to give him a farewell party. Emily looks at Hal and Hal tells her to go, but under one condition, that they will be safe. Carly tells Hal that Dr. Weston is under lock and key. Rose and Carly take Emily upstairs to put on their special outfits for Dr. Weston's going-away party.

Back at the station, Jack makes excuses for all the policemen to be out of the squad room. After they are gone, Rose, Emily and Carly come in dressed in nursing uniforms. They sneak into the interrogation room. A policeman brings Dr. Weston in from his cell. Dr. Weston asks Jack what is going on and he reminds him that he is being sent back to Switzerland tomorrow morning. Jack takes Dr. Weston and tells the policeman to go do that errand that he asked him to do. The policeman leaves and Jack leads Dr. Weston over to the interrogation room. Jack tells Weston that there are some people who want to say goodbye to him. He opens the door and Carly, Rose and Emily are standing there. Dr. Weston asks, "What is this!" Jack gives Weston a push, Emily trips him and he falls into a chair. Carly ties him to the chair and Rose slams the door shut. Carly asks him if he likes their faces. Rose adds that their faces are a work of art. Emily bends down in front of Weston and says that she feels like celebrating. Carly says that they need to bring out the refreshments. Rose picks up a pitcher of liquid that is blue. Weston asks, "What is in that stuff?" Carly says, "Eye of newt, toe of frog, cleaner of drain." Rose tells him that he can either drink it on his own or they can find another way to get it in him. Emily comes over with a funnel that is attached to a hose that is attached to a (ahem) douche nozzle. Weston tells Emily to get that away from him. Rose says, "Oh, that sounded like a no!" Emily hands the funnel to Carly and Rose pours the blue drink into the funnel. Rose says that Weston is a big boy and she thinks he can take it all. Emily asks, "What are you going to do? Call a cop?" The three women laugh and put the funnel closer to Weston. Outside the interrogation room, Jack is sitting at his desk. He takes out a radio and turns on some music and turns up the volume. He sits back in his chair, puts his hands behind his head and smiles to himself.


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