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Arlene returned to Pine Valley. Leo decided to head to Paris to track down Vanessa's money. Kendall thought that Ryan had betrayed her. Maggie agreed to go to Bianca's prom with her. Jake and Mia made love. A mysterious woman was seen consulting on a case at a hospital in the southwest.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 3, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, June 3, 2002

In Greenlee's apartment, Mary tried to explain to Greenlee that she was just trying to help her. Leo explained to Greenlee that she should dump the garbage that messed up her life, and he told Mary to "hit the road." Mary asked Greenlee if she wanted her to leave, and Greenlee told her that she's not wanted if she can't accept her and Leo together. Mary said she should have known better then to try to rearrange her life, and asked Greenlee to forgive her. Greenlee told her that she didn't believe her apology. Mary tried to explain that she hasn't always been a good mother, but she's trying to change. She went on to tell her that she wants Greenlee to have the man she's in love with. Leo didn't buy her change in behavior, but Greenlee told her that she'll give her one more chance as they hugged. Mary walked to Leo, who was sitting on the couch, and asked him to tell her about himself. Leo didn't like her attempt at small talk, however, and gave some sarcastic responses. Mary excused herself, telling them that she has an appointment at the Valley Inn to discuss their wedding reception. Greenlee told her to go ahead and keep the appointment, and Mary left. Greenlee told Leo that she thinks they've turned a corner, but Leo was still skeptical. He asked her about Roger, and she said that Roger's trying to change to. She said that maybe their wedding will be the charm, and she'll get that picture of her standing between a loving mother and father. She said the fact that her mother wants to be a mother proves that her wedding is really a charm. Speaking of mothers, she asked Leo how his visit with Vanessa went. He said that it went fine, and he thinks he knows where her millions are. He sat up and told her that he has to go Paris, right away.

In the Valley Inn dining room, Roger showed up for a meeting with Simone. When he sat down at her table, she told him that they're over. He responded that he completely agrees. Simone is surprised that he didn't fight back, but Roger told her that he could see it in her face, and he's willing to give her what she wants. He told her that he regretted making her hide, but she said that she made her own choices. He said that a large part of his life would be missing now, and he got up to leave. As he was walking away, Simone told him to not leave, just yet. Roger asked her why she still wanted to talk to him, and she gave him back the gift he gave her when they finished chapter one of the book. He told her that he wanted to continue working with her, but she said that she needed a clean break, personally and professionally. He pleaded with her not to stop writing his book with him, but she refused to give in. Finally, Roger told her to keep the gift as a reminder of what a good women she is. She said goodbye to him and rushed off. Roger said, "Damn" under his breath after she left.

At the police station, Ryan pressed Kendall to explain whey she didn't tell him that she broke into Erica's house. Before she could answer, Trey interjected himself and told Ryan that he told her not to tell. Ryan was upset and told Kendall that they agreed to tell each other everything. When Trey continued to interrupt, Ryan told him to be quiet. When Ryan asked her again why she broke in, Kendall apologized and said she couldn't tell. Upset, Ryan walked out. Trey held Kendall back from going after him. Kendall told him that lying is the worst thing she could do to Ryan, but Trey told him there are more important things for her to worry about then Ryan. When she told him she wanted to get out of here, Trey asked her to go the Valley Inn. When he turned around to get his briefcase, Kendall left the room. He said "Damn" to himself as he threw his briefcase back on the table.

At the hospital, the nurse on duty offered to call Maria for Mateo, because she was a perfect match. Edmund explained to her that Maria died a few years ago as Mateo walked away. Edmund followed him and Mateo asked him what he should tell Hayley, that the only person who could save their son is dead?

In Enzo's room, Arlene told Hayley that she just came to help and asked her not to be upset. Hayley allowed Arlene to continue holding him, explaining that it might be the last time. She walked up to her mother and put her arms around her. Hayley thanked Arlene for coming as she broke away from the embrace. Arlene told her that she came as soon as Trevor called, and she already gave blood to see if she's a match. Hayley told her that she blamed herself for his bad kidney, but Arlene tried to comfort her and told her that they're survivors and they will get through this. Hayley said she really needed her mother, and Arlene asked her if she'll let her back in their lives. Before Hayley could answer, Mateo entered the room and asked, "What the hell are you doing here?" Hayley told him that Trevor called her and she's here to help Enzo. Mateo said he was just surprised that she came all the way to have her blood tested. Hayley told him to keep whatever he's thinking to himself. She took Enzo and left with him for his check up. When she left, Mateo told Arlene that she's going to leave immediately after she finds out she's not a match. Arlene told him that she would if Hayley wants her to, but Hayley just asked her to stay as long as necessary.

Edmund and Brooke were in the waiting room of the hospital when Edmund told her that God must have a weird sense of humor, making Maria a perfect match. He immediately apologized, telling Brooke that he said he was over Maria. Brooke said that it's okay, and she wants him to continue talking about her. She said that Maria is part of his soul, and he can't ever let that go. Before Edmund could continue, Mateo stormed into the room. Edmund tried to comforter him by telling him that someone else will turn up. Mateo said that someone else already did, their worst nightmare.

Hayley returned to Arlene, telling her that they made her leave Enzo in the imaging center. Arlene explained how Mateo feels about her, and Hayley told her that he'll come around, especially if she's a match. Arlene told her that it didn't matter, as the nurse walked in with Arlene's results. Hayley asked her if she's a match as Arlene opened the file.

Ryan sat on the park bench, holding the brochures from Florida, and thought about Kendall and their plans for the trip. He got off the bench and threw the brochures away, before leaving the park. Kendall stopped him, as he left, and told him that she was looking all over for him. She said that Trey had nothing to do with her lying. She made the decision to lie on her own. Ryan asked her why she would do that after all they've been through. He asked her the real reason she broke in, and Kendall told him that she was looking for pictures of her. She also wanted to know what it feels like to be the chosen daughter. She said she didn't want to tell him because she was afraid it would sound like she was mental and he wouldn't want anything to do with her. Ryan replied, "Actually, you're right." Kendall got up to leave, but Ryan stopped her and told her that she's right, because her quest for Erica's love is crazy. He went on to say that Erica is never going to love her, and all this is doing is causing Kendall grief. He said the only hope she has is to break out of this town for good. He asked her if she trusts him enough to go with her, because, if she doesn't, then there's no hope for them. She apologized again, and told him that she would go with him. Ryan said that she isn't going to be sorry as he hugged her.

Roger kept drinking, on Simone's tab, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Miss me already, huh," he said as he turned around. It was Mary, not Simone, and she replied, "Yes. More then you'll ever know." She told him that he is just the man she needs. She proposed that they have an engagement party for Leo and Greenlee, and they throw it together. He seemed a little nervous about spending the money on the party, as she told him it would be a formal affair with engraved invitations. Knowing that he might not have the money, Mary asked him how is portfolio is, and if his platinum card is "in or out." He looked up and saw Trey enter the dining room. He looked back to Mary and replied, "In. Definitely in."

Brooke told Edmund that she's going to pick up printouts from the donor bank, and left Edmund alone with Mateo. Mateo told him his fears that Arlene will manipulate the situation and worm her way back into Hayley's life. He hates having to rely on her, simply because he isn't a match for his son. Arlene and Hayley walked up, hearing the last line from Mateo. Arlene told him that he can rely on her, because she's a match. She told him that God is finally giving them a second chance. Mateo couldn't believe it, and grabbed the file out of her hands to look at. She said she couldn't believe it either when she saw it, and she's ready for the surgery whenever they are. Edmund explained that they need to test her liver first, and she said it should be in good shape because she hasn't had a drink in months. Arlene asked Mateo to stay with Enzo and she moved to leave with Hayley. He asked where they were going, and Hayley responded that they're going home so Arlene could unpack. Mateo said that she isn't staying in their house. Hayley said she doesn't mind if her mom stays, but Mateo said that she deserves more then just a flat couch, like staying at the Valley Inn. Hayley loved the idea, and told Arlene that they'll get them check in right away. Arlene said that she's keeping her promise, first. She promised to make Hayley a nice dinner and draw her a relaxing bath. Hayley said that she decided to come back to the hospital instead, but Mateo agreed with Arlene. Hayley finally went along with them and she left with Arlene. Brooke walked up as Mateo commented that Arlene's already gotten to Hayley, and he just hopes her tissue matches. Brooke said that if it doesn't, someone else's would.

At another hospital, a doctor walked up to a woman standing at the nurse's station. He told her that she's making a lot of progress in pediatrics, and she appears to be a natural with kids. The woman responded, "Thank you. I hope to have one or two of my own someday."

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

David is caught speeding and the police arrest him at the hospital. David gets indignant after one of the policemen starts telling him about all the charges they can bring up against him. For one, he ripped up his ticket and threw it at them. The officers say he was resisting arrest and take him away in cuffs. At the jail, David runs into Anna. Anna asks the officers directly why they are having problems dealing with "him" and does not even acknowledge David. She tells them to book him "to the letter of the law." Another police officer realizes that David is the chief's husband and tells him to go. At first he says no but eventually goes. As he leaves, he runs into Anna. They argue over who left whom and whether they should continue with the marriage. Anna admits that Dixie's memorial service was key to her walking out on him. David continues to proclaim that he had every right to be there. Anna disagrees and thinks it was cruel to do that to Dixie's family. Anna admits that she is angry with herself. She is not sure if she knows who he is anymore and if working at the marriage is worth it. Anna admits that in the beginning David was a challenge and she found that exciting. But David retorts that now that the Proteus case is behind her she is finding him boring. David tells her he still wants to try for a family. She blames David for "screwing everything up" and that his "antics" are now exhausting. David tells her she has to decide what she's willing to put up with. He is not willing to change but they are both to blame for the marriage being in trouble.

Erica and Chris are kissing in their New York hotel room after a night of passion. Chris suggests they go to Little Italy for dinner. Erica agrees and they fall back into a deep kiss. Later they get to Chris's favorite Italian and Erica mocks the leatherette seats and tacky curtains. Chris orders in fluent Italian while a very impressed Erica looks on adoringly. Erica tells Chris she loves every bit of him and Chris tells her the same thing in Italian. Erica tells Chris that she is having the best time of her life. She tells him she feels like the luckiest woman in the world. She admits that Chris is the one that has given her the courage to get through her troubling last few days. They talk about building a new house together and filling it with new memories.

Mia tries to get Jake to relax by giving him a massage outside of Casa Chandler. Mia suggests that Jake is turning into a workaholic. Jake asks if maybe Mia could show him how to have a good time and relax. Mia suggests he take his clothes off. After a little bit of sexual innuendo banter, she tells him to go to the pool house and get on a bathing suit. After a robust swim in the pool where Mia beats Jake in a race, they kiss. Mia admits to Jake that she feels that sometimes she doesn't quite fit in with the Chandlers. Jake reassures her that she does fit. After Jake bolsters her confidence she admits she does like feeling part of a family and that the Chandler's are a pretty good family to belong to. Mia tells Jake that his family is considered Pine Valley royalty. Mia thinks that's why he was attracted to Greenlee. Jake admits that Greenlee was a fantasy and that he really wanted someone more like Mia. He doesn't want Mia to compare herself to Greenlee. He thought that there was always something missing with him and Greenlee but he likes what Mia brings to his life. Mia tells him he makes her feel better than anyone ever has. They kiss passionately and Jake invites Mia back to his place for the night. She says no and tells him that she can't wait that long.

Leo and Greenlee discuss finding Leo's father, "The Count." They talk about going to Paris to find him but Greenlee reminds Leo that he can't leave because of all his pending charges. Leo believes Anna would "always put family first" and let him go. Greenlee does not agree. Leo says he can always just leave the country without telling Anna. Greens still doesn't think it's a good idea. Leo convinces her that they can pull off the Trans-Atlantic trip but he will have to be careful. Greenlee suggests that the Count may hurt him again and that it would be difficult to get over it this time. Leo admitted that he had seen his father once on a ski lift when he was eight, his mother pointed him out, but he did always feel abandoned. Greenlee tries to tell him that he may be hurt again. Leo denies it and leaves to get lunch.

In the park Leo contemplates looking for his father. He thinks about Greenlee's words of warning that he'll be hurt once again. He also remembers his discussion with Vanessa and how she told him how she chose his life over the high life with a Count. She tells Leo he is considered a worthless bastard in his father's eyes. Vanessa is angry that she gave it all up to give Leo his life and now Leo wants to betray her and seek out the Count. Greenlee finds Leo in the park. They acknowledge that both of their families are pulling them apart but they have to try to get past it. Leo pops open some champagne and suggests they dance. Leo tells Greenlee that they have to start "living the romantic life" immediately. He grabs her and asks her to dance but she laughs and says that there is no music. He tells her to listen to the music in her head. They dance and both reminisce about their love for each other.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

David met Maggie for lunch at BJ's and told her his hunt for a house was cancelled. She was extremely bummed about it but tried hard not to show it. She said she did get wrapped up in the family fantasy. David apologized and said he was pushing Anna in a direction she wasn't ready for. He said he longed for family dinners, taking kids to the mall for sneakers, etc. Maggie said families like that aren't real but David disagreed. David said there was still a chance things would think work out. Maggie said he should move on with his life and not worry about her. David said he needed to leave and gave her money for lunch. Maggie looked like she was ready to cry.

Leo packed for his trip to Paris to hunt down his father and look for Vanessa's money. Greenlee said she'd cover for him in case anyone wondered where he was. There was a knock on the door and in came Anna. Both Greenlee and Leo were unnerved but Anna didn't seem to notice Leo's bags on the floor. Anna paced the floor saying she was married to an alien and said she hoped Leo could give her some insight into David. Leo said he has no clue about David. Anna finally noticed Leo's bags and asked if he was going somewhere. Leo said he was going to the gym and was taking extra clothes. Anna believed him and continued her tirade about David. Leo said he needed to leave for the gym but Anna begged him to help her. He said he's not the guy to ask for advice. She asked if she could use the two of them as sounding boards and went on about David as Leo and Greenlee looked nervously at each other. Anna told them that David is talking about babies and porch swings and willow trees. But that he has to have it his way or no way. A knock on the door interrupts them and Leo opens it to find David standing there. David walked in and said he needed to talk to Leo about Anna. Leo yelped "I've got to get the hell out of here!." David ignored the outburst and looked at Anna as he said he'd just left Maggie looking like she'd lost her best friend. Anna looked a little guilty and they both said they wouldn't keep Leo from the gym and started to leave. David asked Leo to look out for Maggie and Greenlee said she'd ask Maggie to be a bride's maid to make her feel more a part of the family. Leo and Greenlee walked out into the hallway and Leo asked her to let Bianca be a bride's maid too. At first she didn't want to but finally agreed. Leo said when he gets back from Europe they'll be free. He left for the airport and Greenlee joined David and Anna. She told them to stay and work things out but she had to go to work. She ran out and Anna looked at David, saying "Now what?" David tried to talk to Anna but she started to leave. David stopped her.

Jake and Mia woke up late in the morning. Mia saw what time it was and had a fit. She said she had to sneak Jake out. Her phone rang and it was Trey, demanding money. He said he wanted it in small bills and said he was dead serious, and ordered her to meet him in the park in one hour. When she hung up Jake asked if she was seeing another guy. Of course she said no. Meanwhile downstairs Adam asked Liza if she'd seen Mia this morning. Liza said she'd knocked on her door but it was locked. Tad arrived and Liza told Adam that the two of them are going back to work together. Adam was not pleased and said she was rushing things. She said she was excited to be going back to work. Adam said he was not "on board" with this and left the room. He went upstairs to Mia's room and knocked on her door, asking if she was decent. Mia told him she'd overslept and would be right down. Adam claimed to need her help with Liza, and Mia said she'd be there in 10 minutes. Adam left and Mia told Jake to go get dressed and she'd figure out how to sneak him out.

Downstairs, Tad and Liza discussed going to work. She said it would give Tad something else to focus on. He said it's hard not to crawl back into his cocoon but he's trying to stay strong for JR. Liza said he did good by bringing JR to live with him. Adam returned and asked if Liza had cleared going back to work with her doctors. She said Dr. Greenberg said it would be therapeutic for her. Liza left to say goodbye to Colby. Adam asked Tad how JR was doing. Tad said the need to make some decisions about JR's future. JR missed all of his final exams and Tad arranged with his teachers to have a tutor come over the summer. Then JR could take his tests in the fall. Adam wanted JR to intern at Chandler Enterprises this summer instead. They argued a bit and Adam asked that JR come back to live with him. Tad said no. Adam accused Tad of trying to "steal" JR. Tad begged him to help do what's right for JR. Adam finally agreed with Tad and left as Liza returned.

Mia and Jake tried to come downstairs unseen but Adam caught them and asked if Jake was coming or going. Mia ushered Jake out of the house and returned to Adam who started to lecture her. Mia asked if she broke an unwritten rule and Adam admitted that no, she had not and that her private life was up to her. Adam tried to play on her with a guilt trip about what if Colby had found her in bed with Jake but MIa was strong. She promised to be careful and that she'd never ignore Colby if she needed her. Adam asked her to promise not to tell Liza that Jake was spending the night. He said Mia's relationship with Jake might make Liza uncomfortable. Mia looked devastated and Adam hugged her as Liza and Tad walked into the living room. Liza asked if Mia was ok and Mia just ran off. Adam said he found Mia crying but she wouldn't tell him why. Tad went to get car and Liza was surprised that Adam was letting her go to work. Adam said he's learned to pick his battles with her and that he doesn't want to fight with her ever again. He left and Liza looked baffled.

In the park Kendall and Trey discussed her case. She said her best defense was to prove someone else started the fire. Bianca walked up and said "And that little ol' fire bug would be me?." Kendall retorted "Well, who has the history of playing with matches?" Trey stood off to the side and smiled. The two sisters argued and insulted each other, much to Trey's amusement. Bianca said she had started to see something in Kendall that was like her but Kendall took that as an insult. Bianca said she almost chose Kendall over Erica but fortunately she realized that Kendall wasn't human and not worth getting close to. Bianca went on to say that Kendall makes it impossible for anyone to care about her. She said she's got one good thing in her life, Ryan, but how long will that last? "What he going to do when he sees the real you?" Trey came up to Kendall's side and Bianca walked away. He asked how Bianca found out that they were going to try to pin the fire on her, but Kendall had no clue. Trey pointed out that the only person who knew was Ryan so he must have told Bianca. Trey said Ryan was undermining their case. He told Kendall to only depend on him from now on, more than anyone on earth, more than Ryan. Mia showed up and Kendall thanked her for getting the bail money and left. Mia told Trey she can't get any money. Trey demanded $50,000 and walked off.

At BJ's Maggie was sitting alone when a group of high school senior girls walked in with their graduation robes and caps. They walked over to her table and asked if she was the sister of "that girl who died, the one who dated Bianca?." Maggie said yes and they asked if, since they were twins, was Maggie "that way too." Maggie said "What way? Dead? No!." The girls said no, gay. Maggie asked if they were really being allowed to graduate because she didn't know the schoool was graduating the clueless this year. Maggie stood up and turned to leave when she ran into Bianca. The girls rushed over and asked if the two of them were going to the prom together. Maggie nastily said she'd never go to the prom with Bianca.

At the airport Leo got his ticket and turned to find Greenlee. She said she came to give him a proper goodbye. They kissed and she walked him to the gate. After he boarded the plane she got on her phone. She called someone and said "It's Greenlee! I need your help right now!"

Thursday, June 6, 2002

Kendall is angry that Ryan blabbed to Bianca about Kendall's suspicions that she started the fire. Kendall doesn't understand why Ryan would go out of his way to warn Bianca that this was the defense Kendall would use in court. A frustrated Ryan tells Kendall she is never going to get it. After he leaves, Kendall realizes her mistake. She always assumes everyone is against her, but Ryan was only trying to help her. Feeling she doesn't deserve his love, Kendall packs her bags. As she is opens the door to leave, Kendall finds JR standing there with the final payment for the motorcycle. He tells Kendall he wants to finish paying for the bike and also wants to thank Ryan for the condolence letter he sent. Curious, Kendall asks what was in the letter. JR tells her that Ryan's advice was to talk about the people you love because it keeps them alive. He shared his experiences over losing his mother and his wife. The advice really hit home for JR. It touched Kendall as well. She realized what she would be giving up if she left town. When Ryan returns, Kendall tells him she gets it now. She can't imagine living without his love.

At Enchantment, Erica calls for Greenlee to help then realizes she's no longer there. Annoyed, Erica picks up the stapler to throw it just as Chris enters the room. When he asks what he can do to help, Erica asks him to help Jack put Kendall away for good. Chris asks what is going on with all the workmen milling around the building. Erica tells him they are renovating an area for storage. This gives Chris an idea. He suggests Erica build a penthouse apartment on the roof. Erica loves the idea. It is just what she needs.

Ryan comes by and asks Chris if they can start over again and be there for each other the way they were before the fire. When Chris agrees, Ryan asks him for help with Kendall. Erica leaves to give them privacy, but listens outside the door. Ryan tells Chris that he knows in his soul that Kendall did not start the fire. He feels the real arsonist is still at large and asks Chris to help find this person. Chris and Ryan argue over the evidence against Kendall. Chris has no intention of helping her. Hurt, Ryan leaves.

Maggie verbally assaults the girls who are hassling Bianca about going to the prom. When they back down, Bianca is grateful and tells Maggie she is just like the Terminator. Afterwards, Maggie keeps Bianca company over a plate of curly fries. They talk about the fight they had the night of Maggie's birthday and each apologizes for their behavior. Maggie asks Bianca if she really is going to the prom, and Bianca says no. She was tempted to go just to make a point, but changed her mind. Maggie asks if Bianca would go with her. They laugh about the idea, then decide to play it for all its worth. They walk up to the girls that were teasing Bianca and make the announcement that they are going to the prom together. Bianca says they are going as queen and...queen. As they hug each other, Erica and Chris walk in.

Anna and David argue about their marriage. Anna feels that every time they fight, David brings up the subject of divorce. She calls him a quitter. David begs to differ. He says that it is not in his personality to give up. He never gives up on a patient, and he won't give up on their marriage. As he declares his love, they are interrupted by Anna's cell phone. She reluctantly takes the call, which turns out to be about work.

Anna goes to the park to continue her phone call. As she talks, a stranger watches from the shadows. He then begins to follow her. As the man reaches out to touch her, David tackles him. Quickly, the man puts David into a chokehold as Anna pulls a gun on him. He lets David go as Anna demands to see his identification. He holds out his passport. Anna examines it then says, "What the hell's this supposed to mean?"

Friday, June 7, 2002

Leo was shown to his hotel room by the bellman. Leo gave him a tip and was curious why the bellman was smiling, giggling and looking at the door adjoing to the next room. After the bellman left, Leo tried to get up his courage to call his father and picked up the phone receiver. Having second thoughts, he quickly put it down again, muttering to himself. He was intrigued by the sound of running water coming from the room next to his. He opened the door to the room and discovered Greenlee in the tub surrounded by volumes of foaming bubble bath. Greenlee greeted him in French and he leaped into the tub, kissing her hungrily.

After the bubble bath, Greenlee and Leo lounged on the bed, drinking wine and eating French bread. They heard music from the plaza below and went out onto the balcony to listen, basking in the romance of Paris. Back in the room, Leo decided to call his father with Greenlee's encouragement. He dialed the number. A male voice answered the phone. Leo tried speaking in French as best he could with prompts from Greenlee. Leo was relived to find out the man spoke English. He introduced himself and asked for an appointment to see his father, Count du Pres. The phone went dead. Leo was stunned. The person had hung up on him.

Greenlee assured Leo they will try again in the morning. She was thirsty and needed a drink of water so she left to find bottled water in the lobby. A male stranger knocked on Leo's door and when he opened it, the stranger hit him hard in the stomach, causing Leo to fall to the floor in pain.

Mia met Jake at the hospital. She was a little embarrassed about his spending the night at Chandler Mansion with her and asked Jake if he felt okay about the evening. Jake took her into one of the exam rooms and kissed her telling her the night they spent together was special. They were interrupted by the ER nurse who told Jake that an injured physician was being brought into the ER. Jake left to take care of the situation. Mia's cell phone rang. It was Trey. He was angry she didn't show at the park with the money. Mia told Trey this was the last time she was going to pay the bribe money and ended the call. Trey muttered to himself he won't need any more money once he finds the drug money. He is counting on Leo to lead him to it.

Erica and Chris entered BJs just as Bianca and Maggie were hugging each other. Morgan, wanting payback for Maggie's put down, leapt at the opportunity to tell Erica that Bianca and Maggie are going to the prom together as a date. Erica sensed Morgan's animosity, cheerfully told Bianca that she must have a couture gown to wear and she will take both Maggie and Bianca shopping and buy them both dresses for the occasion. Morgan disgusted her attempt to start a conflict between Erica and her daughter failed, rejoined her friends at another table.

Erica told Bianca she was pleased Bianca stood up to Morgan. Erica clarified with Bianca that she didn't hate Frankie for being gay. She didn't like Frankie because she was a con artist. Erica invited Maggie to join her, Chris and Bianca for room-service dinner at the Valley Inn. Maggie declined because she had some things she wanted to do. Likewise Chris. Erica and Bianca left BJs.

Maggie walked toward a table but Trey stepped in her path. She asked Trey if she could help him. He replied, "Are you always going to be this way?" Maggie didn't answer. Trey told her to enjoy the prom and then left.

Trey talked on his cell phone to one of his contacts in Customs. He told Trey Leo had flown to Paris and Greenlee took the Concorde to Paris. Mia showed up at the park and shoved a bag of money at Trey declaring this was the last payout. She demanded he stay out of her life.

David holding his injured hand from hitting the stranger, hurriedly went to Pine Valley Hospital with Anna to have it x-rayed. The stranger followed them. When they arrived at the hospital, David has his hand x-rayed and discovered it was not fractured but sprained. Jake admonished him for injuring his hand so now he had to be taken off the surgery rotation list. Anna meanwhile waited for David in the lobby and discovered the stranger had followed her there. She approached him to return his passport. The stranger reached into his backpack and brought out a slightly broken music box. Anna gazed at it with recognition. She had played with it as a small child. "Aidan Devane?" she asked the stranger. Are you my sister's son?" He replied he was. His mum, Lindsey passed away. His aunt and her husband raised him. He had lived at Harrogate, outside of London. He told Anna what he knew about her accident and her life at Port Charles and the WSB. Anna was surprised he knew so much about her and asked if he was in the service. GB Special Services, he replied. He just returned from the Middle East. He asked Anna what was his mum like. Anna told him she wanted to be exactly like his mother. She was beautiful and liked all different kinds of music. She had a deep laugh for such a small framed woman. She had died young. Anna had no idea she had a baby. Anna asked Aidan why was he in Pine Valley. Before he could answer, Mia entered the lobby from the exam room. Her eyes and Aidan's locked briefly. They seemed to recognize each other but Mia quickly leaves.

David thanked God his hand was not broken and left the ER room to join Anna in the lobby. He saw the stranger there talking with her and called over a nearby police officer telling the officer to arrest the stranger for stalking the police chief. David didn't know the stranger was related to Anna.

At Enchantment, Chris gave Erica a kiss for supporting Bianca at BJs. The architects arrived to talk to Chris about the remodeling project on the top floor. After he left to talk with them, Myrtle visited Erica bringing with her an envelope for Chris. It was delivered registered mail and she had signed for it. Erica confided to Myrtle that she is very happy and has rediscovered happiness with Chris she has missed in her life. Before she left, Myrtle cautioned her to go slowly and carefully.

Erica stared at the envelope addressed to Chris. She decided to open it and discovered another envelope inside addressed simply to "Chris." Her couriousity increased so she opened the envelope and quickly read the letter inside. Chris rejoined her after his appointment with the architects was finished. Erica looked at Chris and shouted, "How dare you!"



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