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Liza made Mia promise to look after Colby in the event of Liza's death. Jackson demanded Anna's resignation after learning that she had married David. Leo learned that Vanessa planned to ask for her case to be dismissed. Trey continued to behave mysteriously. Chris regained the use of his legs.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 1, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, April 1, 2002

Marian finished tucking Colby into Adam and Liza's bed as Adam walked into the room. She explained that Colby insisted on sleeping in "mommy's and daddy's bed", and asked why Liza was admitted. Adam told her that she collapsed and it was all his fault. He told her that she had another blinding headache, and she's spending the night so they can observe her. He said that Liza is terrified, and Marian told him that he has to continue being there for her. She asked him why he feels it's his fault. He told Marian about David's business dealing with Liza while she was sick, and how he reacted to it. He said his attack on David may have caused Liza to collapse. Marian tried to comfort him, and said he did the right thing. She said that she wants to see Liza, and Adam said that Liza would like that. As she left the room, Marian told him that he probably let David off easy. Later, Adam checked on Colby, and she woke up asking for Liza. Adam comforted her by telling her that Liza's just having a sleep over. They both confessed they missed Liza before Adam tucked her back in.

In her hospital room, Liza told Mia that she knew what she was doing when she fired the CFO of Chandler Enterprises. She confessed to Mia that she fired him because he knew that she was stealing money from the company. When Mia asked her why she was stealing, she said she did it for Colby. She went on to tell Mia that she needs someone to help her handle this. Mia agreed to help her and asked for the short story about the money, so Liza began to explain. She told her that she and Adam were trying to work on their marriage, but it wasn't working. Therefore, she needed to find some way to take care of Colby in the event of a divorce. So, she siphoned off money from Chandler Enterprises. She went on to say that she stockpiled this money in case she and Colby had to leave town suddenly without a trace. When Mia asked about the contract she signed with David, Liza said that that has nothing to do with this. She doesn't even remember the contract. Mia agreed to help her and said she'll do what she wants her to. Liza told her not to get involved if she's just doing out of pity. Mia said that she would do it for Colby, and because she's her sister. Liza told her that she can tell how much she loves Colby, and Mia said that being with her makes giving her own son up for adoption hurt a little less. She knows that he son is better off, though. Liza said that she's sorry that it took her sickness to bring them closer. Marian heard this as she opened the door of her room, and said that she won't let her daughter die. She doesn't want to hear any "doom and gloom." Marian told Liza that she saw Adam and told him that he has to be strong for her. Mia agreed, and told Marian that Liza does know more about what they're looking for now. Liza then said there is a possibility that it's a brain tumor. Because the doctors didn't actually say that, though, they are going to remain positive. Marian begins to tear up as she and Mia decided to let Liza get her rest. Out in the hallway, Marian began crying harder as Mia comforted her. Later, Liza called Adam to check on Colby. She filled him in on her visits with Mia and Marian and said that Marian was worried. When Adam said, "I'm not," she said "Yes, you are. So am I." She confessed that she wants to come home, and she asked Adam to tell her that she would be home soon.

Vanessa continued screaming when she saw the snake and ran into the bathroom. She began screaming and pounding on the door from inside the bathroom until the guard entered her room. When Vanessa told her there's a snake in the bed, the guard pointed to the bed and said that there is no snake. Vanessa said that it's probably on the floor somewhere, and she shut herself back in the bathroom. The guard still didn't believe her, based on the past false alarms, but Vanessa opened the door back up and told her to get rid of the snake. Opal, hearing the screams, entered the room and said the only snake in here is the one she's looking at. Humoring Vanessa, the guard looked under the sheets of the bed, but couldn't find anything. She headed back to her post rather then check the night stand as Vanessa wanted. Sitting on the windowsill, Vanessa told Opal to get out. Opal jokingly said that she could probably tame the snake if he comes back. Vanessa snaps at her, "What do you want?", but Palmer walked up to the doorway before she could answer. Vanessa changed her tone and asks him, "Who are you?" Opal comments that she's changing right before there eyes, and Palmer said that she isn't going to get away with it this time. Palmer told Opal that he wanted to be alone with her, so she left. With Opal listening at the wall, Palmer dropped a stack of bills on Vanessa's bed and said he's not covering for her bills any longer. As Vanessa continued her act, he told her that she was the biggest mistake of his life. As he left her room, Opal caught him in the hallway. Palmer told her that she was right and he was wrong about Vanessa. He then told her to just go away. as he left. Back in her room, Vanessa was lurking around her bed, wrapped in her sheet. She looked behind the bed, and under the covers. Acting very nervous, she finally climbed back into bed. Hearing a rattling sound, she let out a little scream only to see Opal entering her room shaking a baby rattle. With Vanessa stammering in fear, Opal noticed that the snake hadn't bitten yet, but it will. She told her that she deserves a lot more then this, and she'll get it. Opal closed the door of her room, leaving Vanessa stuttering with fear.

Anna told Leo that he gave her no choice but to have him arrested. David is shocked, and asked her why she's going after Leo. She said that Leo's being arrested for tampering with evidence against Vanessa. Greenlee, who was standing in the doorway with Trey, walked up to Leo and asked him what the hell is wrong with him. Greenlee ripped into him for still defending Vanessa after all she did to them. David reacted in shock, and asked him if it was true. Leo said that he could explain and that he isn't helping Vanessa, but Greenlee accused him of just trying to come up with a better story. When Trey walked closer to Greenlee, Leo asked him who he is and why he was eavesdropping. Greenlee said that he's the man she came there with, and Leo asked him where he came from. Trey said the he's a lawyer, Vanessa's lawyer. Leo said that he can't believe she's dating Vanessa's lawyer while yelling at him for what he did. She said that Trey's just doing his job. David and Maggie both asked Leo to explain himself to them, as Anna told Officer Perry she can handle the arrest. She walked up to Leo and told him that he needs to tell David the truth. Leo asked for five minutes alone with him, and he walked out with David. After they left, Greenlee asked Anna what's going on, but Anna brushed her off.

Leo took David into the chapel, and David asked him what the hell's going on. Leo told David that Anna was trying to protect him, but she decided that he has to know the truth. David told him to spit it out. Leo told him that David's father got Vanessa into the drug ring. "Vanessa is Proteus because of your father," he said. David reacted in shock and asked him where he got this from. Leo said it was the truth, but David wouldn't hear it. Leo said he got this from Maggie. He continued filling David in on what Maggie said in the deposition, but David was shaking his head, finding it difficult to believe. He told David how depressed his father was and how Vanessa played off this until he killed himself. Leo said that he never wanted to tell him, because he knew it would kill him, too. David finally came to the realization that is father was a fraud just like Vanessa. Extremely distraught, David said that nothing he believed in is real. David told Leo that this was what Vanessa was holding over his head. This was her trump card. David said that he is grateful for what Leo did. Leo said that it's just the two of them now, and he held out his hand. Rather then shake his hand, David pulled him into an embrace.

Greenlee caught up with Anna in the hallway and asked again what's going on. Anna said that she wants Greenlee to stick around, and hopefully Leo will tell her what he's telling his brother. Greenlee was upset at how elusive Anna was being, but Anna told her that this family needs their compassion and understanding. She went on to tell Greenlee that what Leo did is a wonderful thing, and she shouldn't want to walk out on it. When Anna walked away, Greenlee asked Trey to give her five more minutes. When Trey agreed, Greenlee found Anna again, and Anna told her what Leo did and how she caught him. She told Greenlee that Leo was trying to protect David. She proceeded to tell Greenlee the whole story.

Leaving Greenlee, Trey followed Maggie into her room and asked her about her family. She ignored him, and he reminded her that she might get subpoenaed when the trial starts. Maggie said that she's going to be long gone by then, because Vanessa and her sons are just too much for her. Trey acted surprised that was still planning on leaving town, said that he'll get right to work on the court order. After all, she's his star witness and he doesn't plan on letting her go anywhere. Maggie told him to leave before she pushes the button and accuses him of harassment.

Trey found Greenlee and asked her if she was ready to go, but she said "not yet", as she and Anna headed toward the chapel. They walk into the chapel as David and Leo were hugging. Anna told Leo that she set the record straight with Greenlee, but he responded with an indifferent attitude. She next said to Leo that she has to take him in. David tried to intervene, but Anna said that she can't let him go. David turned to Leo and said that he'll post his bail, then, as Trey entered the chapel. They begin to leave, with Leo telling Greenlee, sarcastically, to enjoy her date. She told him that she hopes it works out, but he ignored her. After they left, Greenlee turned to Trey and said that he has to help him. If he can get Vanessa off, he can get Leo off. She asks him to help Leo, "for me."

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

At the hospital, Liza is upset that she is still getting Adam's voice mail when she calls him and wonders where he could be. Marian mentions that he said something about picking up Hayley on his way back. Mia agrees that she heard Adam mentioning that. Just then, Hayley arrives to see her mother-in-law. Liza immediately deduces that Adam didn't pick her up. Hayley admits he didn't. Jake arrives soon afterward and is ready to take Ms. Chandler to have her MRI done. Liza still wants to find Adam and asks for a few extra minutes. Mia lures Jake out of the room by asking about her schedule. Hayley also leaves to go check her voice mail. Outside the room, Hayley asks why she and Marian were giving each other the look. Mia reveals that Adam said he took off this morning, but he hasn't been heard from since. They just didn't want to worry Liza about Adam being missing. Hayley vows to find her dad and drag him back to the hospital to see his ailing wife. Mia returns in the room with Marian. Liza mentions that she shouldn't have given Adam another chance. Marian defends Adam and tells her about a story Stuart told her about his mother being ill and Adam secretly quit school to work two jobs in order to raise money for her surgery. Liza still wants Adam with her and is concerned about where he is.

At Myrtle's boarding house, Chris reads the paper as he listens to the sports news on the radio. Erica comes over and Stamp asks if she's there to see Bianca. Erica says that she's giving her youngest daughter some space. He asks if she's there to see her eldest daughter. Erica reveals that she's there to offer him tickets to the Phillies game. Chris tells Erica that they aren't a couple again just because he told her that he was sorry. Erica scoffs at the idea that he thought she wanted to see a baseball game. She informs him that they're for him and Ryan. Since Ryan's a Phillies fan, they can go together to the game.

Outside the boarding house, Kendall's about to go inside when her cell phone rings. Kendall rudely answers the phone. The voice at the other end says they can't imagine why she's still single. Kendall realizes that it's Ryan. Lavery asks her what a "slow red-hot, tongue-twisting kiss" is. Kendall tells him that she would have to show him what it is in person. She asks if he's ready for that kiss. Ryan says that he's still waiting. Kendall wonders if she should hold off on that simply out of anticipation. She assures him that she's not going to rush over because he snapped his fingers. Ryan advises her to be nice. Kendall agrees to tell him what he wants to know and asks where does he want to meet her. Ryan suggests the phone. Kendall becomes confused. Ryan mentions that she just needs to give him the ingredients for the drink she made last night-the customers are begging for more of her "red-hot, tongue-twisting kiss." Kendall gives him the ingredients as she goes in the boarding house. She screams "oh my God" when she spots Erica there with Chris. She hangs up on a confused Ryan. Kendall gives Chris the chips he asked for and tells her mother how amazed she is that she was able to snag Stamp back in record timing. Erica tries to tell Kendall that she and Chris aren't back together. Kendall thinks she's trying to reel him in. Erica and Kendall start to go at it and Chris advises them to chill. Erica apologizes to Chris. Kendall finds it amusing how good La Kane is at apologizing to her men. Erica tries to also apologize to Kendall for how she's treated her in the past. Ms. Hart isn't buying it and heads back to the kitchen to put up the groceries she bought. Erica stops her and says that she still can't forgive her even after she's apologized to her. Kendall asks what she's talking about. Erica reveals that Enchantment is in big trouble. Chris asks Erica if she's for real. Erica assures that she wouldn't kid about her company. Kendall thinks her mom is overreacting. Erica says that with all the bad PR Enchantment has gotten, her company is crumbling. Furthermore, she has to also deal with Bianca's rejection and Kendall's taunts. Chris says she's been through crises before and will prevail. Erica's not sure. She tells Kendall that she should be happy that her company is faltering. Erica leaves and Chris advises her to keep her head up. After Ms. Kane leaves, Kendall asks Chris if he bought her act. Meanwhile, Erica phones Donald Steele from outside and tells her that Kendall's falling for her bait and that it's time for phase two of their plan. Donald asks if they can work on another plan together. Erica tells him no way. She advises him not to be too obvious when he contacts Kendall-she can smell a set-up a mile away. Donald assures her that he'll be convincing enough for her not to suspect a thing.

At the Valley Inn, Anna is about to leave as David lies in bed. "You look very guilty sneaking out like that" says David before she can make it out the door. Anna reveals that she only came back to freshen up. When he asks where she was last night, Anna tells him that she had an overload of work at the police station. However, she did see Leo, who is doing okay. David asks if there is any news on his bail. She tells him that it's still being denied. David offers to get her room service. Anna thinks she should leave. David stops her again and asks how she is. Anna wonders if that's his way of finding out if she's testifying against him in court. David tells her that it's her prerogative to read it that way if she wants to. Anna wonders how she should feel after finding out about him hiding Dixie out and possibly using Liza's illness to take advantage of her. David says that he's been accused of things ever since they met-it hasn't stopped them before. Anna says that maybe it's not the best thing for them. David disagrees. Anna mentions that there's always a brick wall in between them. David says that breaking down that wall is half the fun in their relationship. David pulls Anna in for a long kiss. The smooch ends when Adam bursts into David's room with a photographer. Adam quips that he's capturing his last happy moment before he goes down for all his misdeeds. Adam mentions that Anna's scheduled to testify against David in the grand jury, and his photos of them will make waves. David says that it's no secret that he and Anna are an item. Adam reveals that it is a secret that they recently eloped. The newlyweds are shocked to learn that Adam had someone find their marriage license at Elk Green. Chandler threatens Anna to testify against David, revealing his intentions towards Liza, or he'll expose their marriage. He'll make sure her tenure as police chief is very short. The three begin arguing as Hayley walks in and asks Adam what the hell he thinks he's doing. She can't believe her father is bickering with David and Anna when his wife is begging for him at the hospital. Anna insults Chandler on his priorities, but Adam says that his wife is just fine. Hayley says that she isn't fine and needs him. Adam blames David for his wife's condition and tries to attack Hayward. Anna and Hayley block them and Mrs. Santos escorts her father out of the room. She tells him to get a grip. Hayley goes on by saying that he and Liza are the same because she refuses to admit that she's scared, but she is scared for herself, Colby, and him. Adam turns him back and Hayley orders him to face her. Adam turns around and Hayley sees the dismal look on his face. Father and daughter hug. Adam says he's very angry. He was holding it together until Colby asked him last night when her mommy was coming home. He told her she would be back soon, but he's worried that she won't be back soon. Hayley advises him to think positive. He wonders how he will be able to explain Liza's health to Colby. Hayley tells him that he may never have to worry about that. She also says that arguing with David is not helping matters any. Adam admits that the whole situation is very tough for him to handle. Hayley tells her dad that Liza needs him fighting with her, not for her. She urges him to go and be with his wife.

After hanging up with Steele, Erica spots a frantic Ryan, who asks if Kendall's alright. Erica says that Kendall is inside and that she's fine. Ryan goes into the boarding house to find Kendall straightening up the living room. Ryan is upset that Kendall scared him by screaming and hanging the phone up on him. She's impressed that he was worried about her. She says that Erica's goody-goody act was the only thing wrong. Just then, Chris returns to the living room. Kendall asks Chris again if he bought Erica's story. Chris tells her that he's not discussing Erica with her. Stamp has a problem getting into the living room. Ryan tries to help him get in the living room, but an irate Chris tells his son to back off and let him get in the living room on his own-he's not an invalid. Kendall suggests he get a model with a four-wheel drive. Ryan spots the Phillies tickets in Chris' lap. Stamp asks if he wants them. Ryan asks why he's giving up the tickets since he loves baseball and the Phillies as much as he does. Ryan says the stadium is wheelchair-accessible. Just then, a car honks and Chris says it's for him. Before he leaves, Chris says that he doesn't need any help. Ryan wonders what was eating Chris. Kendall says that Chris would not want to go the game watching other guys run and jump like he used to do before his paralysis. Ryan thinks he should just keep his mouth shut around him. Kendall disagrees and feels that he's coming around. Besides, she saw his caring side when he raced over to see if she was okay. Ryan jokes that he figured she probably had the place burned down. The doorbell rings. Kendall answers it and Donald Steele is at the other end. He gives her an eyeful of the headline about Erica being a devil mom. Ryan thinks he should leave. Steele tells Kendall that this story is sure to bring La Kane's world tumbling down. Ryan tells him to leave. Donald begs her for just a couple of quotes. Ryan sends him out the door. Kendall reads the article and sees that he's showing her as the victim and wonders if this is her shot at revealing who the real Erica Kane is. Ryan asks why she would do that when she can go out with him.

Greenlee calls the police station from her Enchantment office for information on Leo. Trey walks in and tells her that he can give her some info about her ex-fiancée. He tells her that he tried to assist Du Pres, but David and Leo both rejected his help. The phone rings, and Greenlee tells the person that she'll call them back. Greens asks if he's at least found someone to represent him. Trey says that he found a lawyer, but he's still in jail. He also gives Ms. Smythe a piece of advice-stay away from Leo. If she doesn't, she might find herself behind bars right along with him. Greenlee is positive that Leo would never intentionally hurt her. Trey reminds her that she could be arrested for aiding and abetting for trying to lure the cop off of Leo's trail. He advises her to be careful. She assures him that she always is. He promises not to say anything bad again about Du Pres since she thinks she still has a shot with him. Greens wonders why he would think that. The fact that she tried to help him avoid arrest and have him represent Du Pres gave him that impression. Greenlee says it was momentary insanity and that she's wised up overnight. Trey suggests she distract herself from Leo with a rain check from their dinner the other night. Greens will consider it if there date locate is a little more upscale. Just then, Erica comes in and is impressed to see her with a new man. She commends her on taking her advice. Erica introduces herself to Trey, but he tells her that she needs no introduction. Trey leaves the ladies alone. After complimenting Trey on his charming qualities, Erica tells Ms. Smythe that she has a new assignment for her. She wants her to recruit Kendall to Enchantment. Greenlee is shocked with Erica's suggestion. La Kane explains that Kendall is the reason Enchantment's numbers are falling. She shows Greenlee a copy of the faux tabloid story. Greenlee says they can spin some good PR for the company. Erica says the only way they can salvage the company is to publicly reconcile with her daughter. Greens tries to talk her out of it, but Erica's decision is final. Ms. Smythe asks if she thinks Kendall will go for it. Erica says that Kendall won't talk to her. Only Greenlee can convince her to come to work for Enchantment. Greenlee reminds Erica that Kendall hates her as well. Erica says that Kendall's employment will only be temporary and offers a finders fee which will include allowing Greenlee to oversee her own product from the beginning to end. Greens is skeptical, but is up for the challenge. Erica gets a call afterwards and has to leave on an emergency. Greenlee asks where they begin. Erica says that Ms. Smythe is on her own and heads out of the office. Greenlee queries what she would want if she were Kendall. Ms. Hart asks if Lavery is asking her out. Ryan flashes the tickets and says that it's a game and not a date. She asks if she looks like she would enjoy baseball. Ryan offers her hot dogs, game commentary, and some good laughs. Sounds like a date to me, Kendall quips. Ryan says it's not a date. Kendall says that since it's a ball game, someone's going to score. Kendall asks him to define a date. Ryan says it's only a baseball game. Soon, there's another visitor at the boarding house. Ms. Hart is shocked to find Greenlee at the door and tells her that Erica's not there. Greenlee says that she's there to see her, not her boss. She has a business proposal for him. Ryan advises her not to take her offer. "And where are you working? I forgot, nowhere!" spats Greens. Ryan suggests she take her good humor and leave. Greenlee thinks Kendall wants her to stay because her proposition involves Erica.

Distressed over Adam's no-show, Liza accidentally knocks over a glass in her hospital room. She just wants to get her tests over with it so she can see her daughter. Mia steps out of the room to find Jake, who's on his way get Liza. She tells him that Adam still hasn't contacted them and Liza's about to blow. Jake and Mia go back into the room to take her to get her MRI done. Before she's wheeled out, Adam arrives with Hayley. Adam asks to speak with Liza alone. The others leave as Adam tries to apologize for not being there earlier. He says that she should be his top priority. She disagrees-Colby should come first. Adam promises not to let either one of them down again and vows to beat whatever the tests show. Jake interrupts and tells her that it's time to go. Adam kisses her forehead and tells her that he loves her. Outside, Marian consoles her daughter as she's wheeled away. Hayley goes to Adam and tells him she'll be okay. Minutes later, Chris arrives at the hospital and spots Erica there. He sees her turn and embrace Adam. Chris interrupts them. Adam heads out of the waiting area and thanks Erica for her kind words. She asks him to give her best wishes to Liza. After Adam's away, Chris asks why Erica why she's there hugging one of her ex-husbands. Erica explains that Liza is very ill and Adam is out of his mind with worry. She was just consoling him. Chris wonders out loud if she consoles all her ex-husbands. Chris heads out and says that he's late for his check-up. Erica is happy to see Chris was jealous of her and Adam. Erica hopes that her plans with Kendall and Greenlee work out as she hopes.

Back in David's room, Anna says that their cover is probably blown. David agrees that Adam won't drop the subject and will probably expose their marriage. Anna says the grand jury is getting closer. David suggests Anna do the right thing since Adam is threatening her job. He doesn't want to drag her down with him. When Anna gives him a suspicious look, David tells her that the problem with their relationship is that she tries to read into everything he says and everything he says is suspicious. Anna wonders if he's trying to con her over to his side with his words. David wonders if they just weren't meant to be on the same side. She assures her husband that she wants to be on his side and knows it was difficult learning the truth about his father. David doesn't want that to cloud her judgment and decides to back off her completely. "Maybe I want pressure" says Anna. David refuses to do that and Anna wonders if he's changed. David kisses her again and they agree to have breakfast together once he freshens up. Anna asks herself aloud how can she put her husband in prison. Just then, David's phone rings and Anna answers it. It's a collect call from Dixie Cooney. Anna accepts the charges. David walks in just in time to hear Anna tell her that he's not available and asks what she wants from Hayward.

Hayley tells Adam, Liza, Marian, and Mia that Lorenzo is learning Spanish and will probably be bilingual. In the middle of their talk, Jake comes in with the test results and asks if she wants to discuss things in private. Liza wants her family there with her. Dr. Martin reveals that the tests found a mass at her left frontal lobe that could be removed with surgery. Adam tells him not to frighten her. Jake tells him that he and his colleagues agreed that surgery is the best option and should be done as soon as possible.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

On the phone with Dixie, Anna asked what she needed from David. David listened and coughed, so that Anna knew he was there. She turned to face David as she asked Dixie if it had anything to do with the baby she's carrying. David took the phone and spoke with Dixie, telling her that her most recent test results looked good and that she's doing well. David told Dixie that things in Pine Valley were fine and they hung up. Anna went off on David because he didn't tell Dixie about his legal troubles. David said Dixie has her own problems and that he wasn't going to dump more on her. Anna said Dixie could testify for David and help clear him but David refused to even ask her, it wouldn't be good for her heart. This infuriated Anna, who told David she had made up her mind about testifying today. "I'm going to testify against you" she told her husband. She said it wasn't out of spite and not because of Dixie. It was because of their mutual mistrust of each other. David said she was willing to give "us" up but Anna said the thought of testifying against him was killing her. She said she believes in him but that her life was on the line here and that David didn't get that. Anna told David that she never knows where she stands with him and that she can't sacrifice herself for him. "If I save you I lose myself" she said. David was hurt and Anna started to cry and admitted that she could give it all up for love. She begged David to tell her she can trust him but he turned to her and said "I can't." Anna asked if the situation were reversed would he throw it all away for her. David looked at her with sad eyes but didn't say a word. Anna said "No, I didn't think so" and left to go to Jackson's office. David was very upset and made a phone call. He told the person on the other end that there was a change in plans.

Anna arrived at Jack's office as he answered the phone. He got visibly upset and asked "What??? When???." When he hung up he told Anna that there was an accident in the evidence room. All of the physical evidence against David had been destroyed. She stated that meant Jack had to drop the charges but he said no way. Jack said with Jake's sworn testimony and what she was about to tell him they could still put David away for years. Anna said softly to herself, "So David's fate rests in my hands." She stepped out into the hallway for some air and sat on a bench. She thought back to their wedding night when David said she'd acted on instinct to protect him and that he'd never forget it. Anna looked thoughtful and got up, heading back to Jack's office. .

JR found Adam in the solarium at the hospital crying. They hugged and Adam told his son that Liza has a tumor in the frontal lobe. JR wondered if the tumor caused Liza to trash his room and be so angry at him all the time. Adam said probably and JR worried that he had made it worse. Adam told him it wasn't his fault as Tad showed up. JR told Tad not to mess with his dad today. Tad said he'd heard about Liza and just stopped by to check on how they were doing. He offered a truce to Adam, who accepted it. Adam asked Tad if JR could stay with him while Liza was ill. Tad of course said yes, if it was ok with JR. JR agreed. Tad told them he and Jamie were going on a camping trip and Adam offered them his private jet and his private cabin. Tad asked JR if that was ok with him and he said yes. Tad asked Adam to help him find Dixie and Adam said he'd get his men on it at once. They went to see Liza and when they all came out of her room Tad commented that she seemed more herself. Tad then told Adam they'd go get JR's things and be on their way, and also reminded Adam to look for Dixie. After JR and Tad left, Adam went to a pay phone and called someone. He told the person that he got Martin out of town, "now you get him out of Chandler Enterprises."

Bianca went to Enchantment to see Erica. Erica was thrilled until Bianca said she only stopped by to pick up her mail. She told her mother she'd filed a change of address with the post office so her mail would start going to Myrtle's. Erica said that was good since the college acceptance letters should start pouring in. Bianca announced there wouldn't be any acceptance letters because she withdrew all of her applications. Erica was horrified and blamed it on Kendall's influence. Bianca said she'd made her own decision but her mother still thought Kendall had something to do with it. Bianca explained that she decided to put off college until she can decide what she wants to do with her life. "I'm just not ready to move on" she told her mother. Erica said she always regretted not going to college. Bianca said she just needed some time, she had a rough senior year, what with her girlfriend being murdered and her own mother thinking she did it. Erica tried to apologize for that but Bianca wasn't willing to listen. Erica told her that no matter how hard she tries to freeze her out, she'll always love her. Bianca said she'd always love her mother too, but their ideas of love were light-years apart and left the office.

Bianca went to the hospital to pick up Maggie, who was released today. Bianca told her about the run in she had with her mother over college and Maggie was appalled at Bianca's attitude. She said she'd love to trade places with Bianca and have a mother who cared so much. "Cry me a river Bianca!" she told her friend. Bianca said Erica cared too much but Maggie told her she was lucky to have a mom. "Look around, do you see mine anywhere?" The girls left the hospital and Bianca dropped Maggie off at David's suite at the hotel. David and Maggie discussed David's legal troubles and she tried to be positive for him. David was less optimistic and gave her the key to the suite. He told her to move in, since the month was paid for. Then he offered a bit of advice "If you ever feel the skeletons from this family's closet breathing down your neck, run like hell" and he left.

When Anna returned to Jackson's office she was shocked to find David speaking to Jackson. David turned to her and said he cut a deal and was taking prison time.

Kendall and Greenlee discussed the offer from Enchantment. Ryan piped in, saying there had to be strings attached. Kendall asked for details and Greenlee showed her the Exposer's front cover. She said it was bad press for Erica and Enchantment. She went on, saying they want Kendall to write a retraction. Kendall went off, saying Erica used her and every word was true in that article and that Erica deserved what she gets. Greenlee said "Sell yourself out, you've done it before! Go for the gold!" and Kendall slapped her across the face. Greenlee went after Kendall but Ryan broke them apart. Greenlee relayed a message from Erica, saying that if Kendall retracted the Exposer story Erica would pay Kendall an amount in the high five figures. Kendall wondered why Erica would just give her cash, and Greenlee snidely commented that it wasn't like Erica could offer her a job at Enchantment, Kendall didn't have any business sense at all and absolutely no cosmetic savvy. This of course ticked Kendall off. Greenlee handed her a retraction all ready written, all Kendall had to do was sign it. Kendall tore it up. Greenlee said she wouldn't get another chance and left. Kendall turned to Ryan, grinning from ear to ear."You didn't think I had it in me but I just walked away from a set up. Ryan thought Kendall did a good thing but Kendall said now she had her mother right where she wanted her, "Under my thumb!" She told Ryan that she's in the catbird seat now. Ryan said maybe she was being set up but Kendal said no and that now she could finally set the record straight. "I finally have all the cards!" she told Ryan. He told her to drop them and walk away for self preservation. Kendall said not hardly but Ryan told her to forget revenge for one day. He dared her to go to the ball game with him and she took him up on it. He said he'd be back later to pick her up and left. Kendall went back into the house and waited for him to drive away. Then she picked up her purse and headed out the door.

At Enchantment Greenlee rushed in to tell Erica about her trap for Kendall. Erica demanded details and when Greenlee explained what she had done Erica wasn't impressed. Greenlee said she used strategy and reveres psychology but Erica threw a fit and said Bianca was slipping away and it was going to be all Greenlee's fault. Greenlee was confused and tried to explain more of what she said to Kendall. Erica doubted if Kendall would take the bait but Greenlee said Kendall was totally predictable and that she'll come to work at Enchantment and think it was all her idea. Erica was finally impressed but said she'd believe it when she saw it. Just then Kendall came in and said she was there to help her mother get out of a jam. Erica said she would appreciate Kendall's help. Kendall said she had a counter offer to Greenlee's offer, that she wanted more than money. She wants a job at Enchantment, she told her mother. Not just any job thought, Kendall wants Greenlee's job. Erica and Greenlee were both surprised.

Thursday, April 4, 2002

Anna informed David that all of the evidence against him has been destroyed in a freak plumbing mishap. Rather than be elated, David remained intent on going to jail. Jack warned Anna that she was making a big mistake by revealing confidential information to David. Anna argued that David had been tricked into a confession because he hadn't known that the evidence against him had been destroyed. David's attorney, Rico, arrived and commented on the "uncharacteristically generous" offer extended to David by the District Attorney. When he learned from Anna that the evidence against David had been destroyed, Rico rethought allowing his client to cop a plea. Jack stated that even without the evidence, Anna's testimony would be enough to put David behind bars. Despite David's protests, Anna revealed that she and David were married. Jack's jaw fell agape. When he regained his composure, Jack warned Anna that she was ruining her career. David was permitted to go home, but a determined Jack vowed to stick it to David. Later, when talking with one of his colleagues, Jack announced that he'd get to David by "going after Anna Devane."

Later, Anna and David returned to their hotel room. David was happy that Anna had gone to bat for him, but he didn't want it to be at the expense of her career. David confessed to Anna that he does love her. Anna, in turn, told David that she loved him too.

Erica feigned surprise at Kendall's request to work at Enchantment. Kendall, however, didn't want just any job - she wanted Greenlee's job. Greenlee turned to Erica and vowed that she would not lose her job to Kendall. Erica offered to create a "new position" within the company for Kendall, but that wasn't good enough for Kendall. Kendall made it clear that she would accept only one job. Her demands unmet, Kendall announced that she and Ryan were going to a baseball game. After Kendall left, Greenlee turned to Erica and started pleading - begging -- for her job. Erica announced that she would give Greenlee's job to Kendall - at least temporarily. "This is the first phase of my battle plan," Erica smirked. "And what am I?" Greenlee fired back. "The first casualty?" Erica assured Greenlee that everything would work out. She then reminded Greenlee of the reward she'd been promised for snaring Kendall: her very own Enchantment product. Smiling, Erica walked out of her office. Greenlee picked up the telephone and placed an emergency call to Jake Martin.

Back home at her loft, Greenlee received a phone call from the hospital telling her that her call to Jake was not "an emergency." Trey entered the apartment through a wide-open front door and asked Greenlee if she'd like to join him for dinner. Greenlee looked at him crossly and announced that she wasn't in the mood for a pick up line. Trey remarked that Greenlee was "incredibly gorgeous" when frazzled. The compliment led to a passionate kiss between the two. Trey stepped back and told Greenlee that his dinner offer was still on the table. He sensed that Greenlee really didn't want to be kissing him. A bit embarrassed, Greenlee bowed her head and announced that she wanted to be alone. Trey nodded understandingly and left. "Alone with Leo," Greenlee sighed.

Ryan dropped by the boarding house and lectured Chris on being a "pain in the butt" to his doctors. Chris blasted Ryan for checking up on him and asked that he keep his nose out of his business. Ryan tried to enrage Chris to the point where he'd forget that he was unable to walk and jump to his feet. It didn't work. A frustrated Ryan left to go to the ball game with Kendall. Erica showed up a little while later while Chris was resting. She leaned over Chris, who had his eyes closed, and asked him if he was awake. Like Ryan, Erica had checked in on Chris' progress with his doctors. Chris vented on Erica as well, telling her that his medical situation was his own private business. Erica blasted Chris for not wanting to try to walk. She said that there were thousands of wheelchair-bound people who worked hard every day to get to a point where they can walk again. Erica threw her hands in the air and said that she had to leave before she... she never finished her sentence. Chris warned Erica to calm down before getting behind the wheel of her car. The last time Erica drove while upset she hit Frankie. Erica denied that she'd hit Frankie; Frankie had hit her. Chris suddenly stood up and told Erica that she couldn't leave until he threw her out. Erica beamed from ear to ear upon seeing Chris on his feet. She walked over to him and helped him take a few steps.

Ryan and Kendall's baseball game was rained out, but that didn't stop them from driving to the stadium for some junk food. As they munched on corn dogs in the car, Kendall asked Ryan if he'd ever taken in a Phillies game before. In discussing his love of baseball, Ryan said that Gillian had thought of baseball as a "quaint" event. Kendall looked to Ryan and asked him to tell her more about Gillian. Ryan was happy to oblige and recapped for Kendall how he and Gillian had met and eventually fallen in love. After the main course was finished, Kendall asked Ryan if he had any cotton candy. Ryan opened the car door and walked away. Kendall sighed heavily, possibly thinking that Ryan had walked out on her. She kicked herself for having asked Ryan about Gillian. She then checked her messages on her cell phone and listened to a message from Erica announcing that she'd decided to hire her after all. Kendall cheered loudly, but quickly quashed her enthusiasm when Ryan returned to the car. Kendall claimed that she hadn't had any messages on her phone. Ryan handed over some cotton candy to Kendall, who appeared quite touched that Ryan had braved the heavy rain to get her the sugary snack. Kendall leaned over and gave Ryan a peck on his cheek.

Friday, April 5, 2002

Greenlee is in her condo reminiscing over a framed picture collage of her and Leo. Someone knocks on the door: Trey is bringing her chocolate croissants. He compliments her saying she is the best landlady he has ever had. Greenlee tells Trey she's not happy about Erica bringing Kendall on board at Enchantment and now she is Kendall's assistant. Trey questions Greenlee about her feelings toward Leo and how much she knows about him, warning her that he's a grifter and a con artist.

Trey relates to Greenlee how much he knows about Leo to Greenlee's amazement. He asks Greenlee if Leo has tapped into her bank account and perhaps transferred Vanessa's (Proteus') drug money as it is missing. He wonders if Greenlee has stashed the money for Leo. Greenlee defends Leo. Trey tells her whoever has the money is in a lot of trouble and he doesn't want that person to be Greenlee.

It is morning and Anna and David awaken in David's room at the Valley Inn. She tells David about her dream being married to a man who told her he loved her. David asks if they live happily ever after but before Anna can answer there is a knock at their door. Anna hops out of bed to answer the door hoping it is room service. The waiter brings their breakfast and congratulates Anna. She's puzzled how does he know about her marriage to David. Her question is answered as soon as she picks up the morning newspaper to see a picture of her and David along with a story about their marriage. The phone rings. The assistant DA tells Anna she is needed at City Hall.

Ryan visits Chris at Myrtle's boarding house and sees Chris' empty wheelchair. He panics and shouts for Chris, afraid something dreadful has happened. Chris appears from upstairs proudly exclaiming his legs are working fine now. Chris tells Ryan that Ryan doesn't owe him anything and that he won't forget Ryan stood by him. Chris and Ryan want to say more to each other but both are reluctant. As Ryan begins to leave, Kendall intervenes and plays mediator between the two and Chris and Ryan talk about their feelings towards one another.

Erica visits Jackson in his office. She exclaims how Chris is a hero and should get his job back. Jackson points out he was a federal employee but Erica wants Jack to help Chris get his job back. Jack tells Erica she has used up all her favors with him and is pushing their relationship too far as he still loves her. Realizing that Jackson isn't going to help her, Erica decides to leave his office and bumps into Anna. Erica briefly congratulates Anna on her marriage to David and leaves Anna and Jack to talk about David's case.

Jack tells Anna that it was not an accident the evidence against David was tampered with. Anna asks him did he think she was the one. He doesn't answer her question. Instead he chews her out for doing an end run around him by marrying David. He wants her resignation. She indignantly declares Jack to take the job away from her as she storms out of his office.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Mia, Marian, and Adam visit Liza as the doctor tells Liza she will be prepped for surgery in an hour. Liza asks what will happen if the tumor is malignant. The doctor tells her they will decide at that time. Liza asks to see Colby and Adam and Marian leave to call Stuart to bring Colby to the hospital. Liza confides to Mia she is concerned about Adam's behavior.

Vanessa is being wheeled down the hall in her wheelchair by the hospital attendants and passes Adam talking with Hayley and Mateo who have just arrived. Hayley asks about Liza. Vanessa is rambling on about her starring part in a movie and Adam goes berserk, trying to attack Vanessa. Liza hears the commotion in the hallway as Hayley tries to calm Adam. He is angry because Vanessa is responsible for getting JR hooked on drugs. Hayley steps aside to talk with Mateo about putting their problems with Proteus behind them.

Stuart brings Colby to visit her mommy. Colby kisses Liza's head to help it get better. She asks her mommy if she is going to die and Liza dodges the question. She promises she will be home soon. Liza tells Colby to never forget she loves her.

After Marian takes Colby home, Liza asks Mia to promise to watch over Colby for her if she doesn't live through the surgery. Mia promises she will. Liza then tells her she has hidden the bankbooks for the secret accounts for the money she took from Chandler Enterprises. They are taped to the bed frame in her bedroom. The money is for Colby.

Mia leaves Liza's hospital room so Adam and visit alone with Liza. They try to reassure each other that the surgery will go well and cling to each other in an embrace. Both are frightened about the surgery. The doctor interrupts them. "It is time," he says.

Vanessa is taken to her room and touches up her movie makeup. When Mateo enters her room, she pretends she doesn't know him. He tells her to think hard about who he is. She drops the pretend act and shouts at him for trying to gaslight her. She tells him to stop torturing her as Hayley, hearing the commotion, enters the room. She tells Mateo if he is really gas lighting her and to leave Vanessa alone. Mateo says Vanessa has to pay for what she has done.

Erica shows up at Myrtle's boarding house and seeing Kendall there, congratulates her on her job at Enchantment. Ryan is furious with Kendall for lying to him about her acceptance of the job and storms out of the boarding house. Kendall follows him. Ryan tells her he has a bad feeling about her working at Enchantment. He admits he does care about her and caresses her face, kissing her lips in a soft, passionate kiss.

Leo stops by Jack's office to thank him for releasing him from jail. But it wasn't Jack who let him out. While Leo is in Jack's office, Jack receives a Motion to dismiss the charges against Vanessa as she has been determined to be incompetent to stand trial. She instead will be confined to a mental hospital. Leo is stunned. This can't happen he declares. It is Trey who has done this, he shouts, and dashes out of Jack's office.



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