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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 22, 2002 on GL
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Monday, April 22, 2002

Outside Company, Marina ignores her mother from behind blasting earphones. Eleni says she tried, but she and Frank are not getting back together. Marina wants to stay in Springfield - Buzz needs her, but Eleni expects her daughter to return to California, You belong with me." Marina storms inside, "I don't belong to anyone."
Marina sulks quietly. When Buzz tries to help, Marina asks how two people can love each other and then just stop caring. Buzz admits he knows why his granddaughter ran away from home - she knew her mother would follow and the family might get back together again. Buzz likes that she tried, but sometimes it's not meant to be. Marina asks him to talk to her mother - she wants to stay in Springfield. Unfortunately, Buzz already has, but once Eleni has made up her mind.

At the police station, Tony and Marah hold hands through the bars. Tony tells her people could be listening. Marah tells him she only wanted to put an end to Cat's lies. Cat was scared Marah would tell Tony the truth about the baby. She never thought they'd end up fighting. Tony calms her, saying he doesn't want to talk about Cat - "What's done is done." Marah says she planned on telling Tony the truth, "It had to end." Tony looks away and remembers that night he remembers seeing Catalina's blood on Marah's hand, laying next to the murder weapon. He quiets Marah and tells her she has to take care of herself now. Marah admits she has been selfish - she couldn't stop loving Tony and couldn't stand losing him. She hates that violence follows his family; she's not used to that kind of life. Tony asks, "Because I'm a Santos?" Marah hadn't meant to offend him. He tells Marah he never loved Cat the way he loved her. Marah knows he didn't kill Cat and offers to tell the police everything. Tony breaks away from the bars, and screams, "No!" He holds his head. He doesn't want her to say anything. The only reason he called her here was to end things. "I don't want to see you again." Marah looks devastated.

"We're no good for each other!," Tony continues. He tells her to leave, but Marah is only more upset. He says every time he sees her, he sees Cat laying on the floor and her blood on Marah's hand. "What we had died along with Catalina!" Marah doesn't understand why he's acting this way; he must be lying. Tony screams, "Go to college, get your degree, marry Ben Reid have preppie kids," she's seen his world and it only ends in destruction. He never wants to see her again, and screams for her to "Get the Hell out!" On the other side of the bars, Marah breaks into tears.
Marah doesn't understand his behavior. "I know you." Tony charges the bars, "You KNOW me?! You haven't even slept with me." She reminds him that he was the one who rejected her on prom night. He remembers after that, she wouldn't even speak to him. Marah admits she should have listened to her heart - if she had, they'd still be together. She wants to tell the police what she knows, but Tony calls for a guard, "Get her out of here." Marah cries and screams as the guard grabs her - she can get him out, but Tony insists he can "beat this wrap" on his own.
Later, Tony gets up from his cot and shadowboxes with the air in his cell. He grabs onto the bars in anger, then starts to cry.

Holly sees Ben at the counter at Company and asks how he's holding up since Catalina's death. Ben's only comforting thought is that Tony, her murderer, is behind bars. He wonders who else is on the Santos' hit list. He knows Tony is still in love with Marah, and agrees with Holly that Marah needs a friend right now. Ben feels guilty for not being a better friend to Catalina.
Ben exits Company to find Marah sitting on the bench outside. She looks like she's been crying. He asks if she wants to talk, but she shakes her head and hugs him.

Harley and Gus sit close at Company. She asks him if he meant all he said at the police station - about his feelings for her. Gus admits he never would have poured his heart out had he known the object of his affection was listening from the next room. He knows Harley is scared and has had a terrible history with love. He also knows how saying "I love you" can ruin everything, especially when people don't mean it. But, he did mean it that's why he turned over his badge. Harley laughs, "That's why I gave up my badge, too."
In a serious tone, Gus asks if he is important to her, because, if he is, they need to "redefine" their "relationship." Is it a commitment? After all, she gave up her job for him. Instinctively, Harley gets up to leave, but Gus grabs her hand - he wants to hear the "L" word. Harley looks around the room, uncomfortable. Gus is frustrated - by pouring his heart out he left himself extremely vulnerable, and now she is afraid to do the same. Harley sits and starts to speak, "I can't." She uses Company and her father as an excuse, but Gus knows that's all it is. He calls her a chicken. Harley reminds him that he said it himself - the "L" word ruins everything - once it's out there, the honeymoon's over. Besides, does she really know that much about Gus Aitoro? "You know me better than anyone else in the universe actually." Harley moves her chair closer, poised to learn more. She asks him for his favorite color. He jokes, "Whatever color lingerie you're wearing." She says part of the reason she is tentative about their relationship is she can never get a straight answer out of him! Gus corners her, "You me just as much as I you .. and that scares you."
Harley has always loved the wrong guys, and had a problem loving the right ones. She wants to ignore the "L" word and spare Gus "the bad company." Nearing the end of his rope, Gus says he's exhibited self-restraint and respect with her because he knows she is fragile. Now, he just wants to know where they stand. He feels unreciprocated, and suggests they just forget this conversation ever happened. Harley smiles and lovingly touches his frustrated face; she doesn't want to forget because, "Things are different between us now."
They contemplate a celebration of sorts when the Chief enters and dangles badges in front of them, "It's official." The station is backlogged with cases, and he needs the manpower. Harley stares at the badges, stunned. Gus tells the Chief that Harley is the one who needs a job, she has two kids to support. Also, he has come a long way with her and refuses to go back to paper-pushing and pretending he doesn't even know the woman at the next desk. The usual advocate of "anti-fraternization," the desperate Chief agrees to make an exception by instilling a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. He needs his star detectives back. With that, he gives them the Santos file and asks why the house was empty the night of Catalina's murder. And, why did Maria, of all people, call the police? Harley and Gus study the notes and discuss the case in detail. Pleased to see them hard at work, the Chief slips out. Gus thinks Romeo knows more than he lets on, and why was Tony "begging" to be arrested? "That's the million dollar question."
Harley catches Buzz looking out the window. Ben and Marah sit on the bench in a comforting embrace. She wonders what all that is about. Buzz comments on the "double tragedy" - Catalina and the baby. Harley and Gus act surprised - they didn't know she was pregnant. Buzz explains that Tony was "doing the right thing." He tried to warn her not to get involved with the Santos family, but now, "It's too sad to think about." Harley's mouth hangs wide open as she points at her partner, "Sad is right!" She hustles to gather her things, anxious to question Marah. Gus stops her, urging her to "go by the book" and wait until they have more information before talking to Marah. Harley sees how jumping the gun could hurt them, so she agrees. They exit Company, merely glancing toward Ben and Marah as they pass.

Still in captivity, Blake rips Tory's face off of her wedding photo. She picks up the loose stone from the wall and eyes it. "I think I just found a way to burn off all those extra calories Tory's been giving me." She begins scraping at the foundation with the sharp edge of the stone. Tory returns with snacks and throws them through the bars. She is thrilled by Blake's attempt at escape, but announces that she will always be "two steps ahead." High on her catbird seat, Tory inquires as to why Blake never asked "how it was with Ross that time." Blake says she did ask Ross and he said Tory was "a mistake." Tory laughs, "That's not what he told me." Blake reminds Tory that Ross doesn't love her and will never be with her. Tory disagrees, "Anything is possible for she who believes." Blake holds the stone hidden behind her back as she pushes Tory's buttons. She was nothing to Ross, he will have her locked up, etc. Tory gets angry, "That's IT, Blake!," she screams as she fumbles with the keys and tries to unlock the iron doors. Blake grips the rock tighter, hopeful, as Tory drops to her knees and anxiously tries each key.
Tory screams out in frustration. Blake asks if she's finally having her "psychotic breakdown." Tory calms herself, "My mother told me never to do anything in a fit of passion." She doesn't have time for Blake's mind games. Besides, she has a date with Ross. Blake sees her bag and asks where her captor is going. Tory ignores her and leaves. Blake looks at the stone, knowing she missed her chance.

The twins play in the Marler's living room. Ross settles them down and reminds them to be good for Grandma Holly. He asks where Clarissa went. The boys say she's in his room - her new favorite place. Ross goes to the stairs.

In the bedroom, Tory holds Clarissa and laughs; she missed her so much. She sits the little girl on the bed and asks her if daddy and the boys are downstairs. Clarissa nods and Tory hugs her, grateful. Tory goes to the closet and tells Clarissa they'll play dress-up. She throws several of Blake's garments on the bed and drapes a pink scarf over Clarissa's head, picking at Blake's fashion sense, "Isn't this tacky?" From the stairs, Ross calls for Clarissa. Tory tells the baby not to tell Daddy she's here or else they can't play anymore. Tory hides in the closet as Ross enters and finds his daughter on the bed, amidst a pile of clothes. He thinks it's cute she's playing dress-up, but wonders how she got the garments out of the closet all by herself. He leans in to hear her whisper, then pulls back suddenly, "Tory?" Clarissa points toward the closet. Ross smiles, remembering how Tory and Clarissa used to play hide and seek there. He bets the closet was her favorite hiding place. He knocks on the door and opens it, but Tory hides in the back. Leaving the door open, Ross tells Clarissa that Tory "went bye bye with the angels," but it's ok because he used to have imaginary friends, too. He tells his daughter he is going to Chicago to surprise mommy, and when they get back, they'll play. He takes her in his arms and out of the room. Tory emerges from the closet, gasping from Blake's perfume. She mocks Ross's tone, "Tory's gone bye bye with the angels" She packs Blake's clothes into a bag, "Well, they made a little detour and took your wife instead Tory's here to take her place and baby, that's the next best thing to heaven." She smiles and flings the full bag over her shoulder. She hurries out, but hears Ross approaching, so she exits through a window. Ross finds Clarissa's bear in the hallway and closes the still open window. He looks around suspiciously. In the living room, Ross returns Clarissa's bear and tells her Holly is coming to babysit. He gives her a loving hug and says, "I love you so much. I love your mommy, too." His face looks hopeful.

Romeo brings flowers to Maria in her hospital room. He lowers them to her nose to smell, but her eyes drift past the bouquet to the chain on Romeo's neck. He follows her gaze to the necklace Marah and Cat had fought over, "Yeah, it's mine now." He wonders out loud about Maria's condition, "Some people never recover." He lifts a pillow menacingly and keeps talking. "You had it all figured out, didn't you? The perfect way to eliminate both girls" She sent the staff home, the guards, "got a good argument going but then, Tony showed up a little too soon." Romeo admits he loves Tony like a brother, but "we all gotta do what we gotta do and you ain't doin' nothin' for a long time." He figures Tony is out of the picture, and now Maria as well, "Somebody's gotta run things, right? I might even keep an eye on that little girl of his." He's got it all under control. He lifts the pillow toward the old woman's face, her eyes widen. He places it under her head and asks if she's comfortable. Maria looks surprised as Romeo smiles, "I'm so glad we had this little chat."

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Ross assures Phillip and Beth that Beth's divorce is legal and then hurries off to Chicago to surprise Blake. Posing as Blake in the Chicago hotel room, Tory is caught off guard when one of Blake's romance story fans confronts her and quickly realizes that, in spite of the wig and clothes, she's not Blake. Tory claims that the photo on the back of Blake's books features a model and isn't her. She then spikes a bottle of champagne left out for Ross in hopes that he'll pass out. Sure enough, he drinks the bubbly and she ends up jumping into bed with him as he passes out. Phillip and Beth find that babysitting Ross and Blake's kids interferes with their plans for romance. At Company Buzz worries about Shayne who is somber because of Catalina's death. Marah downplays the way everyone is gingerly talking about Catalina and argues with his sister about Tony's innocence. While trying to force her way out of her locked cell, Blake finds a cache of bottled booze but no exit. Danny and Ray urge Tony to accept their help and the hiring of Cass Winthrop. Tony agrees but only if Danny takes over Infierno. Ray realizes that Tony's innocent.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

At the Spaulding mansion

Beth dressed in negligee. Phillip the coast is clear and they begin to kiss passionately. Olivia enters. Alan enters. He said eh wont b needing this room, because she is moving in with Phillip. Olivia said that they are going to be roommates, but Beth says she can have it. Beth decides to take another room. Olivia thanks her. Alan receives dirty look from Olivia and Phillip. Beth and Phillip exit. Alan said he could find out who owns the old Beacon for her. But she said no. Alan wants her to come with him to Towers for breakfast. She said she would meet him downstairs. She exits. Phillip enters. Alan wants him to find out who owns the Lakeside property and buy it.

As Beth is picking up a box to take to her new room, Phillip tells her she is being a good sport. When she tries to pick up a box of sweaters the bottom of the box falls out and she accidentally hits Phillip. They kiss but Lizzie enters. Lizzie thinks it would be cool if they were both in the same room. She wants them to help her with her homework. Phillip says there are 27 rooms in the house but no privacy. Phillip and Beth exit to go to the perfect place for privacy.

At Towers

Richard meets with Suzanne Porter who works for Springfield Bank. Richard explains that he wants to make sure the financial ar4angements have been made for the move to Springfield. She says that she can do a portfolio, but he is only interested in a substantial line of credit. She laughs, but Richard said this is not a joke. He tells her that his assets are tied up with the disaster in St. Cristobel. But she is surprised. He wants to stay in Springfield because of Cassie's family and sys that sc will recover. Suzanne said they could come up with something to tie him over. Cassie enters. Suzanne exits. Cassie says she is looking at the farmhouse and tells Richard all they have to do is renovate. Cassie tells him all they need is a little money to make the renovations.

Olivia and Alan are having breakfast and discussing the architectural process for the Beacon. Olivia exits to see a former client. Alan answers his cell phone and Phillip tells him he is the proud owner of half of the Beacon. The other owner is Cassie. Olivia returns. He wants to know how she and Cassie are getting along. Alan suggests they make piece with one another. Olivia kisses Alan and exits. Phillip walks to Richard and Cassie's table and says he comes in piece. Alan wants to get on with the business of being friends.

Blake in captivity

Blake wakes up and realizes she has a hangover and still a prisoner. As she looks down, she picks up a bag of Fritos. She talks aloud to herself and knows that she needs to get out of there.

Tory enters with a souvenir for Blake. She sets up the video for Blake to watch. She tells Blake that making love to him all night was a fantasy come true. Blake calls her a monster, and asked to see it again. She noticed that Ross isn't touching her or talking and says that Ross is drugged. Tory said she made him happy, and he was resting after the amazing night they had. But Blake tells Tory to look at the tape because she is kissing Ross but Ross is not kissing her. Blake said she faked the whole thing. Blake wants to see the good stuff. Blake knows she cannot, because it never happened. Blake tells her she is a pathetic freak. Tory goes in behind the bars with Blake. She tries to hit Tory with object she found on floor. Tory pushes Blake back in the cell and locks the door. Tory is upset because Blake cut her after all she has done for her. Tory insists that Ross is hers, but Blake tells her that Ross wants her. Tory says she will have to wait awhile. She turns to Blake and thanks her for making her see the way it is. Tory tells Blake she has to die. The look in Blake's eyes is sheer terror!

Hotel in Chicago

Tory talks to Ross who is drugged and sleeping. She kissed him on the lips and says she has been waiting so long for this. She wants Ross to whisper that he loves her. She continues to pretend that he is awake and tells him that this is just the beginning and there is so much more to come. She picks up his arm and puts it around her. In the meantime, she is making a video. Tory keeps talking to Ross saying that she wishes they could do this every day. She kisses Ross on the lips. As Ross is waking up, Tory gets up and packs the video camera. Tory kisses the bottle of pills and said they went well with the bottle of champagne. Tory exits. Ross calls out for Blake and reads the note that from Blake that Tory wrote saying that he and Blake has no future and when they make love he thinks of Tory. He tries to reach Blake on her cell phone but finds out that the number has been disconnected.

At the Hospital

Rick kisses Mel on the cheek. He tells her he is the proud owner of s schedule that matches hers, but Mel says she switched her schedule to match his. Rick suggests they think outside of the hospital. Rick said they are going to take the day off at the Bower cabin. Ross enters and asked Rick for his help. Ross says he blacked out for severs hours in Chicago. He tells Rick he had two glasses of champagne and he cannot remember what happened. Ross is scared and wants to know what is happening to him. He shows Rock the note that Blake left. Ross says he managed to make things worse with Blake. Rick said the blackout may have been self-induced and tells him to come see him if it happens again. Ross reads the note to himself about calling out Tory's name while making love, and he knows this is impossible.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

At the Bauer cabin

Rick explains to Mel the happenings at the Bauer cabin. He thinks it is the perfect place to do nothing. In the bedroom, Mel yells out that she loves the place. Ad Mel is freshening up, Rick takes a sigh of relief and calls Buzz to check on Jude. He wants him to check in with Harley. He said to himself that everything is falling into place. He puts some wood in the fireplace convincing himself that everything is fine. Mel enters. She continues to suggest things they could do. He says he is ready to rumble and to compete with her. They exit to climb the mountain. Mel and Rick enter the cabin moments later since Rick fell on a sharp rock. Mel unbuttons his shirt to look at the cut on his shoulder. Using the gauze in the first aid kit, she cleans the cut and said that she realizes how much she needs him in her life. Rick agrees that is something they can work on. They kiss. Mel tells Rick that she loves him. With candles burning, they make love.

At the Towers

Cassie tells Alan it was very easy to move back to Springfield. But Alan said she has made changes in her lifestyle. He wants her to take the responsibility at the Chamber of Commerce to be in charge of the 4th of July parade. Cassie excuses herself. Alan is glad that he and Richard are left alone to discuss business. He reminds Richard that Cassie inherited a track of land. Alan wants to take the risk of the Lakeside property off of his hands and purchase the buildings to construct some warehouses. He said he would give a generous offer. Cassie enters. Richard tells her that Alan wants to make a bid on the land that she owns. Cassie calls Alan 'a snake in the grass', and she would not do business with him. Cassie decides she will not sell no matter how much money he throws at them. She tells Alan to have a nice day. Alan exits. Richard explains to Cassie what Alan wants to do with the buildings on the land. Cassie wants to take a walk to the property and find out what is going on.

Danny wants Cass Winthrop to represent Tony. He wants to know up front who the boss is since Danny is out of the family business. Carmen enters and wants to know the answer to that too. She tells Danny that Tony's well being is important to all of them. Danny informs Cass that Tony isn't discussing anything, but Cass says he can handle Tony. Cass needs Danny's help since he knows quite a few people. Danny agrees to give 100% so Cass agrees to be Tony's lawyer. Cass exits to go speak to Tony. Carmen is impressed with Danny. Carmen kisses Danny on the cheek as Michelle enters. Carmen exits. She is curious as to the work he and Carmen are going to be doing. He explains that Cass is going to be representing Tony and that he agreed to become more involved. Michelle is convinced that the facts prove he killed Catalina. He informs her that he is going to standby his cousin. He wants Michelle to understand and promises her he will not do anything to risk what they have.

Suzanne Porter enters Towers and wants to talk to Alan about a credit application. She tells him that the applicant has some irregularities and he has no credit. She lets him know that it is Richard. He tells her she did the right thing to let him know. He said to tell Richard his line of credit is pending. Suzanne exits. Olivia enters and wants to know what he was thinking in the idea of the Lakeside property.

At the Lakeside property

Cassie said she didn't realize what was on the land. She still wants to know why Alan wants to tear down these beautiful buildings. Richard exits. Olivia enters. She asked Cassie what she is doing there. Cassie said she owns the place. She informs Olivia that Alan offered to buy it. Olivia wants to make an offer of her own, but Cassie would not accept. Olivia exits almost running into Richard. Richard has a bag containing wine, cheese, bread, and music. Cassie is glad that he trusted her to tell about Alan's offer. They embrace and kiss. Cassie is imagining what the place used to be like and suggests they do something with it.

At the Jail

Gus and Harley enter. They want Tony to start talking and tell him there is a rumor that Catalina was pregnant with his child. Gus reminds him he could be charged with a double murder since he also killed his child. Harley knows that it was an accident in the heat of the moment. Tony wants to get some rest. With Gus and Harley sway from the cell, they both agree they need to talk to Marah Lewis. Gus and Harley exit. Cass enters. He introduces himself as Cass Winthrop and he is there to represent him. Cass tells him that he has been hired to get him out of there. He wants to know what happened that night. Tony explains how the police saw what they saw and the rest is between him and Catalina. Cass reminds him that he could be up the creek without a paddle. Tony is doing what he has to do. As adamant as Tony is, Cass wants to discuss the options whether Tony likes it or not. They find out that Gus and Harley are questioning Marah. He wants Cass to protect Marah and tells him that Mara was hurt. Cass said Marah could help them if she saw what happened. Tony doesn't want Marah hassled, but Cass said she is the primary witness.

At the Lewis house

With the fireplace burning, Marah goes through some of the letters she received from Tony. Reva enters. She understands why she keeps them but she wants Marah to let go of her feelings and to move on. Marah knows that Tony did not kill Catalina and asked Reva to believe her. She doesn't want Marah to make the same mistakes she made and wants her to try to think more with her head than her heart. So Marah wants to know if loving someone too much is a mistake. Reva tells Marah that Tony doesn't want to see her. Josh enters with Gus and Harley to ask a few questions. Harley wants to be sure there is nothing else Marah can tell them. Marah wants to get it over with. They want to know about the discussion she had with Catalina, but Marah cannot think of anything different. Gus persists that Tony had to have a reason to kill Catalina. Harley said he is charged with two murders, but Marah interrupts and said that Catalina was not pregnant. Harley figures out that Tony married Catalina because he thought she was pregnant.

Friday, April 26, 2002

Tony becomes upset when Cass advises him that he's going to find another suspect to help their case and will use Marah if need be. Tony pleads with him to believe that Marah had nothing to do with Catalina's death. Leaving the kids with a babysitter, Ross takes Holly to the Towers where he describes his odd evening with Blake and shows the goodbye note Blake supposedly wrote to end their relationship once and for all. He asks her to call Blake and later hears Blake didn't show for any romance writer conference events. When Blake laughs at Tory's attempt to prove that Ross loves her, Tory heads to the Marler house where she gets past the babysitter and spends time with Clarissa. She then returns to Blake's cell and takes great pleasure in showing her a video of her with Clarissa. Olivia lays into Alan for trying to buy the hotel before she did. He encourages her not to give up on the idea of having it all to herself and reveals that Cassie owns only half of it. Meanwhile, standing in the lobby of the rundown place, Cassie and Richard discuss what to do with the place. When Marah won't answer any of his questions, Gus takes her down to the station house where father Ray suddenly arrives. Tony offers to sign a confession.

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