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Passions Recaps: The week of March 25, 2002 on PS
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Monday, March 25, 2002

The ancient scroll shows Tabitha a lifeless Timmy. Tabitha is warned that Timmy will die a slow painful death if he attempts to rescue the real Charity again. Tabitha, desperate to save her Timmy tries to hide the Book of Spells. When she sees that Timmy's fate has not changed, she attempts to burn the Book of Spells. Unknown to Tabitha, the book will not burn. She is also unaware that Timmy has gone to the ice cave, vowing that he will do whatever it takes to free his Charity.

Luis refuses to accept the trip to Bermuda that he won, courtesy of Hank. Luis goes to the dock to think. He sees some workmen tearing apart the railings. He realizes that the railing that he and Sheridan carved their initials in is gone. The workmen put it in the fire barrel. Beth attempts to save it and burns her hand. Luis looks at Beth and smiles. He invites her to Bermuda. Beth accepts with a smile.

Diana and Brian get ready for their trip to Bermuda. Brian tries to keep Diana from getting her hopes up about finding clues to her past. Brian tells her that an amnesia victim can make certain unconscious gestures that can give them a clue to their past. As he is explaining this, Diana is doodling in the sand. She writes initials similar to the ones carved in the burning railing.

Theresa finds the only lawyer in town not afraid to take her case. Theresa and her lawyer walk into the Crane mansion and inform Ivy and Rebecca that they are being sued. Theresa tells Ethan and the others that she wants everything including the mansion. Ethan is speechless.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Luis once again asks Beth to go to Bermuda with him. Beth is delighted. She hugs Luis and tells him that she is so glad that he asked. Luis looks at the prize information in the envelope. He realizes that they will be staying at the same resort that he and Sheridan stayed in on their ill-fated trip. They also have tickets to a dance being held there. Beth tells Luis that she understands that they should not go since it will be too painful for him. Luis says no. It will be good for him. He says this will give him closure once and for all.

Brian and Diana are still packing the boat. Liz shows up with a going away present for them. She has tickets for a dinner dance that she is giving to Brian and Diana. (The same dance that Luis and Beth have tickets for.) Brian can see that Liz is a little hurt by him taking Diana to Bermuda since he and Liz have shared some special times in Bermuda. Liz asks Brian where he and Diana will be staying. He says the only resort that lets workers stay free. Diana absently says the Bermuda Pavilion. Brian asks how she knows the name of the resort. Diana cannot explain how she knows this. She once again gets hopeful that Bermuda will link her to her forgotten past.

Zombie Charity is in Tabitha's attic playing with dolls that resemble the residents of Harmony. She is enjoying playing with them and causing them pain. She puts Sheridan's doll on a boat and tells her she is about to take another ill-fated trip to Bermuda. Tabitha assures the zombie that she destroyed the Book of Spells so Timmy would not be able to save his "Sweet Charity." Timmy tires in vain to get inside the ice cave. He goes back to the house in search of the Book of Spells to help Charity. Tabitha informs Timmy that the book is gone forever. Timmy yells "No!" The zombie warns him off of helping Charity. The zombie says everything Tabby does is because she loves him. The zombie calls Tabitha an old softie and says all she is good for is to maybe lead a girl scout troop.

Theresa's flamboyant lawyer puts a real fear into Ivy and Rebecca. The lawyer calls Theresa the real Mrs. Julian Crane. Theresa informs everyone that she is going after the mansion, Crane name and billions. Theresa's attorney calls Becky and alley cat who got rid of one old rich goat for another. He calls Ivy a lying witch who passed off her love child as another man's baby. He then says that he is throwing the trash out of the mansion and Ivy and Rebecca owe Theresa rent for trespassing. Ethan tries to put a stop to the goings on but Theresa stands behind everything her lawyer said. When Rebecca hears that she is being thrown out, she goes for Theresa's throat.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Rebecca begins to choke Theresa after she hears that she is being thrown out of the Crane mansion. Both Theresa's attorney and Ethan try to protect her from the attack. Ethan keeps telling Rebecca and Ivy to stop because Theresa is pregnant. Ivy tries to help Rebecca attack Theresa but Pilar steps in and warns her off. When Theresa's attorney hears that Theresa and Ethan were once engaged, he paints a bad picture of Ethan as someone who used and abused his client and passed her off on his former father. Ethan tells the man that it was nothing like that and he was really in love with Theresa. Ethan says that the only reason they are not together is because Theresa broke his faith and trust in her. Ethan begs Theresa not to listen to her ambulance chasing lawyer and work out a deal with him instead. He swears to see to it that she and the baby are taken care of.

Brian and Diana are on their boat sailing to Bermuda. Diana sees a bottle floating in the water. At the same time, Luis tells Hank that he sent Sheridan a letter after her death, and put it in a bottle and sent it out to sea.

Zombie girl is still playing with her evil dolls in Tabitha's attic. She promises pain and heartache for everyone. She vows to ruin all the love in Harmony. She also says that something big is going down in Bermuda. Zombie girl then once again turns on Tabitha. She informs Tabitha and Timmy that the friends in the basement have faith in her and not Tabitha. She calls Tabitha finished and washed up as a witch. She laughs at Tabitha and tells Timmy that no self respecting witch goes without her Book of Spells. Tabitha burned the book because she was sappy enough to love Timmy more than witchcraft. No one realizes that the Book was not destroyed in the fireplace but is floating around the house.

Theresa's lawyer guesses that Theresa is in the fight for more than money. He realizes that Theresa is trying to get Ethan back. Ethan does step in and defend Theresa to Ivy and Rebecca, especially when he says Theresa and the baby need to be provided for. Ivy and Rebecca declare NO! Ivy says that Theresa can go on Welfare. Pilar cannot believe or understand how Theresa plans on getting Ethan back by suing his mother. Her lawyer begs her never to say she does not care about the money again.

Diana (Sheridan) reads the romantic letter that she found in the floating bottle. She has tears in her eyes as she reads declaring that it was written from real and true love. She tells Brian that the letter moved her deeply and she wishes to have shared a love like that. She then tells Brian that the only thing she can remember from her past is having a love like that. She wonders if the letter could possibly be for her from her "dead" lover.

Hank tries to get Luis to see how much Beth still loves him. Luis tells Beth that he is ready to move on with his life. He says that Sheridan would want him to. Diana tells Brian that she should stop looking for her happiness in her past. She says it could be right in front of her. Theresa's flamboyant attorney bids everyone goodnight and warns Rebecca and Ivy to look for a new place to live. He smiles and says he is going to enjoy fighting them in court.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Ethan and Chad discuss the situation with Theresa. Ethan tells Chad that Theresa deserves some compensation for what Julian put her through. Both Ethan and Chad do not feel that Theresa is entitled to all of the Crane fortune. Ethan says that his mother lived as Mrs. Julian Crane for over twenty years and had three children with Julian and she deserves to be the rightful Mrs. Julian Crane. Ethan admits he still has feelings for Theresa but tells Chad he cannot give her another chance. Chad tells Ethan that Theresa may have lied to Ethan but Whitney lies to herself and Chad as well.

Luis is livid with Theresa for hiring a lawyer and trying to get the Crane fortune. Theresa promises to do good things with the money. Luis swears not to touch a dime of it.

As Brian and Diana sail to Bermuda they discuss how Diana felt connected to Harmony. Much like she feels a little connected to Bermuda. The mention of Harmony gets Brian (Antonio) thinking about his last visit to Harmony. He remembers his cold greeting form Luis and plans not to go back.

Pilar cannot believe that Luis is actually thinking of going back to Bermuda. Pilar hears how Luis is trying to put the past behind him and move on with his life. Luis explains to Pilar that he is talking Beth and how much Beth deserves this vacation, especially since she tried so hard to save the burning railings for him and got burned in the process. Pilar understands and tells Luis how special Beth is. Luis is worried about leaving town on a vacation with Theresa dead set on suing Ivy. Pilar stops Luis from canceling his trip.

Ethan has a plan to help Chad that involves Theresa. He wants Theresa to get permission from the Cranes so Chad can use the recording studio that the Cranes own. Chad is thrilled that he can get busy working on his music once again. Ethan cannot figure out why Julian bought a music studio but he is glad that it is there and maybe can be of use for Chad.

Brian admits to Diana that she is so beautiful to him that she takes his breath away. The motor on their boat begins to make noise and stalls. Brian goes below to check on it. Diana stands on the deck. The sail is coming loose and is ready to swing and strike Diana in the head. Diana gets hit and falls into the water. She begins to sink face down under the waves.

Theresa and Whitney are at the Book Cafe discussing Theresa's plan on getting Ethan back. Theresa says that she can get Ethan back and not do all of what Julian suggested. Theresa says she can trick the demons in hell. As she says that, the lights go out in the Book Cafe and a pair of sinister glowing eyes appear out of nowhere.

Friday, March 29, 2002

Whitney and Theresa are standing in the Book Cafe as the lights go out and they see a pair of evil glowing eyes. Whitney sees it as a sign that the demons heard Theresa's plan to try to get Ethan back by cheating them. Chad and Ethan say it is just a temporary power failure and that the lights should come back on soon. They cannot understand why Theresa and Whitney look so frightened. The lights come back on and the girls ask if anyone else saw the evil glowing eyes over near the book stand. Chad goes over and finds a children's book with a silly dragon on the front. The eyes on the book are plastic and when you move the book, they seem to glow. Ethan and Chad laugh at the girls for being afraid of a book. Theresa laughs at herself for being silly. Whitney still sees it as a sign from the demons. After they walk away, the silly dragon on the book cover turns into an evil looking one with sinister eyes.

Ethan, Chad, Theresa and Whitney go to the Crane music studio. Whitney tells Theresa that this whole thing is ridiculous and Chad will need to move to L.A. or New York to make a success in the music business. Theresa asks Whitney if she cares if Chad leaves. She also asks Whitney if she is a little jealous that Chad is going after his dream of music when she refuses to acknowledge hers. Whitney sticks to the story that her life's dream is tennis. Theresa refuses to believe that Whitney does not want to be a singer.

Chad is impressed by the studio. He tells Ethan and Theresa they cannot know how much this means to him. Chad tells Ethan to draw up a contract between him and the Cranes for use of the studio. He does not want to get something for nothing. Chad is sure that this studio and this chance he has been given, will put him on the map. Chad puts some of his music on and asks Whitney to sing his song for him. Whitney says she can't and runs out in tears.

Luis confesses to Pilar that Antonio came to Harmony for Christmas. Luis is worried that Pilar will be angry with him for not telling her earlier. Luis is embarrassed by his actions toward his brother. He vows to act differently if given the chance. Pilar is not angry with Luis but grateful. She tells Luis that it is a miracle to know that Antonio is alive. Diana falls overboard and sees her "dead" lover Luis. He saves her and brings her on board the boat. Diana sees Luis then his face changes into Brian. Diana once again begs Brian to call his estranged family. Brian refuses to call his family. He tells Diana that there are other reasons why he cannot go back and see his family as he thinks of Julian and his threats. Diana remembers seeing Brian in a past life. She remembers him pulling her out of the water when she was on the Titanic. She also remembers being happily married to him and raising his children. She says she remembers that they had an amazing life together. She calls their life perfect. Brian says that they can have it again. He says they can start by sharing a perfect kiss. Theresa feels like she and Ethan are growing closer. She is unaware that the evil glowing eyes are watching her.

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