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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 15, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, April 15, 2002

by Andy

At Holden's house, Abigail is nervous about having Dr. Michaels re-hypnotized her. Holden encourages her that everyone will be there to support her. Aaron listens to Abigail agonize over the details of Nick's murder in the shadows. He also hears how caring and supportive Holden is toward Abigail. Holden sees him, and introduces them to each other. After Holden leaves, Aaron asks Abigail "Is he always that full of it?" Abigail defends Holden's honor and tells him about her experience when she first came to Oakdale and Holden was there for her. Abigail offers her ear if Aaron ever wants to talk. Molly, Jake, and Dr. Michaels come over to try the hypnosis again.

Dr. Michaels starts the therapy and hypnotizes Abigail. Dr. M leads Abigail to Nick's room on the night of the murder. She sees Nick dead on the floor, then she sees Mary. Mary yells, "Why did you kill him Abigail! Why did you do it!" Abigail snaps out of it and accepts the fact that she's the one who killed Nick. Everyone tries to help Abigail reinterpret her memories. Aaron comes in after they all leave and they talk about her memories. Aaron thinks it's funny that she wants to remember something very important, and he's trying to forget his past.

Margo tells Craig at the station that Jack agreed to James' terms: Barbara for Carly and Emily. Margo hears noise from the interrogation room, and they discover Officer Greene. Craig snickers and says, "If this is decoy Barbar...where, oh where could the real Barbar be?" He pushes for Margo to let him help because he doesn't want Jack to get all the credit when Carly is rescued.

Babs and Jack discuss the rendezvous with James at the Old Mill. Jack sees through Barbara's charade and asks her how Will is doing. Barbara unveils herself and pleads with Jack, "I have to be here Jack. Please! Please don't tell me to leave!" Jack says, "You can't make things right, by sacrificing yourself." "I can do this! I'm not afraid!" Jack relents and agrees to let her help, but he recovers the gun Barbara stole from Officer Greene. They hear footsteps outside and Hal walks in. "I want to be a part of this. I have to be here for Emily!" James calls Jack and tells him to drive all night to Jollop, Tennessee. He tells Jack to look for an old carnival at the edge of town. "I'll be waiting at Twilight." Jack asks Hal if his gun is loaded and they all take off for Tennessee.

Kim and Dr. Dixon are having a meal with Parker, when Rosanna (Carly's sister) walks in. John invites Rosanna to come over later for dinner, but she doesn't think it's necessary, "You see, I'll be leaving town in a few days and I'll be taking Parker with me." She then pulls out a court order "giving me temporary custody." John doesn't like anything she has to say. She threatens to get the police to force John to give up custody. John picks up Parker and says he'll drive Parker to the police station himself. Meanwhile, Kim calls Tom and tells him to meet them all at the station.

When they all arrive at the station, Margo confirms that John must give Parker up after looking over the court order, with one stipulation: Rosanna can't leave the state. Rosanna moves to take Parker to her suite at the Lakeview, when Tom arrives. He reviews the court order, but he too can't find anything to stop Rosanna. She moves in again to take Parker. Craig plays horse with Parker in a playful way, and before anyone realizes it, he gallops out the door with Parker on his back. Margo halfheartedly chases after him, but she's too late. Margo puts out an APB on Craig, but that's not good enough for Rosanna. She says, "I want Craig arrested and charged with kidnapping." Margo laughs and says, "You can't arrest Craig. Trust me. We've tried. It doesn't work!" Rosanna isn't amused. She demands action, so Margo calls Evelyn and tells her to write a warrant for Craig's arrest.

In a car, Craig is settling Parker into a car seat and then he mutters to himself, "Alright Jack-o, you may have gotten to Carly first, but guess who saved her son?"

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Emma is thrilled that Aaron is starting become more of the family when he agrees to take Luke to school. Holden speaks to Caleb and learns of he's coming to Oakdale to take Aaron back to Seattle. He tells Aaron about Caleb's plan and Aaron refuses to go back there. Abi arrives looking for a way to clear her head before her trial, but Holden thinks she should just stay put. When he leaves, Aaron takes Abi for a ride on his motorcycle. Holden is furious when he realizes what Aaron did and decides to lay down the law and be a real parent to Aaron. Katie admits that she is a little afraid of Simon. Simon arrives and declares that if nothing else, they should be honest with each other. He informs her that he came clean with Margo about the car keys and tells her what Margo found in Dahlia's car. He pleads with her to believe in him because he thinks Dahlia has a lot more up her sleeve. Meanwhile, Craig reveals to Parker that he hopes Carly will appreciate what he is doing to keep her son away from Rosanna. He takes Parker to Katie and Simon and asks them to take Parker to the cottage while he deals with the police. Margo and Rosanna search all over for Craig and Parker. She even turns to Molly, but Molly refuses to help Rosanna steal Parker. Margo learns that Jack, Hal and Barbara are going to meet with James.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Holden is upset because Abigail left with Aaron after Holden specifically told her not to leave the house. Lily tries to get Holden to relax. Holden feels guilty because he was drunk the night Aaron was conceived and because he let Caleb and Julie raise Aaron by themselves. Lily reminds him that his relationship with Julie almost cost them their own relationship. She tells him that it will take time with Aaron and to be patient.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Abigail are at Java having a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate cake. Aaron tells Abigail that he knows what it is like to be accused of something that you didn't do. He says he was accused of stealing and he didn't do it. He tells Abigail that she will remember - she has no other choice. While they are at Java, they see Rose and Paul and notice that he is proposing.

Paul begins his proposal with three different rings: a "decoder ring," a "mood ring" and a "disco dazzler ring." He tells Rose she has to choose one. Then he hands her a brown bag and inside is a beautiful engagement ring. He puts it on her finger as everyone at Java watches him get onto one knee. Rose notices that Abigail is watching and goes over to her table and asks her not to say anything to Lily. Rose says she wants to tell her herself. Rose is introduced to Aaron and wishes Abigail luck at the trial.

When Aaron and Abigail return home, Holden is furious. He tells Aaron he is disappointed with him and orders Abigail to go upstairs, get dressed, and think about the trial.

Craig is arrested for kidnapping Parker. Margo brings him to the police station and asks Craig to hand Parker over. Rosanna comes in and tells Craig she will eventually get Parker and she will take him away. Craig says, "No wonder Carly hates you." He tells Rosanna that she doesn't know Parker and probably couldn't even pick him out of a playground. Rosanna says she has a responsibility to her nephew. Craig explains how Parker's parents were victimized by the evil James Stenbeck and says that taking Parker away from his family and friends would only frighten him. Rosanna says that Parker needs protecting. Craig says, "You hate Carly that much." Her reply is, "I'm here for Parker."

At the cottage, Katie and Simon are watching Parker. While he plays, Katie talks to Simon about Dahlia's watch and shows him her first check from the video sales. Katie says she is upset with the whole "Dahlia thing" but she believes that Simon did not kill Dahlia. Their conversation gets interrupted by the police. Katie leaves with Parker and tells Simon to distract the police. Simon eventually gets the police to leave. Once he is alone, he makes a phone call and says, "Katie is gone. Can you come over?"

Katie, with Parker in tow, shows up in Nancy Hughes' car. Katie asks Nancy for a favor - to babysit Parker for just a little while. Nancy is hesitant but finally agrees. Katie leaves and promises to be back shortly. Nancy takes out her cell phone and says she will get to the bottom of this.

Back at the police station, Margo receives word that Parker is with Katie. She tells Rosanna this is good news because Katie always seems to mess things up.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Bonnie and Billy are frightened as yet another storm forces the power out at the castle. While Bill attempts to persuade Bonnie to flee the castle, Paddington enters questioning why they are still awake and about. Bonnie explains that the power was out, Paddington throws the power switch and the power works fine. Then Paddington bids the pair a goodnight. When Bonnie suggest Billy is just imagining things, they here noises behind the bookcase. Upon finding a secret entrance to the bookcase, the pair continues downstairs to find a vault and a midget, who frightens them out of the room. Bonnie and Billy hide and overhear Paddington and the man converse about their attempts to scare them away from the castle. The two men discuss the fact that Bonnie and Billy need to be gone before the Duke" Ian" arrives home. Later that same night Paddington returns to Bonnie and Billy and informs Bonnie that Ian on his way back from the hunt.

Simon approaches Lucinda in an effort to save Katie's belief in him. Lucinda helps Simon think of the best way to catch someone at their own game. A light goes off for Simon, and he then understands, he needs to kill Katie!

On the witness stand, Abigail's memory is jarred as a juror wipes his glasses. This frightens the teen and she runs from the stand, stating she cannot testify. Because of the commotion court is adjourned for the day. Abigail remains behind while the others leave. She calls Aaron and asks him to escort her to the cemetery.

At the police station, Rosanna and Craig discuss their misunderstandings. Craig receives a call from Katie and he tries to tell her to bring Parker to the police station. Katie assuming that Craig get Parker and flee. Sister Margo meets Katie at the door of Craig's suite, knowing that Katie is up to her neck in the Parker's disappearance. When she asks Katie to tell her where Parker is, Katie procrastinates. Margo receives a call from Nancy and John as to Parker whereabouts. Nancy, John, and a tired Parker return to the Oakdale police station. Margo escorts sister Katie and sits her next to her handcuffed brother for a family reunion, suggesting a picture for mother. Margo then leaves it up to Rosanna: Does Rosanna want to press charges and have Craig and Katie arrested or does she want to release the two?

Friday, April 19, 2002

At the police station, Rosanna decides to not press kidnapping charges against Craig and Katie. Margo tells a police officer to take Katie's handcuffs off, but Craig has a charge of grand theft auto. Craig informs Margo that he owns that hunk of junk that she thought he had stolen. Simon comes in and asks Katie if she was arrested. She says that it is all over with now and he should not worry. She asks Simon what he is doing at the station. Simon says that he came in to give Margo a statement. Margo and Katie and Simon go into the interrogation room, leaving Craig and Rosanna in the squad room together. Craig asks Rosanna to bring Parker by his hotel suite later. Rosanna asks if he wants to see Parker so he can tell Carly about it later. Craig does not deny his motive. He tells Rosanna that Parker makes everything easier. Rosanna asks, "How's that?" Craig says, "He has Carly's eyes."

In the interrogation room, Simon gives Margo his statement and he and Katie give Margo the watch that they found in their cottage. Margo asks Simon if he grabbed Dahlia and he tells her no. She asks if Dahlia could have bumped something on her way out the door to explain why there was blood in her car. Simon says that he did not touch her at all and the evidence that they have found is all planted. Margo says that they had the fight at Java, he grabbed Dahlia in front of witnesses, there was an argument at the cottage and we have the watch and the keys. She tells Simon that he needs to get himself a good lawyer. She adds that he should not answer any more questions. She gets up to leave. Katie jumps up and reminds her that Simon is family. Margo says that it is not her decision, she is only gathering the facts. Katie says that this is one fantastic family. Margo replies, "I wake up every morning and think the same thing, God, what a fantastic family!" She rolls her eyes and leaves. Simon informs Katie that they can end all this. All he has to do is kill her.

Aaron takes Abigail to the prison cemetery where Nick is buried. He wonders what she is trying to accomplish here. Abigail tells Aaron that she is going to talk to Nick and asks him to tell her what happened that night he died. She looks at Aaron and asks if he thinks that she did it. He tells her that it is not his decision, but he thinks that she did not kill Nick. Aaron goes back to his bike to give her some time alone. Abigail sits by Nick's grave and starts to talk to him. She tells him that she is so tired and she just wants to know the truth and if she did it, she will take the consequences. As she is talking, she has a flashback. When she opens her eyes, Mary is standing in front of her. Mary says, "Poor Abigail. Still mourning that love that you never had. The love that you killed with your own hands." Abigail stands up and looks at Mary's painted fingernails. Mary starts to taunt Abigail by saying that she will be ok in prison. She can get her collage degree and work on her self-image. Abigail has another flashback and this time she sees Mary hit Nick on the head with the music box. Abigail looks at Mary and says, "Oh my God it was you. You murdered Nick!"

At Java Underground, Lisa and Ben work on Isaac about him being in love with Bonnie. Finally, Isaac has had enough and tells Ben and Lisa that they are right and he decides to go to Scotland to tell Bonnie that he loves her. Dr. Michaels comes in to meet Dr. Bob. She tells Bob that she feels that Hal was dismissed from the hospital too early. She shows him a picture that Hal had drawn and stuck between his mattresses at the hospital. Bob opens the paper and it has a drawing of the king of spades. Dr. Michaels tells Bob that this could be the trigger for Hal to go under Stenbeck's spell. Lisa tries to help by calling Barbara's cell phone. She tells Bob and Dr. Michaels that she could not get an answer and no one was answering at the house either. Bob tells Lisa to let them know if she hears anything from Hal or Barbara and he and Dr. Michaels are going to the police station. Lisa asks if it is that serious and Bob says, "Yes, yes it is."

At the castle in Scotland, Bonnie prepares herself and Billie for Ian's return. She puts Ian's journal back in the bookshelf, but leaves it sticking out a little. Paddington comes in and tells Bonnie that her friend from the states is giving him trouble. Billie walks in wearing a kilt, which he calls a skirt. He complains to Bonnie that there is more ventilation in this skirt than any man wants or needs. Paddington leaves and Bonnie has a talk with Billie. As they are talking about the duke, Bonnie takes off her robe that she had been wearing and reveals a stunning evening dress. Billie is speechless. He tries to tell her how great she looks, but Ian interrupts and says that she looks like a princess, but he can only make her a duchess. Ian is accompanied by his uncle and he introduces Billie as the bartender from the pub in Oakdale. He tells his uncle that Billie pours a generous "three fingers" shot. The uncle invites Billie to the other room to taste a scotch that he has been keeping for a time. After Billie and the uncle leave, Bonnie rehashes the night that she found Ian in bed with another woman. Ian begs her to let it go and the woman meant nothing to him. He begs her to be his bride. Then Ian sees that his journal is sticking out from the other books. He goes over and picks it out of the bookcase. He asks if Bonnie had been reading his journal. She tells him that his words were beautiful. He says that he is embarrassed because no one was supposed to see those words but himself. She tells him that she wanted to believe his words. She wanted to believe that there has been no one else she had left. He tells her that there has been no one. He declares his love for her and only her. He asks her to make him the happiest man on earth and say that she will marry him. She says that she doesn't have an answer for him right now. He says that he understands and he will give her some time alone and get ready for dinner. He leaves and Bonnie says, "Isaac, this is all your fault." She looks at the phone and then goes to it and calls Java. The bartender answers and Bonnie asks for Isaac. The bartender tells Bonnie that Isaac is not there and he will be gone for a while. She asks why and he informs her that Isaac is off on a vacation with his girlfriend. He asks if he can help and Bonnie says, "No, I guess nobody can." She hangs up the phone. After Ian dresses for dinner, he meets his uncle downstairs and tells him that Bonnie tried to call Mr. Jenkins in the states. He says that he and Mr. Jenkins have something in common. He also tells his uncle about Bonnie reading his diary. His uncle says that it was a stroke of genius planting the diary. Ian says that she is so close to accepting his proposal. His uncle says that he should have been at the castle when Bonnie arrived and not shacked up with Cynthia. Ian says that he had to have some last fun because he has to behave himself from now on or at least until he has married Bonnie. Bonnie enters the room and the two men stop whispering. Ian says that Bonnie looks like she has been crying. She says that she is just emotional. Billie enters and Ian says that he is just in time. He adds that he has asked Bonnie to marry him and she is just about to give him her answer. Bonnie looks trapped. Ian gets down on one knee and holds Bonnie's hand. Ian says that there is no other love for him but her and he wants her to marry him. Bonnie looks at Billie and then at Ian and says, "Yes, Ian, I will marry you."

James has led Jack, Hal and Barbara to a fun house. Jack tells Hal and Barbara to wait while he goes in and checks the place out and makes contact with James. After Jack is gone, Barbara tells Hal that she is ready to take Emily's place. Hal tells her that is not going to happen. Hal is acting strange and he is shaky. Barbara asks if he is ok. He tells her that James is not ever going to hurt him or his family again. He adds, "Even if I have to kill him." Jack comes back and tells the two that he couldn't find James. Hal says that it is all part of the game. It is the way James plays. Jack says that they will have to wait on James. Barbara says that she doesn't want to wait. She adds that she wants to go in and if James wants her he will have to show his face. Jack hesitates. He asks Barbara if she is sure and she says that she is. Jack looks at Hal and asks how he feels. Hal tells Jack to watch out for Barbara and he will have their backs. Jack says that he doesn't like this. Hal says that he won't let anything happen, he has too much at stake. Jack looks at Hal and says, "Ok, let's do it." Jack goes over to talk to Barbara and Hal has a funny look come over his face. Finally, Jack says that it is time. The three step inside the fun house doors and there is creepy circus music playing. Jack yells out, "I brought Barbara. I know you can see us. Show me Emily and Carly, now. Now, Stenbeck!!"

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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