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Passions Recaps: The week of March 18, 2002 on PS
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Monday, March 18, 2002

Rebecca and Ivy tell Ethan that Theresa is a controlling manipulative bitch. Ivy asks Ethan to try to talk some sense into Theresa tonight. After Ethan leaves to see Theresa both women agree that they have to do something drastic to keep Theresa from claiming to be the rightful Mrs. Julian Crane.

Tabitha warns Timmy against fooling around with the ancient scroll. She tells him that Zombie Charity almost caught him. She reminds him that Zombie Charity will kill him in a most painful way if she catches him with the scroll or if she thinks he may try to help the real Charity.

Zombie Charity, disguised as Julian pushes Theresa toward claiming her place as Mrs. Julian Crane and putting her plan into action.

Theresa vows to take care of her entire family with the Crane money.

Grace and Sam want to talk to Kay. Kay goes off and tells her parents that they only seem to think about Charity and not her.

Zombie Charity seems a little drunk from the martimmies. She tells Tabitha that she wants to have some fun with a hunk like Miguel.

Zombie Charity goes to the Bennett's and agrees to a birthday party. She tells Kay that she plans on having sex with Miguel and there is nothing she can do about it.

Diana and Brian cannot figure out how Diana knew one of the Lopez-Fitzgerald dance moves. Brian tells Diana that only he, his mother and brother know the dance step. When Brian says "his brother" Diana gets a funny feeling. Brian tells her that she could not possibly know his brother. He could not be her long lost lover because he is very much alive and he would not have stopped searching for the woman he loved. Brian also tells Diana that the problems with his brother are his fault, not his brother Luis'.

Ethan goes to see Theresa. She says she did not change her mind about claiming the Crane money. She tells Ethan that Julian did her a great disservice and that she should be compensated for all she lost. Ethan reminds Theresa that she did not love Julian when she married him. Theresa tells Ethan that neither did his mother and she is still trying to claim the title of Mrs. Julian Crane.

Ethan reports to Ivy that Theresa will not change her mind. Ivy then calls her henchman, Marty. She tells Marty that they are going to play for keeps and fight real dirty.

Zombie Charity lays a romantic kiss on Miguel as Kay watches in disbelief. Sam discusses the murder investigation with Grace. He tells Grace that the murderer may even be a friend of theirs. Everyone remembers the night Julian was "murdered" and is seen with a gun in hand.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Kay is sure that the zombie will not go through with the birthday party for Charity. When Kay sees that the zombie is planning on seducing Miguel, she gets angry and tells her that she won't have it.

Zombie Charity reminds Kay that she is powerless to do anything. The zombie apologizes to Miguel for her bad behavior and explains it away as being afraid of losing him to Kay. She tells Miguel that she loves him and wants to make love when she turns eighteen.

Ethan gets a call from Harper stating that Theresa has a strong claim to the Crane fortune. Ethan discusses this with Gwen. He tells Gwen that his mother should be compensated for all the years she had to put up with Julian and his affairs. Gwen then states that Theresa does deserve some sort of compensation too, since she is carrying Julian's baby. Ethan cannot believe how generous Gwen is acting toward Theresa.

Theresa goes to see Rebecca and Ivy. She wants to try to talk to them so they can come up with a workable solution. Ivy will have none of it. Ivy calls a bodyguard to have Theresa thrown out of the house. Rebecca and Ivy lie to Theresa and tell her that it was Ethan orders to have her thrown out if she should show up. They also say that Ethan will work day and night to get Theresa's claim as the rightful Mrs. Crane denounced.

The lies work and Theresa is angry at being mistreated. She tells Whitney that she tried to compromise and now she is going to make them pay.

Zombie Charity, posing as the real Charity announces that she and Miguel are officially back together. She apologizes for hurting everyone. She also tells them that she cannot wait for "her" birthday party.

Timmy hears his name being called as he and Tabby visit the Bennett's. He searches for the voice and sees Faith appear to him from the flames in the fireplace. She begs him for his help.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Rebecca tries to get in touch with "Julian's ghost." She then confesses to Ivy that she saw Julian's ghost at the Seascape and he told her that Theresa was his murderer. Grace feels Faith's presence in her house, unaware that her sister appeared to Timmy in the flames of the fireplace.

Faith begs Timmy to find the Book of Spells and set her daughter free form her prison of ice. Faith calls Tabitha a murderer when she sees her. She jumps from the flames and begins to struggle with Tabitha. The zombie is worried that Faith is near by and tells Tabitha to find Timmy and see what he is up to. Faith goes back into the flames as she begs Timmy one last time to save her daughter Charity.

Kay gets upset to see Zombie Charity and Miguel kiss. Grace tries to cheer her daughter up and tells her that she only feels infatuation for Miguel. Kay cries that it feels like real love.

Reese and the others catch Tabitha talking to Faith in the flames. Reese asks her what kind of "witchiness" she is up to.

Tabitha explains that she was talking to a stray log that she put back into the fire. Reese eyes her suspiciously.

Gwen tells Ethan about how Ivy and Rebecca lied to Theresa and had her thrown out by his orders. Ethan goes to Theresa to explain that his mother lied and he did not want to see her thrown out or go penniless. Ethan tells Theresa he wants her to be happy and wants to see her and the baby provided for even if he does not want her to claim the Crane fortune. He asks Theresa to consider dropping her claim. She says she will think about it.

Rebecca and Ivy make a serious pack to stick together and beat Theresa at any cost. Ethan goes to Gwen and thanks her for telling him about the hurtful lies Rebecca and Ivy told Theresa. He compliments Gwen on her generosity. They embrace as Theresa walks into the living room of the Crane mansion. Theresa is sick at the sight and vows revenge on "all the bitches" who are making her life miserable, Rebecca, Ivy and Gwen.

The Zombie promises Tabitha that she will "fix" her doll boy once and for all after she catches Timmy with the Book of Spells. The zombie warns Timmy that he better prepare to die. Tabitha intervenes and save Timmy from certain death.

Sam continues his murder investigation and is surprised to hear Luis tells him to forget about Julian's murder. Luis tells Sam, "Who cares?" Sam looks concerned and shocked.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

The stove in Liz's kitchen blows up from a gas leak. Brian rushes into the kitchen to save Diana. He carries out an unconscious Diana and tries to revive her. When she regains consciousness, Diana once again thanks Brian for saving her life. They take a walk on the beach so Diana can clear her head and breathe some fresh air. She and Brian grow even closer.

Meanwhile, back in Harmony, Luis and Beth go on a date. The have dinner at the Lobster Shack. Hank is there at the bar and tells a pretty girl he meets all about Luis and Beth. Hank tells his new friend Maddie that he is a hopeless romantic and wants to see his best friend get over his girlfriend's death with his first love. Maddie meets Luis and Beth and relates the romantic story to them, unaware that they are the couple Hank told her about. Luis confesses to Beth that when he is with her, he feels good. He says that it is like a huge weight has been taken off his shoulders. They begin to grow closer as well.

Tabitha gets sick of the zombie and wants to take her on in a fight, one on one. The zombie threatens Timmy, which causes Tabby to get even angrier. Zombie Charity tells Tabby that she better toe the line because the forces in the basement have no faith in her or use for her.

Timmy ties to use the Book of Spells to help the real Charity. Tabitha stops him and warns him against it. Timmy then says he will find a spell to destroy the zombie. Tabby tells him that if he destroys the zombie he will destroy the real Charity as well because they share the same life force.

Kay is sick of having to watch the zombie get close to Miguel. She says it is not fair to lose Miguel to anyone, especially the zombie that she created. Kay sneaks into Tabitha's house and finds the Book of Spells. She smiles as she finds one that may be the perfect way to get rid of the zombie once and for all.

Friday, March 22, 2002

Kay decides that she has had enough of the zombie that she created. She is sick of watching her trying to seduce Miguel so she sneaks into Tabitha's house and gets her hands on the Book of Spells. Kay finds a spell that could put an end to the zombie. The zombie starts a strong wind and demands that Kay say the "anti-spell" or she will take Miguel to hell with her when she disappears. Kay says that "anti-spell" and the zombie is out of danger. She warns Kay that if she ever tries something like that again, she will kill Kay's entire family. Zombie Charity also gives Tabby a warning: Hide the Book of Spells before she destroys both Kay and Timmy.

Luis, Beth, Hank and Maddie enjoy a pleasant evening at the Lobster Shack. They are informed that everyone who ordered lobster is eligible to win an all expense paid vacation to Bermuda. Luis is not interested in winning since Bermuda holds too many painful memories for him. Hank and Beth think that if Luis would face his memories that he could get over Sheridan once and for all.

Brian is contracted to do some work in Bermuda. When Diana (Sheridan) hears this she gets excited. She feels like she may have visited Bermuda before. She tells Brian that she wants to go with him in the hope of finding someone who may know her. Brian shoots down her hopes but asks Liz to let Diana have time off so she can go to Bermuda with him.

At first Liz refuses to let Diana go. She is hurt that Brian did not ask her since he knows how much she loves Bermuda and that she and Brian share some special memories of the place. Liz lets her sense of fair play win out and she tells Diana that she can go to Bermuda after all.

Hank finds the winning contest envelope under his plate. He asks Beth for advise on what to do. He asks if he should keep the trip and take Maddie or switch plates with Luis so he'll have to face his past demons.

Zombie Charity tells Miguel of a premonition she had of Luis and Sheridan being reunited in Bermuda. Miguel is happy and a little confused. Zombie Charity says that evil will follow them and there is more pain in store for the couple.

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