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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 10, 2002 on GL
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Monday, June 10, 2002

After Trish and Rusty take their seats, Josh and Reva tell their friends and family members that they are going to marry themselves in the presence of a Justice of the Peace. As they address the crowd, Josh and Reva reminisce about the special moments of their lives and those people who have touched them. After Josh and Reva sign the marriage certificate, family members put them through various ethnic wedding traditions, hoping to solidify their marriage. Olivia orders her operative not to do anything until she's at the Beacon Hotel to witness first hand her special plans for today's wedding. Alan invites her upstairs to the bedroom and when she claims she has other plans, he angrily warns her about playing him for a fool.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Handing out candles, Josh and Reva encourage everyone to take advantage of the electrical blackout and make the wedding reception even more romantic. Admitting he had the document unsealed but insists he hasn't read it, Phillip offers Harley Gus' juvenile record. Beth presses Bill for information about Lorelei in Texas but Phillip interrupts as he admits that she broke his heart. Alan accuses a tipsy Olivia of ordering the electrical accident and suggests that her plan has backfired and made the event even more successful. Cassie accuses Olivia of sabotaging the event but she denies it. With the lights back on, Alan tries to take Olivia home but she reminds him that she owns half the place and will soon own it all so she can show the world she doesn't need anyone in her life.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

At the Beacon Hotel

Billy Lewis told Cassie that they have extensive damage in the wiring. Olivia entered and Cassie wanted to know if she knew anything about the electrical problem. She told Cassie to call her if she finds out anything. Billy told her to pop three aspirin with tomato juice and raw eggs. Edmund entered and Cassie said, "My morning is complete." Cassie and Billy exit to take a look at the basement. Edmund wanted to know how Olivia liked their disaster. Olivia told him to talk quieter since she had a headache. She told Edmund that Danny decided to be her construction partner. Smiling, Edmund said that, "The virtuous monster is back in the game." Edmund exits. Cassie and Billy enter. She told Olivia that this problem was done on purpose. Cassie wanted to know if she could answer the question of who did it. Billy told her that it would cost $150,000 to repair the damage. Cassie still believes that Olivia had something to do with it. Finally, Olivia admitted she did the whole thing. Olivia reminded her of the insurance papers she had Cassie sign before the wedding. Olivia exits. Cassie told Pat, the electrician, to do whatever it takes to fix it but not tonight because she had something planned.

At Company

As Harley is sitting at the table, she removed a piece of paper from her pocketbook that contained information about Gus. She remembered that Phillip gave it to her. She quickly returned it to her pocketbook. Gus enters and asked her what is wrong. Gus told Marina that they heard she was grounded. Marina wanted to know how Gus could be so nice to her. She thought if they broke up the whole family would be happy. Frank enters. He made the comment to Marina that he doesn't know how she came up with this plan. Marina told him it worked with her mother and Cain. Angry, Frank exits.


Harley tried to console Frank that it is over with Cain and what happened to Marina. Frank didn't want Marina to get hurt as much as Harley did, referring to Harley getting pregnant. Harley told Frank that she is worried about what Alan will do about Gus and his records. She shows Frank the piece of paper that Phillip gave her. She told Frank that she couldn't open it because it is private.

Frank enters Company and told Gus that Harley wanted to talk to him. Frank told Marina that he isn't mad at her, but just upset. She told Frank that Cain just got in the wrong bed. He wanted Marina to know that she will always be his little girl and he will always protect her.

Gus told Harley that Frank needed to get Marina some help. He knows how hard it is to carry something around that you cannot tell anyone. Harley wanted to know what is behind his game face. She wanted him to talk to her about it because there shouldn't be any secrets between them. Harley showed him he copy she received of his juvenile record and that Phillip gave it to her. She told him to do whatever he wanted to do with it. Harley exits.

At the Spaulding mansion

Beth clutches the diary and wanted to know what Lorelei did. She picked up a napkin and was reading what someone had written. Phillip enters. He asked her why she is looking at Lorelei's things. She said she thought she might remember something. But Phillip noticed her expression and wanted to know if she was ok. Beth started to cry. She told Phillip that it is very scary to know, but she cannot remember what she did and is worried about the consequences. She explained that she liked a good time as Lorelei and maybe she did things that neither one want to know about. Phillip reminded her that things are going well and whatever happened has happened. They embrace. He gave her credit for coping up to this point. Phillip reassured her that what she did as Lorelei doesn't bother him. He reminded her that it isn't important because they are all together now. Beth asked him to get Lorelei's stuff out of her site. But he suggested that she take it up to the attic. As Beth and Phillip exit, the diary is seen stuck close to a pillow on the couch.

Olivia gave Billy the insurance paper. He told Olivia that he thought Beth was someone else. He told her about the woman named Lorelei that he met in Texas. Billy said that Lorelei has a wild personality. Olivia laughed and said it is so fascinating and wanted to know more.

Attic at Spaulding mansion

Phillip wanted her know that if she wanted to know what happened he will help. But Beth decided that she doesn't want to know and she wants to live for now. Phillip guided her to the bed, kissing her passionately.

At the Bauer house

Ed told Danny that Rick has been bumped to the top of the heart list. He told Danny how things are different than they were in Africa as a hostage. Michelle enters and hears him comment that he was rescued. He tried to explain that it was a figure of speech. Ed told her that he would answer her question if Danny will answer his. He asked Danny how he got him out of Africa. But Danny told Ed that he did the impossible by surviving. Michelle kept insisting that she needed to know everything. Ed proceeded to tell her that he was sick with malaria, but something that Rick said to him must have penetrated. He felt like he could hear Michelle calling his name. As he was getting better all, he could think about was getting home to her. He explained that the part of Africa he was in wasn't safe, and he tried to get out on his own. He found out that it was a mistake and he was kidnapped. He said they wanted his skills as a doctor. There were people sick everywhere in Africa and the disease was terrible. He said he was never mistreated but he was never free to leave. He noticed the weeks turned into months, but then these people showed up that were looking for him. Ed noticed that money changed hands and he was escorted to the airport where he saw Danny. Before he knew it he was free. Michelle sighed with tears in her eyes. Michelle asked Danny how he found him. Ed wants to pay Danny back, but Danny said it doesn't matter. Michelle wanted to now how he pulled it off.

Edmund enter. He introduced himself to Ed as a friend of the family. He admitted that he helped Danny. Ed asked Michele what is the matter. She told him that Danny and his family are complicated.

Outside of the Bauer house

Danny told Edmund that he wants to keep his business and personal life separate. Edmund realized that his involvement is worth more than he thought. He told Danny that he has been checking on the funds that were obtained illegally from Olivia Spencer. He wanted an adjustment to his fee. He threatened to tell Danny's family if he didn't comply. Edmund exits.

At Towers

Carmen is asking Edmund for the details on Olivia and Danny working together. Carmen wanted to know how they let Michelle in on Danny's secret. Edmund said that nobody would know they are involved with destroying Danny's reputation. She told him to be careful. Edmund exits.

As Edmund got on the elevator, a man followed him. He told Edmund that Danny Santos sent him.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

At the Marler house

Ross wished Blake happy anniversary and they talk about their wedding day. Ross commented that so much has changed. Blake told Ross that she wants the same thing, but they can't because Tory is still out there. Ross said they would take action. Ross asked Blake if she would dance with him. As they hold each other, they began to dance. Ross apologized that he didn't want to make her feel any less than beautiful. Holley beats on the door. She told them that she is checking up on them. Blake told Holley that they staged the fight because they saw Tory at the wedding. Holley wants to call the police, but Ross said no. They are afraid it may backfire on them since Blake kept Tory locked up. Ross told her that they want Tory to think they are at each other's throats. Blake answered the door to find Ed. They all hug. Ed talked about what it was like to be back in Springfield. Ed told them they are hopeful about Rick. Ed said he was on his way to see Rick at the hospital so he couldn't stay long. Holley said she could drop him off at the hospital. Blake and Holley exit. Ed asked Ross if everything is ok, and Ross said no. Ed wanted to know if he could do anything to help. They talked about their children and what they would do to save them. Ross asked if there is something they can do for him. Ed thanked him for being there for his children while he was gone. Ross explained his relationship with Tory. Ed told him to call him anytime to talk.

At the cabin

Tory told herself that things work out so perfectly. She picked up a bouquet of flowers and pull off flowers saying he loves me, he loves me not. She remembered how Ross and Blake fought at the party. Tory heard a noise and thought it was Ross. Outside Rick and Mel are coming onto the porch. Tory ran to hide. Rick and Mel came into the house. Mel noticed the fire was going and thought there was someone there. Rick yelled for Phillip and Beth. Mel gets a fireplace poker and started to walk through the cabin. Tory was outside running away. Mel said there was nobody there. Mel said the cabin is special because that is where they first made love. Rick asked Mel to relax. She wanted to get everything set up and then the day will be theirs. She found a will that Rick had signed to not be resuscitated. She wanted to know when he was going to tell her. Rick explained if they don't have time to get to hospital if he gets really sick, this was his choice. Rick told her to listen to him because life does have its surprises. Mel began to cry. Rick said he doesn't want a machine to keep him alive. But Mel refuses to listen because she knows he is going to be around for a very long time. They embrace.

At the Spaulding mansion

Billy told Olivia that Lorelei has an amazing resemblance to Beth. He said he needed to get going and take care of the insurance papers, but Olivia wanted to hear more about Lorelei. He told her that he doesn't kiss and tell. Beth enters. Olivia told Beth that they were sort of talking about her. Bully told Beth that they are only kidding. He told Beth that he was taking a look at the electrical problem at the Beacon. Olivia told bill to wait for a minute before he leaves. Beth wanted to meet with Billy later. He said he would be at Company later. Billy exits. Olivia enters. Beth wanted to know if she was torturing that poor boy. Olivia thought it was amazing that Billy knew her as Lorelei. Beth told Olivia that her therapist said she is doing nicely. Olivia offered her help. Olivia said that she was having a good time lat night, but Beth was surprised Olivia could remember anything. Olivia told Beth that the look on Alan's face when he realized that Phillip brought her home. Beth wanted to know if she thought that Phillip was interested in her. Olivia commented that men couldn't help themselves when it comes to her. Beth laughed and wanted to know what she was really after. Beth told her to stay away from Lizzie and from Phillip, especially since she was trying to make Alan jealous. Olivia wanted to know if she was afraid she was going to dig up some dark secrets. Beth told her she should be afraid of her.

Beth began to look once again at the writing on the napkin. She hid the diary as Phillip enters. Beth wanted to pick up where they left off. As they are kissing, Olivia enters. Beth said they will continue this later and she exits. Olivia said she was looking for Alan so he could apologize. Phillip said that was funny. He told her to pick her battle carefully with the Spaulding's. Phillip exits.

Alan enters. Olivia apologized to Alan. She told Alan she had reason to celebrate. Alan was appalled that her public spectacle was a form of celebration. Olivia begged for forgiveness. Alan told her to not mistake him for a fool. Olivia suggested for him to take the locks off of her bedroom door. He said, "Yes, it would it easier for the maids to clean." Alan exits. Olivia began to throw pillows and found Lorelei's diary. She began to laugh as she reads the diary.

At Company

Beth enters. Billy asked her if her and Phillip are currently in love because he doesn't date someone who is involved. Beth asked him if he thought this was a date, and he said yes. But she told him that it isn't a date because she doesn't date boys. She informed him that she is happy with Phillip. Billy said that Lorelei was about her age. Beth waned to hear more about her obvious twin. Billy said that she looked like her and had a wild personality. Beth wanted to know how well they knew each other. Beth apologized and said that she was curious. Billy said that he and Lorelei were good friends. Beth exits.

Outside of company

Holley wondered how Ed has changed. He said he hoped he learned a few things. They discuss Holley's marriage to Roger and how she let it affect her. Holley told him that it was good to have him back. Ed told Holley that he hoped that he doesn't disappoint anyone and thinks he is a different person. Holey reassured him that everyone is glad he is home. Ed exits to go the hospital.

At the Beacon Hotel

Tory walked around picking up flower petals and a napkin. She began to dream about Ross and Blake fighting. Aloud she said, "Soon, very soon Ross."

Friday, June 14, 2002

Warning that he's being shipped off to prison today, Carmen insists that Romeo spill the secret to Tony today "or else." Romeo refuses unless Carmen antes more money into the pot for him. When Tony announces that he's going to say a fitting goodbye to Catalina, Marah tries to tell him that she slept with Romeo. Ray's arrival causes Marah to postpone her confession. She advises Cassie about her fear that Tony will never forgive her and then leaks that she slept with Romeo to get back at Tony. Cassie encourages her to be honest with Tony. Carmen interrupts Ray and Tony at the cemetery and tricks Tony into confronting Romeo. Romeo tells Tony that Marah slept with him.

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