One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 15, 2002 on OLTL

Troy and Nora had a date. Cristian revealed Al's secret. Jen left Al and went back to Cristian. Todd searched for Alex and hid the fact that Starr and Jack were really related. Jen and Cristian made love.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 15, 2002 on OLTL
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Carlotta hosts a celebration for Keri, and R.J. crashes the party. Keri insists to Hank that R.J. has changed, but Hank notices how R.J. glares at Antonio. Antonio confronts R.J. about his interaction with Shawna, but R.J. maintains his cover.

Ben agrees to keep the news of Jack's illness from Blair, but Todd grows alarmed when Dr. Shiller points out the unlikelihood of both children having the same disease if Jack is adopted. In a panic, Todd blurts out that Jack and Starr are full brother and sister, but Dr. Shiller informs Todd that Starr still cannot donate her bone marrow for Jack's cause because she already had the disease herself. Todd realizes that he must find Starr's bone marrow donor - Alex Olanov. Meanwhile, Alex orders a drink in a Santo Domingo bar, and Blair rushes to the hospital after a call from Larry.

Al fears Max will reveal the truth before he marries Jen. Natalie informs Cristian that Al kept his ability to walk a secret from Jen to keep her from backing out of marriage, and Cristian leaves to stop the wedding. Left alone, Natalie looks at all her pictures of Seth for one last time before throwing them in the trash.


Blair comes to the hospital demanding to know what is wrong with Jack; Todd works very hard at keeping Jack's illness from her. He remembers that Alex was the donor for Star. Todd talks the doctor into not telling Blair about Jack's condition; he tells him Blair has a "mental condition" and the doctor agrees he will not tell her for now. Todd leaves to find Alex to see if she will be a donor for Jack. Jack's doctor asks Larry about Blair's mental condition and Larry says that Blair has some mental illness in the family and that she has had a couple of episodes but is fine now, so when Blair confronts Jack's doctor about his condition, he agrees to tell her. Todd went to Asa's to ask Nigel where Alex is.

Troy comes over to see Nora and asks her to dinner she tells him it is not a good idea but Troy keeps on trying to get her to change her mind. Keri walks in and hears part of the conversation; when Troy leaves Keri talks to Nora about the feelings she has about Troy but will not admit. Keri tells her this is a mistake. Nora goes to Troy's office and tells him she would like to have dinner with him after all and Troy is overjoyed.

The other prisoners taunt Lindsay with a newspaper article about Jen's wedding, but tear it up before she can read it. They leave the room and Lindsay puts the pieces together to read about the wedding. While Lindsay is on the floor trying to read the article about the wedding the prisoners come back and Lindsay gets into a fight with one of them over their taunting. Lindsay gets taken back to her cell where she has visions of everyone laughing at her and vows to survive prison so she can make Troy, Sam and Nora pay for her being in prison.

Cris bursts into Jen and Al's wedding, telling everyone that Al has been lying that he can walk. Cris's telling that Al can walk causes a big scene and Gabrielle yells at Cris for bursting into the wedding. Cris tells them that Natalie told him Al has been able to walk for weeks. Gabrielle continues to yell and Jen tells her to shut up. Then Jen faces Al and asks him if it is true he can walk. Al is upset at her asking but tells her he would never hurt her; that he can't walk and hates the wheel chair. They continue to argue and Cris pulls Al out of his chair but Al falls back into the chair. Jen agrees to go with Cris to see Natalie and find out the truth that Al can walk; Al then tells Jen to wait; stands up and walks. Everyone is shocked.


At the Buchanan mansion, everyone looks on in amazement as Al stands up and walks towards Jen, who is in shock. Gabrielle immediately runs to her son, yelling "It's a miracle!" Jen orders her to shut up and proceeds to order everyone out of the room so that she and Al can talk in private. Al attempts to explain but Jen tears into him, especially now that she realizes why he kept asking her if she'd leave him after he started to walk. She even bets that once they arrived in Switzerland that suddenly he would be able to walk. Al tells her that he did everything for love. Jen then begins to wonder if Al was ever really paralyzed which he takes exception to. He got better because of her love, he insists, but he knew she'd leave him if he didn't need her. He accuses her of lying also. In another room, Sam accuses Max and Gabby of knowing about their son before the wedding. The trio yell at each other about their children and who is at fault. As Sam walks out, he mentions that he's proud of his daughter and wonders if they can say the same about their son. Gabby and Max talk about how they agreed to keep Al's secret to protect him. Asa demands that Max give him back the money spent on the wedding but Renee is about to sidetrack him. He knows she still cares about him, he smirks. When he turns down her offer to take the leftover food to the homeless shelter, she suggests that he stay behind with Max and Gabrielle instead. As this doesn't sit very well with him, he accompanies her on her good deed. Renee expresses how happy she is that Al is ok, despite her differences with his parents. Max stops Gabby from going to check on Al and Jen.

Alex finally admits her true identity to a very persistent Jackie but tells him it must be kept secret. She tells him the sad story of her almost marriage to Asa and how he tricked her into marrying a real Jeb Stuart who is only a janitor. She's returned to St. Blaze's to file for divorce. Jackie hands her a solid gold pen to sign the papers with but suddenly Jeb appears and demands that Jackie back off. He puts up his fists but Jackie punches him once and he goes down, out cold. Alex signs the papers and announces her departure.

Todd demands that Nigel reveal Alex's whereabouts and when he refuses, Todd whips out some photos that he just happens to have of Nigel at the Cherryvale Inn. When Nigel realizes that Manning will blackmail him, he discloses that Alex is in Santa Domingo.

Blair tries in vain to get information from Dr. Shiller regarding her son, but he gets paged and tells her he'll have to talk later. He leaves a file behind but returns and hands her the correct file, the medical file. Todd has returned and spying Blair with the doctor, has her paged before the doctor can divulge any information. Dr. Shiller informs Todd that his wife is certainly competent and should know about her son. Todd offers to bankroll the Dr.'s project to keep quiet, especially since he has the donor and Blair doesn't need to know any of this. Blair returns from the mixed up page that her husband was looking for her and learns that Jack has a treatable iron deficiency. She's ecstatic and goes off to see the baby. Todd places a call to arrange for an immediate ticket to Santa Domingo.

At Llanfair, Natalie is hesitant about seeing Viki though Ben denies that her mother hates her, telling her that the statement was taken out of context. Viki is just worried about being a good mother, Ben tries to tell her. She can hardly believe that Viki would feel that way after all she's done for her, Nat replies, and she's positive that she didn't misunderstand Viki's words. She's also upset because Seth and Jessica are back together. Ben thinks that Nat ought to give Viki a chance. In the next room, Niki puts her plan into action that of getting rid of Ben. She finally locates a private detective and sets up an appointment. Jess tells Seth that she can't believe the news that Al can walk; she thought she knew him better. Cris fills the pair in on what happened though Jess wonders why Natalie spilled the beans now. Natalie waited for Al to speak up and when he didn't, she did, Cris confirms. He stopped the wedding because of her.

Al tells Jen he never asked her to do any of the things that she chose to do, except to marry him. He wonders if she was ever really through with Cris who lied too. She told him in her vows that they were best friends. Jen retorts that Cris lied to protect her while he lied only to protect himself. He said he'd never hurt her but he has. She opens the doors and runs into the arms of a waiting Cris.

Nat decides to chat with Viki, with Ben by her side. "Viki" claims that Nat has misunderstood her and when Ben tells her that Nat is upset with Jess and Seth being together, she just tells her she'll get over it, but has stuff to do and will talk to her later. An upset Nat runs off while Ben wonders where Viki is, since she's certainly not acting herself. She needs to forgive herself for Jack getting sick and Nat's awful childhood, he advises her, and begin to think positively. "Viki" tells him she has to run; Ben is confused. He asks Nat to come to Crossroads with him to interview new waitresses, it'll be fun. She wants to be alone. She wonders why she can't be loved. She encounters Seth, waiting for Jess to change her clothes and he wants more news on what happened today. She wants to talk about what she did to him and Jess instead.

Niki meets the private detective Jordan Whitney, and learns that she can handle cheating husbands.

Thursday, APRIL 18

Niki converses with the private investigator about what exactly she's agreeing to. The PI hands Niki a contract and explains that she will keep a tail on Ben whenever Niki isn't with him and will find out whether or not Ben is cheating on her. Niki tells her that he looks at other women when he used to only have eyes for her, and she suspects something. The private investigator agrees to everything they have discussed. However, Niki has something else in mind: she wants her to seduce Ben.

Cris and Jen begin to leave the wedding but Al stops them. Al and Cris exchange insults and become physically confrontational. Jen reminds them that the fighting is what brought them into the situation in the first place. Once they've calmed down, Al explains the reasons he did what he did. He professes his love to her and reminds her how he comforted her when Cris ran away to New York. He will always stand by her side, unlike Cris, "the ladies man." To Cris: "You weren't broken up for five minutes before you had your tongue down Natalie's throat." Al also admits that he made a mistake and wants Jen back. Cris meanwhile calls Al "a lying bastard" and that what Al did was "pathetic." Jen agrees and tells Al that Cris and her are together now, and "you can't say or do anything to change that." Both Cris and Jen leave the house.

While Troy lights candles in his loft, Nora arrives early for their dinner date. He welcomes her into the romantic atmosphere of the dim candlelight. Nora confesses how nervous she is because she hasn't been on a date in many years. He tells her to relax and they can just listen to music and have some wine before they leave for the French restaurant. He pours some wine and they discuss wine. Suddenly, Troy tells Nora that he can't do this.

Seth pressures Natalie to tell him what she did to Jess and him. She explains how she used Al's secret as a tool to help her break Seth and Jess up. She describes how Al stole the money, dressed up like him at Rodi's and how she placed the figurine in his pocket from the fundraiser. He asks Natalie how she could do something like this; after all they've been through. She calls it all a dumb mistake and guarantees that it will never happen again. Jessica emerges and asks what's going on.

Sam and Matthew decide to drop in on Ben at Crossroads. While Ben plays pool, Sam explains how Jen never got married and how Al was not paralyzed. He confesses that he never thought Jen would be happy with Al anyway. On the subject of misguided love, Ben tells Sam that Nora still loves him. Sam tells Ben that he knows she does, just not as much as he loved her, or enough to keep her away from Troy.

Nora doesn't understand and asks Troy if he just wants her to leave. He says that he doesn't want to do it like this, candles, music, etc., just like he did to con Lindsay into loving him. Both of them decide to blow off the French cuisine and go somewhere where they can enjoy some hearty portions. They decide to go for Chinese, to Wong Foo's.

The PI doesn't quite understand what Niki is asking her to do. She points out that this isn't what she does and that seducing Ben might create problems that aren't there. What if he actually falls for the trick? Niki says that she wants to know how faithful her husband is, at any cost. She finally agrees, but Niki suggests for her to go as far as actually sleeping with him. The PI firmly resists but agrees to heavy flirtation only. They decide to begin tonight at Crossroads. Ben is interviewing for new waitresses and it will be her chance, Niki says. Except instead of a modest suit, Niki suggests something very short. The PI agrees and leaves for Crossroads. Meanwhile, Niki fantasizes what will happen when she walks in on Ben and the PI. It grows misty and at Crossroads... the PI, wearing a leopard print top and a short skirt, comments on her "qualifications." Ben decides to find out what those are and they lay down on the pool table on top of each other. Niki looks in through the window and walks in. Melodramatically:

"Oh Ben, how could you, on our own pool table."

"It's not what it looks like, baby," Ben says.

"I want a divorce!"

Niki laughs with satisfaction, like taking candy from a baby. A familiar voice says, "That's what you think." Niki turns around to find Viki standing in front of her.

Jessica asks Seth what they are talking about. She assumes that Seth was talking about Natalie revealing Al's secret. Seth agrees and Jessica leaves to go visit Roxanne in jail. Natalie warns her not to believe anything her mother says, but Jessica completely ignores her. Natalie wonders why Seth didn't tell Jess about everything that she's done. He tells her that it won't become an issue, if Natalie will do something for him. If she gives up on trying to get Seth back. Natalie reveals that she knew that it was already over when she overheard Jessica and him at the cave. Near tears, she agrees to stay out of their lives.

Sam tells Ben that Nora has moved on and perhaps he needs to also. Ben reminds him about Matthew and how they need to explain why Nora and him are not together. Sam agrees that both him and Nora need to tell this to him before he begins to ask questions. Sam calls Nora at home and discovers that she is not there. Ben notices Sam's suspicion and assures Sam that Nora can't be out with Troy. Sam gives up and decides to call her later. Matthew exclaims how hungry he is. After much deliberation, Sam and Matthew decide to go for Chinese at Wong Foo's.

Niki is shocked to see Viki and tells her to go away. Viki tells her that it is impossible because they have switched places and resides in her mind. Someone will eventually realize that she has not been the same "Viki" for the past few days. Niki tells her not to sweat it because she is running the show now. Or worry about any damaging secrets. Viki retorts that she doesn't hate Natalie. Niki says, "I know, I just made it up to get that shrink off my back." But there is a different secret that she will never reveal, Niki says. Viki reminds her that she doesn't have to protect her any longer and she can lead her own life. Niki refuses to tell and begins to taunt her about what is about to happen to Ben. While she is talking to Viki, Jen and Cris arrive. They ask "Viki" whom she was talking to. She brushes them off and leaves the two alone. Jen thanks Cris for breaking in on the wedding and saving her from the biggest mistake in her life. They glance into each other's eyes and agree to go to Cris' place for the night.

Al angrily glares at the uneaten wedding cake. He takes the model bride and groom figure and throws them across the room. They shed into pieces and he storms out. He finds Natalie crying and stares at her with immense anger.

At Wong Foo's, Nora and Troy become better acquainted. They have fun guessing their favorite dishes and telling old stories. Nora recalls how she finally passed her driving test, after the fourth time. In order for her to parallel park, she couldn't have anyone looking at her. So therefore, she had to give the instructor something else to look at. At the next test, she wore the shortest skirt imaginable and passed her test. They have a good laugh and Troy points out that after all they've been through; they still don't know each other. While they are laughing at another joke, Sam and Matthew arrive asking for menus.


Todd asks Gabrielle to entertain Blair so he can go to Santo Domingo to look for Alex. Meanwhile Gabrielle looks for a way to let Blair know that baby Jack is very sick. Gabrielle continues to blackmail Todd. Alex steals Allison's ticket and gets busted by Nigel and Todd.

Antonio accuses Roxy of trying to kill Jessica and Seth and he has proof. Roxy realizes that Allison set her up. Seth and Jessica go looking for Allison. Allison is on her way to Santo Domingo.

Jen explains to Cristain that she never stopped loving him and she was therefore, guilty of lying to Al. Cristian and Jen make up and make love. Al confronts Natalie about telling Cristian the truth about him walking.

Matthew asks Troy is he's going to spend the night right in front of Sam and Nora. Troy leaves as Nora and Sam try explaining their relationship to Matthew. Later Nora and Troy share a kiss.

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