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Passions Recaps: The week of April 1, 2002 on PS
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Monday, April 1, 2002

Eve tells Sam that TC should not be a suspect in Julian's murder. TC tells Sam the same thing about Eve. TC is unaware that Ivy is pressuring Eve, threatening to expose her past affair with Julian. Ivy calls Eve on her cell phone once again threatening Eve to change John's DNA results. Eve gives Ivy a firm "No!"

Kay interrupts a goodnight lip lock between Miguel and Zombie Charity. This angers the zombie. She and Kay get into a catfight over Miguel. Sam and Grace intervene and they both cover by pretending it was only a playful pillow fight.

Sam and Grace discuss Charity's party. Grace is hoping Kay will realize that she must give up on Miguel. Sam looks over the guest list for the party. He is not happy to see David's name on the list. Grace explains that she invited David because of John. She tells Sam that she is worried and that maybe she should have not so blindly accepted David's word that John is her son. Sam later confides to TC that he wants David to be exposed for the fraud that he is but he fears how hurt Grace will be when she realizes that John is not really her son.

Beth and Luis fly to Bermuda. Their plane flies right over Diana and Brian's boat. Beth shyly asks Luis if they will have one or two rooms in Bermuda. Diana asks Brian the same thing. Luis and Beth arrive at the Bermuda Pavilion. They find out that the hotel is overbooked and that they can only get one hotel room. Brian and Diana are in the same position even though Brian says he emailed they hotel days ago requesting two rooms.

Eve tells Grace that she feels like she could burst with all the secrets she is keeping from her husband. Eve then says that she wants to tells TC the truth about her past and have a clean slate. She says her past will be exposed soon enough. Grace does not understand why Eve said this, unaware that Ivy is blackmailing her.

Zombie Girl discusses her plan of seducing Miguel and killing him in the same night. She makes it look like she is asleep in her bed as she climbs out the window and goes to Miguel's house. Tabitha and Timmy see the Zombie climb out of the window and realize what she is up to.

In desperation, Kay goes to Tabitha's house in search of the Book of Spells.

One of the Bermuda Pavilion workers sees Diana and tells the desk clerk that he just saw a ghost. As Diana and Brian get in the elevator to go to their room, Beth calls out to them to hold the elevator for her and Luis.

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

A hotel worker tells the desk clerk about how Sheridan was lost at sea after the boat she was on with her fiancé exploded. He relates how a body was found that was unrecognizable and then was cremated. He tells the clerk that he just saw the dead woman.

Later, the same hotel worker sees Luis and asks him how it feels to have found his first love again (meaning Sheridan). Luis gets excited at first and then realizes that the man must be talking about his first love, Beth. When Luis and Beth enter their hotel room they are a little shy with each other. Especially after they see that there is only one bed. Luis says "Wow!" when he sees Beth's red silk nightie. They decide to share the bed and take things slow.

Brian insists that Diana get the only bed in their hotel room. He gives her a sweet good night kiss. Diana then dreams about making love in the hotel bed with her dead lover. Her lover's face then turns into Brian again. Diana cannot shake the feeling that the hotel is familiar to her. She gets up and kisses Brian on the forehead and goes outside to look at the stars. Luis does the same to Beth. Both Luis and "Diana" are growing closer to their companions and they are slowly letting go of their past loves.

Kay goes to Tabitha's house to search for the Book of Spells, which leads Timmy on a merry chase. Kay leaves empty handed unaware that the zombie is seducing Miguel. Zombie Charity manages to talk Miguel into making love with her. As the zombie straddles Miguel, her profile turns into an evil winged demon.

Ivy hears that the DNA results are being rushed by messenger to Sam's house. Grace called David and John to join them when the results are read. Ivy shows up announced and makes one last plea to Eve to change the results. Ivy tells Eve that she can save her tawdry past from being exposed and save her friend Grace the grief of losing another child. Eve does not respond.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Ivy goes after Eve again in the hope of pressuring her into changing the DNA results. As everyone waits for the test results, Reese shows up to show Kay something interesting he found in the library. He shows Kay a picture of a succubus, which is a female demon. He informs Kay that if a female demon sleeps with a mortal man, he will die. Kay fears the worst. She is sure that zombie girl is trying not only to seduce Miguel but kill him as well.

Timmy tries to get the Book of Spells but Tabitha stops him. Tabitha tells Timmy that the zombie will kill Miguel and the real Charity anyway so there is not use to try to stop her. Trying to stop her will only lead to their own demise. Timmy goes after the book anyway and has a run in with his arch enemy.....Fluffy.

John is sure that Grace is his mother. Ivy tries to get David to keep up with the lie. David tells Ivy to pull her claws in and leave Eve alone. Ivy tries to bait TC over the murder investigation.

Both Sheridan and Luis take a midnight stroll on the beach. Sheridan thinks she hears a familiar voice when she hears Luis talking to himself. She says she must force herself to let go of the past and her dead lover and concentrate on her future.

The zombie begs Miguel to make love to her. Miguel thinks his Charity is so beautiful that she takes his breath away. The zombie's claws scratch Miguel which puts off their love making. Kay sneaks up to Miguel's window and sees first hand that her worst fears are coming true. The zombie is trying to seduce and kill Miguel.

Tabitha shows up at the Bennett's for a ring side seat to hear the DNA results. Reese asks Tabitha why she is there making another witchy insinuation at her. He asks both Tabitha and Timmy if they know what a succubus is. They both plead ignorance. Eve stands up to Ivy. She tells Ivy to take her best shot. She reminds Ivy of all she stands to lose. She will lose both Sam and Ethan and end up despised and alone. The results arrive and everyone looks nervously at Eve as she holds the envelope.

Thursday, April 4, 2002

Timmy is distraught over Miguel's impending demise at the hands of the evil zombie Charity. Tabitha is delighted because she had many times in the past tried to kill Miguel but always failed. Timmy cannot believe her joy and Tabitha must remind him that she is a witch and the pain of others is what makes her happy.

Brian (Antonio) and Diana (Sheridan) walk on the beach. Diana tells Brian that she just saw some initials in the sand and felt connected to them. Diana sees the plaque that Luis had put on a tree near the beach in memory of his lost love. She stands in Luis' footprints and feels warm. Brian explains it away and tells Diana that she is probably standing in his footprints. Diana tells Brian that he means so much to her. They grow closer as Brian promises to help Diana in any way he can to recover her past.

Luis walked by the plaque that he put on the tree in memory of Sheridan. Beth catches him there and Luis tells Beth the truth. He confesses that he has been thinking of Sheridan constantly. Beth tells Luis that she understands and does not want to see him in pain. She suggests that they leave Bermuda. Luis tells her no. He says that he can get on with his life and he is glad that Beth is there to help him. He kisses her and they seem to grow even closer.

The zombie tells Miguel that she needs to make love with him now. Miguel cannot understand "his Charity's" urgency but she explains it as insecurity over his love for her. She says that she is insecure over Kay. Miguel tells "Charity" that is silly and that he could never think of Kay as anything more than a friend or one of the guys. Kay is outside the window and hears this. She is hurt and the zombie rubs it in to her. Kay vows to the zombie that she will not get away with seducing and killing Miguel.

David wants to make an announcement before Eve opens the DNA results. Eve once again stands strong in the face of Ivy's threats.

Friday, April 5, 2002

Kay starts a fire outside of Miguel's window as a diversion to stop him form making love to the zombie. The fire quickly blazes out of control.

Theresa tries to get Whitney to face up to the fact that she needs Chad and wants to be a singer. Chad gives Ethan back the key to the studio and tells him thanks but no thanks if Whitney is not there to share his dream. He tells Ethan that he should just get on with his life and go to New York. Ethan talks sense into Chad by telling him that this chance will cost him a lot more in New York. A producer comes to the studio and tells Chad that he has real potential with his songs and to try to hire his "singer" back as soon as possible. Theresa and Whitney see a glowing light and realize that Theresa's house is on fire. They rush to the house.

A call comes in to Sam that Pilar's house is burning and that puts a halt to the reading of the DNA results. Everyone rushes to Pilar's house except Ivy, Eve and David. Eve must put up with more of Ivy's threats. Eve and David stand strong and tell Ivy that their lives will be ruined but they have the satisfaction of taking her down with them. David then leaves to go help out at the fire.

Eve tells Ivy that she will no longer be blackmailed by her. Ivy demands that Eve turn over the DNA results since she refuses to change them. Eve laughs until Ivy pulls out a gun and threatens to kill her.

Tabby and Timmy arrive at the scene of the fire as well as Chad and Ethan. Timmy knows Miguel is inside and tells Theresa. Tabby scolds him. She reminds Timmy that the zombie as well as all evil witches are vulnerable to fire. She tells Timmy that this fire can rid them of Miguel, the zombie and the real Charity all at one time.

Theresa goes to the back of the house to try to get in to save her brother. Her coat catches on fire.

Miguel notices the fire and realizes that he and "Charity" are trapped. The zombie looks panicked. Miguel goes to open the bedroom door and flames burst in on him.

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