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Passions Recaps: The week of April 22, 2002 on PS
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Monday, April 22, 2002

Theresa goes on the witness stand. She lies under oath, taking cues from her lawyer. She tells the judge and everybody else that neither she nor Julian were drunk when they got married in Bermuda. Se says that they wanted to get married. Ethan then asks Theresa if she was lying when she got back from Bermuda and said that Julian got her drunk and she thought she was marrying Ethan, not Julian. Ethan asks Theresa point blank if she ever loved him or if she was using him to get to the Crane money. Theresa breaks down and says she never wanted to marry Julian because she only loved him and will never ever love anyone else. She says it was never about the Crane money. She begs Ethan to tell her that he still loves her. The judge threatens to have Theresa removed. Ethan refuses to answer Theresa. A hush spreads over the courtroom as everyone hears Theresa's confession. Ethan asks the court to dismiss Theresa's claim since she confessed that she thought she was marrying Ethan Crane not Julian Crane.

Zombie Charity searches for Timmy hell-bent on destroying him and the Book of Spells. She tries to get Kay to help her search. When Kay tells her to pick on someone her own size, the zombie turns on Kay. She manages to get Kay into Tabitha's hellish basement. Tabitha cannot believe that the zombie trapped Kay in the basement. Tabitha tries to free Kay. Kay comes up from the basement, worse for wear but in one piece. Kay questions Tabitha as to what she is keeping in the basement. Tabitha tells her that it was just her exotic plants with thorns that she felt in the pitch dark. Kay rushes home to put herself together.

Sheridan pledges her love to Antonio as Luis does to Beth. Both couples begin to make love. Antonio and Sheridan decide to wait a while longer. Luis and Beth are interrupted when their costumes for the masked ball arrive. Sheridan urges Antonio to go to the ball without her. Luis and Beth dress for the ball, intending to have a romantic evening and to pick up where they left off when the maid arrived when they return to their room.

Tabitha tries to comfort Timmy after he sees his doom in the ancient scroll. Timmy decides to hit the road to stay away from Zombie Charity and to help the real Charity at the same time. He is searching for an ingredient needed in a spell to rid Harmony of the zombie..

The judge calls a recess, as everyone awaits his decision. The judge tells the bailiff that this is an open and shut case until the judge finds Alistair Crane sitting in his chambers. Alistair tells him he is here to discuss the verdict in Theresa's case.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Sheridan decides to surprise Antonio and shows up at the masquerade ball. Before she can enter and be seen by Luis, she is given a mask by one of the waiters. Luis, Antonio and Beth all don masks as well. Sheridan is sure that with her mask on and her hoarse voice, that Antonio will not be able to recognize her. She is afraid that she will not be able to find him in the masked crowd. Sheridan's makes falls off and Antonio finds her. She tells Antonio that she wants to build a new life with him.

Timmy hits the road to stay alive and find a demon's horn for a spell to destroy the zombie. As he is walking along the road, he is befriended by a woman named Tonia. Tonia asks Timmy to tell her what is troubling him because she is a psychologist and maybe she can help. As they are riding, Timmy tells Tonia bits and pieces of the zombie, Miguel and Charity story. He tells Tonia that his love, the real Charity is trapped in a block of ice. The zombie goes to the attic and warns Tabitha not to be hiding Timmy. Tabitha's concern is written plainly on her face. The zombie knows that Tabitha is not hiding him and since he does not have the Book of Spells, she is not going to chase after him. She does not see him as a threat. Tabitha is worried over where Timmy has gone. She still fears for his safety. Tonia tells Timmy he has some imagination. He also confesses to Tonia that he needs a demon's horn to save the real Charity and his own life as well. Tonia cannot take much more of his "story" and drops him off by the side of the road.

Theresa thinks that since she told the truth to Ethan on the witness stand, he can forgive her past lies. She feels that there is hope that they can get back together. Woody Stumper appeals to Ethan's generosity. He tries to work on Ethan's sympathy and get him to reinstate the 10 million dollar settlement to Theresa. Ethan wants to help Theresa but Ivy won't hear of it. She says Theresa deserves nothing and will get nothing.

The zombie gets furious when she discovers that Timmy took a page from the Book of Spells. She congers up a raven named MORDRED. This raven is said to be the most evil of them all. He is ordered to find Timmy and bring him back dead or alive! Alistair threatens to expose the judge since he put the judge on the bench. He tells the judge if he does not listen to him, he will call a recount of the votes and get the judge thrown in jail. The judge tells Alistair that Theresa has lost and will get none of the Crane fortune. He says she will get nothing. Alistair is silent.

Ivy and Rebecca fume as they see Theresa begging Ethan into taking her back. Ethan tells Theresa one last time that it is over. He said that she only told the truth because she was under oath. Theresa tells Pilar that telling the truth got her nowhere. She says she has nothing.

The judge reaches a decision.

Luis and Sheridan meet face to face. (For real this time!)

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

The giant raven named Mordred is hunting down Timmy on the zombie's orders. Tabitha is sick at the thought and tries to get the zombie to put a stop to it. Zombie Charity will not hear of it. The zombie leaves and orders Tabitha to stay put.

Both Luis and "Diana" think they know the other. Brian explains away Diana's felling of familiarity by saying his brother reminds Diana of himself. Luis cannot seem to explain why he seems to know Diana. Beth says that it is probably because they have been talking about her all morning. Luis asks Diana to dance and cannot hear his name. They share a dance.

Alistair and his sexy assistant watch the judge's verdict from the wings. Alistair tells his assistant that the judge will rule the way he wants him to if he knows what is good for him and if he wants to stay alive.
The judge calls Julian's divorce from Ivy a true divorce that stands up in court. He declares Theresa to be the one and only true Mrs. Julian Crane entitled to all the Crane money and power. She is the only one to carry the Crane name. Ivy's name goes back to Winthrop.
Alistair congratulates the judge on doing a convincing job with the verdict. The judge asks Alistair why he wanted him to rule that way. Alistair tells the judge he has a plan. The judge says it is an evil plan no doubt.
Theresa and her lawyer are thrilled with the outcome of the trial. Woody Stumper even applauds the verdict. Ivy goes ballistic. She screams that she is Mrs. Crane and cannot be thrown out of her house. Theresa orders Rebecca and Ivy to meet her at the mansion. Theresa tells Pilar that she will show them no mercy. The mansion staff is lined up to welcome Theresa.

Tabitha reaches Timmy by cell phone and tells him about the raven. Timmy tells Tabby that the bird has him cornered in a gas station restroom. Tabitha tells Timmy to listen because she has a plan that may save his life. Timmy escapes the raven. It flies to Tabitha's house and attacks her.

Zombie Charity goes to the ice cave and torments the real Charity. She tells Charity how she stopped all those who may have been able to help her.
Theresa orders Ivy and Rebecca to have their things packed and out of the mansion in 10 minutes. She calls Crane security. Rebecca and Ivy plan on going through with Theresa's "little accident" by having her fall down the stairs and lose her baby.
Luis and Sheridan end their dance until a tango starts to play. They dance the tango together. After the tango it is announced to be time for everyone to take off their masks.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Sheridan has a terrible coughing spell before she can remove her mask. Luis rushes to get her some water. Beth comes to Luis after calling Harmony. She tells Luis the news that a fire all but destroyed his house and Theresa has been declared the legal Mrs. Julian Crane. Luis and Beth rush back to their room to catch the next plane to Harmony before Luis and Sheridan can meet face to face.

Tabitha is attacked by the raven. She fights him off and manages to do him in by electrocuting him with a broken lamp. The zombie walks in to find Tabby fixing a roasted "turkey." They decide to eat supper together as the zombie asks Tabitha if she has seen the raven unaware that she is eating him.

Timmy dresses in black leather and hits a biker bar in search of the special ingredient to help the real Charity. He manages to get in good with the bikers and gets one named Crusher to give him a ride.

Ivy and Rebecca feel that they have no recourse except removing Theresa permanently. Gwen overhears their plotting and realizes they are planning to kill Theresa. She warns both her mother and Ivy that if anything happens to Theresa she will go directly to Sam Bennett. Ethan makes one last appeal to Theresa to let both Ivy and Rebecca stay. Ethan says that since she won't let them say, they will all pack and leave. Theresa relents and says everyone can stay because she does not want Ethan to leave. She tells Pilar from now on she and Ethan will spend every night under the same roof.

Rebecca tells Ivy not to worry about Theresa. She has a plan. Theresa will die and neither one of them will have to lay a hand on her. She plans on getting the state to pull the plug on Theresa for them.

Friday, April 26, 2002

Luis and Beth take off for the airport. Luis stops at Antonio's hotel room but there is no answer when he knocks on the door. He leaves a note for Antonio, hoping that he and his girlfriend Diana will meet them at the airport. Luis wants to bring Antonio home to Harmony as a much needed surprise for Pilar.

Rebecca, Ivy and Gwen know the real reason that Theresa chose to stay in the guest bedroom. They can see that Theresa wants the room next to Ethan's because she is still trying to get him back. Theresa takes a lame stab at getting Ethan's sympathy by pretending to fall. She calls out for Ethan to help her but Gwen shows up instead. Gwen and Theresa face off over Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa that unlike her, she is not trying to manipulate Ethan. Theresa sees the flimsy nightgown Gwen is wearing and she is not buying Gwen's story. Gwen tells Theresa she will not let Theresa manipulate Ethan again. Ethan has a heart to heart with Pilar. They understand each other and Ethan assures Pilar he is not trying to hurt Theresa on purpose.

Antonio is upset to find the Luis has gone. He does not see the note that Luis slipped under the hotel room door. Both brothers are upset with the other. Antonio is upset for Luis' leaving with out a word and Luis is upset that Antonio did not show up at the airport as Luis had expected. Sheridan tells Antonio that she is ready to build a new life with him. Beth and Luis pledge their love for one another.

Rebecca puts her plan to get rid of Theresa into motion. Rebecca calls on a hunky Crane security guard named Charles. She slithers up to him making sexual innuendos. She asks Charles to get her the security tapes from the night Julian was murdered. She wants the tapes from the party and from the tuna cannery. Ivy is at a loss to understand how this will help rid them of Theresa. Rebecca assures Ivy that Theresa will confess to Julian's murder. Rebecca says that she will bet her claim to the Crane fortune that Theresa will confess. She tells Ivy that in their state, murder is punishable by electrocution.

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