One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 29, 2002 on OLTL

Allison was arrested. Sam got closer to the truth about Jack. R.J. continued to try to break Keri and Antonio apart. Sam observed a transaction between Todd and Alex. Rex was revealed to be Natalie's brother. Max had words with Natalie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 29, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, April 29, 2002

Sam met with Jack's "biological mother" who eventually confessed to him, that she was paid by Todd to pretend to give the baby up for adoption in exchange for her silence and a whole lot of cash. Sam vowed to himself that he would get to the bottom of Jack's true identity.

Alex was flirting with Troy when she was given her walking papers by a watching Nora. Later he and Nora shared a passionate embrace in his office.

When she couldn't get Ben to drink the drug laced wine, "Niki" gave in to Ben's advances and her plan to make him appear unfaithful backfired when they hit the sheets.

After getting her head knocked against a wall while Cris and Al slugged it out above Break Bar, Cris helped Natilie into his apartment while she recuperated from the knock on her noggin. He also tried to buoy her feelings of self loathing.

Todd persuaded Starr to keep quiet about the message Alex left on the answering machine regarding the bone marrow transplant. Gabrielle waited with a worried Todd while his son and Alex were being prepped for the operation.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Carlotta's Diner

Cris tells Carlotta he is planning to take Jen to Las Vegas. Carlotta has a fit; tells Cris the trip is frivolous and that she and his father worked hard for their money. She questions Cris why he would spend his hard earned money on a trip. Cris tells her that he and Jen need to take the trip to be alone. Carlotta is getting ready to leave the diner and Natalie comes in. After a brief confrontation between Carlotta and Natalie about what Natalie did to Jen and Cris, Carlotta leaves. Natalie tells Cris she came to thank him for being nice to her. Cris goes to the back to make fresh coffee; a diner that is there with her young daughter starts yelling at her daughter and tells her she will leave her there until she can behave. The little girls begs her Mother not to leave her but the Mother walks out the door; Natalie is horrified and has a flash back to her childhood when a similar incident happened to her with Roxy and Alison. Natalie comforts the little girl and tells her she will help find her Mother; just then the Mother returns to the diner. Natalie admonishes the Mother for leaving the child; the Mother tells her it is none of her business. Antonio is very touched by this scene and Natalie's compassion and sympathy for the little girl. Natalie then asks Cris for a copy of a paper from Keri's class; Cris goes to back to get the paper and when Cris brings paper to her, Natalie abruptly leaves the diner.

Llianview University

R.J. is in Keri's office getting ready to make his speech/testimony to her class about his past. He hands Keri her mail; there is a notice that Keri owes a $50,000 debt; she explains to R.J. that while in college someone stole her credit card and that the credit card company is taking care of the matter. R.J. offers to intervene but Keri tells him not to worry about it; that it is only a computer generated notice; the company told that would happen. Carlotta calls while R.J. is there wanting a copy of Antonio's award winning paper. Keri tells her it will be on her desk if she wants to pick it up. After Keri leaves, R.J. puts Antonio's paper and the $50,000 notice to Keri in an envelope so that Carlotta will think Keri has a $50,000 debt. R.J. is trying everything he can think of to break up Antonio and Keri since his other attempts have failed. He has vowed to break them up for good.

Renee's Hotel

Niki has planned an overnight love fest with Ben; she plans to drug him then have Jordan to appear she has slept with Ben in an effort to get rid of Ben. Ben tells "Viki" that she was great the night before but that something was different; like it was her body but not her heart (which is was not because it was Niki). Niki sends Ben to the shower and calls Jordan to come over; Jordan tells her she cannot come right now; they start arguing; Ben comes back in the room; hears yelling and asks Viki who is upsetting her. She pretends she is talking to the Banner about a story so Ben returns to the shower. Niki orders breakfast. When it arrives she laces Ben's coffee with a drug that will knock him out and hands it to him in the shower. Niki then calls Jordan again to come over and make it look like she has been messing around with Ben. Ben drinks the coffee then falls into a deep sleep. Niki tries to wake him to be sure is really out like a light. Niki gets dressed and Jordan comes in, dresses in a sexy nighty and gets into bed with a sleeping Ben. Niki then calls Renee; pretends she got locked out of the room and asks to Renee to open the door.

Surveillance Van Outside Roxy's House

Antonio and Hank, along with Jess and Seth are staking out Roxy's house waiting for Alison to make her move. Jess plants a microphone on Roxy over her protests but gives in thinking she is getting $100,000. She tells Roxy the microphone is for a press conference showing that Jess is giving Roxy the money she promised her in the newspaper article. Jess leaves and Alison shows up, telling Roxy she wants her half of the $100,000; they fight about everything including the money and what Alison did to Jess and Seth; then tried to make Roxy look guilty; finally Alison confesses it was her that ran Jess and Seth off the road and will do the same to Roxy if she does not give her the money. During the confrontation, Alison shakes Roxy and Roxy tells Alison not to mess with her microphone that she is going to be on TV. When Alison finds out Roxy is wearing a microphone, she panics and starts out the door. Hank, Antonio, Jess and Seth get out of the surveillance van to make their move and confront Alison.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

As Allison threatens Roxy for her half of the money, she learns that the woman is wearing a microphone. Realizing she's been set up (though unknown by Roxy who thinks it's for a television crew), she makes a dash for the door only to find Hank, Antonio, Jess and Seth standing there. She continues her threats, this time to Seth and Jess as Antonio begins to read her rights. As they attempt to cuff her, she breaks loose and grabs Roxy, claiming to have a knife. She urges Jess to have them let her go but the men manage to overtake her. The knife turns out to be a pen. Hank announces that though most charges against Roxy have been dropped, there still remains her participation in the plot to defraud Jess. Roxy wonders about the money that Jess promised her but Seth breaks the news that it was only in the paper to catch Allison. Jess agrees not to press charges and Allison is taken away. Jess tells a crying Roxy that she had hoped to have a relationship with her but she can't so this is goodbye. Roxy begs her to stay, pleading for the money because of her illness. Jess suggests she go to the free clinic. Roxy cries out about someone named Rex.

At the police station, as Antonio takes mug shots of Allison, she mutters, "They did a bad thing."

At the university, Jen and Chad discuss class work. When Al walks in, Chad mentions that Al is moving next door to Jen and Cris. Jen can hardly believe that Al would move in there and goes over to him to return her ring. She adamantly tells him they're over and questions him on the vacant apartment, stating that she can't believe there aren't any others around. Max owns it, Al explains, so it's the right price for him. Jen explains that she's not angry with him anymore but wants the best for him and thinks he should find a new love. Again, he mentions that the apartment is cheap but then mentions that Cris went nuts when he found out. Jen is surprised to learn that Cris already knew. Al can't believe that Cris didn't tell her when she admits that Chad is the one who broke the news. Al snidely says that he's not the only one with secrets. Jen runs off to find Cris while Al turns to give Chad a rough time for opening his mouth. Chad's had enough with Al's antics and thinks he's nuts. As the pair argue, Max shows up to hear his son say that he won't be stopped from moving in. Max declares that he'll stop him.

Carlotta is dismayed over Keri's $50,000 debt which she tells Cris about when he presses her on why she's upset. He suggests she call Keri about it but she realizes it's something she shouldn't have seen. Come to think about it, she always sees Keri in different clothing, she says. Cris thinks that maybe it's not their business but Carlotta feels that Antonio should know. Cris feels that Antonio probably already knows given his relationship with Keri and tells his mom she should stay out of it. She knows her boys are responsible but what if they get married? Poor Antonio would be stuck with the bill, Carlotta complains. Cris finally gets Carlotta to agree not to say anything, temporarily at least.

R.J. waits for Keri who's searching her desk for her bill; she wants to call about the fraudulent charges again. An excited Rae runs in to show Keri a letter that has arrived about her; her academic book has been published and there's a $5,000 check enclosed for her as well. Keri mentions that it was Antonio who inspired her but she wants it secret for now. Rae and R.J. persuade her to go shopping for a new dress for a celebration. R.J. gloats, knowing that Carlotta has probably found the fraudulent debt letter by now.

Jordan continues to wait in bed with a sleeping Ben for "Viki's" surprise arrival with Renee in tow. As Renee attempts to open the locked door she wants to have a chat with Viki first. She wonders why "Viki" told Asa that Ben wanted nothing to do with him. "Viki" tells her that Asa misunderstood; that she meant at that particular time and place. Renee accepts her explanation and goes back to try to open the door but has difficulty, mentioning that there are new locks on the doors. Just then Asa strides up to them and demands the truth from "Viki." He disagrees with "Viki's" version of the story so she suggests they ask Ben who is in the room. Inside, Ben begins to stir. Just as "Viki" is finally able to get into the room, Renee pulls her aside again. They agree that Asa should pick a different time to talk with Ben and as he stalks off Renee follows behind. "Viki" panics as she needs a witness to see Jordan. She spies a maid and gets her to open the door.

R.J. arrives at the diner in search of Carlotta, under the premise that he's inviting them to his surprise birthday party. She's gone out on deliveries so he just happens to tell Cris that Keri is spending a fortune on this party so he really wants them to get along. Cris retorts that his family is not the problem. R.J. grows tired of waiting for Carlotta and asks Cris to relay the information. As he leaves, Jen shows up and challenges Cris on his not mentioning Al's moving in. Cris explains that he was only trying to protect her but he promises no more secrets, they will share everything from now on. He also says that Al won't be a problem because their relationship is perfect.

At the Silver Moon Boutique, Rae and Keri check out the dresses and accessories. Rae convinces her to splurge when Carlotta walks in with a delivery and hears this. Keri and Rae appear frivolous and Keri's attitude is one of who cares about the money? Carlotta is in shock over the women's care-free attitude over all of the clothes and money being spent. Of course she doesn't realize that Keri never spends money, especially on herself.

"Viki" finally manages to get into the room but Ben is dressed and on the phone calling security. He woke up and found this undressed woman in bed with him, he explains to his wife. The cops can take care of it. Jordan promises to tell all if he calls off the cops. "Viki" immediately rushes to the phone and then tries to get Jordan off the hook, promising that the woman will leave Ben alone. Jordan tells Ben he has the wrong idea about her and admits she's a private investigator, hired by his own wife.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

At Llanview U, Al yells that no one will be able to stop him. Chad doesn't reply but Max enters the conversation. Max reveals that he will not rent the loft to Al. He is not only his father, but also the owner of the building. Al argues but Max claims that he is only trying to help Al. Max thinks that Al can't handle being by someone he loves, but can't have. Al reminds him of how Max lived under the same roof with Asa and Gabrielle while he was in love with her. Max admits that he has made a lot of mistakes, but he won't let Al make the same ones. Al says that Max's whole life has been a mistake. The only reason he is moving in because he wants to protect Jen from Cristian. He's a player and will leave her for another in a second. Al says, "My life is going to be different from yours" just before he leaves the commons.

Nearby, Cris approaches Natalie. Cris apologizes for the fight and promises that she will never be in the middle of a fight again. He will never fight with Al again. Jen bounces in and overhears part of the conversation. Cris tells Jen about the confrontation and how Natalie was injured. Jen jumps on Natalie about coming back to the apartment. Cris continues to apologize and Natalie tells him to not worry about it. To Jen and Cris: "I hope that one day we all can be friends."

At the hospital, the doctor finds Todd doing a headstand up against the wall. The doctor reveals that Jack is going to be fine! The transplant was successful and it looks like Jack is accepting the bone marrow without any trouble. He will have an excellent recovery. While reflects on the well being of his son, Alex wheels up in a wheelchair and hospital gown. Alex: "I'm having second thoughts about our arrangement."

As Jessica and Seth leave Roxy's house, she says something that makes them stop. Roxy cries and boons that she has lost everyone and has no one, and even worse; she's loosing Rex. Jessica stops in her tracks and asks Roxy who "Rex" is. Roxy becomes defensive and tells Jessica (little Ms. Nancy Drew) that she will never get her to say anything. Seth and Roxy exchange insults but after much coaxing, she reveals who he is.

In the hotel room, Jordan reveals that she is not a stalker, but a Private Investigator hired by his wife. Ben questions Niki who claims that she must be mistaken. The PI realizes that she should reveal all at this time and makes up another story. Someone claiming to be his wife must have hired her and she was hired by phone. Ben reminds her that she met Niki at Llanfair and must have known the difference then. "Well, I figured that you were a bigamist." Ben: "I only have one wife, Viki! Wait, I know what is going on."

Sam enters Todd's office. He firmly tells "Todd" that he has some serious questions about Jack's adoption. The chair wheels around and Gabrielle answers. She relays that Todd is in Texas right now and she is covering for him. Sam tells her that he is not in Texas and he has checked all airport passenger lists. Gabrielle maintains that all she knows is that Todd is in Texas. Sam gets in Gabrielle's face and says, "You know, you are really a bad liar."

Once Natalie leaves, Jen expresses her concern over Natalie. Cris promises that they are only friends but Jen thinks that Natalie is playing him. Jen drops it but still seems weary. Max approaches the two and tells them that he needs to speak to them. Max reveals that he knew about Al's ability to walk, but only immediately before the wedding. He could never betray his son and he is sorry for everything that happened. Max hopes that everything can work out and Cris can remain the manager of the Break Bar. Cris says that he is going to take a few days off and go to Las Vegas to get away. "Your job will be waiting for you when you return. Oh, and don't worry about Al moving in, I won't let that happen."

Max leaves, but runs into Natalie. He says, "You are a piece of work." He accuses Natalie of whispering things in Al's ear to keep him in his wheelchair. Natalie says that Al pretended to be paralyzed all on his own. She says that she doesn't want to get into this right now. She only wants to warn Max that Al is becoming dangerous and might do something that he will regret.

Alex wants to make an additional deal with Todd. After being thanked for her contribution, she wants her ex-husband off her back and the million in cash. She also wants to make her contribution public. Todd tells her that he is rich, but he can't come up with this much cash in a short amount of time. Alex agrees to stay as long as it takes. Todd says that no one can know she is here. Besides, he has her kooky ex-husband on speed dial to motivate her. She agrees to settle for the cash settlement. Once he pushes her down the hall, he visits Jack.

Rex is a dog. Roxy says that Jessica setting her up was as bad as her dog dying. He was only a mutt, but a lot better than Jessica and Natalie combined. Insulted, Jessica and Seth leave the house. Outside, Jessica tells Seth that all this can't be over some measly dog. Seth tells her not to worry but Jessica continues to think about it. Meanwhile, back inside Roxy has been spying on them outside. She goes behind the couch. She tears through some pictures and finds one. She holds it up triumphantly.

Ben guesses that Allison Perkins must have been his "other wife." He decides to go find Allison and get the truth out of her. He walks outside and comes back with overheard information. Allison has been arrested in connection with Jessica and Seth's accident. He decides to go to jail and really figure out what is going on. Niki tells him to be careful because Allison has been known to lie. Niki agrees to go check on Jessica because of the arrest. Once he leaves, Niki congratulates Jordan. Jordan claims that she is no psychologist, but whatever is going on is fishy. Niki tells her to get lost and her check is in the mail. Once the PI leaves, Niki contemplates on another way to get rid of Benji.

Gabrielle ushers Sam out of the office after calling her a liar. Sam turns to leave but threatens that he will find out what is going on. Panicked, Gabrielle calls Todd on his cell. He answers and she tells him that Sam is on the warpath to find him. Unknown to Gabrielle, Sam is perched outside the office and over hears "hospital" in the conversation. Sam rushes off to the hospital. A secretary outside sees Sam eavesdropping and informs Gabrielle. Gabrielle realizes what Sam is going to do and runs to warn Todd. As she hurries out the door, she runs into Bo.

Jen asks Cris why he is going away to Las Vegas. He says that he needs to go away but...and he pulls out two tickets. "You didn't think that I would go without you, did you?" Meanwhile, Al has returned to the commons area and watches the two hug. Once they leave, Al runs over to where they were standing. He finds a slip of paper with some information about the trip. He crumbles the paper in anger and walks away.

Seth and Jessica return to the commons area continuing their discussion over "Rex." They spot Natalie and decide to ask her about it. When Jessica mentions the word "Rex," Natalie drops her books in shock.

After Todd spends some quality time with Jack, he runs into Alex once again. She wants to know if Todd has erased her ex's phone number out of his cell phone. She also asks if Todd can loan her some travel money in the meantime until the $1 million in cash arrives. Todd agrees and begins to count out several bills. As he hands her the cash, he says, "Take the money and go the hell away." Sam arrives at the hospital and observes the transaction.

Niki decides that Ben will never be "caught in the act." Therefore, she has to do something to make him divorce her. "Easy, all I have to do is sleep with a guy and have Ben walk in."

Ben arrives at the Police department jail. He enters Allison's jail cell and says, "Allison." With starry eyes, she answers, "Dave."

Friday, May 3, 2002

Natalie was blown away by Jessica's questioning as to the identity of Rex. She evaded answering the relentless Jess for as long as she could, then reluctantly disclosed to both Jess and Seth that Rex is the son who Roxy had kept a secret all these years. Jessica suggested that Nat join in a search for their brother, whom Natalie had not seen since he was ripped away from Roxy by her sister in law when he was a young child. Aunt Corriene left Natalie with Roxy to fend for herself.

Niki concluded that Ben could not be seduced. She decided that she would have to be the one to cheat on Viki's husband. She had lacivious daydreams about the fellas that she might fall into bed with including Seth, Cris, Chad and even Asa.

Ben visited a dillusional Allison in her jail cell pretending that he had a fragmented personality and appealed to her as Dave. He wanted to know if she was responsible for hiring Jordan. He left her thinking how much better she was for him than Viki and he with the notion that she tried to wreck his marriage.

Sam overheard Todd and Alex arguing and Todd giving her money. Alex thought Sam was a reporter and gave him the scoop on her good samatarian story about the transplant. Alex later realized who Sam really is, by then, Todd quit trying to snow his old coach and admitted that Jack needed this life saving operation and it was a complete success. This led Sam to conclude that Alex must be the true biological mother of the infant and insisted on knowing who the father is. A harried Blair arrived at the hospital just as the pair were shouting about Jack having been ill.

Bo overheard Gabrielle on the phone covering for Todd. He warned Gabrielle that their friendship would be in jepoardy were she to lie to him or help Todd do something illegal. Asa bounded into to the Sun's publisher's office called Gabrielle an alley cat and compared her to Lindsay, accusing her of fooling around in Bo's apartment ( with Jack's doctor). With that, Bo tossed his Pa out of the office defending Gabrielle and left him asking her why she was more concerned with Todd and his son instead of her own.

Roxy called Viki at Llanfair from a nearby bar wanting money for her heroics in uncovering the truth about Jess and Seth's "car crash." While there she ran into and nearly on top of an old friend - Max, who knew Roxy from his gambling days in Atlantic City.

Niki accused Natalie of being selfish for not wanting to seek out her younger "brother." Crushed Natalie wailed on her mother, accusing Viki of wanting to be rid of her and hitting on Chad. Just then Ben walked in.

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