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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 29, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, April 29, 2002

by Andy

As Simon and Katie wait for the cops to arrive at the Old Mill, they argue over Simon's involvement in the apparent murder of Dahlia's lawyer. Katie is thoroughly confused and asks, "If you didn't kill her, who did?" They hear sirens approach, and Simon (with his shirt still gaping open revealing the three fingernail-like scratch makes on his chest) scrambles to get Katie to get her story straight. [At the cottage, someone walks in, looks around, and picks up a piece of their mail.] When the police arrive, Simon does all the talking. He says they were at the mill because they were newlyweds. The officer is called away, and Katie is shocked at how easily Simon lied to the detective. The detective comes back and Simon begins to tell just enough of the real history with Dahlia and her lawyer. As the story unfolds, the detective asks Simon about the scratch marks on his chest. He scoffs it off by saying he stumbled in the forest. The detective says it's alright for Katie to go, but he has a few more questions for Simon.

Back at the cottage, the intruder hears someone coming and hides in the shadows. Katie walks in, turns on the light, and senses she's not alone. Seeing Katie, Henry casually walks into view and says, "You've got a lot of explaining to do Peretti."

Rosanna and Craig walk into his suite, as Craig plots how to get in to visit Carly. Baby-sitter Lucy walks in with Parker and a light bulb goes on in Craig's head. He picks up Parker and says, "I think I know what you and I both need. Know what else? I think you are our ticket to get there." Rosanna doesn't think that's a good idea. "Jack said he wasn't ready. Even to see her son." Craig argues his case in front of Parker. Rosanna compromises and says she'll call the hospital tomorrow and talk to Carly about a visit. That's not good enough for Craig and he presses her further. Rosanna finally agrees and they head off to the hospital.

Dr. Hughes tells Jack and Carly that Dr. Ferguson, a specialist, will be in town tomorrow to help examine Carly's condition. Jack is excited, but Carly won't get her hopes up. "If I'm gonna be stuck like this for the rest of my life, then I'll just have to face that head on!" Jack tells her not to give up. Dr. Dixon comes in to schedule some diagnostic tests to try to figure out what's going on with Carly's skin. John brings Carly a heart-warming present: pictures of Parker taken while Carly was away. This makes Carly cry over the time she's missed. At that moment, Craig pops his head into her room and says Parker is just down the hall and "I'll go get him." Jack walks out of the room and tries to stop Craig. John, on the other hand, encourages Carly to see her son saying that everyone has told Parker to keep hope alive, and if Carly turns her back on her son now, "you may hurt him in a way your absence didn't. It's up to you to make him feel safe." John comes out and says that Carly will see her son. Jack reaches for Parker and says, "I'll take him in." Craig says, "No. He's comfortable with me." "You're using a little boy." Craig snaps back, "And you're trying to." Jack begs Craig not to mention anything about Rosanna's attempt to take temporary custody of Parker. Craig brings Parker in, and Carly's back is facing the door. She asks Craig to bring Parker over to her bed. She turns her face to Parker and he says, "Mommy," as they hug. While mother and child are having an intimate moment, Craig sizes up Carly's face and takes a step back in awe, then leaves. He meets Jack in the hall and asks him to make sure Parker gets home to Rosanna safely. Craig is shaken and Jack asks if it's because he's seen her face. Craig dismisses his question and calmly says, "Is that what you've deduced Jack?" Then he walks out. Jack, however, thinks he's got Craig's number.

Back at Craig's suite, Rosanna tells Lucy that she and Carly will have to work out a custody arrangement later. Craig comes home and tells Rosanna Carly was very happy to see Parker. Rosanna asks about Carly. "She's old. She's an old woman. I couldn't even look at her. I love her, and I can't even look at her."

Back in the hospital, Jack, Carly, and Parker are all together in Carly's bed. He kisses her forehead and says, "I have a funny feeling that we're going to make it this time."

At the cop shop, Abigail struggles with telling Margo where Jake really went. Margo forces Abigail to tell then calls her police force and tells them to move into position, without sirens. She even instructs them to have a sharpshooter across the street ready to "take Mary out." Margo heads for the Old Warehouse, and Abigail starts to follow, but Margo demands that she go home and wait by the phone for any news.

At the Old Warehouse, Mary tries to get past Jake with the million dollars and Molly as a hostage. Jake says to Mary, "You are looking at a brick wall. A brick wall that is not gonna move unless you take that gun off my wife! You're not leaving with my wife unless you're willing to die first." Mary needs a "one-way ticket out of here," and Molly's it. Mary takes a step forward and Jake offers to trade places with Molly. Mary says no deal. Jake takes a step forward and Mary swiftly point the gun at him. Then it dawns on Mary. "I just got an idea. You two can stay together, for eternity." Meanwhile downstairs, Margo and her team are taking position for a standoff. An officer on the scene says the sharpshooter is in position, but can't take a shot because Mary is using Molly as a shield. Margo says, "We either make an arrest, or we take her out." Back on the roof, Mary takes a step forward and Jake grabs Mary's wrist. They wrestle over control of the gun and the camera zooms in on Molly's terrified face as she hears a gunshot. She screams, "NOOOO!!!" and sobs.

Margo hears the shot and asks the officer if the sharpshooter got her. He said, "No. The fall got her." Margo wonders who got shot and sends a medic team upstairs.

Mary perished when she took a dive over the side of the building. Molly runs up to Jake and hugs him. She asks, "Is it really over Jake? Is she gone?" He weakly says, "Yeah. She can't hurt you anymore." Molly puts a hand over his heart and happily says she would pin a medal there for his bravery. Jake courageously says, "You gotta take care of your family." Jake backpedals a bit, and Molly gets her first sense that something might be wrong. Jake says he feels a little tired, then collapses to the ground. Molly pulls her hand away from his chest and it is soaked in blood. Knowing that the man she loves with all her heart might be close to death, she sobs and sobs for help. Molly gets her cell phone and calls for help while Jake's eyes flutter. Thinking he doesn't have much time left, Jake says, "I want you to make sure the girls grow up strong just like you, and that they stay close to Abigail. Tell my babies I love them, and what a miracle I thought they were." Margo gets to the roof and calls the hospital and tells John to be ready in the ER. Molly strokes his face. "You're so cold. You're so cold." "I have to tell you one more thing. Do you know the best thing about you? You made it possible to meet the love of my life...twice." Molly demands he fight for his life. "You promised that you would dance with me at Abigail's wedding. Can you hear me?" Jake says, "I can...hear...peaceful." And then he goes limp. Molly is hysterical with sorrow, sobbing for her life partner, her soul mate. The EMS team arrives and Margo pries Molly from her husband so they can get to work. They get Jake on a stretcher and Molly asks if he's going to be alright. The EMS worker says, "He's gonna need surgery. He's still alive." Abigail walks in as they're rolling him away. "What happened?"

Molly hugs Abigail and sobs, "What happened is that Jake is the bravest man. He loves you and me and the girls more than anything in the world. He saved our family. Oh, God. Let's go to the hospital so we'll be there when he wakes up. OK?"

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Henry shows up at Katie's to tell her how he feels about having been stranded on the Island. However, Katie decides he is the one behind Dahlia, the lawyer and possibly Monique's death. Henry decides to make Katie explain herself and she tells him about her suspicion of Simon. In the mean time Simon is being questioned by the cops, and tries to get Lucinda to help, but she is less than receptive of the idea. However, Simon has been let go for the night only to return to the cottage and tell Katie they have to leave Oakdale.

Rosanna and Craig talk about Carly and Parker and how much Craig likes Carly, however they also discuss how much Carly does not like Craig but loves Jack. Craig and Rosanna kiss and Jack shows up and notices the lipstick on Craig's neck. Jack does not like them being together, and tells Rosanna Parker should be in bed.

While Molly and Abigail are at the hospital waiting for Jake to get out of surgery, Adam shows up to comfort Abigail. Adam and Abigail go to the chapel while Carly overhears Jack and Margo talking about the police department being shorthanded and how Jack has to come back to work and take on Simon's case, however, Margo also explains Jake has been shot at close range and it isn't looking good. Carly then decides to go help Molly through this, but not before explaining what has happened to her face. Molly is happy to see Carly anyway and they talk about Jake. John comes out to tell Molly Jake is out of surgery so Molly goes to get Abigail and then they go to see Jake. He drifts off the sleep and Molly and Abigail wait in the hall, however things take a turn when Jake flat lines and Abigail hears it. Jake's ghost walks out to see Molly and part of Molly goes with him.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

At the cottage, Simon asks Katie to leave Oakdale with him. He tells her that he is sick of Dahlia's games, and he even thinks that Dahlia may have taken DNA from their home. Simon feels that going away and having a new identity will be best and tells Katie to bring the money from her video. Katie is hesitant and says she should call Margo. Simon asks Katie why she is looking at him as if he were a killer. He says that he did not murder Monique or Jill. All this time, Henry is listening in the other room. Simon leaves to get things ready and Katie writes him a note and tells Henry that he is going away with her tonight. Simon comes back and looks for Katie. He finds her note, which says that she left because she did not feel safe with him anymore. She says that she has hired a bodyguard. Simon sees the martini glass with the initials HC and knows instantly that it is Henry Coleman. Katie and Henry are watching through the window.

In the penthouse, Jack brings Parker back to Craig's suite and sees that Craig and Rosanna have gotten "closer." He notices lipstick on Craig's collar. Jack is appalled that Craig would go after Carly's sister and says she is just another player in his game. Lucy comes out having overheard them. She takes Parker away from the heated conversation. Jack wants to take Parker away from Rosanna and he tells Craig and Rosanna that they better not be using Parker or they will both regret it. Later on, Lucy is mad at Craig. She thought he loved Carly. He says he does. "Like you loved my mother," says Lucy. Craig says life gets complicated but Lucy just goes to bed.

At Holden and Lily's house, Caleb is angry because Aaron is late and didn't show up at the farm. Holden explains that there were problems and it wasn't Aaron's fault. Caleb is still really angry and Holden asks if anything is going on between Caleb and Julie. Caleb explains that Julie is either working or out with her friends all the time. Aaron, he says, stays out to avoid the situation at home. Caleb wants Aaron to go back to Seattle but Holden calmly discusses the situation and asks Caleb if Aaron can stay a little longer in Oakdale. At that moment, Holden gets a call from Lucinda who is at the hospital. Jake is critical and Abigail is very fragile. Holden takes Aaron and they rush over to the hospital.

At the hospital, Rose goes to visit Carly. They talk and Carly tells Rose that Barbara was taken hostage by James Stenbeck. Rose tells Carly that Barbara is the one that put the whole plan in motion in the first place. Carly shows Rose the sketches she has been working on. Together, they develop pictures of the people at the spa, hoping this will help find Emily. Carly asks Rose to find out what is happening with Jake in ICU.

In the ICU, as the doctors are working on Jake, he "comes out of" his body. He walks over to Molly who is sleeping on the hospital couch. He tells her, "It's your dream. You can do whatever you want." Molly says, "I am so in love with you." Jake says, "Come on, let's go." They end up at Mabel's - they are the only ones there. Molly says she bought the place out. They reminisce and dance, remembering when Jake looked very silly dancing by himself. Suddenly, Jake leaves Molly. He tells her he has to go but that she should dance by herself. At first she doesn't want to but then she does. Jake says, "I won't be far." You won't be alone Molly. "Sometimes," he says, "it's good to feel silly." While this "dream" is taking place, the doctors are frantically working on Jake. Abigail goes over to Molly and tries to wake her. Finally, Molly awakens and Dr. Dixon walks over to Molly, Abigail and Lucinda. Right away Molly says Jake's dead. Dr. Dixon says he is sorry, Jake fought a good fight but there was just too much damage. Abigail sobs and Molly becomes somewhat stoic.

Holden and Aaron go to the hospital to comfort Molly and Abigail. Holden then tells Jack and Rose what happened and they decide to tell Carly. Molly goes to see Jake one last time. She cries as she holds his hand and cuddles him, saying goodbye.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

by MJ

Lily and Holden are happy to hear Aaron's news, that Caleb gave him permission to live in Oakdale. Lily suggests to Aaron that the three of them sit down and make some decisions about school. Aaron suddenly disappears to avoid the school chat. He winds up at Abigail's.

At Jake and Molly's, many friends and family gather to support Abigail and Molly. Including, Cass Winthrop, Kim, Bob Hughes, Margo, Adam, Marley and Donna. Cass reads Jakes Will, which states his wishes for his funeral. While reading Jake's wishes Molly again finds comfort in Jake's words. While Abigail confides in Aaron that Adam is only a friend in her eyes, Adam attempts to deal with Abigail becoming distant. Molly overhears Donna and Marley converse, when she questions them about what was said, Donna tells Molly, she and Marley have decided they are going to raise the twins.

Dr. Ferguson examines Carly and Rose. Neither Carly nor Rose are impressed with the specialist and dismiss him without regret. John wonders what they did, because he found the Dr. in the hall weeping. While Carly questions John as to Parkers favorite breakfast, John's choice of words alert Carly to question Parkers whereabouts.

At the Lakeview, Craig asks Rosanna to explain to Lucy that their kissing did not mean anything. Put off by the request, Rosanna proceeds to tell Lucy that her father was nothing more than that of a sloppy dog; similar to the dog she received a kiss from at the Snyder farm for comfort. She continues to explain to Lucy that she wants no more kisses from that dog. Lucy accepts Rosanna's explanation. Rosanna leaves to her suite.

At Rosanna's suite, Jack visits to try to protect Carly's parental rights. Rosanna writes a check for $1,000,000 for Jack to use as a reward to find Dr. Weston.

Carly asks Jack if she was lied to about Parkers living arrangements.

Craig visits Rosanna at her suite, questioning Rosanna if she truly thinks of him as the sloppy dog. Craig found it distasteful; Rosanna finds Craig's concern amusing. When she attempts to close the door, Craig pursues.

Friday, May 3, 2002

Marley and Donna inform Molly that they are going to be raising the twins since Jake is dead. Molly tells them that she has bonded with her girls and she can't imagine that Donna would take them away from her. Abigail gets upset for her mother and the pain that she is going through. Abigail and Aaron leave and Abigail tells Aaron that she has something very important to do. Donna and Molly keep going at it until Molly goes to the phone and calls Tom Hughes. When Molly is finished on the phone, Donna tells her that she doesn't have a leg to stand on because she did not adopt the twins. Molly tells Donna that Jake intended for her to raise the children, not their grandmother. Donna tells her that the twins are Jake and Vikki's daughters and legally she and Marley are their next of kin and she has the right to raise them and that is what she is going to do. The door opens and Abigail, Aaron, Bridgett and Michelle come in. The twins run past Donna and Marley and leap into Molly's arms. Donna turns to Abigail and asks her what is she doing. Abigail says that she is putting a smile back on her mother's face. She tells Donna that when she told the sitter that Bridgett and Michelle were going home with her it was like Christmas to them. She adds that Molly is the only mother that they have known or will ever know. She looks at Donna and asks, "You want to separate them when they need each other the most?"

Carly demands Jack to tell her where Parker is and who is taking care of him. Finally, Jack gives in and tells her that Parker is staying at the Lakeview with Rosanna. He explains that Rosanna came into town with a court order for her to be Parker's guardian until Carly or Hal could take care of him again. Carly blows up and says that she has not come this far and fought this hard for Rosanna to take over now. Jack settles her down by kissing her. He tells her that he needs to go find out if there are any new developments on Dr. Weston. After he is gone, a candy striper comes in with some magazines. When Carly sees that they are all for older people, she tells the girl that she has had it. She gets her bag and starts for the door. The candy striper steps in front of her and says that she can't let her just walk out. Carly tells her that she is a lot younger than she looks and the girl had better move or she will go right through her. The girl steps to one side and Carly prances out of the room.

Ian and Bonnie are going over their social calendar when Ian's uncle enters the room and tells Bonnie that he has a surprise for her. Jessica walks in behind him. Bonnie runs into her mother's arms. As they are hugging, Ian tells them that he will give them time together. He and his uncle leave the room and close the door behind them. Ian's uncle starts to say something and Ian shushes him and moves him away from the door. After they are gone, Isaac walks over to the door and puts his ear to it. As he is listening, someone taps him on the shoulder. When Isaac looks around and then down, he sees the little person, Morlan. Morlan tells him that he has something to show him and motions for him to follow him. Isaac and Morlan leave. Back to Bonnie and Jessica, Jessica is asking her daughter why has she not returned to Oakdale. When Bonnie starts to tell her mother what has been happening, Jessica sees the ring on her daughter's finger. She tells her that she hopes the ring does not mean what she thinks it means. Bonnie tells her mother that she and Ian had a talk and she had told him that it was going to take her some time to trust him again and he had agreed to wait for her. Jessica asks about Isaac. Bonnie says that Isaac Jenkins has nothing to do with this situation. She adds that they were employee and employer and nothing more. Bonnie asks her mother if Billy had come back to the states and got her mother all worked up. Jessica says that she has not seen Billy Ross since he and Bonnie had left to come to Scotland. Bonnie tells her mother that people just don't fall off the face of the earth. Jessica does not like the situation. She tells her daughter that she would rather see her as a poor cocktail waitress with real friends than caught up in all of this. Bonnie turns to her mother and says that this is what she is. Jessica asks her daughter if this is really what she wants. There is a knock at the door and Ian enters the room. He asks if everything is all right. Bonnie turns to him and says that she has made a decision that is going to affect the rest of their life. Ian has a disappointed look on his face. Bonnie takes his hand and says, "I think we should marry as soon as possible." Ian is so happy. He picks Bonnie up twirls her around the room. Jessica is disappointed in her daughter's choice.

Morlan leads Isaac down to the dungeon and opens a door and says that there is something that he needs to see and vise versa. Isaac walks into the room and sees Billy sitting on the floor. Isaac walks over to him and says his name. Billy looks up and sees Isaac and is happy to see his friend. Isaac sees that Billy is shackled to the floor. Isaac asks Billy what is going on and Billy tells him that Ian's uncle had put him there. The three hear someone coming and Billy tells Isaac and Morlan to hide. They get out of sight and Ian's uncle enters the room. Ian's uncle says that he thought he heard voices and Billy replies, "You too?" Billy asks where is his food and the uncle says that he will get food when he tells him what stories Paddington has been telling him. Billy says that he doesn't know what he is talking about. The uncle tells him to have it his way and he leaves. Isaac and Morlan come back out. Isaac asks Billy what is going on in this crazy place. Billy tells Isaac about Paddington telling him that Ian is not the rightful owner of the castle. Ian comes from a family of warriors and they had killed the real duke. Isaac says that they have to tell Bonnie. Morlan says that they can't tell Miss Bonnie. He adds that if they did that it would disgrace the duke and the uncle would move Billy and they wouldn't know where he is. Billy says that they definitely do not want to do that. Billy says that he tried to warn Bonnie about Ian and it got him shackled to the wall. Isaac says that they need to find proof. He starts to look around the dungeon room and finds the burial vault. He asks, "What is this?" Morlan explains that it is a family vault and has been sealed for years. Isaac reads the inscription on the vault door. It says, "Here in lies McClairon's bones, he met his death by a hundred stones, he'll return again with the crescent moon, to claim his stake where these bones are strewn." Isaac stands up and says that his sense of humor is officially gone and he points to Morlan and says that he is going to tell him what this is all about. Isaac goes back to the vault and asks how the thing opens. Morlan tells Isaac that the vault has been sealed for centuries and it can't be opened. Isaac touches the door and it opens. When Isaac looks in, there is a human skull inside. Isaac says, "What kind of a place is this, anyway."

Craig stops by Rosanna's hotel room. He is there for round two. The two have a discussion about Carly and how they care for her. When Rosanna has had enough of Craig she tells him to leave. Instead he kisses her. As he is kissing her, he tells her that he won't be her lap dog or follow her around like a puppy. He says that he will not make his lips raw from kissing her rear. She asks if he is finished and he pulls away from her. When he steps back, Rosanna slaps Craig across the face. She says that he can kiss this girl goodbye. She opens the door and Craig walks into the hall. She looks at him and tells him to not make assumptions about her and she slams the door shut. Rosanna goes to her desk and sits down and tries to compose herself. There is a knock at her door. She stands up and asks if Craig is ready to go again. When she opens the door, Carly is standing there. She says, "That's right sis, I'm back. Now hand over my son before I really get ugly."

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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