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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 25, 2002 on PC
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Monday, March 25, 2002

At the Smith Estate in England, Lucy ecstatically shows Kevin and Paige that Paige's family scroll shows that one portrait in the Family Gallery is missing and that the missing portrait belonged to a Rebecca Barrington - Lucy insists to Paige that Paige is related to the Barrington family back in Port Charles

Back in the Barrington Attic, Rafe is transfixed by his first glimpse of Alison's Great-great-great-grandmother Rebecca Barrington. Alison notices that he is looking at the portrait as if Rebecca was a long-lost friend and asks him if he knows her.

Meanwhile in the On-Call Room Shower, a shocked Ian watches as Amy gets out of the shower and slowly begins to materialize in front of him. When Ian calls her name, Amy asks him if his wife knows about his new hobby of spying on women in showers. But Ian ignores her accusations and asks: "Amy - WHAT are you?'
AMY: 'Amy Stradling.'
IAN: 'The truth!'
AMY: 'I'm Amy Stradling!'
IAN: "Amy! I think I know...' But Ian does not finish his sentence, because Amy grabs her blow dryer, knocks Ian out and, hastily grabbing her clothes, runs away.

Back in England, Paige insists to Lucy and Kevin that the name Barrington doesn't ring a bell but Lucy insists that the missing portrait of Rebecca Barrington is the missing piece to the whole puzzle. Kevin begins to describe how Alison Barrington is the best friend of his daughter - Livvie. And Lucy insists to Paige that Alison is a great girl. But Paige is adamant - great girl or not - it doesn't prove that Alison Barrington is ANY relation to her: 'My family's dead,' Paige insists. 'There ARE no others!' Paige went on to tell Kevin and Lucy that she believes she is all alone - that she has always been alone and when Kevin tries to reassure her, Paige says that she is not upset but scared, because she has been wrong about so many things in her trip back to earth - and she does NOT want to get her hopes up about this family connection thing.

But Kevin told her: "You came to Port Charles to reconnect with the past. You thought it was OUR past -- But it WASN'T! It was your FAMILY's past!' Lucy agrees that Paige pestering Kevin to paint her portrait had brought them all to the truth.

Back in the Barrington attic, as Rafe continues to stare at the portrait of Rebecca, amazed by the resemblance to his fellow-angel Paige, Alison asks if Rafe knows her. 'Did you meet her in heaven?' Alison finally asks. But Rafe assures Ali that he has not met Rebecca in heaven - that he is just admiring the portrait because it is so lifelike. Then Rafe suddenly asks: "What happened to her? Why has she been stuck in the attic?'

Alison is not sure. 'I don't know,' she told him. 'My family barely ever talked about her but when they did - it was like a whisper - like they didn't want anyone to hear. One time, I asked my grandfather about her. You know - what she was like and stuff like that. And he sort of like just brushed me off and said 'Alison, some things you're just better off not knowing!' As Rafe continues to ask about Rebecca, Alison mentions that she made candles and that she died some time in the 1800's.

When Alison asks Rafe why he is so interested in all of these details about Rebecca, Rafe replies that 'She might be the only family member I ever get to meet.' But Alison reminds Rafe that he HAS met her Nana. Then Alison decides they need something to eat and leaves Rafe to get acquainted with the painting.

As soon as Alison is gone, Rafe examines the portrait more closely and sees that the name plate says that her name is 'Rebecca Smith Barrington.' Rafe remembers that Paige's last name is Smith and decides that if Rebecca and Paige are related, then Paige is connected to Alison - 'Which can't be good!' Then Rafe has flashbacks to the meeting he had with Casey, Amy and Paige in the park, when he accused his fellow angels of already knowing the answer about WHO will sit in the Fifth Chair. Then Rafe remembers the dream he had of finding Alison's name in the Book of Records. Stunned, Rafe concludes that Paige wants to take Alison back with her - that Paige wants Alison to be in the Fifth Chair.

In the Park, Ian catches up with Amy after she falls while trying to run. Amy insists that Ian should stop following her, but Ian replies: 'Not until you answer some of my questions. There is NO Witness Protection Program - is there?' Then Ian went on to ask about the incident in the alley - he just thought that Amy had slipped away when he was momentarily distracted - but now he believes those crime scene photos he saw of Amy were the real deal - 'So - you're??'
AMY: 'Dead - Ian.'

Back in England, Paige is beginning to get enthused and begs Kevin and Lucy to tell her all about Alison. They tell Paige that Alison is kind and sweet and Paige told them that her dearest wish has come true.

LUCY: 'See - if you just trust in the Universe, wonderful, happy things CAN happen!'

Paige insists that they must leave right away, she HAS to get back to meet Alison BEFORE her time is us! 'But,' Paige suddenly wonders, 'What if she's out of town or something like that?'

But Lucy insists that will NOT be a problem: "I happen to KNOW she is snug as a bug in a rug at my old place with Rafe.'
PAIGE: "Rafe?'
LUCY: "He's my cousin! And they're sickeningly in love!'
PAIGE: "So - Alison Barrington is the woman he's been so crazy about. That's amazing.'

But it is now Lucy's turn to be amazed as she wonders out lous how it is that PAIGE would know Rafe. Paige tries to cover by insisting that she must have heard Lucy or Kevin mention Rafe, but Lucy told her that she is positive they never mentioned Rafe anywhere around Paige.

Meanwhile, back in the Barrington Attic, Rafe says: "Why didn't you say anything about the Barringtons, Paige? You knew I was in love with Alison. Why would you hide something so important? Unless you didn't want me to know.' Rafe remembers his dream and decides it was NOT a dream when he saw Alison's name in the Book of Records - it was a WARNING! 'You can't have her - You can't take her back,' Rafe rails at the painting, just as Alison returns.

When Alison asks who Rafe is talking to, he covers by telling Alison that he was talking to Rebecca the same way Alison used to talk to her. When Alison asks Rafe what Rebecca said to him, Rafe told her that Rebecca said it was late and that she is getting tired, and Alison agrees that it IS getting late. But, first, she wants to just show Rafe around the grounds of the Barrington estate - but Rafe is adamant and insists to Alison that they MUST leave - NOW!

In the Park, Ian is trying to get a handle on Amy's disappearing act: "You're dead - but you're here?'

Amy says: "How is this possible?" Then she went on to explain that it was a heavenly intervention - that she was given a second chance at completing her life's journey and that she has thirteen weeks to tie up all the loose ends and explains that the watch is counting down the weeks, hours, days, months that she has left to complete her journey. When Ian asks if she is an angel, Amy admits that he has guessed her secret. Amy went on to explain that she came to earth when everyone saw the bright light in Port Charles and that Paige was with her. They were allowed to finish their earthly journeys. That's why she could materialize out of thin air - because of what she is. 'I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth - but if I had - would you have believed me?' After mulling it over a bit, Ian reassures Amy that he believes her now.

Back in the Barrington attic, when Alison wonders why Rafe is all shook up and asks if something is bothering him, Rafe told Alison that the only thing bothering him is the time - Rafe again emphasizes that he wants to spend every minute they have left together - with NO outside distractions. Alison agrees and says they will go home and have a romantic dinner, light some candles...

But Rafe again surprises Alison by telling her that they CAN'T go back to Lucy's - that he wants to just disappear so they can just be together - just the two of them. Rafe asks Alison to run away with him. Alison agrees, and told Rebecca good-bye, telling her that Alison used to be so lonely and Rebecca always understood. 'I have my own love now,' Alison told Rebecca - 'And I don't have to share it.'

Alison leaves, but Rafe lingers a minute to declare: "Don't worry, Alison. No one is going to hurt you. And I'll make sure that Paige comes NOwhere near you!'

In England, Paige is quickly covering by telling Lucy and Kevin that she must have met Rafe in a bar - she remembers a young man talking about being so much in love and that he did mention to her that his name was Rafe. Paige says she desperately wants to meet Alison before Paige has to leave, and Kevin told Lucy he doesn't think all of her sudden questions are necessary and, after Paige went on ahead to make travel arrangements, Kevin asks Lucy: 'Why the third degree?'

Lucy at first replies that there is NO reason, but as Kevin persists, Lucy says that she now feels there is something more going on.

KEVIN: "You mean about Paige meeting Alison?
LUCY: "I think they should meet. But, what if, by finding her, we've stirred up more trouble than we bargained for?'

Meanwhile, back in the Park, Ian asks Amy who Ed is. Amy told Ian that Ed is their superior - he keeps tabs on all of us - and Ian amends that to mean Amy and Paige.

AMY: "Ian, I never meant you any harm. And I hated living a lie. But at least I WAS alive again!'

When Ian asks her why she came back - Amy admits that it is a bit embarrassing. That she has already told him part of the reason - she DID want to prove that a blind woman could do anything. But Amy went on to explain that she was taken from earth before she had a chance to experience love. 'So,' she continues, 'I was allowed to come back and discover what it was like to love and I have.....because...I have fallen in love with you, Ian. And that is the biggest secret I've been hiding. Leave it to me to get one shot at love and to fall for a happily married man!' Amy then told Ian that she only has three days left. 'Spend them with me, Ian,' she begs. 'Let me love you. Let me give to you. Nobody is going to get hurt. I promise. It'll be our secret!'

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Ian again refused Amy's overtures. Jamal helped Jack out at the bike shop but refused to come back to work. Casey found Ricky and tried to apologize and he let her in. She revealed her true self and he found her beautiful. Casey told Ricky again that she loved him and they finally started to make love. Jamal got beat up and dragged away. Amy imagined her revenge. Eve and Ian prepared to leave but Amy was sure he'd come to her.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

In Gabriela's apartment, Ricky and Casey wake up on the couch, feeling good about the direction their relationship has taken. Casey observes that it was 'Like heaven - only better.' But, when Casey told Ricky that she doesn't have a lot of time left and wants to spend every minute with him, Ricky asks: "What do you mean - we don't have a lot of time? We just figured out we can make this work out. Wherever you think you're going and whatever you're going to do, I want you with me.'

But Casey sadly told Ricky that it is out of her hands. She wants to stay - but she can't.

RICKY: 'I'm going with you.'
CASEY: 'You can't.'
RICKY: 'Why?'
CASEY: 'Because, if you do, you'll have to die.'

At the Bike Shop, Jack and Livvie begin to wonder why Jamal hasn't shown up for dinner and they have not heard from him. Jack suggests that maybe Jamal just said OK to dinner to get them off his back.

Meanwhile, Jamal begins to regain consciousness and finds himself tied up in a warehouse.

In the Park, Kevin and Lucy meet Paige and report that they have not yet found Alison - Lucy told Paige that they went to Lucy's old place, where Rafe and Alison have been living - and all their things are still there - but neither of them could be located. However, Paige is certain that finding Alison will be the end of her journey. Paige anxiously worries that she has so little time left and Lucy suggests that maybe the end of Paige's journey was merely finding out ABOUT Alison - rather than actually meeting her. But Paige points out that it has been Lucy all along who has pushed discovering the Alison connection as the end of Paige's journey, and Kevin agrees with Paige. As the three set out to look for Alison in one last place, Lucy wonders out loud: "What happens, Paige, when you DO find her?'

At the Barn, Rafe wakes up and panics when he can't find Alison and believes that Paige has already arrived and taken Alison off to the Fifth Chair. But Alison suddenly comes in from gathering the wildflowers that grow near the barn and asks her sweetheart why he is so concerned. Rafe merely grabs Alison and clings tightly to her as he hugs and kisses her.

Back at Gabriela's place, Casey regretfully informs Ricky that, in two days, Casey will be leaving earth.

RICKY: 'You think you're dying in two days? You just CAN'T know - unless you're being executed. Or the doctor is pulling the plug on you. You just CAN'T know!'
CASEY: 'I do.'
RICKY: 'How?'
CASEY: 'Because I'm already dead!'

At the Bike Shop, as Jack and Livvie worry about Jamal, Lucy, Kevin and Paige arrive and announce to her stunned friends that they are looking for Alison because they have learned that Alison is Paige's long-lost relative. When Paige insists that it is VITAL that she find Alison, and Kevin and Lucy seem to be backing her up, Livvie told them that they might find Alison and Rafe at a barn outside of town, where they often go when they want to be alone. Livvie writes down directions for finding the barn and Paige gratefully hugs Livvie and thanks her. However, as Paige prepares to rush away to find Alison, Kevin and Lucy try to get her to slow down so they can go with her. But Paige told them she believes this is between Paige and Alison and that Paige should go alone. When Lucy tries to insist that SHE should go along, Kevin takes Lucy aside and asks Lucy what the problem is - he wants to know why Lucy is suddenly so reluctant to see Paige meet Alison after it was Lucy who pushed for the meeting to take place in the first place. Lucy admits that she is not quite certain that Paige meeting Alison will be a good thing for ALISON!

At the barn, Rafe admits to Alison that, as the clock ticks closer to his departure date, he is finding that leaving is going to be harder than he thought it would be. But Alison reassures him: 'If this is all the time that we have - then it's all the time I need.'

Rafe promises that he will always be with Alison and that she will always be his angel - forever. As they kiss and cling closely to each other, Alison whispers: "Just don't let me go. Just don't let me go.'

Back at Gabriela's, Ricky has a hard time believing Casey is dead, mentioning how 'alive' she seemed last night and this morning. But Casey insists to her friend that she IS an angel and that she had been given one last shot back on earth. Noticing her key, Ricky asks:
RICKY: 'What is this? The key to the pearly gates?'
CASEY: 'I don't know what it's a key to. I just know that I can never take it off and, no matter what, it stays around my neck.' Then Casey suddenly remembers her watch and told Ricky: "I got proof!' And she points out the thirteen numbers on her watch.

But Ricky is NOT impressed and told her he has seen stuff like that sold at carnivals. Then Casey tries to convince him by reminding him of the time they almost made love in the Scanlon basement and she disappeared. He thought it was because she got cold feet, but it was really because she got yanked back to heaven. Ricky decides she is making it all up because she's afraid because this was her first time and assures her that it is OK. And if she wants to play pretend, that is OK with him.

CASEY: 'You believe me?'
RICKY: "You can be the angel. And I'll be the devil. And we'll be Hell's Angels, riding down the highway.' Then he roars like a motorcycle and they begin kissing again.

At the Bike Shop, Paige is offended when she realizes that Lucy could believe that she might harm Alison in some way, especially since Alison is her own family. But Lucy insists that she should get the cards out to tell her what the facts are where Paige is concerned but Paige leaves to search for Alison any way. Livvie suddenly asks Lucy to tell her what is going on. 'Is there something about Paige I need to know?' Livvie asks her Dad and his wife.

Meantime, in the barn, Rafe and Alison promise to stay in each other's hearts forever.

At the Bike Shop, Jack asks: 'Is everything OK?'
LUCY AND LIVVE: "NO!' As they answer in unison.

But Kevin insists that Paige needs to leave, that Paige DOES need to finish what she came for. Then Lucy begins to turn over her cards. First Lucy sees the FOOL - which indicates something unpredictable. Then Lucy draws the HERMIT card and says that it means a journey, a quest, a seeker after truth. Then Lucy recoils as the next card she picks up is the DEATH card. Livvie shudders and told Lucy to get those cards out of there.

Kevin points out to Lucy that HE already knows ALL that he needs to know - which is that they found what Paige NEEDED to find!
KEVIN: 'Besides, I have bigger fish to fry. At least, according to MY cards!'
LUCY: "YOU don't have any cards!'
KEVIN: "Sure I do!'

Then Kevin turns over what he claims is the 'Home' Card. And then the 'Sleep' Card. And then the 'Making Love Like Newlyweds' Card.

LUCY: 'Oh! I LIKE that card!'

As Kevin hustles Lucy out of the Bike Shop, Lucy leaves her cards behind. When Jack notices, Livvie told him to just pick the cards up and get rid of them. But, as Jack picks up the cards, the 'Death' card falls from the pack.

Jamal wakes up in the warehouse and finds himself tied to a bed. But, he is happy to find that he CAN move his arms just enough to reach the cell phone in his pocket, and he calls Ricky.

At Gabriela's place, Ricky suggests to Casey that they need to take a nice, hot, steamy shower together. But Casey cautions her friend that that might freak him out, since angels disappear in hot, steamy water. As Ricky pretends to go along with Casey's fantasy, his cell phone rings and he grabs it. It is Jamal, who told Ricky that J.D. got him and that he is being held at 127 River Street. Ricky writes the address down, then makes an excuse to Casey that the call was from his mother and she needs him to come over to her place right away.

At the warehouse, as Jamal starts to make another call, J.D. and his thugs suddenly appear and J.D. grabs the phone from Jamal, saying: "Thanks a lot Jamal. Now - I'll have you BOTH!' Then J.D. knocks Jamal out again.

At the Barn, as Rafe and Alison doze in each other's arms, Rafe suddenly hears footsteps and gets up to investigate. Vowing that whoever is there, he will make sure Alison is safe, Rafe suddenly opens the door and sees Paige standing there.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

At the Barn, while Alison is still asleep, Rafe's worst fears are realized when he opens the door and sees fellow-angel Paige standing there.

PAIGE: 'Hello, Rafe. Surprised to see me?'
RAFE: 'What are you doing here, Paige?'

Paige quickly explains that she came to see Alison. When Rafe asks how she came to know where they were, Paige admits that it was Livvie who told her. Brimming over with high hopes, Paige quickly explains to Rafe that his girlfriend is related to her and that finding her family connection to Alison was her purpose for returning. But Paige quickly realizes that Rafe is far from being as happy and thrilled as she is, and asks: "Why are you so hostile?'

Rafe begins to quiz his fellow angel and asks her what purpose she has in store for Alison. And Rafe reaffirms his determination that Paige will NOT put Alison in the Fifth Chair because Rafe will NOT let her do that.

At the Warehouse, Ricky creeps in and quickly spots Jamal, who is bound and gagged in the middle of one of the rooms. Jamal does his best to try to warn Ricky but it does no good as one of J.D.'s thugs hits Ricky from behind and knocks him unconscious.

At the hospital, Ian remembers Amy asking him to make love to her before she had to go back to heaven - just as Colleen breaks in on his train of thought by asking him if he is worried about a patient. Ian admits that he is worried about a friend who is going through a rough time just now. Eve suddenly arrives, laden with files she needs to clear up before she leaves for her vacation/honeymoon. While Ian and Eve kiss and make plans for their time away, Amy extracts poison from her exotic spider. AMY: 'Thank you, my little friend, for your contribution to Ian Thornhart's demise.'

Back at the Warehouse, J.D. told Ricky and Jamal that he is going to get two for the price of one and that neither Ricky nor Jamal is going anywhere - ever. Then J.D. lights a match.

v At Gabrielle's apartment, Casey is beginning to wonder why Ricky has not returned yet. Then Casey remembers that Ricky wrote something down while he was on the phone - 'and WHY would he need to write down his mother's address?' she wonders out loud. Suddenly suspecting that maybe Ricky considers her a one-night stand and the address he wrote down was for some other chick, Casey quickly scribbles across the note pad to bring out the indentations of Ricky's note. When Casey reads that the address is 'Warehouse 127 River Street', she panics and runs out, hoping she will be able to save Ricky from whatever scrape he has gotten himself into this time..

At the hospital, Eve told Ian that she has about 12 more files to finish up, but then she still needs to finish packing, finish shopping and then they need to pick up the tickets. The Thornharts blissfully discuss how many nights they will get a sitter for Danny so they can have some alone-time and they kiss and hug some more. 'We are so lucky that we have the rest of our lives ahead of us,' Eve observes. Then Eve pulls out a gift she got for Ian, but as she gives it to him, her beeper went off. Eve told her husband that she will have to take that call and that he should wait to open his gift until they meet again because she wants to get to see the look on his face when he opens it.

IAN: 'Hurry Back.'
EVE: 'God Willing.'

Ian picks up the brochure and once again notices that Ed Grant was the founder of the resort where they are headed and that Ed died in 1972. As Ian is looking over the brochure for the scuba diving, horseback riding and hiking facilities mentioned, his cell phone rings and, it is Amy.

Back at the barn, Rafe accuses Paige of wanting to take Alison back for the Fifth Chair, but Paige swears that is not true and mentions that it sounds like Rafe has been talking to Lucy. Then Rafe told Paige about seeing the portrait of Rebecca Smith Barrington in Alison's attic, but Paige grows even more excited and told Rafe that this is just more proof that meeting Alison IS part of her journey - because a portrait of Rebecca Smith Barrington is missing from her family gallery in England. Then Rafe told Paige about his dream and about seeing Alison's name in the Book of Records. When Paige dismisses it all as merely a dream, Rafe confides in her that he believes it was a vision of the future.

Then Rafe counts up the many ways that death has seemed to follow Paige - that everyone she got close to ended up in some kind of danger - first there was Kevin's accident and then Christina's illness. Rafe insists that he will NOT let Paige fill the fifth Chair with Alison.

But Paige maintains that the LAST thing she wants is for Alison to die - especially since Alison appears to be a relative of hers - 'But, if that IS her destiny, YOU can't stop it!' she warns Rafe.

As Paige continues to insist that she just wants a few minutes with Alison, Rafe finally agrees but asks Paige to wait outside so he can ask Alison if ALISON wants to see Paige. Rafe returns to the barn and wakes Alison while Paige waits outside.

At the Warehouse, J.D. told Ricky and Jamal that he is getting paid to torch the building, plus, he is going to get rid of Jamal and Ricky into the bargain.

J.D. says: "See you in hell, guys,' as he and his boys leave. However, Casey has arrived and watches them leave. As soon as they are gone, she yells to Ricky and Ricky yells to Casey to call 911 because there is a fire in the building. But Casey tries the door and finds that it is locked.

At the Hospital, as Ian answers Amy's phone call, he told her that he was just thinking about her. Amy told Ian that she needs his help - that she feels cowardly, but she is finding it hard to face dying again - alone. Amy told Ian that she only has a few hours left and does NOT want to spend them alone. Ian promises to stop over and see Amy. As Amy hangs up, she says
AMY: "Poor Ian. Never can resist a lady in distress!'

When Eve returned and mentions some of the other jobs she has to get finished up before she can leave, Ian told Eve that he has something to take care of and Eve agrees that she will pick up the tickets. They kiss again and Ian told her to sign him up for those scuba lessons.

As the Warehouse burns, Jamal and Ricky try to work together to free each other and Casey stands outside, yelling for help and trying to get the door open. Suddenly, Jamal topples over and Ricky yells that it is too late - that Casey should get out of there while she still can.

At the Barn, Paige wonders what is taking Rafe so long to come back with Alison. Then she went to the door and calls for Rafe and Alison. When there is no answer, she went inside and sees that Rafe and Alison are gone. 'Oh, Rafe,' she says. 'What have you done?'

In the woods, Rafe is running and told Alison that he has a special place in the woods he wants to show her while they still have time together, but Alison isn't buying his story and demands the truth.

In her room at the Port Charles Hotel, Amy remembers her promise to her father - Harris - as he lay dying - and she promised him that she would get revenge on Ian Thornhart for his death. 'Tonight, you'll have your revenge,' Amy promises, as Ian knocks on the door. Amy answers and says: 'Ian. Come in. I've been waiting for you.'

Friday, March 29, 2002

At the Light House, as Kevin stares out the window, Lucy enters, carrying Christina and asks if he is OK. But Kevin told her that he is sad because he may never see Paige again and did NOT get a chance to say good-bye. As Lucy says: "Maybe it was NOT meant to be..,' Paige suddenly walks in.

LUCY: 'There she is.'
KEVIN: 'Paige - You're still here!'
LUCY: "Did you get to meet Alison?'
PAIGE: "No. Your cousin Rafe stole her away, which I'm sure you're happy to hear.'

In the woods, as Rafe and Alison are running, Alison finally told Rafe she HAS to stop. Then she begins to demand some answers. 'You woke me up in that barn. Obviously , we're running from something. We've BEEN running from something! Tell me what!' Rafe replies that he is trying to keep her safe.

RAFE: "There is another angel. Someone you haven't met.'
ALI: 'OK. AND...?'
RAFE: 'I'm afraid she's here to take you back. I'm afraid that she wants you to fill the Fifth Chair.'

Meanwhile, in the burning warehouse, Ricky calls to Casey: "Casey - Go! Save Yourself!'
CASEY: "No! I'm not leaving here without you!'
RICKY: "Get out of here. Please! Casey!'

Casey looks down and notices the key around her neck: "Oh, My God! The Key!'

In Amy's room at the hotel, Amy says to Kevin: "I can't thank you enough.'
IAN: "Don't have to thank me.' Amy admits that just the thought of spending these last moments on earth alone have proved to be more difficult than she anticipated.

IAN: 'How can I help?'
AMY: "Join me for a drink?'

Ian agrees to share a drink with her but, when Ian moves to fix the drink, Amy says 'I'll get it,' explaining to Ian that she has learned her way around this room in the past couple of days. As Amy pours the poison into Ian's drink, she whispers: "Happy Birthday, Papa.'

Amy proposes a toast: "Here's to the man who gave my journey so much meaning.'

At the Light House, Lucy told Paige that she's sorry Paige did NOT get to meet Alison, and Paige observes that it was a cruel joke. 'After everything, I'm leaving here without knowing the reason why I was ever here at all'.

When Christina says 'Don't go, Paige,' Paige told her she is a lucky little girl because she is part of a family, and told Christina to 'take care of them.' Lucy thanks Paige and told her that Lucy hopes she will find peace. Paige assures Lucy and Kevin that she now knows that Kevin is where he belongs - with his true soul mate.

LUCY: "And I will feel him and love him forever and ever.'

As Lucy and Christina leave the room, Christina waves to Paige. Then Paige turns to Kevin and says: "Help me here, Kevin. Tell me how to say good-bye.'

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Alison told Rafe that 'We both know that if an angel is coming for me, there is no use in us running.' Alison points out that they don't have much time left and she doesn't want to spend it talking about something they have no control over. 'I just want to focus on us,' she told Rafe.

RAFE: "I just need to know. When I leave - you stay!'

Alison assures Rafe that she plans to live to be a ripe, old age but, 'Whatever life will bring me, I will carry the promise I made to you. I will keep your love with me forever.'
RAFE: 'Because, when an angel loves you, nothing can hurt you.'

As Alison says 'NO!', there is a flash of lightning and thunder.

RAFE: "It's time. Time for me to go.'

At the Warehouse, as Casey calls out to Ricky, she finds that her Key DOES open that door. Casey rushes in, frees Ricky and they both pick up Jamal and carry him out of the burning building.

Before Ian takes the glass of poisoned champagne from Amy, Ian told Amy that HE wants to make a toast. Amy agrees and Ian begins by observing that he admits that he is not sure WHO Amy is or the journey she's on or how he could possibly figure into it, but, 'I'm a better man for having known you.' Ian went on to tell Amy that it wasn't about a physical attraction - but it was about 'A closeness - that - apart from my wife - I've never felt for anyone else in my life.' As Ian speaks, Amy begins to have flashbacks of the many close moments they shared. Ian continues: "I saw in you an honesty and openness and innocence that I lost a long time ago. You will always have a place in my heart. I'm honored that you felt that way about me. It touched my heart. You touched my heart. And I love you for it.' As Amy observes that that was quite a toast, Ian apologizes for turning it into a speech, but observes that that is the Irish way. Ian finishes by saying: "Let's drink to a woman of great beauty. Great passion. Great courage. A woman who is an angel - in every sense of the word. Cheers!'

But, as Ian raises the glass to his lips, Amy knocks the drink out of his hand and says: "Stop! You can't do it!'

Amy asks Ian 'How can you say you love me? I just tried killing you. Your wine. I poisoned it.' She went on to explain that her name is really Amy Harris - the daughter of Harris - the same man Ian killed more than a year ago. 'He made me promise to make you suffer the way he did,' Amy explains. 'But I fell in love with you and I couldn't do it!' And Amy breaks down in tears.

IAN: "Harris' daughter?'
AMY: "How could you love a monster like me?'

But Ian assures her that 'You're nothing like your father. He tried to fill you with hatred and bitterness but he couldn't succeed. Because, inside of you, beats the heart of an angel.' As Amy sobs that she is sorry, she suddenly realizes that her sight has returned and she CAN see Ian!

At the Light House, as Kevin and Paige say good-bye, Paige told Kevin: "Promise me you'll tell Alison about me. I'm sorry I didn't meet her.' But Kevin points out that Alison is NOT the ONLY legacy Paige will leave behind. Kevin points out that Paige is the reason Christina began to accept him and they have started to become a family. As Paige turns to leave, Kevin asks her if she has to go so soon. She says: "I want you to remember me the way I am. As I'll remember you.'

Kevin kisses her and promises her: "I'll see you again.'
PAIGE: "Live a good life.' And she leaves.

Lucy and Christina return. Kevin is sad because Paige never found what she was looking for, but is heartened when Christina says: "Don't cry, Daddy.'

In the woods, Alison clings to Rafe, telling him that she 'Can't do this. I can't let you go. We need just a little more time. You promised there would be time for a good-bye.' They each agree that they both promised that they would carry their love forever - always.

Then Rafe moves back and shouts: "I Love You, Alison Barrington. I'll love you forever.' There is a flash of light and a clap of thunder and he disappears.

ALISON: "Rafe, Oh, Rafe. I'll love you forever.' And she sits on the ground and cries.

Back in Port Charles, Ricky and Casey get Jamal to a bench, away from the burning warehouse.

CASEY: "I got to go.'
RICKY: 'I don't want you to go.' vCASEY: "That's not our call, baby.'
RICKY: "But I love you! Doesn't that count for anything? '
CASEY: "It counts for EVERYthing! When I first came here, all I wanted was for my life to be the way it used to be. I wanted to go out, party, be wild. I didn't set out to fall in love. But I did. And, guess what? Turns out that's the most awesome high ever. And it's a high that's going to last me into eternity.'
RICKY: "Stop talking like that!'

Casey gives her key to Ricky, kisses him and says: "Good-bye, Ricky. I love you.' There is thunder and lightning and she disappears.

Jamal begins to come to on the bench and asks: "Ricky, what happened?'
RICKY: "Casey saved us, Jamal. She saved us.'
JAMAL: "No! No! I mean your face. It's completely healed! It's normal!'

Ricky feels his face and finds that the scar really IS gone! And, looking up into the night sky, Ricky says: "She really WAS an angel!'

In Amy's hotel room, as she exclaims with delight that she can now see Ian, she says: "Loving you gave me my heart back. It was the reason I came here. I can see that now. I can see EVERYthing!' They hug.

Ian told her: "I'm glad I had a chance to know you - for whatever the reason.'
AMY: "I have to go now, but I leave with a sense of peace I thought I could never find. Good-bye, Ian. Take care of yourself.' There is a clap of thunder and a flash of light as Amy disappears.

IAN: "Good-bye, Friend.'

Blinded by her tears, Alison stumbles through the woods and suddenly finds herself on a Railroad Track. As Alison stumbles and finds herself caught on the track, she suddenly hears a train approaching. 'Oh, my God! Rafe!! You were right. I AM going to die. You were right all along. I AM the Fifth Chair.'

But, suddenly, Paige appears from nowhere and calls: "Alison!' Paige grabs Alison off the tracks and the two of them roll down the embankment and out of danger.

As soon as Alison sees Paige, she says: "Oh, my God! Is it you?'
PAIGE: "Yes. This is why I was here!' There is another thunderclap and flash of light and Paige also disappears.

In heaven, as the four angels assemble around the table and face Ed, Rafe says: "Thank you, Paige. I never should have doubted you.'
PAIGE: "Who knew, huh?'

Rafe observes that no one came with them and Casey says that that is great - that no one died and no one will be sitting in the Fifth Chair.

But Ed says: "Come in. We were waiting for you.'

It is EVE who comes out. She is dressed all in white.

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