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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 25, 2002 on GL
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Monday, March 25, 2002

Tightening the Raines:
Beth holds her head, screaming. Lorelei's voice emanates through the mine shaft. Yet, in the same breath, Beth's voice calls to Phillip. Edmund pleads, "Forget about Phillip!" Phillip warns her not to go; Edmund will only manipulate her. He begs her to think about the kids. Edmund pushes Beth toward the exit, promising everything will be ok once she leaves with him. She pulls back suddenly, "No, you go... but I'm not going with you." She defends Phillip, then screams, "I'm not Lorelei!" She tells Edmund that she remembers every horrible thing he did - seducing her after Jim's death, promising they would rule San Cristobel as equals, etc. Edmund is confused - how can Lorelei know these things? Beth challenges him to ask her anything only Beth would know - like how she really escaped that tower in San Cristobel , or how she was kidnapped in Mexico by Edmund's men. Edmund stares, flabbergasted. He deduces that Beth's accident in Mexico must have caused a personality split. Beth interrupts, "The only accident is that I ever loved you!"
Calmer now, Edmund recalls the first time he saw Lorelei in Chicago. Beth breaks his reverie by admitting their marriage was wrong - she was selfish and neglected her family, her kids, etc. She had been blind to all of Edmund's crimes, but once her eyes were open, he saw her as an enemy and tried to kill her. He blatantly denies her accusation, while she tells him their love was an illusion that only led to hatred. Angrily, Edmund promises Beth she'll regret going back to Phillip. He wants to control her, and she is only running back to the safety of her old life. Thinking of her kids, he looks down on her with disgust, calling her a "terrible role model for instilling passivity of spirit!" With that, Beth slaps him and urges him to leave with what's left of his dignity. Defeated, but still angry, Edmund sneers, "You have no idea what I have left." Once outside, Edmund elbows the door to the mine, "I loved you... To hell with the both of you!" He walks away, oblivious that the door crank has loosened.

Beth holds Phillip's hand with a new sense of freedom. She realizes Phillip is still trapped and starts to go for help. Phillip stops her, commending the way she handled Edmund. He admits she's a different person now, one that will never be so vulnerable as to let him hurt her again. They hear the creaking of wood, followed by a loud crash. Beth hurries to the entrance of the mine and finds the door closed. She calls to Phillip, "We're trapped," under her breath, "but this time, nobody's coming to get us."
Edmund enters his hotel room and starts packing. Shuffling through their clothing, he finds one of Lorelei's shirts. Holding it, he thinks of kissing her the last time she wore it. Throwing the garment on top of his clothes, he shuts the suitcase and hurries out.

Keeping on his Santos:
At Infierno, Tony examines the t-shirt from Marah. Danny enters, bearing tax papers - he knew Tony must be inside when he saw Marah Lewis leaving. Tony explains that he and Marah are "friends." Danny inquires about Tony's decision to move up the wedding date. It was Catalina's idea. Danny picks up on Tony's lack of enthusiasm, "It's a wedding, Tony, not an execution." On her way into the club, Catalina overhears the comment. She sees the t-shirt and thanks Danny for the baby gift. Tony corrects her - it's from Marah. Sensing Danny isn't finished with him, Tony sends Cat into the office for some paperwork. Danny asks what's wrong - Tony has never been able to hide things from his cousin. He confesses that Ray has refused to marry him and Catalina because she claims he made a pass at her. Danny doesn't believe it - neither does Tony, but he doesn't know what to do. The bishop has sent Ray away on retreat, which is, in Tony's opinion, "the church version of jail." Danny warns Tony not to get married until he knows the truth. Tony already promised Catalina they'd go ahead with their plans anyway. Danny begs Tony to find Ray and ask him the real reason for not wanting to marry them. Because if they go through with the wedding, not knowing the truth, "it'll never last."
Tony is resigned to be a good dad and to do the right thing. Danny thinks Tony is rushing because he's afraid he'll back out if he doesn't do it right away. Catalina interrupts, bringing Tony's paperwork. When Danny leaves, Tony admits to his inquiring fiancée that something is bothering him. He can't go ahead as planned until the crisis with Ray is settled. He knows Catalina is scared to tell him the truth. She admits she is scared because of what Ray did to her, but that she's forgiven him. Tony reminds her that she is the reason Ray was sent away. He can't believe someone he knows so well - his own brother - could do something so terrible. He asks Catalina to "swear to God" that her accusations are true. Cat hesitates, then says, "I can't... I made the whole thing up."
Tony is livid, "I can't believe you lied to me!" Catalina apologizes, claiming she was too scared to tell him the truth. Tony demands an answer. Cat realizes she can no longer fight him on this - she has to tell him the real reason Ray won't marry them. She caves, "he knows you're still in love with Marah, and that you always will be." She explains how she felt pressured to explain herself and also hurt because she knows Tony wants Marah instead of her. She just wanted the pain to go away. "You don't have to say that you love me. Just say that you love our child... say that you still want to marry me." Tony promises to do right by the baby and forgives her for lying. She leaves, passing Romeo on his way in. Tony asks Romeo for a favor - "Find out where the bishop is operating... I got a story I gotta check out."

Tomorrow, ToMarah:
Marah finds a table at Company at which to study. Moments later, Maria asks if she can join her. Marah is tentative, but Maria sits, saying she was touched by Marah's gift. Marah admits she cares for Tony but that they're just friends. When Maria asks just how much she cares, Marah promises not to get in the way of Tony and Catalina's plans - things are over. "Are you sure?," Maria asks. Marah says she HAS to be sure because Catalina is having Tony's baby. Buzz approaches and takes Maria's order. Marah gathers her books and leaves, saying an uncertain goodbye to Tony's grandmother. Buzz accuses Maria of scaring Marah away. Maria shakes her head, "She frightens me more."
Carmen joins Maria at the table and asks about the upcoming Santos wedding. She comments, "At least Catalina is Cuban..." Marah, on the other hand, is just like Michelle - she will tear Tony away from the family. Maria realizes Carmen is right - if Marah is with Tony, they just might lose him, too.

To put it Frankly:
Romeo sees Marina at Company and asks why she called. "They made me call you." She gestures toward Frank, Eleni and Buzz across the room. Frank approaches and questions Romeo about Infierno's night of illegal gambling and "a certain underage waitress you have working there." Marina's face is covered with guilt. Romeo claims Infierno is on the level; they've done nothing illegal. He reminds Frank that he had the chance to find that out for himself during the raid. Detective Cooper is more concerned with keeping his daughter, a minor, out of the crime business. He accuses Romeo of forcing Marina to take the bag (filled with cash) out of the club so the police wouldn't find it. Marina interjects, "you don't know what was in that bag... I didn't either." Frank finds it strange that it hasn't shown up since. Before Romeo leaves, Frank warns him to drive carefully - if he gets stopped for so much as a broken taillight, he's in for trouble. And, he reminds him, "Stay the hell away from my daughter." Marina yelps, "Dad! I think he gets the picture." Romeo conspires, turning to Marina with a wink, "You're bad luck, kid."
Eleni and Buzz commend Frank's work as a disappointed Marina promises Romeo won't come near her now. Eleni is glad to hear it. Frank turns to Marina, "Now it's your turn." He tells Marina that Romeo has to be made aware of the consequences of hanging around her. He's off limits, and so is Infierno. Marina whines, but Frank is quick to tell her that most teens with records like hers end up with an average of three months community service. Eleni doesn't think it's nearly enough, but Frank decides to enact his own form of punishment on his daughter. He orders her to work at Company for the next three months. With that, he sends her back to bussing tables. Buzz sarcastically commends his son's method of tough love, though he's disappointed that Company has to serve as his granddaughter's prison. Frank says Marina already sees work as a jail sentence, and asks Buzz if he has any suggestions on how to deal with a troubled teen. Buzz is silent.

Buzz gives Marina a break from bussing tables and they sit, discussing the 60's, Woodstock, Janice Joplin, etc. When Marina acts relatively clueless, Buzz asks, "Didn't your parents teach you anything?!" Marina says no. Buzz decides he's going to change that. Marina listens intently as Buzz describes the summer of love, protests, the essence of the Vietnam war era. He explains that parents in those times didn't know what to do with their kids. But, they have to realize they were once teenagers too, and cut their own kids a little slack. Marina is impressed by her grandfather's wisdom, "Wow, you're like the only adult who understands what it's like to be my age." Buzz admits he did his share of acting out in his younger days. Marina thinks her parents want her to be perfect, and make her feel guilty when she's not. Buzz suggests they "work on being perfect together." Marina likes the idea. Eleni approaches, surprised to see her daughter on break. She calls Buzz to the kitchen. Marina asks if he needs any help - she'd like to work rather than serve her punishment. Buzz is impressed and offers her a job at minimum wage. Marina accepts, looking forward to her next talk with Grandpa. Buzz smiles, hopeful.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

When Reva spies Josh and Billy with a diamond salesman, she surmises that Josh is about to propose marriage to her. And when he asks her to dress up and meet him for dinner at Towers, Reva is sure Josh is going to pop the question that evening. While hashing it over with Holly, Reva realizes she is ready to accept Josh's impending proposal. When they are seated at their table at Towers, Josh wastes no time in telling Reva he has a question to ask her, and then presents her with a gift box. She is surprised by the large size of the box, and then confused to see that it contains a hard hat. Josh explains that he is about to board a plane to Tulsa to tour the oil fields, and was hoping Reva would go with him. Through her confusions and apparent disappointment, Reva manages to cheerfully accept the invitation. When Billy approaches the table, he and Josh continue to weave a cover story by telling Reva that the salesman she saw them with was selling them diamond drill bits. The brothers excuse themselves from the table and when they are out of Reva's earshot, cheerfully discuss Josh's ruse to keep Reva on her toes, and keep the proposal a surprise.

On her way up to the Towers to meet her brother for dinner, the elevator Michelle is riding in stops short, leaving her and another patron stuck. When the man panics over being trapped in the stalled elevator he collapses. Michelle administers CPR and saves the man. Rick is mighty proud of his little sister's actions and comments "maybe you're meant to be a doctor after all."

Things are heating up with Gus and Harley. When she drops by his place to pick up a file, the couple ends up in a kiss. Gus invites her to stay the night, but when she declines, he settles for cooking dinner for Harley, who remarks that it is their first date.

Armed with Tory's journal, Blake goes in search of answers. Her first stop is the Towers where the bartender tells her that Ross and Tory were "very close", then warns her "don't go looking for trouble." Getting information from Romeo at Inferno proves to be a little more challenging. Blake finds she has to goad the young bartender into telling that Tory flirted with him, and she wanted him, but Ross broke it up. Back at home, reading Tory's journal with a new prospective, Blake is crushed to realize that her husband did in fact have an affair with his young assistant.

Meanwhile, over at Company, Ross is beside himself with guilt. He confides to Holly that he feels responsible for Tory's death. When a student approaches their table and presents him with one of his published summations referencing truth and justice, Ross feels terribly unworthy of the young mans praise.

Equipped with a new strength, Beth manages to free Phillip from the debris that trapped him. As the two are trying to figure a way out of the mine, now that the door has shut, Beth has a brainstorm. Realizing that there is only one set of tracks for the mining cars, Beth thinks there may be a way out at the other end; otherwise there would be two sets of tracks - one for the cars going in and one for the cars coming out. The two decide to take a chance. They climb in the small mining car, release the brake, and ride it to the end of the line where they find a boarded up exit, and free themselves from the mine.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Cabin in Cross Creek

Reva wants to know why they are in Cross Creek. Josh tells her that they are having a lunch meeting the next day and it is more convenient to spend the night. They agree that it brings back a lot of memories. Reva says she feels strange being there and reminds him that this place has been very intense for both of them. She answers the door and finds her father. Reva finally realizes that it was a plan to get her up there to see Hawk. He wants to know why Josh dragged him out there. Josh wants to know if he will give him his daughter's hand in marriage. Josh explains to Hawk how much he has always loved Reva and now he wants to marry her. Josh tells Hawk that he has learned a few things and that they both appreciate each other. Josh wants Hawk's blessing. Hawk suggests that he asks Reva. Hawk and Reva embrace and he asked Reva to let him know what she decides. Hawk exits the cabin. Reva looks at Josh and they both smile. Jokingly, Revs says she is angry with him because he was toying with her emotions. But Josh wanted her to see that everything doesn't always turn out the way they think it will. Josh says he remembers everything that happened to them at Cross Creek and every second is etched in his mind. He wants to take time to acknowledge those memories, but the memories don't have to dictate the future. Josh says the candles in the cabin represent the time they have shared together and they will light them one by one to commemorate those memories. And when they are lit, they are going to put together a new set of memories. He takes one candle and then begins to light it. With tears in her eyes, Reva said the first candle is to the first time they made love. She wants to light a candle to the fist time that Josh proposed. They remember back in time to the days of their romance and wedding. Reva said there is one candle left, and Josh says that is the bad candle. It represents all the bad things and the times they hurt each other or got their signals crossed. Josh lights the candle and said that it is time to put those things in the past. Together they blow out the candle. They embrace with a kiss. Sitting on the couch at Cross Creek, Reva mentions that life is a journey and she has learned so much about herself. She tells Josh that she has grown to like herself and she knows what she wants. And what she wants is Josh and she knows they are meant to be together. And the moment continues with passionate kisses. Josh tells Reva that he has something for her. He shows her a ring that belonged to her mother. The inscription on the ring said 'always'. Josh got down on bended knee and asks for her hand in marriage. Reva said 'Yes, I will and I swear to you here and now that I will love, honor and cherish you as much.' Josh puts the ring on Reva's finger. She says it is a perfect fit and he agreed by saying they are a perfect fit too. After making love, they are lying by the fire and taking about the ring. He said he found it in the attic in a trunk when she was in England. He felt that the ring was waiting on him to come and get it. He knows he is where he belongs...with Reva.

Blake and Ross' house

Bake is reading Tory's diary. As she continues to read, she finds that the feelings that Ross had for Tory were real. And she burst into tears. Aloud, she keeps asking Ross how he could do this to them because she believes in him. She takes his pictures and puts in desk drawer. Holly enters to find Blake sitting quietly on chair and she asks what is wrong. She tells her that Ross is not there but he will be soon. Blake informs Holly that he did it and she will never forgive him. Blake tells Holly that she started to read Tory's diary and there was a grain of truth in Tory's story. Blake tells Holly that she talked to the witnesses mentioned in Tory's diary and they concurred what she had written. But Holly tells her to hear Ross' side of the story. Blake said he loved Tory and he lied to her face. Holly disagrees and says that Ross didn't love Tory. Blake said that Ross encouraged her and they had something real. Blake doesn't want to hear the other side of the story. Holly said whatever happened is over with and it may have served as a wake up call. Holly exits. Blake was angry and hurt and begins to cry as she picks up a picture of the children. Ross enters and says that he needs to tell Blake something. He wants to tell her the truth because he wants no more lies or secrets. Blake tells him that she knows about him and Tory.


Ross looks over the water and says Tory's name out loud. He asked her to forgive him because he let down his family. Frank appears and tells him that he has a few divers who are dragging the lake. Ross tells Frank that he has been better and Frank agrees that it is a tragedy. A diver finds a scarf. Frank wants to know if the scarf is Tory's, but Ross cannot be certain. On the boat dock, Ross finds an earring and tells Frank that it is an earring that Tory's husband gave to her.

Gus' apartment

Gus brings Harley a cup of coffee. Gus takes the cup from Harley and passionately kisses her. But accidentally Harley put her hand in a box o Chinese food. Gus gives her a handful of toilet paper to wipe her hands! Harley tells Gus that her 2½ year old has a cleaner room. Harley said she needs to leave to get home to the sitter, but Gus wants her to call the sitter. Harley exits and tells Gus she will return. Harley returns with the boys and suggests they go to a restaurant because his room is disgusting. He opens the apartment door and the room is spotless. He gives Harley a bouquet of flowers. Gus tells Harley how beautiful she is. When she opens the closet door to hang up her coat everything falls out.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Unbeknownst to Tony, Catalina calls the Santos family together at Millennium for a wedding celebration. Tony has a hard time hiding his discomfort with this surprise party. When Marah and Ben happen to show up at the restaurant Catalina is upset, and makes no secret of it to Marah. Tony's fiancée and former girlfriend have words when Catalina tells Marah to leave. Catalina accuses Marah of being at Millennium in hopes of seeing Tony. Marah fires back with her own ammo, reminding Catalina that she is carrying Tony's child, so she should not be so insecure. She goes on to say "you wanted Tony, and you would do anything to get him." When Tony and Ben intervene, Tony suggests that perhaps Marah and Ben should leave.

Romeo reports to Tony that he's found Ray. Although Danny can't seem to talk him out of marrying Catalina, Tony is at least determined to find out just what she is lying about. With that in mind, Tony and Romeo set off to find Ray, and the truth.

It seems it's not a good date night. Harley arrives at Gus' room with her kids in tow. Harley puts the children to sleep in the next room while Gus prepares dinner. When Harley finds his life sized blow-up doll, she teases him relentlessly, even though she knows it's just his "carpool buddy." While Gus is letting Harley know in no uncertain terms that she's hurt his feelings, the lasagna that he's warming in the microwave explodes. Thinking they are under attack, Gus pulls Harley to the ground to protect her. Dinner is ruined, but the night isn't a total wash...yet. While they're on the floor, Harley and Gus begin kissing and decide to take it to the bed. But, before the couple can proceed, the baby wakes up. Harley takes the kids much for their first date.

Blake confronts Ross about his infidelity and betrayal. He admits to the truth, and tries to tell his wife that he planned to tell her that evening. Ross explains that Tory was a mistake and that she reminded him of Vanessa. But a heartsick Blake tells her husband "it's not what you did with that woman, it's what you've done to us." Blake is furious with Ross when she realizes that had he told the truth, "you could have saved us from this hell." Ross agrees with his wife that "I am not the man you fell in love with. I haven't been for the past year." He tries to explain that he was suffering from depression, and he believed in Tory, that she would come to her senses and leave them alone. Blake shoots back "you were in love with her." Blake tells Ross she doesn't trust him anymore. When she tells him that she doesn't trust him to be in their home, or around their children, he asks "do you want me to go?" A devastated Blake orders him out of the house.

Friday, March 29, 2002

At Towers, Maria and Catalina try to settle their differences. Maria introduces her new nurse, Darlene Brooks before sending her on an errand. Catalina cuts through Maria's kind facade, "Let's get down to business; tell me what you really want." Catalina thought Maria, of all people, would approve of her actions. It was Maria after all who told Cat she belongs with Tony - NOT an outsider like Marah. Cat thinks she's done the family a favor. Tony is the future of the Santos family, and if he weren't with Cat, he'd be with Marah and the family's future would be in jeopardy. Catalina asks for Maria's help and support. Maria agrees to keep Cat's secret. Cat hates that she's lied and resorted to blackmail. Both women agree they've done some terrible things in order to get what they want. "Tony does not belong with Marah. She would destroy him and take him away from the family... we have the same enemy." Maria realizes Cat is using the baby as a way to keep Tony away from Marah. Cat warns that if Marah found out Cat wasn't pregnant, it'd be a disaster. After receiving Maria's blessing, Cat thanks her for understanding and leaves. Maria shakes her head, "I understand everything."
Marah stares at an old picture of herself and Tony when the phone rings. Before she can tell the caller she is not Catalina, a nurse's voice tells her she has an appointment to follow-up on her miscarriage. Marah is in disbelief as she hangs up the phone and hurries out.
At Towers, Maria's nurse hangs up a cell phone - "Just what the doctor ordered," Maria sneers. Commending her new partner on a job well done, Maria adds, "I think we'll get along fine."
Marah arrives at Millennium, and frantically asks the bartender where she can find Tony. He's not there. When Cat enters, Marah attacks her, "How could you do this?!... You don't love him or you wouldn't do this!" Cat looks scared and confused. Marah continues, "You lost your baby and you're trying to trick Tony into marrying you!" Catalina accuses Marah of lying out of desperation - "Some people just can't accept it when they've lost." Marah suggests they find Tony and go to the hospital for a blood test to clear up this "misunderstanding." Panicked, Catalina stops her nemesis from leaving, and admits it's true, but begs her not to tell Tony... EVER. She pleads with Marah, promising she'll tell him. Marah doesn't trust her, "I am telling Tony right now!"

Ross sits alone at Towers when Holly enters. She was afraid Blake might kick him out of the house like she has. Ross can't believe Blake thinks he actually put Tory before his wife and family. Holly looks at him sternly, "Ross, that's exactly what you did." Ross honestly thought Tory would meet someone else and move on - this would all just go away. Holly asks him to listen to himself - it does sound as if he trusted Tory more than Blake. Holly feels guilty for encouraging him to keep quiet about his affair. The family is the most important thing and she plans on talking to Blake before things get worse.

Across the room, the Winslows discuss buying a new home in Springfield. Richard has been looking at estates, like the palace he grew up in, but Cassie wants a real home - somewhere she can walk around in a robe without feeling self-conscious and constantly surrounded by security guards. She wants the kids to have a big backyard. Richard assures her the estates have backyards, but when Cassie asks if they're suitable for building treehouses, Richard sees her point. He promises her that she will have a home of her own, while he will have a place with large rooms for parties and meetings with ambassadors, etc.

Cassie spots Ross sitting alone and says hello. She asks if he and Blake will be at the party for Beth. Ross doesn't want to talk about Blake and he can't get into it, but basically, "It's my fault." It's time he started making amends for his mistakes.

Back at their table, Cassie tells Richard something must be wrong between Ross and Blake - he was acting so strangely. Richard asks her to send for the car. When she leaves the table, Richard makes a phone call to Jenkins to ask about borrowing money for a new home. When he is told a significantly lower amount than he expected, he hangs up, worried.

In her living room, Blake looks at Tory's diary and hears Ross's apologetic voice in her head - "I'm sorry... I was afraid of losing you... It was wrong," etc. She slams the diary down and lays, hopeless on the sofa, "Why bother going over the details; I know them all." Outside, Holly knocks on the door, begging her daughter to let her in. Once she does, Holly tries her best to be comforting without taking sides (Blake warns Holly how angry she would be for siding with Ross). Holly reminds her that she and Ross have had problems in the past, but they've always survived. Blake admits those rough patches were her fault, but this time is different - Ross was the one who made the mistake by putting Tory ahead of his family. Holly agrees this is Ross's fault, and assures Blake that she tried to encourage Ross to come clean, but after the suicide, what was the point? Blake stops her, "what do you mean?... did you know before I did?!" Blake is livid when her mother doesn't deny it, "You knew about Ross and Tory and you didn't tell me!" Holly explains that Ross only told her because he was "racked with guilt." Blake is less than sympathetic. Holly was only trying to protect Blake's feelings, but realizes keeping her from the truth was a mistake. It's not worth losing the family over. Blake asks if Holly had another reason for keeping her in the dark - was it revenge? "You finally got me back for stealing Ross from you!" Holly says she never meant to be malicious, she only wanted to spare her daughter unnecessary pain. Blake forces Holly to leave, slamming the door behind her. Blake breaks down and cries. The phone rings, but Blake doesn't answer it. Ross leaves a message on the machine. He begs Blake to pick up the phone, he is sorry and still loves her. Hearing his sincere words, Blake only cries harder.

At the Country Club, Alan and Olivia finalize plans for Beth's welcome home party. Alan is still a bit skeptical of Beth/Lorelei's identity, but hopes she really is Beth for everyone's sake.

Across the room, Carmen questions Mr. Webster, from the club's membership committee about her application. He admits there was slight problem with her sponsor - he was just sentenced to prison. He apologizes and walks away. Carmen spots Alan and sighs, "Desperate times call for desperate measures." She approaches and says hello. Alan informs her of Beth's return and the party he's planning at the club. Carmen would love to throw parties at the club, but she is not yet a member. She commends Alan on his generosity in offering her son a job, and since she is also in need of his help, she wonders if that same generosity extends to her. Alan lets out a laugh, implying that a Spauldings does not do favors for a Santos. Carmen is hurt, "We're really not that different..." Alan leaves, still smiling, wishing her luck finding another sponsor.

Edmund orders a drink at the bar in Millennium, realizing he has just enough cash to cover the cost. Carmen spots him, "Drinking alone, Edmund?," she laughs, "Not your style." She muses over Edmund's stroke of bad luck - how Lorelei turned out to be none other than his ex-wife, Beth. Edmund suggests the two of them form a "strategic alliance." Carmen welcomes her former partner in crime back to Springfield. Edmund assures her that he's moved on - he doesn't care what effect his presence in town will have on the Spauldings. Carmen suggests a business meeting over dinner at the country club - they can discuss her future membership (with the former prince as sponsor, of course). Edmund says no at first, until Carmen offers to pay for dinner. "The country club it is."

Beth and Phillip arrive home to a cheerful Lizzie, "I always knew it was you!" Beth hugs her daughter, grateful that someone believed in her all along. Lillian brings James to greet his mother. Beth is ecstatic. Lillian apologizes for not believing Lorelei was her daughter. Beth forgives her and they entire family hugs. Alan and Olivia enter to say hello. Beth sees that the two have become much closer since she last saw them, but Olivia assures her they are just "business partners." Alan recollects the flowers in the country club on the day of Phillip and Beth's wedding. Beth laughs, realizing it's a test - she and Phillip were married at the mansion, and Alan wasn't even there! She passed with flying colors.
Lizzie warns her father not to distract her mom; they need to get ready for the party. Phillip chases her out of the room, laughing. When they are alone, he asks Beth if she's ready for all of this. Beth knows this is her home, and even though she may not be ready for a big welcome home party, she'll be ok as long as Phillip stays by her side. Lizzie interrupts their kiss, urging them not to be late for the party. Beth and Lizzie run out, giggling, as Phillip smiles.

At the country club, Alan and Olivia welcome the former royal family to Beth's party. Cassie is grateful Beth and Phillip are alright, after Edmund tried to trap them in the mine. Alan plays devil's advocate, saying there is no evidence unless Edmund confesses - so they'll most likely never know. Richard hopes that his brother is far, far away by now. Alan agrees, "If he knows what's good for him, he'll stay far away." Outside the entrance to the club, Edmund tells Carmen he is looking forward to a quiet evening. With that, he goes inside and is face to face with Beth.

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