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Passions Recaps: The week of June 10, 2002 on PS
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Monday, June 10, 2002

Timmy pulls off Peggy's mask and expects to find Norma under it. Instead he finds Julian Crane! Julian tells Timmy that he plans on staying dead until the person who shot him gets executed. Unfortunately, he does not know who almost fatally shot him but he fears everyone on the suspect list. He tells Timmy some of the little details of how he escaped the tuna vat. He also tells Timmy he spent a summer at a camp where he learned to cook and that is how he came up with the Peggy the Cook disguise.

The real Norma dressed as a nun knocks on Tabitha's door. She begins to chase Tabitha through her house. She takes an axe and hurls it at Tabitha. She draws blood and takes off after Tabby again.

Theresa has visions of happily ever after with Ethan. Ethan puts a halt to her fantasies. He tells her he is going to find her a safe place to have her baby and then return to Harmony to face the consequences of his actions. He tells her he cannot tell her for sure that he even still loves her.

Diana can't believe that Liz wished her dead. Liz apologizes but firmly states that she is tired of Diana always needing rescuing from Brian. She says that she needs to take responsibility for her actions and start acting like an adult. She tells her she will not let Diana put Brian's life at risk. Diana says she will get herself out of the mess with Nick. Diana goes to Nick's room. She asks if there is anything that he will take to pay off her debt instead of money. Nick smiles and says there is and invites her inside.

Rebecca and Ivy realize that Theresa escaped. They plan on going to the authorities and turning her in. Pilar stops Ivy dead in her tracks when she says "Guess who is driving the get away car." Ivy is livid and blames Theresa. She says it is just another way for Theresa to ruin Ethan's life. She says that Theresa turned her son into a fugitive.

Sam is determined to turn in Ethan and Theresa. Luis stops him by pointing his gun at Sam. The gun goes off accidentally. No one gets hurt but Pilar and Ivy both beg Sam for more time. Sam reluctantly agrees to give the fugitives more time.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Theresa still believes that she can have a future with Ethan if she can spend more time alone with him. She tries to hide the fact that she is having labor pains to buy more time with Ethan so they can bond.

Ethan takes Theresa to the cabin. While Theresa is eating, Ethan calls Gwen. He tells Gwen of his situation and how he will probably be going to prison. He tells her that he must break it off once and for all. Gwen tries her best to talk Ethan out of helping Theresa. She points out the fact that he will be spending a good part of his life behind bars for helping Theresa. Gwen says that Theresa is always leading him to disaster.

Kay consoles Miguel. Simone finds Kay and tells her that Kay was right when she said that Whitney and Chad are not an item. Simone thinks she is getting mixed signals from Kay. Simone gets suspicious of her sister and Chad all over again. She heads to the hospital to have a final confrontation with her sister. Kay tries to go after Simone but the zombie steps in her way. The zombie assures Kay that Simone will kill Whitney. The zombie also drops another bomb on Kay. She tells Kay that tonight is the night that she will finally seduce and kill Miguel.

Gwen promises to wait for Ethan no matter how long it takes. Crazy Norma chases after Tabitha, cornering her in her own bedroom. Tabitha asks the zombie for help but the zombie is unwilling to cooperate. The floating head shows up and tells Tabby that he has news of Timmy.

Timmy and Julian are trapped in the back of the diner which is now on fire. Julian uses a keg to break through the doorway and they escape. Timmy goes back to the inferno for his dog Toto.

Gwen thinks she knows where Ethan and Theresa are. She also has a plan to help Ethan.

The orderlies from the mental hospital rush in just in the nick of time to save Tabitha from being axed. They take Norma away.

Julian, Timmy and Toto escape the fire. Timmy says he will be on his way to find the demon's horn to save Charity. Julian says that Timmy is going no where without him. He doesn't want Timmy to blab to anyone that he is really alive. Timmy makes a deal with Julian. He says that if Julian helps him, he'll keep his mouth shut. They shake hands. Kay is in the church garden.

She tries to use prayer to save Miguel's life. The statues in the garden come to life and a legion of sword welding angels appear behind the zombie ready to attack. The floating head tells Tabitha that Timmy is in grave danger from someone in his past. She is unaware that the someone is Julian Crane.

Simone watches Whitney and Chad kiss in the hospital corridor. Simone damns Whitney and slaps her across the face.

Theresa is crushed to see Gwen in Ethan's arms.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Simone confronts Whitney at the hospital after seeing Whitney and Chad embrace. The only thing Whitney can do to calm Simone down is to tell her about Theresa's deadly condition. Whitney assures Simone that Chad was only comforting her after hearing the news about her best friend. Simone seems genuinely sad to hear about Theresa and tells Whitney that she understands that she needed comfort but next time get it from someone else, not her boyfriend Chad. She tells her sister that if she interferes with her relationship with Chad they won't be sisters anymore.

Whitney tells Chad that she has to give him up for Simone's sake. Chad tells Whitney that they have already been through this and even if they were not together, he still is not in love with Simone. Whitney yells to Chad that it is hard for her. She reminds Chad that her best friend is sentenced to die and may die in child birth. She could lose her sister's love forever and she has to give up the man she loves. Chad smiles when he hears Whitney finally admit that she loves him. He says now he will never let her go.

The stone angels attack the zombie. They almost do her in but Miguel comes into the garden and they turn back into inanimate statues. The zombie makes her getaway with Miguel much to Kay's dismay. She tells Father Lonigan that something horrible is about to happen. He says that they must pray. Kay says it won't help but Father Lonigan won't take no for an answer.

Diana goes to Nick's room to make a bargain to pay off her debts. She gets angry and reminds him that she is not a prostitute. He tells her that is not what he wants. He does say that if she hooks up with him, she will pay off her debt and probably find out about her past. Nick has a real flashback of seeing Sheridan in Paris. He tells Diana that he does not know where or when he saw her but it is only a matter of time that until he remembers and fills in the blanks for her.

Theresa gets angry seeing Gwen in Ethan's arms. She yells to Ethan to find out why Gwen is there. Ethan tells Theresa that Gwen must have figured out where they were. Gwen does her best to get Ethan to leave Theresa and save his own future. Ethan won't hear of it. He goes outside to make a cell call to a pilot. He arranges for a helicopter to come to the cabin. Meanwhile, Theresa sand Gwen argue over Ethan. Gwen gets mad and tells Theresa that she is ruining Ethan's life. Theresa tells Gwen to back off and face the fact that Ethan only felt obligated to marry her. Theresa tells Gwen that Ethan really loves her. Gwen laughs at Theresa and says if that it true then why did they make love. Theresa covers her ears and yells that she was ready to die for Ethan. She almost lets it slip that Ethan shot Julian. Gwen tells Theresa she is a selfish bitch and she wishes that she would die instead of ruining Ethan' life. After Gwen walks out of the room, Theresa has a contraction so painful that she falls to her knees.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

The zombie and Miguel walk into the church graveyard. The zombie plans to seduce Miguel right there. Kay tells Father Lonigan the whole sordid story of how she brought evil back into Harmony. She relives how she cast a spell from the Book of Pain and how the zombie is planning to seduce and kill Miguel. Father Lonigan tells Kay that prayer is the best ammunition that they have against the evil. They hold hands and begin to pray as hard as they can.

The zombie casts spell in the graveyard. The makes a humid misty rain fall around them and drums beating off into the distance. Miguel forgets all about the trouble that his sister is in. The zombie's eyes turn to demon eyes. She tells Miguel to take her right there, right now. Miguel forgets about everything except Charity.

Brian bursts into Nick's room and starts beating on him, demanding that Nick take his hands off of Diana. Liz rushes in and sees the fight. Diana stops it by telling Brian that she wants to be with Nick. She lies to save his life and tells Brian that Nick can give her some much more than he can. She tells Brian for starters, Nick can help her uncover her past not to mention buy her expensive clothes and jewelry. Brian is reluctant to believe a very convincing Diana when she says that she wants to be with Nick.

Theresa lies to Ethan once again about being in labor. She tells Ethan that she is alright and everything else will be alright once they get out of the country. Gwen calls Rebecca on the phone. Rebecca is thrilled that Gwen found Ethan and tells Gwen that Theresa will eventually die no matter what. Rebecca tells Gwen all about Theresa's life threatening condition. Gwen begs Ethan not to run away with Theresa. She tells them both about Theresa's condition. Theresa calls it a lie. The helicopter sounds off in the distance. Ethan must decide. He tells Gwen that he has to try to get Theresa to safety. Gwen tells God to help them both.

Brian walks out of Nick's room, seeming to finally believe Diana when she says she no longer wants anything more to do with him. Diana tearfully tells herself that it was for the best. She had to keep him alive.

Miguel and the zombie's lovemaking come to a stop when Miguel thinks he hears Father Lonigan's voice. The zombie gets angry and four demon claws come up from under the ground and hold Miguel down so the zombie can continue.

Friday, June 14, 2002

The zombie begins to make love to Miguel in the rainy churchyard. Kay prays to god to protect Miguel. Kay is armed with a bottle of holy water, determined to use it against the zombie.

The helicopter comes for Ethan and Theresa. Gwen makes one last ditch effort to change Ethan's mind. Gwen calls Theresa bad news and tells Ethan that she knows something terrible will happen to him if he goes off with Theresa. Theresa once again lies about her labor pains to buy time with Ethan. The helicopter pilot warns Ethan that they have to hurry. He says the storm winds are getting stronger and he needs to get moving before the winds cause damage. Theresa pulls and tugs on Ethan's arm urging him on. The pilot calls and tells Ethan that a tree is blocking where he planned to land. He tells Ethan to be ready when he calls because the storm is getting more dangerous. Gwen warns Theresa she will not let her ruin Ethan's life again. She says she will do whatever it takes to stop Ethan from ruining his life.

The zombie smirks at Kay's bottle of holy water. The zombie calls upon her evil minions of demons. They come crawling out of the graves and descend on Kay. As Kay tries to free Miguel from the grip of one, it latches onto her wrist and won't let go of her. The zombie tells her to watch the lovemaking and see what she is missing.

Tabby sees in the sacred scroll, that Timmy is with Julian Crane. They come upon a billboard advertising the WIZARD at the Over the Rainbow Hotel. The symbol on the Billboard looks like the demon claw that Timmy has been chasing. They enter the hotel on the yellow brick road. They start off on an adventure right from the Wizard Of Oz. Diana is heartbroken about hurting Brian to save his life. Brian and Liz cannot believe how Diana is acting. Liz points out that Diana may be realizing who she really is and her real personality is coming back. Diana goes to get on Nick's yacht and sail away with him. Ethan and Theresa board the helicopter. Gwen watches in horror as a bright flash of light brightens the sky. Gwen says "Oh my god...the helicopter crashed!"

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