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Vanessa was subdued and later tested positive for Libidozone. Chris felt useless in his wheelchair. Liza's memory started to return. Liza believed that Adam wanted to take Colby away from her. Greenlee found out what Erica was up to. Leo was mugged. Mia and Trey discussed their past.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 15, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, April 15, 2002

Holding Greenlee at knife point, Vanessa ordered everyone to sit down. While everyone looked on in shock, Vanessa said that she's thrilled all of her loyal fans turned out to see her. Leo asked her what she was doing, and she responded that it's time for her grand finale, and she's planning to knock 'em dead. She asked the pianist to play a key, as Edmund stepped toward the door. She told him to stop or she'll sever an artery. She told them all that Greenlee will get it if anyone tries anything. David, Leo, and Trey tried to plead with her, but she said that no one leaves until her performance is over. As she began singing, Greenlee tried to beg her way out of it but Vanessa ignored her. Brooke called the police on her cell phone, while David told Leo that he's going to try to stop it. As David moved behind the piano, he made a loud noise and Vanessa turned on him. Holding the knife toward David, she said that the show must go on. She told everyone to stay way, and keep the spotlight on her. She went into a monologue about the performances she was playing, and how wonderful they were. No one suspected who she really was. When Mateo told her that they all know who she is, she responded by telling him that he really enjoyed playing the big, bad, drug dealer. David asked her if she's all drugged up, and she responded that she doesn't take drugs. Vanessa noticed Palmer sitting in the front row and told him that he's just a trailer park redneck with a platinum card. She said he should just move back to Virginia and take "Opal Mae" with him. She turned to Opal and said that it was her name he cried out in his sleep. She next focused her attention on Jackson and said he couldn't put a case together against her if he had a hammer and a blueprint. Leo told David that they need to make their move, but David told him to let her run out of air first. She continued going around the room by calling Trey a bungling attorney, challenging Mateo to make good on his threat, and telling him to dump his bleach-blonde wife, alluding to Simone falling in love with a married man, and making reference to Brooke and Edmund's expose in Tempo. Finally, her eyes settled on Jamie, and she told him that she hasn't forgotten about him. She then called for lights, camera, and action as Tad screamed for her to "leave him alone!" Edmund then stood up and told her to pick another victim.

Lying on her bed, Maggie heard her door jiggle. She silently tiptoed to the door and shut off the light. She grabbed a weapon and nearly hit Anna as the door opened. She explained to Anna that she was a little jumpy with Vanessa on the loose. Anna understood and explained to Maggie that Vanessa could come after her, but her actions are hard to predict. She said she just came to tell her that they were looking for Vanessa, and to stay here. Anna's phone rang and it was Derek telling her about the situation with Vanessa. When she hung up, she filled Maggie in and told her that she has to head down there. Maggie told her that she's going too, and Anna agreed.

While changing in to his street clothes at SOS, Ryan was approached by Kendall. She apologized to him for being overly defensive, but Ryan told her that she doesn't apologize unless she wants something. He prepared to leave until she said that she does want something. She told him that, although she has an ulterior motive, her apology was sincere. He asked her what's next on her agenda. She said her job isn't as easy as she thought it would be, and she needs help. She asked for his help to decode the financial reports, and he agreed after she told him that she would buy him the Valley Inn.

At the Valley Inn, Chris told Erica that he wants to blow off dinner. She assumed that it was because he was self-conscious about the wheelchair. He confirmed it, and told her that he feels like a prisoner in his chair. She stopped him when he tried to climb out of it, and told him not to push himself. She went on to tell him that she's not going to let him blow off dinner. She walked to the door of the dining room, but Chris didn't make a move. As she walked back to him, Myrtle interrupted them to say hi. She promised to stop by their table after she made a few calls. Knowing that Myrtle was counting on them eating dinner, Chris agreed to go.

Back in the dining room, the doors opened and Erica walked in, followed by Chris in his wheelchair. Vanessa told Edmund that she found her new victim, and she ordered the doors locked behind Chris. Sirens began outside as Vanessa reminded Erica that she used Enchantment as a front for her drug operation. Erica pleaded with her to let Greenlee go, but Vanessa laughed. She called Erica a coward and told her that she didn't want to tangle with her. Chris then stood up and walked in front of Erica as he told Vanessa that she'll have to go through him if she wants to get to Erica.

In the lobby of the Valley Inn, Ryan and Kendall saw Derek and about a dozen police officers. He told them to wait in the bar, without further information. Surprised, Ryan saw Myrtle, and she filled him in on what's happening. Ryan told them that he's going to find out what's going on, but Kendall pleaded with him to be careful. After Ryan left, Kendall got Myrtle some water and they sat down to discuss their worries. Kendall told Myrtle that her money's on Erica, and not to worry about her. Myrtle seemed comforted by Kendall's words as Ryan returned. He didn't walk up to them at first until Myrtle called out to him. Kendall went to him and he told her that he didn't find anything out. He was scared that something might happen to Chris.

Vanessa began to get flustered as she criticized Chris for being half-a-man. He promised to bring her down no matter how long it takes. Leo interrupted and tried to remind Vanessa about their escape plan. He reminded her about Vienna, and she began to lose her cool. David told Leo to keep trying to distract her. Leo told her to let Greenlee go so they can catch their flight and go to Vienna. Vanessa got careless as she appeared to consider it, allowing Trey to walk up behind her and pull her away from Greenlee. They got the knife away from her, and Anna moved in to arrest. She began babbling and telling everyone that it isn't over, and Proteus will be back. Greenlee went off on Vanessa until she broke into tears and fell into Trey's arms.

As they led Vanessa out of the dining room, she said she need to practice her speech and she began to thank people from her past. Maggie then walked up to her and told her that she isn't afraid of her, and she will make something of herself. She will pay for what she did to Frankie. Vanessa told her that it was a nice test scene, but she needs to work on her diction, as they led her away.

Trey moved to comfort a visibly distraught Greenlee, and she noticed him bleeding on the hand. He said that it's nothing, as Leo walked up. He asked her how she is, and she responded, "swell." Trey jokingly commented that he got the worse of Vanessa, but Leo told him not to expect a medal, because he almost got Greenlee killed. He accused Trey of making a grandstand play to save Greenlee when he had the situation under control. Greenlee defended Trey and said he saved her life. Trey asked Leo what he meant when he told Vanessa about Vienna, but Leo told him to forget it, because it's all over. Leo became more subdued as he told Greenlee that he's sorry for this happening to her again. He asked to talk to her alone, but she said she can't do this anymore as she left with Trey. After they left, Simone walked up to Leo to comfort him. She asked him about Vienna, and he told her that it was an escape plan they used. Vanessa would stash some cash in a locker somewhere when they were in trouble, just enough to get them out of the country, and she would stash the key in a potted plant. He said he can't believe that Vanessa thought they could go back to that, as he told Simone that he has to get out of here.

David walked Maggie into the dining room and comforted her by telling her Vanessa would probably be in Oak Haven. Leo saw her, after David left, and asked for the key to David's room. She gave it to him, and he left.

Opal and Palmer sat down, and Palmer told her how guilty he felt about letting Vanessa into his life. Opal told him that she had them all fooled, but Palmer responded, "not you.," as he got up to leave.

Edmund and Brooke were trying to convince Jamie that Vanessa will be locked up for a long time, as Tad walked up. Jamie walked away, and Brooke followed him, leaving Edmund and Tad alone. Edmund tried to go with Brooke, but Tad stopped him. He blamed Edmund for allowing Vanessa to get her hands on Jamie in the hospital, and he doesn't want him to go after him. Brooke walked up and told Tad that Jamie's with Joe and Phoebe but he isn't talking. Tad said he's going to go check on him as he left. Brooke told Edmund not to take what Tad said personally, and she assured him that he isn't to blame for what happened tonight.

Chris confided in Erica that he felt useless in the wheelchair. She reminded him that he stood up to Vanessa and he should be proud of that. Ryan and Kendall saw them by the entrance to the dining room, and Ryan told Chris that he was glad to see he was safe. Kendall told Erica, "I'm glad you're safe, mother." Surprised, Erica told her that she's touched by her sentiment. After Erica, Chris, and Myrtle left, Ryan walked up to Kendall with a smirk on his face. She told him that her soft spot isn't showing and she's still going to watch her back around Erica.

In David's room, Leo let himself in, and remembered Vanessa's words about David not seeing the forest for the trees. He began searching the plants around David's room until he found the key he was looking for. As he left, he said to himself that Vanessa never runs out of surprises.

Seeing Mateo alone, Simone walked up to him. She told him that Vanessa was wrong when she told him that he was like Proteus. He isn't cruel or heartless like she is. Mateo leaned close to her and said, "You have no idea who I am." He then excused himself and left.

At Oak Haven, David walked up to Anna and Jackson who were outside Vanessa's cell. He confirmed that Vanessa tested positive for a controlled substance that induces psychosis. Jackson asked the question of how she got the drug when she was in a secure room. As they walked away, Anna said that anything's possible in her world. In her cell, Vanessa is in a straight jacket when she hears Proteus' voice through the loud speaker asking her where she stashed the money.

At the airport, Leo found a locker for the key and opened it up. Inside was a bag full of money.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

At Greenlee's loft, Trey is talking to a reporter who is asking for a comment on last night's events. Greenlee comes out of her bedroom as Trey says that Ms. Smythe has no comment and threatens to file a harassment suit on the reporter if the badgering doesn't stop. Trey hangs up the phone and Greens asks if she should duck. Trey says that the reporter he talked to was the seventh one. She doesn't remember hearing the phone ring. Trey says that he turned the ringer off on her cell phone. Trey fixes Greenlee coffee as she wonders why she needed him to spend the night on her couch. Trey feels that last night was a very dicey situation. Greenlee says that she had nothing to worry about since Vanessa's now in Oak Haven with a strait jacket. Trey reminds her that she had a knife around her neck. Greenlee laughs that everyone probably thought Vanessa would have actually slice her throat. She then thinks that one wrong move could've ended her life. Greenlee sees the bandaged wound on Trey's hand and nearly faints. Trey takes her to the couch and asks her if there's anyone he can call for her since she almost fainted. Greenlee says that almost doesn't count. Trey says that she still looks a little weak. Greenlee orders him never to call her weak again. Trey advises her to ax the tough girl routine-Vanessa having a knife on her throat was a traumatic experience. Greenlee insists she wasn't scared. Trey wonders if that's why she was screaming and crying in bed last night. She's shocked when he reveals that he even came into her room and she cried in his arms. Greens suddenly remembers him walking into her room and asks what she said. Trey just let her cry for a while. Greens says that she's very messed up. He insists that he might have dreamed the whole thing happened. She agrees. Trey says the Vanessa incident could haunt her for a while. Greens asks if he thinks she should see a shrink. When he says that he does, she advises him to stop sounding like his mother with his fake pity. Trey insists that he's for real. Greenlee prefers to deal with the situation with Eggs Benedict at the Valley Inn. After all, when she falls off a horse she either gets back up and ride or send the horse to the glue factory. Besides, she hasn't had Eggs Benedict since her last death threat. She asks if he's coming. Trey follows Greenlee out of the loft.

Bianca arrives at the Valley Inn dining room looking for Leo. She sees a fancy setup inside. A man starts playing the piano. The host asks Bianca if she needs any help. Bianca says that she was supposed to meet Leo there, but since it looks like there's a private party about to take place, she must've been mistaken. Just then, Leo breezes into the room wearing a hot new outfit with the shades to match. Bianca comments on how good he looks and asks what's going on. Leo tells her to have a seat. Ms. Montgomery asks if the room is for them. Leo tells her this is only the beginning. Bianca asks if he's won the lottery. Leo insists it's much better and mentions Vanessa's episode at the inn last night. Bianca says that Kendall told her about it. She asks what all the fancy stuff is about. Leo says that it's about Vanessa being in Oak Haven and him being free. She asks what she has to do with his spending spree. He reveals that he's tapped into his mother's mad money. Bianca accuses him of spending Vanessa's drug money. Leo says that it's not her drug money. The cash was their emergency stash. She told him where the cash was when he lied and said he would help her escape from the hospital. Bianca says that he can't keep the money. Leo asks why-he earned every rotten cent of it. A disgusted Bianca gets up and is about to leave when Leo stops her. She can't believe he's forgotten all the people Vanessa crushed to get the money and calls it blood money. Leo says it's not Proteus money. It's compensation for the hell Vanessa put him through over the years. He's paying back Vanessa what she has done. Bianca suggests that they should head over to Oak Haven and burn the place down and get the people that hurt her while they're at it. Leo begs her not to tell her to take the money back. Bianca thinks he has to. Like he had to return the files to Jack's office and get caught doing it. Bianca apologizes for getting him in trouble with Jack. Leo says that he also took the money to see why Vanessa went over the edge regarding everything, especially with Greenlee. Right on cue, Greens enters the restaurant and spies Leo and Bianca talking. She eavesdrops on their conversation. Bianca asks if she'll visit Vanessa in Oak Haven. Leo says that he can never forgive his mother causing him to lose the one woman he has ever loved. Greenlee interrupts and asks if they're celebrating Bianca getting rid of a pimple. Bianca says they're celebrating her demotion at Enchantment. Just then, Trey walks in and stands with his date. Leo asks if they're together. Bianca tells him to stay out of it. Instead, Leo gets up and apologizes to Greenlee for everything. Greens insists that he can't control his mother. Leo can't understand why she went so crazy after she figured out he was tricking her. Trey reveals to everyone that there were drugs found in Vanessa's system that can cause a psychotic break. Bianca asks if someone actually drugged Mrs. Cortlandt. Leo realizes David was right about Vanessa being drugged and wonders who would do that. Trey asks if he might know that answer. Leo's upset that Trey is accusing him of drugging his mother. Trey says that Vanessa has a lot of missing cash and someone is bound to find it. Leo returns the favor and says that the young lawyer has just as much of a reason to try to take Vanessa's drug money. Trey says that Leo looks more suspicious since he's the one holding the expensive private party. Greenlee tells the men to stop it. Both she and Trey have to get back to work and decide to call a rain check on breakfast. Greenlee bids Leo farewell. Trey advises Leo to tell the Feds about the money if he knows where it's at. Leo suggests to Trey that he do the same thing. Trey says that the Feds will leave his mother alone if they find the stash. As he leaves, Trey asks if he wants his mother to have peace.

At Enchantment, Erica ends a business call as Val comes in with more flowers for Greenlee, courtesy of Revlon. Val asks how much longer she will intercept Greenlee's calls from Revlon. Ms. Kane will do it as long as they continue to woo her to come to their company. Val comments that Greenlee would never have played it as well as his boss. As Val leaves, Opal comes in and comments that all the flowers in the office make it look like the back of a hearse. Erica says that Revlon is still going after Greens. Opal asks if she's made any progress with her plan. Erica insists that things are running smoothly since Kendall is growing trust for her. In no time, she'll convince Revlon to forget about Greenlee and take Kendall. Opal thinks if that happens, it will be a miracle. Just then, Kendall storms in her mother's office and calls her a "miserable, self-serving little witch" and that she should have never trusted her and that she did it to her again. Kendall begins reading an article in Inside Cosmetics that calls Ms. Hart's hiring a show of nepotism and bashing her as a high school dropout that knows nothing about the cosmetics industry. Kendall accuses her mother of giving the magazine the scandalous article to make her look incompetent. Opal assures her that Erica would never do that. Kendall asks her mother why she had to say all those bad things about her. Erica insists she had nothing to do with the article. Kendall wishes she had covered her butt. Erica feels that is a good idea. However, she would never try to create bad publicity for her company. She hired her daughter to create good publicity for Enchantment. Kendall says she hired her out of force and that the whole thing is about them, not the company. Ms. Hart says the article says she was unqualified and unsophisticated. Erica insists that she's just learning. Kendall wishes she listened to Ryan and stayed the hell away from her. Erica says that she's learning, and Kendall says that's BS. Val interrupts and says that "they're" ready for them. Kendall asks who "they" are. Erica says it is the press, who she called after seeing the article last night. She's holding a press conference to formally introduce her into the cosmetics industry. Kendall admits to overreacting and feels bad for her comments. Erica says that she can change into the dress she left her in the other room. Kendall thanks her mom and apologizes for jumping to conclusions about the article. Erica tells her daughter that she will take care of her, but she has to trust her. Kendall says she does. Ms. Hart goes into the dressing room to change. Opal doesn't want to hear Erica's explanations for her latest actions. Ms. Kane informs Opal that after the press conference, Revlon will be begging Kendall to work for them.

In Liza's hospital room, Mia reads her sister a letter Colby wrote to her. It says that Colby misses her mommy and "zerberts." Mia asks if she remembers them, and then makes a fist and blows into it to make a noise. Liza laughs. She also mentions that she took see the baby lions at the zoo. "Babies" asks Liza. Mia tells her that she may not see it now, but she is getting better. Adam agrees with Mia as he comes into the room. A frightened look comes on Liza's face and her heart monitor starts going faster. Mia insists that it's okay. Adam asks how she's feeling. He reminds her that he's Adam. Mia tells Liza that he's her husband and Colby's dad. Liza struggles as she says that she doesn't know him and to go away. Adam tells her that she doesn't mean what she's saying. She once again tells him to go away. Adam leaves the room, followed by Mia. He remarks that the quacks at PVH can't treat Liza. Mia tries to tell him that Liza is making progress as he goes to use his cell phone. Mia says that she can't let him use the phone in the building. Adam doesn't care and vows to get a real doctor to examine his wife. He thinks that since she doesn't remember him and is afraid of him that she's not making any progress. Mia says that he can't expect her to fall into his arms just because he told her that he's her husband. He insists that he doesn't expect that. She tells him to take things slower and do things to help her fall in love with him again. Adam wonders what should be done if that doesn't work. Mia thinks he should take the chance and let her know that she can trust him. Adam says that she can always trust him. Mia says that all he needs to do is patiently help Liza put the pieces together regarding her memory. Adam returns into Liza's room as Jake comes by and asks how Liza's doing. She comments that Liza remembers everyone except for Adam. Jake thinks that is promising. Mia realizes that Jake doesn't like Adam and wonders why. Jake insists that Liza's brain is protecting her from an unhappy truth. Jake tries to change the subject. Mia says that she knows he was in love with Liza at one time and asks if that's why he hates Adam. Jake insists that Adam didn't take Liza away from him. Mia mentions that she also knows that he thought Colby was his daughter and not Adam's. Dr. Martin asks if she's writing a book. She's just trying to understand her family. She knows that back then, Liza was afraid of what kind of father Adam would be and she felt that Jake would do a better job at raising Colby. Jake says it was more complicated than that. Jake says that Liza was part of the lie that Colby was his child. Jake then admits that a part of him will never forgive Liza for passing Colby as his child.

Adam tells Liza once he returns to her room that he realizes that she doesn't remember him, but that will soon change. He tells her to rest and heal for now. He asks if he can tell her a story of a man and woman who were destined to be together from the first time they met, but didn't realize it until years later when he hired her at his TV station. Adam asks if he's boring her, and she shakes her head "no." Adam recalls how they had a scheme to fake a wedding to make Tad and Brooke jealous. It didn't work, but they stayed married anyway. He tried not to fall in love with her, but it was inevitable. He then recalls their first baby, which she miscarried. She has a flashback to blaming Adam for their baby's death because he owned the airline of the plane she was on when she miscarried. His obsession with money was more important than people's lives. Adam then recalls the birth of Colby. Liza once again has a flashback, this time of the revelation that Adam switched Jake's sperm with his to get her pregnant with Colby. She remembers calling what Adam did as rape since he did not give her the choice about whether or not she wanted to be impregnated with his sperm. She also recalls telling her husband that she would rather have any man be her father besides him. Adam tells Liza that Colby is living proof that they were meant to be together. Liza remembers telling Adam a few months ago that she wanted to take Colby and just run away from him. Suddenly, Liza calls out Adam's name. Chandler is happy that his wife is finally remembering him.

At the press conference, Erica assures the reporters that Kendall was have access to all of Enchantment and she will be hands-on with all the new products for the company. She tells them that Kendall has good business sense and will be an asset to the company. A reporter asks if she's afraid Ms. Hart will steal her ideas to give to competing companies. Erica trusts her daughter not to betray her because they have forged a new bond. When another reporter asks if Kendall will be good for the company since she has no formal training, Erica says that cosmetics are in their genes. A reporter asks what her position will be. As Greenlee walks in, Ms. Kane tells the reporters that Kendall will be her right-hand woman. She tells them that Kendall will be more than happy to ask any further questions they may have. However, the reporters' attention shifts to Greenlee as they ask her about being taken hostage by Vanessa at the Valley Inn last night. Kendall tries to tell the reporters that she wants to keep the company young and fresh. The reporters continue to focus on Ms. Smythe. Erica tells the reporters that Greenlee isn't the subject of the press conference. Greenlee asks what is the subject. Kendall says that it is how she is indispensable to Erica at Enchantment. She introduces Greenlee as her new assistant. The reporter asks if Greenlee has been replaced as Erica's assistant. Kendall says that Greenlee is now her gopher. Kendall insists that she can teach Greenlee some things. "I oughta teach you something" whispers Greenlee. Erica tells the reporters that Val has a prepared statement for everyone and tells them to follow him. Kendall asks if she did okay. Greenlee interrupts and demands to speak to La Kane in private. Kendall tells Greens that she was in the middle of something. "Embarrassing yourself? If you only knew," barks Greenlee. Erica tells Kendall that Greenlee has gone through a personal ordeal and deserves some personal space with her boss. Kendall leaves and asks her "gopher" to get her a double latte after she's done. Greenlee almost goes after Ms. Hart, but Erica grabs her. Opal decides to leave Erica and Greens alone to talk. Ms. Smythe says that no one will buy that she's now Kendall's assistant. "We'll see," quips Erica. Greenlee asks if she's trying to ruin her career and Enchantment. Erica tells her that she knows what she's doing and she doesn't need her to tell her otherwise. Greenlee says that she's setting herself up to fail. Erica suggests that she trust her or kiss her career goodbye. Greenlee says that she trusts her, but she better not be screwing with her. Erica advises Greens not to make threats. She makes good on her promises and she will give her a position as vice-president if she lets things flow the way she's planned. Greenlee leaves the office.

Jake feels bad for talking about Liza since she's just gotten out of brain surgery. Mia insists that he doesn't need to apologize and that it is nice to hear that a man is actually interested in being a father to his child. Jake asks if the father of her son wanted to be a dad to their child. Before an awkward Mia can answer, Adam comes out and says that Liza can remember him. Jake and Mia go in. Jake asks Liza if she recognizes him. "Jake" she says after some thought. When he points out her sister, she happily says "Mia." Jake looks at Liza that she's looking good and that he'll call Dr. Greenberg about her status. Adam tells Liza that he knew she would remember and that he'll be right outside her door if she needs him. After the men step out, Mia is about to leave. Liza mumbles Mia's name and Ms. Saunders asks if something's wrong. Liza struggles to say "Bankbook...go get it." Mia asks what Adam said to her. Liza once again struggles with her words and replies, "" Mia says she remembers and promises to be right back with the bankbooks. Later, as Liza sleeps, Adam calls someone at Chandler Enterprises on his cell phone. He tells them that Liza has been ill and has taken a lot of money away from the company. Adam orders the person to find out where she's hiding it. After Adam leaves, Mia steps away from the corner, overhearing all of Adam's phone call.

At the Valley Inn dining room, Bianca suggest to Leo that he take Trey's advice about turning in Vanessa's money so she can have peace of mind. He doesn't care about her peace of mind. Bianca says that spending his mother's drug money won't solve anything. Leo forces Bianca to admit that they can't be sure the money he found was drug money. He insists that the money is chump change compared to what the Feds are looking for. Bianca asks if he's really keeping the money. Leo insists that the money is his inheritance and since David doesn't want her money, he'll be more than happy to take it. He feels that while the Feds look for the drug money, the two of them can play with his new nest egg. Leo asks if she's cool with him keeping the money. Bianca isn't sure. Leo asks if she wants to be his roommate at the Valley Inn since he's just booked a two-room suite. They can have fun like old times. Besides, it would be better than bunking with Kendall. Bianca admits that she and Kendall are bonding, and she doesn't want to hold up Leo. Du Pres insists that she's exactly what he needs right now. Bianca agrees to move in with him. Bianca heads to Myrtle's to pack her things while Leo heads to his room to make the room more co-ed friendly.

Erica is in the middle of another call, when Val tells her that Revlon is holding on the phone. Erica poses as Greenlee and says that she's happy at Enchantment and has no plans on ever leaving. After Erica hangs up, Val tells her that there's a problem with the photos for their Shimmer campaign. Val and Erica leave. Greenlee sneaks out of the dressing room when the coast is clear and asks herself what Erica is hiding. She goes to her desk and finds flowers with a card. It reads: TO GREENLEE SMYTHE. HERE'S HOPING YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND. Greens wonders what she would be changing her mind about. She calls the floral company and asks who sent her the flowers. She's shocked to learn they are from Revlon. Furthermore, they've sent several floral arrangements. Greenlee realizes what Erica's been hiding from her -- Revlon wants her.

Mia recalls Liza telling her that the bankbooks are hidden at the bottom of the bed frame in her bedroom. Mia is about to go under the bed when Adam spots her and asks what she's doing.

Leo walks into his room at the inn when a gloved person attacks him with a stun gun. Leo falls to the ground.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

An unconscious Leo lay on the floor of his suite at the Valley Inn. He slowly came to and looked around the room. He saw Greenlee kneeling over him, asking him what had happened. He leaned up to kiss her and fell back to the floor when he realized it was just a hallucination.

In the dining room at the Valley Inn Greenlee and Trey sat at a table. She told him about her contract with Enchantment and how she just found out Revlon wanted her. Trey listened but flashed back to Vanessa holding a knife on Greenlee. Greenlee just kept on talking, saying Enchantment was nice but "Revlon!! Bring it on!" and told Trey to find a loophole in her contract. Trey asked if Vanessa's homicidal routine didn't bother her at all. As she denied it affecting her, Leo stumbled in and fell face first in her eggs Benedict. She tried to get him standing but he fell to the ground. A waiter rushed to help and Leo asked to be taken back to his suite. Greenlee wondered why and how he was staying in the Valley Inn. She and Trey got Leo back up to his rooms and sat him in a chair. Leo told them he had been mugged and his room ransacked. He looked for his wad of money but realized it was gone. Greenlee demanded to know where he got the money and Leo claimed he won it at the races. Greenlee said he was back to "chasing easy money." Leo said he realized Vanessa was truly crazy and that he wanted to make her pay for what she had done to Maggie, Frankie and Greenlee. Trey left the room, saying he didn't think he should listen to this since he was Vanessa's attorney. Leo grabbed Greenlee and said he didn't know what he'd do if something happened to her, "I think I'd die!." Greenlee told him he should start over but Leo begged her for another chance. Greenlee said she couldn't do that, it was over between them. Greenlee told Leo that they couldn't be together because Vanessa wants Leo too much. Leo asked again for another chance but Greenlee said she was too scared. She said that every time she looked at Leo she saw Vanessa. Leo told her how much he loved her and blamed himself for not protecting her from his mother. He said he was glad that she found Jake, that she can trust him. Outside the room Bianca arrived and asked what Trey was doing there. He explained he was there with Greenlee, who was inside with Leo. Bianca said Leo really loved Greenlee. Trey asked if Greenlee really loved Leo and Bianca just looked at him. She knocked on the door and entered the room. Bianca asked Leo if she should come back later but he said no, they were finished. Bianca went to her bedroom and Leo turned back to Greenlee. They walked to the door and Leo said he hoped she got everything she wants and shut the door behind her. Bianca came into the living room and said "So you declared Jake winner and champion?" Leo said yes, that he couldn't change what Vanessa did or how Greenlee feels about it. Bianca asked if how he feels doesn't matter and he said no. Outside the door Greenlee almost knocked on the door but remember the knife being held against her neck and changed her mind. She walked away.

Mia looked under the bed and "found" the teddy bear. Adam reminisced about getting the bear for Colby while Mia put the bank books in her pocket without him seeing. Adam said he promised Colby that they'd always be a family, even though Liza can't accept how much he loves her and Colby. He thinks that Liza believes he's more directed by money and power than by love. Mia said that he had been ruthless before and Adam said yes and he would be again. Adam wished he had true power to control lives and destinies, he said Liza would be home, with no tumor and no terror. Mia walked behind him and place her hand on his shoulder, saying "You really do love her don't you?" Adam stood up rather embarrassed and told Mia to give the bear to Colby. Mia said she's beginning to see what Liza sees in Adam. Adam tried to laugh it off, saying "yeah, I'm human." He told Mia that she is part of their family now "We're not normal rather odd, but we're yours." Mia was touched and thanked him. He continued, saying Liza likes and trusts her and that "Liza needs you so we all need you." Adam offered Mia a ride back to the hospital.

Tad visited Liza but she didn't remember him right away. He said he brought "visual aids", their high school yearbook. He reminded her that she thought he was the handsomest man on earth back then. This jogged her memory and she said "You're my friend." She tried to tell him she remembered running out on him at a stockholder meeting. Tad said everything was fine and tried to change the subject. He asked when she was getting out, but Liza said "You're lying, what did Adam do?" He tried to avoid saying anything and a nurse walked in. She jumped all over Tad, saying he wasn't allowed to visit Liza, per Adam's request. Tad told her she'd better follow Jake's rules, since he was her boss. This angered the nurse and Tad asked Liza if she wanted him there. Liza said yes and the nurse stormed out of the room. Tad then told Liza that yes Adam fired him but he had been thinking about quitting anyway. Liza got upset and begged Tad not to tell Adam that she knew what he did. He promised as she got more and more upset. The monitors went off and the nurse ran back in. Adam and Mia followed and Adam grabbed Tad and dragged him into the hallway, while Liza cried "No, no,no." Adam demanded to know what Tad said to Liza. Tad said he only showed her their yearbook. Adam was sure that Tad had been whining about being fired. Tad said no and that if Liza wanted him he'd be there. Tad stormed off. Inside the room Mia tried to change Liza's mind about Adam. Liza got upset and asked if Mia told Adam about the money. Mia told her sister that she means more than anyone on earth to her and that she won't tell Adam anything. She told Liza to rest not to think of anything but Colby. Mia left the room and ran into Marian, who was about to go visit her daughter. Mia stopped her and said it wasn't a good idea right now. Marian tried to argue and Mia told her she could tell she'd been drinking. Marian said she'd had one glass of wine with lunch and Mia told her that Liza didn't need this right now. Stuart walked up and said she'd only "had a couple of glasses of wine." Mia said she wasn't trying to be the booze patrol but it just wasn't a good idea to see Liza with alcohol on your breath. Marian tried to prove she wasn't drunk and Mia told her to come back later. Marian finally agreed and left but was angry. Stuart followed her as Adam walked over to Mia. He had seen the whole exchange and told Mia she had done the right thing. He told her to go get a cup of coffee and he'd watch Liza. Mia told him to let Liza rest and not let anyone in and walked away. Adam went into Liza's room and started talking to her. He told her the doctor says she'll be ready to go home soon. She didn't look happy.

Mia headed for the cafeteria when she spotted Trey. She stopped short and whispered to herself "It can't be him!."

Brooke called Tempo and said she wouldn't be in today. She flashed to the scene last night with Vanessa holding Greenlee at knife point. Jamie walked in but didn't say a word to his mother. Brooke told him he was safe but he just ran upstairs. Brooke got back on the phone and called Dr. McMillan. She had Myrtle come stay with Jamie while she went to the hospital. There she talked to the psychiatrist about her son. He said to just give him time but Brooke wanted more than that. She wondered why Jamie didn't trust her enough to tell her what he was feeling. Dr. McMillan said that kids are resilient but she worried that she would just make things worse if she didn't try to talk to Jamie. She told the doctor about Vanessa accosting Jamie in the hospital a few days ago and then how she picked him out of the crowd last night at the party. Dr. McMillan asked if there was anything at home that might be upsetting Jamie. Tad walked in right then and said maybe it was Brooke's upcoming marriage. He was a little miffed that Brooke was discussing Jamie without him. Dr. McMillan suggested they make an appointment and bring Jamie in. They agreed and left together to go see their son. Myrtle let them in the house and went home. Tad begged Brooke not to shut him out of his son's life. She said she would never do that; Jamie will always need his father. Tad called for Jamie to come downstairs but got no answer. He finally showed up at the top of the stairs. Tad offered to take him to the batting cages and Jamie didn't say a word but came down to the bottom of the stairs. Tad grabbed his son in a bear hug and they sat down to talk. Brooke and Tad both told Jamie how scared they were last night when Vanessa showed up. Tad said Vanessa was put away now as Jamie started back upstairs. Tad reminded him that he could always call him for anything. "I love you son!" he called out. Brooke and Tad talked and decided to go ahead and make an appointment for Jamie with the psychologist. Brooke asked Tad to go to dinner with just her and Jamie and he said yes. They shared a hug as Jamie watched from upstairs.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

David checks out the bump on the back of Leo's head then asks for an explanation as to how it got there. Leo finally admits he was robbed. He tells David he found Vanessa's secret stash. Her "mad money" that she was going to use to escape. David advises Leo to go to the police and tell them about the money, but Leo has no intention of doing that. They argue about whether or not Vanessa had any other secret stashes when Anna walks in. Seeing the clothes strewn around the room, Anna asks if she's walked into a crime scene. Leo covers saying he won some money at the track, but Anna knows he is lying. She is hurt that he doesn't trust her as a member of their family. David runs after Anna, but can't find her. David returns and tells Leo they are going to pay a visit to Vanessa.

Chris is frustrated when he breaks a vase while trying to move his wheelchair. Erica, Ryan, and Kendall gather around him trying to help, but Chris wants to be left alone. When they refuse, Chris suggests that since no one is leaving, that they should play Poker. Kendall takes it one step further by suggesting Strip Poker. As they start the game, Erica makes remarks that suggest she and Kendall should team up against the guys. Suddenly, Kendall gets up and stalks out.

Outside, Kendall confides to Ryan that Erica is driving her crazy with her act. Kendall thinks Erica is only pretending to like her for Chris's sake. After yet another conversation about how Kendall has been done wrong by Erica, Ryan decides enough is enough. He tells Kendall they are wasting time thinking about the past. He want to live in the moment. Ryan tells her to go upstairs and put on something nice, he'll be back to pick her up for a surprise.

Erica accuses Chris of pushing her and Kendall together. Chris wants Erica and Kendall to work on their relationship just like he is doing with Ryan. Of course, Chris doesn't know all the facts about Kendall's past behavior. When he asks Erica why she is so full of hate, Erica hesitates to talk about it. Instead, she wants to focus on the present where she is happy and in love.

At the hospital, Liza wakes up to see Adam with a vase of flowers from Colby. He gives Liza platitudes about resting, then leaves. In the hallway, Adam pulls aside Liza's doctor and asks him to have Liza declared mentally incompetent. When the doctor hesitates, Adam tells him that Liza's impaired judgment has affected her work. In order to protect Liza from lawsuits and possibly prison, Adam feels she needs to be found incompetent.

As Adam and the doctor are discussing her case, Liza tries to get out of bed and collapses. When the nurse tries to administer a sedative, Liza says no. She wants to see Mia. Adam agrees to go find her. While Adam is gone, Marion stops by. Liza asks Marion to "trust only Mia" with Colby.

Trey wanders into the hospital waiting room and finds Mia. He is surprised to see her and it is apparent they already know each other. Mia tells Trey that seeing him brings back the feelings she had when she gave up her baby. She cries as Trey tries to comfort her. Adam comes in looking for Mia who introduces him to Trey. As she does so, she drops the passports she is carrying. When Adam stoops down to pick them up, Mia cries out No!

Anna runs into Jackson in the dining room at the hotel. He accuses Anna of tampering with police evidence. Anna stays calm even though Jack threatens to have her badge. She tells Jack he's becoming obsessed with the case and is making it personal.

Friday, April 19, 2002

Anna interrupted Chris and Erica's intimate conversation at Myrtle's. To give Anna and Chris privacy, Erica left to go to the Valley Inn to latter join Chris for dinner. Anna offered Chris a job as liaison between the Bureau and Pine Valley Police Department. Anna confided in Chris she cannot trust anyone in the police department. Chris knew the DA wants Anna's police chief badge and the drug case is unraveling with the main suspect being Anna's husband, David Hayward. Chris accepted the job.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Liza became agitated from dreaming about Adam entering her hospital room holding Colby. Adam told Colby mommy is mentally insane and is going away. Dr. Zeke Macmillan entered Liza's room to calm her from her nightmare. Liz discovered she had been restrained with wrist restraints causing her to become more agitated. Adam came into the room a few minutes later. Adam turned to Zeke and told him that wasn't what he had in mind. Liza was angry because she can't move because of arm restraints. She accused Adam of having her put in restraints.

Mia, while talking with Trey in the visitor's room at Pine Valley Hospital, dropped her purse on the floor as Adam came in. Liza's bankbooks fell out. Adam tried to pick them up, but Trey put his foot on them saying they belonged to him. He was holding them for a client.

Adam told Mia that Liza was asking for her and then left. Mia and Trey briefly continued their conversation. Trey told Mia she could tell him anything and trust him. He wanted to know what was going on. Mia told Trey about Liza's request for her to take care of Colby. Trey and Mia briefly talked about the baby they had together and that they did the right thing by giving the baby up for adoption. Trey offered to talk to Liza about custody but Mia didn't think it was a good idea. Mia left to visit Liza.

Adam requested a nurse round the clock for Liza when Mia entered Liza's room. He also requested the restraints be removed and Adam took them off Liza's wrists. Liza told Adam she didn't want to see him again. Mia promised to stay with Liza until the private nurse arrived. Adam left the room to go home.

Liza told Mia that Adam wants her declared incompetent. Mia did not believe her. She told Liza that Adam loves Colby and that he could not do such a thing. Liza asked Mia for her help to protect Colby. Trey lurks outside Liza's room, looking in the window.

Later at Chandler Manson, Adam thanked Mia for helping with Liza and asked her to help him prove Liza is incompetent. Mia is stunned.

Greenlee went to Oak Haven to make sure Vanessa had not escaped and was still a patient there. She found Vanessa in her room, securely locked up. Leo arrived just as Greenlee was leaving. He was surprised to see her there but understood Greenlee was still shook up from Vanessa holding a knife to her throat. David joined Leo outside Vanessa's room. A nurse stopped by to give David Vanessa's blood test results as a favor for David. Leo became upset when he saw the test results showed the drug given Vanessa was a derivative of libidozone. Leo vented at David that Greenlee almost died because of David.

Anna joined Leo and David at Oak Haven and overheard them arguing about the libidozone. David denied giving Vanessa the drug. Anna believed someone has set up David. She thought the person who entered Vanessa's room to drug her would be on the security videotape.

Meanwhile, Vanessa tossed and turned in her bed recalling the time someone had sneaked into her hospital room and injected her with a drug. The man wore a shirt with the monogram JKH on the sleeve cuffs.

Kendall and Ryan were dining at the Valley Inn when Greenlee came into the dining room much to Kendall's annoyance. Then Erica also passed by their table, stopping long enough to say hello. Kendall believed that Erica and Greenlee were plotting against her. Kendall and Ryan toasted each to forgetting the past. Ryan decided to move their celebration to the room upstairs at the Inn. In the candlelit room, they danced to romantic music. Kendall found it difficult to accept Ryan's attention and kindness. She confessed she is not able to be good, sweet and kind. She didn't know how to do those things. Kendall is afraid if Ryan gets to know her he won't like her. Ryan reassured her she could learn to be kind and good. Kendall began to sob as Ryan held her in his arms. He comforted her and kissed her tenderly.

Erica visited Greenlee at her table at the Valley Inn and told Greenlee she is glad Greenlee is playing along with Erica's plan. Erica reminded Greenlee that she would be awarded a vice-presidency as a payoff. Trey entered the dining room to join Greenlee and Erica left to greet Chris who had arrived for dinner. Chris told Erica about Anna's job offer and that he accepted on one condition: Erica had to promise to be civil to Anna. Erica promised.

Greenlee now knows that Erica is not telling her that Revlon wants to hire her. She asked Trey to help her find a loophole in her contract with Enchantment. Trey told Greenlee he would never do anything to hurt his clients. Greenlee complimented him on his taste in clothes. She notices the monogram, JKH on his shirt cuff and asked him what it stood for. "James Henry Kenyon, III - Trey," he replied.



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