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Allison gave Lindsay advice. Bo and Gabrielle shared a passionate kiss. Asa promised not to interfere in Bo's life. Lindsay learned that Allison's father had been the warden at Statesville. Jen accused Natalie of trying to steal Cristian.
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Allison gives Lindsay advice, don't ask dumb blonde questions. The guard decides since Allison saved Lindsay's tail the other day they deserved a break, Lindsay looked excited until she finds out she will be mopping while Allison watches. Lindsay demands to know why Allison gets so much special treatment. There you go with those stupid blonde questions, Allison says as she pulls up a chair and begins to read the paper.

Niki tries to explain to Natalie why Rex should not stay at Llanfair. Natalie just wants to get to know her brother. Niki retorts that Rex is not her brother and when is the last time she has seen him? Who knows who he is now. Nat becomes agitated, she just wants the chance to get to know Rex and she thought her mother would as well. Niki is trying very hard to not be judgmental, but Rex is keeping her from the things she would rather be doing, like so many other people around here, she says under her breath.

Bo and Gabrielle are engaged in a very passionate kiss. When the kiss ended there were sorries all the way around. Gabrielle out of breath explains if she is going to work at the Banner she must get organized and must not get overwhelmed. As she fumbles to the door, she finds Asa standing there. Bo and Gabrielle look perplexed and a little guilty.

Blair assures Sam that everything will be all right. Sam is happy Blair is singing a different tune. The guard comes in and lets them know the extra security has been added. There is no way Todd can get to her and the children. Blair is so relieved. That is what they are they are there for, Mr. Rayburn tells Blair. That is what I am here for too, Blair, reassures Sam. Starr comes in and demands to know what Todd lied about. She started screaming at the top of her lungs and would not quit. Outside the guards are talking, one spotted Manning about a block away but they lost him. Then the alarm started going off. Blair demands to know what had set the alarm off. A squirrel bit a chunk out of the cable explains the guard. starr wants to go outside with the guard to see if the squirrel is fried or not. An upset Blair tells Sam she sees Todd out every window and everywhere she goes. She is so afraid of what he will do. Sam advises Blair not to let Todd have this much control over her life. As soon as Mr. Rayburn shuts the door, Starr asks him if it was a squirrel that set off the alarm, or was it her Daddy?

Troy and Nora arrive at the gym for their "big" workout. (Troy was actually in a tank top!) Troy is explaining to Nora how the leg machine works and some ladies walk up. They would like Troy to tell them when he is through with the machine. When Nora explains that she will be using it next, they make some snide remarks. Troy gets Nora set up in the machine. She asks how she looks. Troy comments, like a woman trying to get Lindsay off her mind.

As Lindsay is mopping up the floor, she makes an offhand remark that it's okay that Allison doesn't want her to know why she gets special treatment. As long as Allison is her roommate, she gets to stay out of the laundry room and away from Tilly. From what Allison understands, it is not just the convicts giving her a hard time, Nora came to see her too. Lindsay gloats it wasn't Nora that gave her the hard time, but the other way around. As Allison gives Lindsay the "oh yeah" look, Lindsay explains that she planted the seeds of doubt about Troy to Nora. She'll realize how little she knows him and it will drive her crazy. Look at how long I was with Troy and I knew nothing about him. Allison shakes her head, you didn't want to know him, you just wanted to get married! I would never be so.......just then Allison catches an article in the paper and starts screaming NO! NO! NO! NO! Lindsay wonders what is wrong with Allison.

Natalie doesn't understand what it is Viki wants to do. Niki explains she needs peace and quiet but someone is always getting in the way and Rex is the worst. Nat wonders if she should speak to Rex. Niki tries to make Natalie understand that the rex she remembers was an innocent little boy, this Rex is very sneaky. Nat demands to know what Rex has done. Niki has a flashback of Rex sneaking up on her.

Gabrielle excuses herself and Bo lays into Asa about Gabrielle. He states they are just friends. Is that clear? Asa wonders, clear to who, me or you? Bo is tired of everyone wondering about him and Gabrielle. Asa says when he came in, Bo was standing there like he swallowed a raw fish and Gabrielle rushed out like the house was on fire and he wants to know what that was all about.

Natalie again asks Viki what Rex is doing. Niki is unable to come up with a good example. he is just always staring and watching my every move, it is just the way he acts. Nat thinks maybe it is all in her head. Niki questions who would stay with strangers so long. Rex really isn't a stranger, Natalie replies. Maybe he stares as this is all so new to him. Niki agrees and advises Nat that this is why he needs to go back to his aunts and Niki wants Nat to convince him to go. A confused Natalie leaves the room. Niki wonders aloud that all she wants to do is seduce Bo, divorce Ben, and she needs peace and quiet to get this accomplished.

Rex is outdoors sunning himself. Nat needs to discuss something with Rex. Rex already knows that her Mom wants him to leave. He is ready to leave if that is what they want him to do. Natalie looks sad, she doesn't want Rex to leave. Natalie and Rex have a heart to heart, and after deciding that Viki was at least better than Roxy, they decide he should stay. He would just have to avoid Viki.

Troy is asking what Lindsay said to upset Nora. As long as Lindsay is in jail she cannot hurt Nora. After making her laugh, he walks off. Claire walks up to Nora and informs her that there is a lot she does not know about Troy. As Clair walks off, Nora decides she has had enough. She tells Troy what Lindsay said to her. Lindsay said that Troy was just like Colin only better at hiding it. She realizes how little she knows about him. Troy has to run an errand but when he gets back she can ask him anything she wants to about his past.

Allison exclaims that Max Holden married Roxy of all people. Allison starts going off the deep end. She doesn't understand how someone could fall in love with that moron! Lindsay tries to offer words of comfort. Who deserves to be loved more than them? Allison continues on her downward spiral, she wants to blow up the world with the exception of her and one man.. As Lindsay watches Allison, you can see the wheels just spinning in her head. Lindsay and Allison comfort each other about men. Lindsay wishes she had a drink and Allison finds "Daddy's" stash. She lets Lindsay in on the big secret finally. She gets special treatment because her dad was the king of the wardens there. Allison grew up there, and she knows every nook and cranny in the prison. As a buzzed Allison and Lindsay put their stash up, the guard comes in and tells Lindsay she has a visitor.

Asa promises Bo he will not interfere with him and Gabrielle any longer. In fact he found the perfect woman for him, and convinces him to go out to dinner with her.

Mr. Rayburn gets a call- the cops are on to him. He needs to get out of town now.

Sam convinces Blair to go to Hawaii. Starr asks Mr. Rayburn to accompany them. He cannot believe his luck! He calls Todd and lets him know they are going to Hawaii. Blair asks Sam to go as well.

Natalie asks Niki again if Rex can stay. He promises to stay out of her way. Niki goes off on a tangent about Nat being able to see through people unlike Jessica who is like a marshmallow. Natalie questions Viki on her behavior. Niki says she'll tell her but she won't like the answer. Natalie asks Viki what it is and Niki replies, be afraid Natalie, be very afraid!

We see a woman on a plane, and in her hands is a paper with Troy's name and address on it.


Still trying to get Rex out of the house, Niki tries a different angle. This time, she takes Natalie aside and warns her that as her biological daughter, Natalie has a genetic predisposition to DID. Natalie is concerned, but thinks that Viki's overreacting, her childhood wasn't *that* bad and she hasn't had any of the symptoms like losing time. Niki claims that she has seen some of the beginning signs of the disease in Natalie's bad behavior when she came to town and that Natalie must avoid stress at all costs. That means keeping away from Roxy and from Rex, too, who will remind her of her "horrible" childhood. Natalie seems almost convinced, when Ben comes into the room after having spoken with Rex in the foyer. Ben tells Natalie that Rex was telling him stories about their childhood together and Natalie remembers happy memories from the past. Niki convinces Ben to leave so she can finish her conversation with Natalie. She tries to pick up where they left off, that Rex needs to go, but the happy memories have changed Natalie's mind, she doesn't want Rex to leave. An exasperated Niki is forced to come up with another plan. What would really bother Ben, she wonders, then decides to use Ben's distrust of Allison Perkins to her advantage. She cuts out letters from a magazine and creates a letter that says "Dear Viki, I hate you, Allison."

At the gym, Keri shows Antonio the old pictures she developed from the old film in Rae's camera. The pictures show a very young Rae together with a man that they assume is her boyfriend. Keri is so excited to show Rae the pictures that she rushes right over to the university. But when Rae sees the pictures, she becomes very upset and throws them in the garbage and refuses to discuss them with Keri. Back at the gym, Antonio finds one of the pictures of Rae and her boyfriend on the floor and picks it up.

Jen is not happy when she learns that Natalie is going to be Chad's date to the concert. But it turns out there is a bigger problem, Rae informs Cristian that the bibliography is missing from the paper he turned in and if she doesn't get it by the next day, she won't be able to accept his paper. Cristian tells Jen that he has to cancel on going to the concert to redo his bibliography. She's disappointed, but happy they won't be spending time with Natalie. In the meantime, Natalie calls Chad to tell him she changed her mind about going to the concert. Fortunately for Chad, he is able to sell the tickets to another student. Later, Cristian runs into Natalie at the library, where she is researching information about DID.

Troy goes to Statesville Prison to tell Lindsay to leave him and Nora alone. He didn't report her the last time she called, but he will report her if she calls again, he warns. Lindsay is more determined than ever to make Troy and Nora pay for what they have 'done to her' and wishes that she could get out of prison to carry out her revenge. There are "secret ways" to get out of Statesville, Allison informs her.

Nora and Hank run into each other at Troy's apartment. Hank is there to drop off some papers and Nora is there to deliver a dessert she bought for Troy. Hank questions Nora about her feelings for Troy and she admits that he's falling in love with him. The only thing that troubles her is she doesn't really know that much about him. Hank doesn't think it's so strange he doesn't talk about his past, since Colin was such a big part of it, Troy doesn't want to talk about him and hurt Nora. Later, Nora starts asking Troy a few too many questions and he figures out what she's up to, trying to get more information about his past. Their conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door. Troy opens the door and a young woman throws herself into his arms and exclaims how good it is to see him again.


An exhilarated Al dumps Roxy's clothes on top of her while she's watching television; he's taken her room for his own so she might as well just leave. He grabs the remote and accuses her of scamming his father. They have words and suddenly Al picks the woman up and takes her outside. Just as Max enters the room, Al runs back into the house and locks the door. The men find this rather humorous, especially as Roxy begins to bang on the door. Max advises his son that unfortunately, due to the pre-nup, they will have to let Roxy back in. She orders Max to talk to his son or she'll call her lawyer. Al confides that he figured if he moved in, she would move out. He still blames himself for the marriage. Roxy demands an apology but a bellowing Max says that his son doesn't have to do that. They continue their shouting match as Al decides to head for school to check on his grades. They rip into each other's' parenting skills until Max smashes a vase into the wall, just missing Roxy's head. He promises to drive her away though she hardly thinks he'll be able to do it. All of a sudden, she falls to the floor.

Troy gives the young woman at his door a big hug as an amused but uncomfortable Nora looks on. He finally introduces her to his sister Emily, formerly known as Carol (she decided to use her middle name when she was 12). Nora introduces herself and Emily realizes it's the woman who killed her brother, Colin. Surprisingly, she apologizes for her brother's behavior because she knew what he was like. She tells a stunned Nora that she understands what Nora did and why. Nora is grateful and decides to leave the siblings alone. She has a dinner date with Keri anyway. Troy learns that Emily will be taking classes and was planning on staying in the dorms. He tells her she can have the vacant loft, on him. They wonder why neither has ever visited before and they agree that they are family now with Colin gone. Emily wants the scoop on Nora but she's glad that he's found someone new, especially after Joanna.

Over at Llanview U., Keri attempts to reach Rae by telephone to apologize for giving her the old pictures that upset her. She runs into Jen who fills her in on Cris' dilemma over having to rewrite part of his research paper in order not to fail. She's glad to miss their concert anyway, she says. They were going with Chad and Natalie, someone she'd prefer not to be with. She explains how Nat always seems to be hanging on Cris and she's ordered her to stay away from him. Keri warns her to be careful as she may be the one who comes across looking bad, especially if Cris likes Nat.

Reaching the school library, Cris encounters Natalie who is reading something on the computer very intently. She tries to hide it but finally admits to doing research on D.I.D. so that she can get to know her mother better (though it's a lie, having had "Viki" tell her that she shows signs of it). Cris thinks that Viki should get to know her daughter better instead and a pleased Nat agrees to help him out with the paper. Once they finish, Cris happily hugs his friend and gives her a kiss on the cheek, just as Jen arrives and sees them. Cris thanks a happy Natalie for being so useful, but once they go their separate ways, Jen storms after Natalie and grabs her angrily. She told her to stay away, she yells. She thinks that Nat was out searching for him, even though Natalie tells her she was in the library first. She denies kissing Cris, stating that he kissed her on the cheek. As the girls become physical, Cris arrives in time to separate them.

Niki is gloating over her made up letter from Allison when Ben returns to the house, having forgotten something. She hastily attempts to hide it under the sofa but when he sees her and pursues it, she regretfully shows him the "threatening" note. An angered Ben presumes it's from Allison, especially when "Viki" tells him there's no postage or postmark. He figures she had it delivered and he's off to the prison, threatening to choke her. Once he's gone, Viki appears and tells Niki she will never lose Ben and that he will eventually figure everything out. Niki highly doubts this as he's off to choke Allison-Niki is making him out to be psychotic and no one will be able to blame her for wanting a divorce. She burns the letter and runs to answer the doorbell. It's Bo and she heartily thanks him for coming.

Allison recalls "Dave" and his crazy wife with 2 personalities, just like him actually, but wants to change the subject. Lindsay suggests they talk about escaping, just for fun. As Allison recalls her father's untimely death which Lindsay can relate to, she reminisces about her happy childhood in the prison and among other things, mentions the hidden tunnels. Allison would prefer to show off the electric chair where she used to sit. Lindsay tries to sway her back to the tunnels by talking about "Dave" and how maybe she can fight for him and even marry him but Allison confesses that she's happiest in the prison where she's always felt special. Though Lindsay keeps trying to discuss "Dave" Allison warns her off. The guard comes to take Allison to arts and crafts, but Ben is there to pay a visit to Lindsay.

Nora meets up with Keri at the university and informs her that Troy has a sister. She admits that she thought it was his girlfriend and was jealous for a brief moment or two.

Thursday, JUNE 6

Max hopes that Roxy is dead, but no luck. He feels her forehead and her pulse but realizes that she is actually ill and not faking it. He begins to call for an ambulance, but when the dispatcher asks for an address, Max rethinks his idea. He recalls Roxy's warning that he will never get rid of her. Max hangs up and runs off cheering and celebrating. After a while he returns and finds Roxy coming to. He throws a pillow under her head and calls the free clinic. "Think I'm going to waste anymore money on you? Yeah, I need a house call. It's my...wife." Roxy smiles at the name.

Bo rushes over to Llanfair and comforts "Viki." Ben has gone on a "rampage" because of a note Allison sent. Ben left for Statesville to go choke the truth of Allison. Bo asks for the note but Niki reveals that she burned it. "Why did you burn it? It's evidence, you should know that." Niki blames her lack of judgment on an impulse, but now there's no proof. Bo decides to stop Ben at Statesville before he does anything drastic. However, Niki stops him because she needs Bo here, with her. Her marriage between Ben is over and she wants a divorce.

When Lindsay sees Ben at Statesville, she automatically thinks that something's wrong with Jen or Will. Ben assures her that he is only here to see Allison and to get the truth. Ben asks several questions about special mail delivery and if Allison talks about anyone. Lindsay hesitates but later tells him that Allison only talks about this "Dave" and his crazy wife. Ben reveals that he is "Dave" and Allison is tormenting Viki with hate mail. Ben pressures Lindsay for more information, anything that she can remember. All she knows is that Allison fell in love with Dave. The guard breaks in and makes Ben leave. Ben asks Lindsay to call if anything develops. Later on, Allison comes back from arts and crafts with an abstract drawing of Viki in a straitjacket. Lindsay decides to play on Allison's emotions and tells her that Dave paid a visit.

After Nora leaves, Emily tells Troy that Nora isn't that bad. "You deserve the best. I thought you'd never let yourself fall in love again after Joanna." Troy asks Emily not to talk about it, not now. Nora returns with Chinese take-out after her lunch date with Kerri was canceled. During the meal, Nora throws many questions at Emily about Troy's past. "Hot cars or fast women?" Emily smiles and says that Troy wasn't really like that. As Nora asks more questions, Troy seems to get more worried. The phone rings and it's the Free Clinic. Troy apologizes because he needs to make a house call and can't take Emily on the Llanview U tour. Nora offers to take her instead. While Nora cleans up, Troy takes Emily aside and asks her not to say anything about Joanna around Nora. She doesn't know anything about his past with Joanna and he wants to be the one who tells her. Emily agrees and Troy leaves to make the house call.

Cris attempts to break up the catfight between Natalie and Jen. Jen says that she saw them together at the stacks and she's always hanging on him. Natalie promises that she and Cris are only friends. Cris tells Jen that she's over reacting and Natalie was only helping him with his bibliography. Jen tells Cris that Natalie won't stay away, even after she told Natalie to at the Quarry. Cris asks if he has a say in this. Jen: "No, not if you love me." Cris says that no one can choose who he will and won't hang out with. Jen storms off with Al trailing behind her.

Troy makes the house call to Max's to help Roxy. Troy asks a series of questions and finds out that Roxy has hypoglycemia. "Have you been taking your pills and staying on your diet?" Roxy agrees but Troy looks around and finds donuts and alcohol. "If you keep this up, it could kill you. Luckily, your husband saved your life." Troy gives her a shot to lower her blood sugar levels and leaves the two alone. Roxy tells Max to reveal his true feelings for her and that he actually cares for her. Max walks over and asks Roxy if she would like another donut.

Al finds Jen crying among the bookcases. He comforts her and tries to be on her side. Instead of her apologizing to Cris, Cris should apologize to her. Meanwhile, Cris and Natalie talk about what just happened. Natalie tries to say that she does run to Cris too often and maybe she should have listened to Jen. Now, she's just ruining Jen and Cris' relationship after they just got back together. Cris assures her that Natalie is his friend and no one, not even Jen, can tell him whom he can't be friends with.

Bo tries to make Niki change her mind about the divorce, it can't be that bad. Niki says that the outbursts are becoming increasingly more violent and Ben might even be cheating on her. He's just not the man that she married. Bo agrees that Niki knows more about Ben than he does, but this just doesn't sound like him. Niki says that she just can't tell Ben that she wants a divorce because she's afraid of what he'll do. Niki: "I just don't know who to turn to!" Bo: "You can always turn to me, Viki." Niki: "Oh, Bo!" Suddenly, Niki grabs Bo and pulls him into an enormous kiss.

Troy returns to his loft and picks up his talisman. Lost in thought, he recalls a memory from his past. In what appears to be a bungalow in Africa, Troy stares at himself in the mirror. A woman's voice from inside calls for Troy. "Troy? Is that you? Troy?" Troy: "Yeah, it's me Joanna." Troy removes the talisman from around his neck and again stares into the mirror. Back at his loft, Troy clutches the talisman with a face full of pain.


While consoling her, Niki shocks Bo with a lip lock. Before he has a chance to respond to his sister-in-law's lascivious lunge at him, Ben walks into the library. He asks if he's walking in on something and is still beyond agitated about the threatening letter Allison supposedly sent to "Viki." Bo misunderstands his brother's anger and is ready to confront him, when Niki lies saying he received a call from the clinic. Ben takes off, but not before telling Bo that Viki is in need of protection. The two are once again alone and Bo questions what the kiss was all about. Niki quickly thinks up a lie, saying he reminded her of Ben when things were good between them, and how right it felt. Bo did not share her enthusiasm and tells her they could never be more than friends. Futhermore he strongly suggests that she sees someone about the impending divorce and all of the other stress she is experiencing. To please him, she feigns agreement.

Nora and Troy's sister, Emily are getting to know one another at the University. Emily mentions to Nora that she didn't think her brother would find someone else, but neglects to mention Joanna. Troy phones Nora and she tells him that she's waiting with Emily for her campus guide. Having overheard what was said, Emily is emphatic about Nora returning to the loft. After some resistance, Nora acquiesces and leaves.

Starr visited Troy to say good-bye and tell him that she and her Mother are running away to Hawaii so that Todd won't find them. The little girl, hurt by all of the tumult in her home life, tells her friend that Blair won't forgive her Daddy for lying and asks if he always tells the truth. Before an answer escapes his lips, he locks on to the memory of telling Emily not to mention Joanna to Nora. Later, we see him sitting pensively rubbing the talisman. Nora arrives and the two quickly become heated and hit the sheets. Afterwards, Troy confesses to Nora that he has to tell her something.

Chad and Emily mistake each other for different people, she thinking that he is the mentor she's been waiting for, and he believing she is there to buy the unused Concert tickets. The misunderstanding is cleared up when he refers to her as Alexandria. Hermie, her true guide and a total geek shows up. Chad blows him off, arranging to give Emily a tour of the campus another time.

Allison freaks out when Lindsay tells her Dave was in the cell to visit her. She attacks Lindsay, thinking that she is being lied to and asks if it was Ben or Dave and if anyone else saw him. Instead of telling the truth that her story could be confirmed by the guard, she presses her about the tunnels again, suggesting Dave might had used them to make his way into the cell. After Allison leaves, Lindsay constructs a letter that she hopes to pass off as Dave's.

While Gabrielle is hanging out at home, Asa bursts in with a catering staff in tow. Gabrielle insists that she and his son are strictly friends, and Bo is free to date whomever he pleases. Asa tells her that Bo is aware of the blind date. To give her roommate privacy, she readies herself to leave. Before heading out, she surveys the romantic trappings of the room and Bo enters.

Ben had not left Llanfair, he returns to the library and tells "Viki" Bo made him aware of how stressed she really is and urges her to make an appointment with Rae Cummings, and that he understands what she is going through.

When she is alone, Niki realizes that Viki is becoming stronger, with that she decides to kill Ben.

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