All My Children Recaps: The week of May 6, 2002 on AMC

Greenlee discovered that Leo had visited Vanessa at Oak Haven. Liza decided to return the money that she had stolen from Chandler Enterprises. Mia gave Trey $20,000 of Colby's money. Dixie called Tad and told him about the baby. Jamie encouraged Brooke and Tad to renew their relationship.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 6, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, May 6, 2002

Greenlee assured Leo that Revlon came after her to work for them, and it was Kendall who had hoped to give Erica's secrets away. She went on to fill him in on Erica's plan. Leo broke out the wine and they toasted to their new fortune. They changed topics to the wedding, and Greenlee told him about Simone being her choice for maid of honor. She told Leo that she once thought Simone was after him, but she realized that Simone isn't the sneaking around type. As they were celebrating, an executive, Casey Wexler, arrived to show Greenlee her schedule of important dates, and announced that she has to hire own assistant. After she left, Greenlee told Leo that she planned to hire Simone. They left to share the good news with her.

Erica, Ryan, and Chris sit shocked in the Valley Inn as Kendall pulled a gun on Erica. While holding the gun on her, Kendall told the others that Erica played her for a fool, and now it's pay back. When Kendall alluded to Revlon, Erica told Chris to take her home. Fearing that Kendall might shoot, Chris told her not to move. Kendall responded that she doesn't want to hurt anyone, yet. While Ryan continued asking Kendall to give him the gun, she recapped the Enchantment saga. She mentioned that Greenlee sold out Erica, and now has a cushy job at Revlon. Erica didn't believe her, and Chris asked Erica if it was true. Kendall went on and asked her why she pretended to like her when, in fact, she hates her now as much as she did when she was born. Erica admitted that she set up Kendall, but Kendall proved, by her actions, that she deserved it. Kendall asked Erica why she brought her to Pine Valley if she wasn't to be trusted, and Erica said it was to protect Bianca. She went on to say that she would do anything to protect Bianca, and they are growing closer as a result of the accident. She told Kendall that she better shoot her, because she'll never choose her over Bianca. Ryan sarcastically told her to pull the trigger, but Kendall let the gun go limp in her hands as Ryan pulled it away. Erica told Chris that she knows he's disappointed in her, and then she left. Chris examined the gun and told Ryan that it was empty. Ryan asked Chris why he's letting Erica go, and told him to go after her. Kendall was upset, because it appeared that Ryan was defending Erica. Ryan explained, though, that Chris keeps Erica honest, and that's why he wants him with her. Ryan tried to explain to Chris not to walk away from Erica, but Chris said he'll do what he has to do. After Chris left, Ryan turned to Kendall but noticed that she was gone as well. Ryan sprinted out of the dining room.

Simone opened the door of her loft and found a bouquet of flowers send by Roger. The man himself showed up a few minutes later, and they embraced passionately. They were still kissing when they heard Leo and Greenlee walk up. Roger quickly entered her loft as they arrived. Greenlee told her about the job offer, and then noticed the flowers. When they couldn't find the card, Greenlee assumed it was a secret admire. She then asked Simone to go inside to discuss the job offer when Simone stepped in front of the door and said, "No." They immediately assumed she had a man inside, and Greenlee said she wanted to meet him. Leo said it could wait, because he was hungry. They left, but Greenlee told her that they will meet her man sometime. Simone went inside after they left. Later, Roger asked when he could see her again, but she told him that it was way too close. He said that she loves the fear of discovery, and that's why she'll see him again. They kissed, and he left.

Brooke stepped between Edmund and Tad just as Jamie walked in. When they turned their backs briefly, he disappeared. They looked around for him, but were unable to find him. Tad assured Brooke that he'll be okay, and they hugged. Edmund returned, saw them hug, and left. He returned a few minutes later, and announced that Jamie's bike was still there but he wasn't outside anywhere. When Tad left to check the school yard, Edmund asked Brooke if he's to blame for Jamie running away. She told him that she doesn't blame him, but she wished that he had thought of Jamie before going after Tad. Edmund explained that he loves Jamie, and is concerned that Tad's behavior is affecting him. Brooke said she understands his motives, but she wants him to leave. She said it would probably be better, for tonight, if it was just Jamie and Brooke. He said he disagreed, but he would do it. Before he left, he told her that he's come too far to lose her, but she said that he was never going to lose her. Tad and Jamie arrived home a few minutes later. Brooke threw her arms around her son, and mouthed, "thank you" to Tad. Edmund watched the exchange from the patio. Later, with Jamie out of the room, Brooke confided in Tad that she feels like she's failed her children when they need her most. Tad tried to comfort her and put his arms around her. Jamie walked down the stairs, saw them sitting together, and said, "Mom?" They didn't hear him, though, as Tad told Brooke that he's going to stick as close to them as he could. When Jamie saw them hug again, he smiled and went upstairs.

Mia tried to explain to Trey about the specialist, but he screamed that he needed the twenty grand, not some specialist. He went on to say that if he doesn't get that money, he'll open up a whole new world of hurt for her. Mia soon realized that Trey lied about the sick baby. Trey sidestepped the issue and continued to insist that she get him the money. She pressed on and demanded to know the truth about the baby. Trey told her the baby is fine and that his parents are wonderful. He continued to insist that he needs the money, but refused to tell her what it was for. She told him that she won't help him, and she won't steal Liza's money. As she was leaving, Trey asked her if she new about "parental rights", because the baby's father might be interested in it. Trey reminded her that the baby's father doesn't even know he's a father, and could challenge the adoption if he found out. Mia asked him not to do this, as Jake walked up asking, "Do what?" Trey said they had just finished discussing something, and Mia told Trey that he would have what he needs by tomorrow morning. After Trey left, Jake noticed her shaking and observed that she must be scared of Trey. She told Jake that Trey was just trying to help her sick son. Jake didn't buy it, and asked her again what's got her so uptight. He then asked her if Trey was the baby's father. Remembering that Trey told her the father of the baby doesn't even know, Mia told Jake that Trey was the father of the baby. She then ran off without further explanation.

Later, lying in bed, Greenlee speculated over who Simone might have stashed. Leo said it didn't matter, but Greenlee said that she has a right to know if Simone's going to be her maid of honor. She told him that she'll find out, one way or another.

In her home, Erica reminisced about Chris' offer for the cruise. She broke into tears as she heard a knock on the door. When she saw that it was Chris, she threw her arms around him.

Kendall sat on a park bench crying, when Ryan walked up to her. She said that she doesn't need him, and she began to leave. Ryan stopped her from leaving, picked her up, and said, "You're coming with me."

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Ryan escorts Kendall into his room at the Pine Cone after coming from the park. Kendall suggests that he let the dumping begin. Ryan reveals that he didn't want to do what he needed to do at the park. Kendall tells him to get it over with. Ryan says that he's not dumping her, unless she doesn't shut up. Ms. Hart zips her lips as Ryan tells her that she's a reactive and little nuts, but he still wants her. She asks why. Lavery says that he really needs to see her happy. He finds her amazing when they are alone and she's not complaining about how Erica and Bianca don't care about her. An insulted Kendall says that she's entitled to feel the way she does. Before she can tell him what to do with his opinion, he kisses her. The couple lay on his bed and Ryan asks how he can make her happy. Kendall thinks she knows, but she really doesn't. Ryan suggests that she make a list of all that she wants and he will help her with all of her suggestions to make her happy. When Kendall asks why he cares, Ryan suggests that she just trust him. But how, Kendall queries. Ryan kisses her again and suggests she just sleep.

Outside Erica's house, she and Chris embrace. "You've come back to me," says Erica. Chris admits that Ryan steered him in her direction by reminding him that his rules have cost him everything. Tonight, he's breaking his rules and then tells Ms. Kane that he wants her. Erica suggests that they spend the night together. Chris pulls her in for a kiss. After a moment, Chris pulls back and asks if this is Bianca's first night back home. Erica says that he's correct. Mr. Stamp feels that it wouldn't be right for them to make love right now. Erica informs him that she wants him to stay in the guest bedroom. Chris asks if she wants him there because of what Kendall did. She says no, but reveals that she has considered calling the cops on her. Something needs to be done because she's unstable. Chris informs her that the gun wasn't loaded. Erica thinks her daughter is still troubled and wonders why she pulled the gun on her. Chris says the young woman is troubled. Erica says that not everyone is forgivable. Stamp reveals that he hates what Kendall did tonight, but he also hates lies and people who lie. He has decided to step away from the situation and not judge anything. Erica thanks him. Chris tells her that he thinks about making love to her-in the future. They kiss. After things get too hot, Chris asks if she should check the guest room to see if its ready. Erica says that's a good idea. Before heading upstairs, Erica says that he's glad he's thinking ahead for them-so does she. After the coast is clear, Chris pulls out the ring he was going to propose to her with at the Valley Inn. "Not yet," Chris says to himself as he puts the ring back in his pocket.

Simone's awaken by a phone call in her bed. She answers and Greenlee asks her if he's there. "Who?" asks a groggy Simone. "Your mystery man," squeals Ms. Smythe. She insists that she's sleeping solo. Greenlee begins grilling Ms. Torres on details about her mystery man. Simone asks where Leo is. Greenlee says he went to get some ice cream. They worked up quite a sweat earlier. Simone says that she's okay with being friends with Greenlee, just as long as she doesn't give the gory details about her sex life with Leo. Even if they work together, asks Greens. Simone isn't sure Revlon will let her hire a friend. Greenlee insists that she has talent, and she is just what the company is looking for. She tells Simone to meet her in her Revlon office tomorrow at 9:00. Simone says that she needs some rest. Greenlee says that she may not if she gets a midnight call from her secret lover. After hanging up with Ms. Smythe, Simone is about to turn off her light when her phone rings again. This time, it's Roger. He just called to say good night. Simone tells him good night and hangs her phone up, surprised about Roger's call.

At Tad's house, Opal tells her son that she can't believe that Jamie has stopped talking. Tad says that since Vanessa grabbed him at the hospital, he has barely said two words. He even had to get J.R. to come over to spend the night with Jamie. Opal asks how J.R. is doing since Dixie's out of town. Tad says that J.R. is the only one who has heard from Dixie since her abrupt departure, except for David. Opal comments that if Dixie wants to be alone, he should leave it at that. Tad says that Dixie is his life. Opal corrects him and says that Dix is a part of his life, but he has a whole other world in Pine Valley. Tad says that he at least has Jamie and J.R., even though he's been a bad father as of late. Opal disagrees and feels that he'll do right by his son. Tad says that he's been unable to let go since Dixie's left. Opal hugs her son.

At their room in the Valley Inn, Anna and David lay together. David says that he has thought about their future and has thought about something that they both may want-a baby. Anna's eyes bulge from his announcement. Anna says that having a baby is like taking out a piece of your heart and giving it arms and legs. It can be terrifying. David knows this, but is still up for the challenge. Anna says that she has a new job and already has a grown daughter. David thinks that doesn't matter. Anna says they're at different places. David asks if she's totally opposed of having a child. She wishes he mentioned it before they tied the knot. David says the two issues are separate. Anna asks him for one good reason that they should have a baby. "Love" answers David. Anna suggests that they sleep on it. Anna lays back down on David's chest to think about her husband's suggestion.

It's the next day, and Ryan sleeps alone in bed as Kendall stares at him. Kendall sneaks out of the Pine Cone without being noticed. Minutes later, Ryan wakes up and places his hand on the spot where Kendall slept. He realizes she's not in bed and calls out for her. He figures out Ms. Hart snuck out of the room. He calls Myrtle, who hasn't seen Kendall come home. Ryan hangs up the phone in anger and leaves.

Back at Erica's, Bianca comes down the stairs and smells Chris's famous omelets. After Chris and Bianca greet each other, Erica comes down and asks if everyone slept alright. Bianca replies that that there's no action going on in her room. Chris hints that the guest bed was very comfortable. Bianca insists that they don't have to G-rate their love life just because she's back at the house. Chris says that their relationship hasn't reached that stage-yet. Bianca asks if this was a slumber party. Erica admits that she didn't want to be alone because Kendall pulled a gun on her at the Valley Inn last night. Bianca asks if she's okay. Chris comments that the gun wasn't loaded. Erica insists that she didn't know that last night. Chris says that Kendall was trying to make a point. Erica says that the only point her daughter made was to show how troubled she was. Ms. Kane suggests that they stay away from Ms. Hart to keep themselves safe. Just then, the doorbell rings. Erica is astonished to see Kendall at the other end of her door.

At Revlon, Greenlee tells Simone that the company has agreed to pay for her wedding. An associate at the company, Casey, gets introduced to Simone by Greens. She tells Casey that Simone's an excellent writer and could do great ad campaigns for Revlon. Casey sees Ms. Torres' resume and is impressed. She reminds Greenlee about the photo shoot to announce her arrival at Revlon. Greenlee thanks Casey for everything as she leaves. Simone says that she needs to catch up on her copywriting skills. Greenlee insists that copywriting and advertising are the same thing and that she has the job in the palm of her hand. She tells Simone that she needs her by her side since her wedding is going to be a major media event. Greens later says that she finally has a female friend that isn't after what's hers. Simone says that she just wants to be a good friend. Greenlee comments that she has even gotten her dad, Roger, back in her life. Greenlee suggests that they call the new ad campaign LOVE IS ALL AROUND. Just then, Simone's cell phone rings. It's Roger. Greenlee asks if she's on the phone with her secret lover. Simone tells Roger that she's in Greenlee's office and she'll have to call back later. Simone asks for job tips as Greenlee asks for dirt on her new man. Simone says that it's just a guy and that they haven't done anything. Greenlee thinks it's obvious that it's someone she knows and continues to press Simone for details. Simone blows up and tells Greens to just stop it.

Kendall tells Erica that she's there to talk to Bianca. "Over my dead body," Erica spats. She almost slams the door in her face, but Chris holds the door and asks Bianca if she wants to speak to her sister. Bianca says she would like to speak to Kendall-in private. Chris takes Erica outside the living room and tells her that Bianca can handle her sister. Erica feels that she will try to make Bianca feel sorry for her. Chris feels that Erica doesn't trust Bianca as much as she should. Otherwise, she would've informed her why Kendall pulled a gun on her. Erica insists what she did to Kendall was no excuse for her daughter to threaten to shoot her.

Anna does work on her laptop and David asks her if she's thought about the baby issue they discussed last night. Anna asks why is he so gun-ho about having a child. David wants to create a new life. Anna says that they should wait until they get a more permanent living arrangement. David says that now is the right time since Vanessa's in jail and he feels that a new life in the world would just be the icing on their bliss. In the middle of their conversation, there's a knock at their door. It's a bellhop with an overnight letter. Anna is positive that the letter's from Dixie. She wants to leave him alone, but he wants her to stay as he reads the letter. Dixie thanks him for all that he has done for her. She mentions that she is now in her third trimester, which is a miracle under her circumstances. She informs him that she's going to tell Tad the truth about the baby and beg for forgiveness and for Tad to take her back so they can raise their child together. Anna asks David how he feels about that. He hopes they find the same happiness with Tad as he's found with his new wife. David continues to read and mentions Dixie congratulating him on his marriage to Anna. The new Mrs. Hayward asks how she knew. David reveals that he had to monitor her heart condition every few weeks via phone, and he told her their news after her induction as Chief of Police. Anna comments that their marriage was a business arrangement and now suddenly, they're discussing having babies. David says that they've gotten to a new place in their relationship and it's real. He knows that she can feel the change in their relationship. Anna isn't sure he can keep up with his needs. David's insulted that Anna thinks a child is something else that he needs from her. Anna tries to explain her comment, but an irate David heads to the door. She asks where he's going. He tells her that he needs some warm air since it's cold in there.

Tad gets his mail and sees a special letter. Just then, Opal comes in with Jamie. Tad asks him if he had a good night's sleep. A silent Jamie smiles and nods his head. Opal mentions that J.R. is already eating breakfast in the other room. While Jamie's back is turned, Tad signals Opal to get Jamie out of the room. Opal suggests to Jamie that he go in and eat breakfast with J.R. Jamie leaves the room and Opal comments that she spent the night so that he and the kids could have a big breakfast. However, the letter he's got seems to have spoiled his appetite. Tad reveals that the letter is from Dixie. He sits down on the sofa and Opal decides to give him his privacy. When Tad says that he wants her there, she hightails it beside him on the sofa. Tad opens the letter and it reads "Darling Tad." He asks Opal if that's what it really says. Opal says it does and urges him to continue reading. In the letter, Dixie apologizes for leaving without saying goodbye and admits to missing seeing him. She reveals that she has a secret that she had to keep until now. Since enough time has passed that nothing can be done to change her condition, she can now reveal her secret to him. Tad pauses and Opal asks him what's wrong. "She's.....pregnant," a shocked Tad announces. Opal's equally shocked over the news. Tad continues and reads that Dixie didn't tell him about the pregnancy because she knew he would try to stop her from having the baby because of her heart. Now that she's in her final trimester, he can't stop her from having the baby. The doctors say that she is out of danger and the doctors are very optimistic. She tells Tad that she had a sonogram and an amniocentesis-and that the baby is a girl. Opal is happy over the news. Tad continues with the letter and reads that Dixie only got the divorce to keep her baby, but now all she wants to do is come back home. She asks for Tad's forgiveness and for him to take her back. "Can you?" asks Opal.

Alone in the living room, Kendall apologizes to Bianca for giving her the champagne. Bianca says it wasn't her fault. Kendall starts to say that she almost died when she found out about the accident, Bianca screams "DON'T." Bianca says that there's no going back for the two of them. Kendall's upset over her sister's reaction. Bianca states that she was the one who told Erica to give her another chance. Kendall informs her that Erica faked the whole reconciliation. Bianca screams that no matter what your mother does, you should never pull a gun on her. Ms. Hart snaps that Bianca is still the same self-righteous brat she was when she was a kid. Bianca says that it's scary how she is so locked up in the past. Kendall says what's scary is that she's living with her pit bull of a mother again. Erica and Chris return and Erica tells Bianca not to listen to her sister. Kendall tells them all to have a nice breakfast and just ignore everyone not in their little pack. Ms. Hart storms out of the house and runs smack into Ryan outside.

Greenlee asks Simone what buttons did she push, and Simone apologizes. Just then, Roger arrives at Greenlee's office with a bouquet of flowers. He comments that he expected her to be alone and greets "Ms. Torres." Greenlee reveals that she and Simone will be working together and they will need to dish at least three times a day. Roger tells Simone that he hopes that she will save a dance for the father of the bride at Greenlee's wedding. The intercom beeps at Greenlee's desk and Ms. Smythe tells them to stay while she goes to her photo shoot. After the coast is clear, Simone asks Roger if he's nuts. As he pulls up close to his paramour, Roger says that it's perfectly normal for him to bring flowers to his daughter at her new office. He insists they have nothing to worry about. Simone disagrees. Roger gives Simone a smooch. Just then, they hear Greenlee's voice and get their composure back. A gleeful Greenlee asks if the two of them are getting along. The secret lovers compliment each other. Greenlee says that she will have a great wedding and Simone will have a beautiful bridesmaids dress. She will also make sure Roger will have a nice tux to wear when he's walking her down the aisle. Greenlee hugs her dad and boasts that they'll all be together on her big day and that life is perfect. Simone and Roger give each other the look.

Tad tells Opal that he'll definitely take Dixie back. He's happy that Dixie still loves him. Opal says that's no surprise. Tad can't believe that she left him and everybody she knows to keep their baby a secret. He says that he has to find her. Opal says that he can't just hop on a plane to Paris. Tad says that there is something that he can do stateside. Opal tells him to calm down. Tad can't calm down-he's going to have a baby! Tad hugs his mother and asks Opal if she remembers telling him that everything happens for a reason, no matter how bad it is. Opal says that belief has gotten her through life more than one. Tad is psyched that he's having a daughter. Opal suggests Tad take care of business and she'll watch Jamie. Tad opens his door and finds David standing on his porch.

Ryan senses that things didn't go well between she and Erica. Kendall says that she came to see Bianca, not her mother. She thinks that it's time for her to move on with her life. Ryan wants to help her straighten things out between she and her mom. Kendall says that she doesn't know what to do regarding his offer to make her happy. Ryan tells her that she can start by ringing the doorbell. The couple hold hands and Ryan rings the bell. Erica answers the door and Lavery asks if they can come in. After a pause, Erica agrees. Before Erica can close the door, an officer comes up to the door and calls out Kendall's name. "Me?" asks a shocked Ms. Hart, who then looks at her mother in anger.

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

In the library at the Chandler Mansion Mia looked through Liza's bank books. She received a phone call from Trey who demanded the money immediately. She said she was trying to get it but Trey threatened to call her baby's father and spill the beans on her if she didn't get the money now. In the living room Marian tried to apologize to Liza for her drunken behavior at the hospital when Adam interrupted. Marian left the room and Liza told Adam she knows he's started proceedings to have her declared mentally incompetent. He didn't understand why she was so angry and said that she should trust him. Liza said she doesn't trust anyone in that house except Colby and Mia, just as Hayley walked in. Marian walked into the library as Mia continued arguing with Trey. Mia quickly hung up the phone and Marian said they she needed to clear the air about something. Mia was frightened that Marian had overheard her conversation with Trey, but that wasn't the case. Marian wanted to say she was sorry she didn't listen to Mia about her drinking while Liza was in the hospital. Marian apologized to Mia and then realized that Mia didn't look well. Mia said she was just tired. Marian said they all rely on her so much, especially Liza, so she's family now. "If you need anything, anything at all, just call me," Marian told Mia. Mia's phone rang and Marian offered to tell who ever it was to call back later. But Mia quickly answered it and it was Trey. She pretended it was a friend and Marian left her alone. Mia shut the door behind Marian and listed to Trey threaten her some more. Finally she had enough and said she'd take the money from her sister's account. After she hung up she said "I hope you rot in hell Trey!." She picked up the phone and called the bank, saying she had an account and needed to withdraw $20,000. Back in the living room Hayley butted in and said she wanted to put her 2 cents worth in about Mia. She continued to bad mouth Mia until Liza stopped her and said she was sounding like her father. Hayley said she has concerns about Mia and Liza said Mia wasn't after the Chandler money. Mia walked in, pretending to be overcome with joy. She told Adam, Liza and Hayley that she had just gotten news that her son was cured so they wouldn't need the specialist after all. Hayley snidely asked if she'd be needing the money instead now. Liza yelled at Hayley to be quiet while Mia said it turned out that the doctors found out what was wrong with her son and cured him. Hayley was extremely suspicious while Liza and Adam were thrilled for Mia. Adam left to call and cancel the specialist and Hayley followed him. She argued with her father that Mia's story was ridiculous. But Adam stuck up for Mia and said if Mia was after the money she wouldn't have returned his check. Hayley still believed that Mia was up to something and told Adam to keep his eyes open. Mia and Liza sat down and Mia thanked her sister for believing in her. Liza said she didn't know what she'd have done without Mia lately. She told her that Adam had started the incompetency proceedings and that if he's successful he'll be able to get custody of Colby. Mia wondered if there was a way to blow the lid of of Adam's secret. She said there are alot of secrets in this house and that maybe it was time to be honest. Liza didn't want to tell Adam what she'd done with the money but thought maybe they could do something else. She wanted to put a full page ad out telling everyone what had happened at WRCW, and about her illness. Liza believed that the FCC would think there was no cover up and let it go. Mia though that would solve things except Adam still wouldn't know what happened to the missing money. But Liza was insistent on putting out the ad and left to call the legal department to get things started. A tap on the window startled Mia and she turned to find Trey staring at her outside. She went to him and he grabbed her saying he'd take her to the bank right now. She said she'd take care of it on her own but he said "Haven't you learned by now that I make the rules, not you?" and dragged her away.

Tad opened his door to find David Hayward standing outside. David said he knew that Dixie told Tad about the baby and wanted to make sure Tad didn't mess things up. Tad realized that David had known for a long time about Dixie's pregnancy and was furious that David hadn't told him. David said that Dixie had come to him for help as a doctor. He asked if he could come in and Tad let him in the door. Tad said "Thank God Dixie and the baby are fine and you're not her doctor anymore!." He went on to say that he would take care of his wife and child now. David said for Dixie's sake Tad must let go of the past. Tad said he would if David would and demanded that David stay away from his family. David said he only cared about Dixie's happiness and he won't stand in her way. Tad warned him to keep away from his family and sent him on his way. Brooke arrived as David left. Tad told her that he'd heard from Dixie and that she still loved him and wanted to come home. "Oh yeah, there was something else too. She's having our baby!!!" Tad could hardly contain his joy and Brooke was thrilled for him. Tad said nothing had been right without Dixie and was almost bouncing off the walls. Brooke said she'd like to officially welcome the old Tad back. He said he'd like to jump on a plane to Switzerland but the timing was bad and he had to be here for Jamie. Brooke said no, he should go get Dixie, that it would do Jamie good to see his father so happy. Tad apologized for all the terrible things he'd said to Brooke recently. He said that she was an amazing mother to his son and a wonderful friend to him. "My world would be a darker place without you," Tad said. He said he loved her and Brooke returned the sentiment as they hugged. Jamie stood around the corner and watched, smiling.

Anna went to Oak Haven and started to speak with Vanessa's doctor, Dr. Axelrod. Her phone rang and she answered it. It was David, who apologized for pushing the family issue. He asked if they could get together and she said not now and abruptly hung up on him. She turned to the doctor and asked about Vanessa's diagnosis. She wondered if Vanessa was truly insane or was she faking it.He said they still couldn't tell whether Vanessa was putting on an act or not. David arrived and listened outside the door. Anna asked if Vanessa is really mentally ill, was it something that was genetic. Dr. Axelrod said again they just weren't sure yet and David stormed in. The doctor left and David asked if Anna ran to Oak Haven to see if mental illness ran in his family before she agreed to have his baby. Anna wondered why he followed her and said she was on police duty. She resented him trying to keep tabs on her. David asked if he was good enough to marry why wasn't he good enough to have a child with. He reminded Anna that he loved her and that she said she loved him too. Anna said thing were coming at her too fast and started to walk away. David told her not to run away and followed her out of the room. They argued out in the hallway and then David walked off. Anna stood there thinking and Vanessa, who was being escorted back to her room, ran into her and laughed.

At Erica's Kendall screamed at her for calling the police. She said "Did you really think I'd blow you away in public?" Jack stepped inside the door and asked what she was talking about. He said Erica didn't call him, he was there to hand her a summons because she provided alcohol to a minor. Kendall whined "I'm in trouble because that brat got drunk?" Jack asked where the gun was and Chris said he confiscated it. Kendall said she didn't tell Bianca to drink and drive and is tired of Bianca getting away with everything. She got in Bianca's face and said she was a screw up. Bianca replied that at least she admitted when she messed up. Erica and Bianca both told Kendall that they didn't call for the summon. Jack said he did it and then listed all the rotten things Kendall had done, including calling Donald Steele when Bianca had the accident. Bianca looked at Kendall and asked "You really hate me that much?." Kendall stared Bianca in the face and said "Yeah, I do hate you that much.." Ryan glared at Kendall. Bianca said Kendall was a very sick person and needed help. Kendall tried to leave and Jack handed her the summons. Bianca told her she had no more chances to redeem herself. Kendall said respect and love should've been given to her and Bianca said they were and she just spit on it. Kendall said "Who do you think you are?." Bianca replied "I am Erica Kane's daughter." Kendall ran out of the house and Ryan followed her. Erica tried to hug Bianca but she ran outside. Erica started to follow but Jack said he'd go to her. Chris comforted Erica. Jack sat outside with Bianca. She wanted to know why she was stupid enough to believe Kendall could change. She actually thought they could share something worthwhile. Bianca said Kendall was right about one thing, she was a victim. "I'm always the one who ends up disappointed and I'm so tired of it." Bianca told Jack she felt like she was "going under" and now she was even living with Erica again. She said it didn't seem like the best thing for either one of them. Jack tried to talk but Bianca left. Inside Erica told Chris the only peace this house would find is when Kendall disappears. She said she didn't think they'd seen the last of Kendall and that she is really after them. Chris said he'd move in to watch out for them.

Ryan caught up with Kendall in the park. He said Bianca was right, that going to the Exposer sucked. She ranted and raved about how horrible Erica and Bianca were. Ryan asked her to trust him. Ryan said that going after Bianca was wrong and that Kendall has to make it right. "Also that whole gun thing, make it right too." Kendall refused saying she's just going to get revenge. Ryan picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and left the park.

Thursday, May 9, 2002

Leo visits Greenlee at Revlon just as a huge bouquet of flowers are delivered. Greenlee assumes they are a gift from Leo, but the card is addressed to Simone. Greenlee reads the card and assumes the flowers are from Simone's mystery man. Greenlee finds this incredibly romantic. Simone then leaves with the excuse that she is having dinner with her father. After Simone's exit, Greenlee and Leo discuss their perfect wedding. Greenlee asks Leo to leave town with her after the wedding. She has been offered a great job at Revlon in Paris. Leo is sorry, but he can't go to Paris. He is under police orders to stay in Pine Valley until Vanessa's case is cleared up.

Leo meets Anna at Oak Haven with a deal. He offers to talk to Vanessa and try to find out the location of the missing drug money if Anna will have all the charges against him dropped. Anna agrees and Leo goes in to face his mother.

At the park, Mia brings a suitcase filled with money to Trey. She tells him this will be the last payoff she gives him. Trey threatens that he can ruin her son's life at any time if Mia doesn't cooperate with his demands. Jake sees that Mia is in trouble and intervenes to defend her. He tells Trey that he knows all about him and Mia and that he knows Trey is the father of Mia's child. Trey laughs and Jake tells him to get the hell away from Mia. As Trey slinks away, Mia turns on Jake unhappy that he is butting in to her business.

After Jake leaves, Trey slithers back for the money still laughing over the lie Mia told Jake. She grudgingly gives him the bag and he leaves. Jake returns with hotdogs and drinks and asks for a truce. Mia accepts.

Chris offers to move in to Erica's guest room in order to keep Erica safe from Kendall. They explain to Bianca that Erica feels uneasy after having the gun pointed at her. She is afraid that next time the gun may be loaded. Jack wonders how Chris can find time to work for both Erica and Anna. When Bianca and Chris leave to pick up his things at Myrtles, Erica accuses Jack of being eaten alive with jealousy. He tells her that he is just worried about Erica bringing a live-in boyfriend into an already tense situation. He brings up the point that Erica has two troubled daughters. Erica explains that Chris understands the situation with Bianca and Kendall doesn't matter because Kendall is dead to her. Chris returns with his things including a large box of files and computer discs. As he and Erica make snacks in the kitchen, a shadowy figure hovers at the door.

Ryan has Kendall slung over his shoulder as he takes her back to their motel room. He tells her he's trying to keep her from ruining her life. They are kindred spirits, he believes, and he is not about to give up on her. Kendall tells him the only thing she has in her life is revenge. It is all she knows, all she has ever strived for. Ryan claims there are better ways to live your life. All he wants is to see her happy. Kendall isn't sure that is possible. Ryan takes her into his arms and asks her to let him make her feel alive.

After they make love, Kendall tells Ryan about Dell. She says he left her because he couldn't "put up with her crap." Ryan fells it will be different between them. He asks Kendall to run away with him. She is ready to leave.

Simone appears at Roger's door asking if he is trying to ruin her life or Greenlee's. She can't go on with the relationship the way it is. Roger assures her that his marriage is only a technicality. This doesn't make Simone feel any better about the situation. Roger says fine. If Simone wants to end the relationship, so be it. He'll leave her alone. Simone wavers then pulls Roger into a kiss. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Roger goes into the hallway where a man hands him Mia's suitcase and says, "The kid delivered."

As Simone waits inside for Roger, her cell phone rings. When she answers, Greenlee asks, "Are you having fun with Daddy?" Simone almost drops the phone until Greenlee reminds Simone that she is supposed to be having dinner with her father. As they are talking, Roger comes back in to the room and calls Simone "Sweetheart." After Greenlee hangs up, she wonders about the voice she heard in the background. It certainly sounded familiar.

Friday, May 10, 2002

Adam received a faxed copy of the apology letter Liza had sent the newspapers. He was livid. "Are you trying to get yourself in jail or destroy Chandler Enterprises," he barked at Liza. Adam wanted to pull the statement from publication and argued with Liza about it. Mia, along with Jake, entered the room and told Adam to stop arguing or he will put Liza back in the hospital. Jake interrupted the argument hoping to calm down everyone. Adam reviewed the newspaper notice and reluctantly apologized to Liza for overreacting. He said he would call Dr. McMillan in the morning to withdraw his request to declare Liza incompetent. Adam asked Liza if they could stop sleeping in separate bedrooms. Liza put him off saying she doesn't sleep well. She wanted to read some reports from Chandler Enterprises before going to bed. Adam offered to tuck her in and read her all the memos and reports until she fell asleep. Pleased, Liza accepted.

Jake and Mia snacked on cupcakes in the den at Chandler Mansion. They talk about food fights and Mia fantasizes about children's birthday parties with her son, William. Jake offered to feed a cupcake to Mia and pretended to slip getting frosting on Mia's face. He was happy to lick it off.

When Jake left, Liza joined Mia in the den. Mia was surprised to see her as she thought Liza had gone to sleep. Liza couldn't sleep. After Adam had read the memos and department reports from Chandler Enterprises, Liza realized she had hurt many people by taking the money from the corporation. She told Mia she wants to give the money back. Mia shouted "no!"

Brooke thanked Edmund for sending her red roses. He denied they were from him. They were from Tad he told Brooke. Brooke didn't believe him and opened the card. Tad had sent the flowers much to Edmund's annoyance. Meanwhile, Jamie had tiptoed downstairs to watch Brooke read the card. Satisfied, he returned to his room. Brooke told Edmund that Dixie is having a baby and that Tad is flying to Europe to bring her and the baby home. Edmund's jealousy eased a little bit.

Tad met JR in the park. He told JR it was a marvelous day and admired the pretty flowers. Puzzled, JR wasn't sure why Tad was acting strangely. Tad told JR that Dixie is coming home and bring a baby sister with her. JR was at first unsure about the news and then began to realize that they could be a family again. JR wanted to call Dixie but Tad told him it wasn't necessary because he was leaving that evening to fly to Europe to bring Dixie home the next day. JR gave Tad Dixie's star necklace and asked him to give it to his mom when Tad sees her. Tad promised he would.

Leo visited Vanessa at Oak Haven. Vanessa was curious why Leo was there and he told her he never meant the horrible things he said to her. He said them because he knew Greenlee was listening outside the door and he had to pretend he didn't like his mother. Leo wanted to re-establish his relationship with his mother. Vanessa asked Leo for a hug and he briefly held her before leaving. After Leo left her room, Vanessa muttered to herself, "What are you up to now, Leo?" Outside Vanessa's room, Leo said to himself, "Round 1 goes to Leo du Pres."

At her office at Revlon, Greenlee was looking through bridal magazines and tore out pictures of wedding gowns when Simone interrupted her. Simone apologized for hanging up on Greenlee. Greenlee told her she knows Simone wasn't really having dinner with her (Simone's) father. Simone panicked thinking Greenlee knows she is having an affair with Greenlee's, father, Roger. Simone asked her to drop the subject and they leave Greenlee's office. Greenlee has a surprise. They return wearing wedding dresses as Greenlee gushed over the wedding plans. As they talked about weddings and marriage, Greenlee suddenly realized why Simone wouldn't tell her who the mystery man is. He must be married Greenlee told Simone. Simone is relieved that Greenlee doesn't know his identity. She again told Greenlee to drop the subject as she left the office to change from the wedding dress. She bumped into Leo as he entered Greenlee's office.

Greenlee was happy to see Leo and they talked briefly about the wedding plans. She wanted to know where Leo had been and he made an excuse that he was running wedding errands to help her out. Greenlee was pleased Leo was thinking of her. She asked Leo to leave her office so she could take off the wedding dress. On his way out, Leo grabbed his jacket. The visitor's pass from Oak Haven fell to the floor from his pocket. Greenlee picked it up and realized Leo had lied to her about what he really was doing. When Leo came back into Greenlee's office he discovered she had not taken off the wedding dress. He was confused why she was still wearing it. Greenlee asked him one more time where he was that day. Leo again lied. Greenlee showed him the visitor's pass. Leo realized he was caught in a lie.

Tad visited Brooke before his plane trip to Europe. Brooke thanked him for the red roses. Tad was confused. He didn't send the flowers. He realized that Jamie had sent them using Phoebe's credit card and ordered them from the Internet. Tad told Brooke and Edmund that Jamie is having a problem with their wedding. Tad talked to Jamie about sending the flowers and that he wasn't angry about it. He implored Jamie to tell him what was wrong. Was it Brooke and Edmund's wedding that was bothering him? Send up smoke signals or write down your feelings. I can't read your mind, Tad told him. Jamie remained silent. Tad had to leave to catch his plane. Jamie returned to his room.

The doorbell rang. Brooke, thinking Tad had forgotten something, was surprised to find Opal standing there, tears in her eyes. Edmund comforted Opal. Jamie entered the room and picked up the red roses smashing them to the floor. The vase shattered into pieces. Jamie ran back upstairs.

Tad sat in his seat on the plane waiting for departure. He was looking through a book on baby names when suddenly Brooke appeared. Tad noticed she was upset and sad. Alarmed, he asked Brooke, "What is it?"



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