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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 10, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, June 10, 2002

by Andy

At the Snyder barn, Lucy sits down on a stray pack of cigarettes and thinks they belong to Alison. This leads her to believe that Alison may have been trying to catch her riding Aaron's bike. Aaron doesn't think Lucy should be hanging out with Alison anymore.

Back at Craig's suite, Alison slips photos of Lucy sitting on Aaron's motorcycle under Craig's front door. He immediately sees the photos and calls Lucy. "I'm sending a car for you. Wait by the gate." Lucy senses Craig's stern tone and asks what's wrong, but Craig won't say.

Lucy makes it home and Craig shows his daughter the photo. Lucy lies and says she only sat on the bike. She didn't go on the road, "and I wore my helmet!" Craig barks, "It doesn't matter!" He's very worried about losing Lucy the same way he lost his son. He threatens to forbid Lucy from seeing Aaron ever again if she won't listen to reason. They calm down and she agrees to no longer ride the bike. Craig gives her the photos and tells her how he came upon them. Lucy leaves to go confront Alison.

Alison runs into Emily at the Java coffee shop. They get into the same family arguments they've had for years, but Emily tries to break through to her 'sister'. Aaron walks in and up to their table. Alison asks Aaron if he wants to sit down because Emily "was just leaving." Aaron declines the invitation and slaps her lost pack of cigarettes down on the table. Alison denies the cigarettes are hers. He tells her to make sure to say hello the next time she stops by the barn, and storms away. Emily grabs the smokes and tells Alison she's not going to get them back. Alison snatches them away and Emily warns her that if she skips school, she'll be there; if she smokes, she'll tell Susan; and if she did what ever Aaron thinks she did, she'll get her for that too. "The party's over Alison. From here on in, you're answering to me."

At the cottage, Simon and Katie get a call from Margo. She needs them at the station right away.

In the Lakeview bar, a drunken Molly is attacking Rosanna because she thinks she heard Rosanna and Barbara conspiring against Carly. Jack comes in with Carly and sends everyone back to their corners. He asks Barbara what happened, and Molly blabs her interpretation of the events. Carly is disgusted, but not surprised, at what she hears. Barbara contritely says, "Carly. This was all a misunderstanding. You have nothing to fear from me." Carly pins her back with her eyes and says, "Barbara! As long as you are ALIVE, I will have something to fear from you." Then she turns to Rosanna and spits, "You are getting very good at sinking to my expectations." Carly takes Molly home and leaves Jack behind. Rosanna doesn't think he has to stay on their account. He says he's there for police business. "Do either of you want to press charges against Molly for assault?" Barbara counsels Rosanna not to press charges. Of course Rosanna wouldn't dream of it, but she does press Jack to make sure it's in his report that Molly was the one who started the whole scene. She doesn't want it coming back to bite her later. "She's done it in the past. This time I'm going to be ready for her." Before Craig leaves, he warns Barbara about getting involved with Rosanna. Once again, Rosanna offers her assistance to help save Barbara's company, but she declines. "I'm not about to sell out to the first opportunist who makes an offer."

At the station, Margo tells Katie and Simon that she received a complaint that a couple went streaking through the woods last night. She pulls a boy eyewitness out of the interrogation room to identify Katie and Simon. The boy takes one look at Katie and Simon and runs for cover. Margo coaxes him back and he IDs them as the streaking couple. The boy asks Margo if he could tell Katie where his next campout will be. Margo shoos him out of the station. Margo suggests that even though they've been through a lot lately, they should grow up and do something useful with their lives. Somehow Margo lets it slip out that Paul, Rose, and Henry are in Avanya looking for the Rose's father and the diamond. Katie's ears perk up, "Our diamond?" Margo asks if Simon could go down to help out, because she's not getting much help from the Avanya authorities. Katie says no thank you.

Back at Molly's place, Carly tells Molly not to worry about Rosanna. Molly says she's upset because Jake's ashes were delivered today. She doesn't want a pep talk. "I just want to feel the way I feel." Molly explains that Jake usually appears after she's had a few cocktails. Carly suggests that maybe Jake is trying to tell her something. Molly thanks Carly for not thinking she's losing it and for being such a good friend. On her way out, Carly tells her to call if she needs anything. Molly shuts the door, turns off the lights, sits on the couch, and waits for Jake. She passes out later, and Jake appears. He says, "What am I going to do with you?"

Lucy catches up with Alison at Java and demands to know why she was spying on her.

Rosanna goes to see Craig to cry on his shoulder. She tells him that Barbara called her an opportunist. Craig says there are worse things in the world and she should get used to it, "because, let's face it. That's what you are!" Rosanna is offended until Craig tells her he meant it as a compliment. He lifts her up and they start to kiss. There's a knock and it's Carly at the door. Craig opens the door and she waltzes straight to Rosanna and says, "You weren't in your suite, so I figured you slithered down here." "What do you want?" "I want you to back Barbara Ryan with every penny you've got - because when I bury BRO - I want you to go down with it."

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Bonnie and Jessica have a talk before Jessica leaves. She tells Bonnie she can have duel citizenship and come and go when she pleases, but Bonnie wants to stay in Scotland. Bonnie and Jessica look over some heirlooms from Scotland. They then discuss Isaac. Bonnie wants to be a good duchess and throw balls and donate time and anything else a duchess does, and not think about Isaac ever again. Jessica asks if she told Isaac how she really feels and Bonnie admits to not telling him.

Isaac goes to see Molly were she admits to not knowing how to let Jake go. Molly tells Isaac how she had went out for drinks with Jake yesterday and Carly had to drag her out. Isaac tells her about someone he knew that took a while to scatter the ashes of a loved one. Molly thinks Jake sent Isaac there to talk about Bonnie.

Aaron studies for his GED while thinking of Lucy. While Emily and Alison have a talk about how messed up her life is and how Emily wants to help make it right. Lucy walks in and questions Alison about a picture which mysteriously shows up under Craig's door. Alison knew the picture would get Lucy in trouble and would potentially ruin any chance of a relationship. Alison tries to play it off as not being her, but Lucy tells her they found her cigarettes in the barn. Lucy said she will never trust Alison again nor does she want to talk to her anymore. Emily interjects and wants the girls to clear this up. She leaves them alone and when she does Lucy gets a call from Aaron...when the phone call is over Alison wants to know who it was and Lucy doesn't trust her enough to tell her. Meanwhile at the ranch, Craig shows up and threatens Aaron with sending Lucy back to Montega.

Carly and Rosanna have a brawl again while Craig looks on. He tells them he has to leave and not to break anything. Rosanna talk about BRO's trouble and how Carly wants to cash in on it and Carly denies it. Rosanna said she knows she is a good designer but she needs a start and BRO's downfall would be a good place to rename herself. Carly said she is jealous because she hasn't found anyone yet while Rosanna said neither has Carly because she doesn't hate Craig...much to the contrary, she wants him for herself and is angry to see Craig and Rosanna having a relationship.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

At the farm, Aaron is angry and lashes out at Lucy. She leaves but then returns and ask him what is wrong. Lucy tells Aaron about the picture that Alison took. Aaron tells Lucy that Craig showed up at the farm and that Craig can make Lucy never want to see Aaron again. Aaron explains that he was arrested for breaking into a house and Craig knows about it. Aaron says he didn't steal anything - he simply went into a neighborhood house just to look around because it was a family he admired and he just wanted a closer look into their lives. Lucy says she believes him and understands what happened. Lucy decides to talk to her dad. She tells Aaron that Craig has no reason to judge Aaron after all the things he has done.

Lily looks at pictures of Rose and Paul's engagement party. She tells Holden she is worried about her sister and is trying to keep busy. Holden tries to calm Lily down and reassure her that Rose is okay. They have a water-balloon fight with their kids and begin to enjoy themselves. As they are relaxing, Lucinda comes over. She tells Lily and Holden that the Oakdale Police Department isn't doing much to help Rose. She tells them about Margo's suggestion - to send Simon to Avanya as a "mole" - he can just slide right in. Lily doesn't want to send Simon. She says it isn't fair to Katie and tells Lucinda to hire one of her private detectives. Lucinda says she rather use Simon because, "he'll think it is the right thing to do", it won't be because it is his job. And that is the difference. As Holden walks Lucinda to the door, Lily gets a phone call from Paul. He says he has been trying to call but it has been difficult to get an outside line. Paul tells Lily that he doesn't know where Rose is.

At the cottage, Katie makes plans with an architect to design their home. Simon walks in holding a paper bag. He tries to hide it from Katie but she opens it to find a book on Avanya. She is upset that he wants to go. She wants to stay home, have a family, and lead a simple life. She realizes that Simon doesn't want the same thing. She says there is no place like home for her but she knows that she can't make Simon feel the same way. She goes upstairs and Simon takes out the book on Avanya and rips it up. He says he wants to give Katie what she wants.

In Scotland, Bonnie is going over her books for the castle and decides to give all the workers a much-needed raise. Paddington says she seems "out of sorts." She decides to go to London and "start living again." Just then, Isaac walks in surprising Bonnie. He tells her that Jake is dead but it made him realize that he doesn't want to pretend anymore. He saw how much Jake and Molly loved each other and he says to Bonnie, "I want what Jake and Molly had and I want it with you." Bonnie asks him what Jake would say at this moment. They agree he would say, "Shut up and kiss me." They make love then talk about their future. Bonnie asks if Isaac can handle her new status. Isaac says she has always been a duchess to him and that nothing has changed. He says they'll make it work.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

by MJ

At Java underground, Lucinda sees Craig, criticizes him for drinking in the afternoon and not being with his daughter. Lucinda also takes time to inform Craig that Sierra is seeing someone in Montega.

Rosanna runs into Craig at Java underground and shares a drink, conversation and a romantic kiss. Craig assures Rosanna that he realizes that Carly is a past encounter and he needs to move on with his life. Rosanna seems pleased with this new attitude Craig is displaying.

Lucinda meets with Simon at Java and attempts to convince him to go to Avanya to save Rose. Lucinda explains to Simon that because she has made enemies in Avanya, due to Worldwide, she is afraid that Rose is in more danger than people are aware of. Simon sure that Katie would not like it if he agrees to go to Avanya to save Rose, tells Lucinda that he can't help her.

Meanwhile Lily arrives at Katie's door pleading with her to let Simon help Rose. After Lily leaves, a guilt ridden Katie questions Margo wondering if she made the right decision insisting Simon stay in Oakdale. When Katie arrives back at the cottage, she tells Simon she was wrong and he is free to go to Avanya, if he wants.

Lucy convinces Margo that Aaron has boyfriend potential, but a concerned Aunt Margo wants to chat with Aaron, before she agrees to keep quiet about Aaron's past to Craig. Lucy persuades Margo to approach Aaron in a neutral setting, and convinces her to hold a family dinner tonight! When Lucy goes to Aaron with the invitation to a family dinner, he isn't very receptive to the idea. Lucy is very convincing.

Aaron informs Holden of Craig's visit to him. Holden vows to handle Craig by shoving his fist down his throat. Aaron tries to convince Holden that he will handle the situation himself, but Holden tells Aaron, he is his father and knows Craig, and wants to deal with him!

Friday, June 14, 2002

Hal returns to the Oakdale Police Department and announces that he has been fully reinstated. Barbara rushes in, frantic about Paul's disappearance.

Katie tells Simon that she has reconsidered and now thinks he should accept Lucinda's offer and go in search of Rose and Paul. Simon questions her about her change of heart, but Katie swears she wants him to take on the adventure.

Lucy tries to persuade Aaron to go to dinner at Tom and Margo's, but Aaron is reluctant. He can only think of Margo as a cop, not as Lucy's caring aunt. Lucy leaves in a huff.

Craig and Rosanna banter in Java Underground. They discuss where they should go to be alone and settle on Rosanna's suite at the Lakeview. Rosanna leaves to "get ready," and Carly walks in.

Lucy goes to dinner at the Hughes, alone, and explains that Aaron is not coming. Margo and Lucy talk about men and boys, and Margo tries to impart some of her wisdom to her niece. Meanwhile, Aaron is working on his motorcycle at Emma's, and who should walk in but Alison. Aaron berates her for spying and betraying him and Lucy to Craig, and Alison admits that she was jealous, but, she says, because she didn't want to lose Lucy as a best friend. Alison leaves a presnt for Lucy and aks Aaron to give it to her.

Rosanna sets a romantic scene, complete with chilling champagne and a black teddy, but when she answers the doorbell, it is Holden, not Craig! Holden demands to see Craig and claims he will not leave until he and Craig have had a discussion.

Back at Java, Craig and Carly have a drink and get into a heavy discussion. Carly tells Craig that she and Lisa are going into business together. Carly wants things "nice" between her and Craig, but Craig has other feelings. He tells Carly that he loves her and wants her in his life.

Margo and Lucy continue their heart to heart discussion and suddenly Aaron appears. He has changed his mind and has a nice dinner with the Hughes' and Lucy.

At the police station, Hal tells Barbara that they have tracked Paul and Rose to Avanya. Barbara tells him that the IRS has frozen her BRO assets and that chances of saving the company are nil. BRO is going on the auction block. Barbara also mentions that she has turned down an offer of an infusion of money into the company by Rosanna.

Rosanna cannot figure out why Craig is so late for their rendezvous, and Holden is a most unwelcome guest. She calls Craig on his cell phone, but there is no answer. Craig sees who is calling and asks Carly if there is any reason why he should not make love to Rosanna, and the question upsets Carly.

Back at the Lakeview, Holden tries to warn Rosanna about the wily Craig, and Rosanna calls Jave Underground itself this time. She asks if Craig is there and if so, is he alone? Oh yes, he is there, she is told, and he is not alone. By now Holden knows where Craig is and he leaves to confront him. Rosanna goes along as well.

Aaron and Margo have a good talk about the trouble Aaron experienced in Seattle and they end up liking one another. Lucy is delighted. Aaron says his goodbyes and Margo tells Lucy that she thinks Aaron is "cool."

Simon tells Lily that he will begin the adventure to find Rose immediately. He will be flying to Mexico in Lucinda's jet that very evening. He and Katie make love for one last time before he leaves.

At Java, Carly defends Jack to Craig when Craig calls him "boring." Carly tires to convince Craig that she wants Jack, not him, but suddenly Craig kisses her, once, twice and then a third time. Carly responds.

Back at Emma's barn, Lucy finds Aaron working on his bike. He gives her the present Alison has dropped off for her, and they share their first kiss.

Hal tells Barbara in no uncertain terms that she needs to accept Rosanna's offer to bail out BRO. She cannot let all her hard work in that company go down the tubes.

Holden and Rosanna walk into Java Underground just in time to see the third passionate kiss between Carly and Craig.


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