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Passions Recaps: The week of April 29, 2002 on PS
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Monday, April 29, 2002

Luis shows up at the Crane mansion yelling for Theresa. Pilar shows up (In uniform) for work at the Crane mansion. Theresa berates her mother for still thinking that she is an employee there since her daughter is Mrs. Julian Crane. Ethan tries to calm Luis down. Luis tells Ethan that he will not clam down until her gets his sister out of the Crane mansion. Luis tells Ethan, Ivy and Rebecca he hopes they win the appeal because he wants Theresa out of the mansion as badly as they do.

Ivy asks Rebecca how she plans on getting Theresa to confess to Julian's murder. Rebecca tells Ivy to call the governor and complain that nothing has been done yet to solve her husband's murder. Ivy is reluctant to comply, worried that she will get Sam into trouble. Rebecca calls Charles who is supposed to have the surveillance tapes that she asked for. Rebecca tells Ivy that she and Charles will need a little privacy.

Antonio is upset that he has not yet heard from Luis. Luis and Pilar try to get Theresa to leave the mansion. Luis is told that they have no homeowners insurance. He does not believe that their insurance has been cancelled. He tells Theresa with or without a home he will not live at the Crane mansion. He says that the house holds nothing but terrible memories. Luis tells Pilar the good news, that he found Antonio in Bermuda. Pilar is speechless.

Rebecca assures Ivy that the surveillance tape will put Theresa in the electric chair. Ivy relents and calls the governor, helping Rebecca with her plan. The maid finds Luis' note to Antonio. She throws it out by mistake. Sheridan and Antonio take a walk along the beach. Sheridan no longer has memories of Luis. She only remembers the past with Antonio. She dreams of their future together. Theresa tries to once again get Ethan's sympathy. Luis tries to carry Theresa out of the mansion. He tells his sister that they will win the appeal. He also tells her that he can tell Ivy and Rebecca are plotting against her.

The tape shows that ETHAN fired a shot at Julian in the cannery.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Timmy checks in with Tabitha. The zombie asks Tabby if it is Timmy on the phone. Tabitha lies as the zombie promises to destroy Timmy. Zombie Charity listens in on the other phone suspicious that Tabitha is actually talking to Timmy. He tells Tabby that he is close to getting the one ingredient he needs to help the real Charity. The zombie tries to trick Timmy into revealing his whereabouts. When he does not comply the zombie tells him he is so dead. She then goes after Tabitha.

Antonio and Sheridan picnic on the beach. Sheridan tells Antonio once again that she is ready to move on with him. Unaware of being watched, a stranger looks on the scene. He is happy to have finally found "Brian." He says that finding "Brian" will make him rich.

Luis goes to question Ivy and Rebecca once again about Julian's murder. Ivy is sick at the sight of the surveillance tape. She cannot believe that it was her son Ethan who pulled the trigger on Julian. Ivy goes crazy when she sees the tape and turns on Rebecca. She physically attacks Rebecca because she is sure Rebecca is planning on using the tape against her. Rebecca assures Ivy that they will both use it against Theresa. They try to hide the tape from Luis. Rebecca reminds Ivy about the predication of Julian's murder. They tells Luis about Tabitha's prediction in Ivy's tealeaves and he goes to question her. Ivy then remembers that Tabitha said someone she loves very much will be destroyed by killing the man that made her miserable for years. Ivy swears she will never let Ethan go to jail no matter what she has to do.

Pilar swears that she will not quit her job and will not rebuild their home on Crane money. Luis wants Theresa out of the Crane mansion and back into reality where she belongs. He even agrees to testify in court on Ivy's behalf to get Theresa and the unborn baby away from the Crane influence. Luis confesses to Ethan that he must move on with his life and he is planning on doing that with Beth. Ethan says he understands. He says that he is doing the same thing with Theresa. Rebecca confesses to Ivy that the tape was computer generated and is a fake. She is using it to get Theresa to admit in court she killed Julian to spare her beloved Ethan. The zombie corners Tabitha.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Luis interrupts the zombie's attack on Tabitha. Tabitha knows that as long as Luis is around, she is safe from the zombie. Zombie Charity assures Tabitha that it does not matter how long Luis hangs around she is still going to die.

"Brian" and Sheridan kiss on the beach. An unknown man spies on them. He makes a cell phone call saying that he finally found "Brian O'Leary" and this time he is not getting away.

Ivy is not sure about Rebecca's plan to use the fake surveillance tape to trick Theresa. Theresa and Pilar walk in on them as they are plotting and viewing the tape in the library. They cover up Theresa's questions by saying they were going through their personal belongings incase they have to move.

Phyllis the maid takes the fake video tape out of the VCR and places it in a drawer along with many other video tapes.

Theresa tells Phyllis that she will be dining in. She says that Rebecca and Ivy won't be joining her. They can order a pizza. This makes Ivy fume that she cannot take Theresa much longer. Rebecca smiles and tells Ivy to be patient because very soon it will be Theresa ordering pizza and from death row.

Timmy hits the rode on foot because he made an new four legged friend. Zombie Charity sends Timmy an evil warning. Tabitha reads Luis' tea leaves. She tells Luis that she read Sheridan's tea leaves before. Tabby tells Luis that she saw Sheridan's past life. She tells him about how they met on the Titanic. Tabby says that after Luis' death, Sheridan found love and happiness.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

Rebecca sets a trap for Theresa.

Whitney drops by the mansion to visit Theresa. Whitney tries to talk Theresa out of going through with the plan Julian gave her in hell. Theresa tells Whitney no way. She says that everything Julian told her so far has come true. She was named the rightful Mrs. Julian Crane, she has the mansion and money and she will get Ethan back. Whitney tells Theresa the only plan she needs to worry about is the one that Ivy and Rebecca seem to be hatching.

Antonio and Sheridan turn to the internet to look up Sheridan's past life as Susan who was aboard the Titanic. Luis and Beth look up Susan as well. Sheridan cannot believe her eyes when she sees a picture of Susan and it looks just like her. Antonio finds his past life as a man named Franklin Liva who married Susan after the love of he life died in the tragedy. Both Antonio and Sheridan realize that they met on the Titanic in their past lives and had a son. They track him to a website which says that he lives right in Bermuda.

The zombie sends Timmy a message in the sky which says "Surrender Timmy!" Timmy and his new four legged friend, Toto hit the road and try to hide from the zombie. Timmy meets some teenage boys who he helps out on his quest to save the real Charity. Luis and Beth find Luis and Sheridan's picture from their past lives. They are both shocked. Rebecca calls on a shady henchman to deliver the fake video tape to Theresa. Theresa has no idea how she is being set up by Rebecca and Ivy.

Friday, May 3, 2002

The henchman that Rebecca hired shows up at the front door asking to see Mrs. Julian Crane. He pretends not to know who Theresa is and asks to see Ivy. Theresa gets angry when he will not hand over the video tape he is holding to her and insisting he see Ivy. Theresa threatens to call the police. The hired henchman pretends to be a blackmailer and tells Theresa to make sure Ivy sees the tape so he can come back and talk "price." Rebecca pays that hired man as he leaves and says she'll be in touch if she needs his help again.

Timmy has been tricked to enter a locked store by three teenagers. They demand that Timmy let them inside the store so they can clean out the cash drawer. Timmy refuses so they hold his new dog hostage. The angel girl shows up to help Timmy.

As Theresa goes to view the mysterious video tape, Ivy and Rebecca panic. They do not want Whitney to see it. They are afraid that she will talk Theresa out of confessing and helping Ethan. Ivy fakes an attack and begs Whitney to get in touch with her mother to give her another pain prescription, thus getting Whitney out of the way. Antonio and Sheridan go to find a man named Frank Liva. They are sure he is their son from the Titanic. They know his parents were Franklin and Susan Liva (Sheridan and Antonio from their past lives.) They are crushed to find that he passed on. Before he died he became a priest and was said to have loved his parents very much. Sheridan touches the headstone from the grave and it lights up. She sees a vision of Frank as a child calling out to her, "Mommy!" Luis explains to Beth that he will have more closure if he can find out for sure that Sheridan a.k.a. Susan had a happy life after he "died" on the Titanic. Beth tries to find Susan's husband for Luis. Luis goes to try to track down Frank Liva . Meanwhile, Beth sees a picture of Susan's husband Franklin Liva and realizes that he looks just like Antonio. She starts to wonder if the past could be repeating itself. She decides to keep the identity of Susan's husband from Luis. Luis calls Frank Liva in Bermuda. Sheridan answers the phone.

Theresa views the fake video showing Ethan as Julian's murderer. The video brings Theresa to her knees in tears.

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