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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 25, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, March 25, 2002

by Andy

The editor of SELF Magazine concludes her interview with Katie at Al's diner with questions about the death of Simon's third ex-wife Monique. Katie gets angry because she thought the editor was there to talk about the video, not her husband. The editor says she did her homework and Katie rifles through the editor's notes looking for the "background" research. Katie finds old newspaper clippings about Monique's death. She screams "none of it is true," and storms out.

Simon tries to throw Dahlia out of his cottage. Revealing some of her true motives, Dahlia says, "Monique's family saw what kind of man you were. Do you plan on killing Katie the same way you killed Monique? At the end Monique saw that you were only after her for her money. Before she could have you removed from her will, you killed her." Simon spits back at her, "Are you done?" "Yes." "Who the hell are you?" "I'm Katie's friend. I need to protect my client before she ends up dead." Katie walks in and not caring who else is in the room, she demands Simon to explain. "How long were you planning on keeping me in the dark?" Katie asks Dahlia to leave then skewers Simon, "Seems like the wife is the last to know. How come you left out all the details?" She wants to ask him if he actually killed Monique, but it catches in her throat. "You're obviously guilty about something. Are you guilty?" "I am guilty. I am responsible for Monique's death."

Katie says, "I need for you to tell me everything that happened that night." Simon finally fills us in on part of his history. The evening that Monique died, her private detective told her about Simon's history and his true intentions. This drove her to the bottle. She confronted him that night, but then left to go sailing in the middle of a storm. Simon went to the store to clear his head. He worried about Monique's safety, so he went to the dock to check on her, but it was too late. Later, authorities tried to charge him with murder, but there was never enough evidence, so all charges were dropped. Katie's faith is seriously shaken, "How am I ever going to know that there aren't other things that you've lied to me about?" He tells Katie that Dahlia accused him of planning to kill Katie after she made a lot of money. She says, "I don't know what to believe anymore!" Simon asks her "to keep our private lives between us from now on. Dahlia doesn't need to know everything that goes on between us." "Now I can't have friends? She has to know a couple things about us for business purposes." "You trust Dahlia more than me?" "Maybe I should!" She storms out.

Dahlia talks with the lawyer managing Monique's estate. We finally learn Dahlia's identity as Monique's sister. Pursing her lips, she says, "He got that inheritance. Now it's time for him to pay. If something catastrophic were to happen to Simon, and if the plans for such an event were in the works as we speak, well, I may finally see some justice."

At Java, Lisa tells Isaac to go find Bonnie and try to make it up to her. "I've already apologized, what else do I say to her?" Bonnie walks in to collect her things. "I quit. I took the job to prove to my family that I could keep a job, and I did." Isaac asks her if she still has feelings for Ian. She says, "I don't know anymore." Bonnie gets a package from Ian. He sent her a one-way ticket to Scotland. Isaac helped clear things up for Bonnie. "Go ahead and marry the Duke." Later, Billy is trying to talk some sense into Isaac and Isaac wasn't hearing any of it, he fired Billy.

Tom asks for an extension from Evelyn Hart, the new Assistant District Attorney, in pressing charges against Abigail. She balks at the request. Margo arrives and tells them that the toy Molly found isn't as "one of a kind" as everyone thought. There were more than 700 of them made. Molly can't believe it. Jake sends Molly and Abigail to Holden's place so he and Tom can talk with the DA. Molly tells Abigail and Adam to go somewhere safe while she hunts down the nanny.

Adam asks Abigail what it's going to take to have her forgive herself. What if things aren't OK? He kisses her, and says, they have to be.

At the boarding house, Molly confronts Belva and shows her a picture of Mary with the twins. Belva says it "could be her." Molly tells Belva to expect a call from her lawyer in the next couple of days. Belva doesn't want to testify. As they are arguing in Nick's old place, Mary walks up to the door and listens. Belva says, "It doesn't look good for the mother of the accused to go around threatening people." "I'm not asking for a kidney Belva, just your testimony." "Oh alright!!" Belva leaves, and Mary walks in. "Hello Molly, I thought I might find you here." Molly sucker slaps her. Mary pleads, "I can explain!" "Whatever you have to say will be to the cops and on the record." Mary agrees it's time that the truth be told.

At the station, Mary tells Margo, Tom, Evelyn, Molly, Jake, and Abigail how she got mixed up with Nick. They met in a halfway house for ex-cons. She was there for "minor scrapes with the law." Nick befriended her and made her feel less afraid, and powerful. They became best friends. He was released from the house shortly after Mary, then he professed his love to her. But when he learned she committed another "petty crime," he turned it against her and forced her to find a nanny job with Jake and Molly. She was to find their weak spot...Abigail. That's when Nick started his blackmail plan and he began to seduce Abigail.

Margo says, "Can you please just tell us about that night?" Mary continues, "Nick had already made his demands for the money and he was waiting for Jake to arrive. He would then break up with Abigail, and we would drive off into the sunset together. When I got there, he was still with Abigail." Molly asks if she did it out of jealousy. Mary can't believe her ears. "What did you say? There's been some big misunderstanding here! I'm confessing to my part in trying to con the McKinnon's out of their money. But I didn't kill Nick!"

Mary stands up and tells what's left of the population of Oakdale, "Abigail killed Nick and I saw her do it!"

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Bonnie talks to Billy about leaving and later asks him to go with her as a friend. Meanwhile Isaac and Ben talk about Bonnie and how Ben spoke to Bonnie earlier about Isaac. Isaac decides he will call her tomorrow and Ben urges him to call now since tomorrow may be to late.

Mary confesses to setting Molly and Jake up using Abigail however she also tells everyone she saw Abigail kill Nick. Evelyn sees this is an eye witness account of what happened the night Nick was killed and later Margo lectures Molly about acting like a detective trying to solve the case herself only to have it blow up in their face. Later Tom also utters the same words and then tells them to let the detectives to do their work however after agreeing to this, the end up at Scudder's place only to find out the land lady has died or been killed. Later Tom shows up at the station to find out where Margo was when she said she was coming right home and didn't show up. Margo fills Tom in on the death/murder of Belva. Tom said he would like to look at the report and Margo agrees in exchange for a back rub.

Holden is keeping a watchful eye on Abigail who wants to know what Mary saw thinking it may help her remember what happened. Abigail doesn't know Belva is dead.

Simon has Margo do a back ground Dahlia only to find out she is Monique's sister whom he didn't recognize since she wasn't around when Simon was. When Simon tells Katie this, Katie realizes that means her video is a joke and not about her at all.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Holden tries to calm a nervous Abigail on the day her trial is set to begin. Running to Holden and Lily's place, Molly greets Abigail with the news that Belva's dead and this means that Abigail may not have to face trial. However, their hopes are dashed when the autopsy report shows that the landlady died of natural causes. John asks Lisa and Bob if they have heard of an aging specialist named Dr. Weston. Lucy is caught by surprise to witness Craig's reaction to the news that Hal is indeed being treated for mental illness. Admitting he was always out to best Hal, Craig reveals the kind words Hal said to him after his son died and then comes up with a way to help the man by giving him time with his son. After overhearing John making another call about Weston, Craig brings Parker to visit with Hal who reveals that the name Weston is actually an anagram. Lily's not amused when Rose jokes about growing old. Paul's arrival causes more frustration for Rose though Luke manages to cheer her a bit. Lisa urges Isaac to get down on his knees and beg Bonnie to come back to work. He's shocked to learn that Bonnie and Billy skipped town and are on their way to Scotland. Paul pays a visit to his comatose father and offers to be his son if he'll wake and help Rose. Frustrated by his father's silence, Paul runs out, failing to notice James open his eyes.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

As Abigail's trial gets underway, Evelyn calls Mary to the stand as her first witness. She testifies that she tried to protect Abigail from a vengeful Nick. Mary claims she saw Abigail kill Nick and then ran out. Tom cross examines her and does some damage to her testimony but Abigail remains concerned that Mary may be telling the truth. Lucinda stares in disbelief as she sees Rose's aged face for the first time. She offers her some face creams and advice as she tries to help but Rose rants about how she's no longer "normal." Tired of her complaining, Lucinda tells her to stop pitying herself. Katie and Simon confront Dahlia who admits that she is Monique's sister. Denying that she came to town to get even with Simon, Dahlia tells Katie she's here to save her life but her words don't impress Katie. However, when she leaks that the charges against Simon were dropped due to a technicality, Katie begins to reconsider. After sending Dupree on his way, Jack waits in the Brussels graveyard where Rose was buried alive. Hilda and her associate get the upperhand, grabbing Jack's gun and threatening to bury him alive. Instead, Dupree and his man arrive in the nick of time. Barbara urges her angry son to follow his heart where Rose is concerned and don't wait for permission to kiss her.

Friday, March 29, 2002

Simon and Katie argue over Dahlia and Katie's party to celebrate her exercise tape being a success. Simon refuses to go to the party and Katie decides to go without him. At Java Underground, Dahlia arrives and gets nervous when she doesn't see Katie. Dahlia tells Isaac that she would like to see a bigger crowd and by the way, has he seen the guest of honor. Isaac starts to say that he hasn't, but Katie walks in the door. Dahlia walks over to Katie and tells her how fantastic she looks and where is Simon. Katie tells Dahlia that her husband will not be attending tonight. Katie walks away and Dahlia declares that he will be attending tonight. Dahlia walks over to a cameraman and makes sure that he is prepared to tape a very special moment of the night. The cameraman asks her how will he know it is the special moment. Dahlia tells him that he will know when he sees it. He says that he could use a little more to go on. She says that it will be a very dramatic moment, maybe even explosive. She goes to a corner all by herself and takes out her cell phone. She dials Simon's phone number. When Simon answers, she doesn't say hello. She holds the phone away from her head and starts saying things like, "Katie, you shouldn't be making a phone call right now. It is time to celebrate." Simon says, "Katie?" Dahlia goes on, "Just forget about Simon. Cut him loose. He made it perfectly clear that is what he is doing to you. That is how it begins." Simon says, "Katie can you hear me?" Dahlia hangs up the phone. Simon hangs up the phone and heads for the door. Back at Java, everyone is toasting Katie and her successful exercise video. Lucy pulls Katie aside and asks where Uncle Simon is. Katie tells her that they had a fight and Simon refused to come to the celebration. Lucy takes out a cell phone and tells Katie that he is only a phone call away. Dahlia comes over and interrupts them to read Katie some faxes that people had sent to congratulate her on her success. Lisa makes a toast to Katie and the firemen who helped with the video. Katie says that she couldn't have done it without her boys and she raises her glass to the firemen. Dahlia walks away and Lucy tells Katie that this has got to be the best night of her life. Katie says that it is missing something. Lucy tells her to call Simon. Katie sees over Lucy's shoulder that Simon has just walked in the room. Katie tells her that she doesn't have to call him because he is here. She runs over to Simon and tells that he just made her night complete. He asks her why didn't she say that when she called earlier. She tells him that she didn't call him. He looks at her and says that when she called he heard party noises and she and Dahlia were...he stops. Katie asks him what she and Dahlia were doing. He says that now that he thinks about it, Dahlia was doing all the talking. Dahlia walks up and Simon turns to her and says, "Hello, Dolly." Dahlia tells him that she is glad that he could join them. Simon tells her that if she keeps pushing him, she is not going to like the reaction that she gets. Dahlia acts innocent and asks what is he talking about. Simon lunges at her and tells her to stay away from him or she will be very sorry. Katie says, "Simon!" Simon walks away and goes to the bar. Simon slams down a few shots of Jack Daniels. Dahlia sees that Simon is ready for her surprise moment. She gets Katie and stands her in front of the stage. She tells her that she has a special presentation to make to her. Dahlia goes up on the stage and takes the microphone. She gets everyone's attention. Dahlia informs everyone that since Katie's video is a success, it is time for her to say goodbye. She says that it is her last night in town. Simon raises his glass to her. She adds that before she goes, she has written something to Katie to show how much she means to her. She starts to read from a paper. "Here is to the woman who makes dreams come true. The woman who made me believe in miracles. I thought that I had so much to teach her, but I had so much to learn. She has taught me what it means to give, to risk, to succeed, and to live." Simon is listening with intent. Dahlia goes on, "I look at her and I see the future. A long happy future, filled with memories I will cherish forever." Simon is looking more and more unhappy. Dahlia continues, "Here is to the one that made it happen." Dahlia raises her glass to Katie and then looks at Simon. Dahlia keeps picking, "This isn't just a partnership, this is destiny. This woman changed my life." Katie raises her eyebrows like she can't believe that Dahlia ever felt like this about her. Simon is clenching his jaw. Dahlia keeps going, "The first time I saw her, I knew we would do great things together. She inspires me and makes me want to do better, be better. I know one day, down the line, when we are old and gray..." Simon erupts, "Shut up!" He runs up on stage and tells her to shut her mouth. She says, in a low voice only Simon can hear, "You don't like my words? They are the words that you said to my sister on her wedding night. What about the promises you made to Monique before you murdered her." Simon takes her champagne glass and throws champagne in her face. Katie yells out, "Simon!!" Katie runs up on the stage and asks Simon what it is that he is doing. Simon says that she knows what she is doing and he came there to stop her. Camera flashes are going off all over the place.

After talking to his mother, Paul goes back to Lily's house to talk with Rose. She asks him if he forgot something from before. He tells her that he would like another chance to get his point across. She is reluctant. He asks for five, no ten minutes and if he gets out of line, she can throw him out again. She asks him to come in. He sees the rose that he brought her. He tells her an analogy of how a rose is so beautiful that it grows thorns to keep people away. He adds that if you really love a rose, a few thorns are not going to keep you away. She says that the sad thing about flowers are they fade so fast. The blooms fall off and the leaves shrivel up and die and all you are left with is a mess, because nothing last forever. He tells her that the important stuff does. She turns to him and he starts to kiss her. The doorbell rings and Rose asks who could that be. Paul tells her that on the way over, he ordered a pizza for them. Rose gets so excited because it has been so long since she had a pizza. They go to the door and the pizza delivery guy is there and Rose smells the pizza through the box and says that it smell so good. The delivery guy asks Paul who is buying tonight, he or his mother. Rose's jaw drops open and she runs back into the living room. Paul pays for the pizza and sends the delivery guy away. Rose is so upset about the comment the delivery guy had made. Paul tells her not to listen to some punk's comment. She asks him to just go and he tells her, "No, not on your life." He grabs her by the arms and says that he will there for her no matter what. He pulls her close and says that he loves her and then he kisses her. She pulls away and he asks her what is wrong. She says that she didn't think that he would ever do that again. He tells her to try to stop him and he kisses her again.

Jack tries to get some information from Hilda, but she is not going to give up anything on Dr. Weston. Jack tells the inspector to take Hilda and her gang in to the jail and he will deal with them later. As they are walking out, Jack stops the gravedigger and tells him to give up his hat, jacket and gloves. The inspector asks Jack what it is that he has in mind. Jack says that he suspects that there will be another "delivery" of a dead body and maybe he can trace it back to the spa. Jack puts on the hat and jacket and gloves. He tells the inspector that he is relieving him of all responsibility because he has come this far and he is not backing out now. Everyone leaves except Jack. He takes the shovel and gets into the hole. Soon, he hears a vehicle backing up and he starts to dig in the hole. Two men walk up with a coffin. They ask Jack where the regular guy is. Jack shrugs his shoulders. One man asks if Jack can talk and he just looks at them. One guy turns to the other and says, "Simple." They give Jack some papers and some money and order him to bury the coffin. The men leave. Jack hestitates because the person in the coffin could be Carly. He gets out of the hole and goes to the coffin. He lifts the lid and lets out a sigh. It is not Carly. But, as he takes a closer look, he sees that it is Libby, the lady that helped Rose escape. As he is telling Libby how sorry that he is that he didn't get to her in time to save her, one of the men come back and yell at him for trying to steal from the corpse. Jack doesn't know what to do so he runs off. The man runs after him. When he can't find Jack, he goes back and tells his buddy that the grave digger ran off. The other man says that they need to go. They don't want to be late. As they get into the truck to leave, Jack comes out of the bushes and jumps into the back of the truck. As they head down the road, Jack tells Carly to hang in there, he is on his way.

Barbara is making cookies for Will when Craig walks in and demands that she help him figure out the clue that Hal had given him. She tells him that she doesn't know anything and asks him to leave. Craig insist and tells her about the anagram clue that Hal had given him. She tells Craig that he is a user and a liar and a cheat. She goes to the door and tells him to leave before she calls the cops. When she opens the door, John is standing there. He comes in and says that he has some good news and some bad news that can be summed up in one sentence. "I know who Dr. Weston is."


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