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Passions Recaps: The week of May 6, 2002 on PS
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Monday, May 6, 2002

Theresa is in a panic when she sees the fake video. She calls the so called blackmailer and says that she wants to do business. The tape has her convinced that Ethan killed Julian on her behalf. Theresa meets with the fake blackmailer. He asks her for one hundred grand to start. Theresa refuses to live out her live as this guy's money machine. She tells him so but he laughs and says she will do what he asks from now on.

Luis tries to call Bermuda to check on Father Frank Liva. (Sheridan and Antonio's son from their past life.) Luis cannot get through. When he finally does, he speaks only to the caretaker and not to either Antonio or Sheridan. He too finds out the Father Frank has just died.

Beth and Luis fill Hank in on the goings on in Bermuda. They explain to Hank that they are happy but do not go into details. Hank hears all about Brian and his girlfriend Diana. They also show Hank the picture from the internet of Liam and Susan dancing. Hank gasps "Oh my God, Luis it looks just like you and Sheridan."

Privately, Beth shows Hank a picture of the man that Susan married. She asks him if it isn't the identical image of Antonio. Hank agrees. Beth wonders if it is Antonio who is destined to keep Luis and Sheridan apart for all time. She decides once again that it would be best if he doesn't think it is his own brother coming between him and his true love.

Sheridan and Brian find out that they were married and lived out their married lives in Bermuda.

Timmy trips the silent alarm to get the teen thieves in trouble. The cops burst in and tell Timmy to hit the floor. The cops round up everyone except Timmy and his dog "Toto." They manage to elude the police and hit the road once again in search of the magic ingredient that will help free Charity.

Sheridan's visions of her past life with Brian only bring the two of them closer together. They share a passionate kiss.

Ivy and Rebecca are pleased with the progress of their plan to get Theresa to the electric chair until Ethan picks up the fake video and inserts it into the vcr.

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Antonio gets in touch with Pilar. She anxiously asks him when he is coming home. She does not tell Antonio about the house fire even though she is worried about how they can afford to rebuild. Antonio asks Pilar about Theresa. He tells Pilar that he is glad that Julian Crane is dead. He says that Julian got what he deserved. Pilar asks Antonio outright if he knows anything about the murder. Before Pilar can explain about Luis leaving abruptly they got disconnected. Pilar says that it is a miracle that Antonio called on his birthday. Luis does not realize that Antonio wants to come home and help the family, especially Theresa. He feels that Antonio is still the same and has not changed since the day he left them.

Diana has visions of her past life with Brian. (Antonio) She can see that they had a happy and wonderful life together.

Hank tells Beth that it is best to keep the fact the Sheridan and Antonio were married in a past life a secret from Luis. He reminds Beth how tenuous Luis and Antonio's relationship is. Beth feels guilty and does not want to go along with Hank on this.

Rebecca and Ivy are pleased with their plotting. Their plan almost backfired when Ethan picked up the damning video tape and put it in the vcr. Theresa manages to steal it away. Ethan is suspicious and tells Theresa he can see that she is hiding something and she is up to her old tricks lying to him.

Theresa plays innocent. Whitney is also concerned and knows that Theresa has a video in her purse. Theresa manages to get Ethan and Whitney to go with her to Chad's recording studio. Ethan is sure Theresa is up to something. He knows she dragged him to the studio under false pretenses. He thinks it is because she did not want him to view the video. Theresa lies once again. She covers up by saying that she is trying to play matchmaker between Whitney and Chad. Ethan accepts this and apologizes.

Chad plays his music. He words to one of the songs talks about being willing to die for the one you love. Theresa listens very carefully thinking of Ethan and the fake tape thinking he really killed Julian.

Luis shows Pilar the pictures of his past life with Sheridan.

Brian's stalker turns to killer as he takes aim to shoot Brian and Diana. He tells the unknown man on the other end of his cell phone that it is a lucky think to have found them sitting in a graveyard because he can dig a hole for the bodies right where he drops them.

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

The zombie finds Tabitha packing videos into a large carton. When she questions Tabitha as to what "stinks", Tabitha replies that the stink is the horrible misses that NBC tried to pass off as primetime TV. Tabitha takes credit for the "bombs" that NBC had aired over the past 75 years. She tells Zombie girl if she had not lost her powers NBC would be a local cable access station. But now they are celebrating 75 years at the top of the TV heap. They have had much success since Tabitha lost her powers including putting a ground breaking new soap on the air. The theme music for Passions plays as Tabby and the zombie dance along to it. When the music ends it is back to business as usual for the zombie. She promises pain and suffering for everyone at "Charity's" 18th birthday party. The zombie plans on revealing all secrets, including Tabitha's.

Chad and Ethan discuss their women. Chad says he has to move on and leave Whitney behind. Ethan knows that Theresa is keeping something big from him. (unaware that she has a tape who could send him to death row)

Whitney questions Theresa, knowing she is hiding something. Theresa says she must talk to Father Lonigan. She knows that the priest must keep a confidence. Theresa gets scared when Chad comes to her with the news that the governor has ordered Julian's murder be solved ASAP.

David and Eve are concerned over Ivy's blackmail and the bonding of Grace and John.

Rebecca and Ivy move ahead with their plan.

Grace plans Charity's party bash with Tabitha being forced to read fortunes. Simone warns Eve that Chad will be the DJ at the party. Eve says she has no problem with Chad being at the party, knowing it was Ivy not Chad that had Whitney drugged.

Theresa tells the priest that Ethan killed Julian.

Thursday, May 9, 2002

Theresa tearfully tells Father Lonigan that she has a tape that proves Ethan killed Julian Crane. She asks the priest what she should do. He advises her to go to the police with the information and the tape. Theresa explains that she cannot do that. Father then instructs her to confide in her brother Luis. Theresa says that Luis would arrest Ethan on the spot. The priest then says he will go to the police himself. Theresa stops him with a tearful speech. She blasphemes god saying he is responsible for all of her problems. He is the same god that put Julian Crane on earth. She questions what god has let happen to her. She swears on her life that she will not let Ethan suffer because of Julian matter what she has to do to protect him.

Zombie Charity tells Sam that he will arrest someone very soon in the murder of Julian Crane. The zombie then cozies up to Miguel telling him that she wants to make love as soon as possible. She then baits Kay saying it is her fault that Miguel is going to die and that everyone else in town will be hurt and suffer all because Kay conjured her up from the Book of Spells.

Kay vows not to let the zombie hurt Miguel but the zombie laughs in her face. Timmy runs from the police.

Ivy and Rebecca plant seeds of doubt with Ethan. They try to get him to believe that Theresa is acting strange because Julian's murder investigation has been stepped up. Ethan tells Rebecca to stop talking about Theresa like she is the only one in town who had a reason to kill Julian. He says unless he hears a full confession from Theresa herself, he will never believe she could kill anyone.

Tabitha and the zombie see Timmy on a surveillance tape as someone who broke into a convenience store. The zombie now has a good chance of tracking him down and killing him.

Friday, May 10, 2002

Whitney finds a distraught Theresa in the park. She warns Theresa that "Charity" just had a premonition that some one close to Chief Bennett will be arrested in the murder of Julian Crane. This news leaves Theresa reeling. Whitney fears that Theresa knows who killed Julian. Theresa heads straight for the police station. She clams herself down on the way, saying that there is no way Chief Bennett could suspect Ethan. When she opens the station door, she overhears Sam and Luis talking about how it would just kill Sam to have to arrest his own son and possibly send him to the electric chair. She has a horrible daydream about it.

Rebecca's henchman is spying on Theresa. He calls Rebecca with the "good news" that Theresa is outside the police station looking torn up. Rebecca and Ivy head to the police station as soon as they hear the news.

Zombie Charity finds out Timmy's exact location. She conjures up a spell to put an end to him once and for all. She traps Tabitha and makes her watch Timmy's demise. The zombie sends a hoard of crocodiles, poisonous spiders and giant man-eating lizards after Timmy. Timmy is trapped as they close in on him.

Sheridan and Brian share a very passionate kiss and toast their future together.

Theresa confesses to Julian's murder to save Ethan.

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