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Jake warned Mia not to trust Adam. Adam led Liza to believe that her brain tumor might have returned. Erica found a letter that Ryan's mother had written. Ryan proposed to Kendall. David ordered Liza to keep up her end of their business deal. Anna persuaded Aidan to remain in Pine Valley.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 10, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, June 10, 2002

David asked an officer to arrest Aidan. Anna stopped him and explained to David who he is, but David insisted she have him arrested anyway, or kiss her badge goodbye. When she questioned his choice of words, he told her that she can't play favorites. She has to arrest her nephew regardless of his relationship to her. She tried to explain that he wasn't really stalking her, but David reminded her of the criminal history of her family and she shouldn't take him for granted. Anna agreed to play it careful and she had the officer arrest Aidan. She looked at David and said, "Happy?" as they walked away. At the police station, Anna walked Aidan into her office, where David joined them a few minutes later. He told them that he finished making his statement and he overheard to officers discussing Aidan's background. He asked Aidan why he's a fugitive back in England. An officer soon brought the information in to Anna and she looked it over. She asked Aidan for details, and he proceeded to tell Anna the story. He said that he saved a woman who was being beaten up by her husband. However, she didn't want her husband arrested, so she told the police that Aidan started the fight. David continued making snide comments and told him that he would be extradited. Aidan turned to Anna and asked her if she would turn him in. She said that she'll talk to the British police, and he'll be free if his story is true. He didn't sound convinced that Anna believed him as the police led him to his cell. When he left, Anna told David that she believes he's legit, but he wasn't so sure She showed the music box to David and told him that it's one of the last memories of her childhood. She said that she's not going to write off her past, for him or anyone.

Chris asked Erica what's wrong, and Erica responded, "No one cheats on Erica Kane and gets away with it." Chris asked her what she's talking about, but Erica accused him of hiding her from someone. She pulled out the letter and read a love note that was written to Chris. Chris looked on in surprise. Chris reached for the letter and pulled it out of Erica's hands. Erica continued ripping into him, accusing him of carrying on an affair, as Chris read the note. When he finished he said, "I can't believe it, it's from her." Erica continued screaming at him, asking him if he was keeping it from her too. Chris examined the envelope and told Erica that she had no right to look at it. He began walking out, with Erica screaming at him from behind. Chris ignored her as he walked down the hallway. Erica said, "Don't walk away from me!", but he kept walking. Erica threw her shoe after him, as she broke into tears. Later, with Erica ripping papers apart in her office, Opal arrived. She showed Erica the shoe she found outside, and asked her what's wrong. Erica told Opal that she and Chris are over, because Chris was cheating on her. She told Opal about the letter, and how Chris walked out on her when she confronted him. Opal, however, wasn't buying it. She told Erica that she probably pushed Chris too hard, and she shouldn't have accused him unless she read the whole letter. Opal said that she may have ruined a good relationship, and Erica responded, "Why would I do that?" Opal said, "Good question." Erica didn't buy her reasoning, but Opal told her that it's obvious she's afraid of relationships. Opal continued to try to convince Erica that Chris is a good man and would never hurt her. Erica responded, as she began to tear up, "But, Opal, he still walked out on me."

Kendall called Trey and left an urgent message for him to call her back. Kendall was unaware that Ryan was lying awake in bed, listening to her call. She continued her message telling Trey that she can no longer keep things from Ryan and she'll find a new lawyer if he can't handle it. At this time, she noticed Ryan's eyes open. Ryan joined her as she hung up the phone, and threw her onto the bed where they began kissing. Ryan told her that it feels like they're the only two on the planet, but he then reminded her that tomorrow's another day. She said that with Trey out of town, they don't have to worry about the fire or the trial. She suggested that they take his bike up to Mount Evangeline and relax on the lake. With Ryan enjoying the idea, there came a knock at the door. Ryan opened the door to see Chris standing there. Chris told Ryan that he's not going to believe what just happened. He told Ryan that they need to talk, alone. After Kendall left, Chris pulled out the letter and told Ryan that he just got a letter from his mother. Chris told him that his mom wanted the letter mailed after she was gone. He held out the letter to Ryan and told him to read it. He said that everything they believed has all been a lie.

With Vanessa acting as Rosie Wells, Trey told her that he had a plane to catch. When Rosie let Vanessa appear, she asked Trey where Leo was. Trey told her that Leo is unavailable. She tried to explain to him that Leo would never jilt her again, but he responded that Leo left her for Paris. Vanessa became agitated and told Trey that he had to get Leo back, or he could get himself killed. She said that Leo's in danger, and screamed that she has to get out of there. Trey told her to calm down, and Vanessa told him that he has to warn Leo. Trey wasn't buying her story, and asked her what could get Leo killed in Paris. She began thinking of who she could call to help, but Trey asked her if it's about the money. He grabbed Vanessa and asked her if Leo's going after the money, and is that what's going to get him killed. He said that she could tell him where Leo and the money are so he could protect them. Vanessa said that she won't do that yet, because she doesn't trust him. She did tell him that he'll get his fair share if he gets out of there. Trey asked her how he could possibly find Leo, and she responded that Leo went to find his father, a very dangerous man named Count du Pres. She said she tried all kinds of things to prevent him from going, even telling Leo that the Count wasn't his father. When Trey asked her if the Count was Leo's father, she didn't answer and returned to her Rosie Wells persona. Trey told her that he'll be on the next flight to Paris, and 'Rosie' asked him to bring back "My Sin." Trey responded that he can do better, much better.

Leo tried to crawl to his knees, while telling the man that he had the wrong guy. The man responded that he did have the right guy, Leo du Pres. Leo asked him if they know each other from somewhere. The man told him not to play innocent, if he wishes to continue breathing. Greenlee approached the man from behind and lifted a bottle towards the back of his head. The man turned around and grabbed the bottle from her hand, while Greenlee ran into Leo's arms. The man shut the door and told him that it's time to settle things. The man told Leo and Greenlee that they won't be hurt as long as Leo leaves the Count alone. He introduced himself as the Count's Secretary, Marius Wolfe. He accused Leo of behind one of a long line of fortune hunters after the Count's money, but Leo told him that he just wanted to get to know his father. Marius said that he knows about Leo's past and he doesn't believe him. Leo asked him what would happen if he doesn't leave, and Marius told him that he will find other ways to convince him. Looking at Greenlee, Marius said that Leo has what he cherishes, and he should realize how lucky he is, and how quickly luck can change. He said that any further attempt to contact the Count would be met with extreme displeasure. He moved to leave, but Leo stopped him. He told Marius to tell the count that Vanessa Bennett sends her love. Marius didn't respond, and left. Leo turned to Greenlee and assured her that he isn't leaving Paris until he sees the Count. He tried to convince Greenlee to go back, but she said that she's staying with him. When deciding what their next move would be, Leo said that Marius reacted to Vanessa's name, and maybe her name could open doors for them. When Greenlee said that her name could open the gates of hell, Leo reassured her that Vanessa is locked away, and out of the loop. He told her that Vanessa could be in cahoots with the Count, and he might know where the drug money is. Greenlee, however, wasn't so sure. Leo felt distraught and said that he's no closer to finding out the truth about his father. He assured Greenlee, however, that he wants to stay in Paris until he finds out. The phone rang, and Greenlee moved to answer it. She told Leo that it's Marius, and he wants to talk to him. After talking with him, Leo wrote down an address and hung up. Greenlee asked him what happened, and Leo told her that Wolfe did an about face, and he now has a date to see Count du Pres tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

At the hospital, Mateo wants confirmation that Arlene is a capable of being a donor for Enzo. Edmund offers his support. Hayley, Arlene and Stuart wait for the test results with Enzo in his room. Stuart offers Arlene a place to stay after the operation but Arlene wants to stay with Hayley and Mateo. Hayley persuades Mateo to allow Arlene to stay with them. He reluctantly agrees since she is family. Arlene worries that she may not be a match but Hayley convinces her otherwise. Stuart and Arlene leave to get ice cream sundaes but Hayley and Mateo worry about Arlene falling off the wagon. Arlene ditches Stuart and approaches a hospital lab tech to get the test results. She then makes a call to the front desk at the Valley Inn and asks that they hold her bags a while longer. Edmund approaches and tells her she's doing the right thing. As Arlene leaves with Stuart, Edmund and Mateo express concern that she may go off on a binge but Hayley feels she would not screw things up for Enzo. On their way to the cafeteria Arlene tells Stuart that she does not need to be babysat. He agrees and Arlene convinces him to go and start the ice cream sundaes and says she will join him shortly. Arlene searches for the hospital worker and gets test results. Brooke and Edmund discuss the situation with Arlene; Brooke mentions that she thinks, "a miracle will happen" and Enzo will find a match, she can feel it. In Enzo's room, Hayley and Mateo discuss Arlene being there. Hayley defends her mother but Mateo is apprehensive. Stuart shows up at the room looking for Arlene. Mateo goes looking for her. Mateo finds her at a bar and comes down pretty hard on her. He wants her to wait until they get the test results but Arlene says she already knows what the results are. Arlene tells Mateo that her liver is "a bust" and he shouldn't be surprised. Mateo decides that they have to let Hayley know but Arlene wants to drag it out a little bit longer since they actually were getting along. Arlene decides to leave town without saying goodbye since she cannot bear to see Hayley's face when Mat tells her that her mother's liver is shot. Arlene begs Mateo to tell Hayley how sorry she is and that she loves her very much. Arlene also admits that at first, she just wanted to weasel back into Hayley's life, but once she held Enzo, all she wanted was to help him. Mateo says he believes her. Mateo has the difficult task of telling Hayley that Arlene is not a match. He told her that Arlene found out earlier. Hayley starts to question why her prayers weren't answered. Mateo tells her that her mother "says goodbye" and Hayley starts talking bad about Arlene. Mateo defends her. At the bar, Arlene leaves her drink untouched and leaves the bar.

Chris and Ryan discuss the letter. Chris wants Ryan to read it. Ryan declines. Chris tells Ryan that everything that they both believed to be the truth was bogus. Ryan's mother loved them both. Chris defends "Elaine" but Ryan is still apprehensive. Ryan wonders why she never told Chris about him. Chris believes that she loved him till the day she died. Ryan says that love was the last thing his mother ever showed him. Chris tells him he should read the letter. Ryan reads the letter aloud. Chris tells him to read the part about when she gave birth to him. The letter tells of her guilt about keeping Ryan from his real father and her tormented life without Chris. Ryan questions why his mother never told him about his father. Chris takes part of the blame and says after she left him he shut down. He was very hurt and feels guilty about not going after her but blames it on his pride. Chris asks if Ryan hates him. Ryan replies, "How could I hate someone who loved my mother so much?" Chris tells him that there's someone else he has to tell him. Chris gives Ryan a ring that Chris once gave to Elaine; a ring that meant they were "going steady." He tells Ryan that if he finds his love he should grab it, hold on to it and never let it go. Chris tells Ryan there are some things he has to do and departs.

At the Valley Inn, the front desk confirms Erica's things have been moved out of the room she's been sharing with Chris, as requested. Erica leaves and heads to the restaurant. Kendall walks up behind and suggests to her that there must be "trouble in paradise." Kendall and Erica spar again. Kendall tells Erica she is a "taker", someone who never thinks about anyone other than herself, and her precious Bianca. Erica retorts, "I gave you life." Kendall claims Erica neglected her but Erica denies it. Kendall says she would've crawled over broken glass to have Erica treat her the way she treats Bianca. Kendall tells her, "I am your daughter! Look at me as a person." Erica says she tries but every time she looks in her eyes she sees "him." Kendall asks "Who?" and Erica replies. "The man who raped me." Kendall asks Erica if that's all she sees. Erica tells her that when she looks at her all she sees is "him" and that the rape has haunted her entire life. She tells Kendall about the rape and how, at 14, she knew she was pregnant. Erica proclaims that Kendall has to understand her hatred for him. Erica continues on to berate her for leaving Bianca in a hotel room with "him." Erica wonders why Kendall keeps returning; she has nothing left to give her. She says Kendall is just like her father, both in appearance and by finding out another person's weakness and going in for the kill. Erica declares that Kendall will not get the best of her. Chris gets to the hotel to discover that Erica has moved out. Chris talks to Erica through her locked door. He asks her why she is doing this and tells her that she is overreacting about the letter. Erica opens the door and claims that Chris walked our on her and she is not giving him a second chance. She screams "Get out!"

Back at the room, Ryan tells Kendall about how his mother loved him and how great it makes him feel that he was conceived in love, but Kendall is upset and distraught about her run-in with Erica. Ryan guesses that Kendall just saw Erica. Kendall says her two parents hated each other and she was conceived in hatred. She tells Ryan that things aren't going to work out between them and starts packing. Ryan wants to know when "they" decided that. Kendall tells Ryan not to touch her; that Erica was right - she was "born bad." Ryan says if she is so bad why does he love her so much but Kendall runs out. Ryan calls out to her.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

In his Paris hotel room, Leo nervously got dressed for his meeting with the Count. He flashed back to a conversation he had with Vanessa, when she told him that the Count didn't know about him. Greenlee helped him get his tie on and said she hoped the Count liked Leo. Leo said he wasn't looking for his approval the way she wants Roger's. Greenlee said she wants Roger to walk her down the aisle, which started a small argument. She still hoped that the Count could be some sort of dad to Leo. Leo told her to drop it, that he was just there for the money. She reminded him that he once told her his biggest regret was not knowing his father. Leo said that Vanessa told him the Count was just a money laundering partner, that their's wasn't a love affair. This made Greenlee realize that the Count could be as dangerous as Vanessa and she told Leo she was going with him to meet his father. Leo said absolutely not but Greenlee insisted. She said she had the power to keep him safe because of her high rank as an executive at Revlon. Leo wasn't sure about that but a knock on the door interrupted them. Greenlee opened the door and an older well dressed gentleman was standing there. In a thick French accent he asked for Leo who stepped up to the door. The man looked at him and said "I understand you have something to say to me. I'm Count DuPres." He was ushered in and he continued, saying that he came to their hotel because the "walls have ears" at his house. Leo asked if he knew Vanessa and if they were lovers. The Count admitted that yes she was his mistress. Leo asked if he was his father. Count DuPres was a bit speechless and Leo said Vanessa had told him that information when he was little. He said Vanessa told him the Count demanded she either have an abortion or he would leave her. Leo told the Count about seeing him once at a ski resort and how he wanted to call out to him but didn't. The Count said he didn't know if Leo was his son or not because Vanessa's story wasn't the truth. He claimed that Vanessa had never told him she was pregnant and that until Leo's phone call last night he didn't know Leo existed.

Mary and Roger met at the Valley Inn bar. He commented on how good she looked and wondered how many surgeries it took to get that look. She ignored him and asked for his part of the money for Greenlee's engagement party. Roger made up an excuse which Mary didn't believe. Woodruff Smythe arrived and Roger made a fast exit. Woody sat down and asked if the two of them were getting along. Mary said of course not, they were working on the engagement party. Woody said the only reason Mary was trying to make Greenlee happy was so that she still got money out of him. She tried to deny it but he said that most people consider him a success but that she proves he's really a failure. They argued about Greenlee's upbringing and Mary's lack of parental feelings. Woody said Greenlee is very forgiving and wants to believe in her mother and father. He warned Mary that if she doesn't make Greenlee happy he pulling the plug on her money supply. Mary threatened to go to her mother but Woody said he'd expose her escapades in Europe. Mary was horrified as her father said "Play the good mother part and play it well." Mary whined some more and Woody said she'd missed her chance at redemption. Mary tried to turn on the waterworks but Woody wasn't moved. He said he tried to love her but she didn't try back and that Greenlee was the only one who tried to love him back. Woody said he was prepared to cut his losses with his daughter and left. Mary said to herself "You're going to punish me by giving Greenlee my inheritance? I don't think so!" and crumbled a picture of Leo she was holding.

Liza and Adam talked at home before he left for the morning. Liza heard Winifred and another maid Jennifer laughing and went to investigate. She found them giggling over something Jennifer had found in Mia's bed. They showed Liza a cuff link. Liza took it from them then called Mia to her. She handed the cuff link to Mia and told her to return it to it's owner. Mia said she didn't know whose it was. Liza commented that it looked like she and Jake were getting closer. Mia was mortified and Liza laughed, saying she wasn't in trouble. Mia remembered what Adam told her about staying a part of the family and not upsetting Liza. She denied that the cuff link belonged to Jake. Liza told her sister that she can have overnight guests and Mia said she didn't mean to take advantage of her generosity of letting her live there. Liza said she didn't and wondered why Mia was so embarrassed. Mia asked that they just forget about it and Liza agreed. Mia left and went to the hospital for work. She ran into Jake and took him off to a quiet corner. Jake said he wanted to come over again and go swimming with her very soon and Mia told him they had to "cool it." Jake was confused and Mia told him she is afraid that them being together will unnerve Liza. Jake said that must be something Adam has told her. He said she shouldn't listen to Adam but Mia claimed that Adam was just looking out for Liza. Mia handed Jake the cuff link and he said it wasn't his, he didn't even wear cuff links. They wondered who it belonged to.

Tad, Brooke and Jamie were in a therapy session with the psychologist. The doctor said their time was up and should he hold the same day/time for the rest of the summer for them. Brooke said yes except for the week of her wedding. Tad was surprised that the wedding was on again. But then he said it was ok, she didn't have to clear it with him. Brooke offered to postpone it again and the Doctor piped in, asking if she really needed her ex-husband's approval to get married. Brooke said of course not. Tad joked that Brooke was supposed to stay sad and lonely like him for ever. The doctor started to get Tad talking and insinuated that maybe Tad didn't want Brooke to remarry, that he wanted to keep her for himself. Tad said he's happy that Brooke is happy as long as she remembers Jamie and he come first. Brooke got upset and asked if he realized what she'd given up for him and that she's not making the same mistake again. Tad was surprised and said he didn't mean he should be first. Brooke apologized and said she didn't mean to attack him. The doctor tried to help but Brook didn't want to talk any more. As she started out the door Brooke told Tad she loved him and always would. Tad chased her down in the hallway and said he knows he hurt Brooke because of his love for Dixie. Brooke said it was because he and Dixie belonged together. They hugged as Edmund walked up. Tad left and Edmund asked Brooke how the session went. Brooke said lots of things are hitting Tad hard right now. Edmund said it was a good thing they're learning from the past. Edmund told Brooke that he found a match on the donor bank for Enzo. Brooke was excited and volunteered to fly out west to meet the person. She said she thought it might be good for Tad to come along, to get his mind off of things. Edmund asked about Jamie and she said Jamie was spending some time with friends at Willow Lake. Edmund told Brooke he loved her and she said that was the one thing she never worried about. He told her to call when she found out something.

Adam went to the hospital and talked to a doctor about Liza. He wanted to know what symptoms Liza might experience in her recovery. The doctor told Adam Liza is in excellent health and not to worry, but Adam insisted. So the doctor said he could watch for mood swings, headaches, blackouts and light flashes. Adam thanked him for the information and said he didn't want Liza to push herself. He went back home and met Liza in the study. She asked if everything was ok in the legal department, since he had said he was going to see his lawyers. Adam said no, he had gone to see the accountants, she must've misunderstood. But Liza insisted she'd heard him say lawyers. They argued a bit and then the lights flickered. Liza looked around and wondered what happened. Adam acted like he didn't see anything and Liza said "Surely you saw the lights flicker?!." Adam agreed that he saw them but made Liza feel like maybe she was seeing things.

Outside Dr. Greenberg's office Simone ran into Roger. They were very awkward with each other and Roger noticed Simone was wearing the bracelet he'd given her. He said he missed her and she said she missed him too. He asked her to go for coffee but she said no. The doctor opened the door and said he was ready to see Roger now so Roger went in.

At an undisclosed hotel a woman wearing a headscarf and dark sunglasses checked in at the desk, saying her name was Maureen. The woman bore a striking resemblance to the late Maria Santos Grey.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

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Greenlee impresses the Comte du Pres, and he agrees to her request. Greenlee encourages Leo to embrace the positive, and she convinces Leo to call David for support. However, Jake intercepts Leo's call. Trey spies on the Comte du Pres as he leaves Greenlee and Leo's hotel room, and Trey manages to trap himself in the room. Anna confirms to David that their relationship has met another complication, and Anna angers David when she extends an invitation and gives David unwanted analysis. Jake also stirs David's emotions with an exit opportunity, and Jake finds cause to justify his suspicions after asking Mia to come clean. Meanwhile, Liza reacts to Adam's handiwork, and Stuart inadvertently threatens to foil Adam's plans. Stuart comes upon Mia and Adam in a seemingly intimate moment, and Stuart grows more concerned when he catches Adam in a lie.

Friday, June 14, 2002

Adam talked with Mia at the Valley Inn dining room. Unknown to Mia, Adam is involving her in his plot against Liza to get revenge for taking money from Chandler Enterprises. He told Mia he is afraid for Colby and that he needs Mia to help protect Colby from Liza's problem. He wanted Mia to keep Colby safe and offered to pay her a retainer. He wanted her to quit her job at the hospital. Jake interrupts their dinner and greeted Mia with a kiss. Mia seemed unsettled with Jake in front of Adam. Adam decided to leave them alone, hoping Mia will tell Jake goodbye and quit her job.

Jake asked Mia what Adam wanted. Mia told him it was none of his business and that she can handle Adam. Jake disagreed with her and cautioned her about Adam's deceptions. "Adam uses people outside his marriage to fix what's wrong in it," Jake told Mia. He told her to wake up to Adam's tricks. Jake tried to convince Mia she is out of Adam's league and that he loved her and didn't want to see her get sucked into Adam's plots. Mia countered by telling Jake she will respect his feelings when he respects hers. She then left the dining room.

David visited Liza at Chandler Mansion and reminded her of their contract to develop a life saving drug. Liza tried to convince David the contract isn't valid as she signed it when she had her brain tumor. Liza no longer wanted to do business with David. David told her the contract is very valid and he will take her to court if necessary to prove it. Liza grabbed the contract from David's hand and shoved it down the front of his pants telling him to put it "where the sun doesn't shine." David was amused by her actions and commented on her being in rare form. Liza taunted David that he only cured Dixie for his personal gain and that bringing the drug to market using Chandler Enterprises to fund his project was for his ego. They continued to snipe at each other until Adam entered the room. Liza told Adam she believed the R&D contract was not valid as she signed it when she had her brain tumor. David countered it is valid and binding and Adam agreed with David. David, having nothing more to say, left Chandler Mansion. Liza was livid with Adam for siding with David. She was humiliated she told him. In frustration, Liza left the room, leaving Adam to smile gleefully as he clapped his hands. He called his attorney, Barry, and demanded he research paternal custody agreements. His conversation with Barry was interrupted by a cell phone call and he quickly took it. After hearing what the caller had to say he demanded why he wasn't told.

Leo and Greenlee continued to enjoy their stay in Paris. Greenlee wondered if Leo called David as he promised, doubting that he really would. Leo surprised her and said he did call David but he wasn't at the hospital. Jake took a message and promised David would call back. They talked about going out on the hotel balcony to enjoy the Parisian music being played below in the plaza. Trey, hiding on the balcony after placing a bug in their telephone in the suite, realized that he will be caught so he jumped over the railing. Inside the suite, Greenlee heard a noise and wondered aloud to Leo what it could be. Leo shrugged it off and they retired for the night.

Greenlee woke up in the morning and found Leo wasn't there sleeping next to her. She wondered where he had gone. She believed he was out looking for his father. The door to the hotel room opened and Leo entered carrying a breakfast tray with goodies. He tantalized her by holding up a velvet box and told her it was a present. The box contained three diamonds on a gold chain. One diamond for yesterday, one for today and one for tomorrow. Greenlee was enchanted with the necklace and quickly put it on. She told Leo, "you and me forever." Leo replied, "You saved me." They kissed.

Greenlee, pleased with her gift from Leo told Leo she had something lacey to show him but she is saving it for the wedding. They teased each other as Greenlee opened the door to the bedroom. There was a knock at the door. Leo opened the door and was surprised to see Count duPres standing there. Leo asked why he was there. The Count told Leo he had done much research and realized that there may be some truth to Leo being his son. He told Leo it is possible he is Leo's real father. Leo's jaw dropped. The Count suggested having a DNA test done.

Ryan, worried about where Kendall might be, called Anna to see if she was with her. Finding out that Kendall wasn't he wondered where she was. He flashed back to Kendall's telling him she was born bad and his declaration of love for her. He became frustrated when he couldn't find out where Kendall had run off to and threw an object at the wall in his motel room. He found a perfume bottle belonging to Kendall and sprayed some on his hand, the fragrance reminded him of the times he shared with Kendall.

Erica visited Mona's grave and told her "it happened again, Mom." She confessed she was scared. So many things have gone wrong and right. They all have molded together and she couldn't get them apart. Kendall had told her she didn't set the fire and Erica wasn't sure if she was telling the truth. The evidence pointed at Kendall. Erica thanked Mona for "special ordering" Chris. He is just what she needed. Chris appeared at the cemetery and offered to take Erica home. He tried to explain about the letter from Gail and that he had to get it to Ryan right away so he would know the truth about his mother. She wasn't the horrible person he thought she was and that she did love him and Chris very much. Erica, knowing that Gail is dead, accepted Chris's offered to take him home as it began to thunder.

As soon as Erica and Chris left the cemetery, Kendall appeared at Mona's grave. She called Ryan on her cell phone and asked him to come get her. The thunder continued as Ryan arrived at the cemetery. Finding Kendall he held her face in his hands. He was relieved he had found her. Kendall told Chris she finally got it. She confessed she didn't want Ryan to know she was so lost and that she couldn't make anyone love her. Ryan asked her what now. Kendall wanted to know if Ryan really believed in her and that she is not evil. She implored him to tell her he loves her. It began to rain. Ryan proclaimed his love to Kendall. "I love her heart and soul. I need you in my life," he continued. "Marry me, Kendall!"

At the Valley Inn, Erica apologized to Chris for her behavior and doubting his love for her as well as her jealousy regarding Gail. She asked for his forgiveness. She admitted she needs him. He put his arms around her to comfort her. Erica and Chris retired to the bedroom to sleep but Erica was restless as she dreamt about the fire. Erica awoke and wondered what was Kendall still doing in the house while it was burning. What if Kendall didn't start the fire?

Trey woke up in a hospital in Paris with bruises, cuts, a sprained ankle and bandaged hand. One lens from his glasses was broken as well. The doctor, seeing Trey has awakened reminded him he had been sedated and commented on the old burn mark on his arm. He asked Trey what happened and Trey made a weak excuse he tripped, fell and hit his head so he didn't remember the rest. The doctor was not convinced based on his injuries. The doctor thought Trey had either jumped or fell from the Hotel de la Notre Dame where he was not a guest. Trey realized the doctor knew more than he had hoped. A French policeman arrived at the hospital to question Trey and told him he was under criminal investigation. Trey was dismayed. The policeman left to talk to the doctor about his suspicions. When they returned, Trey had disappeared.



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