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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 3, 2002 on GL
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Monday, June 3, 2002

Inside his cell, Tony cannot believe Romeo left on bail only to return to confess everything. Romeo plans on telling the police exactly what happened the night Catalina was murdered "and everything that happened afterward," eying Marah he emphasizes, "everything." Tony is confused and asks Marah what is going on. She knows, but is hesitant as Carmen enters. Tony accuses her of putting Romeo up to this. Carmen only wants Tony out of prison. She thanks Marah for "standing by Tony" through this difficult time. D.A. Wolf enters and greets Carmen, curious that her family is in more trouble with the law. Romeo is antsy to give his statement, "I have nothing to hide... How many of us can say that?" His stare burns through Marah's guilty face. Miss Wolf offers a lawyer, but Romeo insists he's only going to say this once. He was the one who killed Catalina. She was "poison" to the Santos family and was blackmailing them by threatening to go to the Feds if she couldn't get what she wanted - namely, Tony. Romeo insists it was all his idea and Tony had nothing to do with it. He only let Tony take the wrap initially because he got scared, but he realizes now that the Santos family has been good to him and Tony was his best friend - he couldn't let him take the fall. Besides, Marah was onto him. She saw Catalina's medal around his neck and started getting suspicious - the truth would have come out eventually. Wolf asks why Romeo gave the medal to Marah. Romeo says it was his way of "saying thank you." It was purely out of friendship. "Marah loves Tony..." End of story. Wolf orders Romeo be booked for murder and grants Tony his freedom. An officer unlocks his cell, and Tony falls out into Marah's arms. He thanks Carmen, who insists she "didn't do a thing." Carmen asks Wolf for a moment alone with Romeo. She reminds him that the Santos family will stand by him through his trial, but has he forgotten their deal? Why did he let Marah off the hook like that? Romeo insists he is not stupid - he will play the Marah card when the time is right. He wants to stay alive and doesn't mind doing "10-20" if he has to. "Marah is my insurance policy," Romeo says as an officer handcuffs him and drags him away. Tony kisses Marah and promises nothing will ever come between them again.

At the wedding, tears run down Michelle's face as she hugs her estranged father. Ed goes to his son and the newly-reunited family embrace. Rick is surprised - he had no idea Michelle and Danny were trying to find Ed, but he thanks them for the best wedding present. Michelle thanks Danny for bringing her father home to them. Phillip suggests they continue the ceremony, but Ed objects - he has yet to meet the bride. He and Mel exchange introductions and Ed greets his old friends, Clayton and Felicia. Ed asks if he can give Rick away, and the ceremony continues. Mel and Rick are pronounced "man and wife." They kiss to the crowd's delight. The applause is halted when Rick's heart monitor beeps. He is ok, just excited. Phillip congratulates the new couple, followed by Harley who is genuinely happy that the father of her child has finally found the "right person." Eying Rick in his wheelchair, Clayton tells Ed that Mel is very brave. Phillip and Harley attach a "Just Married" sign to the back of Rick's chair as she comments on how well they can still work together. Phillip sours the compliment by adding his distrust of a criminal living with his son. Harley reminds her ex that Zach's new soon-to-be step-mom recently had a split-personality disorder. Phillip doesn't see the relevance and walks away, leaving Harley flustered. Rick begs Mel for a break from his healthy diet for one piece of wedding cake. Much to his surprise, Mel says yes and removes the top of the cake. Inside the plastic shell, Rick sees red jello and frowns. Mel says it's "hospital approved" and laughs. Beth finds her mother alone and asks if she is ok. They watch Ed across the room as Lillian wonders what he's feeling. Holly approaches Ed over punch. He comments that it is "non-alcoholic" and thanks her for doing all she could to help Michelle find him. She asks where he's been, but Ed replies that it is a long story. He stares at Holly, "You look... perfect." Holly leaves him and returns to Buzz who commends her on the way she handled things.
Michelle tells Danny that Ed looks different, and she feels suddenly shy - he's been gone so long and she has so many questions. Danny says he found Ed in a bad situation, but suggests Ed be the one to tell her about it. Michelle is concerned and afraid for her father, but grateful that he's home now. She thanks Danny again and approaches Ed. She begins to speak but holds her face and cries. Ed hugs her and says it will be ok. Rick thanks Danny for bringing his father to his wedding and calls for a speech. Even though he needs a new heart, today it is filled with love and joy. He thanks his friends for sharing this day with him and Mel. Ed approaches and asks how Rick is feeling. He will be in town "long enough" to spend some quality time with his son. Ed falters a bit, leaning on Phillip's shoulder. Rick asks if Ed is the one who needs rest. Ed insists he is fine. Phillip wheels Rick off, but returns, laughing, for the bride who sits on Rick's lap and is whisked away to the hospital room upstairs after throwing her bouquet. Both Beth and Harley catch it as Gus cringes.

In Rick's hospital room, the bed is decorated with curtains and flowers. Phillip welcomes them to their "honeymoon suite" and leaves them alone. Rick asks his new wife to unhook his heart monitor and "lock the door." Mel covers the window with the "Just Married" sign.
Ed slowly enters the Bauer house and looks around. He smiles at photos of his family, and runs water from the tap, fascinated. Michelle asks if it's like he remembered it. "Exactly," he responds, "and not at all." Where he's been, they had to boil the water - he thinks out loud about the things we take for granted when so many have so little. Michelle asks where he's been the last four years - he missed her trial and Robbie's birth. Why didn't he write or call? Danny suggests Ed is tired, but Ed knows his daughter's persistence. He explains that after Eve died, he left Springfield in hopes of finding his sobriety and his sanity. He ended up in a place where insanity was the norm. He thought he could help, even in a minor way. But, the poverty and sickness are worse than anyone can imagine. At home, we're so used to overabundance and splendor as the norm, but the nightmare still exists, "just a plane ride away." Danny suggests Ed is tired from their flight, so Ed offers to call a motel. Michelle insists he stay with them - it's still his house too. Michelle smiles and says there is someone she wants him to meet. She returns with Robbie and Ed is thrilled to hold his oldest grandchild for the first time. Beth and Phillip clean up after the festivities and discuss Rick's new-found happiness. Phillip has never seen his friend more "alive." He realizes the irony - though Rick is sick, but had such a glow about him today. Beth knows Phillip is thinking about marriage, but she explains that she wants "pure love;" a love and trust that supersedes wedding ceremonies and scripts that bond two people together. She has been through a lot in the past year and has learned to look deeper. She wants to be so in love and have a connection so strong that two people don't need to be married in order to stay together. Phillip is loving rediscovering Beth all over again. Their kiss is interrupted by Phillip's cell phone. Olivia reports that she has some info on Gus Aitoro, much to Phillip's chagrin. He hangs up and leaves with a smiling Beth.

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Josh, Reva, Cassie, Richard, and Billy meet at the Old Beacon Hotel for a wedding rehearsal. Cassie and Richard relive their wedding day.

Ross visits the location where Blake was held captive. He remembers everything that Blake has told him regarding her ordeal with Tory He investigates a spider web closely only to discover it is synthetic fiber and not a real spider web.

Blake meets with a home security builder and plans to build a panic room while Ross is out of town. Ross shows up just as the security builder is leaving. They talk and Ross tells Blake that he believes her captivity story to be the truth. He shows Blake the fake spider web. Ross says that they are going to take care of Tory and all this will soon be over. He tells Blake that there will be no need to purchase a panic room. They head home to plan ahead for Tory's next move.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie brings Beth a box of Lorelei's stuff from the attic. Phillip gets an information file on Gus and leaves Beth alone where she begins to read the diary. She is just getting started when she is called by Lizzie and she puts the book on the book shelf.

Harley and Gus are at home looking at pictures from Rick's wedding. They get a call from Phillip advising Harley not to come and pick up Zach. Phillip insists that he will not have his child living with a child molester. Buzz and Frank show up and Frank gives Gus a really hard time. At one point he threatens to pack his bags and show him out. Harley, Frank, and Buzz begin to argue. Marina shows up to tell the truth and admits that she lied about Gus and that it was all just a set up. Everyone is questioning Marina and yelling at her. But, Gus takes up for her. Everyone makes up. Frank promises Marina that she will not get sent back to California.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

At the Bauer house

Ed is holding Robbie and talking to him. He told Michelle that there is no change with Rick. Michelle knows that someone has to die in order to help Rick. Michelle exits to put Robbie to bed. Ed told Danny that it would take some time before he will be trusted with Robbie. Danny told Ed that Michelle has a lot on her mind right now. He reminded Ed that Michelle is glad that he is home. Ed asked Danny where the ransom money dame from. Danny said it didn't come from his mother. Michelle told Ed that she remembers all the stories he told her and the love he gave. Michelle told him that there is a huge hole in her life where he used to be. She doesn't want Robbie to love him the way she did and then he leaves. Michelle apologized to Ed. Danny exits.

Ed apologized to Michelle for leaving. He told Michele that there were times that he didn't know if he was going to live. He said there are things that he cannot tell her, but when he is ready he will explain. They embrace. Michelle wished she could have helped him.

Vanessa enters. Vanessa and Michelle embrace. Vanessa reminded her that her mom would be so proud of her. Vanessa told Ed that she heard he was back and wanted to see him.

Vanessa and Ed exit to sit outside. They discussed the stars and how they are different. Vanessa asked if most of the patients he worked with were aids patients. His answer was yes. He commented that he wished he could turn back the clock so that he could correct his mistakes. She told Ed that she is so sorry about Rick. Vanessa told him to take care of himself. Vanessa exits. Ed decided to get some sleep. Before he leaves, Michelle tells him, "Welcome home." Ed exits. Michelle kissed Danny passionately and thanked him for being such a good father and husband.

Inside the Beacon hotel

Josh sees Vanessa. Billy told Vanessa that life agreed with her. Vanessa told Billy that she heard that he has been going on with Holley Reed. Buzz enters and tells Vanessa that Billy is concerned because Buzz is better looking.

Marah excuses herself to meet Tony. He told her that he wants to make peace with her father. Josh said that isn't going to happen anytime soon. Marah reminds Josh to not make a scene. Josh told him he feels way beyond anger. Tony continued to apologize. He gave Josh a wedding present. Tony told Josh that he wants to keep seeing his daughter and he wants his approval. Reva enters and told Tony to stay.

Reva told Cassie that Tony is there with Marah. They discuss how hard love can be sometime. But Cassie reminded Reva that if the love is the real thing, people could get through anything. Cassie said she could never live without Richard and she cannot believe how much he loves her. They propose a toast to love.

Josh put on a show with backup singers dedicating it to Reva. Cassie told Richard how great he was as a backup singer. He promised Cassie that he would never leave her. Cassie exits. Reva asked Richard when he is going to tell Cassie that he is selling cars. Reva got the guests attention and said that one good turn deserves another.

Tony told Marah that he should go, but he will be at the wedding tomorrow.

Outside of Beacon Hotel

Tony and Marah have a romantic moment outside of the Hotel. They kiss passionately and confess their feelings. Carmen enters. She told Tony that she wants a moment with Marah. Tony exits. She told Marah that she is not going to say a word about her and Romeo. Carmen wishes her and Tony luck. Carmen exits.

Thursday, June 6, 2002

At Towers (rehearsal dinner)

Reva announced that everyone did a great job. She said one good turn deserves another. She goes to the microphone and tells Josh to get closer. Josh sat down in chair in front of stage. Reva proceeds to tell how Josh carved a heart in a fireplace mantel along with their initials when they were barely kids. Reva sang to Josh. Josh was stunned and touched, and he became teary eyed. Still singing, Reva walked to Josh and got on bended knee to finish the song. Everyone clapped and applauded. Richard and Cassie began to dance. Richard told Cassie that his favorite day was when he met her.

Vanessa told Billy that Josh and Reva look so comfortable together. Vanessa said that they will make it work this time, and Billy said, "Just like we couldn't."

Shayne made a comment to Marah that he wondered if he would ever be as happy as his parents. They exit to get the surprise. Shayne enters and wanted everyone's attention for the main event. Shayne said there might be someone interested in hearing their story. Their story will be a live broadcast. Reporters enter and Josh begins to tell the story of how he and Reva met. Reva also told her story. Reva told reporter that Josh is her best friend and her destiny. Josh said they felt blessed to have found each other. After the segment, Billy does a toast.

Buzz decided to leave and offered to walk Vanessa out. Billy told Josh they needed to go since they are bunking together. Edmund enters and Richard greeted him. He offered Edmund a drink. Edmund noticed they are warm and cozy and they should have a toast to Springfield. They reminisce about how Edmund set fire to their kitchen when he was a small child. Richard told Edmund that this is a new beginning for both of them. He wanted to put some of the terrible things behind them and they could be brothers again. Edmund said it is impossible to start over because their time is gone. Edmund exits. Cassie comforted Richard. Cassie reminded Richard that Edmund will never change and that Edmund is an evil man. Richard wished that his family could have reconciliation. Cassie wanted him to let it go, but he cannot. He wanted to keep trying because it is his brother.

At the Beacon Hotel

Olivia enters to find Josh and Reva's picture on mantle. A gentleman enters to remind her that the rehearsal dinner is at Towers. Edmund enters. He told her that he arranged for a supply to furnish the Beacon Hotel to rise to the occasion. But Olivia wants his help more than ever. Olivia wants the catastrophe to occur tomorrow night while Reva and Josh are getting married. Her objective is to gain control of the Hotel. But Edmund reminds her that sometimes plans can go wrong. They exit.

At the Spaulding mansion

Beth is reading Lorelei's diary regarding Edmund in a romantic moment. Phillip enters and wanted to know what she was reading. She commented nothing. She returns the diary to the bookcase. Phillip told Beth that Marina made up the story about Gus and that Lizzie was involved. Phillip mentioned that Gus has a criminal record as a juvenile. Alan enters. Phillip told Alan that Lizzie is in trouble. Beth explained to Alan about Marina and Lizzie. Alan felt that Lizzie didn't know what she was doing and the Cooper's kid corrupted her. Beth exits to get Lizzie. Phillip told Alan to go and deal with Peter Drake. Lizzie enters. Phillip told her that Marina made up that story about Gus and wants to know if it is true. Phillip demanded to know her involvement. Lizzie told him that she called Harley and told her to go to see Gus at his apartment. Lizzie told Phillip that Marina told her that Gus is mean to Harley and he is like Carl. Beth reminded her that she has helped people, but this is not one of those times. Phillip wanted her to understand that helping Marina in this situation was a mistake. Beth told her to come to one of them the next time something like this happened. Phillip made her promise to never do this again and that he loved her. He told her to sit there and think about what she did. Phillip and Beth exit.

Olivia enters and asked Lizzie what is up. Lizzie told her that she has a friend that needed some help and it got her in trouble. Olivia said she wouldn't feel too bad about that. Beth enters in the background and hears Olivia explaining why it isn't that bad. She told Lizzie that sometimes a little fib could be a good thing. Beth enters and asked Lizzie to leave because she wanted to talk to Olivia. Beth told her that if Lizzie needed advice she has a mother to go to. Olivia said she would keep her distance. Beth exits.

Billy's residence

Billy and Josh They discussed sleeping together in the queen size bed. Billy falls asleep on the bed while Josh was in the bathroom. Josh pushed him over on his side of the bed. Billy turned over and puts his arm around Josh. Josh fell out of bed. He got a pillow from the bed and goes to the couch. Josh tried to rearrange the pillow even though the couch is too short. He heard Billy snoring and yelled at Billy. He commented, "This is not going to work." He got his clothes and exits. Reva enters looking for Josh. She realized that it was Billy in the bed. Since she was unable to get Billy's help in finding Josh, she exits.

At the Lewis house

Josh enters and told Marah that it didn't work out with Billy. Marah told him that Reva took a walk. Josh exits.

At the Lighthouse

Reva found Josh gazing up at the lighthouse. They kissed passionately.

Friday, June 7, 2002

Josh and Reva wake up together in the lobby of the Old Beacon Hotel. They go back home for some breakfast where Mindy Lewis steals Reva away along with Cassie and Marah to give Reva some pre-wedding advice. Josh goes back to Billy's room at Towers to find Dillon, Billy Jr., Shane, and Richard there for a "words of wisdom" session. Josh and Billy make Richard an honorary Lewis brother.

Rick lies in his hospital room with his father Ed by his side. Rick is angry because he didn't hear from his father while he was away in Africa. However, he is glad he's here. Mel has nurses aids take Rick for testing. Rick gets angry about his condition and wants to go to the Bauer cabin. Mel says no. Ed disagrees and feels that they should be sensitive to Rick's emotions. Later, Beth and Phillip bring Mindy by to see Rick. Mindy meets Mel. They four reminisce about old times. Mel finally agrees to go to the cabin with Rick to make some memories.

At the Old Beacon Hotel guests begin to arrive. The decorations are done in a beautiful red and pick with roses and tulips. Reva enters the room with a beautiful turquoise dress as the violins begin playing.

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