All My Children Recaps: The week of April 29, 2002 on AMC

Greenlee was one step ahead of Erica. Kendall pulled a gun on Erica. Chris made plans to propose to Erica during a European cruise. Trey was attacked. Edmund, Brooke, and Tad disagreed about the best way to approach Jamie. Simone and Roger struggled to keep their affair a secret.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 29, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, April 29, 2002

After reaming Kendall for giving Bianca alcohol, Erica asked her where she was, but Kendall didn't know. Erica screamed at her that Bianca could be driving drunk, but Kendall told her that she's really afraid of what else Bianca might do. They continued arguing about Bianca's relationship with Erica, until Ryan intervened. He pulled Kendall outside, and asked her what she's doing. Kendall told him that Erica's trying to pull at her heart by talking about her love for Bianca. She told him that she doesn't need Erica because she has Ryan. She regretted saying it as soon as she did, but Ryan told her, "Don't." She then asked him if she does have him, and he responded by kissing her.

Inside Myrtle's, Erica is worriedly figuring out ways to find Bianca, but Chris told her that Bianca will use common sense. When Erica speculated that Kendall might have planned this, Chris disagreed. She noticed that he seemed really concerned that she have a relationship with Kendall, but she can't. Unlike him and Ryan, she gave Kendall up because she wanted to and she couldn't love her. He told her he didn't understand, and she said that looking at Kendall is like looking at the man who raped her. She said that Kendall contacted the man who raped her and brought him to Pine Valley, leaving him alone with Bianca at one point. Chris asked her why she hired her at Enchantment if she's so dangerous, but the phone rang before Erica could answer.

Maggie pulled away from Bianca's touch and asked her what she was doing. Flustered, Bianca explained that she looked so much like Frankie. She tried to explain that she doesn't usually do this, and it must be the alcohol, but Maggie wasn't listening and kicked her out. Bianca continued saying that she had intended to make a big deal about Frankie's birthday, but Maggie didn't care and told her to leave. As she left, Anna and David showed up and noticed Maggie crying. David asked her what was wrong, and Maggie explained that Bianca was expecting her to be like Frankie and she made a pass at her. When David said, "Poor Bianca," Maggie became irate and responded, "Doesn't anyone care about me?!?" David apologized, but Maggie said that she's okay. He offered to take her out for her birthday, but she said they really didn't celebrate her birthday. Her mom was usually too high to care about it. Maggie went on to tell David that she's had enough of this town and she needs to leave. He asked her to stay and get to know the people that care about her. He told her about the dream he's had of living the kind of life that he's only read about, with a big house, a den, and a big yard. He asked her to move in with him, if they find the house. She told him that he doesn't need her, but he continued to try to persuade her. Finally, she told him that she'll get back to him about it. After Maggie left, Anna told David that she gets weirded out when she sees the generous side of him. She liked it though, as they embraced.

Erica answered the phone. It was Bianca, asking for Kendall, and holding her hand over a wound in her head. Ryan and Kendall entered the room at this time, and heard the conversation. Bianca told Erica that she had an accident, and she already called the ambulance. After being given directions, Erica hung up and rushed out the door. Chris gave orders for Ryan and Kendall to stay put as he rushed after her. Kendall began to feel guilty about what happened and wanted to go the ER to check on her sister, but Ryan tried to talk her out of it. She told him that she's responsible for what happened to Bianca, and she needs to be there, but Ryan was worried about what effect this would have on Erica. Kendall told him that she's going, whether he comes or not, so they left.

Leo asked Greenlee if she was ready to "do-over" their relationship, and she said she was. They kissed once more, before leaving the boat house for her apartment. In the elevator, they ran into Trey. He noticed champagne in Leo's hands, and Greenlee confirmed that they are back together. With a straight face, Trey said, "Sounds like a time for a celebration." At his floor, Trey got off, after telling Greenlee that he'll be in touch about finishing the deposition. Outside the elevator, he vowed to himself that he will get his hands on Vanessa's fortune, and Leo will be the one to lead him to it. Up in Greenlee's, she and Leo toasted to a new future together. When she moved a little closer to him, however, he stopped her. He asked her to think if this is what she wants, because he doesn't know what he could give her. She told him that he is all she ever wants, and he responded that he's never felt this loved. Leo then pulled out the engagement ring that he previously gave Greenlee, and she was in shock that he still had it. She told him, "Yes, Leo, I'll marry you," as he slipped the ring on her finger.

At the hospital, Erica was frantically looking for answers about Bianca. When she found out where she was, she moved toward the cubicle, running past Ryan and Kendall. They told her not to go in there, but she ignored them as she entered the cubicle where the doctors were working on Bianca.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

At Jake's loft, Mia is looking upset while he brings her over a drink. He tells her that he's glad that she's with him. He notices how distracted she is and asks if anything's wrong. Mia apologizes and says that she's off. He asks if it had to do with the "unimportant" phone call she received earlier. Mia asks why. Jake offers to turn off her phone if that's what is bothering her. Mia lets him turn her cell phone off. Mia mentions the word "elevator" and asks her not to mention that word-it reminds him of new neighbor Kenyon. Just then, someone rings his doorbell. Mia asks if it's Greenlee, but Jake is positive it's not. Jake opens the door to Trey and Martin asks what the hell he's doing there. Trey says that they have major trouble. Mia mentions something about needing to read a bedtime story to Colby. Jake thinks the little girl may be sleep, but Mia insists on seeing her niece. Trey says the emergency was a false alarm and apologizes. After Trey leaves, Jake says that Mr. Kenyon has some problems, though it may just be loneliness. He asks Mia why she's still so tense. Mia says that she has a big feeling that Liza and Colby need her. Jake suggests they just call them. Mia insists on seeing them in person and begs him to understand. He's trying to. Mia leaves abruptly and gets on the elevator, where Trey is waiting for her. Trey asks what took her so long. Mia tells him that she won't be man-handled. Trey apologizes and says that the whole baby thing has gotten him riled up. Mia learns that he knows her son's name is William and asks how he found out. He reveals that after she put the baby up for adoption, he kept tabs on the family who took him. Mia reminds him that he suggested that she give the baby up and never look back. Trey admits that he couldn't stop seeing the little boy. Ms. Saunders is upset that he told her that giving up her child was the best thing for her to do. Trey stands by that decision and feels that she wasn't ready to take care of a child at the time. Mia senses that something is wrong regarding William. Trey admits that William is in trouble and will need all the help he can get from his mother.

Liza is in the study at home when a worried Adam finds her and asks why she's not in bed. She simply says that she's there. Adam says that they're marriage is falling apart and they're drifting apart. Liza doesn't answer when Adam asks if she's still upset with him. Adam says that they are going to fix their problems now. Liza says that yelling at her won't get them anywhere. Adam insists that he's not out to get her and reveals that he and Mia had a talk about her. He now knows that Liza was upset with him at the hospital because she found out he was trying to get her declared legally incompetent. He explains that the S.E.C. is investigating where the missing money went that was stolen during her time as CEO. Liza accuses him of calling her a thief. Adam denies her accusation and says that it is obvious that her actions were dictated by her tumor. Since the S.E.C. may want to file criminal charges against her, he needed to have her declared incompetent. Liza thinks that Adam has been plotting against her to take Colby away from her. Adam says that everything he's doing is the strategy given by his lawyers. Liza says that she doesn't trust lawyers. He doesn't either-but she can trust him. She admits that she wants to. Adam says that the plan is to convince the S.E.C. that she is legally incompetent and then have Dr. McMillan do a psychological evaluation and give her a clean bill of health. Adam asks her to put herself in his hands and let him help her get her out of the situation she's in. He urges her to just trust him and asks if she can do that.

Erica is astonished to see Bianca being bandaged at the hospital following her accident. The nurse orders Erica out. She says that Bianca is her daughter and doesn't plan on leaving. Bianca also asks her mom to leave. Joe comes in and escorts Ms. Kane out of the room. Chris, Kendall, and Ryan are all in the hallway as Erica asks if Bianca will be alright. Joe insists that her daughter only had a minor concussion. He begins to discuss the bad scar on her face, and Erica begins to panic. The elder Dr. Martin tells Erica that the scar is superficial. He insures her that they only need to clean the wound, and the damage to her face will soon heal. Kendall overhears as Erica asks Joe to go to Bianca and tell her that her beautiful face will be fine. Joe promises to relay that message to her daughter. He will also tell her that she's lucky to be alive. Ryan agrees with what Joe said. Kendall tells Erica that Bianca will be fine. Erica considers calling Dr. Fascinella, who worked on her face after her accident, from Brazil to work on Bianca. Chris reminds her that Joe just told her that Bianca didn't need any cosmetic surgery. Ms. Kane would rather be safe than sorry. Chris suggests her first call needs to be to an attorney since there's an officer waiting for the results of Bianca's blood alcohol test and if it shows she was drinking, she could be arrested for D.U.I. Erica asks if he can use his FBI connections to do anything. All Chris can do is possibly delay the processing of the blood work. Erica thinks anything he can do will help. Chris says Bianca is in trouble and that they should be thankful that she is even alive. Erica insists that she is grateful. Kendall suggests that she and Ryan split since they know that she's okay. Ryan agrees that Erica needs her space. Erica stops them and tells Kendall that she's not going anywhere-she did this to Bianca.

Mia asks Trey for more information regarding her son. He doesn't have many details, but his life is on the line due to an illness. He needs treatment, but the cost of it will be around $20,000.00. Mia asks him where she would find that kind of money. Trey suggests she ask Liza for it. Or better yet, use the money she gave her for safe keeping. Mia refuses to go behind her sister's back and use the money Liza trusted her to keep safe. Besides, it's for Colby's future. Trey says that it's her son that won't have a future if they don't come up with the money for the operation by tomorrow. He says that Liza won't miss $20,000.00. Before he gets out of the elevator, Trey tells her that he needs her decision by tomorrow.

Kendall tells Erica that she is fed up with her attitude and accusations. Erica says that the accident was all her fault and holds her personally responsible for Bianca almost getting killed. Kendall says that she didn't run her off the road or in any way caused her to have a wreck. Erica points out that she gave her under-aged daughter two bottles of champagne. Kendall says that she didn't pour the alcohol down her throat and that it was Bianca's choice to drink and drive. Erica can't believe that Kendall is taking no responsibility for what happened to Bianca. Kendall asks when she will stop being blamed for everything. Ms. Kane says it's not about her. Ryan tries to defend Kendall, but she insists on defending herself against her mother. She insists that she can take care of herself and that she has no other choice. After all, she didn't have a mother that would keep her safe. Erica disagrees and says that her adoptive parents gave her a loving home. Kendall asks if it was her in the hospital room and not Bianca, would she care about her face or getting the cops off her back. Kendall says the answer would be no since Erica doesn't give a damn about her. Erica insists that she's known all along that Kendall has wanted to hurt Bianca. As Kendall begins crying, Erica accuses her of giving Bianca the champagne, hoping that she would drink it and get herself hurt or possibly killed. Kendall says that she and Bianca have been getting along. Erica wonders if that was why she gave her daughter champagne. Ms. Hart insists that Bianca is grown and is responsible for making her own decisions. Chris interrupts and says that they're way too loud. He suggests that Ryan take Kendall to the other end of the hospital while he talks to Erica.

Mia returns to Jake's loft, saying that she can't find her keys. Jake says that he noticed where she left her keys when he was turning off her phone. He admits that he was about to follow her out, but she left too fast for him to catch her. Jake notices Mia is still upset and asks her to tell him what's bothering her. Instead, Mia kisses Jake and thanks him for a wonderful evening. Mia heads back out, leaving Jake stunned.

Liza goes to Adam and embraces him. She says that she trusts him and apologizes. Adam promises to always look after her and Colby. He asks if it feels better now that they are on the same side. Liza replies that they are the same. Adam asks Liza to try to remember what she did with the company funds. Liza secretly recalls giving the money to Mia and then lies and says she has no idea where the money is.

Outside Bianca's room, Opal finds out what happened to Bianca. She goes to Kendall and asks for her side of the story. Kendall thinks that Opal won't believe her over her best gal pal, Erica. Opal promises not to make any judgment calls. As Opal and Kendall walk down the hallway, Ryan goes to Chris and compliments him on how good he's doing walking on his braces. Chris asks Ryan what he really wants to discuss. Ryan says that Erica is being a little too hard on Kendall. Chris disagrees and says that Kendall has done many things to make Erica feel the way she feels about her. Ryan says that Bianca's accident wasn't one of those things. Ryan feels that Kendall should have a fair shake. Chris can't blame Erica for expecting the worse from Kendall. Ryan can.

Erica visits Bianca and asks her if she's okay. Bianca says that she's only embarrassed. Erica asks her to forgive her for running into her room earlier and making her upset. Ms. Kane touches Bianca's wound and assures her that it is a superficial wound that will quickly heal. Bianca asks why she's being nice to her after she got drunk and crashed her car. Erica asks if that's what she wants. Bianca isn't sure. All she does know is that she's not as strong as she thought she was. Erica admits to being upset about her drinking and driving, but at the moment, she's just grateful that she's alright. Bianca tells Erica that before the accident, she went to see Maggie to celebrate Frankie's birthday. She explains how she imagined Maggie was Frankie and tried to kiss her, making Maggie throw her out. Bianca doesn't blame Maggie for throwing her out and begs Erica not to be ashamed of her. A sobbing Erica tells her that she could never be ashamed of her. Bianca, who's also crying, embraces her mother. Kendall opens the door and eyes the two bonding. Kendall thinks to herself that Erica can bond with the daughter she really loves and that she's take Erica's hate and use it against her.

Liza asks Adam what they will do about the "missing" money. Adam says that her memory will eventually come back and she will remember where it is. Chandler admits that if it wasn't for the S.E.C., he wouldn't care less about where the money was. Mia comes in to see her sister. Liza says that they're okay. Adam leaves the sisters alone. Mia asks if she told Adam about the money. Liza says that she hasn't. Mia mentions the reason she asked was because she and Adam seemed closer. Liza insists that no one is touching the money-it's Colby's. Mia recalls Trey mentioning the $20,000.00 needed for her son's operation. Liza notices she's distracted and asks if the money is safe. Mia insists that it is.

Erica and Bianca's embrace ends when they see Kendall staring at them. Opal interrupts and tells Bianca that she needs a hug. Kendall steps out and Ryan pulls her aside. He suggests that she either start taking advantage of her improving life and make a change for the better or continue to hate Erica and let things go downhill. Meanwhile, Chris tells Erica that despite her feelings for Kendall, she needs to call a truce for Bianca's sake. The ladies walk to each other. Kendall apologizes for giving Bianca the champagne, calling her mother. Erica forgives Kendall and asks if she can be forgiven for her angry outburst. Kendall accepts her mother's apology. Erica suggests they forget tonight ever happened. Kendall agrees. With tears in their eyes, mother and daughter embrace.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

As Erica and Jack left Bianca's hospital room, Jack said Kendall should be brought up on charges for giving alcohol to a minor. Erica thanked him for helping Bianca but Jack reminded her that Bianca isn't out of trouble yet. Erica thanked him also for keeping the DUI out of the papers, just as Kendall walked up with a basket of muffins. Kendall offered them to her mother, saying she knew Erica hadn't eaten anything and wanted to help. Erica graciously accepted the muffins then handed them off to Jack. Ryan asked how Bianca was doing and Erica said she was going to be fine but wasn't up to visitors right now. Kendall said they'd stick around and wait to see her. Erica went back into Bianca's room and Kendall turned to Ryan, telling him that she and Erica had "forged a new bond." She sent Ryan for bottled water then ran to the pay phone. Kendall put in a call to Donald Steele, telling him that she had scoop on Erica and Bianca and to rush to the hospital immediately.

In the hospital room Bianca asked her mother if her driver's license was going to be revoked. Jack and Erica told her that they're keeping things as quiet as possible and not to worry. In burst Donald Steele, yelling "Diva's Drunken Daughter Gets Preferential Treatment From The DA." He asked for some juicy quotes as Ryan and Kendall came into the room. Bianca turned away in disgust and shame as Jack and Erica argued with Donald. He asked Erica if Bianca had been out partying with her newest girlfriend and Bianca started to deny it. Donald said he was going to watch her "in case this all disappears." Ryan grabbed him and dragged him out the door. Jack and Erica moved to the side of the room and Erica wondered who could've tipped Donald off. Jack was incredulous and said "Who do you think??" They both looked at Kendall. Jack took Erica into the hallway and he couldn't believe that Erica didn't suspect Kendall. Of course she did but she didn't want to blow her plan to get rid of Kendall. She told Jack that she had everything under control. Across the hallway Kendall told Ryan that she finally understands Bianca and Erica. She went into a daydream where cops rushed into Bianca's hospital room and arrested her for DUI, then arrested Erica for trying to bribe them. Kendall returned to reality as Erica walked over and thanked Ryan for getting rid of Donald. Kendall told her she was sorry she had to deal with such slime, "How could that leach pounce on Bianca like that?" Kendall questioned. Erica said that some people just don't have a conscience. Ryan and Kendall offered to stand guard while Erica stayed with Bianca. Erica agreed and headed back to the room, but stopped just outside the door and gazed at Kendall. She had her own daydream, of Chris coming into Bianca's room and telling them that he'd put Kendall on a bus out of town and they'd never see her again. Erica said to herself "Soon Kendall, soon" and went in to see Bianca.

In the Chandler house Mia stayed up all night trying to figure out a way to get $20,000. Adam walked in and she finally broke down and asked him for help. He said fine, how much and she told him the amount and he was a bit stunned. Mia told him about the son she gave up and how he now needs medical attention. Adam turned nasty and said he wasn't going to give her a damn dime. He went off on Mia, saying she was nothing but a con. Liza walked in and stopped the tirade and confirmed Mia's story about the child she gave up. Adam was speechless and said he assumed Mia was just after his money. Liza told him he assumed wrong. Adam apologized and said he'd write her a check and left to get his checkbook. Mia told Liza she didn't want to ask Adam and she realized she has no way to prove her story. Liza said if all she wanted was money she could've taken hers weeks ago. Adam returned with the check and Liza left to go take her medicine. Adam apologized again and made Mia promise to come to him if she ever needed anything. Mia cried and as Adam handed her the check Hayley walked in. She saw the transaction and then Mia hugged Adam and immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. She asked what was going on and Adam told her it was family business. Hayley said she was family so fill her in. Mia told her how her father was just being generous and caring and Hayley didn't buy it at all. Adam and Hayley walked out as Hayley pressed for more information. Mia got on the phone and called Trey with the news that she had the money. He demanded that she meet him at SOS. After she hung up the phone Mia looked at the check in her hand and turned to leave. Hayley walked in and blocked the door. Mia tried to get around her but Hayley wouldn't let her leave. She demanded Mia tell her what was going on and Mia just glared at her.

Greenlee woke up in bed alone and missing her engagement ring. She sat up and looked around, then decided last night must have been just a dream. She sadly went into the living room and sat on the sofa. In walked Leo, carrying all kinds of wedding books, samples and brochures. Greenlee jumped for joy. Leo showed her the engagement ring and formally asked her to marry him. She said yes and started to put the ring on her finger, then noticed that he'd had it engraved. It said "Forever, Do Not Remove." Leo said nothing was going to get in their way. The phone rang and Greenlee said the machine could get it. They heard Erica demanding Greenlee to call her back immediately. Then a knock on the door came and Greenlee found her father standing on the doorstep. She brought him in and showed him the engagement ring. Roger and Leo shook hands and Roger said he was happy for them. Another knock on the door brought Simone into the room. Simone and Roger pretended not to know each other. Greenlee showed Simone the ring and was thrilled for her friend. Leo said he had an errand to run and he'd be back soon and told Greenlee to start planning their wedding with Roger and Simone's help. After looking through books and trying on some veils, Greenlee asked her father to walk her down the aisle. Roger was thrilled and accepted. Then Greenlee turned to Simone and asked her to be her maid of honor. Simone asked if Greenlee didn't have some old friend she wanted to ask but Greenlee insisted she didn't have any girl friends and that this wedding wouldn't be happening if it hadn't been for Simone. Roger wondered what happened so Greenlee explained about Leo turning down the book offer and Simone telling Greenlee about it. Erica called again and Greenlee spoke with her. Erica demanded that she come to the hospital right now, whether she was planning a wedding or not and hung up. Greenlee said she was sick of Erica treating her like a flunky. Roger said he and Simone could go through the books while Greenlee helped Erica. Greenlee left and Simone turned to Roger saying "I can't believe you did that!." They fell into each other's arms and began to kiss.

At SOS Hayley argued with Mateo that they were not naming a drink after their son. Chris came in and asked Mateo to help nail Vanessa's coffin shut. Hayley flat out said no way but Chris kept talking to Mat. He said he knows Mateo misses the adrenaline rush from the hunt. Hayley told Chris to get out and he stood up to leave but Mat stopped him. Mat took Hayley to the side and told her that this wouldn't be over until Vanessa was locked in jail. Hayley could tell he wanted to help Chris so she told him to go for it, although she made it clear she wasn't happy. They went back to Chris and Mat told him he was in. Hayley told Chris that if anything happens to Mateo she will hunt Chris down and make him pay. After she left Mateo asked Chris what their first move would be and the two men settled down to talk.

Trey went to visit Vanessa. She pretended to be Rosie but Trey told her to can it. He told her she couldn't trust Leo anymore and that she had to sign over her power of attorney to him. Vanessa just kept going in her actress mode. Trey told her that Leo and Greenlee had reunited and were getting married. He said that Leo didn't give a damn about her and that they had to look out for her. He demanded that she sign the paper work, which she finally did. Trey said she wouldn't regret it and Vanessa said she knows. She asked if the document was legal and Trey looked at it and noticed that she signed it "Blanche Dubois." Vanessa said she knows there are alot of personalities in here and that none of them are stupid. "You will be rewarded when you get me out of here" she told Trey. Trey agreed. When he got the phone call from Mia Vanessa listened with great interest. After Trey hung up she asked if that was another woman. Trey said yes and Vanessa said she wanted to be the only woman he represented. Trey said she was and that they had a deal. Trey left to meet Mia.

Chris went to the hospital and checked in with Erica. He thought they should take Bianca out to dinner for "family night" and Erica agreed. Chris asked Kendall and Ryan if they'd like to come along and they both accepted. Chris and Ryan left to check on Ryan's motorcycle. Erica turned to Kendall and told her that she needed her help on an Enchantment problem. "It's so huge, I don't have anyone to trust, except you." Erica told Kendall she had to help stop Greenlee, just as Greenlee walked up. "Stop me from what?" she demanded.

Trey arrived at SOS and sat at an empty table to wait for Mia. Mateo walked over smiling and told Trey he's not going to let him help Vanessa get away with murder.

Leo went to see his mother. He told her about the upcoming wedding and she just pretended to be Rosie. Leo told her that she was a whacked out witch and she'd better not mess things up for him and Greenlee or he'd make sure she wound up in prison. Then Leo got in Vanessa's face and said he'd even kill her if he had to. Vanessa was taken back but then said "Bravo! You almost had me believing you!." Leo started to leave and said he is going to marry Greenlee and keep her safe. As the door shut Vanessa yelled out to him but he walked away. Vanessa said to herself that she could never forgive herself if she let Greenlee live happily ever after, or at all.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

Erica asks Kendall to help her stop Greenlee. Greenlee overhears and confronts Erica, but Erica quickly covers saying that Greenlee must have heard her wrong. As Greenlee leaves to visit Bianca, Erica pulls Kendall aside. She tells her that Greenlee is trying to bring down the entire company and Kendall is the only one who can stop her. Erica goes on to say that Greenlee is involved in corporate espionage. She is spying for Revlon. Kendall is excited to be able to lend her assistance. When asked what she can do, Erica explains that Greenlee is trying to get her hands on a R&D file that Revlon would love to have. She asks Kendall to go to her office and get the file from the locked cabinet, then hide it away somewhere safe. Erica reminds Kendall that she is counting on being able to trust her. As Kendall leaves to carry out her mission, she's thinking, "Helllooo Revlon." Erica is thinking, "Au Revoir, Kendall."

When Greenlee comes out of Bianca's room, Erica thanks her for playing her part perfectly. Kendall will sell the file to Revlon, they'll hire her and ship her off to Paris. Soon everything will be back to normal. Greenlee feels used by Erica. She remembers that Revlon wanted her for the job, now Kendall will have it.

Erica goes in to visit Bianca. They have a heart to heart talk as Erica asks Bianca to come home with her. She says she will do anything for a second chance with her daughter. Bianca says, "Yes, I want to come home." As they embrace, Erica vows Kendall will never hurt her again. Bianca reminds Erica that the accident wasn't Kendall's fault.

Roger and Simone share a passionate kiss until Simone pulls away saying she can't do this. A smitten Roger tells her one night together was not enough. Simone tells him that night they were together, she was in a bad place. She had just found out about Proteus using her for information and Chris Stamp had been shot. Roger agrees that they were both in a bad place. Simone thinks their relationship has no future because she is not going to sneak around behind Greenlee's back. Simone wavers as Roger pours on the charm. They begin to kiss as Greenlee fumbles for her keys outside the door. When Greenlee enters, Roger and Simone are hard at work with wedding plans. Greenlee rants about Erica, then sits between them saying, "Thank God I have people in my life I can really count on."

Greenlee decides that it is time to put her needs first. She is about to put her own plan in action. After Greenlee and Simone leave, Roger picks up the phone and orders a dozen roses for Simone. When asked for payment, he uses Greenlee's charge card.

When confronted by Hayley, Mia explains that the money is for her sick son. Hayley feels her pain, but tells Mia that she is just protecting her own family. When Hayley asks detailed questions like the type of illness, Mia has no answers. Hayley is immediately suspicious that the only detail Simone does know is the price. Liza and Adam stand up for Mia and claim she is on the level, but Hayley still has doubts. When Hayley asks if the adoptive parents are on the up and up, Mia tells her they have to be. She has to believe her son is with good people. They argue among themselves until Hayley comes up with a solution. She thinks that instead of giving money, Adam should hire a specialist like he did for Lorenzo. Mia is eternally grateful and throws her arms around Adam when he agrees. Hayley is the only one who isn't celebrating, she believes there is something not quite right about Mia.

At SOS, Trey impatiently checks his watch while waiting for Mia to arrive. His phone rings and the caller asks, "Where's my money?" Trey asks for a little more time. Time passes as he paces around wondering what is keeping Mia. The phone rings again. This time, the voice says, "Time's up." Trey frantically tries to explain that his contact is late and he only has half of the money at this point. Trey goes on to say that there is a guy standing in his way, if the caller will take care of that, they will both cash in. To Trey's relief, Mia finally arrives, but not with the cash he was expecting. Instead, Mia is thrilled that Adam is paying for a specialist so they don't need the money after all.

Kendall enters Erica's office and is about to open the safe when Ryan appears at the door. He is pleased that Kendall is helping Erica. He offers his help, but Kendall says no. She has to do this herself. When Ryan leaves, Kendall stares at her mother's portrait remembering every nasty thing Erica has ever done to her. As Kendall leaves, she assures herself that Ryan will understand. Kendall goes straight to the Revlon offices where she is ushered in to an office. Greenlee swivels around in the chair behind the desk. She says to a horrified Kendall, "Too late, honey, it's not our policy here at Revlon to hire trailer trash."

Friday, May 3, 2002

Mia met Trey at SOS. He was impatient and asked where was the money she was going to get for him. Mia explained that she gave it back to Adam which infuriated Trey. She told Trey that Adam is flying in a specialist from Switzerland to help their son, William. Trey, frustrated that Mia didn't have the money, shouted back at her that William doesn't need a doctor. Mia is confused. Jake joined Mia and Trey at their table and asked what was happening. Trey's cell phone rang and he left the table to answer it giving Jake an opportunity to ask Mia what was going on. Mia explained about her son's illness and that Adam is flying in a specialist by private jet. She is overwhelmed with the kindness she hasn't been given before and wasn't sure how to accept it. Jake told her she is family now. He asked her how she knows Trey. Before she could tell Jake Trey is William's father, Jake is paged. He left to answer it.

Meanwhile in the ally where Trey went to talk on his cell phone, the stranger approached him and punched him in the stomach. He demanded his money from Trey. Trey told him he didn't have it. The stranger told him to get it fast and then quickly left the alley. Trey dialed on his cell phone. As soon as Jake left Mia, Trey commented that should take care of Jake. When Mia entered the alley, Trey grabbed her.

Kendall found Greenlee's office at Revlon and was very surprised to see her there and could not believe it was really Greenlee's office. Greenlee explained that Revlon recruited her much to Kendall's amazement. Greenlee told Kendall that all the flowers delivered to Enchantment were for her from Revlon and that Erica kept it a secret from her. Kendall asked Greenlee if loyalty meant anything to her. Greenlee smugly asked Kendall about the R&D file she had brought with her. "Isn't that Enchantment's new perfume line?" She asked Kendall. Greenlee opened the file and showed Kendall the new line was named after Bianca. Greenlee taunted Kendall saying Erica must want you out of her life really bad to sacrifice her new line named after Bianca. Greenlee reviewed Erica's plan to get Kendall out of her life and Pine Valley. "You've been played twice, girlfriend," Greenlee tells Kendall. "Erica wants to get rid of you."

Kendall couldn't believe what she was hearing and denied Erica would have set her up. Greenlee taunted Kendall telling her that Erica will always have the upper hand and Kendall will always be the loser. Kendall, stunned, dropped the file on the floor and left Greenlee's office.

Erica eagerly ran into her office to check the file safe hoping Kendall had taken the R&D files. They were gone. Erica was very happy. She exclaimed with glee, "At last I'm rid of her." Chris stood in her office doorway wondering who was she rid of. Erica didn't answer his question and commented on his walking with one crutch. Chris was pleased with his fast recovery and so now he could ask her to dance. Erica snuggled in his arms as they danced slowly. He asked Erica to go on a cruise to the Mediterranean and showed her two tickets he had purchased. Erica at first made excuses why she couldn't go: Bianca's DUI is pending and she has a new line to launch. Chris told her Kendall and Greenlee could handle the new line, unaware that Greenlee is now working for Revlon. Erica gave in and decided to go with Chris on the cruise. Chris was very happy and left to make dinner arrangement at the Valley Inn. Erica phoned Greenlee and left a message the plan was working.

At Brooke's house Tad asked Jamie to go camping. Jamie doesn't say anything and went upstairs. Tad and Brooke talked about the therapy session they had just completed without Edmund. The appointment time had been changed and Edmund wasn't able to attend the session. Edmund entered the living room just as Tad made the comment that he didn't think Edmund needed to be at the therapy sessions. Only family should be there, he told Brooke. Edmund commented to Tad that he thought he was also family. The conversation was interrupted when Jamie came down stairs ready to go camping with Tad. After Tad and Jamie had left, Edmund told Brooke he thinks Tad is trying to manipulate her again and he is a threat to their relationship.

Suddenly, Tad's voice is heard in the foyer. "I guess I should have knocked," he said. Tad had returned to get Jamie's toothbrush that he forgot and overhead Edmund's remark. Tad and Edmund began to argue, their voices got louder and louder. Brooke interrupted them, trying to get them to calm down and stop. Tad slugged Edmund and they began to argue again. Brooke separated them and they suddenly realized Jamie was watching the fight. He had tears in his eyes.

Leo joined Ryan sitting at the bar at SOS. Leo teased Ryan about his tie and how dressed up he was. Ryan explained his dinner date with Kendall, Chris and Erica. Leo couldn't believe Ryan was dating Kendall. Ryan couldn't believe Leo and Greenlee had become engaged again. He told Leo he had better marry Greenlee quickly before she changed her mind. They toasted to complicated women. Leo's cell phone rang. It's Greenlee. She told Leo to meet her at Revlon. Leo is puzzled why she is there. Ryan left for dinner with Chris, Erica, and Kendall at the Valley Inn.

Leo arrived at Revlon and discovered Greenlee is really working there. He saw the Enchantment R&D file on the floor where Kendall had dropped it. After picking it up, he asked Greenlee is that why she is working at Revlon.

Ryan met Chris at the Valley Inn before Erica arrived. Chris told Ryan about the cruise and his plan to propose to Erica. Ryan was pleased and wished him well. Erica joined the two men at the table and they waited for Kendall. She appeared at the entrance to the dining room. She walked purposely to their table. She had hatred in her eyes as she glared at Erica. She sat down next to Ryan and pulled a gun out of her purse, pointing it at Erica. Everyone was stunned. Chris asked Kendall what is she doing. "Getting even. Are you ready Erica?" replied Kendall.



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