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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 1, 2002 on GL
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Monday, April 1, 2002

Blake is happy to have the kids back home after their sleepover. Her good mood, however, is shattered the minute she walks in the door and sees Ross waiting for them. The kids excitedly run to greet him. Ross kisses Clarissa as if he hasn't seen her in weeks. The twins comment to each other on how strange their parents are acting. Blake tells the kids she needs to talk to Ross. Once they have left the room, she demands that Ross leave. He refuses because he needs to apologize; he loves her and the kids. After all her past indiscretions, Ross believes his wife owes him. She disagrees and accuses him of using the kids as pawns to manipulate her feelings. Ross promises he will never give up on his children or on the woman he loves.
The picture of a happy family, the Marlers play a game of Chutes & Ladders with Ross winning again. The kids beg for a rematch, but Blake quickly sends them to bed. She asks Ross if he thinks he can just play a few games with the kids and all is right again. He reminds her that the kids need him and refuses to leave - he needs to keep his family together. Ross desperately needs the mother of his children to trust him again. He still wants to marry her, but Blake swears he is not the same man she loves - that man wouldn't play her for a fool. She hands him her engagement ring, "The wedding's off." Ross begs her not to do this. Blake's mistakes in the past were due to her inability to trust, and once she gave in and let herself be loved, she realized the hard way just how right she she had been. She is sick of talking and, examining a dress behind its dry cleaning plastic, Blake grants Ross a reprieve - he will watch the kids while she goes out for some fun. Beth's party awaits.
After Blake's departure, Ross finds Clarissa on the couch and tells her a bedtime story. "Once upon a timeŠ" Momma and Papa bear and their three bear cubs lived in the forest, until one day Paper bear went out for some food and got lost. Momma bear was so upset and worried, and once Papa found his way home again, Momma was angry with him for being away so long. But, Papa bear was determined and he promised his family he'd never get lost again. He'd never stop fighting for his family. Clarissa sleeps peacefully on the couch.

The argument rages at Millennium: Marah doesn't trust Cat to tell Tony the truth, so she starts to leave to find and tell him herself. In her desperation, Cat grabs Marah who breaks free of her grasp and screams that Tony has a right to know. Cat sees there is no stopping Marah, so she lets her go, pleading, "I love himŠ with all my heart, and I can't stand the thought of losing him. So please, don't do this." Once Marah has gone, a panicked Cat calls Tony. Getting his machine, she leaves a message that he call her as soon as possible, "It's about the baby." Hanging up, Cat looks worried, "Please call before Marah finds you."
Marah finds Danny and Michelle at the Country Club. She apologizes for her timing but desperately needs to know where she can find Tony. Danny asks if it's about Cat. Marah just says she needs to stop Tony from making a "huge mistake." Taking that as a yes, Danny reveals that Tony went to find Ray on retreat - he was having doubts about marrying Cat. Seeing the anguish in Marah's eyes, Danny promises he'll track Tony down and call her as soon as he can. When Marah leaves, somewhat appeased, Danny and Michelle share an unsurprised look. Taking out his cell phone, Michelle leaves him to mingle with the crowd. Seeing her opportunity, Carmen says hello to her son. He is surprised to see her at the prestigious Country Club and to find out she may become a member. Hanging up the phone, Danny asks his mother for a favor.
Minutes later, Carmen returns with a sliver of paper - it contains the address of Ray's retreat. She hopes the favor can be returned in the future before leaving Danny to return to the party.
Cat dials her cell, but is only further frustrated by Tony's answering machine. She says they have to talk, and it's, "very important." Ben approaches the bar and is attacked by Cat, who desperately tries to threaten him with the little black book - she'll show it to Marah and ruin his chances with her. She explains that Marah knows about the miscarriage and is trying to find Tony so she can tell him the truth. She is only comforted by the fact that Tony is out of town. Ben doesn't see a way out - it's too late. Tony will come after the two of them as soon as he knows the truth. Catalina holds on to Ben, ranting about how much she needs this baby. He backs off, realizing how far gone Cat has become. He reminds her that there is no baby and that she's in deep denial. Cat explains, "If I'm not pregnant, Tony's never gonna love me." Ben says she has her whole life ahead of her, but Cat interrupts, "Tony is the only man for me." She urges Ben to go after Marah and stop her from ruining everything.
Marah returns to her dorm to find Ben waiting for her. She explains that she was trying to find Tony, but refuses to get into it now. She had something important to say to him, but couldn't find him. She promises to explain as soon as Danny calls with Tony's whereabouts. She leaves Ben to man the phone as she delivers paperwork to Remy (next semester's room assignment). Ben hits the bed with both fists and exhales deeply. Finding a picture of Marah's happy family, he holds it close to him. He dials Cat on his cell and confesses that Marah went to Danny for help. Speaking of the devil, Marah's dorm phone rings and Ben quickly turns on the machine. Danny's voice leaves the address of the retreat in Brewster Falls. Cat is afraid Marah may have told Danny about the baby. After Cat writes down the address, Ben erases the message. Cat leaves in a hurry for the retreat. Marah returns and asks Ben if Danny called. He says no.
Marah paces the room, wondering why Danny hasn't called. Ben seems hurt by Marah's unwillingness to share. She picks up on it and explains that Cat has been lying about the baby - she miscarried weeks ago, and is pretending it never happened so she can trick Tony into marrying her. Ben looks at her, surprised. She says Tony needs to know the truth, that's why she's so anxious to find him. "No wonder you're dying for Danny's call," Ben comments, obviously jealous. He thinks Marah is relishing the fact that she gets to be the one to tell Tony and save him from a life of misery with a woman he doesn't love. Ben raises his voice, exclaiming that he's been patient long enough, that he is tired of being Marah's "consolation prize." He reminds Marah of all the pain Tony has caused her in the past, and if they got back together, it would be more of the same. Marah just wants to help Tony, a friend. Ben loses it, saying he and Marah could have been happy together, but she's decided to run after Tony. He promises not to stop her as he slams the door behind him.
Marah finds Ben in the hallway and acts stunned by his reaction. She thought everything was ok between them. Ben disagrees - he thinks Marah is going after Tony because she still loves him. When she denies it, Ben reminds her that they broke up for reasons other than Cat. Marah explains that things have changed - a lot. Ben sincerely wants to be the guy for Marah; he wants to be honest and stop kidding himself. He warns that going back to Tony will only lead to heartache, "You'll be saying yes to pain and no to possibility." Tony and Romeo wait at the retreat, disappointed that they've been denied a meeting with Ray. However, Tony refuses to leave - he must know why Ray won't marry him and Cat. She's lying and Ray knows why. He never knew Cat to lie before and feels he can't marry someone he doesn't trust. He vows to go over the heads of the priests at the retreat and find Ray himself. Only he doesn't have to. Ray enters and tells his brother that he better leaveŠ "because you're going to ask me about Catalina, and you won't like my answer." Tony says Catalina confessed to lying about Ray's alleged pass at her - his name is cleared. Ray says that's not important, only that Cat told the truth. Tony says Cat's version of the truth is that Ray won't marry them because he knows Tony is still in love with Marah. Ray knows Cat is only covering one lie with another, as he turns away. Tony begs his brother to stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life. He admits that not being with Marah eats him up inside, but, as he fights back the tears, he confesses he never felt this way... not since their father died. Ray knows how negatively that event affected Tony. Tony is sick when he thinks of his child growing up without a father. But, at the same time, he knows Cat is lying to him and now the one person he could always trust, refuses to save him. Becoming more angry, Tony begins to cry, asking if Ray's secrecy is really what God wants. This silly rule will lead Tony to make a mistake he'll regret forever. Ray explains he is in pain too, "This challenges everything I believe in!" Both crying now, Tony realizes what Cat lied about must be serious. He pleads with Ray, one last time, to help him.
Catalina rushes into the compound and demands Romeo tell her where Tony is. Tony enters the room, red-faced and scowling at Cat. She said she was worried when she realized Tony wasn't on a "business trip." Teeth clenched, Tony says he had to talk to Ray "and he had some very interesting things to say."

At the Country Club, Beth's party is in full swing with dancing, laughter and plenty of champagne. Olivia is surprised to see Cassie, not one of Beth's best friends, at the event. Cassie reminds her sister's nemesis that what happened with Beth was a long time ago, and "usually when people come back from the dead, they come back much nicer."
When Blake enters, dressed to the nines, Cassie looks surprised and asks if everything is ok with Ross. Blake says no, but says she came for a good time. She spins in her sparkled dress and takes a glass of champagne off a serving platter. Cassie describes her as "reckless." Blake admits that's what she was going for and tells her friend to "alert the media - you're ready for a show."
Seeing how drunk she has become, Cassie takes a glass out of Blake's hands, "Ok, enough!" Cassie offers to get Blake a tray of food, but when she comes back, she wants to know what's going on between Blake and Ross. When Cassie walks away, Blake rolls her eyes and has another drink.

While they dance, Phillip comments on how happy Lizzie is to see her parents back together. Beth vows to be the best mom a kid could ever have. Rick arrives and introduces Beth to Mel before whisking Beth onto the dance floor. Beth tells her first love that his new girlfriend is "absolutely stunning." Rick agrees, dumbfounded that Beth is actually alive and well after all this time. They share a laugh as Rick steps on her toes.
Phillip jokes with Mel, asking what she sees in Rick. They laugh. Phillip asks if it's hard to work together and try to have a relationship at the same time. Mel says it's hard at times, but it's working out. Phillip asks if her family is ok with the relationship. She says yes, and Phillip commends her on how happy she seems to have made his best friend. He asks if it's serious. Mel looks at him quizzically, asking "Why, Mr. Spaulding, are you questioning my intentions toward your friend?" Rick quickly interrupts the third degree as Beth informs Mel that "when you date Rick, you get Phillip too!" Phillip apologizes for his twenty questions, saying Mel passed the test anyway. Lizzie and Lillian join the group and show them their new dance moves. Mel and the old friends cheer them on.
Beth confronts Edmund for crashing her party. He honestly didn't know about the event, and was at the club for business. But, he adds, now that he does know, he thinks he'll stay. He thinks he should have a VIP invite for saving Beth - if it weren't for him, she'd still be Lorelei Hills, gallivanting in the streets of Chicago. Not wanting further confrontation, Beth tells him to stay as she walks over to Phillip and kisses him, looking Edmund's way with a smile of satisfaction.
Richard sees his brother, "Don't know when to give up, eh?" Edmund drinks free champagne and thanks his brother for kicking him when he's down. Edmund comments on Richard's ambassadorship and the irony of ending up in Springfield. Richard doesn't pity Edmund or his hard luck. Edmund complains that Richard gets everything while he is forever seen as the black sheep of the family left to sing for his dinner. He has nothing. He glances across the room at Beth, dancing and laughing with Phillip, "But not for long."
Olivia approaches her old partner and reminds him that she has every right to be there as she is Beth's friend. Though she may not have many, it's "quality over quantity." She has Alan, who gives her anything she wants. Edmund gets in a quick jab, "anything but a place on the Lighthouse Committee." In a small town, news travels fast. He finds it amusing that she is in the same boat - competing with Richard and Cassie, "the golden couple." He says Olivia had a chance at royalty herself, but passed it up. Olivia pats him on the shoulder, grinning sarcastically, "I have an excuse, Edmund. What's yours?" She leaves him alone, scowling at the question. In a side room, Edmund commends Beth on her success at making him jealous. He accuses her of covering her true feelings for him. After all, Lorelei is a part of her and she still loves him. "She'll be back with a vengeance," he warns. In the main room, Alan quiets the festivities and offers a toast to Beth. The woman of the hour takes her cue and enters the ballroom, joining the rest of her family and friends. Alan projects that the next time they celebrate together it will be at Phillip and Beth's wedding. Everyone smiles and claps at the thought of such a happy occasion. Blake clears her throat, stands high on a chair and offers a toast of her own. Obviously drunk, she takes another sip from her glass and smiles, "It's a chaser to the fairy tale, so listen up, it's gonna be good." Everyone looks around, uncomfortable. Cassie looks worried as Blake finishes her drink.

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

While Ben does his best to convince Marah she wants Tony for herself, Catalina lies again as she tells Tony that she felt the baby move and rushed to find him so he could share in her happiness. Tony admits that he's not sure he can be a good husband. Catalina surprises him by suggesting they delay the wedding if he isn't sure. She then claims that Marah told her that Marah and Ben are sleeping together. Falling for her lie, Tony agrees to wed tomorrow. Blake finally ends her drunken toast in Beth's honor by badmouthing the concept of love. Reva calls Cassie from Cross Creek to let her know that she and Josh are engaged again. Encouraged by the call, Cassie urges Blake to realize that she and Ross can work out their problems just like Josh and Reva. Blake laughs at the idea and then cries to Harley about her world collapsing in on her. Reminding Danny that she gave him Ray's address, Carmen asks Michelle for her help. Michelle refuses but then Danny confirms that he owes his mother a favor. Olivia takes great pleasure in advising Cassie that Richard is just an ex-prince now and hints that they won't be living with the same affluence they have been. Cassie gets her revenge by letting her know that Josh asked Reva to marry her. Holly babysits and sends Ross to Beth's party. There, he finds Blake dancing seductively with Edmund.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Gus tells Harley that he found this great bed and breakfast and he also found a cottage with a fireplace in every room. Finally, Harley interrupts him to let him know they are going to Tremont, Pennsylvania, where there will be two beds because it will be a working trip. They are going to find out everything they can about Tory. As Harley is trying to talk on the phone, Gus is rambling. Gus tells Harley to have a good time on her trip. Harley said she has a thought to find out why Tory committed suicide and it would help Blake and Ross. Harley tells Gus that Tory and Ross were involved. Gus tells Harley that he knew this was true. Gus said he thinks Harley is embarrassed to be seen in public with him. Harley denies the accusation and states that maybe the weekend wouldn't be just business. As they are sitting outside in the convertible gazing at the stars and listening to the car radio, Gus moves closer and begins to kiss her. Harley wants him to put the top up because she is cold and he agrees. But it isn't working so Gus manually tried to get the top to come up. Harley pushes him out of the way and tries to do it herself. Gus suggests they dance. The music stops and the headlights go off. When Gus attempts to start the car, Harley figures the battery is dead out there in the middle of nowhere. Harley said she would call for help, but they have no idea where they are. As a car goes by, Harley flags it down. Gus wants to know if the stranger could tow them to a garage. The stranger reminds them that this is a dangerous road. He also says he has his dog in his vehicle if they don't mind riding with a dog. He takes them to the garage and says they can stay with him at his trailer. Harley wants to stay with the car. They both climb in the car so they can sleep.

Beth's party

Ross is watching Edmund and Blake dance. As Edmund spins her she ends up in Ross' arms. She returns to the dance floor with Edmund. Blake screams to everyone that it is a party and for them to start dancing. Edmund leaves her side and Blake walks over to Ross and asked him what else he is going to ruin. Ross said he came there because he is worried about her and he wants her to come home. She replied that she doesn't have a home and walks away. Blake speaks to the crowd at the party and says that her and Ross are going to have a frank discussion. She tells them she was the last person to find out. She says that for them to listen because it is all about Mr. Ross Marler in that he lied to her and he got real close with his assistant. She proceeds to tell them how Tory was stalking them, kidnapped their children, and tried to kill her because she was so obsessed with Ross. And the story continues as Blake tells them Ross slept with her and kept it a secret until Tory killed herself. She runs after Ross and asked him why he won't leave her alone. But she answered her won question in that Tory is dead. Blake torments him and asked if she was the best he ever had. Cassie goes to Blake and suggests they sit down. Blake goes with Cassie. Sadly, Ross looks around the crowd and exits. In the hall outside of the party room, Phillip enters and hands Ross a drink. After a few moments of silence, Phillip tells Ross that Lizzie has a recital coming up at school and it would be nice if her Uncle Ross would be there. Ross said he would be there. Buzz enters and expresses his concern. Buzz suggests they return home and wait on Blake, but Ross wants to stay to make sure that Blake gets home ok since she has been drinking.

Cassie tells Blake she was hard on Ross, denies her a drink, and tells her to stay away from Edmund. Beth wants to get to know Blake and Blake tells her to have a seat. Blake admits that she still loves Ross and Beth says that means it isn't too late. Blake cannot accept what Ross has done and the wonderful man she knew is gone. Blake walks over to Ross and he wants her to come with him. He doesn't want to leave her. Buzz enters and says that Blake can stay at his place. Blake and Buzz exit. Richard tells Ross if there is anything they can do to let them know. Phillip tells Ross he can come back to the mansion, but Ross says he needs to leave. Ross wants Phillip to tell Lizzie that he will be at the recital. Ross picks up Blake's shawl.

Spaulding Mansion

Alan wants Olivia to tell him why she is upset. She tells Alan that Cassie told her that Josh and Reva are getting married. Olivia knows that Josh never wanted anything but Reva. Olivia admits that she tried to be like Reva to keep Josh. But Alan said their marriage ended because Josh never understood her for who she is. Alan said that she reinvents herself with every relationship. Alan said she doesn't know the meaning of the word love. He reminds Olivia that love is not easy, but he knows when it is real. He wants her to ream big if she is going to be a player. He says that when she comes up with something that she feels passionate about to let him know. Alan wants her to move in with him.

Edmund and Carmen

Edmund wants to now if she feels as if she doesn't fit anywhere. Carmen agrees that it is better to be alone. Carmen thinks that love is a waste of time but passion isn't. She takes off her blouse and says that Edmund could always stay and she walks to her bedroom. Edmund follows her.

Thursday, April 4, 2002

In Pennsylvania

Harley wakes up in the car in the garage. Gus tells her they are ready to go since they have a new car battery. He gives her some breakfast that he got. They argue back and forth about breaking down in the strange town. Gus informs her that he made a phone call to a friend in Tremont and his friend said he would give him all the information he needed. Harley screamed with delight. Gus needs more money to pay his source since he paid for the battery and breakfast. Gus and Harley find Tory's house where she lived in Tremont, Pennsylvania. Gus finds a key in the flowerpot outside of the house. Harley doesn't want to do this, but Gus said Tory is dead. Gus wants Harley to give him time to do what he does best and that is to dig and find the dirt on Tory. Gus notices a hollow wall with a crack that seems to go nowhere. He pries it open and finds pictures of Ross. They also find pictures of Stewart, Tory's dead husband. Harley noticed the resemblance between Ross and Stewart. Gus thinks that in Tory's mind she confused Ross and Stewart. Harley wants to leave. Once again the car won't start, so Gus tries to find out what is wrong. Gus rips out the starter cable. He tells Harley to try to get the car started. (Obviously, it didn't start.) Harley is upset because once again they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Gus says at least they have the stars.

Santos house

Danny and Maria are talking at the Santos house. Maria wanted to know if Marah found Tony. Edmund and Carmen appear and Danny and Maria are surprised. Edmund informs him that he has been there since last night. They exit. Marah and Ben enter the room and saw Danny. She wants to know why he didn't call her. He said he called her about 9pm last night. She turns to Ben and asked if there were any calls. Danny said he might have called the wrong number. He gives Marah the address where Tony is and Marah exits. Ben tells her to be careful. Ben exits. Carmen tells Danny that Edmund is a friend. Carmen reminds Danny that she does get lonely and that Edmund makes her laugh. Romeo enters and tells them that Tony is going to marry Catalina tonight in the Santos house. Romeo was instructed by Tony to get everything ready. Romeo exits. Carmen tells Edmund that she really had a good time last night, but it is time for him to say goodbye because this is family business. Carmen exits to make some phone calls. Edmund exits.

Tony and Catalina enter the Santos house. Tony gives Catalina two dresses for her to pick from. Catalina tells him how much she loves him, but Tony tells her she should get ready. She promises to make him the happiest man alive. Tony exits. Aloud Catalina says that nothing will come between her and Tony again. She thinks back to when Tony gave her the necklace and when she lost the baby. But Maria hears her and tells her she will make a beautiful bride. Catalina assures her there will be no more lies and she will have to live with the fact. Romeo enters and wants to know if everything is ok. Maria said "that girl doesn't deserve to live." Romeo is shocked.


Rick enters Towers and sits at a table with Mel. Rick has plans for the day, but Mel wants a rain check since her dad is back. Rick wants to tag along and have brunch with her and her family. But Mel doesn't want him to do that because it would be a total bore. Marah enters. She asks Rick if he has seen Danny. Rick tells her he is probably at the Santos house. Marah exits. She tells Ben she is going to do everything it takes to find Tony. Rick wants to know why she is uptight. Mel comments that this is more than just a lunch. She agrees to let Rick come with her and he comments that he is going to tell her father that he adores her.

Trinity Retreat in Brewster Falls

She's so excited but Tony says he needs to convince Ray to come back with them. Father Ray enters and Catalina tells him Tony is looking for him. Ray wants to give her a chance to change her mind. He doesn't want her to ruin Tony's life. Catalina reminds him he has to keep his vows. Father Ray tells her to take a good look at herself because she uses people. Ray is disappointed in her and was hoping she would stop telling lies. Tony enters and asked what is going on. Father Ray said they were discussing if they could stay another day. Catalina exits. Father Ray tells Tony that he is taking a big step. Tony is sick and tired of all this and he wants to know the reason that Ray won't tell him. Father Ray said to give it one day and he knows that he misses Marah. But Tony said he is tired of hearing it and he is moving on. Tony and Catalina exit.

Marah enters the Retreat and asked Father Ray if it is too late.


Remy tells Clayton that Felicia will be late. They discuss how good he is getting at basketball. Clayton shows disappointment on his son's Calculus score of 82. Son says he isn't going to defend his grades to him or anyone else. He wants his dad to cut him some slack because he has been working hard. Father apologizes and says the Ross Marler thing is getting to him. He said it is a front page scandal, and he is the one that recommended Ross to be a teacher at the university. He is curious as to where Mel is. Remy said she is probably on a date with Rick Bauer. Dad wants to know what it is about.

Rick and Mel are at table talking to Clayton and Remy. Rick said that Mel makes him feel old because she is brilliant. Clayton says he is having a good time at his daughter's expense. Clayton says that a man like Rick shouldn't be dating his daughter. He agrees he has a problem with them dating. Rick tells Clayton that this is about him being white. Clayton said his first priority is to protect his family. He said there would be places where the two of them will not be able to go. Mel informs her that she can handle it. Clayton insists that it is going to be very hard for her. He tells Rick that he isn't his friend right now. He says if Rick cares for her he will do the right thing. Mel tries to explain to her dad that he cannot put her in a cocoon and she knows there are people who won't accept this. Clayton tells her he loves her with all of his heart, but he knows a few things that she doesn't know. He wants them to promise him they will think about what he said.

Tribute to Mary Stewart (Meta Bauer)

Meta's Christmas toast is given. Ross comes forward and says that on February 28th, Meta Bauer passed away. He says they were lucky to work with her and feel her warm presence. For 35 years, Mary entertained for Search for Tomorrow. With her passing they lost one of the great stars of daytime. With a heavy heart, Ross said, "Mary Stewart we miss you dearly."

Friday, April 5, 2002

Harley cannot believe they are stranded again. As she looks under the hood of his car, Gus turns the engine over, but it doesn't start. While turning the key, Gus ducks down out of Harley's sight and dials his cell phone. "It's ready? Ok, we're going to be there." Harley comes around to the passenger side and asks him why he's on the phone. He claims he's trying to get a signal, but suggests they take a walk and maybe they'll get lucky. He even spots a sign for a motel down the road, but Harley is not keen on the idea of walking along "Serial killer lane," as Gus had earlier called it. Besides, the idea of spending the night in a disgusting, raunchy motel room is not Harley's idea of a good time. She reminds her partner that this is a business trip, not a romantic getaway. They have to get home to talk to Ross and Blake about visiting Tory's hometown. Gus says the only way they're getting back to Springfield is by hitchhiking. He walks to the roadside and sticks out his thumb.

Harley screams after a car as it speeds past. Frustrated, Gus asks why she is so difficult. He doesn't understand why she just won't go to the motel with him. If it's horrible, they can always come back and exercise their thumbs some more. Harley gives in, but insists they get two rooms - she doesn't want their first night together to be in a gross, flea-infested motel room. Defeated, Gus follows her down the road.

Gus leads a blindfolded Harley down a hallway. She assumes the room must be terrible if he doesn't want her to even see it. Gus unlocks the door to a beautifully decorated suite equipped with a burning fireplace adorned by candles and bunches of roses. Removing her blindfold, Harley is shocked by the condition of the room. She smells the roses and asks Gus how he managed all this. "You planned this whole thing!" Gus reaches into his jacket and pulls out the cause of their engine trouble - a hose he'd purposely removed. Harley is not surprised. Gus asks if she thinks it's a little romantic - most girls would love this sort of thing. Instead of swooning, Harley begins to complain about having to hitchhike in the middle of the night just so Gus could get her into bed. He starts to apologize when Harley smiles and admits it's very romantic. She kisses him, gratefullyŠ they move to the bed where Gus removes his shirt and throws it haphazardly onto the floor. Harley giggles and comments on the heat. She looks up and sees the shirt burning next to the fireplace. She screams and gets up, rushing into the hall for a fire extinguisher. Gus panics, knocks over the champagne, and collects his clothes. The extinguisher doesn't help, so Harley and Gus rush out to call the fire department.

Back at the car, Gus fumbles with the hood and replaces the missing hose. Harley is relieved to hear the sirens in the distance as she jokes about their "hot date." They get in the car, but as Gus is about to start the engine, Harley kisses him, but stops insisting they get back to Springfield as soon as possible. She seems unsure as she eyes Gus in only his jacket. She admits he looks sexy this way - very "Saturday Night Fever." Gus does his best Travolta impression as Harley moves closer. They kiss and jump into the back seat, pulling the convertible top down over them.

Clayton pays Ross a visit to reprimand him for sleeping with a student. It makes him, the dean who hired Ross, look bad. Ross blatantly asks if he's being fired. Clayton says no, but wants Ross to focus on fixing things - not just with Blake, but with himself. Ross needs to take responsibility for all that's happened, and encourages him to attend a memorial service put together by Tory's fellow classmates at the Country Club. Ross refuses, insisting that the night should be about Tory, not about him - it would be selfish to go. Clayton thinks it would be selfish NOT to go. He asks Ross to think about whether he'd be hesitant to attend if he hadn't slept with Tory. Ross says he wouldn't. Before he leaves, Clayton asks, "So what's stopping you?"

Marina takes a break from bussing tables at Company when her classmates enter, whooping it up and bouncing a basketball. She greets them, then sees Blake waking up at the counter, irritated by the ruckus. Marina pours her "famous hangover recipe." Befuddled by the fact that a 15-year old daughter of a police officer actually HAS a hangover remedy, Blake drinks, admitting she's a walking advertisement for staying away from alcohol - it makes you do stupid things. Marina laughs - Buzz told her all about how Blake publicly humiliated herself and Ross by telling everyone at the Country Club about Ross' affair. Blake admits she may have crossed a line. Marina reminds her that Ross was unfaithful, and maybe he deserves to be humiliated.
Marina rubs Blake's shoulders, but goes back to work when Holly offers to take over. She tells her daughter she was wrong to keep her from the truth. She asks if she'll ever be forgiven. Blake says it will take time, but yes. However, she doesn't know if she's ready to forgive Ross, or to leave him. But she has to do something. Realizing what she means, Holly urges Blake not to attend Tory's memorial service. Blake didn't even know about it, "I'm the last one to find out everything in this town." Blake thinks she will attend the service because she needs closure. Holly says she doesn't belong there. Blake says, "I know, but I'm going anyway."
At the memorial service, a student speaks about Tory's unhappiness and how well she kept it hidden. Her voice trails off when Ross enters the room. All eyes turn to their professor. The student in charge thanks him for coming. When Ross takes a seat, the student asks if there is anyone else who would like to speak. Ross stands and says, "I would." He takes the podium and gives a heartfelt speech about living a life of integrity and honesty. He wants his students to be spared his misery. He admits the rumors are true - he had an affair with Tory Granger. And he hopes his students haven't lost their respect and admiration for their professor. But, he admits, "Some damage is irreversible." As he finishes his speech, Blake stands in the doorway, out of sight, listening to every word. Her expression softens.
Back at home, Ross carries a suitcase to the front door. He looks back on his living room with regret. He opens the door to find Blake standing on the other side. He apologizes for getting out of there late - something came up. Blake knows he was at the service for Tory - she was there too. She walks inside and turns on the lights, saying she heard every word Ross said at the service. "The man I saw up on that podium, who spoke from his heartŠ" He reminded her of the Ross Marler she once knew and loved. Ross asks if this means there is a chance she will forgive him. Blake can't promise it will happen overnight. Ross promises to be patient. Blake hands him Tory's diary and asks him to get rid of it, "I want it out of my life." Ross drops it and a photo falls out. Blake picks it up, never having noticed a picture of Ross in there before. She reads the inscription on the back, "Dear Tory, I will always love you. Ross." She eyes Ross suspiciously.

At the Santos house, Carmen helps Maria with her corsage, commenting on her mother-in-law's moodiness. She isn't happy about the wedding? Maria changes the subject, asking how Carmen got Edmund Winslow into her bed. When Catalina enters the room wearing her wedding gown, Carmen, thankful for the interruption, goes to her and tries to calm her nerves. Catalina is worried about the priest being late - she just wants everything to be perfect. Once she marries Tony and they start their lives together, everything will be. Carmen assures her that's what they all want, "Right, Maria?" Maria is silent.
Outside the guest house, Danny apologizes for being late. He asks his cousin what's going on - he is going to get married full of so many doubts. Danny asks if Marah tracked him down - she had something important to tell him. Tony looks confused. Danny explains how Marah found him at the Country Club, begging him to help her find Tony. She seemed pretty upset. He suggests Tony call her before the ceremony and find out what was so important. Tony refuses - he and Marah are over. Catalina and the baby are his future now. He turns and walks toward the house.
Inside the foyer, Danny reaches Tony and asks him again to call Marah. Tony checks himself in the mirror and says no. Catalina spies through a crack in the door, and turns to Michelle with excitement. Tony can't see her in the dress before the wedding - it's "bad luck." Michelle leads her into another room. Carmen and Maria greet Tony, but Maria asks for a moment alone with her grandson. She tells him "It's not too late to back out." Tony is confused, "First Danny, now YOU!" He can't get a straight answer from anyone, and unless she can give him a good reason, he's going to go through with it.

At the retreat, Marah insists on seeing Tony. Ray is sorry to tell her that he and Cat left not long before Marah arrived. To herself, Marah mumbles, "Catalina got to him first." She tells Ray that Catalina is lying about the baby - she miscarried weeks ago, and Tony needs to know the truth. She realizes Ray already knows. He swears he is bound by the seal of the confessional, and cannot tell Tony - what Catalina told him was in confidence, and he has to respect that. Marah screams that it's not fair; it's a stupid rule! She accuses Ray of honoring Cat's privacy over his own brother's happiness. Ray is sorry, but tells her she's on her own. He just hopes that she finds Tony in time - "May God be with you." Ray leaves the room, obviously pained. Marah dials her cell phone. When Tony answers, she sighs with relief. She asks where he is and tells him she'll be right there - there's something important she has to tell him. Tony asks if she is with Ben. He knows all about the "private" moments they share. Becoming more defensive with each word, Tony says he is glad Marah has moved on. He tells her to "have a nice life" before hanging up.
Seeing him hang up the phone, Maria rushes to his side, "Was that the Lewis girl?" Tony doesn't answer as music starts to play and Michelle starts down the aisle in her matron of honor gown. Catalina follows, pausing at the bottom of the stairs to smile at Tony, reveling in her success.

Marah redials Tony's number, but it doesn't ring. Angrily, she hangs up and yells, "You turned off your phone again!" She decides to go to the Santos house and find him.
The priest begins the ceremony with a speech on the importance and seriousness of marriage. It is not something to be taken lightly. He asks if anyone has any reason why this marriage should not take place and to "Speak now or else forever hold your peace." The room is silent, and for a moment, Tony looks relieved.
Outside the front gate Marah approaches a guard, ranting and raving about how important it is that she talk to Tony - he is in danger. The guard says he's just following orders, "No visitors til after the wedding." Marah rushes past him and through the gate. The guard follows and grabs her around the waist. Marah screams, "I have to get to Tony!"

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