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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 8, 2002 on GL
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Monday, April 8, 2002

The First Time:
Springfield's finest make a spectacle of themselves in Gus's broken down car. Between kisses, Harley insists "This is crazy," and urges them to stop and think about what they're doing. Red and blue lights bounce off the windshield. A police officer taps on the window, but the couple just laugh. A flashlight illuminates the smooching detectives in the front seat - they stare through the glass like two deer caught in the headlights. Harley gets out of the car, and, buttoning her shirt, tries to explain. The officer is soothed by her innocent guilt, and understands, "I wasn't born yesterday." Gus steps out onto the roadside and asks what the problem is - are they illegally parked? Officer says it's not that, "It's what you were doing while you were parked." There are decency laws in this town. Harley apologizes, saying they'll be on their way as soon as possible. She tries to stop Gus from putting his two-cents in, but after the officer reminds them that kids could have come along and seen them in the act, he can't resist. "Haven't you seen the music videos kids watch?" Harley tries to shut him up, but she's too late - he offends the officer by suggesting he find some real crime going on in this "one-horse, pokey town." Gus turns to leave, when the cop stops him, "Nobody's going anywhere." The cop, obviously rubbed the wrong way by Gus's "lack of respect for the law," holds up a pair of shiny handcuffs. Gus sighs and tells him he and Harley are cops, too. Harley holds her face, wishing he hadn't revealed that. The officer is not impressed by these impersonating police officers and says, "Tell it to the judge-- in the morning."
At the local police station, Harley asks for her one phone call. Since Gus hasn't stopped talking since the arrest, the cop forces him to go first - maybe then he'll shut up. Gus searches through his wallet for a business card. Reading the number wrong, Gus dials who he thinks is a bail bondsman, only to get a message service for a church. He hangs up, disappointed. Harley dials Blake and tells her to come to Tory's hometown ASAP. When the officer cuts her off, Gus fumes, "ONE phone call!" Harley reminds him that the reason she came to Pennsylvania was to help Blake. The cop leads them to separate cells, so there won't be any more "hanky panky." From the other side of the bars, Gus guesses Harley is furious and wants to hurt him. Sitting on her cot, arms crossed, Harley grinds her teeth, "Oh yeah."
Gus jokes about knowing "how to show a girl a good time." Harley isn't amused. He reminisces about his first time in jail - he was 9 years old. He got caught decorating the bathroom walls at school with graffiti. The principal sent him to his dad's precinct so he could handle him. But, Joe August wasn't back from lunch and the desk sergeant, deciding to teach Gus a lesson, threw him in a cell. Gus tried to act tough and be brave, but, he admits, he was terrified and alone. When his father arrived, he blew out the desk sergeant for locking up a 9-year old, then he joined Gus in the cell. They talked about the Cubs, school, etc. for over three hours. Harley, now listening with interest, asks, "He just sat there with you?" Gus didn't understand either, so he asked his father why he didn't yell at him. Joe said he realized Gus needed to be punished, but he also realized that his son needed to know that his father was there for him, no matter what. Gus apologizes to Harley for their current situation - he takes full responsibility. He promises that if Harley has to spend the night in jail, as long as he's around, she'll "never have to be alone." Harley takes Gus's hand through the bars, "You won't either."

The Last Time:
Blake reads the inscription on the back of Ross's photo. It's in Ross' handwriting, though he insists it is a forgery. Any hope Blake had of reconciliation disappeared when she found that picture in Tory's diary - she was a fool to believe his lies, and this is just one more. "How can I ever believe anything you say again?" She assumes Ross is trying to hide his true feelings for Tory. That's not true - the only thing he feels for Tory is pity. He's convinced Tory planted that photo in the hopes Blake would find it now and it would further destroy their relationship. "Even Tory had to have a place where she didn't lie," Blake says, reminding Ross that everything else Tory wrote in her diary checked out. She mentions examples; Ross cannot deny them, but as for the photo, it is a fake. Again, he blames Tory, but Blake won't hear it, "She didn't do this-- you did."
Ross frowns; he thought they were making progress. Blake explains how much this hurts - Tory didn't mean anything to her so she couldn't hurt her, but Ross meant everything. She longs for the past, but Ross reminds her how unhappy he was with himself, battling depression, etc. He should have sought help, but he didn't, and now he regrets it. Blake tears up, "You broke my heart. We can't erase the past." Ross says they've overcome so many obstacles, and "we deserve to win."
The phone rings, but Ross keeps talking, telling her to ignore it. Harley starts to leave a message when Blake answers, saying she'll call her right back. Harley panics, telling her, "You have to hear this!" She gives Blake an address in Pennsylvania - it's important that she go there immediately - her relationship with Ross depends on it. Blake hesitates at first, but then decides to go. In the background, Gus urges his partner to tell Blake they're in jail, but Harley has more important things on her mind. She tells Blake where to find the spare key to Tory's house, when they are cut off. (The cop says time's up.) When Blake hangs up, Ross inquires what Harley wanted. Blake says she has to go, but she can't explain. He offers to go with her, but Blake insists he stay with the kids. "We were making progress, though, weren't we?," he asks, hopeful. Blake opens the front door, "I don't know. Maybe... maybe." She leaves.

Out of Time:
Outside the Santos house, a guard stops Marah from rushing in on the wedding. He threatens to shoot her if she insists. She can't break free from his grasp. You don't understand, I have to go in there!," Marah screams. Starting to cry, she asks if she can write Tony a note, "I'm sure you know what it's like to be in love." The guard loosens his grip. Marah reaches into her purse, pulls out a bottle of pepper spray and aims for the guard's eyes. He screams in pain, holding his head as Marah runs toward the house.
Inside, Catalina recites her wedding vows. When she first came to this country, she was alone until she met Tony. "Now you are my family... all I ever wanted." This is truly a "dream come true." She promises to love him as long as she lives. When it is Tony's turn, he says that growing up, he had a big, influential family. They had anything they wanted and, to outsiders, it must have appeared that they had it made. But, Tony admits, the only thing he wanted, but couldn't have, was his father. He cried for two years after his death. A tear runs down Cat's cheek. "Now I'm gonna be father myself. My kid's never gonna have to cry, 'cause I'm always gonna be there." He looks Cat in the eye and promises never to let her down, "Never."
Tony slides the wedding band on Cat's finger. The priest asks the family to say a silent prayer for the new couple. During the silence, Cat tells Tony she loves him. The priest asks Cat if she takes Tony to be her husband. She interrupts with an enthusiastic "Yes!" The priest tells her to let him finish. When he does, she says "I do with all my heart, I do." The priest asks Tony if he takes Cat to be his wife. Catalina lets out a nervous gasp. Tony asks if she's ok. She smiles, saying she's just overwhelmed with happiness. Tony tells the priest to continue. When he does, Tony also says "I do." He smiles at Cat, proudly. The priest pronounces them "Husband and wife." Tony kisses his new bride just as Marah enters the room. She sees she is too late.
Michelle and Carmen congratulate the latest Santos couple as Marah watches, in shock. Cat approaches Maria and hugs her, "You're my abuela, too, now." Maria tries to smile, "You have no idea what this means to me." Carmen sees Marah and asks what she's doing there - Tony is busy. Marah moves away from her, "I need to speak with Tony and I'm not leaving until I do." Tony runs to his ex and tells her she shouldn't have come. Marah insists that it's important; she needs to speak with him alone. Carmen threatens to call a guard, but Tony says he's got it under control. He tells Marah it's too late, "You already made your choice, and so did I." Marah begs Carmen to give them a moment, but she doesn't budge. Tony stares at Marah, pained and says, "There's nothing left to say except goodbye." Catalina sees her opportunity to interrupt and does so by letting out a pained scream. She doubles over, holding her stomach. Tony rushes to her side, concerned for the baby. Cat pleads, "Tony, please don't let her do this to our baby."
Tony tells Marah she better go, in the same breath, telling Cat she'll be ok. A guard grabs Marah from behind and drags her out of the house. Tony asks his wife if she needs a doctor. "As long as I have you, then I don't need anything." Tony kisses her hand, "You've got me."
When Cat starts to feel better, Tony apologizes for everything - it's his fault Marah interrupted their wedding. Cat says nothing can ruin their day, "We belong to each other forever. Nothing can come between us." She kisses her husband as Maria looks on with disgust.
Catalina is relieved that it's just family at their wedding - no "outsiders." She insists on tradition. She throws her bouquet straight into Maria's waiting arms. Everyone laughs and Catalina offers champagne. She says, normally, her father would be the one to make the first toast, but the Santos' are her family now, "To my new family." She holds up her glass and kisses Tony. Maria watches, frowning.
Outside, the guard lets Marah go, but Carmen wants a minute with her uninvited guest. "Is this the part where you threaten me?," Marah asks, defensively. Carmen tells her that what she just did was "stupid and dangerous." She reminds her how important the Santos family is. Marah vows she will talk to Tony and no one can stop her, not even Carmen or her family. Carmen suggests Marah give her Tony's message. Marah says it's private. Carmen smiles, menacingly, saying just before the ceremony she had a talk with Tony and he told her "exactly what he thought of you." Marah doesn't believe it. Carmen says that although she and Tony aren't as close as she'd like, they are "the one thing you will never be - family." Tony had said he felt "relieved" that his relationship with Marah was finally over. He had called it "an emotional roller coaster." Tony also mentioned that Marah was having a hard time letting go and moving on. Marah denies it completely, but Carmen continues. Tony also said Marah was "possessive and needy," and he now understands that Marah was all wrong for him. Marah knows Carmen is lying, but her expression indicates otherwise. Carmen adds that Tony said Marah was "pathetic." Carmen sees she's getting through and encourages Marah to go back inside and hear from Tony for herself "exactly how he feels about you." Marah doesn't move. Carmen sarcastically admires her bravery, but "will you be brave enough to leave and stay away?" Marah turns and leaves, upset. Carmen stands against the gate, satisfied, "Adios. Go back to where you came from, stupid girl."

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Tony apologizes to Catalina for failing to make love to her last night, their wedding night. She complains that he didn't even sleep with her but he admits his concern for their baby forced his hand. However, he promises to make it up to her and, after suggesting they fly to Hawaii, sweeps her off her feet and heads to the bedroom. Michelle stops by the hospital to check on the condition of the man's whose life she saved the other day. Rick and Mel comment on her interest in medicine and wonder if she shouldn't pursue it. Having spent the night in separate jail cells, Gus and Harley manage to connect in the morning, comparing thoughts and fears about starting a relationship. After the sheriff frees them, Harley opts to head back to Tory's hidden shrine while Gus returns to Springfield. At Company Marah complains to Ben about Tony marrying Catalina. He urges her to move on now that Tony is taken. She later learns that Maria knows Catalina isn't pregnant. Maria urges her to tell Tony the truth but Marah refuses. Catalina's upset when Tony changes his mind and leaves her alone in the bedroom.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

At the Spaulding Mansion

Beth is holding Zach. Phillip says he promised Alan he would watch the company while he was gone. Phillip exits but returns a few moments later. He tells Beth that Alan's star employee stayed the night. Beth hopes Alan is not working her too hard. Phillip said they have a miracle in that she is back. They embraced with a kiss. Lizzie enters and said she knew they were going to get remarried. Phillip tells Lizzie it is a bit soon for that and they need to discuss it. Lizzie doesn't understand, but Beth tells her that things have changed. Phillip said love isn't the issue. He tries to explain to Lizzie that they need time. But Lizzie still persists that they should be celebrating. Beth reminds her that they are under the same roof and that is a start. Lizzie says she is still upset about not being a bridesmaid.

Olivia asked the so-called servant person to hand her the paper lying on chair. The so-called servant tells Olivia his name is Nolan. Nolan exits. Lizzie enters and asked Olivia if she had a sleepover. Olivia tells Lizzie she was up burning the midnight oil. Lizzie wants to know what she is working on. Olivia said it is market analysis. Lizzie said she wishes she could do that someday. Olivia asked her to start today and get the papers together that is on the floor. Phillip enters the room. Lizzie tells him that Olivia works for Alan and she works for Olivia. Phillip asked Lizzie to leave, and she exits. Phillip does not want his daughter exposed to this kind of situation. Olivia wants to know if he is jealous or feels threatened. But Phillip does not want his daughter to walk in on her and a half naked grandfather. Phillip tells her he will be watching her. Phillip exits. Beth enters. Olivia asked how Phillip is. She informs her that she and Phillip are proceeding with caution. Beth asked about Alan. Olivia said Alan is fine and just the way she likes him. She mentions that she doesn't have the intention of falling in love again. Olivia tells Beth she needs an exceptional idea. Suddenly Olivia said she just figured out what she needs to do.

At the Santos house

Edmund enters the Santos house to talk to Carmen. Carmen reminds him that the other night was just self-indulgence. But she offers Edmund a cup of tea in order to get information. Carmen wants to be able to do her dealings in the open as the Spaulding's do. Edmund reminds her that she is going to have to blend in with the snobs. He tells her he is planning a comeback as well. Carmen enters dressed in a pantsuit to get Edmund's approval. He tells her to add a string of pearls. Carmen exist and returns wearing a dark suit with a strand of pearls. She unbuttons her jacket and tells him you cannot change a leopard's spots. As she sits on Edmunds lap, he tells her how exciting she is. She wants to know if Edmund has come up with a price. They kiss passionately.

At the Marler house

Gus stops to see Ross. He wants to tell Ross that Tory is a little sicker than they thought. But Ross thinks she was just heartbroken. He tells Ross that Blake is going to find out how sick Tory was. Gus tells Ross about Tory's obsession and that he told Blake to check it out. Ross is worried about Blake being at Tory's house alone, but Gus said that Harley is there with her. Gus told Ross that Tory had clipped every article from the Santos trial. Gus thinks that Tory moved to Springfield to seduce Ross because Ross looked like Stewart. Gus thinks that Tory came to Springfield to use Ross, but Ross insists that he used her. Gus reminds Ross that everyone knew how sick Tory was, and that she planned the whole thing. But Ross doesn't feel that she totally succeeded. Gus still doesn't understand why Ross cannot see how Tory was. Ross tells Gus about the photograph with his forged writing, and he knows that Tory wanted them to find the photograph. Ross said he needed to focus on things that he can fix. Gus said women do this on purpose to keep men on their toes. Gus explains what happened to him and Harley. He assured Ross that he stopped by to see Ross with good intensions. Gus said the worst is behind them. Gus exits.

Tory's house

Blake is trying to get the key, and a neighbor asked what she is doing. Blake tells her she is a friend and is there to take care of some unfinished business. Blake enters the house and locates the wall that Harley mentioned. As she pries it apart she sees the pictures of Ross and Stewart. She finds the photo of Ross with Blake and her picture is marked out. With the pictures, Blake wondered if Tory was planning on killing her or Ross. Blake begins to search the house and goes through the desk. She finds proof that Tory did forged the love message on the photograph that she and Ross found. Then she hears a noise outside. Harley enters. Blake cannot believe she trusted Tory around her children. Blake shows Harley the forged handwriting and that Tory took the marks on her notes that Ross gave her and forged the message on back of picture that Ross and Blake found. On the front porch, Harley tells Blake that Ross wasn't lying about the picture. Harley told Blake that she and Ross have to make it work. Harley talks about Gus and how she just isn't sure if it is love. Blake tells her to go with what is in her heart. Blake said she didn't want to return to Springfield. Harley reminds her that eventually she is going to have to make a decision. They exit. But in the bushes someone is watching.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Marler house

Blake enters. As she picked up an envelope on coffee table, Ross enters the room. He tells her where the kids are. Blake tells Ross where she has been and that Harley and Gus wanted her to see Tory's house. Ross said he knew it was a shrine to him and Stewart. Blake told Ross that Tory stole some of the pictures from their home and made s few changes to the pictures. Blake tells Ross she was just an obstacle for Tory to overcome to get to Ross. Blake wanted to go by herself to see how Tory lived. Now Blake understands how Tory is obsessed and that she was sick to begin with. Ross agrees that she was a very disturbed woman, and her obsession is not something they could have foreseen. Blake now feels sorry for her because Tory didn't have a life. She confessed to Ross that maybe she had a part in this too because of the guilt she may have had. Ross lets Blake know that Tory had an agenda before she came to Springfield. Blake said she should have got her profession help. Ross reiterates that Blake was just being a kind woman by finding Tory a job, and he hopes that she will give them another chance. Blake tells Ross that she has been honored at the romance convention in Chicago. Ross tells her to go if she wants to. Since Blake has been at Tory's house, Ross wants to talk about this. Blake said she knows a lot about the situation, but not enough to excuse him for what he did. Ross wants to know if she loves him. Blake tells him that he put their children at risk, but she still loves him. She knows it will never be the same as it was before. Ross suggests that they communicate and keep talking. Blake is in tears and tells Ross she will keep trying to understand. Ross doesn't want to lose the love they have for each other and that will never change. He feels if love is strong enough it can survive anything. At the end of the scene, a shadow of a person is seen through the window.

Santos house

Catalina enters as Maria is sitting on couch. Catalina tells her she cannot sleep. Maria thinks Tony has found out she isn't pregnant. Catalina said if she finds out Maria tells, she will go to the FBI. She informs Maria that she needs time to get pregnant again. Maria wants to know how she is going to do that when Tony is never home. Catalina reassures her that she will be a better wife than Marah could ever be and she understands the Santos rules. Maria gives her a wedding gift. The gift is an angel, and Maria wants her to pray to it for the lies she has told Tony. Tony enters. Catalina shows him the angel that Maria gave them to protect over their home. Tony is depressed and tells her he ran into Ben. Tony said if Ben slept with Marah he would be shouting from the rooftops. Tony said they didn't sleep together and he wants Catalina to tell him the truth. Tony tells her she keeps saying everyone is lying but her. Catalina tells him he can believe what he wants to believe. She once again admits that she was telling the truth. Tony told Catalina that Ben was convincing and wants to know what she is trying to cover up. Maria enters. She tells Tony she wants to talk to Father Ray and that he came back this morning. Tony exits. Catalina says to Maria that it is not going to happen and Father Ray will not tell. But Maria wanted to know what the reason was that Father Ray came back. Catalina exits. Maria picks up phone and acts like Catalina. She leaves a message for Marah. The phone rings and the guard informed Maria that Marah is there to see Catalina. Maria tells Romeo to tell everyone to leave the house, but she wants him to leave the front door open on his way out. She calls out for Catalina and tells her there is someone to see her. Marah enters. Catalina wants to know why she is there. Maria exits. Catalina tells her to get out because she doesn't belong there. Marah tells Catalina she is the one that doesn't belong there, and she is going to be sure everyone knows it.


Ben congratulates Tony for tying the knot. But Tony says maybe he should congratulate Ben. Tony warns him that if he is using her there will be trouble because he does care about Marah. As Tony is walking away, Ben calls Tony's name. Tony turns around and Ben tells him that nothing has happened with Marah because she doesn't like him that way yet. Ben wants to know who told him they slept together. Ben persists that he and Marah did not sleep together. Ben said it isn't his business and reminds Tony that he took vows. Marah enters. Tony walks past her with a concerned look. Marah asked Ben if everything is ok. Ben tells Marah that Tony got the idea that they are sleeping together. Ben assures her that if that happens between them that will be their business. Marah wants to know who would make up a lie like that, and they both agree it was Catalina. Marah said Catalina's lies are her problem. Marah exits to go see Josh. Outside of Inferno, Marah answers her phone to find out that Catalina wants to see her.


Josh and Reva surprise Marah by showing her the engagement ring. Josh said he convinced Reva to take another chance. Reva said they haven't told Shayne yet. Reva said when you belong with someone you know it. Josh said he and Reva were just lucky. Reva wants Marah to help her arrange the wedding. Marah starts to throw out ideas and Reva stops her. Marah wants them to get married in a church. Josh thinks it may be too much for Marah right now. Reva asked Marah what is wrong. Crying, Marah says "everything." She tells them that Tony and Catalina got married. Marah explains how she tried to stop them and that Catalina is not pregnant. Reva said that Marah isn't going to talk to them. Josh suggests she stay out of it since they are now married. Marah agrees because Tony made his choice.

Richard and Cassie

They are looking at pictures of houses with realtor. The house they are looking at is 10,000 square feet, but Cassie wants something smaller and homey. Realtor shows them another house that is smaller and has a bowling alley. But Cassie found another one, but the realtor says she has not been authorized to show her that one. Even though the realtor persists, Richard says that they want to see the house. Richard told her not to worry about the price. After realtor leaves, Cassie tells Richard how she dreamed of having a house where her family loved her. But now she has Richard, and she wants this house, which seems to be the one in her dream. Cassie hugs Richard. Cassie thinks she is being silly, but Richard understands. Reva and Josh enter. Reva shows Cassie her engagement ring and Reva explains that it is her mother's ring. Cassie shows Reva the picture of the house. Richard said they would make appointment with the realtor and look at it.

Friday, April 12, 2002

Gus spots Phillip and Beth and Rick and Mel enjoying a meal at Company and sees his opportunity to get some answers on the enigma that is Harley. He interrupts their conversation (Mel and Rick's differing cinematic opinions and Beth's hardy appetite) by asking, since both Phillip and Rick were involved in Harley, "What is her deal?" Gus takes a chair and explains that sometimes Harley seems to want it all, but at other times she shuts down and doesn't know what she wants. He doesn't understand why. Rick is amused, saying that if he or Phillip had a clue as to what makes their mutual ex tick, they certainly wouldn't tell Gus. Phillip agrees, equally amused by Gus's display of weakness. He adds that as the fathers of two of Harley's children, they wouldn't want them around Gus. Gus tries to refute when Beth interrupts, playing devil's advocate, "Who are we to stand in the way of romance?" She giggles as Gus gets up from the table, "You people really don't know me at all." He starts to walk away when Mel stops him. Ready for more insults, Gus tells her to take her best shot. And she does, calling him "rude" and "inconsiderate" of others' feelings. In fact, she wouldn't want him around her kids either. But, she adds, the real issue here is Rick and Phillip. She reminds Rick that he just recently complained that his best friend didn't know when to back off especially when it comes to his exes. He said Phillip "inserts himself into situations that are none of his business." Beth laughs heartily as Phillip tries to defend himself against Rick. Rick tells Mel he was only joking. Gus sees they've forgotten him and heads toward the counter. Mel tells her boyfriend that he thought "a controlling disposition was a negative trait, and now you're emulating him." The two men argue in fun, as Beth yells over them, "She's a keeper!" Gus returns to the table, silencing them. He reminds them that the issue on the table was his relationship with Harley. Phillip says they've moved past that. They ignore him again and continue their lively discussion. Gus goes back to the counter, scowling.
As Gus is leaving with take-out, Beth offers advice. She tells him to just try talking to Harley directly. Phillip and Rick agree, but Mel doesn't think Gus knows how to be straightforward. "The first time I met him, he lied to me." Gus defends himself - he said his name was Nick, but that isn't a lie because that really is his name. Rick chimes in, "The name you used to ruin Danny's life," and make his sister's life a living hell. Gus says Rick is biased and his opinion means nothing. He says Harley never loved Rick anyway. Rick chuckles, "And you think Harley is really in love with you?" Gus hesitates, "Maybe." As Harley enters the restaurant, Gus turns to Phillip asking if Harley played this "hot and cold" act with him when they first started dating. Phillip is glad he asked, saying, "No, that doesn't sound like the Harley I know." He suggests that Harley wants Gus to back off. Harley sees and hears what's going on and shouts, "Gus!" All turn to see the object of their conversation. "What are you doing HERE?" Gus looks guilty. Rick explains that Gus was just asking them for romantic advice. Harley takes Gus aside and asks him, "Are you out of your mind?!" She cannot believe he is humiliating her in front of her exes. She reminds him, "Our relationship is OUR business!" Gus interjects, telling her not to use the word "relationship" because they don't really have one - they've had a flirtation, a disastrous date, they've even come close to having-- Harley shushes him. Gus says the word "sex" out loud to spite her. He says she has to grow up and stop caring what other people think. She says she doesn't, but she does care about what SHE thinks. Gus implores, since he has no idea what's been on her mind lately. Is she ashamed of him? She says no, then says "maybe it's you a little, but it's mostly me." She needs to take things slow and figure out what she's feeling. She has three kids to think about. And, she doesn't need Phillip and Rick harping on her either. She asks Gus to back off and stop pushing her. Gus says they should take this as a sign - maybe they shouldn't be together. Harley softens, asking if that's what he wants. Pained, he says yes, then asks, "What do YOU want?" He walks away as Phillip and Rick approach. Phillip asks, "Trouble in paradise?" Harley snaps at him, saying that whatever Gus Aitoro said "was a lie." Harley turns to see Gus, who lowers his head and leaves. Harley's face is covered with regret.
Once Gus has gone, Harley nervously explains that she and Gus are partners, they had one date that ended badly and even thought they went away together, it was just a business trip. She denies they have a "thing." Rick is confused as he asks about the announcement she had made at the cabin - she had implied she and Gus were an item then. Harley says, "That was then." Beth interrupts by saying Harley can date whomever she pleases. Phillip disagrees; he has a problem with Gus Aitoro around his son. Rick says, "Me too." Harley blows up, saying it's not like she's marrying Gus. She accuses Rick and Phillip of ganging up on her, just as she'd predicted. Mel tells the guys to back off; they have no right to judge Harley. Harley says there's nothing to judge, "Do you honestly think I'd fall for somebody like Gus Aitoro?!" All are silent. Harley keeps talking, saying she can't deny there are sparks there, but she'd be an idiot to backslide into acting on those feelings - that would be something the old Harley would do. The impulsive Harley, and Harley who ALWAYS falls for the WRONG guy! "I mean, that doesn't sound like me, does it?" Phillip eyes Rick whose face mirrors his uncertainty. Harley thinks she's said enough and turns to the counter. Beth and Mel ask the guys if Harley just contradicted herself. They agree to leave before Harley is embarrassed any more. Holding her head, Harley says to herself, "What did I just do?"
Harley exits Company and sighs. Gus sees her and jumps from the bushes. He embraces her and says, "You know, sometimes I just hate you." They kiss.

Father Ray hits a punching bag. Tony enters the gym and sarcastically thanks his brother for letting him know he was back from the retreat. Tony went through with the wedding because Ray didn't give him a good enough reason not to. Ray punches the bag harder, "Except that you'd be ruining your life." Tony angrily pushes the bag toward Ray, "I'm sick of you beating around the bush. Tell me what the hell is going on!"
Tony puts on a pair of boxing gloves and vents his frustration on the unassuming punching bag. Tony reminds his brother that he gave up Marah and married a woman he doesn't love just so his child will have a father. But does Ray support him in doing the right thing? No. And he refuses to him why he's against it. He shoves Ray, who shoves back, "I can't!" Tony reveals this is the last time he's going to ask. He has to be loyal to his wife now, so, "If you've got something to say, you better say it, or forever hold your damn peace!!" Ray looks up for answers, but Tony tells him to stop looking to God - "He's the one who got you into this in the first place." His anger subsides, and he fights back tears, "My kid is never going to see his father look at his mother with doubt in his eyes. No!" He asks Ray if he should just trust Catalina forever. He asks if Ray's first loyalty is to God or to his brother. Ray is torn, begging Tony not to ask him to make that choice. Tony reminds him that after their father died, they were alone, but they always had each other. "If I can't count on you, who can I count on?" He also reminds Ray that he became a priest to help people. Now, Tony needs his help. Ray hides his face in a towel, attempting to wipe away this conflict. He took vows and cannot make Tony's decisions for him. He can't help him with Catalina or with Marah. Tony asks why Ray keeps mentioning Marah. What does she have to do with anything? Ray explains that Marah came to him at the retreat, desperately looking for Tony. But what she told him, he can't repeat. Tony guesses why - she told him under the seal of confessional, right? Ray says, "no she didn't tell me in--" He stops himself, realizing that what Marah said to him was not confidential. Tony is fed up, and starts to leave, having given up. Ray stops him, "I think I've got a way to help you."
Alone, Tony returns to the punching bag. Ray enters, apologizing for making Tony wait, but he had to pray. He's unsure whether he's breaking his vows or not, but he refuses to turn his back on his little brother any longer. While he can't repeat what Catalina told him, he can repeat what Marah said because he's not bound to keep her confidence. She said Catalina has been lying - "she lost the baby weeks ago." Tony is stunned.

In the foyer of the Santos house, Marah asks Catalina why she summoned her here. Catalina is confused; she didn't call her. Marah is glad Tony isn't home because she and Cat "need to get a few things straight." Catalina reminds her nemesis that Tony is hers now, "I win, you lose." Marah warns that Cat's new-found security is only an illusion. She tears into Cat for lying to Tony about her and Ben - she said they were sleeping together. Catalina denies it and tells her to leave; she doesn't belong there. "Maybe I don't belong here," Marah retorts, "but neither do you, so don't get too comfortable." She warns that Tony will uncover her lies soon enough and "your whole little life is just going to come crashing down." Catalina tells her again to get out, but Marah refuses, saying Tony doesn't love Cat, and he never will. She implies that the newlyweds shared separate beds on their wedding night. Catalina says it's not true, in fact, she could be pregnant right now. Marah knows she is lying and calls her scared and desperate. Cat says Marah is the desperate one - bursting in during their wedding. Marah can't let Tony go, and Cat finds that "pathetic."
Cat admits she's made some mistakes, but she rubs in the fact that she and Tony have made love. Marah knows, but says Tony isn't "in love" with Cat. Catalina says she was more than just a distraction for Tony to forget about Marah. There were real feelings involved and there will be again, once she is pregnant. Marah wasn't right for Tony, she tried to change him, to take him away from his family. Marah reasons that she was only trying to get Tony out of the mob. Catalina calls her a "spoiled little rich brat" who gets anything she wants. Only she can't handle that Tony was the one thing she wanted that she couldn't have. She says Marah just "can't stand it when you're not desired by a man!" She tells Marah to get over herself and get over Tony like he's gotten over her. Marah screams - Cat lied about her, she even "lied about a PRIEST, and yet I'M the bad influence on Tony?!" Catalina screams back, "Get out!" Marah heads into the living room and sits on the couch, content to wait for Tony and tell him everything. Cat calls for a guard, but gets no answer. Marah says, "Guess I'm staying put." Cat warns she'll throw her out herself if she has to. She accuses Marah of losing her dignity. Marah smiles, saying she may as well lose her manners too and do something she's been "dying to do for months." She rips the chain off of Cat's neck and holds it in the air, "This is mine! Tony gave this to me out of love! The inscription on the back says ŒFOREVER'!" Cat chases Marah around the room, insisting Tony gave it to her. The two women wrestle for possession. Cat takes Marah's wrist, and refuses to let go. Marah takes a handful of Cat's hair and says "You let go of me and I'll let go of you." In pain, Cat lets go and collects herself, "Fine, keep your stupid medal; I have this," (she holds up her ring finger), "and I have Tony." She heads toward the stairs, "I'm going to go wait for MY husband in MY bedroom in OUR bed!" Marah gets up and follows her, "That's what you think, sweetheart."
Upstairs, Marah runs after Catalina, down a hallway and into the master bedroom, screaming, "The game's over, Catalina!" Cat picks up the phone and threatens to call the police. Marah isn't scared; the cops would love a legal reason to pay the Santos' a visit. The two resort to fighting, pushing and shoving. Cat warns Marah, "Don't make me hurt you." Marah laughs, "Please hurt me so Tony will know how twisted you are!" With that, Cat pushes Marah to the ground. She hits her head on a column, and lays unconscious. Cat looks down, assuming Marah is faking. She calls her name, but Marah doesn't move.

As Blake packs for Chicago, Ross begs her not to go. She says she wants her writers' award and needs to "sort out a few things." She insists this isn't to hurt Ross, but that it's for her "and for us." Ross likes the sound of that. (From outside the window, a presence watches their conversation.) Ross shows Blake an envelope full of negatives of the pictures Tory stole. He intends to have them all reprinted and restored. Blake points out a particular photo and asks Ross if he sees the look on Blake's face on their wedding day - that look of trust. "I know you can restore the photos; can you restore the look? That's what I have to find out." Ross gives Blake her tickets and offers to drive her to the airport. She is flattered but reminds him he has to pick up the kids. Before he leaves, Ross asks Blake to take as much time as she needs, but not to make any decisions without him. Just as he leaves, the phone rings. When Blake answers, an "Officer Close" from the Springfield P.D. tells her they've found Tory's body. He needs someone to identify it before they can do an autopsy and close the case. Blake says she can't come now - she has a plane to catch. The officer asks if she wants to prolong this case any more. Blake says no and agrees to come down to the docks.
Arriving at the docks, the same presence watches Blake enter the harbormaster's empty office. Blake announces herself, but no one is there. She heads up the stairs, thinking she got the address wrong. Suddenly, the door slams behind her. Blake is startled, "I don't like this place." She starts down the stairs when an officer enters and shines a flashlight up at her. Blake covers her eyes with her hand, the glare hiding the officer's face. The same voice from the phone calls to her and he introduces himself as Officer Close. He apologizes for keeping her waiting. Blake asks to see the body as soon as possible because she is in a rush. The officer answers, "You're looking at it." The flashlight lowers, revealing the officer's face. It is Tory in a police uniform. She continues in her own voice, "I look pretty good for a corpse, don't I?" She smiles at Blake, who stares in disbelief.

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