All My Children Recaps: The week of April 22, 2002 on AMC

Trey recalled mugging Leo and drugging Vanessa. Trey sought power of attorney over Vanessa. Trey told Mia that he was being blackmailed. Ryan and Kendall made love. Jamie got into a fight at school. Leo and Greenlee decided to give their relationship another chance. Jake and Mia grew closer.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 22, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, April 22, 2002

While sitting with Greenlee in the Valley Inn dining room, Trey told her that she should stay away from Leo. She told him to lay off Leo, but he said that he has nothing against him personally. After saying this to Greenlee, Trey flashed back to the attack on Leo in the suite, and reminisced that it was he who zapped Leo and stole his money. Trey snapped back to the present as Greenlee told him that she trusts him, despite who his client is. Trey said that he does have to look out for Vanessa's interests, as he remembered the attack in her hospital room that he was responsible for. Later, Trey asked her if she really trusted Leo, and tried to convince her that he might have been throwing around Vanessa's drug money. Greenlee became defensive and told him that Leo would never use that money. Trey told her that, while he doesn't have anything against Leo, he does feel sorry for him because he seems a little "lost."

Outside Vanessa's cell, Leo told David and Anna that he's going to try to talk to her, because they have to figure out who's trying to set up David. Leo entered her cell and asked her if she knows who drugged her. She recalled a man coming into her room, but she couldn't tell Leo anymore. He became frustrated and left. After filling in David and Anna, the three of them left to get something to eat.

While kissing in their room, Ryan suddenly pulled away from Kendall and said, "We can't do this." He told her that he can't get out of his mind how afraid she was, but she convinced him that it's all out of her system. She told him that they talk way too much, and pulled him close for a kiss. With Ryan asking her again if she was okay, they slowly disrobed and fell to the bed. Later, they were lying in bed as Kendall wiped tears from her eyes. Ryan tried to relate to her by telling her that he used to close himself off too, so he knows where she's coming from. He went on to say that he tried to close himself off from her too, but she got through. Kendall later asked Ryan what this means for them. He suggested they take it a day at a time and see where it goes. She suggested a picnic, and he laughingly agreed.

Adam told Mia that declaring Liza mentally incompetent is for her own good, but Mia reacted with shock that he would even ask for her help. She accused Adam of wanting Liza committed for his own selfish motives, but Adam continued to deny it. When Mia let on that Liza knows what he's doing, Adam continued trying to convince Mia that it's for Liza's own sake. He told her about the missing money, and that Liza's in a lot of trouble from the shareholders and the SEC. He said that if Liza's declared incompetent, it will protect her from these charges. Mia began wavering when Adam told her that everything would be fine if he could just locate the funds. Adam was beginning to get to her when the doorbell rang. It was Jake looking for Mia. When he saw her crying, he asked Adam what he did to her. Mia said she was just upset about Liza, and Adam gave them some time alone. Jake said that he was just checking on her, because he was worried. She told him that she enjoyed the responsibilities of taking care of Colby, but it was a little overwhelming. He said that it's time someone took care of her, and he pulled her into an embrace. When he asked her what's really going on, she said that she feels stuck in the middle between Adam and Liza. He offered her the advice never to trust Adam, as Adam listened from the stairs. He stayed hidden, as Mia defended him to Jake. She said that Adam's part of her family, and she doesn't plan to turn her back on him. Jake left the decision up to her as he left. When Adam returned, Mia told him that she made up her mind to help him.

At the Valley Inn, Trey asked Greenlee for a chance to make it up to her and they began to leave. When Leo, Anna, and David walked in, they came face-to-face with Trey and Greenlee. Trey told Greenlee they should just go, but Leo told her to wait. Anna and David politely excused themselves, and Greenlee told Trey to go ahead. He seemed despondent, but he left her with Leo. She told Leo that it isn't easy always running into him, but he responded that he just wants to make sure she's doing okay. She said that visiting Oak Haven reinforced that Vanessa's locked up. He asked her to call Jake again, but she told him that Jake won't return her calls. When Leo asked if Trey's a replacement for Jake, she said that he's no fill-in, but he's a good man. Leo told her to take care of herself, and, after an uncomfortable silence, she told him to take care of himself too, before leaving.

In their room, Anna and David brainstorm who might be after Vanessa, but get nowhere. David thanked her for all that she's doing for him, as he pulled her into a kiss. When they part lips, she told him that they're a hell of a team. They fall to the bed in each other's arms.

In her room, Vanessa heard a ticking sound, and a distorted voice asking her where the money is. Outside of her room, Trey had a microphone and he spoke into it, "Wait until you see what I have next for you, Vanessa." The voice continued in her room, asking for the money. Vanessa began screaming for it to stop when Trey entered her room, put his arms around her, and began to console her. She told him that someone's trying to convince her she's really crazy, and he asked her who was here today. She told him that David and Leo were there, and Trey told her that he's the only person she can trust. He said he can take care of them but she must sign over power of attorney to him. She became flustered and said that she has to tell Leo, because "I trust Leo with my secrets." Trey got a disgusted look on his face.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Mia comes down the stairs of the Chandler Mansion along with Colby. Adam notices his daughter is wearing pigtails. Colby announces that Mia has braided her hair so the ladies could look alike. Winifred comes in and tells Colby that it's time for school. Before she leaves, the young tyke gives Adam a picture she drew of herself and Mia. She points out that she drew a bandage on her head just like mommy's. Adam assures his little girl that Liza will love the picture. Colby heads out the door to go to school. Adam asks Mia if the picture was her idea. She says that it was Colby's. Chandler notices Mia's glumness and asks her if she's changed her mind about helping him. Mia says she hasn't changed her mind about helping her sister. Adam feels that having Liza declared incompetent is the best thing for his wife's stake as well as Colby's. With being declared incompetent, she won't have to worry about being charged with embezzlement and facing jail time. Mia says that they have to do things her way, or the deal's off. Adam wonders what exactly is "her way." Mia informs him that when she looks at him, she sees a man who is so in control, he's out of control. He's cool around Colby, but when she's not around, he's like a sledgehammer. Adam insists that's the way he conducts his business. Mia says that method will not work with helping Liza. Adam reminds her that since Liza siphoned money out of Chandler Enterprises, they need to have her declared incompetent. Mia says that he has to watch how he does that. They need to proceed with caution. Adam says that is his intentions. Mia blurts out that his intentions are no good. Chandler asks if she's questioning his motives with his wife. Mia reminds him that Liza was in his face before she got sick. Adam tells Mia that she's not his wife. She says that she's Liza's sister and wants her to be treated right. Adam says that is what he's trying to do and asks Mia what she wants from him. Simply to know that she's calling the shots and that he'll be on her bad side if he refuses to accept her terms. When Adam takes her threats lightly, Mia assures him that she'll kick him from here to hell if he hurts Liza. Adam can now definitely see that she is Liza's sister. She tells him that he doesn't need him acting like some backyard bully-she needs him and his love and support. He assures her that he's given that to her. Mia suggests he give it to her the way Liza needs it so she can help Liza feel better. Her first suggestion is to get her out of the hospital.

At the hospital, Jake and Dr. Greenberg tell Liza that she is making good progress. Liza looks away from the doctors as they talk to her. Jake asks how long it will be before Liza is moving around. Dr. Greenberg says that as soon as she's strong enough, he'll start her on some physical therapy. Jake asks Liza if she has any questions about her treatment. Liza slowly shakes her head no. The doctors leave the room and run into Joe in the hallway. Joe asks how Liza is doing. Jake says that her vitals are good and her speech and memory are improving, but she seemed listless and not interested in getting better. Dr. Greenberg says that if this continues, it could affect her recovery. A little later, Joe and Jake continue to discuss Liza's emotional state. Joe remembers that he was acting similar to how Liza is acting after his bypass surgery. He was physically fine, but was distant with everyone. It was Ruth and the family who helped him with his depression. Jake says that Liza has Adam, but she's not being very receptive of her husband. However, Mia seems to have a calming effect on the patient. Jake wonders how they can help in Liza's recovery. Mia and Adam arrive at the hospital and suggest that taking Liza home will speed up her recovery. They both bring up the points that Liza needs to be around her daughter and her family. Since her problem is with her emotional state and not her physical well-being, going home would be the sensible choice. Plus, Adam offers to get any medical equipment put in the estate that Liza needs. Joe likes the idea, but he leaves the decision up to his son the Chief of Staff. Jake agrees to give Liza her walking papers and goes to get the release papers. Adam goes into his wife's hospital room and gives her a kiss. Mia walks in as he asks her if she's ready to go home.

At Enchantment, Greenlee talks to herself, commenting that she went to college only to become Kendall's assistant. She grabs a hold of her necklace and recalls Vanessa holding her at knifepoint. She snatches the necklace off and throws it on the ground. Val interrupts her and tells her that she has a delivery. Greenlee orders Val to get it. He says that "he" wanted to deliver the package to her. Just then, Greens sees a bouquet of flowers and Trey behind them. Seeing her reaction, Trey asks if she was hoping he was Leo. Greenlee comments on how beautiful the flowers are and that she's happy that they're not just roses. Trey asks if she has a problem with roses. Greens feels that roses are just predictable. Trey comments that Leo would've known that. Ms. Smythe tells him that she wasn't hoping the flowers were from Leo and asks why he continues to bring up her ex's name. Trey tells her that he's just happy she wasn't thinking about Du Pres and that he enjoyed the time they spent together last night. So did Greenlee. Trey comments about not escorting Greenlee home from their dinner date. Greenlee reveals that she ran into Leo and they talked. But afterwards, they went their separate ways. The attorney was wondering because he would bow out gracefully if she wanted to go back to Leo, like any gentleman would do. Greenlee gives him a tip-don't be a gentleman. Trey sits down and asks her if that comment was an invitation for him to get into the ring with Leo. Greenlee says it's only an invitation to see where their relationship can go. Furthermore, she's not trying to get into another major romance. Trey understands. Greenlee tells Trey that she likes him and that the flowers he sent were a nice way of showing that he cares for her. She does suggests that they keep things fun. Trey says there may be a complication and reveals that he didn't just come to her job to give her flowers and talk about last night. He has something else for her that she's not going to like.

Leo walks into the Valley Inn dining room and meets up with Simone. She's shocked when he tells her that breakfast is his treat. She asks how he went from barely affording a room at the Pine Cone to treating for breakfast at the Valley Inn. Leo reveals that he came upon some money. Simone asks if someone died. Sort of, Leo answers. Both Leo and Simone tell each other they have big news to share with one another. Simone insists that she should share her juicy news first. She reveals that the publishing company she gave her first installment of her book on Proteus has made them an offer. They are offering them a six figure advance and also want them to promote the book on the talk-show circuit. Leo's speechless over the news. Simone tells him that they are going to get a lot of awards for their book on Vanessa. Leo asks her to listen to his opinion. She asks why he isn't happy about the best thing that has ever happened to him. Leo says that Greenlee is the best thing that ever happened to him. He has realized that the book is the wrong thing to do, and that he was only doing it out of revenge. Simone's upset to learn that Leo's news is that he's canning the book idea. She doesn't get it-it was his idea to write the book in the first place. Leo says that Vanessa is nuts and reminds her that she tried to kill him and Greenlee. Simone has seen what Vanessa has done and says that it was hideous. However, he said that seeing her meltdown would be a good thing. He doesn't agree anymore. Simone says that he knew his mother was crazy when they started-why is he killing the story now? He can't do it because of Greenlee. She asks what his ex has to do with the book. He reminds her that Greens was Vanessa's main target. Simone says that Greenlee wasn't Vanessa's only victim. Leo asks Ms. Torres if she's ever had her life threatened or had a knife at her throat. Simone says no. He says that it did happen to Greenlee, and she may never get over it. He mentions seeing her last night and says that she can't sleep and hasn't felt safe since the attack. The last chapter of the book would be all about Greens almost losing her life because of Proteus. She would be profiled and questioned by everyone about those events. He won't let her relive that nightmare. Simone understands. He thanks her for seeing his side. Simone tells Leo that he's amazing and that she hopes that she can find a man that loves her as much as he loves Greenlee. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and leaves.

Kendall wakes up in bed next to Ryan after a night of lovemaking. Ryan awakens with a smile on his face and she asks who put it there. "You did" answers a smitten Lavery. She asks why, and he wonders why she's so surprised she made him happy. She admits that she's more used to guys not sticking around the morning after. Ryan ensures her that he's not like most other guys and pulls Ms. Hart in for a seductive kiss. Kendall tells Ryan not to look at her because she looks like a mess. Ryan says that he likes the rustled look on her. He comments on how soft her skin is. Kendall asks if she's the first woman he's been with since Gillian died. He reveals that she's not the first or the second. She asks if he feels disloyal. Ryan admits that he thought about that a lot, but realized that Gillian wouldn't want him to stop his life because she died. He admits that nothing in his life has made sense since his wife died-except last night. Ryan doesn't know what the aftermath will be of their night of passion, but he's glad it happened. He's also happy that she didn't sneak out last night because he enjoyed waking up with her next to him. Kendall admits that though she's not much of a snuggler, she also enjoyed waking up next to him. Ryan thinks that she enjoyed being snuggled. Later, the couple play a video game together. When Kendall starts winning, Ryan tackles her on the bed and tries to kiss her. Just then, there's a knock on the door. They think that it's room service, relieving a starved Kendall. Ryan agrees to get the door and suggests that she call Erica since she's running late for work. She insists that she can come in whenever she wants and goes into the other room. Ryan opens the door. It's the concierge for the hotel, who informs Ryan that the credit card he gave him has been maxed out. Kendall overhears. Ryan offers him another card and a cash tip. After the concierge leaves, Ms. Hart is smiling. She can't believe he maxed out his cards just for her. Ryan tells her that she wasn't supposed to hear that. She shocked to see him broke and smiling. He's happy-what's her excuse. "You idiot," laughs Kendall as she kisses him. Ryan asks what was that for. She tells him that he has topped himself. Ryan says that's a good thing.

Liza returns home to the estate and Adam does all he can to make his wife comfortable as she sits on the sofa. All Liza wants is Colby. Adam says that their daughter's still at school, but should be back soon. Liza once again says that she wants to see her daughter. Just then, Mia walks in with Colby. The little tyke sees Liza and calls out "mommy." She runs to her mom and hugs her. Adam smiles at the mother/daughter reunion and sits with them on the sofa. An uncomfortable Mia leaves out of the estate unnoticed.

Ryan and Kendall wind up back in bed. Ryan offers a penny for her thoughts. Kendall says that he can't afford the room at the Valley Inn. He feels what he spent on their night of passion was worth it. She asks if this was a date. He says it was. Kendall says that for a first date, it wasn't too shabby. On a scale from 1 to 10, he gives last night a 111. She's shocked that Mr. Cheapskate actually bought a room at the Valley Inn. Ryan disagrees that he's a cheapskate and points out that he bought a motorcycle on a whim. Kendall says that doesn't count and also mentions that he's a different as a date as compared to a neighbor, which is a good thing. Kendall sees that she's late for work and is thankful that Erica is out of town. Ryan asks if Greenlee will get on her for being late. Kendall says that she's Ms. Smythe's boss, so she can't say a word. Kendall goes to take a shower, but thanks Ryan for last night before she goes. She gives him a kiss. A little later, the couple finishes getting dressed. Kendall thinks that it may be tacky that they are wearing the same clothes from last night and hope that there has been a shift change since they arrived. After all, the inn probably doesn't see too many people having one-night stands. Ryan doesn't see their encounter as a one-night stand. Kendall gives Ryan a kiss on the cheek and they head out the door. Kendall comes back in alone, claming that she left her sunglasses inside. She looks around the room and savors last night before heading back out the door.

Seconds after Simone leaves, Bianca joins Leo at his table. She confesses to eavesdropping on his conversation with Ms. Torres. He asks her not to mention anything about his decision to drop the book. She isn't concerned about that. She shocks herself by telling him that he should find Greenlee and tell her that he wants her back. Bianca admits that she hasn't always been behind he and Ms. Smythe as a couple, but anyone with an attention span for more than five seconds can see that he's smitten for the lady. Leo says that after all that has happened, he and Greens will never get back together. Bianca can't believe her best friend is lying to her face. Bianca says that it is a miracle when you find that one someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, and she would kill to find that person for herself. She let Vanessa cheat her out of a life with Frankie, and Leo's letting her do the same thing for he and Greenlee. She asks if she's going to let his pride and Vanessa's actions stop him from trying to get it right with the love of his life. Leo says it has nothing to do with pride. Bianca says that what he is doing is a total freaking waste of time. Leo asks her if he really thinks he and Greens have a shot of getting back together. Bianca says that they have love and affection-what more could he want. Leo races out and tells Bianca to charge the breakfast on his bill.

Greenlee asks Trey what gives. He says that he gave her the flowers to soften the blow from his announcement. Greenlee tells him to drop the bomb already. He hands her an envelope and she opens it. "Are you out of your mind?" Greenlee hisses. She can't believe that he's just issued her a subpoena to testify on Vanessa's behalf during her trial. Trey reveals that he needs a deposition from her since she was one of his client's victims. Greens urges him not to remind her of that. Trey says that Vanessa is delusional. She will not stand by and let him use her to get Vanessa off on an insanity plea. Trey doesn't feel that life in a criminal institution for the insane is getting off. Greenlee won't be used to give Vanessa a free pass. Trey tells her that she has no choice and is finding a court stenographer so he can get her deposition this morning. After Trey leaves, an irate Greenlee throws her pencil cup at the door. Later, Greenlee is on the phone with Jackson's office, trying to locate him. She can't reach him. She also tries to contact Erica from New York, to no avail. After hanging up the phone, Simone pops by and asks to speak to Greenlee about Leo. She tells him that Leo was offered a major book deal about Vanessa which would have made him rich, but he turned it down. Greenlee asks what this has to do with her. Simone says that he didn't take the deal because he didn't want her to be hurt by the publicity surrounding the book. Simone asks what kind of guy does that and suggests that she mull that question over. After Simone leaves, Greenlee thinks for a second. Soon, Trey returns and asks if she's ready to give her deposition. Greenlee agrees to give her statement to the court. Trey begins asking what her relationship was with Vanessa.

Meanwhile, Leo arrives at Enchantment to see Greenlee. Val tells him that Greens is busy giving a deposition to some lawyer. Leo overhears Trey asking Greenlee what Vanessa's exact words were when she took her hostage. Leo bursts in the office and pins Trey to the door. Greenlee screams Leo's name as he tries to choke the attorney.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

In Greenlee's office Trey and Leo attacked each other. Trey knocked Leo to the ground and put him in a head lock. They argued and screamed at each other and neither noticed that Greenlee ran out of the room. When Leo got free he called to Greenlee for her to leave with him and then realized she wasn't there. Trey asked the stenographer where Greenlee was and she said she'd left when they started fighting. The two men started arguing again and Trey blamed Leo for all of Greenlee's problems. Leo asked if Trey was there to "make nice" to Greenlee and was told that he was taking Greenlee's deposition. Leo said that was what upset Greenlee but Trey said no, she had been calm until Leo arrived. "You're just like your mother! You sent Greenlee's world crashing!" Trey yelled at Leo. Dejected, Leo sat down and said Trey was right, that he was reminding Greenlee of his mother. Trey told Leo to stay away from Greenlee but Leo said that wasn't enough. He decided to leave town for good. Trey said that was a bad idea, much to Leo's astonishment. But Leo insisted that he should leave town, that "this town doesn't agree with me." Trey worried about how that would effect Greenlee and Leo said it was the best thing for her. Trey said Greenlee still needed him which confused Leo. Trey continued, saying Greenlee hadn't let go yet and she has some unfinished business with him. Leo disagreed as his cell phone rang. It was Bianca, wanting to know how it went with Greenlee. Leo said it didn't go well and asked to meet his friend. Bianca said she was at the Valley Inn and he said he'd be there. He also told her to find a new place to stay because he's leaving town. Leo said he'd explain when he got to the Inn and hung up. He turned to Trey and told him to say goodbye to Greenlee for him and then left. Trey said "You're not going any where", then got on his cell phone. He called someone and told them he'd heard that Leo was leaving town. He told this person to check out Leo's Valley Inn safe before he left and hung up, very pleased with himself.

Meanwhile Leo met with Bianca in the Valley Inn dining room. He told her all about the fight with Trey and Greenlee running out. Bianca wasn't sure he should relocate but Leo insisted that he was making things too hard on Greenlee by living in the same town. Bianca felt bad that she had talked him into going to Greenlee but Leo said he was the one that messed up, not her. Bianca tried to comfort Leo when he said he just wasn't good for Greenlee anymore, "I just keep hurting her." Bianca said it was incredibly sad that two people who love each other have such a hard time keeping it together. An Inn employee came up to their table and Leo asked if they'd gotten his things out of the safe yet. He said they'd need a few more minutes and walked away. Bianca asked where Leo was going when two policemen showed up. They announced that Leo's possessions from the safe were being confiscated. A shocked Bianca asked what he had in the safe and Leo said it was just money to "escape this dump." A cop told him to cancel that plan.

At the hospital Palmer loudly ordered Jake to sign a proposal for early retirement that had been on his desk for several weeks. This infuriated Jake, who believed Palmer was trying to force Joe Martin out of the hospital. Their raised voices brought Joe over who told Jake to settle down. Palmer told Joe that Jake was dragging his feet on the proposal. Jake said he'd take care of it at his own pace. Joe left the two men after reminding Jake there were employees around watching. Mia had been standing to the side and decided to try to get Jake to walk away with her but he just yelled at her too. She grabbed his arm and led him to Liza's vacant room. He wondered why they were there and she told him he needed "water therapy" and told him to get undressed. Surprised, Jake wondered if Mia was making a move on him. She told him he needed a serious time out. Jake complained about Palmer pushing for early retirement. Mia said Jake was overworked and Jake agreed. He said he was stressed to the max. Mia sat him down in a chair and began massaging his shoulders. She wondered if he'd always been so serious, even as a child. Jake told her about how he used to play with toy soldiers, but he was the one bandaging them up after battles. After talking a bit he thanked Mia for being there for him. Mia suggested that he take a shower and start his day over. Jake asked why she was coming to his rescue and she replied that she likes to turn the table sometimes. Jake joked about the two of them being alone in a private room and told her that she takes good care of him. When he got out of the shower he was wrapped only in a small towel. Mia looked at him appreciatively. She told him he looked much less stressed and he said he felt much better. He asked if she'd like to get a sandwich but she turned him down, saying she needed to get back to Liza.

In Brooke's home Tad was waiting for Jamie to return from school. When he arrived he wouldn't speak to his father and kept his hand over his mouth. Finally Tad got him to move his hand and saw that Jamie had a bloody lip. Jamie handed him a note from school, which explained that he had been in a fight. Jamie tried to run off but Tad stopped him. Brooke walked in and cried "Don't you think you've done enough damage?!." The three of them sat down and Brooke said the school had called her about the fight. She said she made an appointment to see an associate of Dr. McMillian's right away. Tad got upset that they weren't seeing Dr. McMillian and didn't see why they couldn't wait for him. Brooke sent Jamie outside and then argued with Tad over the seriousness of the situation. Brooke blamed Tad for Jamie getting into a fight, saying he'd forced his son back to school too soon. Tad got very angry and asked if Brooke was accusing him of bullying Jamie. Brooke said there were other ways to deal with this problem and that they need help. Finally Tad agreed to go see the psychologist and they left with Jamie. At hospital Tad and Brooke talked with Dr. Cohen while Jamie was being evaluated. They argued fiercely in front of the doctor, who told them to get on the same page regarding their son. She left and Tad and Brooke continued fighting. Tad said Brooke didn't consider Jamie's feelings when she got engaged to Edmund. Brooke said this had nothing to do with her engagement, it was about Tad's obsession with Dixie. She said he's been so preoccupied with finding Dixie that he's ignored Jamie. Brooke claimed that she and Edmund were keeping Jamie involved in the wedding plans. Tad went off about Edmund bringing Jamie to the hospital when Vanessa attacked him and started this whole mess. They kept yelling at each other and finally Brooke said they have to stop this for Jamie's sake. They found Jamie and went back home. Jamie went straight to his room. Brooke told Tad they needed to compromise on how best to help their son. But Tad got very angry and told Brooke it was all her fault and that she's done Jamie irreparable harm by her lousy taste in men. He listed all her poor choices and kept yelling at her. Edmund walked in and ordered Tad out immediately.

Carrying a load of wash, Simone stepped into the elevator and found a very shaken Greenlee. Greenlee said she'd seen Leo and described the fight between Leo and Trey. She said the whole thing reminded her of Vanessa so she ran out. Simone said she was going to Leo and let him have it but Greenlee told her not to bother. She wondered how she got to this place in her life and Simone sympathized with her. Greenlee thought things would be better when she pushed away both Jake and Leo. Simone said yes, but that she's got to push away her feelings too. Greenlee asked how she was supposed to get over Leo when he acted like he loved her. Simone said he does love her and Greenlee wondered why he was acting so stupid then. Simone said it was clear that Greenlee and Leo have "crazy love." Greenlee said it wasn't working between them though. Simone asked how it was between her and Jake. Greenlee didn't answer and Simone said the only person that she's tormented by is Leo. She wondered if Greenlee had ever really loved Jake. Greenlee said he was a great friend and lover. Simone said "I've got my answer!." Greenlee said she was going to clean up this mess, starting with Jake. Simone told her to let her know how it goes and went into her apartment. Greenlee left for the hospital.

When Greenlee arrived at the hospital she stopped a nurse and asked if he knew where Jake Martin was. The nurse said he'd seen Jake go down the hallway and into that room with a physical therapist trainee. Greenlee took off down the hall and found the room the nurse had pointed out. As she started in the door, Mia walked out and Greenlee could see Jake in nothing but a towel behind her. Greenlee jumped to conclusions.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

At the Valley Inn, Leo is informed that the police have seized the contents of his safety deposit box. When Anna asks where the money came from, David tells Leo he doesn't need to answer that, but Leo insists he won the money at the track. Trey comes in announcing that he can clear up the confusion. Even though Vanessa is safely under lock and key at Oak Haven, they knew that before she was captured she was planning a getaway. He assumed Leo was going with her. David turns to Leo and asks if it was true. Was he really going to leave town with Vanessa before she was incarcerated?

Leo explains that it was nothing personal. He needed to make a fresh start. Leo swears the money was not part of Vanessa's drug stash and says he was going to leave to get away from Greenlee. He blames himself for all the times their relationship has fallen apart. Leo leaves as Anna comes back in. David overhears her making a call to Chris asking to meet. David stops Anna and asks why she's harassing his brother. Anna tells him they received an anonymous tip to look in Leo's box. David wants to know who would do that and why.

Greenlee walks in on Mia and a towel-clad Jake. Mia leaves so Greenlee and Jake can work out their *relationship issues*. Jake is angry that Greenlee scared Mia away, and calls Greenlee a bottomless pit of needs. He's tired of her running to him every time something goes wrong in her life. When Greenlee demands to know why Mia was there, Jake says he doesn't owe her an explanation. They argue until Greenlee has a light bulb moment. She has come to the conclusion that she and Jake don't really want each other anymore. She knew it before, but now she *knows* it. She tells Jake he is a great guy for someone else, but not for her. Jake feels the same about Greenlee.

Greenlee leaves Jake and goes to the boathouse. There is a music montage of Greenlee remembering all the times she shared with Leo. At the end, Greenlee turns around to see Leo entering the boathouse.

As Brooke, Tad, and Edmund scream at each other, Jamie gets their attention by dropping a crystal vase on the floor. Brooke rushes upstairs to comfort her son, while Tad and Edmund go into round two. Tad argues that Jamie has been traumatized first by Edmund and his "blended" family, then by the scene with Vanessa at the engagement party. Tad tells Edmund that Jamie has spoken since that night and that they had to take him to be evaluated by a psychologist. Edmund was unaware how serious Jamie's condition was. Tad continues to berate Edmund.

Finally Brooke comes in to break up the argument. She says they must work together. She thinks it would be a good idea if they sought family counseling. Tad agrees until he realizes that Brooke wants the four of them to be included: Brooke, Edmund, Jamie, and Tad. After more arguing, Brooke convinces Tad that it would be in Jamie's best interest and he agrees. Brooke and Edmund go upstairs while Tad makes a phone call to Lainey. He asks her to give a message to Dixie. He won't spend any more time looking for Dixie, he needs to focus his attention on his son. Brooke overhears and sympathizes with Tad's loss. She asks if there is anything she can do. Tad says no, but that Brooke was right. He does need help. They embrace as Edmund watches from the staircase.

Life at the Chandler mansion takes an awkward turn as Liza and Adam discover they feel uncomfortable being alone together. They discuss the situation. Liza feels that Adam is scared by her surgery; Adam thinks that Liza is afraid he will try to control her. Colby runs in, breaking the tension in the room. When she asks for Aunt Mia, Liza tells her Mia will be there soon because they both need her. Mia arrives and Liza asks Adam to leave them alone so they can talk.

Once alone, Liza accuses Mia saying, "He got to you." Mia admits that she has begun to believe Adam's motives are good. She explains to Liza that Adam is trying to protect her from being sent to prison over the missing money at Chandler Enterprises. Mia goes on to assure Liza that Adam's love for her and Colby is real.

As a figure watches from the shadows, Trey makes a call on his cell phone saying, "It worked. Thanks for acting so fast." Trey gets on the elevator ready to go upstairs, when the door is blocked by a man with his back to the camera. Trey does not look pleased.

Friday, April 26, 2002

At the Valley Inn bar, Erica is waiting for her date with Chris. Opal, seeing Erica alone at the table, stopped by and asked Erica how the ODK (Operation Dump Kendall) project is going. Opal's mouth dropped open when Erica told her she may decide to drop her plan. Erica now believed Kendall has reformed. Erica has decided not to judge Kendall so harshly because Chris told her that Kendall has a part of Erica in her so she could not be all that bad. Chris is lobbying for peace between Erica and Kendall.

Chris arrived at the bar and surprised Erica. He was walking with crutches. Opal decided she should leave the lovebirds alone and left the bar. Chris told Erica Dr. Stannart told him he will fully recover. Hearing this news, Erica was ecstatic and promised Chris a reward. Chris, in return, promised to make love to her all night long. Erica cautioned Chris not to push himself.

Bianca briefly talked with Kendall at Myrtle's. Bianca was on her way over to a friend's to give her a gift. Kendall gave Bianca the two bottles of champagne that she was going to bring to a picnic with Ryan but the picnic was cancelled because it was raining. Kendall told Bianca to have a good time as Bianca left the boarding house.

When the doorbell rang, Kendall, annoyed her date with Ryan was cancelled, opened the door telling whoever was there that they would be wearing what they were selling. Ryan, smiled and said, "Do you think I look good in wicker?" Kendall was very happy Ryan had brought the picnic to Myrtle's, along with plastic ants and recorded bird sounds. After the picnic, they began to snuggle on the floor believing they had the house to themselves. Suddenly the front door opens and Chris shouted, "You two are grounded." Slightly embarrassed, Kendall and Ryan separated and greeted Chris and Erica. Chris wanted to make a toast with the champagne he thought was still there but when Kendall told him she had given it to Bianca, Eric became enraged. She admonished Kendall for giving a minor alcohol and demanded to talk with Bianca. Kendall replied that Bianca had left for a party, further enraging Erica. As Kendall shouted at Erica that Bianca is not 5 anymore so stop carrying on, Erica raised her hand to slap Kendall but Ryan stepped between the two of them. Kendall could not believe Erica would have hit her.

Bianca visited Maggie in David's hotel room giving her a present in celebration of Frankie's and Maggie's shared birthday. They drank the champagne as they celebrated with a cupcake with two candles. Bianca's present to Maggie was a picture of Frankie and Bianca. Both were soon drunk and Bianca caressed Maggie's face. Maggie seemed confused by Bianca's affection.

Greenlee and Leo surprised each other when they met unexpectedly at the boathouse. Greenlee asked why he came to the boathouse. "Because this is the place where it all fell apart for us and I didn't know where else to go, he told her. They talked briefly about how their relationship had so many ups and downs. Leo proposed two choices: Plan A, he would say goodbye to Greenlee and Pine Valley forever and move to the west coast. Plan B, they would give their relationship one more try. Leo told Greenlee his vote was for plan B and asked her what she wanted.

Greenlee didn't vote right away. Instead she talked about her feelings toward Jake and realized that she had misinterpreted them to be love. She told Leo she had said goodbye to Jake. She also told Leo she knew he had turned down the Proteus book offer. Leo said he did it because he loved her and that he had caused her so much hurt in the past. Greenlee told Leo she couldn't let him go without one more final chance at happiness so she voted for plan B as well. She wanted to be truly happy and knew she couldn't predict the future. She wanted to live every moment with Leo because she loves him.

In the elevator at his condo, Trey realized someone else was there. The mystery man shoved Trey and threatened to tell all about Trey, goading him that others would be interested in knowing who he really is. Trey was surprised the stranger knew him. The stranger demanded $50,000 in one week from Trey for his silence. Trey wasn't sure he could meet the demand. The stranger punched him one more time before leaving the elevator. Trey, frustrated, pounded on the walls of the elevator and was surprised when the door opened. Mia and Jake were puzzled what was going on. Trey made an excuse he was trapped in the elevator but Jake didn't buy it. Jake asked why he was in the building. Trey replied he was his new neighbor.

Jake and Mia went on their way to Jake's condo. Jake told Mia he was over Greenlee and gave Mia his beeper number for her to call him anytime. Their conversation was interrupted when Mia's cell phone rang. Trey demanded to see Mia immediately. It's about the baby he told her. Mia replied she thought they had taken care of that. Trey told her something has come up so get rid of Jake or something will happen. Mia ended the phone call telling Trey she'll get back to him. Trey muttered to himself, "Big mistake Mia. Big mistake.



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