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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 18, 2002 on GL
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Monday, March 18, 2002

Desperate measures:
Tory kneels at the edge of the docks, remembering what Ross told Blake in St. Michael's - "Til death do us part." She stares into the dark water below and sobs, "I have to do it I have no other choice."
At Towers, Ross admits he made a mistake by bringing Tory into their lives. Blake says he can't blame himself; he couldn't have known she was "psychotic." Holly overhears and asks what's going on. Blake describes how Tory, dressed as a nun, assaulted her at St. Michael's. When Blake leaves to answer a page, Holly demands Ross put an end to this. She had promised to keep Ross's adultery a secret as long as Tory was out of town, but now, all bets are off. Ross tried to talk to Tory and thought he got through. Holly gives him an ultimatum - "either you tell Blake, or I will." He wants to but has no idea how to confess something like that to the woman he loves. Holly is adamant - "You just DO it!" Though Ross is afraid of Blake's reaction, Holly urges him to stop treating her like a "fragile doll." He promises he'll tell her "right now."
When Blake returns to the table and finds Holly gone, Ross sees his opportunity, but Blake goes on about going on record with the police in case Tory "tries anything else." Ross tells his fiancée that he needs to say something, asking her not to interrupt until he is through. His cell phone rings, but Ross sets it aside, poised to continue with his confession. Blake urges him to answer (it could be the sitter). On the phone, Harley tells Ross to meet her at the docks. It's about his "former assistant, Tory Granger." The seriousness of her tone tells him something is wrong. He reminds Blake how she wanted to go to the police, but now the it's the police who want the Marlers to come to them.
When Blake and Ross duck under the police tape surrounding the docks to see a scattering of uniformed officers, they look startled and ask Harley what's going on. Harley explains that they have nothing concrete, but they have permission to drag the lake. The Marlers don't understand. Harley doesn't beat around the bush, "Tory is dead. She committed suicide." She hands them a plastic evidence bag, saying Tory left a note, "for Blake."
Soaking wet and wrapped in a blanket, a dock worker tries to answer Harley's questions. He describes seeing Tory on the edge of the dock, seeing her jump, and how he dove in after her, but couldn't find her. He was afraid he'd be pulled under too, so he gave up. He is obviously distraught, so Harley dismisses the witness for later questioning. Blake reads Tory's suicide note aloud, hesitating at parts, overcome by disbelief. In the note, Tory apologizes for all the pain she's caused them, and explains how listening to Ross profess his love to Blake in St. Michael's made her realize how far gone she really was. She asks Blake to say goodbye to the children for her, and asks if there is a way she can be forgiven. Ross stares off into the lake with regret.

Hi-oh, Silver:
Phillip finds Naomi at the bar in Infierno. He confronts her about lying - she said Edmund and Lorelei took the bus, but someone at the airport told him they had seen the two board a plane. He demands to know where Edmund took Beth. "You mean Lorelei," Naomi corrects. Phillip says no, "Beth. Beth Raines. The mother of my children!" Naomi looks confused as Phillip tries to convince her that Lorelei Hills and Beth Raines are one in the same. How could she know the lullaby Lillian used to sing to Beth? How could she know about the house in Arizona or the intimate details of their wedding, etc.? At first Naomi justifies by suggesting Edmund told Lorelei all those things, but the sincerity in Phillip's voice begins to melt her defenses. She looks worried, and is afraid to divulge her best friend's secret. Phillip begs her, saying he needs Naomi's help to bring Beth home to her children. Naomi bends, "Lorelei did love those kids" With that, the proverbial beans are spilt, "Eddie said something about a silver mine." Phillip thanks her, amazed he never thought of it himself, and makes a call, "Fuel the jet, we're going to Colorado." Naomi frets, "Lorelei is not going to like this, not one little bit."
Edmund and Lorelei enter an empty country western joint, suitcases in hand. Edmund moans and holds his bandaged hand, complaining about the rude taxi driver who slammed it in the car door. Now that the emergency room has all their money, they're back to being broke. Lorelei is just thankful they made it to Colorado, although she worries aloud whether James will be able to sleep if Phillip forgets to give him his "binky." Edmund reminds her what they came for - silver! This town's even named after the silver ore. The proprietor enters, laughing at what he's just heard. He sets Edmund straight, explaining that Silver Junction wasn't named for the silver in the hills, but for his "grandpappy, and his grandpappy before him," etc. He introduces himself as Joel Silver. He warns, however, that if there is ore in the mines, "the hard part is once you dig it out, it's livin' to tell about it."
Mr. Silver examines Beth's license and approves her right to the title of Bradley's silver mine. He explains that his restaurant doubles as the main office (he's also the town's sheriff, judge, clerk, even undertaker). He says there's skeletons in the mines. Edmund suggests a foreman or someone who knows the mechanics of the mine's structure. Of course, Mr. Silver says, "You're lookin' at him!" Just as Edmund gets his hopes up, Silver asks how much start-up cash they've got. Lorelei is worried until she eyes a stage across the room. "We can make money with Eddie Ivories, national piano bar star!" Silver regrets to inform them he already has a mind reader act and can't use a piano player. Before he leaves, he's quick to remind them, "No money, no silver." Just as Beth and Edmund agree they're stuck - again, the mind readers enter from the back room in the middle of an argument. Finishing each other's' sentences, and tacitly agreeing to disagree, the mind reading woman quits and shuffles out the door with her bags. The man follows, saying, "I knew that." Lorelei looks at Edmund and asks how hard mind reading can really be
Later that evening, in front of a full house of Silver Junction natives, Edmund introduces "Lady Lorelei, Mistress of the Other Side." Lorelei saunters across the stage in a sparkling blue dress and matching feather boa, much to the chagrin of the audience. Wearing a blindfold, Lorelei successfully guesses the identity of items from the crowd's pockets and purses, with helpful prompting from her partner. The backwoods crowd, oblivious to the scam, eats it up and cheers for more. By the end of the night, with a full tip jar, Lorelei and Edmund are ecstatic. Silver is impressed by their performance and promises that if tomorrow night's show is half as successful, "we'll talk." Edmund is angry, claiming they must have made enough money to get started on the mine. Counting her blessings, Lorelei seductively kisses Edmund and suggests a moonlit walk. Mr. Silver warns them of the dangers, telling them to stay on the path. Ignoring him, Lorelei leads Edmund out the back door. Silver disappears into another room, as Phillip arrives through the front door to find the place empty.

Brotherly love:
At Company, Rick joins a studious Remy and challenges him to a game of one-on-one. He swipes Remy's basketball off the counter and starts dribbling around the tables but stops, holding his back. Remy laughs. Rick asks how his knee is - he is eager to see Remy out on the courts again, but warns that he could "teach you a thing or two." Reluctantly, Remy humors the doctor and plays defense as Rick dribbles the ball - right into a table, knocking it over. They share a laugh, and Remy asks if they're "ok." After all, Rick is dating Remy's sister. Rick understands Remy's protectiveness. Remy wouldn't want to see his sister get hurt. Rick promises he could never hurt Mel. Remy has heard Mel's colleagues talk; it doesn't help that she is dating "the main man." Rick assures him that Mel got the residency on her own merit, and he'd "never abuse my authority for the sake of a personal relationship." Though content with Rick's honesty, he warns that Mel is more sensitive than she lets on - she has a way of closing off when she is angry or hurt. Rick is about to agree when the object of their conversation enters with a hissing, "Dammit, Rick! What were you thinking changing Mrs. Bigelow's medication?!" She scolds her superior for going over her head, while the two men in her life simply look at each other and laugh at how wrong they were. Mel continues her rampage, ordering Rick to the hospital at once to "tell those nurses where to shove it!" Finally realizing they are laughing at her, she deduces they must have been talking about her before she arrived. Remy decides to leave and let Rick handle her on his own. He leaves with a smile on his face. Confused, Mel asks, "What did you do to my little brother?" Rick laughs. It looks like Remy is starting to come around. And why shouldn't' he?, Mel asks. Rick's a "good guy," and she finds that very sexy. Rick likes what he hears so much that he invites her to dinner at his house to meet his family. Mel says ok, but her eyes show uncertainty.

The Negotiation:
At Towers, Danny and Michelle relax, grateful to be out from under Gus Aitoro's shadow for the evening. Michelle notices Alan Spaulding across the dining room and asks Danny why he's staring at them. Danny turns around to see a smiling Alan raising his glass. At his table, Alan gives Olivia a gift from his trip, which she refuses to open. Obviously drunk, she complains about Meta's decision to make Richard and Cassie honorary chairs of the Lighthouse benefit, instead of her. Since Alan financed most of the restoration, she figured the two of them would be better suited for the position. Olivia notices his distraction and asks what the fascination is with Danny Santos. Alan assures her, "We need him, Olivia Phillip responds well to competition and Danny Santos may be the perfect foil." Olivia orders another drink to fuel her bitterness when Alan offers her anything she wants if she helps him to "reel Danny back in." She asks if Alan wants her to "seduce him." He says just to make Danny feel wanted - "He belongs at Spaulding."
They approach Danny and Michelle and commend Danny on his speedy recovery. Olivia, almost missing the chair when she sits, tells Danny how great he looks and that there is "this amazing energy in your eyes." Alan proceeds to refresh Danny's memory as to the pending job offer. Danny remembers the offer as being "generic no perks, no bonuses," etc. He wants it to be worth his while. Olivia moves closer to Danny and offers to discuss the details over dinner. Michelle looks jealous as Danny considers. Danny reminds his potential employer that his knowledge can get him into a lot of places, implying Spaulding is not the only business interested in him. Alan seems impressed as he rises to answer a call. Doubly impressed, Olivia smiles at Danny, "I think he's met his match." Michelle agrees. Olivia, now very drunk, stares at her and asks, "What is it you do?" Michelle reminds her that she has a son to take care of. Olivia says she's very lucky to be a stay-at-home mom, and comments on how quickly she regained her figure. Olivia says she wouldn't know what to do if she had a baby - she stares at Michelle's chest and comments on the bodies of newborn mothers. A bit uncomfortable, Michelle appears relieved when there is a call for her at the bar. When they are alone, Olivia tells Danny, it's so "enriching working for Alan." Danny thanks her, but doesn't need her to sell Alan Spaulding to him. He can decide for himself where to work. "By the way," he whispers, "my wife's body after giving birth to Robbie is the sexiest thing on the planet." They laugh. Olivia grins facetiously, "So does that mean we can't have dinner?" Danny grins back, thoroughly enjoying this, "Yeah." Michelle returns to say the call wasn't for her after all. Alan comes back for "round two." Olivia suggests they leave the Santos' alone to think about the offer. Danny asks just what exactly the job would entail anyway. Alan says "Let's start with something that excites you; something you're passionate about." He leaves after ordering a bottle of the Towers' best champagne for Danny and Michelle. Danny reminds his wife of how she insisted he take any offer Alan gives him. Michelle sticks to it, adding, "as long as you don't have to work for her."


Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Reva is upset with the recently returned Josh that he didn't call her while he was in Singapore. Although he needed that time alone, Josh apologizes to Reva for not calling and leaving her to wonder what was going on with him. Still mindful of his fears that he jumps from one relationship to the next too quickly, Josh tells Reva that in his heart he believes their relationship is right, and goes on to tell her that he wants her in his life.

When his friend mentions "the bet" while grilling him about Marah, Ben flips out. And to add to his worries that Marah will find out about his original intentions, Ben tells his friend that his little black ledger book containing the bet information is missing.

Tony confides his confusion about Catalina's accusations to his grandmother, Maria. Catalina hears his concern when she enters the room, and plays her well used "stress is bad for the baby" card. When Tony leaves the two women alone, Catalina leaves no question about her suspicion that Maria spiked her tea to cause problems with her pregnancy, but stops short of admitting that she miscarried. Maria remains cool, and makes clear her own suspicions that Catalina lost the baby. In a panic, Catalina tries to seduce Tony in order to get pregnant again. Tony stands his ground though, and tells Catalina that they will wait until after the wedding to resume their intimate relations. While gathering up his blueprints, Tony finds Ben's little black ledger book, and throws it out. Catalina quickly retrieves it, calls Ben, and uses the book to pressure him to come to see her right away. Catalina has a new plan - she tells Ben that he is going to help her make a baby, or she will give copies of the book to Marah.

When Lorelei and Edmund find the silver mine, she throws her silver earring in for good luck. When the couple decides to go back to the hotel, Edmund picks Lorelei up and carries her off in a romantic gesture. Having bribed the innkeeper for information on Beth, Phillip goes to the mine in search of her. When he arrives, he sees two sets of footprints entering, but only one set leaving, and thinks that Edmund has left her in the mine. While searching for his missing "wife", Phillip finds the earring, prompting him to go deeper into the mine, where he is trapped by a cave in. With Edmund off looking for ice to chill the champagne, Lorelei is alone when the innkeeper tells her that Phillip is looking for her. Although Lorelei has no intention of going after Phillip "mirror" Beth is pressuring her keep him safe from harm. While Lorelei and Beth are arguing over his fate, Beth emerges as the stronger personality and runs off to search for Phillip.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Sitting at Company, Tony tells Marah what things will be in the house for the baby. Tony said that this house should be Marah's but she doesn't want to be reminded. Tony wants Marah to be happy with Ben. Marah said don't worry because she isn't going to get pregnant. He feels she deserves the best. Marah tells him to go and build his house and have his baby, but don't tell her how to live her life. Tony said he is so in love with her. Marah screams and starts to cry. Marah wants Tony to meet her halfway. He exits Company.

At their house, Blake and Ross are discussing Tory's suicide. Blake thinks that Tory's suicide doesn't make sense and Ross agrees. She knows that when someone is going to kill themselves there are usually signs. Blake asked why Tory made the suicide note to her and she doesn't believe she is dead. Ross still believes that Tory is dead. Blake reminds Ross of all the things that Tory has done to them. She still feels that Tory is out there lying in wait. Ross wanted to know what the motive was for Tory to fake her death. Blake feels that is obvious because Tory wants him. Blake said she couldn't rest until she knows for sure that Tory is dead. Blake continues to remind Ross that he is not to blame for Tory's actions. Ross tells Blake that there was a bond between Tory and himself. Before he could explain, Holly enters and wants to know if Tory committed suicide. Blake exits to check on the children. Holley asked Ross if she told Blake about sleeping with Tory and suggests that he not tell Blake. Blake enters. She wants to know what she walked in on. Ross said they were talking about Tory faking her suicide. Holly exits. Ross exits to take a walk. But when he opens the door he sees Gus and Harley. They want to ask more questions about Tory's death. Blake wants to know how they are going to prove Tory is alive.

At Company, Buzz tells Harley that her partner is sitting at the table. Harley joins Gus at the table and says she wants to show him the suicide note. But Gus handed her a present. The present is a magic eight ball. Gus said that he hopes that would remind her of him because he is behind the eight ball so to speak. Gus goes over to Harley and kisses her. As they look up they see Buzz watching them. Gus wants to know of Buzz had a problem with him. Buzz asked Harley why she let Gus kiss her. Harley tells Buzz that they are more than partners and she shouldn't have to defend herself. Harley and Gus are discussing the suicide note. Harley feels that Tory must have slept with Tory, but she knows that Ross loves Blake. Gus and Harley exit.

In the office at Inferno, Catalina wants Ben to make love to her so that will get pregnant. But Ben doesn't want it this way. Catalina said she would show Marah the precious ledger and he would lose her forever. Outside of the office door Maria is trying to listen. Catalina tells him to close his eyes and think of Marah. Maria is standing in doorway watching. Maria enters the office, and Ben exits. Maria wanted to know if Catalina enjoyed her kiss. Catalina denies that she was kissing Ben. Catalina reminded her that she said for her to go after what she wanted. Maria said she knows evil when she sees it, but Catalina said that Maria was the reason she lost her baby by giving her the tea. Maria said no wonder Catalina wasn't showing. Catalina begs Maria to not tell Tony. Maria said she doesn't deserve her grandson and she will never marry him. Catalina threatens Maria and said that she knows secrets about the family business. Maria warns her to be careful with the threats. Catalina said if Maria tells Tony she would go to the FBI and destroy her family. She said you would tell Tony over my dead body.

Edmund tells Silva that he has been searching for Lorelei. Edmund says he cannot do the act without Lorelei. Silva introduces Edmund to the customers. Edmund tries to predict the future for a gentleman in the audience. Edmund mentions Lorelei and the gentlemen said that his mother's name was Lorelei. Edmund tells him that his mother is speaking to him from the grave. As Edmund concentrates he says that his mother was sweet and she wants to tell him that she always loved him. But the gentleman hit Edmund and said to tell him mother that since she walked on him when he was three.

Phillip is hurt and lying on ground after falling into an old mine shaft. Lorelei/Beth calls his name and sees him. Phillip suggests she leave because it is not safe and it is going to collapse more. He calls her Beth and she tells him it is Beth. Beth proceeds to try to remove the boards from Phillip. Phillip wants her to tell him about Lorelei. Beth feels that she created her because she was tired of being herself. She says that she remembers going downstream and the mission people, but she realized she needed to be someone else in order to survive. She said that Edmund brought her back to Springfield and back to him. Phillip tells Beth to go get help or they both are going to be trapped. Beth exits to get help. But the opening begins to cave in. With all her strength, Beth tries to lift the door to the entrance of the old silver mine. She comes back to Phillip and tells him that the entrance is blocked. But she feels that Edmund is probably out looking for Lorelei and he will find them. She tells Phillip that Edmund still doesn't believe that she is Beth. Beth still insists that Edmund will rescue them. Phillip said he is happy because she is alive and that Lizzie and James are going to have her back. Beth promises that she will get him out of there.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Gus asks Ross why he's so quick to believe that Tory committed suicide when Blake's theory that she faked her drowning makes more and more sense. Blake claims that Ross feels guilty and blames himself for what has happened but Gus asks what is making him feel so guilty. Ross won't answer so after they leave, Gus tells Harley it's obvious to him that Ross was having an affair with Tory. Michelle hints to Danny that her life as a mother and wife isn't enough for her. Running into Richard at the Towers, Carmen asks him about her missing invitation to the Lighthouse fundraiser. He suggests that she call Meta herself and tries to slip away from her. Cassie comes to the rescue by suggesting Carmen make a donation to another charity in order to weasel a ticket out of Meta. Rick tries to reassure Mel that tonight's dinner with his family will be fun. However, when they arrive, they find the baby crying and Michelle upset that the potatoes have burned. Mel helps save the meal and then, while dining, describes how her ill grandmother Baba's lousy medical treatment cost her her life thus inspiring her to be a doctor who would help save lives. Later, Danny urges Michelle to consider going to med school.

The pleasure of her company:
At Company, Marah describes her run-in with Tony. She desperately wants to be friends, but Tony is stubborn and acting childish. She tells Ben that when she saw the blueprints for Tony and Cat's house she "freaked out." In her frustration, she ripped them up. She wants to be fair and honest with Ben, but just when she thinks she is able to move on, she is overwhelmed by old feelings for Tony. Ben warns that their relationship will never progress if Marah has unresolved issues with Tony. He tells her to act like Tony is a friend and, "after a while, that's all he will be." Marah sees the wisdom in his advice, and promises to talk to Tony.

Cat joins Ben at Company where he warns her that Tony will soon find out she's not pregnant. Catalina knows, and says Tony will be heartbroken once she miscarries soon after the wedding. Ben is not convinced she'll pull it off. But, Cat insists Tony would never leave her after a "terrible loss" like that - family means everything to him. Maybe she'll get pregnant again... "maybe not, either way, we're married... He will be the only family I'll ever need."

The Infierno inferno:
Catalina shuffles paperwork in Tony's office, frantically searching for something. Maria comments that the stress isn't good for "a woman in your condition... oh wait, I forgot." Catalina tells her to mind her own business. Maria reminds her that Tony is the next leader of the Santos family, and Catalina will not be a part of his life. Catalina threatens to go to the police with all the family secrets if Maria tells Tony Cat lost the baby. Tony enters and asks what's going on. Catalina smiles, "just catching up with my future abuella." She leads Tony out of the office as Maria angrily pushes papers off the desk.

Catalina insists that she and Tony get married as soon as possible. Tony reminds her that after what happened, Ray is not going to marry them. He encourages her to wait just a little longer. A desperate Catalina tells Tony this is the first time in a long time that she's felt a part of a family - the baby deserves a family, too. Tony gives in and agrees to get a judge to marry them. He admits that he's not as sure about things as Cat is, but she assures him that everything will turn out perfectly. Scowling, Maria watches them embrace.

Later, Maria asks Tony if everything is ok with Catalina. He says that even though a priest isn't going to marry them, they're going ahead with the ceremony anyway. When Marah arrives, Maria offers to leave them alone, though she listens intently from her seat at the bar. Even though Marah insists it will work, Tony isn't convinced they'll ever be able to be "just friends." "Every time I'm in the same room with you it drives me totally nuts... and it's getting worse." He reminds her that he's getting married soon and will be a father, but right now, "it's taking all I've got not to grab you and kiss you." Maria overhears, slightly hopeful. Marah agrees it will be hard to deal with their feelings each time they run into each other, but if they decide to see each other as friends, the feelings will eventually fade. Tony doesn't think so. Marah goes to her car to get a gift for the baby. Maria turns around, "You're not done with that girl!" Tony becomes annoyed, telling her to leave him alone. He angrily asks if Maria expects him to say he's still in love with Marah... "because I am, more every time I see her." It doesn't matter anymore, however, because Catalina is the one carrying his child. "Things are the way they are and that's the end of it!" Marah returns with the gift - a t-shirt from the Lighthouse Foundation gift shop. She tells Tony he will be a great father and that Catalina will be a "good influence" on him. Tony isn't sure. Marah assures him, "She'll fit in your life better than I ever could." Maria listens from her perch and shakes her head.

She's (silver) mine:
Edmund awakes, holding his head, and touches a sore black eye. Mr. Silver brings him breakfast and commends him on the great show last night. Edmund's memory is fuzzy, but he does recall "a large man with a very large fist." He asks where Beth is. Silver is surprised she's not back yet. Last time he saw her was when he delivered the message that Phillip Spaulding was looking for her at the mine. Edmund suddenly fears the worst - Phillip has lured Lorelei to the mine in order to get her to sign it over to him! He leaves in a huff.
Phillip wakes up and guesses it's morning. He doubts Edmund will come looking for them. Beth explains how hard it's been fighting Lorelei for control, but right now, Beth is winning the fight. Still, she is doubtful, "Where do I go from here?" She's spent the last few years jumping from one man to the next - now she's right back where she started. Still trapped under the rubble from the collapsing mine, Phillip tries to laugh. He says it will take time for things to start making sense again. Beth admits that through all this she's learned that life doesn't mean much without someone who loves you. She asks if Phillip cared for Lorelei. He's not sure - maybe deep down, he felt she was Beth the whole time. He liked how free she was, how happy. But, he promises her, "When we get out of here... you can be anybody you want to be." Beth is intrigued by the idea. The only thing she knows for sure is she wants to be a mother to her children again. As for Phillip, she suggests they get to know each other better - they've both changed so much. Beth slips into reverie - she dreamt last night that it was Christmas and she and Phillip and the kids where trying to decide where to set up an oversized Christmas tree. Phillip agrees it sounds nice.
Outside the mine, Edmund notices two sets of footprints in the snow - he was right! Phillip must be inside with Lorelei. He assumes Phillip was the one who closed off the entrance. Trying the door without success, Edmund realizes this is on the only way into the mine, so it's also the only source of air. He screams, "Lorelei!!," as he struggles again to open the door. Once he opens it enough to slip underneath, Edmund yells for Lorelei again with fear in his voice. He finds her and Phillip where he lay pinned under the rubble. He accuses Phillip of dragging Lorelei up there and almost getting her killed. Edmund tries to hug Lorelei, thankful she is ok. She backs away, terrified, "Don't you touch me again." Edmund turns to Phillip and assumes he has been filling her head with ideas again. He urges Lorelei to leave with him and they'll send help back for Phillip. She refuses and insists she is not Lorelei; she is Beth. Edmund pleads - she doesn't have to pretend for Phillip's benefit because they don't need him or his silver mine - all they need is each other. Phillip screams for Beth to resist Edmund's words. Edmund screams back, "Her name is Lorelei!!" Beth holds her head and whimpers, "Stay away from me!" Edmund is desperate, promising Lorelei that while he loved Beth, she lacked Lorelei's vitality and lust for life. She's the only one he wants. Beth holds her head as Lorelei's voice plays within it, "That's ME Eddie's talkin' about, not you..." She warns Beth that it's time to go. Phillip yells for Beth to "keep fighting!," but she holds her head and cries.

The mourning Marlers:
Ross stares at the newspaper headline: "Former Law Student Presumed Dead." He hands the paper to Blake, "There it is in black and white; Tory's dead." Blake corrects, "PRESUMED dead." Ross is adamant, insisting Tory took her own life. If there's a chance Tory's still alive, Blake swears she'll prove it. She plans to go to the docks to speak with witnesses, make phone calls, etc. Ross stops her, "This is taking over our lives." He regrets encouraging Tory and leading her on so much that she "lost all sense of boundaries." Blake tries to comfort him, saying he can't blame himself for Tory's instability. He begs Blake to let it go so that they can both move on. Blake sees the pain in his eyes and says she will if it's that important to him. He thanks her and leaves the room. Blake picks up the phone and asks a friend to come over - "Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I want a second opinion."
Minutes later, Felicia arrives, devastated since seeing the morning paper. She wishes she could have prevented Tory's suicide, as she had counseled her a few times. But she never saw the signs. Blake wasn't aware she had talked to Tory, but respects Felicia's commitment to doctor-patient confidentiality. However, now that Tory's gone... Felicia says Tory had told her about the affair with Ross, but that she was obviously delusional. Tory was convinced Ross was in love with her. Blake asks if Felicia ever thought Tory was suicidal. She says no, but was painfully wrong, "She's gone." Blake stares at her, defiantly asking, "Is she?"

Ross paces through his living room filled with law students. They claim they cannot concentrate because of what happened to Tory. They say it must be hard on Ross as well since he thought so much of her. He admits it is, but insists that Tory would want them to continue with their law studies. With that, he asks a question, but not one of them attempts to answer. Ross drops the text book in frustration. He turns to face the students and sees Tory standing off to the side with a courageous hand in the air. Ross appears terrified as Tory lowers her hand and walks closer to him. "I have an answer for you... Don't I always have an answer for you?" Ross covers his face with his hand. The students ask if he's alright. He says he is, glancing to the spot Tory had stood. She's no longer there - It was all in his head.

Blake searches Tory's room at Company. Finding a diary, she reads passages aloud, "January 13th..." Tory writes how she was all set to fly to Philadelphia, but Ross stopped her at the airport and convinced her to stay. "Yeah right," Blake mutters, turning the page to January 18th... She reads silently this time, then closes the book, "God, you are one sick chick. You even lie in your diary!" Blake slams the book on the desk, calling it "pure fiction!" She continues her search and finds unused plane tickets marked January 13th from Springfield to Philadelphia. She checks the facts with the diary entry for that day and flips the pages, "Well, if THAT's true..." Reading silently, Tory's voice narrates the passage, "and there in the place we met... Ross made love to me, and it was better than I ever dreamed it could be. He will be mine. He will ALWAYS be mine." Blake looks up from the book, worried.

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