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Passions Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on PS
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Monday, May 27, 2002

The zombie disguised as a police officer pulls Kay over in order to stop her from reaching Miguel in time. The zombie throws the car keys out into the dark woods so Kay will be stranded.

Kay finds another set of Keys her father always keeps in the glove box. She starts up the car and is on her way. Kay turns on the radio and hears the latest news report: Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane has confessed to the murder of Julian Crane. Kay is in disbelief. She then turns the station and hears Zombie Charity give her a play by play of her love making with Miguel.

The zombie wants to go ahead and make love with Miguel. Miguel, wanting to make everything just "perfect" for his lady love writes her a poem and keeps putting off the act. This is frustrating to the zombie.

Diana and Brian made love and then go for a midnight swim on the beach. They are unaware that Nick is watching them from the shadows.

Tabitha consults a talking head that can see into the future. She asks the head for news of Timmy, worried that he is in danger. The head tells Tabitha that Timmy has nothing to fear from the zombie tonight. He says that the danger near Timmy is from someone from his past that is welding a sharp blade.

Tabitha does not realize that Timmy walked into a diner for something to eat and asked for the busboy job. The cook who runs the diner is none other than his (and Tabitha's) old nemesis, Norma.

Kay interrupts the zombie and Miguel before they can make love. Kay tells Miguel about Theresa and he leaves the hotel. There is nothing Zombie Charity can do but she assures Kay that Kay only put off the inevitable. She swears that Miguel will die by her lovemaking.

Luis and Beth plan on making love. She tells Luis that they will just pretend that they are once again in Bermuda.

Nick vows revenge on Brian and Diana.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

A kindly waitress befriends Timmy and saves him from the nasty cook named "Peggy" a.k.a. Norma. (Who is in disguise.) Norma rushes to the back of the diner kitchen. She takes a box of newspaper clippings down from a shelf. She rips into a newspaper picture of Timmy and Tabitha swearing revenge.

A very angry zombie returns to Tabitha's attic. Tabitha is shocked to see the zombie change from Charity to demon form. She says she has no control over it since Miguel put the juniper shade berries in her bath. Reese is outside Tabitha's window looking up into the attic. He sees strange lights and wants to investigate. Jessica tells Reese once again to forget about Tabitha. She tells him one last time that Tabitha is a harmless old lady.

The zombie sees that Tabitha has taken out the talking head. She thinks that Tabitha is using the head to find a way to destroy her. She is unaware that Tabitha was using it to find out about Timmy. The zombie swears to kill Tabitha and tells her that Kay will also die tonight.

Nick keeps watching Diana and Brian from the shadows as they swim on the beach. He tells his partner Stan over the phone that it is time to shake up good old Brian and call in Diana's gambling markers.

Beth and Luis make love. Beth is hurt to hear Luis call Sheridan's name in his sleep. Luis dreams he sees Sheridan walk past him with another man and wave goodbye. Beth holds Luis and vows she will make him forget about Sheridan and she will hold onto Luis forever.

Brian gets violent when he sees Nick. Nick tells Brian that he is not on St. Lisa's to see him. He says that he is there to collect from someone one on the island who owes him a lot of money. Brian is unaware that it is Diana. Nick says that if the person who owes him money reneges, he'll have to get tough and force the issue. Tabitha dons a back witch costume hoping to cast a spell that will protect Timmy. Reese climbs up to the window and watches in disbelief. He sees zombie Charity in demon form and is convinced Tabitha cast a spell on her.

Timmy goes to "Peggy" in the hopes of making peace and keeping his busboy job at the diner. "Peggy" offers him a poisoned cup of hot chocolate.

Tabitha figures out the Norma escaped from the mental hospital and she is the one after Timmy tonight.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Brian and Diana wake up in each other's arms. Brian tells Liz all about their new relationship and how they were a couple in a past life. Liz seems unbelieving and worried to hear the Brian's enemy Nick is on the island.

Liz tells Brian to watch his back because Nick may turn violent. Brian says he is being careful and Nick is after the person who owes him money. (Unaware that it is Diana that Nick is after.)

Hank goes to Beth's house worried about Luis. He is surprised and happy to find that Luis spent the night with Beth. Hank brings along the morning papers with news of Theresa's confession plastered on every page.

Luis tells Beth and Hank how worried he is and how he will do anything he can to save Theresa.

Ivy and Rebecca hatch a scheme to get Theresa to be sentenced right away. They want Theresa to get sentenced as soon as possible. Every minute Theresa is free could bring her closer to being exonerated. Ivy tries to force Theresa's hand by telling her that Ethan is working non-stop trying to get her conviction over turned. Ivy lays it on thick and says that her son seems consumed with trying to clear Theresa's name. She says the longer that the sentencing takes, the closer Ethan will be to confessing to the crime himself in order to save Theresa. This causes Theresa to panic.

Nick is having breakfast at Liz's restaurant. He sees Diana and says she looks familiar. Diana jumps on the news and questions him. Nick tells her that he saw her in Europe. She was wearing a ball gown and diamonds.

Diana hurries to tell Brian the news, unaware that the man who may recognize her is Brian's enemy. Brian sees Nick and orders Diana to stay away from him.

Davis says that Theresa's sentencing will take place today.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Theresa is rattled to learn that her sentencing hearing has been pushed up to that very day. Tabitha assures the zombie that the side effects from the juniper berries only last 24 hours. After drugging Timmy, Norma prepares to finish him off but Toto manages to intervene just in time. Chad encounters a fresh round of hostility from T.C. while Eve reluctantly keeps mum. Later, Beth reminds her unhappy employee that he doesn't need the Russells' approval to make his way in Harmony. Theresa's behavior convinces her family and friends that she is covering for Julian's true killer. Kay fantasizes about exposing her "cousin" as the monster she is.

Friday, May 31, 2002

TC and Eve are walking home from the Book Cafe. They see Whitney and Chad trying to get into the recording studio. TC goes ballistic and attacks Chad. David happens by and tries to pull TC off of Chad. TC tells David to stay out of it and brutally pushes David to the ground, causing him to hit his head on the curb. Eve rushes to David's side and he begs her to stop TC by telling him the truth, Ivy drugged Whitney not Chad. When nothing else seems to work, Eve blurts out that she knows for a fact that Chad was not the one who drugged Whitney.

Theresa is en route to the courthouse for her sentencing. Theresa is sure that Alistair will protect her unaware that he plans on seeing her executed. Ivy and Rebecca grab front row seats. Pilar calls Father Lonigan for support. Alistair calls the judge who is about to sentence Theresa.

Reese, Kay and Miguel enter Tabitha's attic as Reese tries to prove Tabitha is a witch. The zombie is trying to hide her demon's claw from sight. She stashes her hand behind an old cabinet which Kay insists on moving in hopes of exposing her.

Eve lies to TC once again and says that one of her patients drugged Whitney. She says she could not say anything without breaking doctor/patient confidentiality. She said she was afraid of losing credibility as a doctor. David steps in and helps Eve by saying that she wanted to try to clear Chad's name some other way. TC sincerely apologizes to Chad and wants to shake his hand. Chad refuses TC hand. He tells TC he does not want an apology, he wants a promise. He wants TC to stop and think the next time something bad happens. He makes TC and Eve promise not to jump to conclusions where he is concerned. TC and Chad hug. Chad also asks permission to go out with Whitney. TC and Eve agree even though Eve gets angry when Chad asks if Whitney can help him record a song. Norma makes evil plans for Timmy. She falls asleep with a cigarette. It causes the newspaper she is reading to go up in flames and her rubber nose to disguise her as Peggy catches on fire as well.

Reese gets upset when he cannot find proof to show the others that Tabitha is a witch. He begins to ruffle through all of Tabitha's old junk. He finds the talking head which now is inanimate. No one seems to believe Reese much to Tabitha's relief.

The zombie sees that Chad and Whitney are together and happy. She knows that her evil is weakened and Chad's guilty has been taken away because Eve told part of the truth. The zombie vows to destroy Eve and her entire family.

Theresa is found guilty of murder in the first degree and is sentenced to death!

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