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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 18, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, March 18, 2002

Bonnie wants to give Isaac a special birthday gift after work. Bonnie tells Isaac she is over the Duke while Billy and Lisa look on and Billy voices his opinion on how their love will not last. A mystery person shows up to see Isaac claiming to be his lover with a special birthday present. Bonnie sees them kiss and is very surprised. Chloe tells Bonnie when they talked to set up the date but later storms out when she finds out Bonnie is his girlfriend. Isaac tries to explain to Bonnie what happened, but Bonnie doesn't buy it.

Paul shows up to see Rose however he meets Lily at the door telling him she is asleep, to cover the fact that her face is aging from Dr. Weston. Rose hears Paul from the other room, and is upset by the fact that she can't see him the way she is now. Jack and Mitzi show up to question Rose and Mitzi sees what has happened to her face. John shows up to help Rose after she tells Jack and Mitzi a little about the spa. Mitzi reassures Jack that Carly is fine.

Tom informs Molly and Jake that Molly has been summoned to testify on the prosecutions side. Molly is less than receptive on testifying against Abigail. Tom tells her she can't do that and make things right. Jake receives word that Adam and Abigail are looking at WOAK for answers. Tom expresses his concern about the kids doing the investigation and tells Molly they could jeopardize the case. Meanwhile Adam and Abigail talk to Kim about Brandy and Kim pulls out still pictures of everyone in the building the day Nick was killed. Molly goes to see Belva, Nick's landlady, and bribes her to tell her everything about any visitor she accepted a bride from to go into Nick's place. Scudder's lady friend sees Kim talking to Jake and the kids. When leaves, the woman follows her. Kim is knocked out and the mystery lady takes the surveillance tape and leaves.

Hal informs Barbara that he has found James and needs to protect him. He tells her what he has done with him. Hal confesses the King of spades tells him what to do and Barbara gets more worried, and Hal says he has to be a good boy for James. Hal then turns on Barbara when she tries to find out what is going on. Hal and Barbara look at old pictures and Hal decides to leave but not before he realizes Stenbeck has done this to Emily and to girls. Meanwhile, Rose decides to pay Barbara a special visit.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

by Andy

Emmy-nominated actresses Colleen Zenk Pinter and Martha Byrne met today and sparks flew as their characters clashed over Barbara's involvement in Rose's abduction. Later, Paul finally finds Rose, but will she show him her face? Hal continues to struggle with his allegiance to James. Ben helps Bonnie try to decide what to do after finding out Isaac made a birthday date with another woman. Kim recovers in the hospital after being attacked by the mystery woman who Jake's clan believes is responsible for Nick's murder.

On Jack's porch, Paul grills Mitzi for information about why Rose won't see him. He thinks Rose is mad at him for not trusting her all those months ago. Mitzi assures Paul it doesn't have anything to do with him. Paul finds out that Dr. Dixon is treating Rose at Lily's, not the hospital, and demands to know what she's being treated for. Mitzi sees Paul's pain and knows he'll be able to help Rose if he knows. She tells him, "It's her face." Paul says he isn't that shallow and doesn't care about looks. He takes off to help Rose.

Meanwhile, Rose is having a little confrontation of her own. She's corners Barbara and Rose unveils her own very-aged face. Barbara, her face badly scarred, looks on in horror at Rose. Rose spits out, "You did this!" Babs says, "I never told James to hurt you." "You can deny it until the Second Coming. If you never do another decent thing in your life, please tell me this. Am I dying?" As much as she wants to help, Barbara can't offer any new information. Rose doesn't believe her. She begs for help with piercing desperate eyes saying, "I know you have a shred of decency in that petrified heart of yours." Still stunned, Barbara says, "I didn't ask" James to do what he did. Rose doesn't believe her. "Where is he!?" "In a coma." Whatever hope Rose had drained out of her already feeble face. All the while, Hal is listening in the hallway to Rose lament about Emily and Carly.

Jake walked out of Al's diner and found Kim knocked down and groggily waking up. Kim says she was coming back from WOAK with the surveillance tape that recorded the mystery woman walking in the hallways. They search her bag, but the tape is gone. Molly calls an ambulance to help Kim. Later at the hospital, Jake tells Abigail and Adam that this proves Abigail didn't kill Nick. If someone is stealing evidence, this proves they're "getting closer to the truth."

Paul gets to Lily's house and demands to see Rose. After Lily convinces Paul she isn't there, they talk about why Rose won't see Paul. Lily says Rose has built her whole life around her looks, and now whatever happened to her "probably can't be fixed." In fact, "It may kill her! Rose needs some time alone. You have to respect that." Paul breaks Lily down and convinces her he can help Rose. She tells Paul that Rose is at Fairwinds.

Bonnie is at Al's and opens a letter sealed with wax from Ian. He again apologizes for everything he did and told her how lonely he was without her. Ben comes in and they talk about Isaac. He asks her to give Isaac another chance. After all, both men have apologized for their transgressions. Isaac only made a date with someone in the heat of an argument. Ian slept with other women during his engagement. Bonnie is overwhelmed. "I need to get away" to think things through. Ben tells her not to leave Isaac hanging. "No one's perfect." Bonnie says, "Do you think he'll fit into my world?" Ben forces her to look into her shattered heart, and asks, "Do you want him to?"

Dr. Dixon checks Kim's head out while Bob comes in and scolds her for walking around alone a block away from the police station at dinnertime. Kim dismisses his concern. Margo stops by to check on her condition and Kim tells her that she knows "for a fact" that Abigail didn't kill Nick because of what just happened. Margo only thinks Kim was mugged because the robber took her wallet too. Kim tries to alert Margo, "I am positive Abigail is still in danger!"

Molly runs up to Jake and tells him the good news. Nick's landlady Belva "found the toy the mystery woman dropped!" Now they have a real clue to move the investigation forward. Holden stops by the hospital and Jake gives him the latest update. They both agree that Abigail would be better off staying with Holden safe behind his security system. Abigail doesn't want to hide since they're so close to the truth, but ultimately decides to stay with Holden.

Back at Fairwinds, Hal starts to snap out of it after hearing Rose worry about Emily. Barbara sees Hal struggle for clarity and tries to help. Hal asks Rose, "You really think Emily is dead?" Barbara asks where James is and this sets Hal back into 'protect James' mode. He runs off to watch over James again. Drained of energy, Rose tells Barbara to run after him and "save all of us!" Babs runs after Hal.

Rose heads out to the gazebo and sits down reflecting on the fate of Emily and Carly, and her own. Paul finds Rose and she freaks out when she hears his voice. "Go! Please leave!" Paul firmly says, "If that's what you want. I just have one request. Turn around and let me see your face."

Hal fawns over a comatose James. "I've been trying to piece this together. You. Me. Barbara. None of it makes any sense. Then I remembered something. Emily. You took her away. You are my enemy, but I feel this need to protect you." That's when he pulls out a gun from his pants. He points it right at James' heart and says, "You've done something horrible James. That something needs to stop!" Recap --->

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

At the gazebo Paul pleads with Rose to let him see her face, promising that he will love her and not be frightened by the change in her appearance. Hearing that she talked with Hal, Paul insists that she come down to the station house. Lily finds a pendant locket in Rose's belongings and hopes that it can provide a clue about Dr. Weston or the spa. Rose identifies the pendant as belonging to Libby, her rescuer. Inside, she finds two photos of Libby, one current and a much younger looking one from two years earlier when she graduated from high school. John reports to Jack that a test shows Rose's skin cells have been altered, causing them to age 20 years. Jack gives the shocking news to Craig who announces that he must fly to Belgium to find Carly. Jack pleads with him to stay away from Europe. Paul promises Rose that they will find a solution to this. Thanks to Barbara's news, Margo talks with Simon about Hal and James and guesses he took James to the old mill. There they find a confused Hal with his handgun drawn. Molly meets with Nick's landlady and eyes the toy the mystery woman left behind. She identifies it as belonging to the twins and guesses that their former nanny Mary is Nick's killer. Meanwhile, Abigail opens the door to find Mary waiting.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Barbara attempts to convince Hal not to end his life. Barbara speaks about the kids and what they will do without Hal. She explains how all their lives will go on and she continues to tell Hal what he is leaving behind. Ultimately Barbara convinces him, it is not the thing to do. Simon takes the gun from Hal. Margo and Simon call an ambulance for James, who Simon notices no longer has a pulse. Simon gets a pulse through shocking James heart then James is rushed to the hospital. Margo and Barbara take Hal to the Oakdale Memorial in order for Hal to obtain help. Simon leaves to meet Katie.

Molly is convinced that Mary, the nanny killed Nick. When Lily and Holden enter the conversation, Jake, Molly, Lily and Holden are all sure that it is Mary Eleanor (the ex-nanny). Molly makes a call to Abigail who startles her when Abigail reveals that her visitor is Mary. Molly warns Abigail not to let Mary realize that she is aware of the danger. Molly warns Abby to get Mary out of the house and be careful. She assures Abigail that they are on their way.

Mary attempts to get Abby to leave with her. As the two start to walk out the door, Abigail rushes back inside and locks the door. She calls the security company, but Mary leaves the grounds. Molly, Jake, Holden and Lily arrive and comfort Abigail.

Rose thinks Paul feels sorry for her. Paul does everything to stay by Rose's side and comfort her. While holding Paul's hand, Rose notices age spots that were not on her hand before. She is sure that whatever is happening to her has not stopped. She tells Paul she wants time to be by herself. Paul gives into Roses request, but refuses to give up on her.

At the airport Craig books a flight to New York connecting to Brussels's. Jack enters the airport to foil Craig's flight plans. As the two men discuss Craig's trip, Jack asks Craig why he won't listen to reason. Craig confesses that even though it is unthinkable, he really loves Carly and will not stop searching for her until she is found. Craig asks Jack to make his staying worthwhile. Jack suggests that if Craig delays his trip, he will fill him in on all the information from the investigation. Craig agrees to put off his trip and meet Jack in the morning. The two men shake hands and embrace. But when Jack leaves, Craig thinks he has Jack fooled and goes to the flight counter to book his flight. Unbeknownst to Craig, Jack lifted Craig's passport out of his pocket, preventing him from leaving the country. As Craig reaches for his passport, he thinks back to the embrace and realizes Jack won that round.

Back at the Oakdale police station, Jack receives a phone call. The caller is a woman, its Carly!

Friday, March 22, 2002


Katie walks into the diner all dressed in glitter. Her hair is a mass of curls and she is wearing sunglasses. She walks from table to table handing out free copies of her workout video. She bumps into Nancy Hughes and Nancy asks if she has lost her mind. Katie tells her about her new workout video and gives Nancy a copy. Simon walks in and sees Katie all dressed funky and talking with Nancy. Katie signs Nancy copy of the video and Nancy leaves. As Nancy walks by Simon, she warns him to watch Katie. She adds that she may be off her rocker. Simon walks over to his wife. She tells him about having an interview with Shape Magazine. Simon tells her that he needs to talk to her but before he can say another word, the people from the magazine walk in and Katie takes off. As they are talking with Katie, the photographer starts to take a picture of Simon and he grabs the camera and says, "Not tonight, Matey!" Simon tells Katie that has had a terrible day and he is going to the cottage to do some work. After he is gone, the writer from Shape asks Katie where her husband is going. Katie says that he had a bad day and he is going to their cottage that they had just purchased to do some work. Dahlia hears this and makes an excuse to leave. Katie and the writer and the photographer sit down for the interview. As the interview goes on, the writer gets around to asking Katie about her husband. She asks what does her husband do for a living. Katie says that he does a little of this and a little of that. She adds that he does whatever he feels like. The writer says that Katie doesn't have to worry about Simon being mentioned in the interview, it will be all about Katie. Katie asks why should she worry about Simon being in the interview. The writer says, "Well, you know, his past." Katie again asks why should she worry about her husband's past. The writer says, "I've done my research and I know that your husband was under suspicion for killing his third wife, Monique Farrara."


Simon walks into the cottage and takes a beer from the cooler. He is pacing back and forth and then there is a knock at the door. He opens the door and Dahlia is standing there. He asks her what it is that she wants. She tells him to let her in and she will tell him. He reluctantly motions her in. He asks, "Why are you here?" She says that she had to see how he was spending his late wife's money. He looks surprised. She tells him that Katie tells her everything. She goes on to say that Katie talked with her and asks her what she should do and she had told Katie to insist on the whole truth. Simon says that she had asked and he had told her everything. Dahlia says that "everything" is a very big word. Simon asks what it is that she is talking about. She says that with the money that he received, they could have had any house they wanted. Instead, they end up with this and she makes a face. Simon informs her that they put most of the money away for later and they found this cottage and loved it. She tells him that he forced his new wife to live in this and the rest of the money is put away and earning more money for him in the future. Simon tells her to leave and keep her nose out of his business. She tells him that he and Katie are her business and she will protect it with everything that she has. He tells her that Katie is smarter than she thinks and when this project is over, Dahlia will be gone. Dahlia asks if he realizes how many times he has hidden things from Katie. Simon tells her to leave. As she is walking to the door, he says that Katie will see her for who she is. Katie turns and looks at Simon and says, "You have no idea who I am."


Dr. Michaels evalutes Hal and when he can't answer over half her questions, he gets frustrated and starts to freak out. John and Barbara run into the cubicle when they hear Hal raise his voice. John and Dr. Michaels decide to sedate him and admit him to the psyche ward. Dr. Michaels tells Barbara that Hal has been brainwashed and they need to undo it. She adds that Hal could have been given drugs, they just don't know. Barbara looks at Hal and says, "My God, what did James do to you?" Margo walks in and tells Hal that he is the only one that can be Chief of Dectectives and she will hold down the fort until he returns. Hal tells her that he doesn't know if he will be able to return. She tells him that is nonsense and he should take his time and get well. With tears in her eyes, she says goodbye and leaves. A nurse comes in and asks Hal some questions. Barbara answers for him. The nurse asks Barbara if she would be the one to be the next of kin in case of an emergency. Barbara tells the nurse that she is Hal's wife. When the nurse leaves, Hal looks at Barbara and she asks if that would be ok if she is put on the information as his wife. She tells him that it feels nice to be his wife again. Hal says that he doesn't see any harm in it. Dr. Michaels comes in and asks to see Barbara outside. The two walk through the curtains and Dr. Michaels questions Barbara about her being on the information sheet as Hal's wife. Dr. Michaels reminds Barbara that she had said that being married to Hal was no longer satisfying. She asks if that has changed. Barbara tells the doctor that she only wants to be his friend and to help him through this ordeal. Dr. Michaels says that if that is all it is, it will be ok, but if she sees something more going on, she will have to ban Barbara from seeing Hal. She asks if Barbara understands and Barbara says, "Perfectly." She goes back in with Hal and they bring a wheelchair for Hal to take him to his room. At first, he refuses to get into the wheelchair. Barbara tells him that she will take him herself to his room. Hal tells Dr. Michaels that the lady drives a hard bargain. Hal gets into the chair and Barbara gets behind the chair. Barbara asks Dr. Michaels if it will be ok for her to take Hal to his room. Dr. Michaels says that if anyone stops them, tell them that she has ok'd it. Barbara tells Hal to hang on and she pushes him out of the cubicle.


Margo walks in as Jack is putting on his gun holster. Margo tells Jack about Hal and Jack says that he hopes he gets better soon. Jack tells Margo about his phone call from Carly and that she was saying goodbye. He tells Margo that he can't just let her go like this and he is going to Belgium. Margo starts to tell him that he can't go and then she sees the determined look in his eyes. She tells him good luck and he can go. He says that he can get to the airport quicker with a cruiser. Margo barks out an order for someone to take Detective Snyder to the airport in a cruiser. She looks at Jack and says, "Go!" Jack takes off.


Craig is having a problem getting on the plane to New York and then to Belgium because Jack had taken his passport. Craig is pacing in the airport and Lucy comes in with his Montegan passport. When she gives him the passport, he holds it up and shows it to the National Guard, who had given him some problems earlier. He says, "Look, my passport!" Lucy is acting funny with Craig and he questions her. She finally confesses and says that she is worried that she will lose her father. He tells her not to worry. She asks him if he were in her shoes, would he worry about her. Craig thinks for a minute and then says that if she is going to be so upset he won't go. Jack walks in and tells Craig about the call from Carly. Craig wants more information, but Jack tells him that it was a short call. Jack tells Craig that he is tired of waiting around and he is going to Belguim to find Carly. Jack asks if Craig is going with him? Craig looks at Lucy and she has a worried look on her face. Craig tells Jack good luck, but he is going to stay in Oakdale. Jack goes to the counter to purchase his ticket. Craig asks Lucy if she knows what he is in the mood for and Lucy says, "Scotch neat?" Craig tells her no and says that he wants a big, gooey chocolate sundae. They leave the airport. At the counter, Jack is making sure that he has a ticket for Carly Tenney to return with him. The airline attendant says that he is all set. Over the loud speaker, his flight is called to begin boarding. As Jack gets in line, a woman stands up and turns to the camera. It is Hilda from the spa. She calls Dr. Wesson on her cell phone. She tells him he was right, Jack Snyder just purchased a ticket to Belgium. He tells her to keep her eye on him. She hangs up and gets in line to board the plane.


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