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Monday, April 1, 2002

In the Barrington attic, Alison speaks to Rebecca's portrait and asks how her ancestor managed to save her life. Or - someone who looked just like her. 'You were as real as I am,' Alison told her great-great-great grandmother. 'But how? Did Rafe send you?' Alison went on to remind herself that Rafe told her she should move on, but Alison wonders how she will ever be able to love again, telling her angel: "I love you, Rafe.'

As Ian returns to the hospital and informs Colleen and Deniece that they will need to get a new doctor on staff because Amy has been called away, he is dismayed to find them all on the brink of tears and asks if there is another nurses' strike. Frank says "I wish,' and then Kevin told Ian that he needs to speak to him.

Hearing Kevin's message, Ian says: "It's impossible,' and moves away.

Lucy arrives and told Frank 'I don't believe it!'

In heaven, Eve takes the Fifth Chair. When Eve asks if she is dead, Rafe asks her what she can remember. Eve told him that she picked up the airline tickets for her honeymoon trip with Ian. Then, as she drove over a bridge, the road was slick, the wheel jerked out of her hands, and the car rolled over and over off the bridge. Then Eve looks around at all of them and says: "If you're all alive and well - how can I be dead?' But Rafe quickly explains to her that NONE of them are exactly alive and well - that they are all angels who had been sent back to earth to complete a journey.

Amy told Eve about trying to poison Ian and changing her mind. Eve told Amy that her journey must have been to save Ian's life - not take it - since, by going to see Amy, Ian was NOT in the car with Eve when she had the accident and Eve's son, Danny, did not lose BOTH his parents at the same time.

In the meantime, down on earth, Ian went to view Eve's body. Frank, Lucy and Kevin all leave Ian alone with Eve's body.

Lucy worries about Danny not having a mother now that Eve is gone.

Inside, Ian looks at the airline tickets Eve had picked up and told his wife that he is glad she got a window seat for him. Ian notices that Eve is cold and puts his jacket around her and talks to her, finally breaking down as he admits: "I can't fix this!'

Meanwhile, in heaven, Amy asks Ed if he always knew she would NOT be able to kill Ian.

ED: "I always knew you had goodness in your heart. I just had to keep the faith that you would find it.'

Paige then notices that Amy can see and that Casey looks like a woman in love. Casey agrees that she found something wonderful during her brief time with Ricky and reminds Ed that she DID save Jamal and Ricky's lives - and asks for a Guardian Angel gig next time around. Rafe then thanks Paige for saving Alison's life and apologizes for standing in her way - but Paige told him that she understood he was just trying to protect Alison.

Later, Rafe confides to Ed that he misses Alison already and he is convinced that he can NEVER let Alison go.

Meanwhile, in the Barrington attic, Alison has brought out a wooden case full of Rebecca's candles, telling Rebecca that Rafe will always be: "My angel, my love and my hero.' As Alison unpacks the candles, she notices that each candle is named: One is Beauty. The next is Comfort. And the third is Love. Alison wonders if Rebecca's candles would help bring Rafe back to her so they could enjoy heaven on earth. Alison lights a candle and sits quietly in the attic.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kevin reschedules his appointments and Frank heads home to tell Karen about Eve's death. When an orderly comes to move Eve's body to the morgue, Kevin stops him and told him to wait until IAN is ready to have the body moved.

In heaven, Eve told the other angels that she is thankful that she and Ian had mended their fences and told Amy that it was Amy who brought that about. Amy told Eve that many people go through an entire lifetime without getting even close to the kind of love that Eve enjoyed with Ian and Amy reminds Eve that she has so much to be grateful for.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, a grieving Ian just holds on to Eve. Kevin and Lucy come to the door and silently watch.

Ed told Casey, Paige and Amy that they have fulfilled their destinies and that they are ready to move on. When Eve asks what will happen to her, Amy takes Eve's hand to show her the way. But, before she leaves with the others, Eve asks Ed whether or not she will ever see Ian or Danny again and Ed reassures Eve that she WILL see her husband and son again. And the angels round a corner and vanish out of sight.

Rafe told Ed he STILL can NOT let Alison go. But Ed told Rafe that it IS over. When Rafe told Ed that he can NOT accept it, Ed told Rafe that Rafe HAS to be able to accept things the way they are.

Meanwhile, in the Barrington attic, Alison decides that Rebecca's candle really will NOT be able to bring Rafe back. So she blows it out and leaves the attic. But after Alison leaves, the candle re-ignites itself.

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Lucy worried about Kevin and the repercussions of Eve's death and Chris mourned in his own way with Jack's help. Ian tried to cope with himself and Danny missing Eve and hunted for a box Eve had given him. Kevin and Lucy came to offer help. Alison found something unexpected in the attic and cleared the air with Livvie. She gave Livvie a candle and chose one, "Comfort," for Ian. Lucy begged Kevin to discuss his grief and he finally broke down. Ian found the box. Alison found the attic empty and was devastated. Amanda insisted Rebecca had been a witch and evil.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Victor comes to the lighthouse to see Lucy. He told her he wants to do something to honor Eve. He would like to hold the upcoming charity auction in Eve's name. Lucy thinks this would be a wonderful tribute until Ricky and Jamal start carting in boxes of items. Victor explains that Amanda Barrington has donated a whole slew of items from her attic. He needs Lucy to store it temporarily.

Mary comes in with a box of candles that also came from the Barrington estate. They are handmade and very unusual. Lucy calls them "uniquely different." After Lucy went upstairs to get Christina, Mary admires a purple candle. She told Victor it would look really nice in their bedroom. Victor lights the candle. As he does, the camera zooms to the bottom where the word *Lust* is written. Suddenly, Victor and Mary are overwhelmed by passion. Lucy walks in with Christina in time to see them making out on her sofa. As Lucy covers Christina's eyes, Victor hands her $50 to pay for the candle. He says it's worth every penny.

Amanda finds Alison sitting all alone in the empty Barrington attic. When Alison asks where everything has gone, Amanda told her to forget about the things as well as her Great, Great, Etc. Grandmother Rebecca. Amanda informs Alison that everything associated with Rebecca has been donated to charity. She warns Alison to let it go because Rebecca was a witch

Livvie lights the candle Alison gave her. She and Jack cuddle on the couch until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Alison is there asking for help in finding Rebecca's things. Jack is eager to help, but Livvie refuses. She believes that if Rebecca was really a witch, then they should have nothing to do with her. Livvie reminds them of Caleb and the trouble he caused. She is afraid of getting involved in anything remotely related to magic or witchcraft.

Livvie and Jack argue about what to do. Finally, Livvie told Jack that he can help Alison if he wants, but Livvie will not have anything to do with the situation. As Livvie watches through the window, she sees Jack and Alison hug as he promises to help her. Livvie picks up the candle and throws it. On the bottom, the word *Trouble* is written.

At the Recovery Room, Ricky pulls out a few items he had helped himself to from Amanda's donation boxes. One of the items is a candle. He lights it then holds it up to luminate the hallmark on a silver trinket. Sitting next to Ricky is Jamal who wonders what happened to Casey. Jamal then remarks that Casey was really "freaky". Ricky takes offense at this remark and threatens Jamal. Jamal apologizes then leaves. Ricky holds the lighted candle as he thinks about Casey. He notices the word *Desire* written on the bottom. As Ricky remembers Casey's last kiss, he thinks he sees her walk past the window of the Recovery Room. He runs outside, but Casey is nowhere in sight.

Thursday, April 4, 2002

At the Light House, Lucy, Scott and Serena wait for Kevin to come down to go to Eve's Memorial Service. Serena mentions that it is sad to realize that she will NEVER hear Eve call her 'girlfriend' again. When Serena asks where Christina is, Lucy says that Maxie is baby-sitting. Finally, Kevin comes in and Scott and Serena leave for the Park, while Kevin and Lucy plan to pick up Ian. Before they leave, Lucy assures Kevin that: "We KNOW Eve is with the angels. We KNOW that. It's not just faith. We KNOW that!'

Meanwhile, at Livvie and Jack's place, Jack is trying to decide which tie to use, while Livvie appears to be distracted and a bit miffed. Jack guesses that Livie is still mad because he told Alison he would help her find her Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Rebecca's missing things. But Livvie points out that Jack has better things to do than help Alison hunt for a witch's belongings. Livvie says, "Nothing's OK, Jack,' as the doorbell rings.

While Jack went to find a different tie, Livvie answers and finds that it is Alison at the door! 'I know you're probably still mad at me and stuff,' Alison begins, and went on to explain that she wanted to 'go to Eve's memorial service with my two best friends.'

However, when Jack comes out, he asks Alison if she has had any lucky in finding Rebecca's stuff and Alison admits that she has NOT found anything belonging to Rebecca. But that she Can't - and Won't give up looking.

At the Loft, Ian has Danny all dressed in the blue sweater Eve liked best on Danny. When the doorbell rings, it is Lucy and Kevin, ready to pick them up.

LUCY: "Ready yet?'
IAN: "Ready? I really don't know.'

Meanwhile, Frank and Karen are the first to arrive at the Memorial Park and look in the western sky, where the sun will soon be setting. Then Jack, Livvie and Alison arrive and Livvie observes that this must be really tough on Ian, since he had no warning. But Alison points out that even if you DO have a warning, it doesn't make it any easier.

Amanda arrives and Livvie told Alison: 'Your grandmother just came. Are you going to say hello to her?' But Alison told her friends that she does NOT think so - after her grandmother threw away all that stuff of Rebecca's that meant so much to Alison.

Jack assures Alison that 'Tomorrow morning, we'll search.' Just then, Livvie sees Victor and went to give him a hug. Mary, Victor, Deniece and Colleen arrive together, followed by Scott, Serena, Lee and Gail.

Alison asks Jack if Livvie is still angry and Jack answers that she is. Then Jamal arrives and there is a tense moment as Jamal says: "Ali! Good to see you!'

Alison then told Jack: "Your brother's here.'
JACK: "Hey! Chris!' as he tries to get Chris' attention, but Chris just waves back to him.

Jamal asks Jack if Chris and Eve were pretty close and Jack told him that they were. Then Alison says: "Maybe we should, you know, not leave him alone.'

But just then Kevin, Lucy, Ian and Danny arrive. Livvie hugs Kevin and Ian hands Danny to Livvie to baby sit during the service.

On the podium, Ian lights Rebecca's 'Comfort' candle, but when he wavers, Karen gets up and asks if she can help. Ian agrees that she can. And Karen begins by saying: "We all have memories of Eve. We all laughed with her and cried with her. I think about all this....' But Karen breaks down and says: "I can't do this...' and breaks down in tears, so Ian and Frank help her back to her seat

So Ian begins to tell how special Eve was to him and to everyone else, then went on to mention Rebecca's candle: "Someone left this candle outside my apartment. I'm not sure who it was - maybe one of you. But I brought it inside and lit it and there was such peace. Peace came from it. I had been looking for something Eve gave me before she left. I couldn't find it. Any way, I lit the candle. And everything changed. Didn't it? (Ian looks at Danny and Danny babbles back.) I could feel her. Her love. And her warmth. And her strength. Strength - Right - My sweet wife. My sweet wife.'

Kevin speaks next and told everyone that 'Eve was divine. I meant that in the way we're all supposed to share that tiny spark of God inside us. She was compassion. And Love. And Mercy. And she was in the simplest and deepest way a true friend. A true heart. Not a day will go by that she isn't with me. And every day, I'll thank God for that.' As Chris gets up to speak next, Ian and Kevin shake hands.

When Chris begins to speak, he asks Eve if she remembers, then told everyone that Eve had a special place in his heart because she enjoyed a good martini. And reminds her of the good times they shared when they shared a place together. Chris went on to tell everyone he has wonderful memories and that Eve was his very best friend. But she COULD be messy - never picked up. She liked old movies - would go through the tissues while she was watching one. And she loved sappy love songs. Her favorite was, of course, the one that Chris hated most and he had heard it a million times because she delighted in playing it over and over when she learned that he did NOT like the song. Then he begins to sing: "Someday, when I'm awfully low. When the world is cold. I will feel a glow. Just thinking of you. And the way you look tonight.' (As the others begin to file past and light their candles from the main COMFORT candle already burning, a montage of 'Eve' moments are flashed on the screen, and then Chris continues:) 'Oh, you're lovely. With your smile so warm. And your cheeks so soft. There is nothing for me. But to love you. Just the way you look tonight. You're lovely. Never ever change. Keep that breathless charm. Won't you please arrange it. 'Cause I love you. Just the way you look tonight. Just the way you look tonight.'

As Chris lights his candle from the main COMFORT candle, Alison suddenly blows her candle out and leaves. Jack follows her.

As Ian comes up to light his candle, Chris told him: "I loved her very much.'
IAN: "I know you did.' (And gives him a hug). 'She loved you too.'

Ian then says that he wishes Eve could be here tonight - she'd have loved it. But admits he will need the help of all of them to tell 'this young man' all the stories they know about his mother. Then Ian reminds everyone that he once told Eve that he wanted her 'Not just for one night, but for always. Truer thing was never said. I love you.' Ian picks up Daniel and they look at the sunset together.

As everyone is getting ready to leave, Livvie asks Jamal if Jamal saw Ali leave with Jack.

JAMAL: "Where's Rafe?'
LIVVIE: "Rafe's gone.'
JAMAL: "So they went looking for Rafe?'
LIVVIE: 'What Alison's looking for is trouble. And I'll bet my boyfriend that she's finding it as we speak.'

Jack catches up with Alison and Alison told him that the candle Ian talked about was one of Rebecca's candles - and Alison doesn't understand how something that brought COMFORT to someone would be so upsetting to her grandmother.

JACK: "Is this about Eve or about Rafe?"

Alison states that it is about BOTH of them. Jack went on to remind Alison that she and Rafe had that special place where they liked to go. 'Maybe you should do what Ian's doing - say a proper good-bye,' Jack suggests.

When Ian and Danny return home, Ian puts Daniel down in the play pen, saying: "Just you and me boy. Set ye down and rest. Your Mom will always be here,' Ian told Danny, as he picks up a picture of Eve. 'We'll take COMFORT in that, won't we? Take COMFORT!' Ian puts the picture down and gets the candle out, saying: "Out! Out - brief candle. Life is but a walking shadow. A poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage. And then is heard no more. Is heard no more.' As Ian lights the candle, the wind comes up. 'You OK?' he asks Daniel. Then notices Daniel doesn't have his blanket. 'Where's your blanket? Maybe I left it at the park. I'll just find something else...' but Ian wanders around the apartment, at a loss where to look But when he went back past the play pen, he notices that the blanket is there after all. 'Where'd you get that?" Ian asks, then observes that 'Maybe I'm losing it. Or maybe she did.' Ian opens the window and says: "Hey - keep watching over us. We need you to. We need you to.'

Friday, April 5, 2002

Ricky sits alone at the recovery Room, trying to concentrate on his burger and fries but finds himself, instead, wishing Casey would turn up. Frank and Karen arrive, having just left Eve's Memorial Service. They are at first surprised to see that Ricky is coming out in public so soon after his face was badly scarred in a knife fight. When Frank and Karen realize that Ricky's scar has, somehow, miraculously healed, Frank asks 'What does Casey think?'

However, Ricky told Frank and Karen the bad news: "She split without a trace.' Frank notices Casey's key around Ricky's neck and immediately demands to know how Ricky would have the key - since Casey NEVER took the key off. Ricky told Frank it was a 'going away present,' but Frank does NOT believe Ricky, grabs him by the collar and demands immediate answers.

Meanwhile, Livvie is at home, waiting for Jack to show up. She tries to raise Jack on his cell phone and learns that Jack is 'out of the service area.' Fuming that Jack has gone off to help Alison find her creepy ancestor's belongings rather than being at home, Livvie picks up the candle to examine it more closely and try to discover WHY Alison is SO fascinated by all of Rebecca's stuff. Livvie finds the word TROUBLE imprinted on the bottom of the candle and becomes immediately upset. Livvie throws the candle in the trash, then pulls it back out again. Livvie notices that she has a weird, dark, strange feeling when she touches the candle. Livvie calls Jamal and told him that she believes Alison and maybe Jack as well are getting caught up in something that could be as dangerous as their previous experiences with Caleb. Jamal agrees to at least listen to Livvie's theories, and Livvie tosses the candle on a table before she leaves the house. After the candle lands, it rolls up against some other candles.

Meanwhile, Jack and Alison have found Rebecca's things in - of all places - the Barn that meant so much to Rafe and Alison. Alison told Jack that she is so glad to see everything because she was afraid, from her grandmother's reaction to Rebecca's things - that everything would be buried - or burned - by now. Jack asks if Alison is sure that SHE did not bring those things to the barn, but Alison told Jack she is NOT crazy and that she WOULD remember if she had brought everything to the barn. Searching frantically, Alison finds the portrait of Rebecca, unveils the portrait and shows it to Jack. Jack says: "I've seen her. I know her.' Or, Jack amends, someone LIKE her. Then Jack told Alison about Kevin's old girlfriend - Paige - who has been staying at the Light House. Alison wonders if it was Paige, then, instead of Rebecca who saved her life. Alison told Jack about getting her foot caught between the rails on a railroad track with the train coming. And then - suddenly - out of nowhere - someone came and pulled her to safety. Alison had thought it was Rebecca and that Rafe sent her. But MAYBE, now, it was Paige - and it was Rebecca who sent her! In almost reverent tones, Alison told Jack that she sees this as a sign - an omen. Aison has ALWAYS felt a connection with Rebecca and believes now that REBECCA sent Paige to rescue Alison. 'I found her again and I'll never let her go,' Alison told Jack. 'I won't lose her - ever again!'

At the Bike Shop, Livvie arrives to see Jamal with a packet of information she has collected on the Barrington family and on witches. Livvie told Jamal that she KNOWS Alison's great-great-great-Grandmother lived about 120 years ago and made candles. Then Livvie told Jamal about the fight she and Jack had as soon as they lit the candle, and how Livvie discovered the word TROUBLE on the bottom of the candle. Jamal is only faintly amused, telling Livvie that he thinks it's stretching quite a bit to believe that a CANDLE could make ANYone have a fight!

Now it is Livvie who is NOT amused. Livvie reminds Jamal that all the warning signs were there when they first encountered Caleb - but they all ignored the warning signs until it was TOO late! Jamal finally agrees that maybe all of this is worth looking in to. 'What are we looking for?' Jamal asks.

LIVVIE: 'A witch!'

Meanwhile, back at the Recovery Room, Frank threatens Ricky while Karen told Frank to let him go. Ricky told Frank that Casey had to go and she just went. Then Ricky starts to tell them that Casey was an angel, but never gets that far because he believes he sees Casey at the window and went running out into the street to find her - but no one is there.

Livvie confides in Jamal that she pleaded with Jack NOT to help Alison search for Alison's creepy ancestor's belongings, but Jack would NOT listen. It was like Jack was being mysteriously pulled into something dark and dangerous. Livvie shows Jamal the research that she has done at the library - stories on the Barrington family. Jamal notices that Livvie has ALSO brought along a lot of documentation on witches. As Livvie and Jamal search through the pages of historical documents, Livvie notes that the Barrington family traces its roots back to royalty in England. BUT, Livvie points out, there is NO 'Rebecca' listed in the Barrington family tree! Then Jamal finds a newspaper article about Rebecca's candle shop. Jamal shows Livvie the picture of Rebecca Barrington in the newspaper and Livvie recognizes Rebecca as having a strong resemblance to Paige - Kevin's old girlfriend - who stayed at the Light House. And Livvie told Jamal that she believes Paige and Alison were related. 'MAYBE,' Livvie observes, 'Paige and Rebecca were BOTH witches!'

In the meantime, at the barn, Alison told Jack that finding Rebecca's things is like getting her childhood back. Jack finds an antique camera that still has film in it and Alison says he can have that camera in exchange for helping her find Rebecca's belongings. Just kidding around, Jack takes Alison's picture. Alison then finds a Patchwork Quilt and puts it around her shoulders. She told Jack that she feels like the lonely little girl who used to hang out in the attic and the woman who was in love with Rafe have found each other and are now tied together.

JACK: 'Now it's time to do what you came here to do - Say Good-bye to Rafe.'

Alison agrees and, after wishing her good luck, Jack leaves.

ALISON: 'OK, Rafe. I'm here. I'm here.'

Meanwhile, back at the Recovery Room, Frank is prepared to punch Ricky but Karen stops him. Karen points out that if Ricky knew WHERE Casey was - he'd BE there WITH her now. Frank agrees and the two of them leave. And Ricky sits alone on the park bench and thinks about Casey.

At the Bike Shop, as Jamal and Livvie continue to research the Barrington family, Jamal reads that Rebecca was born in the mid-19th century (1850's - about the time of the Civil War) and suggests that maybe one of the reasons she is NOT listed in the Barrington family tree is because the Barringtons wanted to keep the black sheep out. According to the newspaper article Jamal has uncovered, Rebecca liked to cast spells and was accused of causing the death of someone through the use of black magic. Everyone in town believed she WAS responsible for that death, the whole town turned against her - and they hung her!

Back at the Barn, Alison told Rafe that she is trying so hard to be strong. But she has a terrible ache in her heart that won't go away. And Alison wonders WHY Rafe did NOT get a chance to say a proper good-bye after he promised he would. Alison told Rafe, sometimes 'I just want to lay down and close my eyes and sort of fade away and never get up - not if you're NEVER going to be with me again!' Alison flashes back to the day they made promises to each other that they would both carry their love for each other into eternity. As Alison wonders WHY Rafe left without saying a proper good-bye, the way he promised, she says: "I feel so alone.'

But Alison suddenly hears a voice, saying: "You're wrong, Alison. You've never been alone at all.'

As Alison went in the direction of the voice, she says: "Who? Rebecca?' And Alison sees her great-great-great-grandmother Rebecca come out of the picture.

'Sweet, sweet Alison,' Rebecca says. 'My great-great-great-grandchild - you've NEVER been alone!' And Rebecca embraces Alison.

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