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Monday, April 29, 2002

At the Hospital, Frank arrives to talk to kevin but is surprised when two nurses from the psych ward take him into custody. Frank is even more surprised when he learns that the order to put him under a psychiatric hold came from Karen - not from Kevin.

In the Here After, Behind the Danger Door - James told Rafe that Ed is Rafe's father, but Rafe told James he does NOT believe James' story.

Meanwhile, at her Aunt Rachel's mental hospital, Livvie told a comatose Rachel all about doctoring Alison's candle and that everyone now believes that Livvie IS crazy! Livvie admits to her Aunt that she now understands what it was like for her aunt to be considered crazy when she merely believed that she was coming up with a cure for a deadly disease.

At the Candle Shop/Barn, when they are alone in the shop, Rebecca appears to Kevin, who thinks he is having a hallucination. Rebecca lights a candle and when she kneels down in front of Kevin, he disappears.

REBECCA: "That's for you, my darling granddaughter! He needed to be taught a lesson.' But, as Rebecca sits down in the picture again, the picture changes and shows Rebecca now holding a lighted candle in her lap.

Alison returns with some things to move out of the shop, and is mystified when she finds that Kevin is gone. Alison apologizes to her Nana Becca for closing down the shop but promises to take Rebecca's advice and stay strong, even though she is afraid.

As Alison continues to wonder where Kevin went, Lucy suddenly arrives, looking for Kevin.

Up in Heaven, Rafe returns to his job at the Conscience Desk and realizes that the only thing he ever knew about his father was that he died before Rafe was born. Rafe decides, though, that the reason James is on the OTHER side of the door is because James is evil - and a liar.

Ed arrives and Rafe throws out a few tricky questions in the hope that Ed will let him know one way or another if James' story is true. And, after a few minutes of fencing, Ed finally admits to Rafe that Ed IS Rafe's father.

Livvie told Rachel that she is determined to stop Alison - at all costs - and that she 'has to, before it is too late!'

Alison and Lucy puzzle over Kevin's disappearance and Lucy can see Kevin's car parked out front and she DOES find Kevin's brief case inside the shop. As Lucy quizzes Alison, Alison told Lucy that Kevin wanted a list of the candles and a list of anyone who had bought one of the candles. Alison explains again that, when Alison stepped in the back room to start packing up some of the boxes, Kevin disappeared. Alison asks Lucy if Lucy thinks that Alison COULD have drugged any candles. But Lucy says that THAT is NOT important - that Lucy just has had a bad feeling about Kevin.

Meanwhile, in the Hospital Psych Ward, Karen explains to Frank that she put him on a 72-hour psychiatric hold to protect him from being arrested for his little escapade with Ricky at the Recovery Room. As Frank told Karen that he is positive that his attack on Ricky was a bad reaction to a candle, Karen informs Frank that there were NO candles burning at the Recovery Room when he attacked Ricky.

Then Karen asks Frank what he sees when he looks at her now. With NO candle burning in the Psych Ward, Frank begins to tell Karen that he can see Karen taking off her clothes for Ricky and going to bed with him. Then Frank suddenly shouts: "What in the Hell is wrong with you, Karen? You're a married woman!'

Meanwhile, in Heaven, Ed explains to Rafe that Ed was in the travel business and spent some time in Transylvania, where Ed met Rafe's mother. They learned that Rafe was on the way, but before they could be married, Ed landed 'Upstairs.' When Rafe asks Ed if he ever planned to tell Rafe the truth, Ed told Rafe that he had NOT intended for Rafe to ever know of their close relationship. Ed went on to tell Rafe that he understands how Rafe feels because Ed has been in that position himself. But the wrong decision NOW on Rafe's part would be ETERNALLY wrong!
ED: "You've got to find a way to let Alison go. You've GOT to! Before you make a choice that will be wrong. The wrong choice and it will be for ALL Eternity!'

Meanwhile, back at the Candle Shop, Lucy is determined to find Kevin right away. She calls Mac, who suggests that Lucy try calling Kevin's cell phone. But, when Lucy DOES dial Kevin's cell phone number, Kevin's phone rings in the brief case, where he left it.

At the Hospital, Karen asks Frank WHY he referred to her as a married woman. Frank told Karen he does NOT know. Karen theorizes that maybe Frank was AFRAID that, once they were married, Karen would revert to her old habits and let herself be attracted to someone new - like Ricky.

At Rachel's mental hospital, Livvie told Rachel how much she misses her aunt. Livvie then kisses Rachel and gets ready to leave, but Rachel suddenly speaks: "Don't go! I'm here, honey. I'm right here.'

In Heaven, Rafe pleads with Ed to let him go back to be with alison, if Ed IS Rafe's father and IF Ed DOES love him. But Ed told Rafe that he can't do that.

RAFE: "I'm never going to forget about her.'
ED: 'Well, you're going to have to! You sell them your soul - It's over! There is NOTHING that I or anyone else can do to save you - EVER!'
RAFE: "You're not going to help me?"

As Ed admits that he will NOT be helping Rafe in this dilemma, Rafe sits back down at the Conscience Desk and went back to work. Ed leaves.

But, once alone, Rafe can NOT keep his mind off Alison.

Meanwhile, in the Candle Shop, as Alison suggests that she and Lucy go out to look for Kevin, Lucy suddenly spots Alison's bloody apron and demands to know what happened out there between Alison and Kevin.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

In the On-Call Room at the hospital, Chris is surprised when Officer Doree drops in to give him a private demonstration of Police Academy gymnastics. Chris half-heartedly protests that he has too much work to do to stop for fun and games with Doree.

In Rachel's room at the mental hospital, Livvie is surprised when her Aunt Rachel suddenly speaks to her.

At the Candle Shop/Barn, Lucy becomes upset when she finds Alison's bloody apron and Alison admits that Kevin had an accident and cut his wrist just before he disappeared. Lucy's response is to call Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio!

Back at Rachel's room, Livvie told Rachel all about lacing Alison's candles with drugs and is thrilled when Rachel told Livvie that she understands that Livvie has ONLY been trying to protect her friends and people she loved and cared about from becoming victims of a far greater evil. Rachel went on to confide in Livvie that she has been pretending to be in a catatonic state for months in order to avoid unfair punishment. When Livvie told Rachel that Livvie is afraid that Jack will turn her in for doctoring the candles, Rachel told Livvie to be sure everyone believes it was ALISON who poisoned the candles. Rachel told Livvie that SHE understands that Livvie only took desperate action in order to protect the people she loved - and there will come a time when all of Livvie's friends will thank her for being able to recognize evil and put a stop to the evil before any more lives were ruined. When Livvie's cell phone suddenly rings, Livvie realizes her vision of Rachel was just wishful thinking. The caller is Lucy, who alerts Livvie to the fact that Kevin is missing.

Jack arrives at the Candle Shop and finds police already there, combing the shop for clues about Kevin's disappearance.

Mac quizzes Alison about what she remembers and Alison told Mac that, when Kevin told her she should close down the shop and have the candles tested to make sure they were safe, Alison agreed with everything Kevin suggested.

Jack arrives and told Lucy that he does NOT think Alison would know anything about Kevin's disappearance. Jack later asks Alison if she wants him to get an attorney for her. But Alison simply can NOT believe that she even MIGHT need an attorney!

Then the police investigators finds Kevin's blood on the pitchfork and Kevin's broken watch. Alison explains that the pitchfork fell from the loft and hit Kevin on the wrist - that was what caused the bleeding AND the broken watch. When Mac asks Alison if her fingerprints would be on the pitchfork, Alison says that her prints would, of course, be there, since she picked the fallen pitchfork up in order to put it out of the way. Mac informs Alison that: "The shattered watch, the blood - all the evidence in this barn points to an angry struggle between you and Kevin.'

While Lucy DOES suggest to Mac that Alison COULD be telling the truth, Mac reminds Lucy that he MUST look at ALL aspects of Kevin's disappearance if they are to get to the truth. Mac encourages Lucy to believe that Kevin will soon be home.

Jack told Alison that Kevin could NOT have just vanished - but Alison barely hears him, because she is looking at the picture of Rebecca.

Livvie arrives and Lucy told Livvie that Kevin is missing.

Back in the On Call Room - Chris and Doree realize that they are enjoying some personal fun even WITHOUT their special candle. Chris told Doree that he needs to get back to work and she asks if he is mad at her. Chris told Doree no - that they are just understaffed. Chris and Doree agree to meet later, then Doree remembers that she came to show Chris her 'new' outfit and when Chris gets an eyeful, Chris decides he can take time out for a little personal break after all.

At the Candle Shop, Lucy fills Livvie in on the details of Kevin's disappearance, but Livvie leaps to the conclusion that Alison killed Kevin and Livvie tries to attack Alison, but Mac breaks them up. As Mac concludes his investigation, Livvie told Mac that she wants to ride back to the station with Mac. Mac assures Livvie and Lucy that Kevin is his best friend and Mac vows that he will NOT rest UNTIL he FINDS Kevin!

Alison told Lucy that she is sorry Kevin is missing and promises that Alison will do ANYthing she can to help. Lucy decides to go home and hope that Kevin shows up there. Jack told Alison NOT to worry!

After everyone else has left and Alison went back for her coat, Alison looks at Rebecca's picture and says: "Rebecca, was it you? Because you were the only one in the room with Kevin. Did you make him disappear?'

Back in the On-Call Room, Doree and Chris are still fooling around together when a pager suddenly went off. Doree announces that it is her station - a 911 - and she will have to go. But, before she leaves, they agree to meet again later.

Outside the Candle Shop, Jack lets Livvie know that he is shocked that Livvie seems to be TRYING to convict Alison when they don't even know what happened to Kevin yet. But Livvie defends herself by saying that the Alison SHE knows is different from this Alison the witch and THIS Alison COULD be capable of ANYthing!

Jack reminds Livvie that SHE was the one who laced Alison's candle with drugs and Livvie told Jack to 'prove it!' Livvie reminds JACK that Livvie's best friend now appears to have Livvie's father's blood literally all over her hands!

Still alone in the Shop, Alison told Rebecca's portrait: 'Listen to me! I don't know if you had anything to do with Kevin's disappearance or not. But IF you did - you have GOT to bring him back! Livvie and Lucy are scared to death and he has a little girl at home who is waiting for him to tuck her in tonight. I know that you're really protective of me and all. But Kevin is my FRIEND! Please! You have GOT to bring him back. I'm begging you! You have GOT to bring him back, safe and sound!'

Just then, Mac returns to the shop to remind Alison that it IS time to go!

At the Light House, Lucy waits for Kevin and tries to visualize what it will be like when he returned through that door. Just then, Lucy hears a noise at the door and rushes to answer it. But she is surprised by WHO she sees when she answers the door!

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Ricky asks Karen what it is Frank sees that is making him freak out. Karen says that Frank sees her in a skimpy outfit rolling around in bed with Ricky. That's why Frank got so upset. Ricky told Karen to relax then went about preparing a meal for her. When the food is ready, he turns on the radio to a salsa station to go with the Enchilada casserole he's whipped up. Karen confesses she's always wanted to learn to dance to that type of music, so Ricky decides to give her an impromptu lesson. He pulls her to her feet then shows her a few moves. After awhile, the food isn't the only thing that's getting hot. Ricky pulls Karen close to kiss her. She pulls away wondering if his desire for her is a substitute for his feelings for Casey. Though Ricky denies it, Karen asks him to leave.

Livvie is furious that Alison has not yet been arrested. She thinks Mac is going easy on Alison because of the Barrington bank account. Jack disagrees. He thinks Alison hasn't been arrested because she is innocent.

Alison is introduced to her new lawyer, Kate Reynolds. Kate advises Alison not to answer any questions, but Alison feels she has nothing to hide. Kate reluctantly allows Mac to ask a few questions until he asks something Alison has no answer for...how did the hallucinogen get into one of the candles? Kate immediately ends the interview and Alison is released. When Alison leaves the interrogation room, she runs straight into Jamal's waiting arms.

Alison and Jamal find a private place to talk. Alison confides that Rebecca saw this situation coming. She told Alison that one day she would be persecuted for making candles the same way Rebecca was. Jamal has to ask if Rebecca ever told Alison to kill Kevin. Alison says an emphatic No! She claims Rebecca never said any such thing although Rebecca did say that Kevin was becoming an obstacle.

Lucy is frantic with worry. When the doorbell rings she can't get to the door fast enough thinking it is Kevin. She flings open the door to find Ian there. Lucy pours out the story of how Kevin has disappeared as Ian embraces her. After calming Lucy down, Ian agrees with her that Alison is probably innocent. He doesn't think she would be capable of harming Kevin. When Lucy says she's glad he's returned to America, Ian asks if he and Danny can stay with Lucy while he helps her look for Kevin.

Lucy and Ian go to the candle barn looking for a clue. Lucy tries to reenact Kevin's last moves in order to figure out what may have happened. Meanwhile, Ian is fascinated with the portrait of Rebecca and her resemblance to Paige. Lucy explains the family connection then takes a closer look at the portrait herself. Somehow it looks different though Lucy can't put her finger on what has changed. When Lucy and Ian leave, Rebecca steps out of the portrait.

Livvie is in the woods near the barn searching for Kevin when she comes across a bloody sweater. Holding it up, Livvie feels sure this is proof that Alison killed her father.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

At the Port Charles Police Department, Ian checks on Mac's progress in locating Kevin.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Livvie returns from her trip to the Candle Shop and looks at Kevin's bloody sweater and remembers that the police seem to be kowtowing to the Barrington money. Livvie vows to make sure Alison does NOT get away with Kevin's murder.

At the Candle Shop/Barn, Jamal insists that Alison talk to Rebecca and see if Rebecca knows what happened to Kevin and can get Alison off the hook. But when Alison calls Rebecca and told her that Alison trusts Jamal and that Rebecca can trust him too - there is no response from Nana Becca.

In the Here After, as Rafe is busy at his Conscience Desk Job, he suddenly gets an e-mail from James, which he immediately deletes. So James calls him on the Conscience Desk Phone. James told Rafe that James has heard that Ed has restricted Rafe's access to Alison and James promises that he will be able to give Rafe a brief glance at Alison if Rafe turns on his Heavenly TV.

At the PCPD, Ian told Mac that he believes that Alison is innocent - but Mac vows to make whoever made Kevin disappear pay.

Meanwhile, back at the Candle Shop, Alison told Jamal that if just anyone told her that THEY talked to a woman in a portrait, ALISON probably would NOT believe it - BUT she WOULD believe it if it were JAMAL telling her - because she KNOWS Jamal. Alison told Jamal that probably Nana Becca does NOT come out of the picture because she has ONLY spoken to Alison for YEARS now.

So Jamal leaves and, as soon as Jamal is gone, Rebecca appears to Alison. Rebecca hands the candle she has been holding to Alison and told Alison: "Take this candle! It's important!' But Jamal returns just then and Rebecca disappears while Alison is asking Rebecca what she should do with the candle. Alison shows the candle to Jamal and told him that Rebecca told her the candle was important - but that Alison does NOT know WHAT she is supposed to do with the candle.

In the meantime, at PCPD's Impound Yard, Livvie stashes Kevin's bloody sweater in the trunk of Alison's car, but gets her jacket caught when she closes the trunk.

Back at the Candle Shop, Jamal told Alison how hard it is for him to believe that Alison talked to Rebecca. Alison told Jamal it is like history repeating itself - that Alison is being accused the same way Rebecca was accused. But Jamal told Alison that her story makes Alison sound like SHE is guilty of killing Kevin!

In Heaven, James shows Rafe flashbacks of Alison and Rebecca working on the candles and of Kevin and Alison arguing about the candles. AND of Alison being interrogated by the police. James informs Rafe that Alison is the primary suspect in Kevin's disappearance. Rafe points out that Kevin would NOT be dead - because he has not passed through Rafe's part of heaven yet. But James observes that WHICH journey KEVIN would be taking would be open to debate. James told Rafe that RAFE is the ONLY one who can put Alison's life back on the right track and James reminds Rafe that James CAN give Rafe a lifetime on earth WITH Alison in exchange for Rafe's soul.

As Livvie rushes to get away from Alison's car before the police discover her in the PCPD Impound Yard, a bit of her jacket snags on Alison's car. As Livvie scrambles to hide, the police look in Alison's trunk and find Kevin's bloody sweater.

At the Candle Shop, Alison is offended that Jamal thinks SHE could have killed Kevin. As Alison tries to explain to Jamal that the candle Nana Becca gave her IS important, Jamal asks if Alison believes it is some kind of magic candle that could bring Kevin back, then becomes angry, grabs the candle and pitches it outside.

Alison turns to the portrait of Rebecca and implores Rafe to help her, as Alison's figure fades from Rafe's heavenly screen.

Friday, May 3, 2002

As Jamal is waiting for a sandwich at the Recovery Room, Jamal overhears Mac instructing Officers Doree and Jim to keep looking for Alison. After Doree and Jim leave to continue the search, Jamal overhears as Mac calls Ian and told Ian that the blood on the sweater they found in Alison's car WAS Kevin's blood and that Mac plans to arrest Alison for the murder of Kevin Collins.

In the meantime, Jack has given Alison sanctuary at his place, but Jack is stunned when he asks Alison if her ancestor Rebecca actually speaks to her and Alison replies that she believes that Nana Becca is the ONLY one who can tell her what happened to Kevin. While Jack admits that Alison's story COULD be true, he cautions Alison against mentioning anything of the sort to the police. As Jack reassures Alison and gives her a hug, Livvie walks in.

Meanwhile, In the Here After, Rafe becomes desperate when Alison's image fades from his Heavenly TV Set and, after mulling it over, Rafe burst through the Danger Door and demands another audience with James. RAFE: "You want me to cross over to the Dark AGAIN? Fine! I'm here!'

When James appears, Rafe begs James for help in finding out what is going on with Alison and James agrees to tell Rafe HOW Alison is faring and HOW her sad story ends! James told Rafe that Alison has been arrested for the murder of Kevin Collins and will probably be convicted! BUT - James adds - ALL of that COULD change if ONLY Rafe would return to earth to rescue Alison. James told Rafe that James can deliver Rafe's heart's desire - in exchange, of course, for Rafe's soul. Then - James hints that he's pretty sure Alison would give up HER soul - for Rafe!

At the same time, at Jack's place, Livvie told Jack and Alison that she expected she would find Alison with Jack. As Jack told Livvie to grab her stuff and get out - Jamal arrives and warns Alison that the police are on the way and she has to run. If Alison sticks around, Jamal says, the system will take over and ANYthing could happen. But, as Alison, Jack and Jamal head to the door to leave, Livvie blocks their way.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Ian sends the kids up to their rooms while he told Lucy that the police found that it was Kevin's blood on the bloody sweater they found in Alison's car and the police are presuming that Kevin is dead and are taking steps to have Alison arrested for Kevin's murder.

Back in the Here After, Rafe accuses James of lying about the outcome of Alison's current legal problems. But James told Rafe that Alison has ALREADY taken steps toward the dark side by messing with the candles and dabbling in Witchcraft. James hints that Alison has now progressed to the Black Arts and that Alison will soon be joining the ranks of James and his crowd because the outcome of Alison's current predicament means that Alison will be 'tried and fried.'

In the meantime, as Livvie tries to block the door to Jack's place and Alison, Jamal and Jack head out the back door, police arrive at both the front and back doors and the police capture Alison at gun point.

As Mac reads Alison her rights and told her she is being arrested for Kevin's murder, Lucy is at the Light House and insisting to Ian that Kevin has too many things he promised he would do that are still undone for Kevin to be gone. Lucy told Ian that she has faith that her cards and her crystals will tell her how to find Kevin. Lucy insists that Kevin is NOT dead - only missing - and Lucy WILL be able to find Kevin. But, as Lucy gets out her cards and desperately keeps searching in her cards for an answer about Kevin's disappearance, she gives up in frustration because she can NOT see anything there.

As Alison is taken away in the police car, Jack told Alison NOT to say a word until they get the Barrington family lawyer in to see her. Jamal told Alison that her friends all KNOW she could NOT kill anyone. After the police leave with Alison, Livvie confronts Jack and told her boyfriend that she thinks JACK is JUST as responsible for Livvie's father's death as Alison was - that Livvie WARNED everyone that only terrible things would come of Alison's fascination with the candles and with casting spells and now - all the terrible things that Livvie warned about are coming to pass. However, Jack told Livvie that HE does NOT even recognize her any more. When Livvie admits that SHE does NOT know Jack any more either, Livvie went on to tell Jack that, since ALL he seems to care about is what is going to happen to Alison, then Livvie believes that Jack and Alison deserve each other! And Livvie turns to leave.

At the same time, in the Here After, Rafe agrees to make a deal with James.

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